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North Korea War Plan: Chrystia Freeland is more dangerous than Tony Blair

by Cameron Pike

The day before the Foreign Ministers’ meeting on Security and Stability in Vancouver on January 16, 2018, a forum was held at the University of British Columbia’s Institute of Asian Research entitled “Getting North Korea Right:  Canadian Options and Roles”.  This was a publicly held event with the “expert” “talking heads” of think-tanks. The moderator was an Asian International Relations expert, Dr. Paul Evans, who is now the head of the Institute of Asian Research. 

The five speakers were Eric Walsh: Canadian Ambassador to the Republic of South Korea, Scott Snyder: Senior Fellow and Director of the Program on U.S.-Korea Policy, and New York Council of Foreign Relations, Kyung-Ae Park: Korea Foundation Chair, School of Public Policy and Global Affairs Director, and Canada-DPRK Knowledge Partnership Program, Brian Job:  Professor of Political Science, UBC, Brian Gold: Department of History and Classics, University of Alberta. All panel participants were to attend the following days’ Foreign Ministers’ Meeting on North Korea.

The events’ speakers discussed Canada’s role in mediating the “International Community’s” response to North Korea through sanctions, non-proliferation and diplomacy.  The stated goal of the pre-meeting was to have public discourse on the crisis in North Korea, a day in advance of the major international diplomatic event being held in Vancouver. The actual purpose of the pre-meeting was to soft sell the major military role that Canada plans to play in open sea interdiction to a Canadian audience on tightening sanctions on North Korea. This soft sell was necessary to back the hard sell for military action being made by Chrystia Freeland to 20 foreign ministers the following day.

Canadians mostly consider themselves non-militaristic, but as intelligence and military officials know around the world, the Canadian Navy are experts at interdictions at sea and are more preferred in interdiction than the U.S. Navy.  Canada has had much experience perfecting these capabilities in interdictions off the coast of Africa, as well and in the Persian Gulf during the two Gulf Wars.

Further, what most Canadians and perhaps the general population in the West do not know, is that Canada is an important partner in the NATO/NORAD and UN command and intelligence structures and does most of the top military coordination in exercises and operations between the nations of NATO currently exercising on the border with Russia, and especially in the Ukraine.  Most officers in the Canadian military are trained in a comprehensive way that allows them to operate in an integrated manner with US, UK, NATO, and U.N. forces around the globe. Throughout all U.S. global military actions, whether in the Gulf and Afghan wars, or currently all over the world, Canada’s military and military intelligence, considered the best in the world, has worked hand in hand with the U.S. military in special operations and counter intelligence.

Of the five speakers, the presentation by Scott A. Snyder of the NY Council on Foreign Relations was the most revealing of the actual intentions of the following days’ conference organizers.  Snyder used the concept of a rheostat to describe the situation.  He said, China was holding the rheostat over North Korea, that the U.S. was holding the rheostat over China, and that the “International Community” was holding the rheostat over the U.S.  The significance of this is the acknowledgement that pressure on the U.S. is coming from the “collective” global community of extra-governmental, international, and non-national institutions and structures, including NGO’s, civil society, and the international financial community. Canada, as the host nation for this Foreign Minister’s meeting, is leading the “International Community”, which means that Canada is one of the leading countries holding the rheostat over the U.S.

It should be noted that the New York Council on Foreign Relations, where Snyder is a senior fellow, is an outgrowth of the British Liberal Imperialist Fabian Society. Its core thinkers over the last century, especially since WWII, created the unipolar doctrine of the “International Community” which Snyder references.  This “International Community” does not include, at its core, Asia, Africa, Latin America, Russia, now Turkey, and possibly France, and India; that is most of the world.  In other words, the “International Community” that Scott Snyder references is not international; nor are the Colour Revolutions, the illegal invasions, and the sanctions that are being carried out in the name of the “International Community” International. 

