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Does Skripal poisoning show the UK is just a Punch & Judy sideshow for US interests?

by Tangible Truth

Boris and Theresa “standing up to Russia”?

So Rex Tillerson has been sacked. Maybe directly after expressing his support for tough actions on Russia yesterday in response to the UK Skripal poisoning, or maybe “on Friday” – claims are contradictory.

Trump has finally spoken out, saying the US will “condemn” Russia if the facts bear out. Which is nicely ambiguous.

What is going on? Imminent WW3? So much hysteria, and so much that doesn’t add up. Its a particularly strange situation.

The sane minority have been left agog at the huge influx of renewed and reinvented Russian hate in the UK over the last few days. Seemingly out of nowhere, this tidal wave of bile has struck – leaving us stunned, hearts in mouths – echoing, as it does, the lead up to Iraq, Libya and Syria….

The clock is ticking on Theresa May’s “ultimatum to Putin”, a 24hr deadline for a Russian “credible response” to the alleged Salisbury-poisoning using an alleged military-grade nerve agent. Russia have responded, nay, demanded! says the Guardian, that we act in “in accordance with the convention to ban chemical weapons” and provide samples. Putin has ‘smirked’ at a BBC journalist, when asked if Russia did it, reports the Daily Mail.

The tension seems to be ramping up. There’s that feeling that something is going to snap…

But what if we’re missing an angle here? And does this tie in with the House Intelligence Committee’s recent announcement that it is closing its investigation on Trump, having found “no evidence of [Russian] collusion”?

To all outward appearances, the UK’s chips are down. We HATE Putin and we HATE Russia! All eyes are turned to them. We fear them. We are outraged by everything they and their London Oligarchs stand for (are they Putin’s Olicharchs? Sometimes they are said to be, and not at others. No one can really make up their mind about who they serve, want they want).

But this manufactured rage is in stark contrast to the US MSM who have been philosophical, noncommittal and even restrained on the matter up till now.

Considering the fact 13 Russian “trolls” can fan their Russophobic flames for months on end and that their hysteria on the topic of “Russian interference” is a universal constant in world politics today, this sudden restraint is worthy of note.

The status of the UK on the world stage has tended to be increasingly mocked, usually through the context of criticising Foreign Minister Boris Johnson. Increasingly we are portrayed as a sycophantic servant to US interests. And indeed, when Johnson, referring to the Skripal poisoning, remarks “I’ve been encouraged by the willingness of our friends to show support and solidarity,” it becomes increasingly easy to make our own inference, and replace the word ‘encouraged’ with the word ‘instructed’.

I suggest we are indeed being instructed to put on this absurd performance of aggression purely to put Trump on the spot. Divert from the admitted lack of evidence for “collusion”. Force him to either condemn Russia and finally sign up on the new wave of sanctions or provide more fodder for neoliberals to describe him as “soft” on Putin.

I suggest this is why the US is happy to remain subdued for the moment. Because the UK is its proxy, now so irrelevant in world politics it can be used to promote US interests without the risks attached to a serious world power doing the same.

I suggest all the UK’s grandstanding and Falklandising basically amounts to a public statement of our client status and how little we really matter any more. Even our threats are simply an ineffectual distraction, used precisely because we won’t upset the Russian big boys too much, but still provide that handy excuse for some Russia-based Trump-bashing in the colonies.

I suggest the UK is an offshore sideshow, nowadays. A punch and Judy act, where Boris Jonson and Theresa May hit things with sticks and squawk and squawk and no one, except their tiny domestic audience really cares.

Perhaps when Marina Zakharova, spokesperson for the Russian Foreign Ministry, describes these goings on as a “circus” she was being a little more specific than we realise. Perhaps when Putin ‘smirks’ he is merely enjoying the show.


  1. Michael McNulty says

    Somebody made a good point saying the latest anti-Russia spy drama is about the west’s next move in Syria, suggesting there’s a plan to use first-strike “tactical” nukes against Russian forces there. The west [ and shouldn’t that really be Zionism?] knows it cannot win a conventional war against Russia if it sends in its armies, so is now working to demonize Russia to the point a nuclear attack becomes acceptable to the people. (Yeah, like the people believe these latest claims and will think starting a nuclear war is okey-dokey.)

    This may explain Putin’s recent comments about any nuke being used makes it nuclear war. And his comments about Russia’s new weapons and capabilities, that’s surely something he would rather not have disclosed?

