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VIDEO: Why is Reporters Without Borders trying to cancel panel on White Helmets?

“A press freedom watchdog, Reporters Without Borders, has asked the Swiss Press Club to cancel a panel discussion on the ‘true agenda’ of the controversial White Helmets group.”

The Western media can’t admit they were wrong in their portrayal of the White Helmets, Guy Mettan, head of the Swiss Press Club, told RT, explaining why Reporters Without Borders demanded to cancel the club’s press conference featuring critics of the controversial Syrian group.


  1. DeondraeD says

    It’s obvious that anything to do with the U.S. Government and it’s Western allies that they have an agenda to benefit a handful of wealthy crooks, Jesuits from the Vatican, some Jew bankers, and a few super-trillionaire families and individuals. The rest of the people on the planet are oppressed, impoverished, and murdered by their actions, by design. They are a cancerous-heinous-blight on humanity and should be violently destroyed by guerilla tactics by the peoples in every country in the world.

  2. BigB says

    Checkout Vanessa Beeley on todays UK Column talking about the fallout from this conference …which is essentially the government, BBC, and the Graun, concocting a limited hangout that money was diverted from the Free Syria Police to the Nour al-Din al-Zenki child headchoppers. If you have the stomach, watch Panorama tonight.

  3. Sav says

    There are too many of these organisations that use all the good sounding buzzwords of freedom, democracy etc but when it comes to the crunch all they do is barely scratch establishment. Great on marketing themselves as neutral. Why they make such great shills.

  4. Michael McNulty says

    No wannabe-dictatorship like the US can really call itself totalitarian until it has infiltrated and taken total control of all international institutions which used to be free of government control. There are many instances where these institutions lost their neutrality to become overtly political and contaminated with western (US) poison.

    The World Cup trying to screw-over Russia; same with the Olympic Committee (and the Tennis Association banning Anna Kournikova on drugs charges); the Nobel Prize almost awarded to the White Helmets while Hollywood gave them an Oscar; Amnesty International – screwed!; in the Afghanistan invasion Dick Cheney expected the Red Cross to ferry arms in its ambulances. These are just a few examples among many.

    • DeondraeD says

      But, by merely pointing out what is factual, whining about it, marching about it, protesting about it, voting(unless from the rooftops), blogging about it, and much more, is doing absolutely nothing about it that will stop it, prevent it, eradicate it. Until citizens of the world form into guerilla armies, and using counterinsurgency tactics, institute violent revolution to end this tyranny, nothing is being done but engaging in suicide by government!

  5. There is an old Yorkshire phrase, “it boils my piss”, that accurately sums up my visceral reaction to Reporters Without Borders effort to stop Vanessa Beeley and others speaking in Switzerland. I have to confess I have donated to RWB and in the case of Amnesty International did so for decades. To see such organisations infiltrated and usurped by the deep state is such a scandal and such an enraging abuse of ordinary well intentioned people like me. I think it is incumbent on us all now to shine a bright light, to use every opportunity possible to spread this important information as far and wide as we can.

    • Note both organisations that were happy enough to take my money are not willing to have my criticisms voiced on their chat hosts.

    • DeondraeD says

      But, you can organize with others to violently end this ‘deep state’, instead of merely getting mad. Find out where the children of their police live and put icepicks in their heads. Covertly kill members of their armed forces personnel and/or their loved one’s if they are deployed in another country oppressing, impoverishing, murdering civilians. Do something that will make a difference, or continue to engage in suicide by government.

      • If you’re not a troll deliberately trying to make this site look like it endorses violence against children – please cut out this juvenile rubbish about ice picks and the like. If you just like to fantasise about such things – please keep the fantasies to yourself.

    • archie1954 says

      I think this article is being much too lenient with the press core without borders . It may actually be possible that they are complicit in fake news to assist in terrorism! Anything is possible today.

