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The Battle of Charlottesville?

by Jon Jeter, August 14, 2017

Mothafuckas just gonna have to be mad at me, I don’t give a fuck.

This right here be some bullshit.

Is Trump a neo-fascist?  By any critical measure, indeed he is.

But for the life of me, I cannot come up with a single definition of fascism that would NOT also include Obama.  I suppose that if we stick to Cobb’s narrow prescriptions of “Nazism” it’s true that we have never before seen a feebler response as Trump’s inaction this weekend, sort of like it’s true that Michael Jordan and John Paxson once combined to score 71 points in a single game.

But for those of us who are NOT sophists and understand Nazism as Germany’s particular expression of fascism, we recognize that there is a seamless continuity between Bush, Clinton, Baby Bush, Obama and the White House’s current occupant.

Was Obama’s failure to prosecute a single police officer for the murders of black and brown people that occurred on his watch some kind of testament to liberal democracy?

That wasn’t Obama who showered billions of dollars on the very bankers who defrauded black Americans of more wealth than at any time since the emancipation proclamation?  Who declared the Palestinians “un-people” and campaigned aggressively against their sovereignty at the UN?  Allowed Baby Doc to run for president but not Aristide?  Installed, LITERALLY, Nazis as the rulers of Ukraine?

As for Trump’s singular moral failings, was it Trump who was told by his own state department that if he sold skin-melting white phosphorous to Saudi Arabia, they would use it on Yemeni women and children, and responded by saying, in effect; “And your point?”

Or what about that amusing little war he started in Africa’s most prosperous country at the behest of Goldman Sachs, in which “white” Africans lynched “black” Africans from light poles, like rednecks in the Jim Crow South?

The fuck outta here with this BULLSHIT!  These soft, chicken-and-butter-biscuit Negroes be TRIPPING!!!

Jon Jeter was born at the height of the civil rights movement to African-American parents in the Midwestern United States.  A former Washington Post foreign correspondent in southern Africa and South America, he is the author of Flat Broke in the Free Market: How Globalization Fleeced Working People and the co-author of A Day Late and a Dollar Short: Bright Nights and Dark Days in Obama’s Post-Racial America.


  1. One of the motivations behind the remotion of statues of Robert E Lee and others is being missed.

    But harbor’t you missed that you are auto-assigning mogul to ‘Them’ to orchestrate a simulated ‘world’ so as to recede your ain – excepting to become the storyteller to ‘their mogul misstep’ whoever ‘they’ may turn out to be or not be (for we love to personalise into uncomplicated sound v malevolent ‘divide and principle out’ narratives).

  2. Christopher Barclay says

    One of the motivations behind the removal of statues of Robert E Lee and others is being missed. It is to hide that they were Democrats. This is an attempt to obscure and not illuminate American history, probably motivated by the Democrats to maintain Black Americans as a captive vote.

  3. Christopher Barclay says

    ‘I cannot come up with a single definition of fascism …’ Once you start giving a word more than one definition, it starts losing meaning. Give it many and it becomes nothing more than an insult that obscures rather than illuminates.

    Fascism was a political movement that arose in Italy after the First World War. The name comes from ‘fascio’ meaning bundle or sheath and symbolised the agricultural worker by referring to a sheath of wheat. It was a form of radical authoritarian nationalism, characterised by dictatorial power, forcible suppression of opposition, and control of industry and commerce.

    How much if this definition applies to Trump? Trump is radical in terms of challenging the existing political system. He may well have authoritarian impulses. However, in the current situation, he is challenging, not being supported by, the state. Clearly he is nationalist. Trump does not have dictatorial power. Whatever the many failings of the US political system, one thing the Constitution does do is prevent power being concentrated in the hands of the President. The opposition to the President has clearly not been suppressed. The media are freely criticising him and other politicians appear to be immune from prosecution for calling for his assassination. Trump is not in control of industry and commerce. In fact I would argue that industry and commerce control the political process.

    The Trump Presidency therefore fails on most of the criteria that would characterise a Fascist government. Is this important? I would say that it is. The loose use of the word ‘fascist’ obscures analysis and leads to the false conclusion that ‘there is a seamless continuity between Bush, Clinton, Baby Bush, Obama and the White House’s current occupant’. Trump’s personal failings are many. He however remains a political outsider. The opposition to his Presidency from the intelligence services and the political Establishment show the threat that he is perceived to carry. Much of his electoral support came from people seeking radical political change.

    Jon Jeter should also think about this: the main political base for the Establishment candidate in the last Presidential election, the War candidate, the representative of Wall Street, was the Black vote. In the primaries, Democrats split along racial lines. Most Whites supported Sanders. Most Non-whites supported Clinton. Without the overwhelming support of Black Americans for a white woman with highly questionable credentials on race, the bias within the Democrat Party to nominate an Establishment candidate would have been exposed. Black Americans should reflect on what exactly they are being given to keep the Establishment in power.

  4. michaelk says

    The modern left in the United States are being ‘played’ by the Democrats, who whilst they employ a slightly different rhetoric than the Republicans, are really part of the same ruling party. A party with two powerful factions that’s ruled the country for over two centuries virtually unchallenged. That’s close to a record.

    At the moment they are using ‘history’, twisting it and prostituting it, to undermine Trump who is rightly perceived as a threat to the ruling party and both its factions because he represents a challenge and rejection of both of them by huge swathes of the American public. Trump was an upstart that defeated the combined power of the Democratic and Republican establishments and the media that’s loyal to both of them. Also Trump wasn’t an ‘approved candidate’, yet he won and that alone makes him a threat to the status quo. That so many people were enthusiastic about voting for ‘facist’ or supported a ‘socialist’ like Bernie Sanders, rejecting both the leading parties, is, in itself, remarkable and a shock to the entire system.

    So now they have chosen to blow on the embers of the Civil War in an attempt to link Trump to the Confederacy, slavery, white supremacy and racism, Nazi style. This is hysterical propaganda, much like the Democrats trying to show that Trump is a Russian agent and a traitor.

    ‘History’ arguably doesn’t even really exist anymore in our age, accept as something that can be used to score points… here and now. Objective history, much like objective journalism is probably dead, like ‘facts.’ Facts are, essentially in the eye of the beholder. These are the times we live in. Power makes its own facts and history and employs them to tell a contemporary story.

    The American Civil War reminds me a lot of Brexit… symbolically and not least ideologically. The big difference being, of course, that the North refused to accept the South pulling out of the Union and decided to attack them militarilly and force them to remain part of the Union at gunpoint. An unecessary war that cost over half a million lives at a time when the population was far, far, smaller; is an incredible price to pay for ending slavery. And who really benefitted from the war? Certainly not the black population who were probably worse off than before. Sure, they were nominally ‘free’, but to do what exactly? They were ‘free’ but without really being ‘free’ at all, that took almost a century to achieve, and they are still easily the poorest section of the population.

    Who were the really big losers after the war? I’d argue it was the American Indians. Suddenly they faced a huge army, well-equiped and battle-hardened and the American Empire expanded almost wiping them out completely.

    Mostly American history is a huge ‘fairytale’ sold by Hollywood, and it’s effective and ‘true’ because so many people chose to believe it uncritically.

  5. michaelk says

    The western media, liberals and the left seem to know as much about the Civil War in the United States, as they do about the complex history of the Ukraine and Russia… which is next to nothing at all. We’re witnessing almost a re-run of the Civil War with battle lines being drawn and labels attributed to leaders who are long dead, like Robert E. Lee somehow was a fascist, something that would have horrified him. Lee himself wasn’t a supporter of slavery at all and the overwhelming majority of Southerners didn’t own slaves, so the idea they were fighting to preserve slavery as an institution doesn’t really stand up to scrutiny.

    Personally I think war is something far worse than slavery. The Civil War cost the lives of well over half a million soldiers, a catastrophic death toll. The destruction was massive and lasted decades. Arguably the condition of the black population after the war was actually worse than during slavery. The North didn’t fight the war to end slavery, that was something… a cause, a crusade one decided on subsequently, really a piece of propaganda.