    • Paul says

      It does look as if America is gearing up to seize long term control of NE Syria and its vast oil fields. They will rule by a Proxy Army of Arabs including fighter refugees from Syria proper supported from the air. Do they need the Kurds? Isn’t it more likely there will be an “accommodation” with Turkey with that country taking chunks of NW Syria and ruling via an even more Islamist opposition? The declared intention of the US, France and UK is to remove Assad from any political future. If the Russians can be “persuaded” to go home through intimidation, trouble in Ukraine or a growing sense it’s not worth the candle because Sunni forces are ultimately too strong, then the country will get carved up. Russia is a relatively poor country and can’t be expected to take on all the major powers alone! Iran should be building bunkers right now.

  2. I think normal, sane people (and it doesn’t matter if they are from the UK or any other country) understand that Russia has nothing to do with this incident.

    It has been repeated many times that this is a complete contradiction of logic, elementary meaning, banal sanity and adequacy.
    Why would Russia need to send this man to Britain in 2010, and after 8(!) years suddenly kill him, especially in such a sophisticated way?

    It has been repeated many times that this person, after he was transferred to Britain, has become completely useless, a waste material.
    Because Britain received from him all information about Russian agents when he was still working for the GRU. Russia, in its turn, after his detention, received from him ALL the data he had – all his links, British contacts – to whom he transmitted information, when, how, whom he knew/know, what is their contacts etc. All that was needed was received from him by both Britain and Russia. After that he became useless, at least for Russia for sure.

    Even if we assume the most incredible fantastic scenario that Skripal still could be a threat for Russia, then even a small child understands that Russian special services EASILY could have eliminated him when he was in a Russian prison. Easily, without noise and without obstacles. He was in a Russian prison 4(!) years – during this time there was a million opportunities to eliminate this person.

    Plus, it should be recalled that this man was NOT a defector. I.e. the one who, for example, caused a great harm to the country, and then secretly fled abroad, avoiding punishment. In this case, at least somehow it would be possible to attach the motive of “revenge”. But this is NOT this case. He was caught in Russia. He was arrested. He was condemned. He spent 4 years in Russian prison. Finally, he was PARDONED by a presidential decree (at that time, Russian President was Dmitry Medvedev).

    Therefore, the version that 8 years after the extradition of Skripal to Great Britain, Russia suddenly “woke up” and decided to eliminate him (right on the eve of Presidental elections) – a complete idiocy. And only a complete idiots can believe in this version. I don’t want to be rude and offend/insult anyone, but it’s simply impossible to call it in other way.

    We are not even talking about an elementary sense. I don’t know what to call it. It’s like arguing and questioning that 2×2 = 4. Everyone knows that 2×2 = 4. This is natural. This is normal. This is adequate. This is one of the foundations of our World. This is the basis. Therefore, when you try to argue with this – people will look at you as if you are a clinical fool.

    I’m not even talking about the fact that this incident occurs ~10 days before the Presidential elections in Russia, and a few months before the World Cup. Russia definitely & 100% is the last one who could be interested to kill Skripal on the eve of these very important events.

    Plus, the killing method itself. A chemical substance “Novichok”… IF it was “Novichok”. Cuz to this current date NO ONE saw at least any concrete evidence that it really was “Novichok”. This is ridiculous. Plus the FACT that British authorities DID NOT let Russian specialists to see/get/analyse samples of this substance. They hide it. They REFUSE to act through OPCW, though they MUST do it according to the international laws and norms. They just say that it was “Novichok”. Just words. Nothing more. Unbelievable.

    What is “Novichok”? Actually this is a chemical warfare agent. Remove all unnecessary words and guess-work. In fact, “Novichok” is a chemical weapon of mass destruction. No more and no less. This is it. A chemical weapon of mass destruction. I emphasize – of MASS destruction. This is a war weapon to kill many thousands(!) of people on a battle field simultaneously.
    For example, remember Saddam Hussein who used chemical weapons to kill 5000 Kurds.


    In 2014 there were reports that ISIS used chemical substances near the town of Fallujah to kill more than 300 Iraqi soldiers. Yes, much less than thousands, but still – we are talking about hundreds of victims.

    NO ONE will use chemical weapon of MASS destruction to kill 1 or 2 persons. This is a total & out-of-beyond absurd. This thing does not work like this. It’s the same if, for example, you will use not a pistol or a knife but a big cannon or a tank to protect yourself from the thief who entered your house. Or, if instead of a small plastic bag you will use a long-vehicle cargo van to bring home one loaf of bread bought at the store around the corner. Absurd and idiocy.