These actions are hybrid warfare designed to pressure or break apart countries from within, who may have the potential of working within the new “multipolar” world framework being promoted by Russia and China.  This “multipolar” framework is based on the New Paradigm, which is being introduced to the world economically by China via the Belt and Road Initiative (BRI.)

Snyder, in his presentation, said he expected pressure to be placed on North Korea and suggested it be done as a “nut cracker” with the intention to split North Korea internally, especially its elite, in order to open the door for civil society groups (NGO’s, churches etc.) to come in under the guise of humanitarian assistance, and foment internal dissent, hand in hand with the brutal blockade and interdiction being organized by Chrystia Freeland at the Korean Security Conference the following day. Snyder also further elaborated on the need for “maximizing the thresholds of pressure” to bring North Korea to diplomacy, as a “calibrated scalpel, not a blunt instrument like a hammer.”

At the pre-conference meeting, Brian Gold responded to a question about China and Russia not being invited to the Vancouver Summit. He stated that “China and Russia are irrelevant” to the situation, at which Dr. Paul Evans suggested that he should get a job with the Canadian government.  [Editor’s Note: The claim that China and Russia had not been invited is itself an obfuscation: both countries condemned the conference as harmful and officially refused the invitation to attend a post-conference meeting on the evening of January 16, as reported by RT here.]

Brian Job said this is a “convening opportunity” for Canada, and that it involves “delicate interdiction.”  That is, Canada will proceed “delicately” as a perceived neutral power backed up by the “International Community” to interdict and board ships with cargo for North Korea.  Would Canada do so to Chinese or Russian vessels?  Would Canada’s involvement in interdiction be perceived as “neutral” interdiction? Canada’s Privy Council and shadowy neo-cons like Chrystia Freeland certainly hope so. But that is not the reality from China and Russia’s perspective, nor was this accepted by the audience attending the pre-meeting.

UBC Professor, Kyung-Ae Park, from South Korea, said that the U.S./North Korea relationship is none of China’s business. Park is head of a South/North Korean educational exchange program operating out of Canada. She had been scheduled to be part of a “civil society” activation meeting with Chrystia Freeland in downtown Vancouver after the pre-conference meeting.  How do “civil society” activists penetrate a country like North Korea? Precisely through the well-practiced method of Colour Revolutions, enacted already several times over by the “International Community”. Snyder referenced Egypt, Syria, Georgia, Ukraine, former Yugoslavia as just a few examples.

Many other Colour Revolutions, all of which have been funded by George Soros’ Open Society and Tides Foundations, have been tried and failed. A recent example of this is in Iran. George Soros, a very close friend of Chrystia Freeland, is a Hungarian Jew who worked for the Nazi’s during WWII helping to confiscate his own people’s property. In an interview on 60 Minutes in 1998, Soros openly admits that this was the best time of his life. Chrystia Freeland was commissioned to write George Soros’ biography before running for public office under the Liberal Party. Freeland is also known in Canadian government circles as being the Minister of Everything.

It should be noted that many on the panel spoke of creating the “coalition of the willing” to deal with North Korea. This is the exact same operational language that was used to manipulate the people of the Western world under Bush to agree to the US invasion of Iraq in 2003. Are we really supposed to fall for this again?

Following the speakers’ presentations, questions were allowed from the audience. The first three questions were technical questions with no substance and were under the general spell of professional decorum.  A Director for the Society for the New Humanist Paradigm (SNHP), which represents the New Paradigm in Canada, asked the fourth question.

In that question, the Moon-Putin plan was described for the audience. This plan is the exact opposite of what the panel discussion described was being planned for the next days’ talks at the Foreign Minister’s meeting.  The Moon-Putin plan was announced last September at the Vladivostok Eastern Economic Forum.  This is a plan agreed to by Russia and South Korea.  It is a plan to bring South and North Korea together through physical infrastructure and trade mechanisms, involving the neighbouring countries of Russia and China.

