Requiem for the suicided: Vince Foster

Who was Vince Foster? What was his relationship to Hillary Clinton at the Rose Law Firm in Arkansas? What was he working on in the Clinton White House? And what secrets did he take to his grave?


The Clinton Body Count
Snopes Takes on the Clinton Body Count
Bill Clinton’s Rise to Power
The Star Report on the Death of Vince Foster
“Summary of conclusions “ from the Foster Report
Death of VF on WhatReallyHappened.com
Death of Vince Foster
Testimony of Eyewitness Patrick Knowlton
The FBI Documents from their interview with Lisa Foster
Crime Scene Photo from Foster Death showing the Black Gun in his Hand
“Factual Summary” from the Foster Report
CBS Evening News July 26 1995
Details, analysis & images of the Vince Foster “suicide note”
Memo links First Lady to Handling of Suicide Note
Hillary Clinton’s Fingerprints Among Those Found on Papers
Argument from incredulity
Miguel Rodriguez Resignation Letter from Starr Foster inquiry
Ronald Kessler on Coast to Coast – Secrets of the FBI
Requiem for a Dream – Clint Mansell Grand Piano


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May 1, 2017 3:55 PM

PS: regarding the Snopes “fact checkers”, as cited in the links listed under the article (if anyone hasn’t already seen this):

Dead World Walking
Dead World Walking
May 1, 2017 5:52 AM

Evil is unadulterated AMBITION writ large.
It’s a form of psychopathy.

Gail Omalley
Gail Omalley
Apr 30, 2017 9:29 PM

Vince didnt have a brother

Sheila Foster Anthony
Sheila Foster Anthony
Apr 30, 2017 8:36 PM

Vince was my brother. Many of the “reports” cited here are false, made up by people who want to profit from his death. Specifically, I refer to Patrick Knowlton, Chris Ruddy, “cover-up” websites, tabloid papers, anti-Clinton political organizations, etc., who have been publishing sensationalist nonsense about Vince’s death since it happened nearly 25 years ago. Don’t be fooled. Read the official Starr report, the 4 House and Senate committee reports, the Justice Department report, and the Supreme Court case that involved Vince’s death. Depression is a mean disease. If you are so interested in his death, contribute to mental health and suicide prevention organizations with your time and money. Sheila Foster Anthony.

May 1, 2017 2:02 AM

Are those reports as “reliable” as the official 911 report? As reports on [pick any important subject] that the regime publishes?

May 1, 2017 3:31 PM

With all due respect, and in the interest of having as much info as possible, on the matter, to work with (ie: I do not necessarily endorse the following essay excerpt (and the link to the larger text), but I think it’s worth reading)… :
“Vince Foster’s older sister, Sheila Foster Anthony, has reacted with great indignation to Donald Trump’s suggestion that there was something “very fishy” about the circumstances surrounding the death and the “investigation” of the death of her brother, Deputy White House Counsel Vincent W. Foster, Jr. She has done so today (May 27, 2016) in a prominently displayed article in The Washington Post (Wouldn’t you know?) Here is the nub of her testimony on the subject:
***Vince called me at my office in the Justice Department a few days before he died. He told me he was battling depression and knew he needed help. But he was worried that such an admission would adversely affect his top-level security clearance and prevent him from doing his job.
***I told him I would try to find a psychiatrist who could help him and protect his privacy. After a few phone calls, I gave him three names. That list was found in his wallet with his body at Fort Marcy Park in McLean. I did not see a suicide coming, yet when I was told that Vince was dead I knew that he had killed himself. Never for a minute have I doubted that was what happened.
“As it happens, of all of the evidence offered in support of the official and mainstream press suicide-from-depression story, none is fishier than that served up by Sheila Anthony. One of the fishiest things about it is that it is a completely changed story.
“You did not have to be working in our nation’s capital as I was when Foster died to know that in the first few days after his body was found in an obscure Civil War relic of a park across the Potomac from Washington, DC, to know that no one around Foster could offer any clue as to why he might have killed himself. These included Hillary Clinton, who knew Foster very well, indeed, who said, “Of a thousand people who might commit suicide, I would never pick Vince.” At the time she got the news of Foster’s death she was in Little Rock. The following is from the FBI interview of her friend James “Skip” Rutherford:
“RUTHERFORD had lunch at HILLARY CLINTON’s mother’s residence. HILLARY CLINTON was in complete disbelief and shock at the thought of FOSTER committing suicide. HILLARY CLINTON told RUTHERFORD that she could think of no indication or reason for the suicide. HILLARY CLINTON and RUTHERFORD were trying to determine a motive for FOSTER’s suicide.
Hillary and Skip had lots of company at the time, including the entire Foster family, and that certainly includes Sheila and her husband, the former Arkansas congressman, Beryl Anthony. They were all at Foster’s house in Georgetown on that fateful July night in 1993 when the police investigators arrived and asked questions. No one present, according to the police, could offer any clue as to why Vince Foster might have taken his own life.”

Apr 30, 2017 3:51 PM

Great series! I hope you also do (in no particular order): 1) Mark Lombardi 2) Terry Yeakey 3) Gary Webb (obviously) 4) Aaron Swartz 5) Hunter S. Thompson and 6) David Kelly. Then perhaps something on Plane/ Car/ Motorcycle/ Canoe accidents? Then Cancer…

Apr 30, 2017 2:02 PM

i followed this suicided event shortly after it happened also the murder of the 2 teenagers .This is when I discovered the psychopathy of the Clintons .Always smiling of course in public ,looking like the best American family all the while having the blackest hearts in the company of real evil.