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Graun celebrates Macron’s avowal to despoil working people, wreck infrastructure & enrich banking class

by Catte

One of the numerous nicely airbrushed promo pics the “liberal” Guardian s running of its new hero

Macron is more Obama than Obama. More Blair than Blair. A creation, groomed and glossed for this “spontaneous” bid for power by the banking class he unashamedly represents.

The Guardian unsurprisingly has numerous pieces (comments-disallowed) pushing this glibly smiling drone as the Saviour of France. Here’s an example to give you a flavour. All predictable and barely worth discussion. But one of the pieces has a little blue sidebar summarising their darling’s policies and position, which so completely encapsulates the destruction of meaning in political language we are currently witnessing that it should be noted. Here is a screen cap:

You see, the Guardian defines itself as a “centrist/liberal Left” outlet, so, of course it supports “liberal Left” polices. How does it do this and still be the paper of record for Wall Street and the neocons? Easy. It just plays Humpty Dumpty and redefines what words actually mean. Here is what “centrist/liberal Left”, as encapsulated by Macron’s policies, now means for the Graun and the class it represents:

1) ”REMAKE THE FAILED & VACUOUS POLITICAL SYSTEM” (translation: maintain the same political system but curtail people’s ability to protest or initiate change)

2) ”RELAX LABOUR LAWS” (translation: cut protection for workers)

3) “CUT BUSINESS TAXES” (translation: make the wealthy wealthier in the name of “stimulating the economy” or some such nonsense words)

4) “REFORM UNEMPLOYMENT SYSTEM” (translation: cut or eradicate protection for those rendered unemployed by the above two policies)

5) “ENCOURAGE SOCIAL MOBILITY” (translation: give the above jobs to illegal immigrants working for slave wages under threat of forcible repatriation)

6) “CUT PUBLIC SPENDING – BUT BOOST INVESTMENT” (translation: destroy public health, schools, infrastructure and “invest” the money in the 1%’s multiple homes, nuclear bunkers and private planes)

7) “SHRINK PUBLIC SECTOR” (translation: make the above as permanent an arrangement as possible by selling off public assets at ridiculous rates to Macron’s banker chums )

8) “REDUCE NUMBER OF MPS” (translation: accelerate erosion of representative democracy)

9) “ESTABLISH EUROZONE GOVERNMENT”(translation: one step closer to global control)

10) “HIRE 10,000 MORE POLICE AND GENDARMES” (needs no translation – when you’re destroying people’s livelihoods and living standards you need a lot of men with guns to keep them quiet).

“Liberal left” now means extreme rightist ideas of social inequality, militarism and fascist social control that would have seemed grotesque to Thatcher and Reagan just thirty years ago. And the Guardian editorial staff is happy to promote it while still claiming to be a left-leaning paper.

Just make sure the only permitted opposition is a right-wing racist and you can quite easily persuade yourself you really are still that old hippy you used to be in college, even though you now support a globalist Rothschild banker who declares publicly his intention to create a new “socially mobile” slave class and the police state needed to keep it enslaved.

That’s how it works isn’t it guys?


  1. Frank Lodge says

    How appropriate in this day and age that a major Western power should have a President whose name actually sounds like a computer program.
    Wouldn’t be surprised to find he’s computer-generated himself – personally I always wondered about Blair on that score, not to mention Obama.
    Better than having Daddy’s Naziette in charge?
    Well, of course it is. Isn’t that exactly what we’re supposed to think?

  2. Frank says

    Neoliberalism is Totalitarism of the Post-Modern Age.
    Macron is the Banksters’ Agent. < a href = “http://www.isoladiavalon,eu/cabala-mondiale”></ a >

  3. Sorry, Not Buying It says

    Just more confirmation that the working class needs to engage in concrete communist strategy and planning in order to sweep out this bourgeois pigsty, rather than continuing to suck from the teat of the bourgeois dictatorship (“representative democracy” under capitalism), which is daily ratcheting the world towards fascism, inter-imperialist war and total ecological despoliation.

  4. Jac Cuse says

    Whatever the russophobic plans of Macron, the RF and VVP are prepared and ready. 🙂

  5. Chris says

    What is clear to all observing another car crash in France is how the Presidential system much the same as the USA is flawed. A choice between 2 candidates neither of which represent many people’s views is the sum result of electing a President in these countries. Now the population are in a lose – lose choice between Le Pen and Macron. Surely making Presidential campaigns a 1 off election where the winner has the most votes is better than this terrible formula of distilling down to 2 candidates.

