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Skripal case: DS Bailey leaves hospital; MSM still spinning casualty figures

DS Nick Bailey was allegedly released from hospital today, but questions about his story remain unanswered. Meanwhile the MSM continue claims of 30+ casualties in Salisbury despite unambiguous refutation of these figures from a senior physician on the case

this, and another near identical one taken at the same time, are the only two photographs of DS Nick Bailey circulated to the press so far

updated March 23

It was announced today that Detective Sergeant Nick Bailey – allegedly the third victim of the alleged “nerve agent” poisoning in Salisbury, UK – has been released from hospital.

Bailey did not speak to the press, and no photographs or film of him leaving the premises and going home have yet emerged. However Keir Pritchard, Chief Constable for Wiltshire, did appear to the press to read out statements allegedly made by Bailey and his alleged wife, Sarah. You can read Bailey’s statement at the end of this piece.

Keir Pritchard reads DS Bailey’s alleged statement to the assembled press outside Salisbury Hospital, March 22 2018

As things stand Bailey appears to have not only survived contamination with what has been described as a “military grade nerve agent”, but is, 18 days later, allegedly fit enough to return home.

Where Bailey was poisoned, and how he was poisoned is still not clear – which is puzzling of itself. Was it while attending the Skripals as a first-responder, as claimed by Theresa May (improbable on the face of it, since CID officers in Britain do not act as first-responders). Or did he, on the contrary,“have no direct contact with the Skripals”, as put out by the Daily Mail? Was he poisoned while searching the Skripals home? Or was it somewhere else entirely?

And why did he become poisoned when no one else at the scene, and indeed no one else anywhere in Salisbury fell ill, or even showed signs of contamination in their bloodwork? If the unnamed doctor quoted by the BBC, who allegedly worked on Yulia Skripal at the scene of her collapse for 30 minutes, escaped unharmed, why didn’t Bailey? What was he doing and where was he doing it that made him the only one, beside the Skripals to fall ill?

18 days later we still have no definitive statement about this, which is frankly bizarre. This isn’t a state secret; various “sources” have been happily dropping contradictory leads since March 8. How can so much ambiguity exist for so long around a pretty clearcut event?

Bailey must know where and how he became contaminated. He must know whether he was attending the Skripals at the bench, or was investigating their home, or something else. And Bailey has apparently been alert enough to talk since March 8, and well enough as of March 22, to compose a long statement, so he could also be clarifying this question, as of this date, if not before.

Why has he not done so? Or, if he has clarified it, why has his clarification not been made public?

Indeed why does his statement say absolutely nothing about his experience on March 4, his symptoms, his recovery process and prognosis or anything beyond impersonal statements of thanks and pleas to be left alone by the media?

News reports continue to be inconsistent beyond a level plausibly explained by government secrecy or the natural confusion that happens in any dramatic event. Even the numbers of casualties still can’t be agreed upon. The claim of “nearly 40” needing treatment that were made by Neil Basu, the national head of counterterrorism, and repeated in the Times and other outlets, were subsequently debunked by a senior physician at Salisbury hospital, who, in a letter to the Times, said unambiguously that only three people (presumably the two Skripals and Bailey) had ever needed treatment. A correction the Times itself published ATL the same day.

This would seem to be an end of the confusion over this particular question. A senior medic says only three people experienced symptoms of poisoning in Salisbury. News outlets can be expected take that as the final word until otherwise informed.

But no, that debunked number “40”, or variants of it, continues to show up in news stories (see the Independent March 22), as do other anomalies. For example today the BBC referred toanother policeman who responded to the attack on 4 March [who] is being treated as an outpatient by Salisbury District Hospital, the BBC understands”.

We need to ask why the BBC “understands” this, and where they got their information from, since no such “other policeman” has, to the best of our knowledge, been mentioned by anyone before today.

Who is this newly-discovered mystery man? How do the BBC know about him but a doctor on the scene doesn’t? Are the Independent & the BBC unaware of Mr Davies’s statement? Do they believe he’s lying? Or are the UK press more interested in spraying dramatic claims around than in trying to do accurate reporting?

Alleged statement of DS Nick Bailey, as read to the press by Keir Pritchard, Chief Constable of Wiltshire

“People ask me how I am feeling – but there are really no words to explain how I feel right now. Surreal is the word that keeps cropping up – and it really has been completely surreal.