    It’s a little known fact that the British government compensated slave owners financially, effectively ‘buying’ the slaves free in Jamaica and elsewhere. Considering the astronomic cost of the war why didn’t the Northern States simply buy the freedom of the southern slaves? Was the war really necessary? It’s highly unlikely that slavery would have lasted more than another ten years anyway as the US economy was rapidly changing and slavery was doomed and power, economic and political was moving from the South to the North inexorably, butt he South was resisting these changes and their cultural demonisation by powerful forces in the North.

    For those who believe that the North had ‘moral right’ on their side, I suggest people examine Sherman’s march to the sea, to see what ‘terror’ really looked like.

    • If the North didn’t have ‘moral right’ on their side, neither did the South. Both ‘outlooks’ were about the right of the propertied to exploit “labor,” whether enslaved to “wages” or as “property,” for the sole purpose of the further enrichment of the rich. The north wanted to force the South to buy its more expensive industrial product by imposing tariffs on European imports, mainly cheaper British imports, and the Southern monopolists understood that not only would their production costs be thereby increased, but that there profit margins would be further squeezed by counter-tariffs imposed in retaliation on their exports, mainly cotton. Hence the call to secede. So the complex history of the American civil war comes down to bourgeois factions fighting over profit margins, and Robert E. Lee was all about profit margins and the God given right of the few to profit on the backs of the many, whether in chains and under the lash, or as destitute wage laborers. If that isn’t a fascistic ideology, what is?

    • BigB says

      The Atlantic has conveniently collated all the Southern Confederate State declarations together: which unambiguously show that slavery was the main reason for the secession. They also do a pretty good takedown of the kindly General Lee myth. He was a white supremacist slave-owner: and a cruel one at that.

      • michaelk says

        Robert E Lee wasn’t a racist or a fascist unless one is determined to stretch the meaning of these terms beyond the normal and into the fantastical and dogmatic. One has to remember that almost everyone in the United States at the time was a racist and a white supremacist, hardly anyone thought that black slaves were equal to white people and that includes Lincoln!

        It’s a mistake, to put it mildly, to insist on pressing contemporary political and ideological labels and dogmas down over historical events and individuals who would be horrified by them if they could speak and defend themselves and their thoughts and actions, if they weren’t dead.

        One could see the Civil War as something else, which had only a tangental relationship to the institution of slavery, as a war over who was going to control the growing American empire, a war about power. How centralized a state was the United States going to be? Was all power destined to reside in Washington, Boston and New York, or was the South going to have influence too? The South had for a long time been the economic powerhouse of the nation and its main source of wealth, but this was rapidly changing as the larger northern population and the growth of industrialisation challenged these old power relationships. Basically the South was losing the power struggle witht the interests of the North and it was this conflict that led to the Civil War, not the question of slavery.

        • BigB says

          Fair enough: Robert E Lee was a man of his time – a racist in a time of racism – and strictly speaking, Fascism had yet to be born. Fascist has become like that other F-word – virtually universal in application and devoid of real meaning. The cogent point about Lee, is not who he was – but what he is becoming – an alt-right icon. And that ain’t pretty… I know weren’t being an apologist for the alt-right: but that is where such revisionism leads… like the re-writing of the Holocaust; or the heroification of Stepan Bandera… that’s why the historical perspective has to be maintained. And let’s not stray into the moral relativism of which is worse: war or slavery? The answer is both. Neither should have a place in the modern world. There is no excuse or revisionistic justification for either: both should be banished back to the 19th century where they belong? I think you might be inadvertently making a strawman case from history???

          • If history is made by the victors – or indeed the dominance of any particular agenda – then revision is identifying and releasing bias of distortion or fabrication – and is essential to the uncovering of true witness and account.
            To put ‘history’ out of bounds is to assert a ‘justified’ identity in terms of its narrative. Making ‘religion’ out of an asserted ‘sacrosanct’ history uses guilt to deny, invalidate and manipulate the current narrative within its framing.

            This works negatively no less – as with ‘anti-fascism’ becoming the trojan face for the same mercantile usurpation of governance and societal institutions. Plunder and dominance drives ’empire’ that then makes idols of self-justification out of anything and everything.

            The same power struggle persists through the ages in different cultural forms as a result of the ideas embodied (or subverted) in any cultural era. ‘There is nothing new under the Sun’ – but to contrast with this I add – ‘behold I make all things new!’. I hold that we have and are a choice between new clothes for the same-old naked emperor or to look upon the roots of power struggle within ourself and release the false because it is recognized false. Then we may still be active in whatever way we feel moved – but from a different basis – and thus teach or demonstrate a different outcome.

            My underlying desire is to serve the awakening of a true choice in place of a falsely framed ‘history’. But only by invitation and example. Otherwise ‘history’ is bound to repeat itself – especially through the dictate that it must ‘never happen again’ and so fixates upon fear in special forms. Society tends to unite against the revealing of the causes of war – for war is the basis of a sense of self in its own image. Whatever we accept as our ‘self’ we defend against threat – and if we accept falsely – we are deceived and defend against the true or the messengers or symptoms of true.

            If others make choices that I do not like does that mean they are wrong and I am right?
            Might I be blind to my own ‘idols’?
            I find hate hateful – however I find the subtler masking of hate in disguises of moral superiority no less so. But I also find both in myself – but choose not to use it as the basis from which to act or decide.
            If all your understanding and articulation is subordinated to war against the symptoms of hate then is hate working your mind unwatched? Does hate not polarize, divide and rule in darkness? (By ruling out any recognition of self in other?).

            If you are a given to war-mind you scan only for threats, ammunition and ‘gathering intelligence’. Communication does not enter into it – because communication has been subordinated to the ‘war’. This has also been referred to as amygdala capture – where the persistent activation of the sympathetic fight or flight response wears down the balancing and restoring parasympathetic response – to operate a fear-identity as a sub-conscious automatic loop.

            This ‘fear identity’ would inflame and destroy the world – under illusion that hate can be controlled…

            What I almost see glimpses of in some internet comment and articles, is the ‘reading’ of the signs and symptoms to the clearer understanding and recognition of the current moment – not as a fleeting evaporation – but of a true ‘reality testing’. I do not see any place for telling anyone else how to see or interpret their experience – but I do see that power struggle to judge and define narrative ‘reality’ – operates an overlay of deceit upon a feared, hated or lacking sense of self, life and world.

            Emotionally charged reaction is a true need inarticulately expressed. But to the manipulator, it can be weaponised and marketised. Again there is a choice here. There is always hurt beneath hate and in this world the love that every child is – is denied, betrayed, rejected in a variety of ways – regardless the upbringing – because that is the ‘world’ that is inherited. I don’t call for ‘sympathy’ of manipulative condescensions or proxy insinuation of guilt. But I do call to notice the manipulative defences we are all engaged in as our own version of surviving a conflicted, loveless and threatened sense of a temporary existence. Otherwise we simply believe our own spin and suffer what we give out as if its reflection is nothing to do with our giving. The ‘echo chamber’ is not just being assigned to us via information technology – it is reflecting the way the mind seeks and alights in what it wants. If you found what you did not want – why did you look for it? Is it because there is more going on beneath the surface consciousness than seemed apparent? That the surface is used to mask over and conceal?

      • Seamus Padraig says

        Lee wasn’t guilty of anything that Washington and Jefferson weren’t also guilty of: namely, having once owned slaves. Should their monuments come down, too?

        • Yes. They should indeed “all” come down. Mass murderers, all. In exactly the fashion that their ideological descendants continue to be.

          • I recommend “Lies my teacher told me” by James W. Loewen for a mind-opening perspective on American history – and the consciousness that makes false or distorted narrative of what happened. There is a genuine case for many monuments to be removed or revised if fake history is to yield to true account.

            But I sense the removal of monuments is the removal of flash points for those (of any ‘side’) who use them as a pretext for violence. Hate is blind.