  6. Steve says

    The Guardian journalists pretend to be a “man of the people”, but under closer scrutiny we discover they are a wolf in sheeps clothing.
    The Guardian is owned by GMG Hazel Acquisition 1 Limited, which is based in the Cayman Islands.
    That in turn is owned by the Scott Trust Limited, which is chaired by investment bankers and other ultra-rich individuals. In 2008, GMG Hazel paid no capital gains tax at all on a £307 million in profit.

    It therefore makes sense that they support Macron – a wealthy former Rothschild investment banker. The Guardian and the banking elite are two cheeks of the same backside.

    What is sad is that so many of the Guardians readers have actually been taken in hook, line and sinker by the Guardians faux “man of the people” persona. These readers are useful idiots to the ultra-rich and powerful.

  7. Frank says

    France is now under occupation by the globalist empire. It was the same in 1940 when the Germans set up the puppet Vichy state in the south headed by Laval and Petain, allowing the Germans to occupy the north and west of the country. Now we have a neo-Vichy regime occupying the entirety of France headed by the know-nothing, two-dimensional, cardboard cut-out – Macron. The centre-left Hamon, and the centre-right Fillion are today’s collaborators.

    Films to watch:

    Lacombe Lucien.
    The Sorrow and the Pity.

  8. Much as I appreciate Off-Guardian for attempting to throw light on the Guardian’s crazy cif policy, I really feel that it misunderstands its basis – it’s essentially a farce run by gap-year adolescents, armed with a list of forbidden keywords and probably paid peanuts. A deleted post repeated without forbidden keywords can usually get through. Yeah. I know it’s annoying, but then it’s an annoying rag – what’s new?

    The forbidden keywords tell you all about the ownership/bias of the Guardian. Here for example is a post I made today that was deleted (

    “This old Jewish joke might give Macron a welcome laugh, if (and only if) he’s suitably unfazed by any bourgeois gossip/angst about the apparently “shocking” difference in age he has with his wife. Because one needs to know, is there perhaps a scale of acceptable age differences somewhere that the untutored can consult before allowing free rein of the heart?

    A psychoanalyst tells the mother “I have to tell you, madam, that your son is suffering from an Oedipus complex” to which she replies “Oedipus, Schmoedipus! What does it matter, so long as he’s a good boy and loves his mother?”‘

    The same post got through later, after I simply deleted the third word, “Jewish”. Clearly any “newspaper” that so obviously advertises its imbecility and puerile political correctness is not long for this world.

    • I suppose their automatic reject-bot has a blacklist of words as well as commenters. The Graun is just a reflection of the general state Politics these days it seems. The way things are going, I fear this world is not long for itself. Not in the way we have been used to it, at any rate.

      • I agree. It’s almost as if at a certain date (9/11?) the powers that be decided “O.K. we’ve done enough faffing about. Let’s not worry any more about showing our true colours, let’s really get down to business and send everything to hell in a handcart”.

    • Enyalion says

      I’ve found the same lately in RT and Truthdig – mention Israel, Jewish, or Zionist and you’re pretty certain to find your comment deleted. Gives you a pretty good idea of who rules.

    • Enyalion says

      Like here, this comment is currently “awaiting moderation” : I’ve found the same lately in RT and Truthdig – mention I$ra3l, J3wi$h, or Zi0ni$t and you’re pretty certain to find your comment deleted. Gives you a pretty good idea of who rules.

  9. Catte, thank you and spot on for your A1 analysis. As ever!

    As a Greek and thus trained-up and ahead of the pack in the translation-of-euphimism game, I was making the exact same comments to myself reading the Graun’s side-bar. Thus your article is a keeper for me and something to send out to the many.

    Keep up with your and OffG’s noble work!

  10. “à la lanterne” is not some fancy dish, and may not be far away if this continues, extra Gendarmes or no. Who knows what Terreur may come of this?

    • The idea is that with 10,000 new Captogon’d, Israel- trained anti-terror police, [now mandatory throughout EU] plus the EU government’s right to define who is a terrorist and what comprises ‘terror’….the idea is that we will all be to terrified to mount our own Terror….