“I have been so very overwhelmed by the support, cards and messages I have received – everyone has been so incredible.

“Some days we’ve had about 300 messages from officers, the wider police family and the public. The level of support has been unbelievable and I’ve tried to respond to what I can, but I want to say I have really appreciated every single message.

“One thing that has lifted me throughout the last few weeks has been the public support the police service has received during this incident. All the stories of community spirit – from the local businesses providing food and hot drinks to the officers standing for endless hours on the cordons, to the members of the public just showing their support for our work – have been quite simply overwhelming to hear about.

“I want to pay tribute and give my absolute and heartfelt thanks to the staff of Salisbury District Hospital. The care I have received from the medical staff has been simply outstanding from day one – from the man that cleans the floor to the doctors giving the treatment – they have all been absolutely phenomenal. Thank you just doesn’t seem enough and just doesn’t convey the gratitude I feel for what they have done for me.

“I have spent all my time since the incident really focusing on trying to get better and trying not to think about anything else. But as I have begun to feel better, I have become aware of the widespread and enormous attention this whole incident has attracted. I find this really overwhelming – I am just a normal person with a normal life, and I don’t want my wife, children, family or I to be part of that attention. I do hope the public can understand that.

“I want people to focus on the investigation – not the police officer who was unfortunate enough to be caught up in it. I understand why there is attention on me, but all I have done is represent every police officer who goes out there every day and puts their life at risk.

“As for what happens now – we are just taking each day as it comes at the moment.

“I recognise that ‘normal’ life for me will probably never be the same – and Sarah and I now need to focus on finding a new normal for us and for our children.

“What I need now is time to re-group, recover and most importantly spend time with my loved ones. I do understand and appreciate the attention on this incident, but I would ask people to put themselves in my shoes. I want to respectfully ask the media for privacy for me and my family at this time and for no intrusion into my private life, so that my family and I can try to come to terms with what has happened.

“Thank you so much for all of your support.”


  1. Cassandra says

    I think the whole “novichok” saga is a Red Herring but the media dutifully spread the ridiculous claims (fed to them by anonymous “sources”) and thereby fulfilled their intended function in “the production of ignorance” accurately described by Nick Davies in his book “Flat Earth News”:
    (Full disclosure: I subscribed to the Guardian in 2007 but would not touch it with a barge-pole now…)

    “An industry whose primary task is to filter out falsehood has become so vulnerable to manipulation that it is now involved in the mass production of falsehood, distortion and propaganda.“

    Here is just one example: (“They write what they are being “told”… by anonymous sources)

    Three intelligence officials told ABC News that the Russian military origin and the nature of the substance, a “dusty” organophosphate, are clear to them. It is a Cold War substance, something they claimed never to have,” one senior intelligence official said of Russia to ABC News. Sources said the substance is derived from G- and V-series agents in the 1970s, which are akin to the Novichok nerve agent.
    The intelligence officials told ABC News up to 38 individuals in Salisbury have been identified as having been affected by the nerve agent but the full impact is still being assessed and more victims sickened by the agent are expected to be identified.
    “It’s seen here as an attempted murder and premeditated,” rather than an attempt just to sicken Skripal with a non-lethal toxin or scare other Russian ex-spies, an intelligence official told ABC News.”

    (BTW, the ABC-Headline ran „at least 38 sickened“).

    (This the kind of idiot-churnalism that makes PSYOPs so successfull.)

    The stuff these intel „officials“ fed to ABC (then multiplied a thousand times thru other „churnalists“ in Europe) could have easily been debunked by looking at the statements from the police in conjunction with the local and national health authorities (PHE) in Britain.

    article/1752/Salisbury-s-multi-agency-press-facility-statements (wiltshire.police.uk)

    “In addition to the three inpatients receiving treatment, in line with Public Health England guidance which asked anyone who was in the area and concerned to come forward if feeling unwell, we have seen and assessed a number of people who DID NOT require further treatment”.

    public-health-england-statement-regarding-events-in-salisbury (gov.uk/)

    “It’s important to note that NO FURTHER cases of illness have been reported since the incident occurred on Sunday 4 March. We understand that people will be feeling unsure, but we are not seeing new cases of any members of the public being seriously ill.
    Based on current evidence the risk to the wider public is low and it is likely that, had any member of the public been exposed to the substance, they would have presented with symptoms by now.”

