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UK Govt rewords ambassador’s March 22 speech – makes it appear he DIDN’T say the novichok came from Russia – but he DID & there’s proof

British Ambassador to Russia Dr Laurie Bristow briefed the international diplomatic community in Moscow on the UK Government response to the Salisbury attack, March 22 2018. The tweets have been scrubbed, spokespeople are currently lying or weasel-wording, but here are his own words.

Here is the relevant section of Bristow’s words as they clearly appear in this footage and as the caption renders them:

“…There is also no doubt that the Novichok was produced in Russia by the Russian state.

This is how his words are being rendered on the UK government site – note the all-important missing “the”:

By removing that “the”, which is beyond doubt there in the original, they are morphing Bristow’s statement from a direct accusation about “the” novichok allegedly used to poison the Skripals, into a general statement about the generic origin of the novichok class of nerve agents

This looks like a flagrant lie. It looks like the real-life Minitrue in operation before out eyes, flushing reality down the Memory Hole, as we discussed earlier.

It also looks like an admission of guilt, or at least of overstepping the mark.

Read more about this at Moon of Alabama


  1. Redracam says

    Intersting in the article is the title of the photo with the Skripal’s in the restaurant:
    ” Yulia and Sergei Skripal before the poisoning attack”

    I thought the most recent official version was that they were poisoned on touching their front door – leaving S. Skripal’s home and this picture was whentaken they had lunch???

    Don’t know if you have listened or read transcripts of the conversation of Y. Skrupal with her cousin Viktoria but the conversation is weird to say the least. Not exaclty not in sequence but disjointed with strange turns of phrases – could of course be the translation …

  2. V. T. says

    Perhaps just a typo … Because if the transcript’s elision of “the” were a deliberate falsification they would presumably also have “fixed” the additional damning lie further down where the UK regime goebbels said:

    So the fact that the [sic] Novichok was produced in Russia, the fact that Russia has a history of state-sponsored assassinations, and the fact that Russia has responded with the usual playbook of disinformation and denial left us with no choice but to conclude that this amounts to an unlawful use of force by the Russian state against the United Kingdom.

    The UK propaganda machine’s real disinformation technique here is to be found in the regime media’s focus on the deleted tweet and the FO’s spurious explanation for it … as a means to avoid reporting on the Ambassador’s actual mendacious speech in which the lie was clearly stated.

  3. Sav says

    Seething under all the bullshit from the MSM is ‘Look, who cares if we’re lying, why are you letting Russia win?’

  4. Stonky says

    I think I’ve got it all sussed out.

    According to the UK Govt. the nerve agent could only have been manufactured by a state actor.
    The nerve agent is useless, as it has completely failed to kill anyone at all.
    The nerve agent was therefore produced by a bunch of total incompetents.

    All the evidence therefore points to our own MOD as the source.

  5. Jo says

    Errr…the aeroflot plane that was illegally searched at Heathrow….(still wondering who dun it)…was it the same plane that the daughter flew in on before?

    • Ivan says

      About the plane, the Russian indignations was about the violation of accepted norms, such as making the crew leave the plane, not about the search itself. You violated these, as you continue to violate all diplomatic procedures when these regard people – “Russians” – not only “convicted” by you without presenting any evidence, but also de-facto deprived of any rights following this “conviction”.

      I think that this is totally crazy (though quite in spirit of your transatlantic big brother). Suitable for 1933 Germany, I would say.

      • Mulga Mumblebrain says

        1933 Germany, for all its despicable crimes, made the German economy strong, and increased the welfare of the German people, and no-one can accuse the May regime of that.

    • Ivan says

      sorry for shooting at the wrong direction..

  6. By removing that “the”, Bristow’s statement from a direct accusation about “the” [definite] novichok allegedly used to poison the Skripals, into a general statement about the novichok class of nerve agents.

    A grammatical error? Poor command of English? Uncertainty about article usage? A typo, perhaps?

    Reminds me of what the Western media and politicians have been repeating ad nauseam for the past 12 years, namely the translation into English of part of one of Putin’s speeches, which reads that the collapse of the Soviet Union was “the greatest geopolitical catastrophe of the century”, whereas the English translation on the Kremlin website reads that the collapse of the Soviet Union was “a major geopolitical catastrophe of the century”.