  11. Well hear we r again. Propagandist working over time thru out the west via their msm so called liberal outlets. Total blackout when it comes to real issues with france or any western country. The use the old tried discourse of identity politics. Label Le-Pen as ultra rite./pseudo fascist bla bla /islamaphobic. Never once looking at her economic platform social and political realities. On the other hand Macron hansom soft spoken poster boy( remind u of any body, Obama Trudeau.)Platitudes sound bites and vacuous empty statements. France has been totally bltzed by misinformation with regards to any of the presidential candidates. IE: Malenchon. yes silver tongued shill. used to be part of the French socialist party elite served in government in early 2000 ,not sure but he was education minister or a under secretary. Known Freemason. fake lefty like most of the so called leftist in the west. Modern day Troskyisyt. Globalist. Partito democratico of Italy rebranded from the iconic Partito Communista Italiano. Well they r true globalist and market fundamentalist.
    Look at how Macron came to rise . Where was he in the last 5 years were did he stand politically ,socially and economically. He was behind the selling of one of Frances largest and mostly state run and owned utility companies of France . Guess who bought that company. General Electric. One of the largest companies and developers of WMD nuclear bombs. Le Pen has many avid workers syndicalist in her party.. Her political platform is more left oriented than any of the other candidates, further more her foreign policy is more on the lines of the traditional Gualist principles. Under De Gaule France was not a nato member. She is speaking of leaving Nato. She is speaking of leaving the EU she is speaking of leaving the Euro monetary system. She is speaking of having improved relations with Syria . Iran and Russia. Starting to get the picture.
    Docius in Fundem: Hollande and all the western political elite class thru out the west have all come out to endorse Macron. Lets be real we r living in Mussolini’s dream LO SATO CORPORATO The corporate state. Le Pen threatens that. Yes she is labelled islamaphobic but is she really or is she really against extreme fundamentalisms like neo liberal economics and globalist absolutism.identitarinism/Trotskyist.
    POST SCRIPTUM: Gramsci stated that Trotskyist r the whores of the fascist

    • Very good. Let me add that fake leftie Melenchon is an avid R2P interventionist and was totally supportive of France’s “intervention” in Libya. Also that it was not until Sarkozy (another groomed product) that France re-joined NATO.

  12. Stephen Sivonda says

    There was a call from Barack Obama to Macron , and when I heard about that I knew that Macron is the stooge for the elitists . Much like BO in that he had almost no direct political background…but fit the look and other parameters to be a viable candidate . Just as BO is a Neoliberal…Macron will be a corporatist puppet and the citizens will not gain much if anything from him. Frances NATO participation will continue, as will favors for the banks and he’ll be a vassal for the hegemony of the US. Le Pen is for France and it workers. Vive la France !

  13. Step 1: Position the other candidate as far-right, racist, dangerous, and radical. Step 2: Position establishment candidate as representing ‘democratic values’, freedom, reason, and the ‘civilized world’. Step 3: Have the media repeat steps 1 and 2 endlessly.

    • Every radio station & every TV has been blasting Macron’s brilliance at us here for months I’m surprised he didn’t win in the 1st round with 80%.

      Le Pen needs a ‘Silver Bullet’ to stop this packaged political product.

      Macron has been well prepared by the Elite to not only destroy France but to galvanise the EU into a permanent unassailable monstrosity.

      Saying that in my region Macron got 14% of the vote to Le Pen’s 34% so hope dies last.

  14. Lupulco says

    Just a thought, If we increase corporation tax, who actually pays it?

    The Corporations indirectly, but it is paid out of the profits of the things that corporations produce or sell to who? Us the people.

    Why not simplify the tax system, hence making it more transparent.

    a] 0% tax on earnings up to minimum wage, Then 20% on all income after.
    b] Corporation tax to be 20% of turnover [not profits] paid a year in arrears.
    c] National Insurance to be set at 10% of everyone’s income from £0 upwards with no upper limit.
    C+] Corporations to pay 10% of their wage bill as National Insurance payments. This to include wages in lieu of wages [shares, pension contributions and bonuses.
    d] sales tax of 20% paid at the point of sale [not the VAT system] we have now.
    e] abolish rates on property, or businesses. Introduce a property tax of 2% pa on property or land values.
    e] a mileage charge paid for the use of vehicles [be they commercial transport, public service vehicles, or indeed private vehicles.
    f] The Insurance Companies to pay the cost that the NHS as to pay for road traffic accidents.

    Abolish tax relief it is only used to avoid paying taxes. I buy a car to run my business and claim part of the cost as a business expense. My neighbour goes to work by bus as a employee, but can’t claim is bus fares as a viable cost to do his job. [totally unfair]

    Any ideas why the above can’t work? Other then vested interest.

    • A financial transaction tax would take care of any problems encountered by our economy.

        • My comment was aimed at Lupulco.
          CF, you are being naive if you don’t think that a) a transaction tax wouldn’t be passed on to the consumer and b) that like VAT it would soon morph outside its present boundaries to apply to everything we do, whether buying eggs or airplane tickets.

          A Transaction Tax is ultimately just another new tax on the sheeple, while it whitewashes the government that proposes it.

