The Result of Mueller’s Investigation: Nothing

by Paul Craig Roberts

Robert Mueller discredited himself and his orchestrated Russiagate investigation today (Friday, February 16, 2018) with his charges that 13 Russians and 3 Russian companies plotted to use social media to influence the 2016 election. Their intent, Mueller says, was to “sow discord in the US political system.”
What pathetic results to come from a 9 month investigation!
Note that the hyped Russian hacking of Hillary’s emails that we have heard about every day is no where to be found in Mueller’s charges. In its place there is “use of social media to sow discord.” I mean, really! Even if the charge were correct, considering the massive discord present in the last presidential election, with the Democrats calling Trump voters racist, sexist, homophobic white trash deplorables, how much discord could a measly 13 Russians add via social media?
Note also that the Trump/Putin conspiracy is also not present in Mueller’s charges. Mueller’s charges say that the Russians’ plan to sow discord began in 2014, before there was any notion that Trump would run for president in 2017. The link of the plot to Putin is reduced to the allegation that the plot was financed by a St. Petersburg restaurateur whose connection to Putin is that his business once catered official dinners between Russian officials and foreign dignitaries.
Finally, note that Mueller’s release of his charges in the face of dead news weekend means that Mueller knows that he has nothing to justify the massive propaganda onslaught against Trump for conspiring with Putin with which the presstitutes have regaled us. If the charges amounted to anything, they would have been released on Monday morning, and the presstitutes would have been handed by the FBI and CIA the news stories to file with their papers.
How did the 13 Russians go about sowing discord? Are you ready for this? They held political rallies posing as Americans and they paid one person (unidentified) to build a cage aboard a flatbed pickup truck and another person to wear a costume portraying Hillary in prison clothes.
How much money was lavished on this plot. A monthly budget of $1.2 million, a sum far too small to be seen in the $2.65 billion spent by Hillary and Trump and the $6.8 billion spent by all candidates for federal elective offices in the last election.
Mueller claims to have emails from some of the 13 Russians. If the emails are authentic, they sound like a few kids pretending to friends that they are doing big things. One of the emails brags that the FBI got after them so they got busy covering up their tracks.
House Speaker Paul Ryan has fallen for Mueller’s ruse.
Remember what William Binney, the person who designed the NSA spy program, said: If any such Russiagate plot existed, NSA would have the evidence. No investigation would be necessary.
One can conclude that Mueller and Rosenstein are fighting for their lives now that it is known that their spy requests for FISA court approval were based on deception. See here. Mueller has produced this silly indictment of individuals who are not the Russian government in the hope that it will keep the attention off the FBI’s deception of the FISA court.
As a special prosecutor Mueller has demonstrated the same lack of integrity that he demonstrated as FBI director.

Paul Craig Roberts has had careers in scholarship and academia, journalism, public service, and business. He is chairman of The Institute for Political Economy. He can be reached through his website.

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It was a test


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Talking about… collusion, what about Cristopher Steele and his dodgy dossier about Trump swimming in a pool of Russian prostitutes piss in a penthouse in a luxury hotel in Moscow? If 13 Russians can be accused of interference and meddling in the election, what about Steele? How come Mueller isn’t going after Steele? And this talk about ‘disparaging’ Clinton, what the hell was Steele’s dossier then? And you won’t see the Guardian examining that angel or even alluding to it. It’s like the journalists there are under some kind of anti-Russian spell that’s been cast by that wanker Harding!


The Guardian seems to have been taken over by a coven. A coven bursting with preening neo-con puritans who spend most of their time looking at their reflection in a digitally enhanced mirror that doesn’t show a truthful image at all, but rather a picture of what they’d like to look like and see smiling back at them, a hyped and faked version of reality.
The Guardian is now in bed with the Democrats to an unhealthy and disgraceful degree. The Democrats one of the most corrupt and undemocratic political machines in history. That their own primaries were grossly unfair and probably stolen from the candidate most ordinary Democrats and voters really wanted… Bernie Sanders, means fuck all to the Guardian, and that’s the real scandal and the real collusion, the way Clinton’s machine rigged the primaries in her favour and shafted Sanders and the grassroots… big time.
But the Guardian chooses to ignore harsh and unpleasant truths about the rotting corpse that’s American politics and instead, like the US Establishment, chooses to embrace a massive and grotesquely absurd conspiracy theory, surely the biggest of the modern era, that Russia is behind the decay of the US political system; that the system isn’t collapsing from the inside, rather a few Russians are to blame.

Greg Bacon

So Mueller caught some Rooskies ringing doorbells at night, then running to hide in the bushes, giggling when the home resident opened the door to nothing?
Thank Odin for that Florida school shooting to give Mueller the distraction he needed to release his waste of time and resources.