  7. Transcript of the phone call between Yulia and Victoria Skripal:

    Viktoria: Hello?
    Yulia: Hello. Do you hear me?
    Viktoria: Yes, I hear you.
    Yulia: It is Yulia Skripal.
    Viktoria: Oh, Yulka [diminutive of Yulia] it is you! I recognise from your voice that it is you but cannot understand. So, they gave you a telephone, didn’t they?
    Yulia: Yes, yes.
    Viktoria: Thank God! Yulyash [diminutive of Yulia], is everything okay with you?
    Yulia: Everything is ok, everything is fine.
    Viktoria: Look, if tomorrow I get a (British) visa, I will come to you on Monday.
    Yulia: Vika, no one will give you the visa.
    Viktoria: Well, I thought so too. Oh well.
    Yulia: Most likely.
    Viktoria: If they give it, I need you to tell me whether I can visit you or not, tell me that I can.
    Yulia: I think no, there is such a situation now, we’ll sort it out later.
    Viktoria: I know it, I know it all.
    Yulia: Later, we will get it sorted later, everything’s fine, we’ll see later.
    Viktoria: Is this your phone?
    Yulia: It is a temporary phone. Everything is fine, but we’ll see how it goes, we’ll decide later. You know what the situation is here. Everything is fine, everything is solvable, everyone (he and her father) is recovering and is alive.
    Viktoria: Ok! Is everything alright with your father?
    Yulia: Everything is ok. He is resting now, having a nap. Everyone’s health is fine, there are no irreparable things. I will be discharged soon. Everything is ok.
    Viktoria: Kisses, my bunny.
    Yulia: Bye.


    • Jo says

      Does it sound if what she said was scripted..or perhaps “advised” what to say….there is a lot of “later”…..I did listen to the original taped call….any native Russian speakers here who are psychoanalysts who could give their impression of the “quality” of Julya’ s chat?
      She sounded tired and relieved….not suffering from post traumatic stress syndrome?

  8. Thomas Peterson says

    So do I understand Yulia Skripal is now feeling fine after being poisoned with the most deadly nerve agent known to man which has no antidote?

    • Big B says

      Yes, and if you don’t get an Epi-pen of atropine within 30secs you are almost certain to die. What was it, five hours they were in Salisbury. Must have been a duff batch? Or perhaps it lost its potency whilst being transported back from Syria by the Russians? That’s right, Syria …according to the Times latest spin:

      “The Syrian government’s Scientific Studies and Research Centre, better know by its French abbreviation, CERS, was established in 1971. Certainly by 1983, and likely earlier, the USSR and its satellites had started to deliver chemical weapons to the centre together with delivery systems for choking, blister, blood and nerve agents. In the early Nineties it was reported that CERS was producing sarin, VX and mustard gas, having received the expertise, technology and materials from Russia. Early in 1992, Russia and Syria signed an agreement whereby Russia undertook to deliver new types of chemical weapons to Damascus. Among them was the infamous Novichok series of nerve agents recently synthesized at the Russian State Scientific Research Institute of Organic Chemistry and Technology — and the very type of poison that was administered to Sergei Skripal in Salisbury three weeks ago.”

      And Sergei Skripal’s detailed knowledge was the reason he was targeted:

      “[Skripal] was also the only source who could provide British and American intelligence with reliable estimates of the Russian GRU activities in Syria. Although he didn’t know specific people and current operations, he knew the system from the inside and had practical knowledge and experience like no one else. Russia, smarting from the loss of CERS, knew that with [Skripal] gone it would be much more difficult for the British and Americans to analyse intelligence on chemical weapons coming from sources in the field.”

      I won’t link to the Murdoch comic as the rest of this $£@~ is behind a paywall …where it deserves to stay.

      • Thomas Peterson says

        Good God, what on Earth are their sources for this pile of nonsense?

