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The Encirclement of China is Well Underway: France Prepares to Lead EU Missions in the South China Sea

by Asia-Pacific Research The naval encirclement of China is well underway. It was started over a decade ago by the United States with the re-militarization of Japan and the tightening of Washington’s military partnerships with countries like Australia and South Korea. The same is true about the missile shield being erected in South Korea, which targets China, Russia, and North Korea. The excerpts that will follow are taken from a 14 July 2016 article written by Yo-Jung Chen, a Japanese-educated naturalized French diplomat that immigrated to France from Taiwan. The retired French diplomat wrote the article in The Diplomat seeking to justify the deployment of the French military into the South China Sea. Coming from a retired French diplomat who was stationed in Asia, the article offers some interesting insights. Aside from his post as the deputy consul of the French Consulate-General in San Francisco, Yo-Jung’s Chinese background helped qualify him as the press attaché for the French Embassy in China and deputy consul at the French Embassy in Singapore. Yo-Jung Chen misleadingly identifies “Chinese aggression” as …

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The European War Union

We’re reposting, in full, a June 28, 2016 report on the newly announced plans for the formation of an EU army (with “employable high-readiness forces” and “standing maritime forces”) by the German Foreign Policy, a group that monitors and analyzes foreign policy developments in Germany and the EU.   The report focuses on “A Strong Europe in a World of Uncertainties,” the joint position paper by Germany’s Frank-Walter Steinmeier and France’s Jean-Marc Ayrault.   The publication of their joint position paper came after previous press reports of plans for the merging of German and Dutch forces, as well as those of the Czech Republic. Together with his French counterpart, the German foreign minister has announced the EU’s transformation to become a “political union” and its resolute militarization for global military operations.  In a joint position paper, Frank-Walter Steinmeier (SPD) and Jean-Marc Ayrault (PS) are calling for the EU’s comprehensive military buildup, based on a division of labor, to enable future global military operations.  Following the Brexit, the EU should, step-by-step, become an “independent” and “global” actor.  …

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Threatened Forests: a new look at “green energy”

Threatened forests’ explores some hidden realities behind “green energy” in the EU. Filmmaker Benoit Grimont made this documentary as a response to the development of a large scale biomass electricity installation in Gardanne, southern France. His film discovers that renewable energy – heavily supported by EU countries – may not be anything like as ‘green’ as we are led to believe.

French labour law protests

How the EU pushed France to ‘reforms’ of labour law

by Corporate Europe Observatory The current struggle in France over labour law reforms is not just between the Government and trade unions – a European battle is waged. The attacks on social rights stem in no small part from the web of EU-rules dubbed ‘economic governance’, invented to impose austerity policies on member states. Strikes and actions across France against reforms of the country’s labour protections, known as the El Khomri Law, demonstrate the immense unpopularity of the measures proposed by the French Government. Chiefly among them, to give preference to local agreements on wages and working conditions, when the conditions in those agreements are less favourable than the national norm inscribed in national law. This is an open attempt to undermine collective bargaining and roll back the influence of trade unions. Ultimately, the French Government has formal responsibility for the weakening of labour protection. But there is no denying that the European Union is playing an important and perhaps decisive role in the attacks on labour rights. What we see is the EU throwing …

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The Most Viable and Bloodless Option

by Peter Koenig, via DDP What happens when the accuser of terrorism are themselves the terrorists? – Namely the supra-national corporations and financial oligarchs acting in their own profit-driven interest, but under the direction of Washington and the protection of the US – NATO killer armies? Fear and confusion happens. Fear is the weapon of choice of the real terrorists, those who make us believe they are spreading and defending democracy. With fear they are subjugating the world to lick their feet – and worse. – But the people are waking up. All over the world. The linear Anglo-Zionist plans, like the PNAC – Plan for a New American Century – are imploding and their rubbles are becoming a dynamic, unpredictable mass-movement against this neoliberal, globalized One-World or New World Order tyranny. Protesters – in the tens of millions – are in the streets all over the so-called Western World, the western population, oppressed and enslaved by their own elite, the descendants of the past and present odiously nefarious colonialists. Latin America In Brazilian cities …