    If someone used this type of weapon (chemical weapon of MASS destruction) to kill two(!) people – this is almost 100 percent confirms the ‘false flag’ version. The only thing that remains a mystery is who it was – the UK or the US special services. Maybe both. I don’t know. This is my opinion. I could be wrong.

    Here in Russia we already accustomed to a constant streams of blatant lies on our country going from the West. But… damn! What i see now from the UK – this is smth new. We have not seen for a long time such an explicit, insolent and shameless lie/slander.
    Less than in 2 weeks they managed to conduct an “investigation”, get “evidence” (which no one has seen) to dare to accuse a whole country and even give this country an ultimatum(!).

    Against the backdrop of all this, it is doubly valuable that there are people who understand WHAT is happening and why. Including on this resource. Thank you. For just being normal and adequate. Damn, there’s definitely smth wrong with the World, cuz i never thought i will thank somebody for just being adequate.

    Btw, i was really surprised when yesterday i discovered that there’s a serial aired on British TV now, where it is about the “Novichok”! Actors say this title in their replics, which means that script writers by some odd reasons(?!) decided to use exactly this rare substance in their TV serial. Wow. Fantastic “coincidence”. Haha, maybe T. May saw this serial and just decided to use this “exotic” name – “Novichok”?

    A fact that British MSM stubbornly (=specially) use a phrase “Russian spy” (or “Russian agent”), though Skripal was a MI6 spy since British intelligence recruited him in 1995. Since 1995 and till the day of poisoning he was (& still is) a MI6 spy, not Russian…

    A fact that they (MSM, UK’ authorities) don’t even consider a FACT that even if it was “Novichok” (though we STILL don’t know), today almost ANY country can produce it cuz its formula is NOT secret and it’s free available. This is NOT an “exclusive Russian secret formula”…

    Meanwhile, Russian Ministry of Defence reports that we have reliable data about upcoming staging “chemical weapon incident” in Syria. Notorious “White Helmets” are ready and on the place already. Actors are ready too – women, children, oldmen:

    This is “highly likely” that this “chemical weapons” new fake will happen in the next few days, and this “Skripal incident” will be used as a informational background to again accuse Russia (they’ll say smth like this – “you see?! Russians used chemical weapons to kill Skripal, now you see Assad again used chemical weapons against civilians but Russia is protecting Assad which means that Russia encourages the use of chemical weapons”).

    Will see…

    • Jonj says

      Even today…claims that Syria and North Korea have amassed stockpiles of this chemical….justifying further WMD accusations and consequences……note DR Utin in uk says he oversaw the complete destruction of Russian chemical weapons…..does he need protection ?

    • Thank you. Many interesting thoughts. I fear that the West is bent on escalating to the point of no return, but even if the outcome is a world war, I’ve come to believe that extinction would be better than Russia surrendering to the Evil that has long been organising against it.

  3. Mikalina says

    My twopence worth:

    Our countries are no longer separate entities. There is a supra-national cabal ruling over us all and their raison d’etre is money and power. They are internationalists not statist. There is no tail wagging dog – only one giant squid.

    According to Alex Kraimer, the West (the cabal) took between 200 and 600 BILLION dollars out of Russia in the early nineties. This money is firmly entrenched within the world financial system from BIS to BE to FTSE.

    Russia is trying to get its money back and there is no way the cabal will let this happen. The Magnitsky Act will enable the West to create legislation which will block any attempt by any Russians in finding this money. It will prevent ANYONE from being able to trace it. This has already worked well in Cyprus where Russia was unable to have stolen monies returned due to similar legislation.

    Britain has precedence for this. The legislation drawn up during the Gina Miller and Brexit case, which went to court VERY quickly, resulted in legislation which prevented the prosecution of Tony Blair as being responsible for the deaths of soldiers in Iraq (i.e.a war criminal) according to an email I received from the campaign to take him to court.

    http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-politics-37704117 (This link gives the legislation drawn up if anyone is of a legal mind.)

    The Skripals are in the Bahamas and the latest killing (reported by Luke the spook in a very controlled and unbiased way) was the real target. He has close links to Litvinenko, Beresovski and the other guy who died on his drive. There are many Russians outside Russia who have no love for Russia or President Putin.

    It has nothing to do with spies – it is all business.

