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Video: Sorting through the JFK file dump

The Corbett Report interviews the Blind JFK Researcher about the massive data dump of JFK-related documents recently released from government archives


  1. I used to believe it was some public spirited individual who checked JFK’s mad career (Cuba, Vietnam, the Moondoggle) by putting a bullet into his so called brain; but now it seems to have been a conspiracy by the usual suspects. Apparently Kennedy was intending to put an end to Fiat Money by returning to the Silver Dollar: a notoriously rash and foolhardy move for the president of any country eg, the painful fate of President Ghadaffy. (By the way, where is the gold deposited which NATZO lifted from the Libyan bank, which used to back the Libyan currency?)

    • as far as i am aware there is zero evidence for the meme that JFK wanted to put an end to fiat currency

      • Big B says

        Admin: I don’t know about zero. It depends on the interpretation of Executive Order 11110. By issuing silver “certificates” against bullion held in the Treasury: did JFK intend to create a limited form of debt free currency? Was this intended to start a process of taking the power of money creation from the Fed: or did it in fact (as others have argued) enhance the power of the Fed? The “internet meme” – that he was going to issue modern ‘greenbacks’ and shut down the Fed – is indeed wildly exaggerated – but it doesn’t appear to be baseless, or without a kernel of fact.

    • Matt says

      “Apparently Kennedy was intending to put an end to Fiat Money by returning to the Silver Dollar”

      For being a so-called accomplished “author” and “engineer”, you seem to easily believe fake news. A consequence, perhaps, of your age and loss of mental faculties, common to those retired elderly people who spend all their time visiting conspiracy-theory-laden websites.

      There is simply no evidence for this at all, and has been debunked more times than I can count. Kennedy called for and signed legislation phasing out Silver Certificates in favor of Federal Reserve Notes, thereby enhancing the power of the Federal Reserve. Hardly someone who wanted to “reign in” the Federal Reserve and fiat currency. Executive Order 11110 was a technicality that only delegated existing presidential powers to the Secretary of the Treasury for administrative convenience during a period of transition.



      Economic illiterates, who have zero knowledge about economic history of economics, will not understand the above link. It’s why they believe wild conspiracy theories.

      Regarding Libya, and the organization known as NATO (which you call by another name due to your reliance on partisan pro-Kremlin nationalist websites): the Gold conspiracy theory arises from the fact that a paid family friend of HRC’s sent her an email claiming that one of the many reasons why the French wanted to overthrow Gaddafi was because of his plan to make a Gold-backed currency. So, first of all, it has nothing to do with the U.S. dollar, but rather, the franc currency. Not only that, but this was literally a email sent by a guy who had no more access to classified intelligence than any of us. It was mere speculation. And the conspiracy theorists misinterpreted it, being the irrational people that they are.

      • @Matt. Thank you for that link which, as you say, clearly puts JFK on the side of strengthening the Fed and against the side of backing the $ with silver:
        “To conserve the Treasury’s silver needs, the Silver Purchase Act and related measures were repealed by Congress in 1963 with Public Law 88-36. …. The law, signed by Kennedy himself, also permits the Federal Reserve to issue small denomination bills to replace the outgoing silver certificates …. The repeal left only the President with the authority to issue silver certificates, however it did permit him to delegate this authority. E.O. 11,110 does this by transferring the authority from the President to the Treasury Secretary….. The purpose of the order was to facilitate the reduction of [silver backed] certificates in circulation, not to increase them.”

        So I apologize for propagating the myth that Kennedy might have been assassinated by a conspiracy of financiers; on the contrary, EO 11,110 helped in its tiny way (<=$3G) to create a little more fiat money. A pity.

    • you says

      “N.G. Maroudas was born in South Africa in 1934. He met his wife Alice, a Polish holocaust survivor, on a Chemical Engineering course at Witwaterstrand University. They settled in London, had three children, obtained PhDs and entered careers in Biomedical Engineering. He is now retired and lives in Israel.”

      Above is a description of “vexarb” – a Zionist. The Zionists killed Kennedy

  2. Who cares whether Kennedy was killed by the CIA? I’m working on a post about his crimes against Vietnam and Cuba. He was no martyr.

    • “Who cares whether Kennedy was killed by the CIA?”

      Mainstream confirmation that official agencies within US Gov engineered or, at the very least, colluded with subsidiaries (aka organized crime) in the assassination of a POTUS, is the hammer we need to smash the glass bubble of the widespread American fantasy that US Gov are “The Good Guys”. Once the bubble is smashed, all the other fantasies will go with it… especially since JFK/CIA leads directly to GHW Bush and Nixon… who leads to Cheney/Rumsfeld/ Kissinger and back to The Bushes, again. LHO as the “lone gunman” is the cornerstone of the postWar American Delusion Structure. If that goes, it all comes down So: yeah. Important .

      • Gordon Groves says

        Well said. Smashing the illusions is always important. Kennedy may have been one mean son of a bitch who served the ruling class , but the fact that the ruling class murdered him in public sends the message that “we are in control, do not attempt to change the channel”. And democracy is an empty shell and don’t you forget it.

      • Big B says

        Steve: that’s beautiful (again). I was going to write something similar, but you nailed it. Kudos.

      • Harry Stotle says

        I lost hope after 9/11 – a barbarous event hidden in plain sight.

        A phony investigation orchestrated by those implicated in the attack, then cod-science to rationalise the so-called findings of neocon appointed experts – all the while the MSM was doing its job tarring those who highlighted the endless nonsense passed off as the official narrative.

        Bumping off presidents is more or less par for the course in US political life but taking out whole cities is a new level of outrage – if the public can’t see this then there is not much chance the lies told about the Kennedy shooting will make much difference.

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