Bridges of cooperation linking South Korea to Russia via North Korea: gas, railroads, ports, electricity, a northern sea route, shipbuilding, jobs, agriculture, and fisheries. Siberian oil and gas pipelines would be extended to Korea, both North and South, as well as to Japan. Both Koreas would be linked up with the vast rail networks of Beijing’s Belt and Road Initiative, including high-speed rail, and the Eurasian Economic Union, which includes the Trans-Siberian Railway. According to Gavan McCormack, “North Korea would accept the security guarantee of the five (Japan included), refrain from any further nuclear or missile testing, shelve (‘freeze’) its existing programs and gain its longed for ‘normalization’ in the form of incorporation in regional groupings, the lifting of sanctions and normalized relations with its neighbour states, without surrender.”

The panel of speakers were also reminded that North Korea has been sanctioned since 1948 and has been suffering ever since at the behest of an illegal UN resolution, 195, and that the Belt and Road and the Moon-Putin plan were for building up their physical economy.  As the SNHP director pointed out, in this context, sanctions were the exact opposite.  He also pointed that the January 16 meeting in Vancouver, along with Canada’s new Hard Power Foreign Policy initiatives (announced last year with record military spending for Canada) under Chrystia Freeland, was unprecedented in the history of Canada’s traditional peacekeeping role, and there is no confidence that Canada will play a positive role in this situation, or that Canada is a neutral Middle Power any longer given this shift. 

Further, that Canadians deserve to have a national dialogue considering the consequences of such actions.  He then went on to address Brian Gold directly, stating that Russia and China, considering the positive resolutions (Sunshine Policy, Olympics, etc.) made with South and North Korea over the last few weeks, were relevant and their absence from these meetings is a mistake. Finally, the SNHP representative asked, “When will Canada wake up to the fact that Freeland is a neo-con war-mongerer?” and “…if the Moon-Putin plan has already been discussed and such positive results are on the horizon, why the Foreign Ministers meeting in Vancouver was taking place at all?”

While the audience clapped, the panel was stunned. Four speakers responded to the intervention with a feeble attempt to change the subject.   Most of the questions from the audience that followed the intervention were not questions but denunciations of the war policy that Canada was supporting.  After each denunciation there was applause. In response to this, the panel started to back pedal and went limp.  Even Brian Gold had to back pedal on Russia and China being irrelevant, and, as he was commenting, had to admit that he was making a case for why Russia and China should have been invited to the Foreign Minister’s meeting even as he was trying to defend his original statement. Subsequently, Brian Gold wrote an article printed in The Hill Times on January 22, 2018.

This article, highlighting Canada’s role as a ‘Middle Power’, serves to deflect attention from the neo-conservative and far-right views of the government of Canada under Chrystia Freeland, especially towards both Russia and China.  Contrary to Gold’s article, it is in fact Chrystia Freeland, a frequent contributor to the NY CFR’s policy publication Foreign Affairs, the promoters of the ‘unipolar’ world doctrine, that did not want China and Russia present at the Foreign Minister’s meeting. President Trump has been at war with the likes of the CFR and the neo-liberal/neo-conservative mainstream media outlets that promote their unipolar worldview since before he took office and has consistently promised the American people better relations with Russia and a closer working relationship with China.  In recent bold statements, however, Secretary Mattis outlines clearly that Russia and China are the main economic threat to the unipolar world in the National Defense Strategy 2018 policy paper.

Another SNHP Director who attended raised the issue of the THAAD missiles, and asked the panelists how they would not have been seen by North and South Korea as a threat?  Snyder responded that the THAAD missiles were for defense and a non-issue, but he did acknowledge that South Korea was against the installation from the beginning. What Snyder should have acknowledged was that massive opposition by South Koreans of the THAAD missile deployment had forced the ouster of President Park Geun-hye in 2017.

What is important to note was the dearth of support from the audience for what the panelists were trying to soft peddal.  The reaction by the audience, both in private to the SNHP Directors and following open denunciations to the panel, clearly shows that Canadians are not accepting the pablum they are being fed any more.