  4. John Marks says

    Motive: (1) Steele is summoned to questioning by Congress. His informant was Skripal. Browder is being questioned in parliament and doesn’t want them to see the film “The Magnitsky Act”: he’s already prevented the EU parliament from seeing it.
    Means: The novichok chemical plant was in Uzbekistan. In 1991 the Uzbeks sold it to the US. So the CIA and, doubtless, Porton Down and MI6 have had this stuff for over a quarter of a century.
    Russia has no motive and, possibly not the means, since they destroyed their chemical weapons during the Yeltsin years – hoping for the “peace dividend”!.
    Elementary, my dear Watson.

  5. Lol, now, it is the same trick pictured in Master and Margarete or applied to Saakashvili in 2008.

    We must do it! Together! Right now or never!

    ….then USA sees other party committed to the plan and pretends it was never at it.
    Tillerson sacked and his words are never official.
    May’s hysterics is now a matter of geopolitics, and UK is alone at that, everyone’s laugh cow.

  6. avenir says

    Here’s the Russian statement to the OPCW. I’m not sure if the Guardian would allow this to be posted and I doubt many in the UK media would pick it up but it’s worth a read

    Statement by Permanent Representative of the Russian Federation to the OPCW, Ambassador Alexander Shulgin, at the 87th session of the OPCW Exwecutive Council on the chemical incident in Salisbury, The Hague, March 13, 2018

    Mr Chairperson,

    In connection with the vicious attacks launched by British officials in London, as well as the statement by the head of the British delegation to the OPCW with regard to Russia concerning the suspicious story of two persons poisoned with a toxic agent in Salisbury, we would like to state the following.

    The British authorities’ unfounded accusations of Russia’s alleged involvement in using poisonous agents on their territory are absolutely unacceptable. Our British colleagues should recall that Russia and the United Kingdom are members of the OPCW which is one of the most successful and effective disarmament and non-proliferation mechanisms. We call upon them to abandon the language of ultimatums and threats and return to the legal framework of the chemical convention, which makes it possible to resolve this kind of situation.

    If London does have serious reasons to suspect Russia of violating the CWC – and the statement read by distinguished Ambassador Peter Wilson indicates directly that this is so – we suggest that Britain immediately avail itself of the procedures provided for by paragraph 2 of Article 9 of the CWC. They make it possible, on a bilateral basis, to officially contact us for clarifications regarding any issues that raise doubts or concerns.

    We would also like to emphasise that such clarifications under the Convention are provided to the requesting member state as soon as possible, but in any case no later than 10 days following receipt of the request. As such, the ultimatum’s demand that information be provided immediately, by the end of today, is absolutely unacceptable.

    Our British colleagues should save their propaganda fervour and slogans for their unenlightened domestic audience, where perhaps they will have some effect. Here, within the walls of a specialised international organisation, such as the OPCW, one must use facts and nothing but the facts. Stop fomenting hysteria, go ahead and officially formalise your request to begin consultations with us in order to clarify the situation. A fair warning, we will require material evidence of the alleged Russian trace in this high-profile case. Britain’s allegations that they have everything, and their world-famous scientists have irrefutable data, but they will not give us anything, will not be taken into account. For us, this will mean that London has nothing substantial to show, and all its lo ud accusations are nothing but fiction and another instance of the dirty information war being waged on Russia. Sooner or later, they will have to be held accountable for their lies.

    In addition, in this particular case, it would be legitimate for the British side to seek assistance from the OPCW Technical Secretariat in conducting an independent laboratory analysis of the available samples that allegedly show traces of nerve agents in Salisbury.

    Thank you, Mr Chairperson.

    We ask you to circulate this statement as an official document of the 87th session of the OPCW’s Executive Council and post it on the Organisation’s external server.


    • Admin says

      Thanks avenir – we’ll publish this ATL

    • Mikalina says

      In autumn last year, the OPCW confirmed that Moscow – a signatory to the Chemical Weapons Convention – had completely destroyed its stockpiles. The organization’s inspection teams verified the destruction at seven chemical weapons destruction facilities in Russia, and, on September 27, 2017, the last of these facilities officially ceased its operations. The six other facilities were closed between 2005 and 2015.

      “The completion of the verified destruction of Russia’s chemical weapons program is a major milestone in the achievement of the goals of the Chemical Weapons Convention,” the organization’s Head Ambassador Ahmet Uzumcu said at the time. He praised countries that assisted Russia with its destruction program, as well as OPCW staff who verified the destruction.


    • mail says

      The tone of this letter is totally unacceptable.
      It fails to show proper deference to the great British Empire.
      Johnny Russian needs to be taught a lesson.

