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Douma Chemical Attack: Timeline of facts so far

A brief post, collating all the known events surrounding the build up to the alleged chemical weapons attack in Douma, Syria on the 7/8th of April 2018.

  • February-April 2018: The Syrian Arab Army has been making quick, decisive gains on the ground in recent weeks. Eastern Ghouta has all but fallen. Barring foreign intervention, the Syrian government’s victory is now all but assured.
  • March 13th 2018 Russian military command claims US is aiming to strike Damascus on an “invented pretext”. Advises them against it.
  • March 13th 2018 Syrian forces reported finding caches of chemical weapons in labs around liberated areas of Ghouta.
  • March 19th 2018 Russian and Syrian military figures reported they feared the rebels would stage a “false flag” chemical attack in order to drag US/NATO into action in Syria.
  • March 30th 2018 Donald Trump told a crowd at a speech in Ohio – and later repeated in a tweet – that the USA would be pulling out of Syria “very soon.” This is met with consternation in the capital and across the media.
  • April 6th 2018 UNSC meeting convened – at Russian request – to discuss the alleged attack in Salisbury, UK. Every member of the UNSC who spoke was categorical in their condemnation of any use of chemical weapons.
  • Night of April 7th/morning of April 8th…a chemical attack is reported by the US/UK funded “White Helmets”. The US blames Syrian govt. and holds Russia “responsible”.
  • With these facts as they are, we should ask a few questions:

    1. Why, with the current international focus on chemical weapons, why would Assad hurt his cause by attacking a non-military target with chemical weapons?

    2. With global political discussion focusing more on Saudi Arabian war on Yemen, the Skripal attack, and Israeli violence against Palestinians, why would Assad choose this moment to conduct a chemical attack and potentially distract from these issues?

    3. The Syrian Arab Army is currently operating in Douma, why would Assad risk dropping chemical weapons that could hit his own troops?

    4. The POTUS has publicly stated he intends to pull out of Syria “very soon”. Why would the Syrian Government endanger this development?

    5. Cui bono? Who has the most to gain from this chemical attack? The SAA, who are already winning the war, or the cornered jihadist forces in desperate need of aid and air support?


    1. Old Pepper says

      I don’t know why, but I couldn’t put URL of this video on this site. But you can find video on yiutube – it’s name is “Syrian chemical attack – terrorists teach children how to fake it”

      • Truly revealing. I was disappointed that Mickey Mouse didn’t join in (Tip:you have to watch right to the end to see what I mean). My first thought was that they would make the excuse that they were just improvising a chemical attack so the children wouldn’t be too fearful if it really happened, but the use of shaving foam to add to the realism seemed too extreme other than if you were saying to them ‘this is what we’ll do to you but you don’t need to worry…just carry on as you were and ignore the foam which won’t hurt you”. It would be very interesting to get someone to translate as much as they can.

    2. Old Pepper says
      This video is about preparing for a provocative shoot about a fake chemical attack in the Duma. Payment – 100 USD for children and 500 USD for adults. And on this basis, the US wants to attack Syria, which will lead to a direct clash with Russia. If anyone has forgotten, this is a nuclear country, and the US stands ready to destroy us all. I would ask my government not to subscribe to this senseless confrontation simply because I want me, my family and all normal people stay alive.

    3. Mark Gobell says

      OPCW Will Deploy Fact-Finding Mission to Douma, Syria

      Tuesday, 10 April 2018

      THE HAGUE, Netherlands — 10 April 2018 — Since the first reports of alleged use of chemical weapons in Douma, Syrian Arab Republic, were issued, the Organisation for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons (OPCW) has been gathering information from all available sources and analysing it. At the same time, OPCW’s Director-General, Ambassador Ahmet Üzümcü, has considered the deployment of a Fact-Finding Mission (FFM) team to Douma to establish facts surrounding these allegations.

      Today, the OPCW Technical Secretariat has requested the Syrian Arab Republic to make the necessary arrangements for such a deployment. This has coincided with a request from the Syrian Arab Republic and the Russian Federation to investigate the allegations of chemical weapons use in Douma. The team is preparing to deploy to Syria shortly.