  6. bevin says

    Counterpunch has an interesting piece today on this subject (NOT climate change!)
    “… In short, the inside story of Google’s seed-funding and founding by the CIA and NSA breaks into the open — but not a single English-language newspaper wants to cover or even acknowledge the story. Yet what could be bigger news, than one of the world’s biggest ‘news-facilitators’ being so closely aligned with the US intelligence community at birth?
    “The lack of interest is not the result of a conspiracy. It’s the predictable outcome of the fact that the global media industrial complex represents a highly centralized institutional structure that perpetuates a culture of slavish obedience to power.
    “The global media industrial complex largely obscures important knowledge about the very structure and nature of power. That’s why this is probably the first time you’ve seen direct evidence that the most powerful media owner in the world, Google, was conceived with the support of the US intelligence community….”

    • Big B says

      So Daesh-AQ-ISIS and the White Helmets can recruit and propagandise online – but we are to be restricted in our choice of information flows? Because we have proved that we cannot be trusted to think for ourselves – according to Eric Schmidt? There is something very wrong with that. That is the elite intellectualist hubris of the ruling minority – that we are the “ignorant and meddlesome outsiders” [Lipmann – I think!!!]

      When the autocratic designs of the state monopolist capitalists; media monopolists; corporate monopolists; financial monopolists and militarist sectors align to form a coherent oligopoly of power …and the separation of the powers of the executive, legislative, and judiciary erode and also align with the Fourth Estate – the propagandist media – is it time to restore the much overused ‘F-word’ to its original meaning???

      I studied history to be able to recognise the 1920s and 30s: should they repeat. No repetition: but my God! …are things beginning to rhyme!

  7. Very few refute the evidence of climate change, the only dissent seems to be on how it was caused, man made or a natural cyclical change. Unfortunately, denialists and the CC community seem to be fighting each other with reductive arguments that lead nowhere and insult, while those who profit on both sides of the argument are loving it – because it serves as a useful distraction from their activities.

    • If it were part of a natural cyclical change, it wouldn’t be happening so damn fast. Previously, such temperature changes took millenia, not a handful of decades.

          • I would not phrase it so abruptly as Le Ruscino however he/she is absolutely correct. The biggest changes do tend to happen very quickly.

              • As I have already said once, the discussion of climate change is not related to this article. We have provided an open forum specifically for general and off topic discussion. Please take this discussion over to there.

                Be warned – I am going to remove any further comments on this subject from this thread.

    • Mathiasalexander says

      “Man made or natural” both these things can happen at the same time, so if there is a reasonable case for both of them then that’s a reasonable case for both of them happening at the same time.

  8. Reblogged this on Worldtruth and commented:

    It would be far better to cancel Reporters Without Borders as a total biased pro western agency trying to silence truth and are therefore, only a watchdog trying to silence truth.

  9. We in Switzerland, and especially in Geneva (where I live), are very proud of Guy Mettan for having taken that position.

  10. Is Reporters without Borders by any chance associated with Medecins sans Frontiers which is associated with Soros who funds White Helmets?

  11. Big B says

    This is really important: and Vannessa Beeley talked in depth about it on yesterday’s UK Column news (Thursday 30th November) – and she should know: she was one of the main speakers. Guy Mettan deserves a medal! Also, NATO StratCom is specifically targeting Global Research – and we know the traffic to ‘left-leaning’ sites (such as WWSW – and this site?) have had their traffic decimated by Google algorithms. So when Treason May says that she will divert money from the military toward cyber-defence – we know who she is defending …the right for the asset and capital owning class to make their strategic decisions in private? And we know who she is targeting as ‘domestic terrorist’ dissenters – you and me. This is not about the Russians (though that is the cover story): this is a covert class action directed at us.

    And it is international: led by the giant tech monoplolists – in collusion with the Trump regime (isn’t that a form of Democrat-Republican alliance?) There is talk of alternative platforms, Presscoin, even an alternative internet. But no one has the money to fund a parallel infrastructure (wouldn’t that just be captured over time – even if it is built on blockchain technology?) – not even Kim Dotcom! Any attempt to piggy-back off the available infrastructure can still be controlled (by limiting the bandwidth?) And can’t Nafeez Ahmed’s Presscoin be similarly marginalised? (And I’m not sure that I can get behind a platform that from the outset says it may “incentivise” some and “disincentivise” other streams?) We are in a war against the freedom of speech; liberty of expression; and the last remaining vestiges of democracy – and it ain’t being led by the Russians!!! Our enemies are closer to home. Can any technophile please explain to me how we fight back???

