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New statement by Kurdish officials in Afrin urging Syrian government to intervene




  1. From today’s SyrPer 28th Jan, St.George posts: So the US admits it is arming and supporting revolutionary communist terrorist working to overthrow their respective governments. No wonder Turkey has moved against the YPG. Iran seems to agree that the plan is also a move against the US forces.

    To which I vexarb add: That the Capitalists who run the USA should destabilize a country by arming revolutionary Communists is no surprise, because these people have no religion: their god is money. To get their hands on money they will destabilize and dismember small countries by arming Neo-Nazis in the Ukraina, Muslim fanatics in Kosovo and the ME, and Christians in Bosnia and the Sudan. Individual members of the A-Z-C may designate themselves as Christian or Jew, and pray ostentatiously, but their true god is Mammon: they are neither Christians nor Jews nor Muslims but Mammonites the lot. “The love of money is the root of many evils” — Old Testament.

  2. uncle tungsten says

    It is a difficult circumstance to fathom from a distance. I see the eastern Kurds have embraced some truly evil ISIS remnants from that region and are fighting alongside them against the Syrian nation. I find that disconcerting as many of those same ISIS killers no doubt besieged Kabani and carried out the slaughter in the sinjar region of Iraq. That is an opportunist moral conscience that I would never tolerate within myself or within my country.

    If this the play of the Kurdish hand then Assad is wise in holding out for a material demonstration of allegiance. It seems to be taking a mysterious long time for the new Kurd/’rebel’ alliance to suppress the ISIS scourge in the east. If they are so happy with the Syrian nation they might be able invite the Syrian army to assist their manouvres in the east. Somehow I think they will not impress at the coming Sochi discussions.

  3. In today’s Saker Vineyard this clip from South Front; “The statement clearly contradicts previous statements of Kurdish officials and may indicate some shift in the YPG attitude towards the Damascus government.”
    To which vot tak responds: Or they are following orders from their IsraeloAmerican masters and trying to get Syria fighting against Turkey. Which would be a Zionazi wet dream.

  4. Manda says

    I admit I am unsure what to make of this. Afrin has largely passed me by so I have no understanding of Kurds in Afrin’s role/?s during the vicious and criminal assault on Syria. I just hope Syria and allies ‘game’ is on top of this.

    • Stephen Sivonda says

      Manda, it is rather confusing ….but we’ll have to take into account that the MSM is probably not being fully truthful. Smoke and mirrors, and obfuscate the truth is the usual routine from them. I do know that there has been in the north of Syria a lot of Kurds and has never been any prob;ems. Of course…that was prior to the western manufactured uprisings in Syria. What troubles me is that the US hard line on occupation of the areas they chose….and using the excuse that will be to continue fighting ISIS. Such brazen liars !

  5. Chris Massie says

    I wonder when (or indeed if) this statement will make it into MSM news?

  6. I remember saying this before; if you sup with the devil, you will need to have a very long spoon indeed. I feel for those British and other volunteers who thought they were fighting for socialism and have ended up as NATO ground troops.

  7. Copied and pasted from my post in Saker Vineyard on Jan25 (please delete if you object to copy/paste):

    Very thoughtful, close knit assessment by US attorney Ziad Fadel in SyrPer. A long term plan is coming together, scripted at the very start of NATZO’s proxy invasion of Syria. Dr.Assad anticipated their Eretz Kurdistan oil state plan, and forestalled it by offering the Kurds autonomy within Syria. This agreement still stands, it is supported by Russia and Turkey, and the Israeli-flag waving “national home for the Kurds” faction haven’t a legal leg to stand on. So it will boil down to “Justice comes from the barrel of a gun” or guns. If Erdogan plays straight I imagine the confrontation will line up as the regular armies of Turkey, Syria, Hezb, Iraq, Iran, and Russia versus the rag-tag army of Erez Kurdistan led (or rather misled) by several thousand FUKZUSA black ops. The US will stay out of it, and throw the Kurds “under the bus” as they did (twice) in Iraq — once under Saddam Hussein and again just last month. Luckily this time the Kurdish Iraqis saw reason and gave up the Anglo-Zio-Capitalist dream of setting up an Eretz Kurdistan oil state in Iraq. That leaves the Kurdish Syrians who have listened to the siren voices from NATZO to carry the whole burden; but even now they still have a choice. Mild mannered Dr.Assad is famous for his magnanimous (and politically very shrewd) amnesty to all those poor misguided Syrian rebels who have been led astray by the tempting offer of fresh-baked cookies from the USA. But if the Kurdish Syrians, unlike their Kurdish Iraqi cousins, insist on dying for the A-Z-C dream of an Eretz Kurdistan owned by Rothschild and run by Israelis then, Ziad Fadel concludes, we are looking at a tragedy scripted by utter morons.

  8. Paul says

    Hopefully Assad will respond. But Putin needs to have a serious conversation with Erdogan and tell him to get his troops out of Syria.

    • bevin says

      This comes a bit late. Allying themselves with the US made them, effectively, enemies of the Syrian government. The offer of autonomy and federalist structures have been on the table for some time: had the Kurds invited Syrian or Russian forces into the area the Turks would probably have been deterred from invading.
      The fatal error was to throw in their lot with the US and Israel who, as the Kurds very well know are allied with the Saudis and al qaeda.

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