    • John Marks says

      Excellent and appropriate response by the Russians to the scurrilous allegations that really do reduce Britain’s parliament and media to a “circus”.

    • mail says

      There’s nothing more annoying than a yapping poodle.

  7. MichaelK says

    I think the UK government were deeply involved in the Obama administrations attempts, along with the Democrats and the Republican parties establishments, to stop Trump becoming president or surviving as president; because he was perceived by these groups as a maverick outsider who was ‘out of control.’

    This affair doesn’t just put Russia under the hammer, it puts pressure on Trump to react too, or be seen as being soft on Russia and therefore ‘in league’ with them, ‘proving’ the true nature of his relationship with the Russians. It also diverts attention from the Tory government, which is collapsing, and at the same time it’s a gift to the Labour Party’s Blairite wing too. The media, of course, hate news platforms like Wikileaks and RT with a vengeance and would like nothing more than to see RT shut down as it’s a keyhole that isn’t under state/corporate control, even though, in reality, it’s of marginal importance. But even that ‘keyhole’ is too much these days, like any dissent seems to be. We’re living in really disturbing times.

  8. MichaelK says

    Heaven only knows what’s going on, what this episode signifies, who’s behind it and for what purpose? None of that is particularly reassuring. Perhaps the Russian embassy should demand to see the two victims in Salisbury to ascertain their condition and whether they are being cared for properly? I think that’s what I’d do. See how that ‘plays’ in the UK media.

    Is Salisbury part of a wider plot an excuse for an intervention in Syria to topple Assad from power and teach Putin a lesson? With RT silenced in London there would be no outlet at all for any kind of opposition or critical examination of what’s happening.

    It seems like, actually I’m sure of it, that there are very powerful forces in the West that want a ‘low-scale’ confrontation with Russia… somewhere, that would give Russia a ‘bloody nose’ and a form of obvious military defeat that would signal that Putin’s foreign policy has serious consequences and lots of negatives for Russia, which might, it’s hoped, undermine his popularity inside Russia and weaken his grip on power and a military defeat would be the best way to ensure this outcome.

    Is the West planning a direct military intervention in Syria based on some fabricated story about the use of chemical weapons by Assad/Russia and this thing in Syria, this ‘chemical attack’ is merely the opening gambit in this particular stage of the game?

    • mail says

      There has been talk from some of the more demented Neocons about a limited war in Syria to destroy isolated Russian forces there. The only problem is, Russia doesn’t do “limited” wars. Russia doesn’t start wars. It finishes them.

      • Thomas Peterson says

        If novichok was real, the British would surely have no problem providing Russia with a sample of what they claim their Porton Down experts have discovered.

  9. Leslie Campbell says

    Spot on.
    I noticed the coordinated attacks from the Moderatly Labour Blairite front. Yvette Cooper writting to May demanding 14 cases of suspicious deaths (quotation from Buzz field, the well known publisher of Steeles discredited fairy tales) of Russian citizens living in U.K. There is also a connection to the late John Smith memorial fund and his wife Baroness Smith. So the Neocons and friends of Israel are ever more keen to isolate Corbyn. Who spoke of the Good bad Russian Oligarchs funding the Tories. And the need for examination and restraint.
    If May declares a state of emergency we could see the formation of a government for national security. With the Tory “Brexiteers” HARD RIGHTand Corbyns mainstream social democracy HARD LEFT being decanted as extremists and traitors. Opening the doors to a Soros and Blair PM being appointed by the Queen in the National interest. http://www.stalkerzone.org/british-ambassador-laurie-bristow-was-caught-interfering-in-the-russian-elections/

    • Thomas Peterson says

      Some of the failed businessmen in Buzzfeed’s ridiculous story were seen jumping off buildings or in front of trains by themselves.

    • Mikalina says

      David Milliband (our ‘prince o’er the seas) is primed and ready.

  10. George says

    “Does Skripal poisoning show the UK is just a Punch & Judy sideshow for US interests?”

    Yes and it always has been.

  11. bill says

    whilst prime pumping Russophobia,this incident may also involve SS expecting another pay-off for holding his tongue over the dodgy Steele dossier to which he contributed and austerity prevailed- so this isnt about hanging Trump but another attempt to shore up Russiagate which has fallen apart since Nunes despite every attempt at distraction ; as awful as Trump is, beware of what you wish for,Pence imo being the ultimate Christian sociopath wanting so badly to kill for Jesus.