    • bevin says

      Agreed. This is very important. Obviously the ruling class is desperately worried that it is losing control, ideologically. It wants the status quo ante internet restored. And, as the incident, in which a Bernie Sanders supporter refused to appear on a panel with an RT supporter, shows, the entire political caste shares the view that the internet, as open forum, must die.
      Among the beneficiaries will be the Guardian and other print media which are currently withering away in embarrassment as the fact checkers of democracy call them to account. The internet has revealed the nakedness of the punditry, exposed its members as merely pompous, not particularly well informed, conventional and conformist, not very clever or thoughtful, and, above all, committed to the system that owns them and employs them as gatekeepers and slave drivers.
      If the internet crumbles away into a mere casino with a virtual brothel attached, as it will when WSWS starts taking an age to load and emails are redacted for national security reasons, we will be back where we came in with Murdoch, the Guardian Trust/Israeli Embassy Gazette and Blairites back in charge and Alistair Campbell writing the news. And no comments below the line: it will be victory for the moderaters and the moderates, and bring us one step closer to extinction.

      • BigB says

        Bevin: good points – I think the ruling class have already lost ideological control …it’s just that the viable alternative has not quite tipped the balance. The rise of Sanders and Corbyn have put socialism back on the map. As Richard Wolff attests to: reinvigorating socialism in America is no mean feat. To you and I, he’s not even a socialist – but the potential in the grassroots movement (both sides of the Atlantic) is real. It just needs to be actuated.

        Similarly, I don’t think the Guardian will be ‘rehabilitated’ any time soon? None of the readers of this site will be going back to them: much less if they put up a paywall. They have been exposed – once and for all.

        If I were to look for a future silver lining: attempts at autocratic censorship tend to lead to underground solidarity movements (these can be infiltrated and controlled too, I know – as with Soros and USAid in Poland). But if the internet became obviously subverted: perhaps it would force people back into face to face contact. The downside of the net is that community and solidarity now are only virtual?

        • Sanders rolled over without a fight and Corbyn has been nearly silent on every substantive issue for months. Both are career players in a rigged game and neither have demonstrated unequivocally, by talking publicly about the rigged game and how it works, that they are really there for the right reasons. I have seen nothing from either that proves they are not controlled opposition.

          • BigB says

            I’m inclined to agree: but that’s not what I was getting at. To even make socialism (particularly in America) a talking point again is an achievement: especially after decades of McCarthyism and neoliberal TINA. Now that what I refer to as “socialism “: in this instance is in fact a mild amelioration of neoliberal capitalism – is not the point. It is that the grassroots movements at least have the potential of self-actuation and pushing for some meaningful change. No thought that there is any alternative to neoliberal capitalism has been “allowed” for 30 years. Of course, the debate carried on underground and in private: as capitalism becomes ever more destructive and alienating – that debate is set to ignite and inflame?

            • Hope and change. We’re they not the slogans of the grassroots movements that were born and swelled with heady optimism for Obama’s first election? As with Trump a section of ordinary communities get energised believing they have a champion. However the reality is that the leaders are all actors in the big game and their hollow promises disappear like smoke on the wind.

              • Big B says

                Who said anything about leaders? And who said anything about upholding the current (corrupt and captured) power structure? If there is no natural leader to a movement: designating or isolating one is a tool of power and control. Is it not class action and solidarity that is the driver for socio-political and economic change? “Freedom is never voluntarily given by the oppressor; it must be demanded by the oppressed.” MLK.

                • My point is all grass roots upwellings of people power these past years have withered on the root. My personal opinion is that people soon realise that the absolute power of the the ruling class is indeed absolute. With such a realisation people have two choices and with children to feed and homes to pay for 99.999% chose to simmer in quiet discontent. The only possibly effective antidote to the status quo is a kind of revolutionary struggle made near impossible to organise in our surveillance societies. So the choice of revolutionary struggle means going it alone and upon your inevitable death being recognised only as loony with an insane and jaundiced worldview.
                  Unfortunately just looking at view counts on alternative news sites it is apparent that one or two percent of the population, and thats generous, care enough to seek out alternative sources of information. If 99.999% of them are unwilling to engage in revolutionary actions then there is no hope of effecting change within.
                  Unfortunately the only hope we have is a military union of China and Russia with the requisite funding to counter NATO but there too peril waits.
                  At this time there is so little room for movement and while I actively praise and support Vanessa Beeley the fact that such sincere and just reportage that she reports is attacked by once champions of freedom of speech shows just how deep into the mire we are. Given the technological and social media weapons are being refined against us and ours are systematically taken down I have close to no hope.