    4. Have seen video on RT and still photos via, I think, the Off Guardian Twitter pages of the oppressed, respectable people who were held hostage for several years by the terrorists in E Ghouta being reunited en masse with their families in Damascus. Now that was genuinely moving imagery, not the false emotions portrayed in the Shite (originally a Freudian typo but I thought I’d leave it!) Helmet productions. Naturally, I haven’t seen these videos on msm.

      • Mikalina says

        Victoria Beeley, on UK Column today, said that of the several thousand thought to have been held hostage, only about 100 were re-united. The Syrians in Damascus were just coming to terms with the fact that the rest are probably dead and they will never see them again. Heartbreaking.

        • They must have fallen victim to the Assad regime’s bombardments…that is, if you believe Nikki Haley’s viewpoint.

    5. Jay Q says

      I don’t mean to appear obtuse but what is the actual evidence that anybody was killed in this ‘event’? I could be wrong but isn’t it all just based on the video and reports from ‘rebels’ inside Douma?

      • Precisely. The UK and US Govt as always go through the motions of “if confirmed” and “if reports are true etc we shall hold the Syrian Govt and Russians accountable” but are then prepared to act upon a few photos and videos of kids being squirted in the face with a hosepipe and testimonies from “White Helmets” as confirmation. But then we know the US and UK know exactly that it is a FF so their ‘reaction’ is no surprise. The paper reviewers on Sky News last night (and I’ve no doubt on the BBC) were going on about how evil Assad and the Russians are and added that “of course the papers don’t publish the really bad images because they’d be too distressing” Really? It’s never stopped them in the past with a bit of blurring out. In any case, the point is how do they (the reviewers) know that it wasn’t the terrorists who inflicted damage on hostages or used ‘library’ pictures, which has been proved in the past, to produce images of victims. A couple of weeks ago the Syrians/Russians were accused of incinerating civilians and there were images of apparently burnt corpses but there was every reason to believe that the terrorists set it all up themselves by sacrificing hostages. I’ve seen recent tweets where people say sarcastically “Oh so the militants keep chemical weapons to use on their own people, do they? Oh right, of course they do”. I mean, how naïve. But, as has been discussed at length on this forum, a significant proportion of the viewing public don’t even think about whether there might be another side to the story and are prepared to lap everything up at face value. With regard to the paper review on Sky, I literally had to turn it off after two minutes of their sh*t as I couldn’t take any more of their sanctimonious vilification of Assad and Putin.

        • Florence says

          I guess you saw the same footage of that boy being manhandled (“examined”) by burly men wearing surgical face masks, but no gloves. They forced the bits moth open and squirted in some liquid and then pushed his head down and forcibly hosed his face and head reducing him to terrified tears. They then did the same to a girl. Later programmes just showed the same boy dripping, shaking, crying and terrified. Disgusting. Those men were not medics. The hosing was not therapeutic. As a lecturer in chemistry who had to deal with chemical spills and accidents, it’s ridiculous to pretend a hose pipe stuck in the face for a few seconds is any sort of decontamination.

          Just like previous footage of White Helmets “attending” alleged sarin? Chorine?chemical weapons victims without masks or gloves, hauling around the bodies / patients with bare hands. Doing it all quite cheerfully for the camera.

          • Mulga Mumblebrain says

            Under other circumstances these White Helmet vermin would GLADLY be slitting the children’s throats, as their type (perhaps even some of the same snakes) did in Douma all those years ago, whereupon the Western fakestream media scum falsely blamed ‘animal Assad’, and they’ve been lying in support of the jihadist child butchers ever since.

      • Just watched a segment from today’s UN Security Council session on the ‘chemical attack’ in which Vassily Nebenzya stated that the Russian military personnel in Ghouta had found no evidence of a chemical weapons attack and no bodies. Apparently the US envoy refuted this and said that she had seen pictures of the bodies (!). Nebenzya also asked that UN experts visit the area without delay and decide for themselves. Let’s see whether they do. The UN meeting is ongoing (currently 9.30 pm UK time) and a further update will be given on RT at 10.00 pm. [My comment – As things stand the UN would need to visit Syria within the next 24 hours as Trump has declared that he will decide what his response will be in the next 24-48 hours.]

