Documentary: Ukraine on Fire (2016)

The original English language version of the 2016 documentary Ukraine on Fire, covering the 2014 coup d’etat, which was all but denied exposure on its release, is now available for viewing in some regions. For those who still can’t access it, there is currently a version on Youtube which you can watch below, but we encourage everyone who can do so to purchase a legitimate copy in support of the filmmakers

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The blog post I’m working on now centers around this vid. It was linked to on “The New Cold War.” Then the vid was shown as pulled, with no comments from the site’s managers about it. I went to Oliver Stone’s own website where typing “Ukraine” into the search field didn’t yield any returns, surprisingly. But I finally noticed somewhere a reference to purchasing the DVD, which I did once I found the relevant website, separate from Stone’s (http://ukraineonfire.com/). I found a YouTube version as well and downloaded it. Get into the habit of downloading seriously anti-establishment vids like this, would be my suggestion. (Censorship is increasingly at an alarming rate. Gibiru, the search engine I was using, tonight was dead. There are zero returns. There’s just a gap between the search field and Gibiru’s ‘about’ below it.) All of my YouTube downloads are placed in the “unlisted” category. I have no idea whether that’s much protection, but one does what one can.


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From what I think I know,’Ukraine on Fire’ is an accurate & succinct account. Stone really is a hero.
If you have not seen it go to ‘Roses Have Thorns (Part 1)’ on YouTube – a wonderful collection of phone vids interlaced with TV footage, assembled by an Australian (I think) company. There are 18 Parts (about 20 hours) to the series but Part 1 is absolutely essential, then if your really short of time watch just Part 3.

kevin morris
kevin morris

I remember the Grauniad running a feature on women who were members of of far right organisations in the Ukraine. One of the photographs showed a young woman in front of a very run down small van. The insignia on the van door was of the notorious SS Dirlewanger Brigade, whose barbarous rampage of killing whilst helping put down the Warsaw Uprising in 1944 so shocked hardened Waffen SS officers that it was insisted that Berlin remove them from the theatre. Dirlewanger had a conviction for statutary rape of a fourteen year old girl, but was later given SS rank and allowed to put together a group of imprisoned poachers in order to track down partisans in the Soviet Union.
The name of Dirlewanger is synonymous with wanton, sadistically cruel sexual behaviour, and apart from Ukrainian ultra nationalists mentioned in the film, these are the sort of figures that instigators of the coup in Kiev look up to. That the Grauniad made no reference whatsover to this background and instead tried to project a ‘sexy’ image onto these young women horrified me.

kevin morris
kevin morris

Yes and that’s the photograph I mentioned. Reference to 1488 but total obliviousness about the significance of the crossed grenades. Far right is bad enough but the celebration of wanton, often sexual violence is sickening. Dirlewanger is celebrated, not just in the Ukraine but throughout much of Europe amongst far right groups.

Barbara Mullin

While watching this film, the screen suddenly went blank and I was unable to complete the watch. I believe I saw almost the whole thing up to what happened in Crimea. Will try again. I have been a follower of Robert Parry and Corsortium news for some time.


Try watching it on YouTube directly, I was able to see it fully: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SAaMRAplJks

Barbara Mullin

Yes, I did so. Wonderful film especially for me a Delawarean to see the Joe Biden connection. Son Hunter Biden later got an energy job in Ukraine.


Could have been a problem with your own setup (computer or internet connection). I was able to watch the whole film via the OffG link.


A brilliant documentary well worth watching. Pacey intelligent and cuts straight to the chase exposing the WMSM’s shifting reportage and the myths they developed. What struck me is that there is so much in the film and when reminded of all the history of the events you realise the great lengths the security services have gone to to cover up the truth.

Brian Steere

Fascism is one face of subjection under loveless (blind) power (addiction).
The ploy to cast this onto Nazi Germany – as if to then set the other faces in a different light is a narrative by which to persist the same agenda under ‘righteous’ faces. The post WW2 ‘world Order’.
No ‘apology’ here from me for National Socialism. Nor for the ‘Internationalism’ of a wielded anti-national global dominance. Polarised opposition works the denial of the ‘middle way’. Unbalance is its ‘lifeblood’. Unsanity, works a narrative-control under which anything true feels dissonant and hateful.
The ‘victors’ of WW1- 2 are those who funded them. War is the means of power transfer to debt slavery. Law of contract underlies the capture of the laws of any nation. War finds welcome in the wish or belief that an ‘answer’ can be forced upon life, others, and that the subjection to such forces can be escaped personally, and wielded as personal power. Temptation by power is a false self-inflation running in terms that work through the blind spot of the would-be manipulator.
So much of what is required to ‘control’ humanity, is to encourage and inflame its vices. We take powerlessness unto ourself in seeking fantasy fulfillments , and live this out in the triangle of perpetration, victimhood and saviour.
Do these facets of power-struggle serve a necessary role towards recognising life, ourselves and each other from an expanded perspective? Perhaps everything serves only the purpose we give it and accept as true in ourself.
One man’s faction is another man’s fiction. If something ‘should be sacred’ then it implicitly isn’t! Or would it require force, persuasion or guile to seem so?
To make ‘special’ is human worth-shipping of symbolic facets of the forms of life – in place of life itself. An exclusion zone that makes life a stranger, an alien, a threat, a scapegoat, a sacrifice, an evaporation.


Thank you for this – I had given up hope of finding the original version in English online, and I cannot buy anything online (no credit card and an income that barely keeps me alive).


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