France ceases to be a democracy:‭ ‬Now what‭?

by Karen Szymczyk December 13 was important for the Middle East in at least two ways.‭ ‬In a move of increasing brinkmanship,‭ ‬a Turkish fishing boat‭ (“‬seine‭” ‬vessel‭) ‬tried playing naval‭ “‬chicken‭” ‬with the Russian guard ship‭ ‬Smetlivy in the Aegean Sea,‭ ‬only backing off when the Russian ship fired on it,‭ ‬using small arms,‭ ‬when it got too close.‭ ‬According to the Russians,‭ ‬at no time did the Turks respond to any Russian communications,‭ ‬before,‭ ‬during or after the confrontation. December 13 also hosted the crucial second round of French elections.‭ ‬Western papers couldn’t help but predict a win by Marine Le Pen’s far-right‭ ‬National Front party,‭ ‬which topped the results in six of France’s thirteen regions in the first round.‭  ‬Le Pen’s appeals to the French were popular:‭ ‬withdrawing from the European Union,‭ ‬establishing the franc as the country’s currency,‭ ‬strengthening Fortress France in the face of overwhelming MENA‭ (‬Middle East‭ & ‬North Africa‭) ‬Muslim immigrants,‭ ‬and forging better links with Putin’s Russia. Facing the limp Socialists,‭ ‬headed by a Francois Hollande who …


A multi-polar world has emerged

Remarks by Stephen F. Cohen Professor Emeritus Princeton University and New York University At San Francisco Commonwealth Club, November 18, 2015 Some of you may know that the small group of us who have been protesting against the American policy since the Ukraine crisis began two years ago have been described in harsh and derogatory language as “Putin’s apologists, Putin’s useful idiots and Putin’s best friends in America.” Paris should have changed everything but for these people it hasn’t. I clicked on the Internet this morning and there it was again.  So let me begin with a word about myself. My answer to these charges is that, “No,  I …. not you, am a patriot of American national security,”  And I actually have been since I started studying Russia about 50 years ago. I started out in Kentucky and then went to Indiana University, and old friends here today can testify that I was doing this many years ago.  Along the way I came to a conviction, exactly how and why doesn’t matter that American …


Martin Berger: “The ‘Shadow Aspects’ of the Paris Massacre”

another in our series challenging the narrative of the “new 9/11”. Here Martin Berger brings together what he sees as connected strands of western strategy A series of bloody attacks in Paris exposed a handful of aspects that have so far been hindered by the official rhetoric of Western politicians and media sources in order to show the so-called “success” of “anti-terrorist campaign” unleashed by Washington. But first one must ask the question – who benefits from the Paris attacks? Let’s start with coverage of the unprecedented wave of migration that has struck Europe in recent months. The Western media has already begun to gradually leak information that there’s no way that this flow could be unprovoked or uncontrolled, so there can be little doubt that there’s certain financial and political circles behind this crisis. Ultimately, these criminals have struck gold, cashing in on the desire of displaced residents of Africa and the Middle East to pursue a better life in Europe. A series of investigations that were being carried out in this field would …


Nafeez Ahmed: “NATO is harbouring the Islamic State”

As part of our challenging the narrative of the “new 9/11” series we publish an extract from Nafeez Ahmed’s latest article, which can be read in full here. Why France’s brave new war on ISIS is a sick joke, and an insult to the victims of the Paris attacks We stand alongside Turkey in its efforts in protecting its national security and fighting against terrorism. France and Turkey are on the same side within the framework of the international coalition against the terrorist group ISISStatement by French Foreign Ministry, July 2015 The 13th November Paris massacre will be remembered, like 9/11, as a defining moment in world history. The murder of 129 people, the injury of 352 more, by ‘Islamic State’ (ISIS) acolytes striking multiple targets simultaneously in the heart of Europe, mark a major sea-change in the terror threat. For the first time, a Mumbai-style attack has occurred on Western soil — the worst attack on Europe in decades. As such, it has triggered a seemingly commensurate response from France: the declaration of a nationwide state …