        • Big B says

          I think they channeled Ken Dodd’s ghost: “how tickled I am”!!! 😀

      • Jo says

        “It was reported…certainly …likely…he didn’t know specific people and current operations”…” had practical experience and knowledge like no one else”…..where are all these inconsistencies coming from to establish a motive for Russia….apart from Skripal may now himself say “yup it is one of those because it must be”…..

    • Not only that, she confirms that she’s been feeling much better for a week now. I suspect her father is being kept in a coma/asleep because the UK Govt are concerned that the quick recovery of a third ‘victim’ will appear even more suspicious so they are stage managing the recovery process (a ‘will he, won’t he?’ narrative for the consumption of the media) to take the attention away from this potential further fly in the ointment.

  9. rtj1211 says

    RT is now reporting an apparently recorded telephone conversation between Julia and Viktoria Skripal with the following gems:

    1) Sergei Skripal will recover from whatever ordeal he has undergone;
    2) Sergei Skripal is described as ‘being asleeep’, not ‘in a coma’;
    3) Julia Skripal expects her health to fully recover;
    4) Julia Skripal does not believe the authorities will issue her cousin Viktoria with a visa to visit her.

    So a few tentative conclusions:

    1) Either the UK has access to extremely effective antidotes to the Novichok in question, or the exposure of Julia and Sergei Skripal to Novichok was sufficiently low as to make it surprising that they descended into comas or they were never exposed to Novichok in the first place.
    2) All the previous pronouncements about the health and future prospects of the two Skripals was irresponsible, inaccurate scaremongering.
    3) Julia Skripal for some reason thinks that the UK authorities consider concerned relatives visiting a poison victim to be an issue threatening Establishment Interests. Or threatening her cousin’s future health and safety…..

    If the RT story is true the House of Cards so incompetently constructed is in the final,stages of collapse.

    Boris Johnson cannot remain an MP if:
    1) Neither Julia nor Sergei Skripal were poisoned by a Novichok agent;
    2) The Russian State played no part in whatever actually did befall them;
    3) The FCO considers issuing visas to concerned relatives to be anything but an immediately actionable gesture of goodwill and humanity.

  10. stevehayes13 says

    When the government lies about its lies, it is clear that the official (evidence free) narrative is in serious trouble. Unfortunately, the political media elite are determined to use this narrative as a loyalty test – anyone who questions it is “playing Russia’s game”, as Boris Johnson said of Jeremy Corbyn for having had the audacity to point out that Johnson had said that Porton Down had confirmed that Russia was the source of the nerve agent.


  11. Dmitry says

    Everything is very strange, they touched the door handle, they poisoned themselves, then all day they walked walked to the cafe, then they simultaneously lost consciousness on the bench. Julia Skripal several days in the mind, what does she say? It will be very interesting if she wanted to poison her own dad because of inheritance for example.

    • Whatever Yulia Skripal – or hopefully her father – are able to reveal, I’m afraid I will be sceptical about their integrity if they say anything other than “I can tell you categorically that the Russian Govt didn’t do it”. I know I’m being grossly unfair but, if they say that the Russian Govt did do it or that they don’t know what happened, I will always remain of the belief that they have either been ‘encouraged’ to say that, or it is in their own personal interests to say it, or they are in on the whole charade. It’s entirely down to the abject behaviour of our Govt that I have become so cynical and suspecting. I am sure as well that, even if Yulia genuinely doesn’t have any idea what happened, she will have been ‘got at’ and told that it was the Russian Govt who was behind it so she should object to meeting their Embassy representatives and certainly not confide in them.

  12. MichaelK says

    This piece adds more substance to my argument that powerful forces, working together, on both sides of the Atlantic, see massive gains in worsening relations with Russia. Clearly the plan, or conspiracy, against what’s left of liberal democracy and preparing for more war… is working, as the media are all ‘on-side’ and have accepted the PM’s role as ‘editor supreme’ of the entire UK media. All hail the Supreme Editor! All hail the war effort!

  13. “A moderate house of cards the greatest Wit, /
    Though she may start it, cannot finish it.” — Goethe, Faust, tr.Louis MacNeice.