                    • Mister Corbett is indeed optimistic but I doubt it is on the back of any isolated study published in Science. I am more inclined to think it the heady joy of becoming a Bitcoin millionaire, which he most assuredly is. The 27k views actually illustrates my point considering Corbett is one of the more popular conspiracy (said without prejudice), news outlets.
                      It is true a little pebble can cause big ripples. However this requires still waters. In the stormy ocean of manufactured chaos and tension little pebbles sink to the bottom with hardly a splash.

                    • BigB says

                      I can only disagree on the principle that we can’t succumb to hoplessness. But I fear you may be right in the short term – there are too few of “us”. If you watch any other of Corbett’s vids – you’ll know that what is potentially coming is a technocracy of a linked node panopticon …where the internet has been recuperated into the service of Power …and even your kettle is capable of spying on you!

                      But there is solid and scientific evidence that time and resources are running out on capitalism. We could probably ease our transition to a future post-carbon post-capitalist society – but it very much looks like we are not going to. My futurist perspective is from the late 21st century looking back (hopefully not over a nuclear desert!!!) Maybe we can do nothing now: but perhaps we can learn our lessons then? And evolve???

                    • I agree that we face an uncertain future in which the elites will no longer rely on human resources to do their bidding. Fully automated artificial intelligence is already available in the arsenal of NATO. As we speak thousands of units of mini drones that can be deployed individually or in swarms that fully autonomously seek out and kill designated individuals roll off the production line. We have seen the precedent of thought crimes prosecuted in the courts with ridiculous convictions that would have caused outrage 20 years ago become normal and acceptable to the wider public. Extra-judicial murder by drone is not condemned but celebrated by msn and heartily agreed with in staff canteens up and down the land.
                      The time to act is likely passed in my opinion. The iron grip of msm over the average psyche is unrelinquishing and all pervasive. People would rather focus on another cake or a bunch of idiots dancing like marrionettes or if they feel themselves highbrow watch some colourful fish that is doomed to extinction as Attenburgh drones on and on and on.
                      Given such facts I have lost hope. The revolution missed the boat.

    • Really good points. I was first introduced to Nafeez via a book he contributed to, namely “The Secure And The Dispossed.” I have since discovered the disturbing fact that the Transnation Institute which the editors are associated with are partly Open Society funded. And in reading Nafeez’s articles, I came across his astonishing assertion that there’s been peace in Europe for (something like) 70 years! I kid you not. After Yugoslavia! Michael Parenti has some things to say about that, as does Noam Chomsky who wrote an entire book about that catastrophe. When I pointed all of this out, Nafeez just ignored me. What’s new?

      Presscoin was too hard for me to follow. Sure, Nafeez, you’re going to bring democracy home. I don’t think so, for reasons Big B outlines and just because Nafeez is too shiny and fancy and not solid enough, in my opinion. His work is not bad, but obviously, there’s some issues here.

      “Any attempt to piggy-back off the available infrastructure can still be controlled (by limiting the bandwidth?” Or in any manner. The police state, remember, is lawless. Look at what they’re doing to Venezuela. They’ve all but appropriated (stolen) Citgo, claiming that Venezuela owes money while the financial system is preventing Venezuela from receiving (Euroclear and Trump’s sanctions and in other ways) its profits.

      • BigB says

        I follow Nafeez for the quality of his research: inferences and conclusions – I draw my own. What I will commend him for is his “crisis of civilization” work . He’s the only journalist I know drawing together resource depletion, climate change, terrorism, etc. to form a cohesive picture. He does seem to have a few blind spots though: the ”peace” in Europe you mentioned – and he’s got it totally wrong about President Assad and the Syrian “civil war”. I’d have to fully understand the process by which he intends to incentivise and deincentivise his Presscoin blockchain to make a final judgement. On the surface it sounds like a mirror of what we are trying to avoid?