    While it is of course important to demand forensic evidence and corroboration (in any alleged crime), more attention should be paid to the WHY (not just the HOW).

    The inflammatory statements issued by British politicians since March 4 have made it clear that they are not interested in conducting a serious investigation, that the “Salisbury” incident was manufactured to be used as a PSYOP, a form of POLITICAL WARFARE against Russia. So what did Russia do, why are the British “intelligence agencies” (and other parts of HMG) so “pissed-off” about it? A “highly likely” answer can be found in the analysis by Thierry Meyssan (proper context to understand “Salisbury” is Syria…)

    https://www.voltairenet.org/article200260.html (pls see also article200232 for the role of Britain)

  2. Anyone else like me think that DS Bailey and Chief Constable Keir Pritchard may be one and the same? The ‘photograph’ of the former could just be a computer manipulated image of the latter (there has been a lot of publicity recently about the advanced technological capability to produce realistic images of non-existent people). This would tie in with the fact that there appear to be no other photos of Bailey and everything relating to him is hearsay. Not sure that I go so far as to believe my own conspiracy theory on this but, the way things are going, nothing would surprise me.

  3. Brup says

    I don’t think that Putin is so stupid to use novichok for killing a little traitor.
    Watch to Mossad, instead.

  4. Nemo says

    By the way. I listened to the whole PC held by the Russians for the 150 ambassadors. There they claimed that a few months ago a British TV series had the same storyline with Novichok as a poison used in that drama. Which one is this?

    • It was called Strike Back and was a SKY drama featuring assassination(s?) by peskie russkies using novichok. I know no more than that. There have been several series but the episodes featuring this storyline were shown in the UK at the end of November 2017 and in the US at the end of Feb/beginning of March 2018. Coincidence?

  5. Jonj says

    His medical treatment is confidential..and may be ongoing… .perhaps PTSD..he may have to in future retire through ill health as no information about long term effects is available… he and his family may be thanking their lucky stars…as has been posted elsewheres that it is doubtful whether Skripals would continue to survive without extensive continuing intensive care at hospital . ….his information whatever it is … is evidence and for such a international event will not be allowed to be also released by hearsay…allusion… by friends and associates revealing snippets that reporters will be attempting to hound out from them…other wise it would be seen to compromise whatever other legal events may follow such as the declaration of any further actions against Russia whether via Vienna Convention…via UNSC or not…..if we are saying that Russia has a right of presumption of innocense until proven guilty then we must also apply that to him..yes we have speculation at such a serious event but not necessarily have to fall into the same ideology and methodology as TM and BoJo are using reaching conclusions in the manner they have done surely…. ..thus surely he should be treated as an innocent victim he and family deserves recovery time without being hounded by presstitute reporters and every facet of his life known. Obviously medical staff may have been “reminded” of confidentiality by email …meetings large or small ..or told to sign a letter confirming confidentiality…or even sign official secrets act?
    Maybe there could be a whistleblower….maybe there is another Dr Kelly type person somewhere in these events.But medical staff we hope are still able to read national and international press and such websites as this and other truthseeker sites. D S Bailey may even be doing so….he may have been advised not to in order to not compromise his evidence. Subsequent world events are hanging on these circumstances and he will be aware of this…and so will be his employers.

    • if we are saying that Russia has a right of presumption of innocense until proven guilty then we must also apply that to [Bailey]

      No one has accused Bailey of anything. Your comment has nothing to do with the article.

    • Nemo says

      Basically, they ate some sort of Russian delicacy brought by the daughter, which unfortunately had wild poisonous mushrooms, by mistake. Then they drive to the town, did shopping and had lunch. The poison had effect and they collapsed.

      DSC Bailey went to the house to investigate, saw some of the delicacy, munched on it and got sick as well.

      • James Scott says

        Sorry but everything about this case seems deliberate to me. there has been no accidental happenings except that the doctor has refuted mass poisoning lie.

    • It appears that this application was held in secret as any party, second or third were not summoned. Clearly this is move by the British Government to keep the Russian Consular staff away from their own citizens. Absolutely disgraceful tactic. Clearly the British Government has something to hide.