Cameron Pike studied Communications and Philosophy at the University of Winnipeg, and has worked in a variety of corporate fields in management before becoming Director at the Society for the New Humanist Paradigm, a Not-For-Profit, in Vancouver, Canada.


  1. Chrystia Freeland is a nut job through and through. A virulent Russophobe whose family has links to Ukrainian facsists she fancies herself as one of the big players on the international scene. Shortly after Trump’s election victory when it looked like he might bring the US military back home, Freeland gave a fiery speech in which she blasted Trump for abandoning his duty as global cop in chief. But never fear, she said, Canada is ready to step up and take over the US role if need be. Considering that Canada’s tiny military is, well, a non-entity (the modest Russian air force contingent assembled in Syria includes almost as many aircraft as Canada’s entire air force, half of which is out of service at any given moment due to its antiquated equipment) this was a moment of high comedy mixed with insanity and very typical Canadian delusions of grandeur.

    Of course not one major media organization in Canada called her out on this fantastic speech that defied all logic and reason, and the vast majority of Canada’s alternative media stayed mum as well. In part because American news and entertainment absolutely dominate the Canadian mediascape, the averages Canadian citizen is pathologically apathetic and indifferent to politics and not many people appreciated the sheer absurdity of Freeland’s assertions. If I can find a transcript of the speech I will post it here.

  2. notlurking says

    Is there a video of this conference…..

    • There were press present, including Reuters, and major Canadian outlets. They took video of the whole thing including the q & a but I doubt they would ever publish the q&a because of what happened. The entire meeting basically imploded on them.

  3. rtj1211 says

    It is not my business if China or anyone else chops off Kyung-Ae Park’s genitals, but that would be an act of absolute unacceptability.

    US actions against North Korea are the business of EVERYONE, when they involve imperialistic hegemony.

    Park may be a ball-less prick morally, but he should never become that physiologically……

  4. The Canadian Foreign Minister should be replaces as soon as possible. All she is doing is evidencing Canada’s place as a subservient lackey to the American Empire. That is something other Canadian governments have attempted to cover up. A uni-polar world is not a safe or tenable structure. It gives on party worldwide control and leaves all others as lesser and basically unnecessary entities. A multi polar world is much more sustainable and fairer to the whole world. Healthy competition is better than the new Roman armies crushing all dissent and national desire!

    • DarkEyes says

      But it is at the end of the day it is the Queen of England, The Rothschilds, the CFR, AIPAC Government in DC, Khazarian Mafia & Underworld who decide how to handle North Korea.
      Despite North- and South Korea are doing serious talking which each other and start in agreement being ONE Korea at the coming Olympics. Now these two countries are doing the right thing, TALK with each other.

      NO, Frrrrrreeeeeland as a puppet of het Master Soros does not agree. She is mongering war in Ukraine and she doesnot agree with the diplomatic talks the two Koreas have with each other.
      She is IMO a satanic serpent and a snake.
      And her government boss is a IMO nutcase to let her do all these evil to other people.

    • Peter says

      Remember that Canada fawningly abstained (along with Australia) on the recent UNGA resolution condemning the US recognition of Jerusalem as the capital of Israel.

      I don’t know much about Canadian politics, but the country really does seem to have completely dropped its once relatively independent attitude to the US (remember how it sheltered military call-up fugitives during the war in Vietnam, and contrast that with the current policy whereby US deserters are handed back to the American authorities).

      Can any Canadian readers of the Off-G provide an explanation of this sad state of affairs?