          • Lupulco says

            @ CF and elenits
            If by transaction tax, you mean a tax on share trading. There already is a tax on the buying of shares [it’s called stamp duty set at0.5% of the value of the shares bought]

            As for taxes is just a way of taxing the sheeple. At the end of the day it is the mass of the people who pay taxes [be it direct, indirect, or profits made on which taxes are paid]

            I am old enough to remember the poll tax riots [Mrs Thatcher’s time] Please note it was not the riots that stopped the poll tax. It was the simple fact that people were starting to say if I pay the same poll tax as the elite, then I demand the same services.

            • Adam says

              In our political system, ostensibly democratic as it is,the common man and common woman has near zero influence on actual policy. You can “demand” anything you like, but that will not translate into a change of government policy. It just won’t. So I disagree profoundly with your analysis.

    • Jen says

      Well erm, with regard to point (a), the taxation system in most Western countries already includes a no-tax component on part of everyone’s incomes up to a certain amount, and anything earned after that amount is then subjected to a progressive tax scale. So point (a) is not only superfluous but it would also be considered a regressive tax since the rich as well as the poor would be paying 20% on all their income afterwards. There is no incentive in such a regime either to encourage the rich to reinvest income back into the economy where they made their incomes in the first place. They could take their money and put it into offshore banking accounts so as to reduce their income and pay less (not more) tax the next year.

      With (b), the corporations tax could be passed on to customers. Together with (d), that would be a double whammy on people buying food, clothing and other things they need. Also with so many goods having multiple inputs and points of origin, are you going to charge sales tax every time a company buys raw materials from another to turn into a finished product? If you are, what’s to stop that company from transferring the cost of the sales tax further down the line to the end consumer?

      • Lupulco says

        @ Jen
        Regressive tax I just a way to muddy the waters. Companies pay low wages to employees. who then claim state benefits to maintain themselves. [who pays for these benefits? the tax payers large or small]

        If tax rates are reasonable and fair, then money saved would be spent to create more wealth for themselves [and probably others, but the jury is still out on trickle down effect]

        Yes Corporation tax would be passed on to the end users [consumers] then again who pays for the companies profits? [the consumers]

        As for a tax on all products sold, and displayed clearly [price of the product + sales tax] yes there would be winners and losers. But when some one gets a benefit from the state they would soon realise it is not a hand out from the politicians or government, but their own money being given back to them.

        Yes I am guilty of using companies offshore to avoid paying tax, on money that I have already paid tax on. But since when does the government spending tax payers money always = value for money. [VFM]

    • Why are you writing all this here in relation to this post? When EU has proved without question for YEARS now, more than a decade, that None Of The Above is on its cards. Seems like distraction to me.

  15. michaelk says

    The way things are moving and sliding to the soft-fascist right, soon the Guardian’s stance will make Thatcher look like a liberal, left of centre leader.

    • By today’s standards, that is exactly what Thatcher was. A sovereigns par excellence too: the Mother Immaculate of today’s Sovereignist parties.

  16. bill says

    its so easy to label someone a racist… i would like to see very clear evidence of this. She had her father expelled from the party for his very obvious racism- how much has the party genuinely changed is a question which needs addressing…

  17. Seraskier says

    What else did you expect? The Graun bats for Boris – if there is a chance of landing one on Putin…

    The only actual ‘opposition’ in Britain now is within the Tory party itself.

  18. John says

    This scenario seems completely reminiscent of the recent US presidential contest.
    Whoever the voters voted for, the Establishment – and the zionists – won.
    Even if Le Pen wins, she will lack a majority in the Assembly/Senate and will have to co-habit in power.
    This – in essence – would leave her largely powerless.
    If Macron wins, he will cozy up to the Establishment figures in the Assembly/Senate – and elsewhere.
    The Americans had no real choice and now it appears that neither do the French.
    What has happened to our systems of democracy?
    They are dangerously holed below the water-line.

    • I’m reminded of a certain Bernard Tapie, hawking his dodgy wares with dazzling élan and flamboyance in the ’80s under Mitterand. We were supposed to admire his “vitality”, meaning rapacious predator instinct in the making of the French version of Loadsamoney supported by the then-nascent Neocon Social Darwinist rationale. That ended well.

  19. Dead World Walking says

    Another puppet of the one per cent.
    Another step closer to total collapse of capital$chism.

    • Neil MacLeod says

      Yes. For declinists, not a bad thing…
      Yes. If it engenders torch-n-pitchfork-ism.
      It’s half-past wake-up time… time to deliver ‘whatever-it-takes’ to the 4th Reich.

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