  6. bevin says

    From the Skwawkbox:
    “Health staff working at the Salisbury hospital treating Sergei and Yulia Skripal have complained that they are being closely watched by the UK’s security services, making them fearful of speaking out about events around the poisoning of the two Russians, along with a police officer who has since been discharged.

    “The SKWAWKBOX contacted the Home Office to ask whether these complaints were correct. A Home Office spokesperson declined to deny that health workers were under surveillance, stating only:

    “‘We will not be commenting on the activities of the security services.’

    “Pressed to explain why Salisbury hospital staff should need to be watched, the spokesperson also declined to comment.

    “In the absence of a government denial, the complaints, which have come from a number of staff, must be taken seriously – and raise the serious question of why such surveillance should be thought necessary.”

    Makes a change from “Nothing to see, move along now…” Doesn’t it.
    I suppose that we ought to be grateful that they haven’t yet got to the stage of killing all witnesses to prevent leaking.

    • bevin says

      Another alert from the same source. Skwawkbox:

      “Govt admits uncertainty re Novichok – fails to clarify comment it may not be nerve agent.”

  7. Salford Lad says

    Has anyone considered that DS Bailey was contaminated and was on the scene because he was the person who administered the poisoning.

  8. P.E. Ace says

    For th US, the UK serves as high-grade tool to push Europe to abandon Nordstream2.

    • P.E. Ace says

      BTW, high number of dashes in a statement written by a policeman. 11 in 42 lines as per lay-out above.

      (I concur with all the other appropriate comments on the policeman’s statement.)

        • P.E. Ace says

          Journalists, PR people and marketeers use dashes most, IMHO. Perhaps the policeman developed a taste for dashes owing to reporting duties.

  9. avenir says

    Today they’re finally getting round to doing this. Again remarkably odd to do this now when it should have been done as one if the first forensic tasks.

    I know someone who has been in the tech staff of BBC South Today filming in Salisbury, they say it’s been very odd, many wandering around in chemical protection suits but the police, fire brigade and themselves without any protection at all, no concern at all about this.

    I personally suspect that the agent was some kind of organophosphate pesticide, and would explain the reports that it came in through car air conditioning, was anyone spraying crops that day? #justasking.

    Police swab items at Skripal home for clues to nerve agent attack


    • Florence says

      Botulism food poisoning has all the same symptoms, isn’t transferable by touch, (you have to eat the contaminated food), has a delayed onset and can kill. It is found in canned goods, and home-cured foods.

  10. Why can’t we see Nick Bailey now that he’s recovered and out of hospital. Is it because they want the demonization of Russia to continue pro tem, and pictures of a well-looking policeman might start people thinking that this “military grade nerve-agent” can’t be up to much.

    Maybe he’s been released from hospital because they know full well the tests will show that it wasn’t a nerve-agent, in which case they’ll surely have to tone down the medical emergency narrative (and likely let the Skripals make the necessary recovery – in due course, naturally).

    When it’s all over and diplomatic relations lie in tatters they’ll no doubt be the familiar excuse that they acted in accord with the best intelligence they had, etc. And in any case Russia is just BAD, and deserved what they got.

    The whole farce is oddly reminiscent of the Fawlty Towers episode “The Anniversary” where Basil won’t let guests go and up and see Sybil who he maintains is ill in bed (she has actually left the hotel in rage).

  11. Harry Law says

    DS Bailey’s wife Sarah, said: “Nick doesn’t like the term hero, but he has always been a hero to me and our children”. Meanwhile that evil Putin is watching on and smirking while stroking his white cat with diamond encrusted collar.

  12. Fair dinkum says

    Police only exist for one reason.
    To protect the ruling class and the smug middle class.

  13. Broken record here: what became of the doctor who treated Yulia? The media may want me to forget this inconvenient fact: or attempt to obfuscate the narrative to accommodate her (the DS Bailey was contaminated at the house fiction also seems to have been memory-holed) …but then Novichok poisoning hasn’t robbed me of my memory.

    Meanwhile, a doctor who was one of the first people at the scene has described how she found Ms Skripal slumped unconscious on a bench, vomiting and fitting. She had also lost control of her bodily functions.