      • summitflyer says

        The times they have changed Peter.Unfortunately ever since 9/11,false flag in my opinion but another subject entirely ,the Canadian establishment has fell for the US/NATO road of governance .There was a time when we were a sovereign nation but this has been eroded over the last 40 or so years to the point where we could be said to be another state of the United States. The sorriest part of it all is that few of us noticed the takeover and those that have find themselves very much alone in their repudiation of the American way , both at home and abroad.I remember during the Vietnam war when the young American men would flock to our country and we gave them protection .That was the attitude of the Pierre Elliot Trudeau years love him or hate him ,he was nobody’s puppet IMHO.He was good friends with Fidel Castro and they would visit each other often.Canada supplied shipments of food to the Cubans in those days
        as sign of friendship ,politics aside.Stephen Harper,2006-2015 , conservative ,was probably the most neocon prime minister that Canada had the misfortune to have .An Israel zionist firster par excellence . So glad he lost and gone . Justin Trudeau ,Liberal, still an Israel firster ,now our prime minister ,does not fit in his father’s shoes , he is a good puppet IMHO.His election promises ,so far are a dismal failure.It is clear to me who runs the politics of the Western world now.
        Canada has a large Ukrainian population and it is obvious why Trudeau , wanted to play to the Ukrainian vote in the last election and also why he appointed Chrystia Freeland as Canada’s foreign affairs Minister.A dismal choice as she has a fascist leaning bent .

  5. George Cornell says

    You say Canada’s military intelligence is considered the best in the world. What is the evidence for that and for anyone but you thinking it? The close collaboration with US intelligence is hardly anything to be proud of and was greatly abetted by the loathed Canadian ex-PM Stephen Harper who , like Tony Blair , got his reward for poodling for the US, including sending young men to die in Afghanistan, in the form of grotesquely overpaid lecture tours, speaking to converted packs of neocons.

    Perhaps this contributed to the welcome news that Canadians are not in the market for more bullshit. Good for them.

    Calling N Korea a ‘crisis’ is in the mind of some beholders. The most important news about Korea is the suggestion of warming of relations between N and S, to the disappointment of the US, it seems.

    • bevin says

      “You say Canada’s military intelligence is considered the best in the world. What is the evidence for that and for anyone but you thinking it? ”
      I think that it all part of the ‘Canada is a nation of peacekeepers’ guff whereby Canada’s role as a US satellite is, for example the appalling record as part of the ICC in Vietnam., is transformed into a cause for national pride. I am unsure to which institution the author is referring {CSIS-surely not?}
      As to Chrystia Freeland ( the name says a lot) one wonders how she spends her Holocaust Memorial Days. I know that it would not be apologising.

      • summitflyer says

        Certainly not a Freeland fan but just wondering bevin, which holocaust memorial days are you referring to as there are so many .

      • George Cornell says

        Your comments on Freeland seem tangential, ad hominem, and inappropriate, if not inaccurate, if you don’t mind me saying. Agree re Nam.

        • bevin says

          Not inaccurate I fear: Freeland is a supporter of the (Galician) Ukrainian National Organisation which was undoubtedly responsible for carrying out massacres of Jews and Poles, inter alia, during the Second World War. Freeland’s grandfather was the editor of a Nazi newspaper and a thoroughgoing collaborator in both the war effort and what is commonly called the Holocaust.
          Freeland’s position calls for a public disavowal of the Nazis, the OUN, the SS Divisions in which Galicians fought and the continuing Nazi tradition found in the Pravy Sector and the Freedom (formerly social national) parties.
          It would be a simple matter.
          There was a time when disavowal of Nazi links was required in Canada’s Federal politics.
          As to whether such politics are tangential to supporting a Korean policy based on unconditional support of the South Korean regime formed of Japanese collaborators and fanatical in its anti-‘communism’ , I beg to differ. In my view both represent fascism revived.
          Perhaps it is inappropriate, however, to put warmongering into a historical context.
          So far as ad hominem is concerned we are talking about a Lviv based movement which massacred every Jew in the city and publicly offered up ‘the sacrifice’ to Adolf Hitler. One of those Jews, a newspaper editor, was sent to a death camp. Freeland’s grandfather took the man’s job when the Gauleiter offered it.