  6. Alan says

    It appears the high level linking with Charlottesville using Nazi/Fascist ‘glue’, undermines the strength of what the author seemingly wishes to say. I assume the piece is about hypocrisy?, if so there are clearer examples without being topical.

    • Is it Jon Jeter who is doing the high level linking or Jelani Cobb?

      And what would Cobb have his reader believe? That the reactionary or progressive tenor of American society somehow or other depends upon the moral fiber of the POTUS, and that between Trump and Obama, a gulf separates them, the former being the embodiment of the barbarism that was manifested in Charlottesville, the latter being the embodiment of compassion and high moral rectitude. Except that even only a very cursory glance at the record proves that Obama’s real “legacy” is as fascistic and barbarous as any presidency ever was and will be.

      Is the theme hypocrisy? Or the fact that the U.S. is in essence and at bottom a fascist regime, and that the thuggery in Charlottesville is a distraction away from where our attention should be focused?

      And in what possible sense could being “topical” be a failing of a piece on current affairs?

  7. Fascism is become useless currency as a label in general parlance as a hate term – or something ‘good’ people have to condemn and refuse to communicate with.
    Likewise racism as a label for evil – when it is fear and self-doubt that project forth in offensive hate or defensive denial.
    The underlying issue that ‘fascism’ might refer to – in my opinion – is of corporate cartel power projecting through a political front that uses manipulative deceits to nurture, subvert and co-opt the emotional issues of the day or cultural moment while cowing or suppressing or infiltrating and using any ‘resistance’ or opposition.
    Basically the use of fear of ‘evil’ (justified hate or jihad) – operates shadow power of deceit in the minds of all who want it – for what they believe they get from it – or get away from as a result of allegiance within its framing.
    Its framing is guilt, fear and division – and calls forth punishment, denial and sacrifice of joy in being. It is the seduction under the guise and guile of a sense of personal power over life, self, other and world. And within its ‘framing’ there is no other life or world – and power is the nature of struggle between enemies who may find temporary shifting alliances. In the belief the world is ‘My Struggle’ there is only the subordination of everything and everyone to ‘power’s dictate’.

    Power through combination operates a corporate collective that becomes a consolidation of power in ever fewer ‘hands’. Under ever more starkly loveless and lifeless conditions – for its world is the managing and processing people under ‘incentives’ of the carrot and stick. Devoid of living will. Enslaved to terror. Believing what it is programmed to think it thinks – while set against the ‘evils’ of its day.

    I haven’t more than peripherally noted Charlottesville as an ongoing ‘battle’ for narrative control.
    Some hate openly and feel better about themselves. Other mask their hate in guile and feel better about themselves. I hold that what we hate in others we hate in ourself – in principle if not in the self-same form.

    Hate and its underlying fears, and the even deeper underlying conflict and pain that seeks blind escape in dissociation and denial – all operate a network of entanglement as beliefs and identity in defence that is constantly being triggered by its own shadow projections and constantly being managed or processed by the reaction of suppression and coercion operating as protection. As mind-control. As the demand for unconsciousness and masking alignment within terror that can never be recognized and released – because it is always ‘outsourced’ to the other whose sacrifice is required – for dissociative illusion is maintained by giving allegiance and priority to false over true – as if defending truth.

    • Bailed says

      I believe the misuse or misdirection of the word fascism is deliberate – or just below the level of consciousness.

      Some will deny outright that corporatism plays any part in fascism, despite its defining role. This is a deliberate sleight of hand, designed to disguise the state corporatists and technocrats who actually are maneuvering society in a fascist direction.

      Others will defend their right to use it as a political insult, a vague synonym for nationalism or populism. They won’t accept that by devaluing the word they may be assisting in its return in another guise.

      There is little hope of persuading people of either tendency to heed Gaspar Tamas’ warning of post fascism and the diminution of the rights of the Enlightenment.


      • But of course any term that is officially used to invalidate an illegitimacy becomes corrupted to use as a weapon of personal power taken by alignment in such meanings accepted.
        As long as blame is the essential meaning of a term, its true currency is lost.
        Blame cares not where it is directed as long as it remains the currency in which thought runs. In a mind/world predicated upon guilt and punishment, the gaining of power is to the position from which to escape its most feared forms and direct it elsewhere – or focus its effects so as to protect one’s position.
        But there is no peace in it’s dictate.

    • “The underlying issue that ‘fascism’ might refer to – in my opinion – is of corporate cartel power projecting through a political front that uses manipulative deceits to nurture, subvert and co-opt the emotional issues of the day or cultural moment while cowing or suppressing or infiltrating and using any ‘resistance’ or opposition.”


      And that ‘s why Charlottesville is a distraction and that the real issue is, as you put it, “cartel power projecting through a political front.”

      • Hello Norman.
        Not being distracted by ‘distractions’ must be using them for something else – such as noticing what is going on here! I see that the baits and hooks of deceit have various ways of triggering reaction – and that becomes an educative process of vigilance in love of true.

  8. Whenever a “terror” event is announced breathlessly by the media all around the world 24/7 I head to YouTube and enter “terror event” + “hoax” to see what all the hoax analysts have come up with. I also apply my own simple technique: I ask the question, “What do the media TELL us compared to what they SHOW us?” And one thing I look for is clear evidence of death and injury – if that is what we are told happened. And, what a surprise, there is no clear evidence of death and injury at Charlottesville.

    I also look for obvious signs of hoaxing that we can determine are being shown to us deliberately by the power elite, for example, completely unbelievable parents as we saw in the parents of victims at Manchester, Sandy Hook and Orlando to name some off the top of my head. As mentioned in another comment, Ole Dammegard has said the power elite justify their hoaxing of us by TELLING us what they’re up to and if we don’t pick it up, we deserve what we get. I think Ole’s claim makes perfect sense because you see things in these events that indicate credibility is being deliberately undermined – apart from unbelievable grieving there are things such as a crisis actor obviously playing two roles as in the case of David Wheeler at Sandy Hook who plays both a parent and an FBI agent. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qcPiIJg6df0

    That the power elite would deliberately tell us also makes perfect sense. These people rule the world. They do not have the preoccupations of the plebs: concern about getting food on the table, saving for holidays or even concern about the trouble in the world – that they are causing of course. These people are degenerates with an insatiable desire for kicks (although Ole seems to think that they are exercising some kind of morality and believe that the fact they provide us with obvious clues justifies what they do). So one kick is putting in plain sight exactly what they are up to and chortling away as we all fall for their outrageous propaganda. They can complacently rely on the vast majority not wising up and then the numpties who are wise not being able to get their voices out.

    They can also rely on the completely taboo precept that we are not allowed to suggest that people WERE NOT KILLED just in case they really were. I mean, what if those people really were killed? What a shocking offence to those killed and their friends and families. How will they cope with people thinking they weren’t really killed and were simply crisis actors pretending for money – being dreaded “collaborators” in other words. How utterly shocking. The chance that someone might really have been killed HAS A MUCH HIGHER VALUE THAN THE TRUTH. On FB I am censored by my own friends for being “offensive”. That I am simply saying what I believe (supported by EVIDENCE) and that even if the people I say weren’t killed really were that their friends and relatives are never going to know my opinion, is not good enough. Just the suggestion is heinously OFFENSIVE.

    It’s funny. Only a few weeks ago, I told a friend who lives in Leeds about Manchester being a hoax and her first reaction was, “Oh, but we know the parents of a child who goes to school with the child of a woman who died.” Almost in the next breath though she said, “There is no evil that would surprise me from these people.” Then, as we were talking, she was cogitating and said, “Hmm, this morning on TV they showed the family of the youngest child killed at the event minus her mother who was still in hospital with very serious injuries. I guess, if the child didn’t die they needed someone to look after her so they’re probably both sequestered off somewhere.” Amazing that someone seemingly so close to the event immediately accepted the possibility of what I was saying while others, far removed, are so adamantly resistant.

    So at Charlottesville we have the obvious clues told to us by the power elite. The unbelievable number plates of mother and son, GVF 1111 and GVF 1122, which contain important numbers, 11 and 22, in their numerology.