    The woman, who asked not to be named, told the BBC she moved Ms Skripal into the recovery position and opened her airway, as others tended to her father.

    She said she treated her for almost 30 minutes, saying there was no sign of any chemical agent on Ms Skripal’s face or body.

    The doctor said she had been worried she would be affected by the nerve agent, but added that she “feels fine”.


    Oh! what a tangled web we weave …

  14. Tom Welsh says

    In the first place, I marvel that DS Bailey was able to make such a long statement without saying anything at all about the alleged poisoning, how it affected him, how he was treated, or anything else to the point. It’s just a long flow of emotional gush.

    I was interested to read elsewhere, only today, that Theresa May’s first effusions in Parliament took place barely hours after the Syrian army discovered the 20 tons (or was it 40 tons?) of poison gas the terrorists left behind in East Ghouta.

    That may well explain why should did not see fit to mention the matter for such a long time. Although it is remains decidedly odd that the people in spacesuits did not appear on the streets of Salisbury until after May’s first speech. Meaning that the citizens of Salisbury were exposed to “nerve agent” for several days while the government did absolutely nothing to protect – or even to warn – them. Because, if the spacesuits were still needed all that time after the alleged poisoning, the citizens must have been in serious danger for all those days.

    Lastly, I think I am going to be using the word “alleged” a lot more in future. As in, “the alleged UK PM Theresa May allegedly said that alleged nerve agent was allegedly used…” And so on. You can’t be too careful when dealing with lethal liars.

    • Tom Welsh says

      “…the 20 tons (or was it 40 tons?) of poison gas the terrorists left behind in East Ghouta”.

      Which, by the way, taking a leaf from the British government playbook, could only have been supplied by a “state actor”.

      After all, if cooking up a few milligrams of nerve agent is utterly beyond anyone except the Russian government, what can you say about the provenance of 40 tons of poison gas suddenly discovered to have been in the possession of demnted terrorist head-choppers?

      I wonder who that “state actor” could have been.

      Don’t you?

    • From the best I can make of the timeline: Yulia Skripal was airlifted to Salisbury District Hospital at 17:15; men in spacesuits arrived 20:20 …a window of three hours when the cordon was lifted and police and passers by, all dressed normally, walked pass the bench. Early photos also show police in normal uniforms chatting away with staff in Zizzis: as though nothing had happened. Probably because nothing had happened: certainly not a poisoning with one of the most lethal toxins known?

    • Paul Carline says

      His statement reads to me like something carefully scripted by some PR company to press all the ‘right’ buttons. I don’t believe this came from him.

  15. D.C At Deaths Door Lives!

    And he’s just such regular guy.

    We learn he’s quite surprised how the world has changed while he’s been recuperating in Salisbury District Hospital. Offering thanks to all those who helped him and although his life will never be the same again he strangely forgot to mention the Skripals who are both Russian and apparently Boris Johnson thinks symbolise a threat to British Sovereignty by Russia???

    This whole thing is crazy. The media has lost the plot along with the British Government .

    Thank God Russia can offer a logical, sensible and considered way forward.

    Unfortunately I don’t think Mayday and Bang, Bang “up yours” Boris Johnson will somehow be able to hear any of this.

    Yes when you’ve made an arse of yourself bring on the British bluff and bluster and don’t spare any sane person!

  16. mog says

    I regularly feel ‘kafkaesque’.
    -But then again I can’t hold down a straight job.

    What would be your odds of the Skripals ‘dying’ (with close up, 24/7 webcam action) on the eve of the council by-elections?

  17. JJA says

    “I recognise that ‘normal’ life for me will probably never be the same – and Sarah and I now need to focus on finding a new normal for us and for our children.”

    Yep, pay off, pension and non-disclosure agreement, maybe even a new identity ‘in case the evil Russkies want to finish him off’ perhaps? A win/win for him and the lying May government.

    • Paul Carline says

      He was most likely part of the script from the beginning … as the Skripals could also be.
      No poisoning by nerve agent. Not difficult to produce a non-lethal ‘collapse’ scenario, with Skripal recruited by old friend Pablo – daughter added for greater effect. Perhaps we will be told that Sergei and Yulia have ‘died’ – or are no longer in the hospital. There could be other staff at the hospital who know or suspect what is going on, but are too frightened to say – unless they have all been kept out of the way.
      The consultant was very specific – no-one poisoned by a nerve agent! Why is the ‘Novichok’ nonsense still being fed to the public?