          • George Cornell says


            There is no evidence she supported the evils you describe, none whatsoever. And blaming her for what her parents or grandparents might or might not have done or felt and emphasizing that she has Ukrainian ancestry sounds racist to me. So do you wish ill for Freeland’s grandchildren, even the unborn ones? I guess the answer is yes.

            So what did your parents or grandparents do? Hate gays? Very likely statistically, or Catholics, or Jews? Or Gentiles? Or the Irish? Taking people out of the context of their times is hard and commonly based on someone, somewhere, wanting to exercise their own demons, based on historical accounts written for an agenda.

            I have lived in England for15 years, NYC for a decade and Canada for the rest. When asked what the differences are I say..in England they care who your grandparents were, in Canada, who you are, and in NYC, what you have done, for them… Lately.

            You might not like it, but hating people for who their grandparents were or did, is a close relative of precisely what you decry about Freeland’s ancestors. I don’t like her and am wary of her policies but dislike ethnic ancestral denunciation even more. It is a sentiment which has cost humans dearly.

            • George Cornell says

              Ok Admin, why was this post in moderation for several hours? Just askin’.

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                On top of this we also suffer from many comments simply disappearing – as in vanishing after they are submitted and before we receive them. Again this seem arbitrary and we have no idea how to fix this until we can upgrade to more sophisticated software – maybe not even then.

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                • Hi Admin,

                  You are doing a great job and the content is very good, the comments lively and entertaining. I know you are busy and stretched. Thanks for replying.

                  But my post on this thread fits none of those criteria for moderation and now 3x I have sent another post nearly simultaneously, which was not placed in moderation, just after one that was. There seems to be a common element.

                  I trust you to be truthful and accept your explanation, nonetheless, but humour me and check this out some day. Send a post with and without the word Jew. And are you sure your software package does not contain the remnant of a feature inserted for a previous customer? Like the Guardian for example?

                  Best wishes for continued success and call on me when you need a donation. You fill an important niche. As overwhelming as things might seem now don’t be afraid to prepare for success.

                  [edited at request of author]

                  • You have added your email and street address to this comment – was this intentional?

                    As we said above – If you post two comments that are very similar in quick succession the second will very possibly be dropped as spam, even if it isn’t identical.

                    And thank you for the support!

                    • George Cornell says

                      Please delete my particulars. I thought it was a private email to you.

            • DarkEyes says

              If that is so, why is she so public about this past?
              If we should not count her family NAZI background, why is she so bloody full-of-hate-anti Russia, while we can surely say the Russians never did her and her family any harm now and in the past?

              Are we not made blind and confused not be able to make a distinction between the former Soviet Union and the current free and democratic country Russian Federation?

              She is IMO a serpent, a 100% UkroPorkyNazi fan of the coup d’Etat “Hauptling” Poroshenko and this Rat Yats of which the satanic Nazi duo are, without any problem, killing and murdering their own people?

              She is being supported in Canada by all these run-off Ukrainians and she has an assignment and order from her puppet Master Soros to
              bring (negative) demonstrations, chaos, killings, civil war in Russian Federation, North Korea (no Rotschildt central bank), Iran (no Rothschild central bank).
              IMO, Christya Freeland is a psychopath, like the rest of these satanic maniacs in these circles.
              One World Government? Forget it, not in her and their way!

            • Hating people for what their grandfathers did is not appropriate but is universal. The Bible even mentions something about being cursed to the seventh generation or something like that. What I would wonder though is what was she taught at home while growing up. was it, in fact, right wing, extremist fascism?

              • George Cornell says

                Do you now. So you are appealing to authority (the Bible – are you thumping it as you write?), and saying everyone does it (they surely do not) to justify your racist views? Nice one, two. Do you believe everything in that work of fiction? Methusaleh’s age? The prohibition of transfusion (not).
                I am reminded of telling my parents how everyone else was allowed to stay out late (they weren’t) and how hard they laughed.
                If you want to smear Freeland why do you not propose legislation to penalize the progeny of all felons for 7 generations. Good luck with that. And what evidence have you got that her parents were fascists? And if they were were in the same league as any American neocon? Tell us about your parents and grandparents.