      • I was just watching the RT News where they summarise the discussions at yesterday’s UNSC session. To quote the newsreader “No evidence of chemical weapons or bodies was found in Douma following the supposed attack…at least that’s according to the Russian envoy Vassily Nebenzya”. Compared to our MSM’s headline rhetoric about ‘animal Assad’ etc you tell me which country’s media outlets are indulging in ‘fake news’?

      • “….“The fake news on Saturday from Douma is geared toward drawing the attention of society away from the Skripal case, which was muddled up by London, and throwing on Russia completely unconfirmed accusations with the aim of pulling solidarity to build an anti-Russian alliance,” Nebenzya said.
        The Syrian envoy pointed out that while the US may speak of admirable aims and claim moral high ground, one should consider whether the US contribution to Syria has been to provide food and milk for Syrian children or to supply weapons to militants responsible for killing the Syrian people…..”
        The Red Cross has found no evidence of chemicals, the hospitals where the supposed victims were treated have said there are no CW involved, an ambulance driver has stated no CW involved and the Russian Specialists have also found no evidence of CW. Note the video sent by the militant Islamist group of Jaysh al Islam showed rescue wearing no protective gear !!!!
        And yet, thousands of miles away, people who have only the word of Islamist propaganda are willing to bomb Syrians, once again, to “defend” them. Just how many women, children and babies need to die before we demand the termination of these monstrous Islamist terrorists and their propagandists?

    6. Alan says

      When reading the western narrative one understands why so little has changed. Those who claim leadership would truly see the world burn in order to further their psychopathic aims.

    7. I see the IDF – the world’s most moral murderers – have been busy. Sniping unarmed Palestinians in the back and head, obviously: planting a false flag IED on “their” side of the border to provide justification by blaming Hamas (like anyone who got within 500m of the border is not dead already); but also bombing Gaza and Syria’s T4 airbase. Other than Corbyns pre-prepared speech, which was a laudable condemnation of the illegal use of force, the rest of the international community remains deaf, dumb, and mute …protected by a weaponised anti-semitism and lawfare. I say, let’s BDS the hell out of them …it is the one thing they appear to fear.

        • Mulga Mumblebrain says

          Well, I suppose the Gazans chose a time when the Jews were celebrating the genocide of the Egyptian first-born. It must seem appropriate to Gazans who see their own children, first-born and not, sacrificed as burnt offerings in the regular IDF massacres.

          • Mark Gobell says

            Well, I suppose that is a possibliity.

            Seems very odd to me that Hamas chose Passover to offer fruther Palestinian sacrifice …

            I cannot post any of what I know about Hamas on here, because it will in true Guardian CIF style, be deleted, as recenmt experience has shown.


            • Hamas have an unsavory record: but that does not excuse the IDF. The Hamas ploy is hasbaara: giving Avigdor Lieberman the right to declare open season on a Palestinian “Turkey Shoot” were anyone, including journalists, were legitimate targets. This uprising was spontaneous and arranged via social media, I believe. More demonstrations are planned for Nakba Day, May 15. Perhaps 70 years is enough?

            • Please don’t abuse our free comment policy by posting comments about how you can’t post comments. It’s not simply self-contradictory, it’s also impolite.

              • Mark Gobell says


                I was not aware that my post was an abuse of your free comment policy, could you explain why you make that accusation please ?

                I posted yesterday in response to another post and someone deleted it. I don’t know why that post was deleted, no explanation is ever offered and your editors to not reply to my emails.

                Perhaps you could also explain how my post is contradictory ?

                I think it is impolite to delete posts for no apparent reason, especially givern this site’s raison d’etre …

                Maybe you could elucidate ?



                • No one has deleted any comments. If it never appeared that’s just par for the course I’m afraid. As we all have to say ad nauseam, if you are making a long post make a copy before hitting send because sometimes they just don’t go through. If you’re saying it literally was removed, as in it was there for a while then disappeared – well, that’s concerning. Please send details to us because we DON’T delete comments unless they are insanely abusive, contain threats or incitements or are spam.

                  I refer you to our comments policy as a reminder. We adhere to it rigidly.

                  Please clarify though because if your comment was literally removed after it appeared we do need to know.

                  PS – I don’t recall getting any email from you, but we do get a LOT of email It’s possible yours was overlooked. Sorry if it was.