  14. MichaelK says

    It seems obvious, that going to the trouble of creating a secret, expensive, and illegal facility to manufacture nerve agents for assassinations, which is what the UK government claims, is the last thing the Russians would do, because it’s so ineffective… the Skripals are still alive, leaves a public and easily identified trail and causes more problems than it solves. Nerve agents were developed for battlefield use, like gas during WW1. There value for assassinations is close to zero, when bullets are so much cheaper and so much more effective. There’s a reason poison gas wasn’t used on the battlefield during WW2, and it wasn’t moral; it was because it was more trouble than it was worth. That the UK government feels comfortable going public with this absurd narrative, is one thing; but that the entire media uncritically parrots these ridiculous allegations as the truth, really shows how much the media has degenerated and lurched even further to the right over the last couple of decades,

  15. King Kong says

    I would like just to add another thought on this “Novichok” debacle:
    The Russians investigated the Novichok agents long ago, but abandonded it due to the difficulty of weaponizing the stuff, meaning it was at the time, impossible to put them into “use”… So how were the Skripal’s hit? With two precursors randomly spread? Or was the stuff hastily mixed “somewhere” and then spread? I dont understand this specifically, I do know how VX is stored and how it is used. But this stuff, that is indeed very poisonous, but is neigh impossible to weaponize ?
    The whole story stinks like week old Brexit fish

    • I am sceptical – and have been all along just from educating myself over the past month about nerve agents and their characteristics and effects on their targets – that ‘Novichok’ was the agent used or even if there ever was ‘an incident’ at all. As you say, too many things just don’t add up. It seriously makes me wonder what samples were given to the OPCW and, in the case of blood samples, did the OPCW take the samples themselves (which I doubt) and were they ever out of their sight. We have assumed that the PD statement that they could not identify the source is an embarrassment to the Govt but, on the other hand, if some false flag initiative is going on behind the scenes then it is of course to their advantage to be able to say that they cannot identify the source as Russia, knowing that the OPCW would have come to that conclusion possibly based on doctored or fraudulent samples. The assumption then is that they can still maintain their argument that ‘Russia did it’ through sheer repetition and spurious other reasons as is evident from what has been said and done over the past couple of days. To support this scenario, we also have to bear in mind that the UK Govt tried their hardest to avoid bringing the OPCW into the investigation, or at least to delay it, and had already blamed Russia on the basis of the ‘identified’ nerve agent so as soon as the OPCW became involved they knew that it was only a matter of time that the truth about the agent in question would have to come out but for the time being they had to stick to the original fable and agree to a damage limitation exercise once the truth was revealed. Am I being too imaginative with all this?

      • likelihood says

        Timing of interview is interesting, being on Easter Monday a couple of days before OPCW session. Be interesting to know who contacted who?

  16. King Kong says

    I suppose the British government are just creating realities…
    Honestly, an experienced diplomat knows bloody wel how toexpress himself, so that is no mis-understanding. That is one of primary skill sets required for diplomacy. So the feeble attempts at damage control we see here, are feeble and inexcusable to the public , they are supposed to serve, When you, at the same time consider the row it caused and the inclusion of EU countries, a step down of the government would be the least to expect.
    Not only is Russia rightfully furious, but the EU countries can not be expected to sing on the British tune another time.
    The British government has sunk as low as the US administration. Liars, lies and cover-ups.

    • @ King Kong
      DIPLOMACY Since when was the last time any western/antlantacist used diplomacy? The proper term would
      be DIKTAT.
      IE Yugoslavia ,Sudan, Iraq, Haiti,The Maghreb, Africa, China ,just to add a few countries with regards to the term DIPLOMACY diktat.
      Boy Nato and the west are managing to make Hitler look like Ghandi .
      Keep it up I am sure this will lead to better world.
      How sad we have become and the sheeple still lap it up.

  17. rtj1211 says

    Given that hundreds of TNCs are now more powerful and wealthy than many bankrupt governments, are we to assume that TNCs are now ‘state actors’? If e.g. Exxon Mobil CEO knew they would win licenses worth $10bn as long as they set up a covert chemical weapons-for-assassination production lab in deepest wherever, there is a reasonable probability they would do it. Especially if the CIA plants in Wall Street investment houses leant on them……

  18. Meanwhile, back in the real world — and hence offtopic because this thread is about Her Majesty’s Government’s Wonderful World of Porky Pies?