                • Jen says

                  What Bevin should have done (but didn’t) is demonstrate that Chrystia Freeland lied about her grandfather’s past. She claimed that the grandfather Mihailo Chomiak and his family were refugees fleeing the chaos brought by WWII and that previously he’d been forced to work with the Germans. Recent Polish research done after she became Canadian Foreign Minister shows that he actually had been a willing Nazi collaborator and propagandist. The question is how much Freeland deliberately covered up in order to become a member of the Canadian parliament and then Foreign Minister.

                  • George Cornell says

                    Yes ,but only if she lied about it. Having said that lying about ancestry is common enough in both directions, exaggerating the accomplishments and minimizing the horse thieves. But I agree that a foreign minister might be held to higher standards, uncomfortable as I am with punishing descendants.

            • bevin says

              You are, no doubt inadvertently, accusing me of a position that I have not advanced.
              My objection to Freeland is that she has not disavowed the positions of the Nazi collaborators but has adopted them as her own.
              Her grandfather at least had the excuse that when he set off down the course of collaboration he did not know where it would take him.
              Freeland, on the other hand is actively engaged in racist anti-Russian campaigns in Ukraine, is part of a cabinet which has advanced Canadian military units to the Russian border and is training the Ukrainian fascist forces in readiness for an invasion of that part of Ukraine which refuses to accept the illegal coup government.
              In short my objection is to Freeland’s fascist friendly foreign policy. Only a fool would blame her for her Grandfather’s actions only a villain would defend her policies in Ukraine and Korea, which differ hardly at all, as a matter of fact, from those advanced by the fascist movement of which her Grandfather was a part.

          • summitflyer says

            I was floored when I heard that Canada voted against a resolution condemning the glorification of the Nazis .As a Canadian I am disgusted by such actions.No doubt Freeland had her hand in this.I am against oppression, whether it comes from the Nazis , the political Zionists in Israel or any other group that feels itself superior to other human beings .

            • George Cornell says

              The link is from Nov 2014! Presumably the vote from then too. You fail to point out that the US and Ukraine also voted against it, the motion having been proposed by Russia. So because it was a Russian motion, the US voted against it? Says a lot. And their poodles as well?

              So more than 3 years ago, concerning events that happened 3+ generations ago. Not sure what your point is. I can see why this attracted little attention.

              • summitflyer says

                Bevin brought up the issue of Nazis in Ukraine so my point is well made ,even if it was a few years ago .Freeland was the minister at the time.I am Canadian ,not American nor Ukrainian and this complete post is about Freeland , a Canadian . A little research on anyone’s part would have turned up the fact that the US and Ukraine voted against it also .I can see why the US and Ukraine would vote against it because of their hate on for Russia ,but Canada ???
                If you can’t see my point I can’t help you and of course it would have attracted little attention .Look who controls the media. Which is why , by the way ,I am grateful that we have good sites such as OffGuardian to express ourselves and promote views that just don’t make the MSM.

                • George Cornell says

                  This is supposed to be about Korea. How did we get to this? As for Canada, we need to demonstrate some independence of thought. Sending young lads off to die in Afghanistan a la Harper is not that. This conference report is cheering in that respect.

                  • summitflyer says

                    I was responding to bevin’s post .You are correct as it relates to the Korea conference as my post to bevin was a side track of the main topic.For this I apologize all to hell if it offends you.
                    I was never in favor of sending Canadian soldiers to Afghanistan and despised Harper , but again this is off the main subject of Korea.
                    I am also very impressed with the crowd response in the Vancouver conference as it give me hope that the younger generation of Canadians does not let the wool pulled over their eyes easily.

                    • I will say this, and it will be explained further in another article:
                      Ukraine and North Korea, and Canada’s complicity in both areas with acts of outright illegal hybrid war and aggression are not about the Ukraine or North Korea in the end. It is about China and Russia.