                  • Mark Gobell says

                    Thank you for the advice, but I do keep copies of every post I make everywhere. That is not the issue.

                    As I have already stated, my post contained >3 links so required approval. I have no idea if it appeared and then disappeared. All I do know is that it does not show on that thread. Also, as I have already said, the short post by “mark”, to which I replied, was there, obviously, but is now gone also.

                    So, self evidently, someone has deleted that post from “mark”.

                    Re: emails. I have sent emails, copied to all of your editors. Not one has replied.


                    • it’s possible I suppose the post by “mark” was deleted, in which case your reply would go too. But we do that so rarely and only if there’s duplicate posting or violent abuse or spam. The other one was probably just one of those that fall into oblivion after being posted. Since you keep copies I advize you to just re-post if your comment doesn’t appear in a few hours, because that almost certainly means it’s disappeared.

                      Jut to make sure nothing odd is going on I’d like to get to the bottom of the disappeared post by “mark” so I’ll check our folders, see if I can find anything that might shed light. Do you have a date?

                      • Mark Gobell says

                        Yesterday, 9 April.

                        Example keywords in “marks” post included :

                        August 2013

                        good day for democracy

                        Perhaps you or someone could explain how we “should let you know” about these things if, as you say, you get a lot of emails and cannot answer them …


                • Big B says

                  Its been a recurrent problem: I personally suffer from it a lot …comments disappear and reposts come back as duplicate comments. I don’t think that you can naturally assume it was deleted as a default. I’m not joking; mine seems to be affected by the weather: not Admin!

                  • Mark Gobell says

                    The short, post form “mark”, to which I replied was also deleted.

                    Both were on topic, discussing Syrian “air strikes” aka bombing by the UK and whence it began and why.

                    My post has >3 links in so required approval, which, evidently, it did not get.

                    I do not consider the gremlins excuse credible.


        • Palestinian Land Day established in 1979ish was set for 30th March and the Great Return DMarch is an extension of that. Much like the Israelis wreaking havoc on the Muslim Mubarek I suppose.

          • Mark Gobell says

            Thank you mohandeer, much appreciated.


        • They were hoping (or had calculated) that the ‘world’s most murderous’ army will be respecting their own religious holiday and leave them be. Alas, when it comes to killing innocent unarmed Palestinians they don’t even respect their own religious laws let alone international ones.

    8. Harry Law says

      A comment from Russia Insider.
      “When your enemy is nearly defeated, and final victory is at hand, gas your own people so that nations greater than yours will intervene and destroy you”
      ___ Sun Tzu, The Art of War.

    9. Paul says

      A day in the life of a chemical process technician

      Chlorine gas and water produce hydrochloric acid, HCL.

      Immediate contamination with chlorine gas:-

      When you breath in this gas the chlorine reacts with the moisture within your mouth
      throat lungs to produce hydrochloric acid and then it burns the linings of these organs.

      Mild        Cough, cough, cough, cough, cough, cough, repeat.
      Moderate        Cough, cough, cough, blood, cough, cough, repeat.
      Severe      Cough, blood, cough, blood, blood, cough, blood, repeat.

      Skin contact
      When the exposed areas of skin, arms face are in contact with this gas, the chlorine
      reacts with the water within the skin and begins to burn.

      Mild        A reddening of the skin, like severe sunburn
      Moderate        A reddening of the skin, like severe sunburn with blisters.
      Severe      A reddening of the skin, like severe sunburn and skin peeling off.

      Eye Contact
      Mild A reddening of the eyes, made worse by rubbing
      Moderate A reddening of the eyes, made worse by rubbing and some inflammation
      Severe A reddening of the eyes, with severe inflammation.

      before WW3 breaks out please show me some of this shit

    10. Or Ivan might be right, it’s Uncle $cam pushing nephew Izzie forward. Ivan posted here April 8:

      I fear that US has already decided to start the war. Either now, or after another false flag attack in Syria.

      • Mulga Mumblebrain says

        I just heard, in passing, a female American positing that Russia supplied the ‘nerve agent’ to ‘animal Assad’.

        • DavidKNZ says

          DOCTOR animal Assad if you don’t mind 🙂

    11. More f*ng FF; France and Israel fire missiles at Syria hoping Russia will think USA done it. From SyrPer 1hr ago:


      Israel launched 8 missiles at Homs from its submarines in the Mediterranean, attempting to fool Syria into thinking USA launched them.