    Canthama on the final showdown between Putin in Syria and NATZO in Syria: You have heard here at Syrper, 12+ hours ago, there could be cross-border cooperation between Iraqi and Syrian armies in the works; both Governments have been meeting for the past weeks about it. Here comes Yusha Yuseef confirming the talks.

    +23 2 days ago

    Bundy☭ comments: But the USA is bringing in a lot of troops to many of those locations so it means the US will defend ISIS against everyone. The shit can really fly here. I think Russia is not backing down on clearing ISIS out of Syria.

    Pres. Putin of Russia, Pres. Rouhani of Iran and Pres. Erdogan of Turkey will launch phase 2 after 4 april 2018. They all want the US out of Syria, period. Multiple operations against US forces and their YPG puppets are about to begin; especially in Aleppo and Deir Ezzor governates.

    USA already knows this, has been amassing troops near alOmar oil field; also to protect ISIS fighters there, who will spearhead an attack against Syrian and Russian forces. USA has also been fortifying its positions in Manbij against an imminent Turk attack

    Iran in its turn has ordered hundreds of Hashd al Shaabi to get battle ready, in order to counter any USIS terrorist operation against Syria from Iraqi soil. Significantlyi, Iraqi PM alAbadi is preparing the Iraqi Army to back Iranian Hashd forces, and defend Iraqi borders from any attempted USIS incursion into Syria from Iraq.

    The Syrian Army is also sending a message to its neighbours, Jordan and Israel, that this war is coming to an end: that Syrian Army operations are imminent against remaining terrorists in the Qalamoun region and Daraa governate, in those South Syrian areas which border on Jordan and Israeli-occupied Syrian Golan. Russia will give 100 % Air support in these regions.

    It’s about to get real.

    It’s time to remember what President Dr. Bashar al Assad said in a speech to Parliament on 7 June 2016: ‘The Syrian Armed Forces will liberate every inch of our country’

  19. I am sick to death of the foolish British Government. It makes me wonder how any Conservative Parliamentarian, from the Prime Minister on down ever got elected in the first place. Just how stupid and self defeating is it, to accuse another nation of attempted assassination when you don’t have all the facts in front of you. I just shake my head at the gross negligence of Whitehall!

    • rtj1211 says

      They get elected because 70% of the electorate are still brainwashed into believing there are only two groups capable of playing Punch and Judy.

      The day the British stop listening to the Sun, the Mail, the Express etc, stop assigning honesty to BBC News etc will be the day they can think about electing a Government that actually represents them.

      • Tommy Hallem says

        Also when they stop breathing , drinking, and talking football, that’s all their tiny minds is full of, you hear it from six in the morning till six the following day.

        • Mikalina says

          …tiny minds ARE full of….. – third person plural of verb ‘to be’

          or ‘tiny mind is full of’ – which is third person singular

          and the idiom is “from six in the morning until six at night”

          Kind regards
          Presumably one of the British with a tiny mind to whom you were referring.

          • Mikalina.
            Oh I think Tommy was quite clear if not grammatically correct on the kind of people who have tiny minds and he wasn’t referencing clever snarks with an English “O” Level equivalent.

            • Mikalina says

              We must learn to regard people less in the light of what they do or omit to do, and more in the light of what they suffer.”
              ― Dietrich Bonhoeffer, Letters and Papers from Prison

    • “Just how stupid…when you don’t have all the facts in front of you.” I agree entirely with your comments, but on the assumption that the UK Govt is simply ignorant and incompetent. But if it is a false flag orchestrated by the UK Govt or someone pulling their strings then it could be equally contended that the Govt is well aware of what it is doing and does “have all the facts in front of [them]”.