  12. bevin says

    Spot on!
    May is obviously doing the bidding of the Henry Jackson members in her cabinet. That’s the society named after an obscure and corrupt Senator from Washington-now long deceased- whose stupidity and venality is an inspiration to the British neo-cons.
    These last would so much like to be Americans that, like cockneys on Coney Island, they ape their worst behaviour. .
    But at least the Israeli Embassy-which longs for someone to wipe out Hezbollah for them- will thank them for insulting Russia at the small cost of disgracing the British people and making a mockery of every decent principle in our jurisprudence.

  13. Kavy says

    Theresa May and Boris Johnson are a comedy act. No evidence of Russia doing this, but they accuse Russia anyway.

    Sergei Kripal helped to put together the Steele Dossier but the Trump – Putin allegations have just collapsed. Could Sergei Kripal have known too much and so the Western intelligence agencies tired to to take him out? Who benefits, asks, James O’Neil in Consortium News, certainly not the Russians?


  14. Paul says

    So this is the Dark State giving Trump another bit of rope on which to hang himself? If that were correct it would be a relief when you consider the alternative: that this is the next step into building a reason for an invasion of Syria and war with Iran. To get Assad, Russia needs to be frightened off. The new Secretary of State is a well embedded member of the Dark State himself; is he there to stab Trump in the back or drive forward with a like minded President against Iran and other Shi’a groups? It’s the start of the 2nd Syrian War and the West wants the pesky Russians at home, maybe in conflict with Kiev but at least reluctant to get further involved; they are not after all the world’s policeman. There are already signs Russia isn’t eager to fight a world war almost alone. Iran is unsurprisingly very worried.

    • rtj1211 says

      Pompeo is a danger to humanity. The sooner he is out of any positions of influence the better…..

        • rtj1211 says

          Someone Pompeo was overseeing and being rewarded for doing Mad Mike’s bidding, you mean?

          I have zero faith that any decent American will be appointed to any position of power.

          Just because Haspel was an operative does not make her worse than a policy Director….

    • Kavy says

      I feel helpless because I can’t inform people. I had two comments removed in CiF yesterday, and I try to be very careful what I write. All I said was that some moderate conservatives are very anti war. I told readers to look at the American Conservative site and check out Kevin Shipp, an ex CIA agent who is now a whistleblower. No links, but the Guardian removed my comments as not abiding by community standards.

      • George Cornell says

        You have joined an elite principled group, Kavy. Good on you.

      • Annie says

        I am seriously thinking that – in certain Skripal/Russia threads over the last couple of days – the vast majority of comments could be sock puppets.

        There has been an enormous amount of repetition of certain themes (“Skripal proves we need to abandon Brexit”is the dominant one) , and almost total exclusion of the usual moderate or sceptical opinion found in most of the Guardian articles BTL. Hardly anyone was saying “hey I don’t want this war with Russia!”, or “where’s the evidence?” or any of the rational things that are always reasonably well represented. It just didn’t “feel” right.

        The fact the Skripal/Brexit nexus is now emerging ATL even more strongly implies this was a deliberately seeded theme. And if so there were literally dozens of sock puppets BTL working that theme.

        At best there’s been some sort of wholesale silencing of dissident voices. At worst the Guardian is moving into a more aggressive phase of manipulation BTL. Entire threads colonised by sock puppets talking to each other.

        • Thomas Peterson says

          They certainly have the comments section under control now, however they’ve done it.

          • John Marks says

            So controlled they don’t even allow comments on most articles.
            But you can usually always comment on what colour lipstick to wear.

          • Tim Groves says

            The sock puppets are talking to themselves now. It’s the first sign of madness.

            The mass media’s “legitimacy” comes in large part from the quality and quantity of the audience that it attracts. For the past two years now, I’ve refused to grant the Graun any “oxygen of legitimacy” at all. I will not buy the print edition and I refuse to click on, read or comment on anything at its website. The only negative for me is that I miss out on Michael Billington. But on the plus side, I am enjoying the immense feeling of virtue I get from having nothing further to do with them apart from watching them sink into oblivion.

      • rtj1211 says

        RT censors my comments as well. They last about 15 seconds before being snipped….

        • Mine, too. Interesting that they usually seem to leave the overtly Russophobic bots alone, but remove mildly worded, informative comments.

          Clearly something going on there. It looks like moderation there’s been farmed out to GCHQ, or similar.

        • Tim Groves says

          We are still in “the Prologue” of this episode, and I’m thinking that any minute now Ludicrus Sextus is going to be appointed as Leader of the Senate.

      • The Guardian is a lost cause with a plummeting readership. It should be left to wither and die.

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