      Had Syria retaliated with a strike against US Navy missile launching assets in Eastern Med, things would have quickly escalated.

      All 8 missiles from the subs were shot down. In total 11 were shot down with some hits and casualties at the air base.

      This is in addition to Israeli’ F16 that fired missiles from Tanif on the Jordanian borer using its own air planes. Also trying to fool Syria into think the US forces were firing missiles and artillery.

      • Mulga Mumblebrain says

        The French Zionist investment in creating Macron sure has paid off.

      • The attack on the airbases was aimed at Iran and Rouhani has already responded – with a direct threat.

    12. Deb says

      *Journalism is one of the devices whereby industrial autocracy keeps its control over political democracy; it is the day-by-day, between-elections propaganda, whereby the minds of the people are kept in a state of acquiescence, so that when the crisis of an election comes, they go to the polls and cast their ballots for either one of the two candidates of their exploiters.
      *The methods by which the “Empire of Business” maintains its control over journalism are four: First, ownership of the papers; second, ownership of the owners; third, advertising subsidies; and fourth, direct bribery. By these methods, there exists in America a control of news and of current comment more absolute than any monopoly in any other industry.
      The Brass Check (1919) – Upton Sinclair

      “It is difficult to get a man to understand something when his salary depends upon his not understanding it!”
      I, Candidate for Governor: And How I Got Licked (1935) – Upton Sinclair

      • Because newspapers and television stations are wholly owned and controlled, bought and paid for by, multinational corporations, and because state broadcasters like the BBC in the UK are forced to repeat the lies of the politicians, it Is your duty not to listen, let alone give any credence to, the misinformation and disinformation eminating from these corporate magazines. J.B.

        • wardropper says

          “Know thine enemy” is, however, a valuable policy.
          As others have mentioned here, some of us often read the Guardian in order to know what the MSM owners want us to think – depressing though that exercise is…

    13. DavidKNZ says

      John Bolton must be quivering with excitement…

      This is his moment, the culmination of all his dreams,
      the fulfillment of his life’s purpose….

    14. Francis Lee says

      Absolutely and pathetically predictable. As false flags go this one is straight off the production line. In MSM double-think, Assad was thinking – ‘Well we have almost won the war against the Takfiris and their US/NATO sponsors. So what shall we do today? I know, let’s go and gas some kids.” Yeah, right! Brilliant strategic thinking! Tut, tut, he was a mere amateur at kid killing insofar as he ever did any. Now, for the real McCoy: Madeline Albright – that mistress of mass murder – when asked was the death of 500,000 children under 5 in Iraq which was due to the sanctions imposed by the cuddly, cuddly west, between the 2 Gulf wars was ‘worth it’ she answered ‘Yes, it was worth it.’ One would have thought that any sane person would be able to make a reasoned judgement here about who was the abuser of human rights and who was the mass murder. If Albright had not been on the winning side in 1945 for enunciating the same heinous views should would have been almost certainly hanged, rightly so. But it appears that times have changed. The west is enveloped and hermetically sealed in a propaganda bubble believing in its own bullshit and moral rectitude. There are some leakages but generally speaking the thought control is effective.

      This means that any half-baked nonsense which enables the EU/US/NATO keep up the anti-Russian hysteria is now in play and heading toward an eventually denouement – but as preparation for what exactly? Well it would obviously appear to be for a war against Russia; what over conclusions can their be given the controlling but unfortunately paranoid schizophrenia on the part of the higher echelons in the Anglo-Zionist empire, dreaming of those halcyon days of a Uni-polar world. At this point I will make way for an extremely perspicacious insight from Global Research. To wit:

      ”Nuclear war’s factors for the survival of humanity include the obvious initial destruction, the secondary and lingering radiation effects, and the predicted nuclear winter. This does not include the inevitable melt down of the four hundred plus nuclear plants scattered around the world, four hundred possible Chernobyls, Three Mile Islands and Fukishimas. War planning is such that the U.S. has first strike options ready ‘on the table’, at the same time that Russia has signalled that it has a new generation of both offensive and defensive weapons – created mostly after the U.S.’ abrogation of the 1972 Anti-ballistic missile treaty. China is calculated into U.S. plans, somewhat casually as China is unrealistically still considered to be much less advanced technologically. Initially U.S. war planners understood that hundreds of millions could die in a nuclear war without knowing about the consequences of nuclear winter. Once the latter idea was discussed and considered almost inevitable after such a war, that toll rises to include most of life on earth. Nuclear winter is global climate change writ large and sudden across the face of the earth.”