George Cornell
George Cornell

No thanks warranted for the shooting of innocents and their teachers. Thanks due when they outlaw assault weapons.

Greg Bacon

Like the assault weapons used by the team of assassins that did the Florida school shooting?

Student who survived Parkland school shooting: ‘We were told the police would do a fake code red, with fake guns’
Many credible sources, including students, parents, and teachers of the school have openly admitted on camera that they were told at one point or another prior to the Valentine’s Day shooting that a “code red” active shooter drill would be taking place.
Stoneman Douglas H.S. Freshman Kelsey Friend told CNN on Thursday, that she heard whispers from fellow classmates on the day of the shooting that police would be conducting an active shooter drill using “fake guns.”

No matter how hard you try, you won’t be able to install your Killer Queen in the WH, even though the Clinton-Obama Mob and the corrupt DNC have several more of these slaughters planned between now and November.

George Cornell
George Cornell


Lilibet Louise
Lilibet Louise

@georgecornell Assault weapons aren’t a thing. It’s a made up media term designed to scare people into scrapping the 2nd Amendment. An assault rifle is a thing, it is a term for a rifle that can switch between automatic and semi-automatic fire.
An AR15 is NOT an assault rifle. No civilian can purchase an assault rifle in the USA. They are already “outlawed.”
A lot of ignorant garbage is spewed by the liberal media about guns. Don’t believe it. Guns are already controlled in the US. Try buying one if you don’t believe me.

George Cornell
George Cornell

Not enough children murdered in their schools? Don’t you think you are missing the point? You remind me of the old joke about why Southern fundamentalists forbid sex before marriage.
It is because they are afraid it might lead to dancing. You are worried about the dancing. More time needs be spent on scrapping your beloved second amendment. You can be damn sure the present state of affairs would make the framers of the Constitution ill.

M Adams
M Adams

though I cannot provide a link it was some weeks back that I read the alleged Russian spoilers spent approximately $100,000 on adverts/banners on social media to sway the election…before and during the campaign. A measly puny 100K? and THAT amount on social media managed to outweigh the BILLIONS of corporate bigga bux thrown at candidates ?? REALLY? someone ought to tell Wall Street and DC lobbyists that they are spending billions ‘needlessly’ and should take lessons from these so called Russian hackers who “sowed American chaos” for so little spent!!!! Has everyone already forgotten Tea Partiers and the hatreds sowed beginning right after Obama election with “birther” movement and such sniping for 8 yrs? Ladies and gentlemen, the seeds of chaos and conflict were sown long ago. Go back to further. Remember Kennedy assassination? endless war as a way of life…? Watergate? Iran Contra? Deep state involvement into dozens of countries to install puppet govt and skew their democratic elections?? Talk about “chickens coming home to roost”…13 Russians no matter what they did could never have created such morale, political, financial and social corruption and collapse in a mere 2 yrs. It is OURSELVES we must blame…the hell with finger pointing and deflection…Only appreciative that Putin is not the hyper-reactive idjit that the US has as its “Il Douche”.

Michael Leigh
Michael Leigh

Given the incredible revenue flows to Website owners, who’s internet web sites sell advertising space additionally, and , moreover for this is the added income flows from any visitor’s to the owner’s Websites, who at same time of their website visiting. choose to open the Website’s advertisements, with consequently the ‘ added and unregulated click revenue’ income streams !
As of course BINRA makes clear in the exposure of the latest USA government’s reports on highly and totally unlikely allegations; that the Russian’s are ” meddling with the most recent Presidential election “.


Once again… Clinton received over three million more votes than Trump, yet the US system handed the victory to Trump under the rules. So, in reality, it’s this system that should be reformed, surely; which has nothing to do with ‘Russian meddling.’ The threat to democracy comes from within the US itself, not from Russians.
Yet there are no voices raised, and not it the Guardian, demanding root and branch electoral reform, so, at the very least all votes carry an equal weight on the national scales at election time. It’s not just one man one vote that’s important in a nominal democracy, but that all votes are counted equally, which isn’t the current position.
The American political system is both grossly unfair, because all votes don’t have the same value, but it’s structurally corrupt as well, only democratic reforms which would make the system more sensitive to voters and representative at the same time, would necessarily undermine the twin party monopoly that’s ruled for over two centuries, virtually unchallenged… until the surprise success of Trump, who really ran in opposition to both of them.
Yet, none of this is even touched on by the Guardian, that accepts the spin put on things by the leadership of the Democrats and their allies in the media and the state apparatus… without a grain of independent thought or clear analysis.
What the Establishment in the US fears isn’t Trump, he’s merely a symbol or a sign on far deeper problems, and that is that the ruling elite have ‘lost the mandate of heaven’ and the people no longer see them as legitimate leaders. Trump’s victory shows the people ready to vote for almost anyone rather than support the twin party system again. If one adds those willing to vote for Bernie Sanders’ style of socialism to Trump’s horde, one can see the outline of a huge swathe of people ready for radical change and willing to reject elite rule and it’s this breakdown of trust and the social contract that threatens the system far more than the Russians.