  20. Betrayed planet. says

    I remember well my three sons fighting as children, aged between 2 to 6. They would insist very righteously that they were not responsible for a, b or c even though the evidence was sitting in plain sight. This is what children do , they think they can persuade you black is white . Fine for kids, we’ve all done it but the criminal entities now running the West are behaving in such a bizarre manner akin to literally 5yr olds with no obvious insight into their what looks like multiple personality disorders and a lack of any kind of judgment whatsoever. A psychological profile of these pathetic individuals should be mandatory before taking office however too late for that now. We must fight back in any way possible. I frequently phone the Readers Editor at the now ridiculous Guardian ( to wind them up) and have done so last week re the Skripal case. I spoke to a lightweight called Jonathan who was rude, defensive and told me my comments would be more appropriately sent in writing to letters for the Editor before saying “ naturally I do not agree with you” His arrogance was palpable, his refusal to listen to any form of reason a shock even to me as I have lost all faith in this current psychotic paradigm we ordinary people are literally forced to live in. The dissonance is damaging, and growing now under the increasingly authoritarian West. They are I believe determined to take us to war under the guise of even the most obvious lies, their reasoning and even the most tenuous grip on reality and truth now gone. They resemble a playgroup in chaos.

  21. If these were grade school children lying shamelessly to each other on the playground we might sit them down and talk to them about “honesty” and “self-respect” and concepts like “personal integrity.” If they were teenagers we would consider them highly violence prone and anti-social and we’d probably send them to a juvenile detention facility to protect others from harm. Unfortunately none of these adult malignant narcissists, psychopaths and simple morons in positions of power in our Western governments and institiutions have even a shred of integrity so putting them in “time-out” to “think about it” just won’t work. So personally I favor aggressive criminal prosecution and punishment for the entirety of Western leadership from around the globe who have collectively been, and continue to be, complicit in ongoing war crimes and crimes against humanity on a daily basis all while spinning their “Russia, Russia, Russia, Putin, Putin!” nonsense. How we they ever “learn to tell the truth” if there are never any consequences for their lies and their shameless promotion of the mass violence and murder that is war? Our “leaders” are criminals plain and simple.

  22. bevin says

    Craig Murray meets people like Dr Bristow, so the rest of us don’t need to :

    “……I have long held the opinion that Bristow is a deeply repulsive individual with no morals or scruples. When I was sacked as British Ambassador to Tashkent for criticising Uzbekistan’s human rights record and objecting to MI6 use of intelligence from the Uzbek torture chambers, Bristow went to Tashkent after my removal to assure the Uzbeks that the UK had no interest in human rights and wished to continue “intelligence cooperation”. That somebody like Bristow can become one of Britain’s most senior Ambassadors says all you need to know about the United Kingdom today.”

    • bevin says

      The Skwawkbox has this tonight:
      “…Professor Collum’s dismissal of the ‘must be Russia’ line could not be more emphatic – but he was prepared to go even further when the SKWAWKBOX asked him to provide further information on what level of laboratory set-up would be required to manufacture a ‘Novichok or related agent’ – the description provided by the UK’s Porton Down facility.

      “He told us:

      “The compounds are simple as hell to make. Doing so without killing yourself would be more challenging but within the capabilities of many laboratories.

      ‘Simple as hell’.

      Not only is it possible that a non-state facility could manufacture – many non-state laboratories could do it safely.

      “Contrary to the claims of the government and its apologists, even just among ‘state actors’ Russia is far from the only known manufacturer of Novichok compounds. The following countries have produced them, are on record as having purchased/received them, or are linked to them by academic texts:…”

      To continue to believe the government or the media involves acts of blind faith before which the story of Easter is very routine.

    • I may be misappropriating my recollections but I think it was also Craig Murray who said that when he took up his Ambassadorial posting and asked about his remit he was told, basically, not to worry about that “… just go along with whatever the US Ambassador says and does”. If it wasn’t Craig then it was someone else but that is immaterial…the inference to be drawn from this is the same.

    • Baron says

      But they don’t have to be good at it, David, no need for it, they can say whatever they want, there are no consequences for them, the system’s rigged Full Monty – candidates selection, FPTP electoral set-up, the lapdog MSM.

      Baron lived under the communist thugs of the East, the thugs lied, people knew they were lying, the thugs knew that the people knew, but the system ticked on.

      • lysias says

        The system ticked on… until it didn’t.

  23. summitflyer says

    From the horses mouth as the saying goes.Saved for posterity.There can be, from now on ,no denying of the blatant accusations with no proof or evidence whatsoever .

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