    We also have pictures which do not show signs of injury and appear staged. How is the guy in this image flying above the BACK of the car. If he’d been hit at the front he would not be behind the car now. See how there is no sign of actual injury in those flying about. https://arc-anglerfish-arc2-prod-sltrib.s3.amazonaws.com/public/7M6SRWH3KNC5HH73FQIZPUDOPY.jpg

    And then we have the recently-created company, Crowds on Demand, advertising for people in Charlotte – four hours from Charlottesville, it’s true, but do you think that may be another little joke from the power elite? Perhaps having the ad in Charlottesville itself would just be that little bit too obvious whereas with Charlotte they can both tell you quite openly but still paradoxically get away with it. It’s a funny old world, isn’t it?

    From their website:
    At Crowds on Demand, we provide our clients with protests, rallies, flash-mobs, paparazzi events and other inventive PR stunts.

    Come on, let’s stop going half-way with this complete bullshit. We have to go all the way.

    It’s all told in the YouTube film, JFK to 9/11 Everything is a Rich Man’s Trick. All you need to do is watch that film and you will understand what’s really going on – admittedly I know people who’ve watched it and still don’t get it but it’s all in there nevertheless.

    • BigB says

      @Flaxgirl: the problem with any fixed POV and personal bias is that you are likely to confirm it every time, and end up narrowing your focus on to what you can find to support your view. It’s a self-reinforcing feedback loop. Or an echo-chamber? That leads you to posting comments that Grenfell Tower was a psyop: it wasn’t. You say that when you hear of an event, you go straight to YouTube: well any idiot with a $30 editing suite can upload a video – and more often than not, they do. Ole Dammergard is a more credible source: but as you know, it can take him months to do a full frame by frame analysis. Professor Nick Kollerstrom and others have destroyed the 7/7 bombing narrative, but it took years. How many millions of man hours are still being applied to counter the fake 9/11 narrative? You can’t come to a snap (bias confirming) conclusion as soon as the first goon posts a highly suspect, badly edited vid. Better to keep an open mind; assess each event on a case by case basis; and watch the counter-narrative develop… over time???

      • BigB – I admit that I tend to suspect from the outset that a terror event will be staged, however, I still only make an assessment based on evidence and I always keep an open mind. Because YouTube videos are constantly shut down and to have more credibility I try as much as possible to put my links to the original sources. Just because I go to YT doesn’t mean I believe everything there or believe that when someone says X proves Y it really does. It’s just that I rely on YouTubers’ greater skills of observation, I don’t necessarily have access to all the original material and it means I don’t have to wade through all the often nauseating material myself.

        Please point me to a single clear piece of evidence that Grenfell was real. (I won’t go into my evidence that it wasn’t cos this is not the place but please just point me to one clear piece of evidence.)

        If I suffer from confirmation bias then people are very welcome to show I’m wrong. I have set up a website, http://www.occamsrazorterrorevents.weebly.com, and I invite comment on my claims. I invited an academic physicist and member of the Committee for Skeptical Inquiry, Dave Thomas, a diehard official story supporter to critique my Occam’s Razor exercise on WTC-7’s collapse using the controlled demolition hypothesis, do his own OR exercise using the fire hypothesis or simply describe in his own words how WTC-7 collapsed by fire. So far, he hasn’t accepted my invitation and I very, very much doubt he will. If you know any 9/11 official story supporters I invite you to do the same. No one, however a great a supporter they are of the NIST report, is willing to attempt to describe the collapse by fire in their own words I can tell you.

        You are so right about the millions of man hours trying to prove the fake 9/11 narrative. But what I’ve realised after spending so many man hours myself is that so much of it is unnecessary. We live in a Hitlerian Lie / Emperor’s New Clothes world but somehow we are all, even those of us who have shaken off the propaganda, still somehow deluded into wasting ridiculous amounts of time arguing over scientific reports when it can all be worked out simply by using some simple logic and common sense. Metallurgical engineer and member of Architects & Engineers for 9/11 Truth, Kathy McGrade, has said, in my opinion, one of the most intelligent things about looking at the 9/11 building collapses: work it out for yourself as much as you can as relying on expert opinion is dangerous (she gives her own example). https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Q6ziLE23Soo.

        As I say in my comment above, the power elite TELL us what they’re doing with unbelievable stuff but STILL we believe it or we don’t say, “That’s impossible.” No there’s always DOUBT even though there’s absolutely NOTHING convincing about the official story, we always have DOUBT. Why? There is NOTHING convincing about Charlottesville and there are quite a few things that strongly suggest it was staged: the staged-looking photo in the comment above, the very existence of the Crowds on Demand website and the request for people in Charlotte at the relevant time, all the questions about movement of people, the abnormal behaviour by police, the not credible similarity of the number plates which also contain numbers known to be significant to the power elite. And it’s all so predictable – the fomenting of disharmony which they’ve been doing with all the other events. I mean, come on. Why on earth would I believe that Charlottesville was a real event? Please give me a single reason. While other people default to the media story unless there’s some confession made by a perpetrator or something, I tend to default to the staged event story unless I don’t see things that look faked. Is that wrong? I mean, I haven’t had to change my mind so far.

        Actually, I did have to change my mind about Seth Rich although in this case it was one crime for another. I thought that Clinton probably had him killed (I wasn’t 100% convinced about it though as I knew of no real evidence) for leaking secrets to Wikileaks and then I saw a video which shows his family showing no sign of grieving whatsoever and the husband mouthing the words that his begins to wife say, clearly indicating a script. The only inference I can come up with is that Rich was a Republican plant and just before the election it was made to look as if he was murdered by the Democrats for leaking Wikileaks secrets in order to win votes from the dastardly Clinton. The video is bookmarked to where the camera moves from the father to the mother and you can see the father mouth the words his wife speaks. In the video, you can also see the brother biting his lips seemingly in an effort not to laugh. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9mEu22KJjtU&t=57s

        • Edwige says

          Too distinctly fishy things about Charlottesville are the fact that the one witness who has dominated MSM coverage turns out to have worked for the State Department and the crashing of this police helicopter (to destroy aerial surveillance footage?).

          Of course, the MSM may be using this witness because he can talk well on TV and of course, helicopters do sometimes crash. But the number of strange things and bizarre coincidences that surround these events really does stretch credulity.

          • Without any convincing evidence that an event is actually real and with a few bits of compelling evidence that it wasn’t, I’m not sure what else is needed. I mean how much evidence do you need and at what point do you say the event is fake? We’re not in a law court, we don’t have to actually provide evidence that’s going to win the case so it’s up to us to simply say when. I don’t see the point in sitting on the fence about it … just in case we’re wrong. I’d rather be proven wrong than sit on the fence.

        • BigB says

          @Flaxgirl: broadly speaking, we’d be on the same page – and I can’t disprove anything you say. Which is kind of the point: neither can you ‘prove’ anything either. I think a certain amount of intellectual
          humility is required for us citizen analysts: with no first hand experience of the actual events; or access to primary evidence; or indeed the skills required to process the evidence – we are all just bestguessing… from data streams that are in themselves doctorable and corruptible…

          As this is a Charlottesville forum: I’d refer you comments I made other day (on the de-Putin-Nazification post); including the picture I posted of the antiFa who was also an alt-right fascist for the day??? Seems to me that both sides were stirring the pot while the police spectated??? Foreign Policy (Soros) are pushing the angle it was a team-Trump LIHOP… after all, Trumps not going to overly criticize or alienate the alt-right: that’s his core vote… but I’m not going to “default to the media story”… and I have yet to see or read anything to make me doubt that Heather Heyer was murdered… people get maced, hurt, and killed: even at ‘unreal’ events…

          Grenfell: I’m not going into detail – but I know people involved: that was no fake fire.

          When you use WTC7 to justify your POV: I feel you protest too much. In the millions of hours of 9/11 research: there are the tens of thousands of hours put in by Prof Hulsey and his team (due to report any time soon). It would be a committed intellectual bigot who would argue ‘fire collapse’ – against a 3D CAD model that says not… but what bearing does that have on Charlottesville or the next event? Everything has to be assessed individually and on its own merit???