    • Mr.Tea says

      I wonder if he supposed police victim was a member of the special handshake club?

    • Let’s just say , for the sake of PUBLIC HEALTH, Safety & Sanity, his medical condition should be extremely carefully monitored, officially : better still independently, from an international ‘Neutral’ team of doctors & chemists.. (Logic dictates HIS insistence;) : unlike the Russian scientist who exposed himself accidentally, to this ‘slowly deadly cocktail’, of the ubiquitously phrased & phased “Military Grade Nerve Agent” ..

      Henceforth known as MGNA (& not to be confused with MDMA , under any circumstance 😉

      Tune in next week to miss May’s interim stupidity.. and don’t forget to search for ‘STEVE’ the “Purple Streaker” in the night sky , (in the meantime): & Duty-fully Report in to NASA, & their Project ‘Aurorasaurus’ (Rex) , with all your SIGHTINGS of S.T.E.V.E. ?? >>

      “STRONG THERMAL E-MISSION VELOCITY ENHANCEMENT” movements in the upper atmosphere !?
      (Actually, it is a 15 mile / 24 Km wide & extremely HOT CGC (Charged GAS Cloud) moving at well over 13,000 mph & at a temperature of PLUS THREE THOUSAND DEGREES Celsius (+3,000 C) ..
      Worth Mentioning ? You judge .. The temperatures in the ionosphere ranging between minus -73 Celsius up to plus +227c >> STEVE TEN TIMES HOTTER – Discuss !

      ‘Strangely’, NASA still CLUELESS , even more so than the European Space Agency ?

      (You can’t make this stuff up!) .. S’warm Satellites !

      Take my advice, as a fellow SPUTNIK & forget ‘Novichokin’ for a moment and open your eyes fully to climate change by searching the “Purple Streaker Steve” >>

      NO JOKE ! for ANY Scientific mind with rational uncorrupted tendencies towards Physics ..



      D I S T R A C T E D (in the house) ?? <<

      N.B. Sputnik – the first satellites – original meaning , ‘Fellow Traveller of Mother Earth’ , should serve to remind all how Distracted we have become, indeed , presently disconnected from any real time SCIENCE that includes Humanities ..
      One common >>
      Absurd Goal

      of Strong Thermal Emission Velocity Enhancement in conTROLLing ** K N O W L E D G E **
      Re. Climate Change & Reflections on Jet Stream Turbulence ..


      SHARE d’ PITCH ! Open Source Intelligence & Engineering & Fast Track DATA ..

      Realtime: Reality dictates that all I.P. is compound and the true value of ‘Virtual Realty’ is owning up to the responsibility attached to the knowledge or ‘property’ .. as #fbMZ just discovered 🙂

      Mark Zuckerberg could easily afford his own Network of ‘SWARM’ Satellites to monitor STEVE..
      (Just thinking aloud, huh ?) Novichokin’ seems low priority ! Scientifically ..

      I wonder how MZ will explain NASA’s latest Project ‘Aurorasaurus’ #S.T.E.V.E. to his two wee daughters, at bedtime .. ? ? And whether the official narrative of Novichok MGNA features in his priorities of explanations, when raising his children’s awareness .. in later life ?

        • FARTS ! creating distractions ..

          Like NASA’s “Strong Thermal Emission Velocity Enhancement” that stinks .. !
          Remember the ORANGE SNOW over whole of Eastern Europe ?

          Or was your mind elsewhere orientated, on that Saturday ?

          All that week long, (Prior to the Orange Snow falling over the whole of Eastern Europe), NATO Military jets (large) were flying South East to North West and back again, repeatedly, directly over my mountain house in BG. , (within the border zone to Turkey & Greece), over a ‘No Fly Zone’ & even in the middle of the night at 3.25 am , regular as clockwork, SPRAYING something ! ! All Directly before Erdogan visited Varna in Bulgaria (not reported in the West, Logic, NOT one report), to speak with Juncker , Tusk & P.M. Borisov .. suffice to say that Farce/Charade was conveniently ‘missed’ by the Guardian and the whole MSM, who have not been reporting Balkan News accurately, if at all, for a very long time now: especially since an Ex-NATO & BG Airforce General , became President Roumen Radev of Bulgaria. His glowing NATO & US Command Strategy appraisal from 2009 (check Wikileaks) & his views no longer ‘Required’ or Reported, as they conflict with Deep State interests & narratives.

