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Following the freezing of our PayPal account we have decided to move to Patreon. The URL is https://www.patreon.com/offguardian
Please note that even if we regain access to our PayPal account we won’t be opening it for donations again as we don’t think it’s a reasonable risk to take with our supporters’ money, since PayPal have made it clear they can at any time take possession of funds in any account without redress.
Unfortunately this does mean we are starting from scratch. So, if you were kind enough to set up a recurring donation with PayPal, as well as canceling that donation ASAP please consider pledging to us on Patreon instead. And for those who haven’t made that step yet, maybe this could be the moment to do so?
We are a team of four, which in practical reality is often three, two or even just one. We don’t accept advertising or sponsored content. We have no large financial backers. Donations from our readers is our only means of survival.
We aren’t currently offering incentives, because we think subscription-only content is counter to everything OffG stands for. We want the facts and analysis we share to get the widest audience possible.
So, the only “incentive” we can offer at this time is to tell you that if one in ten of our regular visitors pledged just $1.00 a month OffG would be able to do far more than struggle and juggle to maintain current output as we do now; we could move to a dedicated server, increase our scope and reach, launch new sections, host video, and much else.
We would love to be in that position, and even the smallest amount of support in getting there would be hugely appreciated.

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can you spare $1.00 a month to support independent media

Unlike the Guardian we are NOT funded by Bill & Melinda Gates, or any other NGO or government. So a few coins in our jar to help us keep going are always appreciated.

Our Bitcoin JTR code is: 1JR1whUa3G24wXpDyqMKpieckMGGW2u2VX

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PayPal has form for freezing accounts it does not like and not even refunding donations. (WikiLeaks, David Irving, et al). Has had to pay millions in fines for not even meeting credit card companies dispute resolution policies.


I note paypal payment is an option on Patreon! I never use them if there are other options and have never signed up to a regular payment via paypal as I always felt it would be used at some point or another to silence and subvert. Luckily there is a direct option on Patreon. I will keep my fingers crossed it is secure for regular payments. Looks like we are going to need a truly safe and secure way to support in the not too distant future…
Those owning such huge and profitable operations are always going to be in the Plutocrat club and work against us people when it comes to it.


Hi, just to let you know your page https://www.patreon.com/offguardian will not load on IE. Loads fine on Google Chrome. IE has caused many alt sites to display “this site’s security certificate is not valid” popups but yours is blank.


New link (Patreon button above) working now.

Anna Zimmerman
Anna Zimmerman

I keep trying to get on to the Patreon website, but each time I try the page refuses to load – I just get a blank screen.
Are there any alternative ways of donating? I was one of your PayPal subscribers.


Hi Anna and sorry to hear about the problem. I have no idea why that would be happening. I will check it out immediately. Unfortunately we don’t have any other means of donating as yet.
UPDATE: both links should be working now


patreon it is. This site is great.


Does this confirm that Elon Musk is another CIA asset like Jeff Bezos & Mark Zuckerberg ?


PayPal is now owned by Pierre Omidyar. (Used to be Elon Musk) Tim Cook and Marc Andreessen are board members.


That’s incorrect. Visit Wikipedia. Or Panda. Or Google. PayPal’s CEO is Dan Schulman. The separation of PayPal from Omidyar’s PayPal was completed in 2015.


I meant Omidyar’s eBay. Apologies.


He’s still a director of both E-Bay and PayPal and while he’s been divesting those shares into his foundation still owns about 70 million + shares http://www.nasdaq.com/symbol/pypl/ownership-summary


I see it differently. CIA is an asset of factions in the Plutocracy.