          As you brought up Seth Rich: I’ve seen the video – whilst it is clearly staged – it raises questions more than provides answers. Rather than take it at face value, you might want to contextualize it and delve into the back story before drawing conclusions… its got HRC-DNC fingerprints all over it.

          • Oh my goodness, BIgB. Of course, there was a fire at Grenfell – it’s just the rest that was staged. Please give me evidence of any people injured or killed.

            I know that the scientists are obliged to put in the effort but when I was arguing with Dave Thomas he was dissing Leroy Hulsey too. You can show the believers anything and they will find a way to get around it. Did not attempt to diss my Occam’s Razor exercise though. And even though we need the scientists to put in the effort and they do an amazing job of it, ultimately it really is a case of the Emperor’s New Clothes.

            I think your photo says it all BigB – actors for hire. Where is the evidence that Heather Heyer was killed? You see, these operations follow the same MO and they’re never LIHOP (let it happen on purpose) even if there are genuine people there, they’re always MIHOP (make it happen on purpose). The MO is not to have people killed – perhaps the odd one here or there is for special reasons (we can’t be sure) but that is not the MO. It’s not as if they’re all completely individual events. They’re all part of a continuum. And this company looks as though it’s involved in the coordination. Check out this case study – look familiar? http://www.crisis-solutions.com/crisis-solutions-clients/remembering-the-market-wide-exercise/.

            Why is it that I’m probably the most ignorant person about history and politics who posts on this site and yet it is so obvious to me that these events are staged … and it shouldn’t be a surprise because it’s happened throughout history.

      • And just to add BigB. It might have taken years to destroy the 7/7 bombing narrative, but these events are happening now on a fortnightly basis or similar. WE DONT HAVE YEARS. We have to judge on the evidence easily available – and it’s simply really enough – it’s a false premise to think we have to have this that and the other – if we have NO EVIDENCE of the actuality of the crime and we have SOME EVIDENCE of fakery, that is all we need to call it out. If we’re wrong let the power elite brandish their death certificates. Why are we sitting on the fence worried about people that might have really died when these massive disharmony-fomenting, preparing-for-who-knows-what-types-of-control-measures crimes are going on at a rapid rate RIGHT UNDER OUR NOSES?

        • BigB says

          We’re almost down to splitting hairs now. LIHOP, MIHOP? It’s becoming clearer that the police-National Guard did zipp: Mintpress have collated at least 5 articles on police inaction. As I previously commented: compare and contrast with DAPL? Dropping the specifics, broadly I agree that it’s not just the right that should unite – but the right, left and centre – against the faceless puppetmasters that are pulling our strings. Gilad Atzmon put a good post on his blog: about the separationism of identity politics creating the new tribalism. I can’t prove anyone died, you can’t prove they didn’t: but we can both see that the entire event was a staged media circus. That’s the common ground… that’s the ‘glue’… I guess we should focus on that???

          [BTW: if you want to see a crisis actor in action, take a look at the one who popped up at the Seth Rich vigil… follow the link I posted on the recent Seymour Hersh Cracks Russiagate forum. There’s sooooooooooooooo much more to that story than you can get from a body language video. The real question is: why are the family lying???]

          • I think BigB that there is a significant difference between LIHOP and MIHOP, a very significant difference because perhaps if there were no MIHOPs there would hardly be any potential LIHOP situations to worry about. Francis Richard Conolly states in JFK to 9/11, all terror is manufactured by the state – I don’t know if “all” is too big a call but I think it’s pretty close. Surely, the difference is important. This calling things LIHOP when they’re actually MIHOP drives me crazy.

            Yes, I know there’s a lot to the Seth Rich story. I can’t make sense of it at all. It occurred to me that if he really were a Republican plant and they faked his death to try to make it look as though Clinton did it, why would she go along with the faking – she’d obviously figure it out. Both sides obviously know it’s faked so they both are in on it somehow.

            You still haven’t given me a single piece of clear evidence that Grenfell was a real event by the way – and I don’t necessarily mean clear evidence of deaths – I just mean anything at all that strongly suggests that it was real. I think that’s important considering you categorically declared it was not a psyop and made some comments about who I am in relation to my opinion about it.

            • Grenfell was a real fire. I see no reason to suspect psyop – but that doesn’t mean it did not and does not hit a raw nerve regarding a number of socio-political issues that are timely.
              I don’t know how it started but if you watch a documentary made by Adam Curtis in 1984
              You see some of the way corruption operates.
              Psychological-emotional shifts also occur as a result of un-orchestrated events.

              • Binra, of course, the fire was real. No one’s arguing it wasn’t. However, how the fire lit the building up like a torch is not credible as an organic event. We tend to think of firewalls with their metaphorical internet meaning but, of course, the original meaning is that they stop fire spreading in buildings. Fire engineers state that the fire could not have done what it did without help. Allegedly, there were “gas workers” in the building in the weeks before. These people could easily have been operatives who set the building up to go up like a torch, couldn’t they, just like operatives set the three buildings up at the WTC on 9/11 for controlled demolition.

                There are myriad reasons to suspect that Grenfell was a staged event. People seem to think that’s it only Muslim terrorist events and similar that are staged. No, anything that gets broadcast globally 24/7 with great fanfare that has any aspect of “terror” about it, anything that looks as if it might foment disharmony between groups or have any kind of political agenda should be regarded as a potential staged event. It’s just simple old Divide and Conquer and ways of controlling. In the past 6 years there have been so many events that have shown obvious signs of staging it is beyond the ridiculous. From Sandy Hook to La Jolla to Nice to Brussels to Berlin Truck to Melbourne donut guy to Westminster and now Charlottesville – with so many in between – and some before. And this is just on western soil.

                Only a few of the reasons to suspect that Grenfell was a staged event:
                * Zero evidence of wounded (we see no people leaving the building on stretchers suffering smoke inhalation, etc)
                * A witness claiming that he was present when the cladding was installed, told the installers that the cladding was flammable, tore a bit off, stuck it on his mobile phone and lit it. (This “evidence” I’d claim is in the realm of the deliberately unbelievable and where the power elite are actually TELLING us what they’re up to and if we believe it, we’re the fools who deserve what we get.) Interestingly, the YouTube video I had a link to of this witness has been removed.
                * Evidence that an alleged resident, Mahad Egal, who shows signs of “duping delight” did not live at the building as he claimed. https://theknow.blog/2017/06/24/actors-for-grenfell-tower.
                * Much talk of “people at windows” but NOT ONE image of a person at a window surrounded by flames and all images and footage of people at windows taken with vertical mobile phone. Seriously, wherever you see only vertical phone footage (to block out the immediate context) get suspicious immediately.
                * Talk of a baby being thrown from the 9th storey and caught with no digital evidence of it or any other evidence afterwards (interview with parents, etc) except someone’s testimony.
                * An application for controlled demolition that was deposited on 22 May 2014. (22nd? What a coincidence that it should be a date that so many of the alleged staged events have occurred on in the last 6 years.) This could easily explain that people had been evacuated from the building and there was no one in it at the time of the fire.

                Here is a link that takes you in summary fashion down part of a vast rabbit hole that connects to this event. I cannot know if the author has it right. It’s just interesting to consider.

                Seriously, it is not rocket science to work these things out. All you have to do is look for:
                * discrepancy between what we are TOLD by the media and what we are SHOWN
                * any compelling evidence for its reality
                * what looks like passed-off evidence
                * what seems completely unbelievable and where the power elite are TELLING you what they’re up to.

                It’s all out in PLAIN SIGHT and it’s simply a matter of switching your mindset to accommodate the possibility of it.