          Radev, (knowing NATO implicitly), declined to meet with Erdogan !

          You should search more about President Radev , as he is unquestionably THE most independent scientific minded President, in the whole world, today, i say .. & most certainly in Europe.

          This Skripal case, just one way of masking NATO actions & failures.

          Geoengineering very real & OUR Weather has been Weaponised, (for quite some time , imho), which would certainly account for Russia’s New World Record of just 6 (six) minutes sunshine in Moscow, for the WHOLE of December 2017, worth mentioning 😉 ? & the ‘orange snow’, that was explained away as sand, (from the Sahara), even though the winds came from S.S. East (Turkey) all week long, where I live (& have lived for almost 15 years ..) >> An Inconsistent Wind ‘Story’ and I should add that I have never seen sand , as fine as that, from Africa, in all my time living here!

          Indeed anywhere .. in fact, it did not look remotely like sand to this 57 year old, with military & corporate intelligence training: & I reckon Radev might well have some questions himself, given that he still flies Mig 29’s.

          But hey, look d’ Skripal case: NATO’s explicit INTENTION ..
          No news from the Balkans is good news, clearly !!

          Sorry, for being so obtuse with my original comment ..
          Made the day BEFORE Orange Snow & Erdogan landed !
          After being sprayed by NATO Jets ..

  18. MichaelK says

    He’s got brain damage! That explains it. Who is this Sir Reel he’s on about? Or maybe it’s a girl he knows… Sue Real. His fancy women from Surrey?

  19. MichaelK says

    This copper seems pretty cheery considering he’s been hovering at death’s door for days! Talk about the British stiff upper lip. How’s he feeling? Answer, I dunno, but it’s all been so… ‘surreal.’ ‘Surreal’?! Is that how people normally talk? I hear people answer with a ‘Oh, not too bad, considering…’ Then one gets a long list of their ailments. I’ve never heard anyone answer, if one enquires about their health, ‘How are you then, granny?’ with, ‘I’m feeling a little surreal, luv, still, mustn’t grumble.’

    • The speech doesn’t sound like something a policeman would write. Someone else has written it for him.

    • Quite. And your typical hard-bitten, fact-driven policeman would be the last person to describe anything as “surreal”, unless he’s a Salvador Dali aficionado in his spare time. It’s more likely that he wouldn’t know what the word means.

  20. Hertog Jan says

    Street magicians might be more convincing.

    The enormity of the lies, the obvious fabrications must be part of the plan to take our whole society into Room 101 of Nineteen Eighty-Four, where fear and trauma are the tools used to convince us that 2 + 2 = 5.

    We had ‘2 planes = 3 buildings’ and we now have ‘3 patients equal 40’.

    • milosevic says

      I’ve completely stopped watching TV (apart from RT News). Whenever I’m in the mood for that kind of thing, I just watch this movie again; it’s exactly the same.

  21. reenmac says

    So what was the “treatment ” the policeman received.? Other news reports say it was quite an undertaking for the brave policeman to undergo.
    Whereas the treatment the Skripals are receiving seems to be largely taken up with heavy sedation.
    How can their mental status be ascertained if they are heavily sedated?
    Another curious statement
    ” The hospital has not been approached by anyone known to the patients to inquire of their welfare.”
    So Pablo Miller, known to Sergei, after all, his original recruiter and once a week dinner pal in Salisbury,
    is a bit of a fair weather friend?
    Pablo , who’s known him all these years according to several news reports, does not so much as bother to pick up the phone and enquire?
    And what of Ross, who transported Yulia from the airport on Sunday?
    And how the hell does anyone know who the Skripals knew?
    If , as we have heard from another expat Russian known to Sergey, that Mr Skripal was in the habit of visiting the Russian Embassy in London every month, then he would most probably know the consul at the Embassy.
    This man , in a total breach of international law has been denied access to , or knowledge of Yulia and her condition, or of Sergeys

    • Something else that occurred to me was how convenient it is that the Skripals appear not to have any close family to be concerned about their well-being and to insist on seeing them. I read that in 2012 there was reference to Sergei Skripal having a mother but, if she is still alive, presumably a trip to the UK is out of the question. This could be convenient in three ways. First the congenital liars can do whatever they like to them with impunity; they can arrange for new identities for them and tell the gullible amongst our population whatever they like with regards to their ultimate fate; and third, the Skripals may be in on this charade themselves so having no close relatives enables this little fact to remain secret. I am not inclined to favour any one option over the other two but just thought I would throw it out their!