        • All the other authors contributing to “The Secure And The Dispossessed” draw the same conclusions as Nafeez. Naomi Klein does as well. Christian Parenti, a contributor to the above book, wrote “Tropic of Chaos: Climate Change and the New Geography of Violence,” dealing with all of this. Many, many more authors are pointing out all of these things. I did myself on Rabble, utilizing sources doing good research. (See here: Susan MacVittie, an associate editor at the time for Watershed Sentinel, saw my post on Rabble and asked me whether her journal could publish it. I said sure. Someone there later got cold feet and came up with excuses not to. They cut my word allowance to next to nothing, printed something by me which was identified only as a reader’s view and managed to get it wrong to boot, which I blogged about.

          • BigB says

            Arrby: I read your blog …what can I say other than that there is a moratorium on structural information – that might challenge “authority” – getting out. At least you tried!

            • I don’t know what to make of that comment. And yes, I try. I can only point out, as I do often, that I don’t put myself in the category of professional blogger. Which doesn’t mean I’m unprofessional. I keep it classy because I choose to.

              • BigB says

                It was meant as a supportive compliment! We need some way of conveying the tone of voice and body language the internet denies us?

  12. Paul Carline says

    Praise for Monsieur Mettan – obviously a man of principle. Shame on Reporters Without Borders for being complicit in this “White Helmets” scam. It’s precisely this kind of issue or event that reveals people’s true colours. Some of the big names – Amnesty, Greenpeace among them – have been shown to be far from absolutely committed to the truth, or even complicit in the corporate/ imperialist agenda (Greenpeace, for instance, fully supporting the ‘climate change’ myth).

      • Richard Wicks says

        Not to waste a lot of time on this subject, but you can easily see historical temperatures at and see how temperature has been changing over the course of many decades. No point in giving an opinion, just look it up and see for yourself what is going on.

        • I noticed and observed it myself beginning about 40 years ago, both in Switzerland and in Sweden. Winters getting progressively shorter and milder, spring flowers budding earlier and earlier and even budding in January. I’ve been on that “case” for four decades now. I also have a friend who is a paleoclimatologist with whom I have had lengthy conversations on that subject.

        • Part of my observations has been the diminishing snowfall where I live. In the past, over 40 years ago, we’d get plentyful snowfall every winter. That has dwindled to the point of there being hardly any at all for the past 15+ years – barely one or two snowfalls of no more than 5 cm that didn’t last more than a day or two.

          • bevin says

            The same is said by those who have lived in central Ontario for decades. Yesterday it was 15 degrees C. No frost is predicted until an anticipated minus 1 next Wednesday night.

          • In 1988 I carried out a biological survey of a piece of randomly chosen hillside in East Central Scotland. 35 years later I returned to the same spot and surveyed it again. Despite no changes in land management the survey area had completely changed it’s species from drought tolerant grasses to mosses and rushes. This satisfies a key prediction of how a warming climate would effect Scotland.
            A single anecdote does not a theory make but the truth is if you talk to biologists the world over, with the exception of a tiny percentage who jump through hoops to create dubious causation, this change is noticed everywhere.
            Unfortunately big oil is considerably invested in creating doubt and has done so cleverly targeting on many fronts a campaign of disinformation specifically designed to be palatable to those that are drawn to alternative narratives. It leaves such victims of the disinformation thinking that it is all just a scam to levy more taxes for corrupt governments. Though it is true that it is being used to that end climate change is real, always has been and always will be. The accelerated fossil fuel driven warming we see now however is dangerous to many millions of people who are already dying or suffering from it’s consequences. That the people who swallow the climate change denialist bile can’t at least see that is a perfect example of how even the most ardent truth seekers are not immune to cognitive dissonance.

    • David Penn says

      Paul, are you saying “climate change” is a myth? If so, remember, there’s no evidence for that, but overwhelming evidence for climate change.

      • There is an open thread for discussions of subjects not covered in articles – consider taking any debate about climate change there

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