Big B
Big B

No, not nothing. For the distant non-partisan observer: the Mueller investigation has revealed just how anti-humanity American parapolitics is? It is bigger than Watergate: and at least on par with Iran-Contra as a Deep State event …revealing not only the collusion of the US Deep State: the ongoing intelligence coup facilitated by the FBI, CIA, and MIC against Trump …but also the supranational Deep State: that colluded and backed HRC with ‘pay-to-play’ donations; the real Russian ‘collusion’ of the Obama regime over the Uranium One deal (which implicates a certain ‘Honest Bob’ Mueller); the involvement of MI6 in, not only bugging Trump for the NSA/CIA/FBI, but also that the Steele Dossier (funded by a Republican, then the DNC) was sanctioned (or at least known about) by Sir Richard Dearlove (as confirmed by Alex Thomson on UK Column {still looking for the link!}).
So whilst there may be no evidence as such, beyond HRC’s emails, for me, at least, the shadow of a supranational shadow government can be seen? Of which, judging by his previous treasons, Robert Mueller is very much a part. So, if nothing else, the Mueller Investigation indicts Mueller as a Deep State collaborator and trusted “safe pair of hands”?

Big B
Big B

I meant to add: does the Steele Dossier count as British intervention and collusion? It was certainly more pivotal than any Russians dressing up as Hillary in prison clothes!


Facebook Advertising VP notes the majority of the Russian ad spend was placed after the election.

Harry Stotle
Harry Stotle

Mueller knows the US public will swallow any old shite when it comes to false flags.
The current operation is about whipping up powerful anti-Russian sentiments so that when the US do strike they will have sufficient public support for the next imperial adventure.
No senior political figure has ever been held to account for the endless stream of lies employed to justify illegal actions perpetrated by the US – in other words, this is just the latest installment in a never-ending campaign to provoke deeply ingrained prejudices (in order to facilitate geopolitical objectives).
Needless to say the MSM will be cheering him on as we edge closer toward full blown madness.


Harry Stotle – sorry Harry, but I’m going to have to take exception with your comment – (“as we edge closer toward full blown madness.”) – At this point I’d say we’ve actually blindfolded ourselves, fully embraced our collective “madness” quite enthusiastically, and in true lemming fashion have willingly leapt off the edge of the armageddon precipice. We are now hurtling toward our landing and our collective demise at ever accelerating speed without the slightest inkling of what awaits, but will no doubt reflexively blame – “Putin and the Russians” – with our last pathetic collective gasps. Other than that caveat, I’m totally with you buddy! 🙂 And your post is spot on.


When I read that last sentence,I immediately felt compelled to reply in the same vein .You beat me to it and did so , very much better than I could ever do.
Cheers to both of you.

Binra (@onemindinmany)