  22. bevin says

    The bastards are hoping that, if they just keep on talking, frenetically piling detail on detail, meandering off into side narratives and packs of shaggy dogs. And all the time, with the kind assistance of the media, deflecting questions so that we learn nothing except that DS Bailey’s dog was chuffed to see him home and wagged his tail so much that he knocked a vase off the coffee table, which has ruined the rug that his mother in law knitted him while watching Coronation Street through three pregnancies and using wool gathered on a lake district ramble with Felix, himself a retired copper, her husband of forty years, who, coincidentally -“it’s a small world” -speaks Russian and always wanted to be a chemist.
    It’s sad really because ..
    if they just keep talking never letting anyone get a word in edgewise-anyone that is bar the media who have been so good and patriotic and haven’t bothered anyone with carping questions- in the end we’ll just give up and file the whole story with The Marie Celeste and other curiosities.
    And nobody will realise that their story makes less sense as every day passes.
    (To be fair though it wasn’t Boris who came up with the Berlin Olympics angle it was bloody Ian Austin MP, Tony Blair’s biggest admirer.)

  23. Harry Law says

    Craig Murray has another posting on yesterdays evidence in court 22nd March with the Skripal case “Evidence submitted by the British government in court today proves, beyond any doubt, that Boris Johnson has been point blank lying about the degree of certainty Porton Down scientists have about the Skripals being poisoned with a Russian “novichok” agent. https://www.craigmurray.org.uk/

  24. The more time passes the more distant and we get from March 2nd the more the lie gets spun. Goebbels has nothing on the anglo-zionist. The seed has been sown From Litvenko ,Osetia, MH-17 to Crimea ,Syria the Olympics. The sheeple are being primed . We have an established enemy of western values, whatever that means and let us not forget democracy .Again whatever that means.
    Facts verifiable at that.
    Punto Uno: Most European Banking institutions have all recently shown to be in the red.
    Punto Due: All multi national corporations latest earnings demonstrate that productivity gains are inversely related to stockmarket highs . Hence all their earnings are due to their inflated stockmarket pricing and not from any productivity gains.
    Punto TRE:The Uk regime is basically on free fall . About as popular as Blair and Cameron. NOW THAT SAYS SOMETHING. Also latest data from London Bobble heads show that the real-estate gains are all dis appearing . Industrial capacity is at 1990’s levels, and the grand daddy of them all Glenfell Towering Inferno puts full culpability straight onto the Torries lap. I smell some whopping lawsuits on the way.
    Conclusion: What a better way to distract and obfuscate a sinking ship than false flags and gas lighting.
    POST SCRIPTUM.: We may see the death of May and Johnson and possible fall of the Torries by end of summer un less the anglo-zionist get their war.
    Docius In Fundem:They always got Ukraine to fall on if things don’t pan out . One thing is for sure they whole Skripal case is falling apart and I also noted Bobble mouth Johnson has lost hair of late.

    • Some $200mn in “lethal defensive assistance” heading to Ukraine, as soon as Trump signs the federal budget into law. Probably today, to avoid shutdown. Just in time for spring and before the World Cup?

    • milosevic says

      Goebbels has nothing on the anglo-zionist. The seed has been sown. From Litvenko, Osetia, MH-17, to Crimea, Syria, the Olympics. The sheeple are being primed. We have an established enemy of western values, whatever that means, and let us not forget democracy. Again whatever that means.

      “The bigger the lie, the more people will believe it.” — Adolf Hitler

  25. Pretty much your standard, run of the mill, hit with nerve poison in perhaps the most important news story on Earth message coming from Sergeant Bailey. No biggie, nothing exciting … just another normal day on the job. One might suppose this as par for the course when it come to these “things” … Goodness.

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