                • I have decided to do an Occam’s Razor exercise on Grenfell Tower and through research now I have realised an error. The demolition referred to in my post above on which I based my claim that it explained how the building could have been evacuated, apparently did not apply to the whole building but just to parts sufficient to do refurbishment works (see link) including cladding. This error, however, is not in the least sufficient to make me think my overall hypothesis is incorrect. https://www.rbkc.gov.uk/bconline/buildingControlDetails.do?activeTab=details&keyVal=_RBKC_BCAPR_124682

                • Hi Flaxgirl – thankyou for articulating your points.
                  I have a question that is open to anyone to offer answer – and that is – if Grenfell’s fire could have been in any way an intended psyop – who benefits and in how? It seems to me to have given more voice to the ‘underclass’ at expense of those supposedly responsible for governance. I can see motivations with other ‘events’ – as new laws or wars are enacted in their wake.
                  Anything the Media give such focus to may be part of taking attention away from something else – whether opportunistic or by design. But then again there are socio-political issues inherent that have come up as a result – and a sense of outrage too.

                  Did you watch the 70’s documentary on the appalling corruption and unfit for purpose workmanship of the first high rise housing blocks – that no less applied to the cladding firms that then arose to remedy some of the failings . I linked it on this page somewhere.

                  I know people who know people who live in that immediate vicinity so I may find out something more directly.

                  I would rather wake others to ‘medical’ fraud than become embroiled in whether or not a specific incident is staged, deliberate or its account fabricated. I regard belief as something to step forth in rather than assign to any specific interpretation – and so I have {{expanding brackets}} around probabilities while adopting a working reality – updated as information comes in.

                  In reporting on underclass peoples, death is often shown on tv news – but rarely of the more dominant people’s – because their nations have a voice and communicate their sense of being accorded disrespect in spectacle of the death of one’s own or loved one’s for ‘newsfeed’. And I note that this genuine desire for respect is also used as a cover to shut down investigation or debate where valid questions are left unanswered.

                  The battle is for your mind – but perhaps the battle that the many are triggered to react and identify in, is the phishing of identity theft and a mind-capture. Perhaps ‘Hollywood’ et al, is the directing of an i-magi-nation. But to see props as props – we have to release identification in character.

                  • Binra, I am a boringly prosaic, logical person. I just look at the evidence. The cui bono question is good but we don’t even have to look at it. We can tell from the clear evidence that Grenfell was staged. There is money involved but I don’t know how exactly. And, as I’ve stated, the aim of the power elite is to foment disharmony between groups: rich/poor, left/right, black/white, Muslim/non-Muslim, etc. Divide and conquer. It’s pretty straightforward.

                    Grenfell is just part of a continuum – and whaddya know we’ve now just had Barcelona on 17 August (less than a week after Charlottesville on 11 August). It is immediately recognisable as a hoax from the blurry video we’re shown. Why would there be blurry video in this day and age? Please, check out the enlightening videos.

                    It’s not about getting imbroiled in Grenfell, it’s recognising the whole continuum.

                    • OMG! And now Turku in Finland. It just goes on and on. But maybe, maybe … this one’s a REAL one! No one’s put up a hoax video yet.

                    • But haven’t you missed that you are auto-assigning power to ‘Them’ to orchestrate a fake ‘reality’ so as to lose your own – excepting to become the narrator to ‘their power trip’ whoever ‘they’ may turn out to be or not be (for we love to personalize into simple good v evil ‘divide and rule out’ narratives).
                      That deceits operate as part of the human condition – ing is evident to me – but the nature of the deceit is to hide in the presumption and presentation of knowing – as an assertive displacement from something kept hidden – and ‘protected’ thereby.

                      So regardless ‘they’ do or don’t do whatever they will – or are compelled to do while believing themselves free – I hold vigilance for the peace of an unconflicted being against ‘divide and rule out’ of a mind at war with itself – however ingeniously outpictured.

                      I will venture that the nature of our own insanity is being more clearly reflected as the veils disintegrate – and this is already deeply disturbed – but lidded over with seemingly necessary lies. So the lid comes off – and the scramble to ‘regain’ the illusion of control (as the control of illusion passing off as true) has all the drive that terror and rage invoke. But it is my sense that not everyone identifies exclusively in fear-minded reaction all the time – and so there is another movement beneath the appearances of dramatic and compelling conflict that is not ‘reactive’ and inflammatory and so is invisible to the eyes trained to the world.

                      If a fake reality passes off as true, can not a fake identity run as a result of being ‘phished’ or baited to reaction?
                      Is not ‘evil exposed’ the ‘call to holy war!” as the self-righteous going forth as self-elected defender and protector of the ‘Realm’. Identity politics is manipulative deceit tailored to support the wish and amplify the fear. They are the two sides of the same coin. Perhaps ‘Satan’ played out a role for Job – as the awakening from love of form to recognition in Spirit.

                      So of course the ‘mind’ in the collective denial WANTS to maintain its own sense of ‘self-protection’ but no one wants to pay the price – and so in a negative version of ‘pass the parcel’ each seeks to ‘outsource’, repackage or project away the invalidity, unworthiness or guilt that attracts and is associated with pain, humiliation and loss. This presents as ‘power’ – but it is a sham over a deep sense of lack that is part and parcel of the manipulated consciousness we take to be true.

                      Yes fear is used to manipulate – but always at cost of losing its disguise. So I say there is a Choice as to whether to persist in fear-framing – as if manipulative or coercive deceit is power or control. And that without allegiance – the ‘mind of such thinking’ fades from non use – rather than being fed by denial and ‘opposition’. And of course something grows in its place as a result of a deeper acceptance and alignment – not to manufactured image and concept – but out-from a core recognition.

                      “But I don’t want to go among mad people,” Alice remarked.
                      “Oh, you can’t help that,” said the Cat: “we’re all mad here. I’m mad. You’re mad.”
                      “How do you know I’m mad?” said Alice.
                      “You must be,” said the Cat, “or you wouldn’t have come here.”
                      ― Lewis Carroll, Alice in Wonderland

                  • Hi Binra, The Reply button does not show for your latest comment so I’m replying here.

                    As I said, Binra, I’m a boringly prosaic person. I’m afraid I don’t really understand your answer although I feel as though I have a faint glimmering of understanding. I’m definitely way too obsessed with these events and I need to concern myself with other things. It would help a lot if they didn’t keep happening all the time though.

                    • Hi Flaxgirl – you said
                      “I just look at the evidence. The cui bono question is good but we don’t even have to look at it.”

                      The danger of using the past to interpret the future is evident in phishing ruse – because it looks like – therefore it is – and looking for these correlations is looking to support a prejudiced or biased belief. Hence it makes more sense to ask pertinent questions or offer challenges to the presented narrative than to put all your chips on a summary judgement that in this or another case could be completely wrong.

                      The cui bono is more than ‘good’ it is essential to understanding who participates in deceits and why – apart from the obvious understanding of perceived self-interest acting on an unstable, false or questionable sense of itself and its world.

                      Fear and division have been operating since the Fall – which I interpret as a fragmentation of Consciousness in a physicalized sense of wishful separation and control over life. The particular agencies of such divide and rule (out) are legion – but the core patterning beneath all is the lie and the father of the lie – which I understand as the ‘fathering’ wish something be true that isn’t – (or not be true that is) and the lies or distorting bias of mind that then rises to support and protect the investment.

                      So what is the benefit of focusing in the deceits of the world? I can only invite you to make your own choice here but for me it is the undoing of the lies that hide the ‘wish’ from exposure as a ‘phish’ of a false desire to make the form of things conform to meanings plucked out of context – instead of resting in the true Meaning that gives and receives in true or just measure – and witness.

                      I may be using different terms and ways of speaking – but I speak to the opportunity to notice what we do NOT want – and allow its release for what we truly want – and that is not going to be the result of a coercive and deceiving ‘mind’ or agenda – but of an honesty and openness to communication. BUT to that in us that IS heavily invested in the wish that things be THUS! – or NOT THUS! Open communication is loss of control to a sense of powerlessness, humiliation in pain and shame, and loss of self in a way that death then appeals as a saviour from. Whatever the ‘worldly reasons’ for power given to hate in our world – I suggest that the terror of such hated and feared outcome is the ‘driving force’ of self-survival at whatever cost. And it may be that power given to terror costs us the Living Earth that is our true Inheritance – where the a tempt to wield power over form for personal gratification is a false association by which we hurt ourselves.