A large section of the MSMedia persist in pushing a ‘story’ of accusation and vilification. The ‘message’ is not in its asserted guilt, but in the power to hold people hostage to a hidden tyranny. If all these ‘big’ people, in the ‘big’ media or government say so, who am I to openly challenge what I feel is simply a fabrication of diversion and division in attempt to manipulate ‘reality’. I don’t participate in such ‘mind-framing’, but rather write or speak to illuminate the nature of such ‘thinking’ as the manipulative intent to hack our mind with our own fears and hopes.
One can focus ‘in the thinking of the world’ or one can focus in the thinking of the heart, from which the thinking of the world can be discerned truly such that what is true is received and what is false is released of any status of meaning that believing or wishing true would bestow it.
My sketching of an articulation of the heart is a willingness to give witness in the personified conflict of identity struggle, to another way of seeing and being than identity-framed lies of accusation in the ‘other’ of what we ourselves do – but do not own or openly acknowledge doing.
Extreme examples serve to more clearly illuminate the pattern that is pervasive, and which society embodies because it is pervasive.
For that’s what is going on now, the resort to lying as a substitute for relationship and communication.
Somewhere in there is the intent to define and manage the system of human society as a broad spectrum structure of ‘controls’ or globalism by technocracy, but the corruption is in the foundations of the psyche that fears conflict, pain and loss in ‘chaos’ and so is induced by fear to sacrifice its true voice for a social masking that frames a protective power in fearfully defined terms.
So fear frames our thinking, and such thinking frames us under tyranny.
But you remain the freedom to feel the movement of your being and be that. Which may be not to move when others around you are serving the mask they take to be their own protection.
Aligning in the honesty of our being is not a rebellion against a lie, but the decision to accept the true.
No one can accept the true while insisting their story is true.
The ‘narrative continuity’ of the identity in the world, is released to an inner alignment in felt presence.
The nature of the ‘psyop’ is a manipulative deceit. In a sense, everything in the world is a psyop while the framing of the understanding of the world runs ‘divide and rule’ Not only in outer political terms, but as the structure of our own consciousness.
Much ado about nothing, is an attempt to seem to be something in our own right. To feed a lie is to grow a monster in the dark. The ‘monsters’ of our own denials then operate beneath the masks we present to others and ourselves. We shall arrive at our starting place and know it for the first time, and that is a truly new movement in consciousness from which to live. I didn’t not say ‘will’ but ‘shall’ because shall is a decision of a conscious alignment in purpose, rather than running on a mind of conflicting purposes that served an unconsciousness.
The desire to ‘change the world’ reaches to the illusion of power. But the world in truth is the experience of the power of illusion.
Interfering in election is a symbol of influencing choice.
The attempt and intent to influence choice loses awareness of what the true nature of choice is.
Living your own conscious acceptance restores the willingness and capacity to recognize the same in others.
What we choose to see in others is what we nurture and strengthen in our self. Media manipulation knows this and shows what they think they want their ‘audience’ to emulate, induce and associate or identify with – or against.
But where we look for truth is our choice regardless of ‘mind framing’. Always this is so – but the very nature of the mind as we have all developed it, is to define to exclude. This focus is not the nature of the movement of being, but is imposed upon it, and in that sense such a mind is an imposter, that cannot know its own act.
Forgive yourself for that you knew not that you did, and feel whatever you feel as part of releasing the past to a present conscious alignment. The heart is a resonance of recognition. The mind can operate a phishing ruse to get the heart’s consent, but that is backwards and even if apparently successful for a while, is hollow, and generates the need for fantasy substitutions.
Phychotic dissociations may have personal significances for denied aspects of self, but are not a sound basis from which to act – no matter how ‘consensual the science’.


Thank you Off Guardian for your real news probing – also George Webb utube daily webcast to be seen – maybe the 13 Russian trolls are actually on US visas working as lawyers in Miami DWS county. Also needs to be bought to light Clinton Foundation in Haiti Uraniun One the Awan brothers the Pelican Project the Cassandra drug ratline – still no arrests though. can we boycott the Guardian summit 7th March notice the BBC Justin Webb is to be a speaker – tells you something!!


“Distracted from distraction by distractions”. — TS Eliot.
Expect more of same during runup to the Russian presidential election. Meanwhile, back in the real world, China is extending the New Silk Road right across the Pacific and down the length of South America. Meet the Pacific Rim Century, with the USA alone up north crying, “Continent isolated!” (Pepe Escobar of Asia Times).


As expected the Graun through its Odserver Editorial uses this non-evidence of political trolling at the St Petersburg Troll & Hot Dog House to spread more fake news about Putin. When the US indictments show no link to Putin at all… Sound familiar to the followers of the intrepid Luke Harding et al at the Graun? Well yes it does. Fact free information and baseless accusations form the sum total of their editorial line on Russia.
And it still continues. Will they never learn to drop the dead donkey?
As Yevgeni Prigozhin, the one time hot dog seller and now click-bait entrepreneur, said when confronted with the indictments:
“The Americans are really impressionable people, they see what they want to see. […] If they want to see the devil, let them see him.”
Which begs the question is the Graun feeding it readers a load of old junk food too?


The Fraudian is even more impressionable than Prigozhin / Concord Catering’s American fans.

uncle tungsten
uncle tungsten

Mueller the loser. Whatever the establishment wants to hear will be sung to by Mueller. There are a few people that solicited Russian collaborators to undermine the US elections. Lets start with Christopher Steele then Fusion GPS principals and especially staff Nellie Ohr, then her husband of DoJ notoriety, then some or all of the players at Perkins Coie for the DNC. Then there is Hillary Clinton and perhaps John Podesta. We are all waiting for it to dawn on Mueller that these people did exactly what he is instructed to inquire into. So far he has one hapless member of Trump’s staff for lying to the FBI and that could be hard to convict given the bias in the investigation.
I think there are a few more yet to round up on US soil but they appear to be too hard to see for Mueller.


OMG! The United States election overthrown by 13 crack Russians who underwhelmed the entire democratic
system can ONLY be believed if you are on crack!