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The “Nunes” memo

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  1. DavidKNZ says

    From the day Trump was elected, even before, the “establishment” were seeking his “elimination”. But maybe he’s a touch smarter then the MSM chorus give him credit for. By surrounding himself with generals he has a degree of protection for the fate of JFK. Sure, its cost him in terms of budget killing expenditure for the Military and the risk of accidental nuclear conflagration. But meanwhile, it sure looks like he is starting to drain the swamp. As evidenced by the extreme response of the “Alligators” to these “allegations ” 🙂

  2. Jj says

    There is no evidence of any Russian government interference in the USA. Have you seen or heard any?

  3. I just saw a comment on another website re the Memo, from an (ostensibly) Trump fan. The idea this person floated was that it’s “evidence” to support the idea of a Russia/DNC collusion to alter the 2016 election in favour of Clinton (yeah, that’s right) and then attempting to bring down an elected US President. Both of those conjectures ring true, but I imagine that it isn’t Russia.
    I just hope this particular insanity doesn’t catch on, but if the Don has made his peace with the Adversary then this will be the official spin I foresee, and we’re in for literal Fire and Brimstone I think.

    • Brutally Remastered says

      Well yes. The Amtrak crash was a warning.

      • Care to elaborate? I stay away from the current Q frothing because of the potential for deep disappointment (to say the least) should it prove to be a prelude to what I alluded to.

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