November Paris Attack

Dmitry Orlov: “a most convenient massacre”

as part of our challenging the narrative of the “new 9/11” series, Dmitry Orlov suggests the Paris attacks were classic false flag events. “… after the Russian jet crashed in the Sinai there weren’t all that many Facebook avatars with the Russian flag pasted over them…What’s the difference? You were told to grieve for the French, so you did. You were not told to grieve for the Russians, and so you didn’t. Don’t feel bad; you are just following orders…” . What a difference a single massacre can make! • Just a week ago the EU couldn’t possibly figure out anything to do to stop the influx of “refugees” from all those countries the US and NATO had bombed into oblivion. But now, because “Paris changed everything,” EU’s borders are being locked down and refugees are being turned back. • Just a week ago it seemed that the EU was going to be swamped by resurgent nationalism, with incumbent political parties poised to get voted out of power. But now, thanks to the Paris massacre, …


Pepe Escobar: “the Paris Attacks- cui bono?”

from Pepe Escobar on Facebook. Part of our challenging the narrative of the “new 9/11” series There’s no evidence this is a false flag – at least for now. What this seems to be proving is that Daesh is a certified pro ops with badass connections. Scouring a ton of reports, I found a Danish citizen describing one of the attackers to a Paris café; ultra-pro, black-clad head to toe, AK-47, very well trained. These are not your usual al-Zawahiri underwear bombers; these are precision killers. This one left the scene undisturbed, and contrary to French police, may not have been captured. He wore no suicide vest. French intel swears they are monitoring at least 200 nationals who came back from “Syraq”. Talk about a lousy job. Paris is hyper-policed. The mind boggles thinking of at least 8 jihadis promenading at will on a Friday night dressed as pro killers. For me, this is also personal. Jihad came to my hood in Paris. I left Paris last week on my usual commute back to Asia. …


The Paris Attacks: how will the Empire strike back?

According to RT, ISIS, or someone calling themselves ISIS, are now claiming responsibility for the Paris attacks. Since it’s pretty much established by now that ISIS is both a NATO proxy army and corporate media-created bad guy, we’d be naive to think ISIS’ alleged change of strategy, from conventional war on the ground to old style terrorism is unconnected with Russia’s new presence in Syria. We’d be even more naive to think the terror attacks in Paris are unconnected with the Vienna talks currently underway, or with the Obama administration’s increasingly bellicose, if slightly incoherent, policy toward Assad. No doubt there are factions in Washington, and probably fairly deep policy divisions between the lunatic war-crazies, such as Ashton Carter, and the less crazy realists, such as John Kerry, but current events suggest the war-crazies are re-seizing the initiative after the initial shock of Russian intervention. Ashton Carter is talking about more ground troops in Syria. He repeatedly accuses Russia of “aggression.” Some of this is just bluster no doubt, and intended only to give good …


Hollande to Poroshenko: “Non, non, et non”

by Vaska Petro Poroshenko’s visit to Paris this Wednesday seems to have ended more as a personal holiday for the Chocolate King of Ukraine than a meaningful mission to Champs Elysees. His meeting with Hollande focused on three impossible-to-grant requests: that Europe open its borders to Ukrainian citizens and allow them visa-free access to the EU; that the EU send a peace-keeping force to Donbass; and that France sell Kiev weapons to continue its aggresion on the residents of Donbass. That the latter two requests cancelled each other out, that they make no rational sense whatsoever – you want a peacekeeping force and you want weapons to continue a war in the conflict area where you wish to have EU peace-keeping take place at the same time? — seems not to have occurred to or not to have bothered Porosheno and his immediate advisors. The first of the three, the one the then Ukrainian opposition – the guys now in government, having originally got there by force of arms in 2014, by violence and an …