                      If you notice the hateful nature of the lie in anything – then use that noticing to release your investment in its framework. This is the last thing that the aggrieved and self-righteous demand for vengeance will allow (it will never allow it!). True justice must be a correction by which true communication is restored for when we are out of accord with our Self – we are at odds with everyone and everything else and assign blame there to offset it here. Better not to use blame but awaken responsibility as the quality of freedom or choice that we can align in now – and by taking steps, grow the willingness of noticing and embodying truly – rather than asserting competing and conflicting narratives as if to control reality – or at least to be upstream to the mind that perceives and control the outcome by framing its terms to hide the true choice by presenting a false in which the ‘lesser evil’ makes sure that the devil you know ‘saves’ you from the ‘unknown’ – which itself is projected into by fear – and there’s the aborting of a New Beginning by a fear of losing worldly ‘power’.

                      Perhaps one last thing… the energetic pattern of reaction reveals the nature of its ‘spirit’ or ‘purpose’. So those who are hatefully rejecting invoke a like reaction. This is ‘physics’. Reading the nature of the script or ‘discerning the spirits’ is different from playing out the script in reaction. But finding willingness to notice amidst psychic-emotional triggering is the reclaiming of Consciousness as Choice – for an old habit of choosing to act as if you were forced or subjected to a loss of sovereign will by a tyrannous dictate. If you desire to truly Live – you must align in consciousness of being (alive). Fake reality and false flag is so pervasive to our mind that we call it reality – and indeed ‘our’ mind. But watch the thinking that runs in your own name and see if it is true – not for the shame and blame game – but because the curiosity for true is not refused answer – but by its own diversions delayed.

                      No one can ‘wake’ anyone else to anything they are not already the willingness of. But the acceptance of true shines automatically to the recognition of freedom in others – who then take their own steps in their own way.
                      I use the term ‘true’ here for that which illuminates your freedom and not as a narrative control of personal claim over anyone including myself – because the assertion of ‘claim over myself’ is a false and divisive ‘self-possession’. The true of ruses of deceit must embrace the context or the ‘father’ of the lie – and show it baseless. Otherwise we play whack-a-mole with the false fruits while ignoring and diverting from the false roots – and there is the device of conflict operating to rule out awareness of its nature and cause – under guise of compulsive righteous dictate (the call to war). Truth is the first casualty when war replaces it’s true appreciation. So ‘what is the truth here – is not just a scanning of external evidences – but a vigilance against deceit within our own thought because we know how easy it is to see what we are conditioned or triggered to ‘see’ and react from with word and deed that then ‘teaches it’ both to ourself and to others. Fear is contagion in the unwatched mind. Aligning in fear draws a self-fulfilling prophecy by attracting only the evidences to support its fruiting experience – and yet hiding in a false sense of self protection under narrative ignorance.

  9. ninetto says

    As Jeffrey St. Clair at Counterpunch noted… it’s all in the family.

    “It’s instructive to realize that 3 of the last 5 presidents had fathers or grandfathers who were Nazi sympathizers.”

    • And the one who didn’t was the one who put a bunch of bona fide fascists and neo-Nazis to power in Kiev: something you won’t mentioned in any of the recent CounterPunch articles on fascism in the USA.

      • rehmat1 says

        In November 2014, UK’s most wanted woman terrorist, Northern-Ireland-born Samantha Lewthwaite was reportedly killed by a Russian sniper in Ukraine. She was involved in training the anti-Russian Ukrainian rebels fighting to defend the US-EU installed Zionist regime in Kiev.

        Samantha Lewthwaite, aka ‘White Widow’, a mother of four, became UK Jewish Lobby celebrity in 2005 when her Jamaican-born husband Germaine Lindsay was killed by Scotland Yard as one of the so-called “suicide bombers” involved in July 7, 2005 bombing in London. According to former Israeli Mossad operative, Juval Aviv, it was work of Mossad-MI6. In July 2014, Jane Calvari, investigative journalist and film-maker also told Iran’s Press TV that Mossad and MI6 were behind the 7/7 false flag operation to demonize British Muslim population and make Tony Blair’s military collaboration in Iraq for Israel….


      • Andrew says

        Indeed Vaska. I’ve been somewhat suspicious of Counterpunch these last six months, especially after the Caitlin Johnstone debacle. Some of CP’s are …. lets just say, a lot more Guardian than Offguardian!! They’re somewhat resembling the fake left. I’m starting to wonder are they looking for (or already receiving) Soros funding.

        • Seamus Padraig says

          It sure isn’t the same publication that it was when Alexander Cockburn was alive.

  10. Behold, the two fascisms, two species, each the indispensable symbiont of the other: that of the ruling class, which is genuine and, for its disproportionate wealth in financial assets and property, wields real and effective power, commanding as it does the heights of all modern bureaucracies, both public and private; and that of the other barely existing kind in terms of absolute and relative numbers, mirroring that of the absolute masters, and that you find among the more gullible, ignorant and brainwashed of the masses, and that further divides into two subranks: on the one hand, into those layers among the bureaucratic technocrats, educated and competent and well remunerated for their obedient and unquestioning service to their fascist masters — the little Joseph Goebbels — and who, like their masters, congratulate themselves for their clear eyed Machiavellian insights into how the world really works; and, on the other hand, into those among the working calss, — the under-class, the rabble — who are the least educated and most prostrate in their condition of servility, but who espouse, in compensation for their economic misery and complete political impotence, the vaunted superiority of the genuine fascists, the ruling class, and who for the latter gladly offer themselves up as cannon fodder (in the military) or as thuggish enforcers of privilege (as freelancing muscle in the streets or as disciplined officers of the law).

    • Norm, evidence shows that this was a staged event – see my comment above. Please consider that you might be a little gullible yourself.

      • Whatever gave you the impression that I’m not keeping myself open to the possibility that Charlottesville might not be in one respect or another something contrived? In fact, in another thread, I suggested as much, but as a possibility as yet unconfirmed, eh.

        As for considering the possibility that I might be a little gullible myself, that’s practically a habit with me. No one feels more uncertain about my certainties than myself. I’ve been wrong before, and will be again. Of that I’m certain.

  11. rehmat1 says

    Supporters of pro-Israel White nationalist Alt-Right held a ‘Unite the Right’ rally in Charlottesville, Virginia on Saturday. Rabbis and Jew students held a protest march nearby to condemn Alt-Right’s support for US president Donald Trump (video below).

    The confrontation between the ‘Friends of Israel’ resulted in the death of three while 34 other protesters were injured.

    Local police arrested a 20-year-old White Christian James Alex Fields Jr. of Ohio on charges of ramping a car into protesters – killing a 34-year-old Jew woman protester. James’ mother told police that his son was influenced by his black friends.

    If that was not enough, two state troopers were also killed when their helicopter, which had been assisting with the police response to the rally, crashed outside the city later in the day.

    The rally was held in response to city’s plan to remove a statue of Confederate Gen. Robert E. Lee from a park in Charlottesville. Lee is considered a Jewish hero for fighting to save the African slavery in America (watch video below). Nearly 10,000 Jews fought under his command.

    Sadly, these events didn’t make Jewish media as happy as the Muslim who ramped his BMW into a group of French soldiers in the suburb of Levallois-Perret in Paris earlier this week, wounding six solciers. The group belonged to the 7,000 French soldiers assigned to protect Jewish institutions from terrorists – mostly False flag operations to demonize Muslims.

    Virginia state governor Terry McAuliffe, a Democrat and Israel-First who was against the White nationalist rally, has declared a state of emergency. McAuliffe’s Republican opponent Ken Cuccinelli called him, A Jew from New York (reported by Washington Post, November 2, 2013.

    Donald Trump who won the presidency mainly from White nationalists’ support – condemned the violence via tweet: “We all must be united and condemn all that hate stands for. There is no place for this kind of violence in America. Lets come together as one!”