                    • bevin says

                      The link between Korea and Ukraine is clear enough. Two things that Freeland’s policies have in common are support for imperialism’s attempts to surround and intimidate Russia and China and picking up the positions of WWII collaborator regimes and rolling back the victories of the allies.

              • DarkEyes says

                You cannot play naive here.

                Of course there was hardly attention attracted to this point being against the Russian resolution the warning not to glorify Nazi-ism and Nazi-dom.
                And why?

                While the Market Stream Media is ruling the waves, that is why.

      • Canadian intelligence can’t be too bad and it is not passive, but has been all over the globe, and in Africa, working with other great powers, to undermine people’s governments and democratic leaders everywhere. There’s a great example, out of Yves Engler’s book, “Canada in Africa,” of the Canadian intelligence services, working with Belgium and the US, in The Congo back when it had just won independence from Belgium, using the UN to both carry out a coup against Congo’s newly elected government of Congo and assassinate its leader, Patrice Lumumba. Canadian intelligence is indeed highly prized by the Corporatocracy and its current (and last) leader, uncle Sam.

        • George Cornell says

          Behaving badly, which you indicate and give examples for is not support for saying it is the best intelligence service in the world which is what was suggested. I agree they have shamed themselves by doing America’s bidding.

          • Jen says

            Perhaps Canadian military intelligence is “best” at doing the bidding of its masters in Washington DC and perhaps beyond.

            • George Cornell says

              Agree, it used to be poodling, now I see the image of a ‘border’ collie doing agility training and getting its treat afterwards. Not to besmirch either of these wonderful breeds.

    • You say Canada’s military intelligence is considered the best in the world.

      But if course it is. Because everybody knows Canada is the best country in the world so naturally everything Canadian is the best in the world. It cannot be otherwise!

      True story: the province of British Columbia’s official motto (it appeared on license plates and on official government propaganda, including tourist information) from 2010 to 2015 was ‘British Columbia: The best place on Earth’. It was taken as a serious truth by more than a few people. Canada is a strange place.

  6. Alan says

    Surprising questions were allowed. Given how regimes in the west operate one can only conclude this as a PR/customer service exercise which also lines the pockets of those speaking.

  7. summitflyer says

    As a Canadian , the last paragraph give me hope.

  8. Matt says

    “Many other Colour Revolutions, all of which have been funded by George Soros’ Open Society and Tides Foundations, have been tried and failed. A recent example of this is in Iran. George Soros, a very close friend of Chrystia Freeland, is a Hungarian Jew who worked for the Nazi’s during WWII helping to confiscate his own people’s property. In an interview on 60 Minutes in 1998, Soros openly admits that this was the best time of his life.”

    The article was going well until this. It claims that Soros was behind the recent Iran protests, with no evidence to back up the statement. It then repeats a particularly disgusting smear about Soros, namely, that he “worked for the Nazi’s during WWII helping to confiscate his own people’s property.” First of all, he was only 9 years old when the war started and 14 when it ended. He was forced to do what he did. The other smear it repeats is the out-of-context statement it quotes in that 60 Minutes interview by Soros. He admit that it was the best time of his life, not because he liked what happened, but because it made him a stronger person. Anyone who had even tiny amount of common sense would realize that he obviously wasn’t praising Nazism or the Holocaust. The smear has its origins in alt-right propaganda channels on YouTube.

    • BigB says

      Matt: you made a sensible comment! But it will take more than that to rehabilitate Soros …who has proved to be a one man force for human immiseration even in his maturity. “If I don’t do it, someone else will ” is a summation of his immorality …straight from the horses mouth.

      [edited by Admin for typo]

    • DarkEyes says

      May I recommend his infamous interview filmed and be displayed on Jootube. The proof is there.
      It is “the emperor himself” who declared what he did during WWII in Hungary and was very proud of it.

      Yer man is a misery bringer whatever he touches with his billions.

      Sorry if the Interview might be your wake up call.

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