    In response, Trump supporter David Duke in a few tweet messages questioned why the president is attacking White Americans who put him in the presidency.


    • Rehmat1, although I’m personally disgusted by it, I’ve just approved your [typically?] anti-Semitic comment for posting (everything with a link in it needs to be approved).

      The fact that we don’t practice censorship here at OffGuardian doesn’t mean we won’t call people out on anti-Semitism and other forms of racism, including what’s so quaintly called Russophobia these days.

      • rehmat1 says

        If every pro-Israel idiot is free to call every terrorist a Muslim – why it’s OFFENSIVE to name anti-Trump protester by his/her faith?

        There are 10-times more SEMITE people among Muslims and Christians than Jews. So why it’s ANTISEMITE only to expose Israeli or Jewish crimes?

        • Rehmat,

          Between you and the Zionists and the fascists you decry, there is very little by which to differentiate. All of you subscribe to a myth of collective identity that does not bear much scrutiny.

          There are roughly 1 billion so called Muslims in the world living in far flung regions and under vastly different cultural, political, economic and geographical conditions. Are all of these Muslims one and the same?

          What about all of the Muslims who practice in the same Mosque? Are they all the same? Are there not difference of opinions? On matters of religion or theology? what about on matters of politics? On issues of sexuality or equality between the genders? Are all Muslims intolerant about exactly the same things? Are they all ideological clones of one another, or does each Muslim person have a personality of his or her own? Are not some Muslims tolerant while others are extremist in their views? Are some Muslims racists and others not? Are all Muslims anti-capitalist? Are they all anti-communists? Are all Muslims white? Are there differences between Asian Muslims and Middle Eastern Muslims? Are all Muslims in the Middle East the same? And if all Muslims are as different from one another as alike, doesn’t that mean that they are like everyone else: just plain old human beings, neither better nor worse, subject to the same delusions and prejudices, and capable of rising to the same intellectual and moral heights as anyone else, making the same correct and erroneous judgments as well as committing the same acts of kindness or cruelty?

          If there are essential similarities as well as essential and irreconcilable differences between people who call themselves Muslims, what makes you think that the same is not true of other so called “groups?”

    • flybow says

      My experience of the “right” was a asian family in a council flat in islington, petrol bombed front and back Simultaneously. So with no respect at all i hope it happens to you.

  12. betrayedplanet says

    Systemic corruption in every single aspect of our lives is leaving the West floundering in a morass of bigotry, racism, extreme greed and ultimately an unwinnable war waged purely for Corporate profit and the construction of a NWO thereafter, if we are not all obliterated by nuclear war first.
    That it has come to this is a tragic indictment on humanity, we in the West have benefited from hundreds of years of imperialism, destroying large swathes of 3rd world countries to enrich the psychotically greedy elites who have dominated for centuries culminating now in a crisis of biblical proportions as empires fall and populations wait in vain for some form of leadership that will put their interests first. That will not happen, Western government have now gone beyond the point of no return, headed up by the likes of Trump, May and Macron whose only loyalty is to the Corporate state that fund them in a life beyond luxury, corrupted to its very core.
    On top of the multiple crisis we face with NK, Syria, China, Yemen, US white supremacy to name just a few we are also on target to blast through the 2degree rise in global temperatures very soon with many esteemed climate scientists stating that we have passed 1.5 degrees recently and that we are now in runaway global warming with not too much time left, some say 10 to 15 yrs.


    And yet the compliant corrupted media say and do nothing, nothing at all apart from trying to manipulate press freedom and take down the truth tellers, the few who have some sense of duty,courage and integrity.
    Integrity used to be seen as a noble and good attribute, now it is sneered at by the likes of the nature annihilating Trump and May in the UK.
    What to do? I have tried in vain to raise awareness along with a handful of people in Bristol up until 3 yrs ago when I became ill directly from the stress of the constant uphill battle. I subsequently moved to Wales where I grow veg, paint and look after my dogs. Resigned now to the ultimate destruction coming our way unless Western populations begin a very real fightback against the deadly consensus we are labouring under. Peaceful revolution involving many millions is the only way to obtain a modicum of sanity, to turn the tide of fascism, general strikes, refusal to cooperate with our corrupted governments and an insistence that change is brought about both for our ailing planet and a monetary system that only works for criminal elite.

  13. Husq says

    Straight from the horses mouth:

    “In most cases, these six objectives are a synthesis or adaptation of past, current, and projected U.S. defense policy.6 There has been, after all, remarkable consistency in U.S. policy since the fall of the Soviet Union, regardless of which political party occupied the White House.”

    At Our Own Peril: DoD Risk Assessment in a Post-Primacy World


  14. This is yet another false-flag hoax. Please, please, please wake up. It’s just part of the old Roman Divide and Conquer, Problem/Reaction/Solution, fomenting of disharmony for greater control techniques that we’re being bombarded with of late.

    From the very scary Weapons of Mass Surveillance (2017) by Nawal al-Mughafi
    “The more terrorist incidents there are, the more people will start to see the benefits of favouring security over privacy.”
    – Major-General Jonathan Shaw

    “In individuals, insanity is rare; but in groups, parties, nations, and epochs it is the rule.”
    – Friedrich Nietzsche

    “Terrorism is the best political weapon for nothing drives people harder than a fear of sudden death”.
    – Adolph Hitler

    “Why of course the people don’t want war … But after all it is the leaders of the country who determine the policy, and it is always a simple matter to drag the people along, whether it is a democracy, or a fascist dictatorship, or a parliament, or a communist dictatorship … Voice or no voice, the people can always be brought to the bidding of the leaders. That is easy. All you have to do is to tell them they are being attacked, and denounce the pacifists for lack of patriotism and exposing the country to danger. It works the same in any country.”
    – Hermann Goering, Nazi leader.

    “The easiest way to gain control of a population is to carry out acts of terror. [The public] will clamor for such laws if their personal security is threatened”.
    – Josef Stalin

    You know what though? According to staged event analyst, Ole Dammegard, the power elite justify what they do by TELLING us what they’re up to and if we don’t pick up on it, it’s our own fault.

    Also, according to analysts, there’s a huge amount of symbology and numerology in these events: 11, 22 and 33 are among the significant numbers. Supposedly, events on the 11th are the really massive events while events on 22nd are lesser events.

    Norway – 22/7/2011
    Lee Rigby – 22/5/2013
    Peshawar – 22/9/2013
    Brussels – 22/3/2016
    Munich – ­22/7/16
    Westminster – 22/3/2017
    Manchester – 22/5/2017 22yo Abedi / 22 dead / 119 injured / Time 22:33

    What are the odds?
    The number plates of mother and rampaging son at Charlottesville are GVF 1122 , GVF 1111
    GVF – Satellite. Solutions. The World. https://gvf.org/

    You can see my website for more information http://occamsrazorterrorevents.weebly.com/

  15. Dead World Walking says

    Reagan, Clinton, Bush, Shrub, Obama, Trump and Thatcher, all symptoms of the disease.
    The disease is capitalism.
    And it’s gonna kill billions.

    • Only among people who are silly enough to let “bad language” (or their possible petite Racism) distract them… but any excuse will do, eh?

      • Christopher Barclay says

        I like how you got that little insult in using brackets! Man, you must be brave.

        it’s not racist to object to ‘bad language’. It would be racist to object to ‘bad language’ from one racial group but not another.

        I know what you are going to say: ‘Whitey be crampin the brother’s stride’. So let’s get straight to the point. Tell me how much ‘bad language’ a brother ought to use so that you don’t consider him a sell-out coon.

        • “‘Whitey be crampin the brother’s stride’.”

          A) I’ve never spoken a sentence like that in my life. Is that how you talk when indulging in your Racist Sexual Fantasies?

          B) Learn to process information efficiently, regardless of its packaging, and you’ll probably see a slight rise in your Intelligence as a result… maybe even, eventually, out of the dank sinkhole of your moronic Racism. On the other hand, I imagine that you prefer the camaraderie of the sinkhole.

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