      The future of humanity hangs in the balance, and the outcome must be decided soon either by the Satanic forces or the forces of reason and humanity. Eros and Thanatos as Freud called it. I think we shall see in the not too distant future.

      • Mulga Mumblebrain says

        This latest false flag already has VERY sinister overtones. The jihadist liars are claiming not just chlorine but ‘nerve agents’. ‘Novichok’ anyone? And the foaming Western psychotics are blaming not just Assad and Russia, naturally, but also Iran. So Iran’s experiments with ‘novichoks’ in 2016 will be used against them, possibly. That these experiments were performed under OPCW supervision will, of course, be disappeared down the Western fakestream media sewers’ ‘memory holes’.

    15. bevin says

      While the ‘reports’ of chemical warfare in Syria are almost certainly false and are merely the latest in a series of similar hysterical claims all of which have proved to be lies promoted by warmongers, nobody is disputing the fact that, during the past few days, In Palestine more than a thousand casualties, including thirty or more fatalities are clearly attributable to Israeli, using ‘dum-dum’ bullets, firing at peaceful protesters in Gaza.
      Whether this would justify an air raid on Tel Aviv is unlikely but that the removal of the ‘bleacher’ seats set up for Israelis to enjoy the spectacle is called for can hardly be doubted.

    16. MichaelK says

      To cut to the chase. I don’t believe a word of all this sanctimonious stuff in the Guardian about our values, our morality, our empathy, our love of peace and freedom, or desire to help the world enter the promised land, our crusade… I think it’s all hypocritical, self-delusionary, bullshit. Bullshit designed to hide our simple and brutal aggression against nations who dare to stand in our way and resist our right to rule the world and make the world our slaves.

      • To quote Samantha Power on BBC radio in January “I can’t imagine a world where the US doesn’t take the lead”.

        • tomlondra says

          Everywhere the US has, er, “taken the lead” since 1945 it has created a mess.

        • Mulga Mumblebrain says

          She didn’t finish that statement. She should have added, ‘…because my job depends on it’.

        • I can imagine a scenario whereby the US psychos accidentally unleash their CW’s on US citizens(as has happened in Skull Valley against 3, 000 sheep. The US regime killed their own and had to pay out $19 million without ever accepting blame. You have to wonder just how stupid so many Americans are.

      • Mulga Mumblebrain says

        Michael, those Fraudian declarations of our ineffable wonderfulness in the glorious West, are lies, or the author is stark, raving, mad.

    17. padre says

      Well, I canse no other explanation than, that they are some kind of addicts, Putin and Assad.When they hear The Beac hboys tune, they replace it with “bomb, bomb”, soryy “gas, gas Iran”, ups, “gas, gas my own people”!

      • mark says

        That’s right. Putin and Assad are just evil cartoon villains, and that’s what evil cartoon villains do.
        Cue the “beautiful little babies.”
        (They don’t have beautiful babies in Gaza or Yemen.)

    18. Jay Q says

      I’ve just been BTL on this article:

      Closed after 433 comments. Nearly all of my comments were censored or completely removed. I’d say about 80-90% of the comments were against the narrative being peddled by The Guardian. The Moderator was acting so quickly that they must have been briefed on what to look for and to censor it. Imagine doing that for a living? Censoring alternative views and removing factually accurate information!

      • Mulga Mumblebrain says

        To work for the reeking sewer that is the Fraudian these days, you must be a dedicated Blairite or a Zionist ultra. Either category could handle the suppression of Badthink and the sanctimonious hypocrisy involved in championing ‘liberal values’ while, in reality, being sub-fascistic, easily.

      • Sav says

        Just read it. Absolutely sick. Guardian have no issue with leaving comments accusing of those who don’t buy their nonsense as ‘Putin Bots’ etc. That’s fine by them. Everyone else censored.

        The Guardian is a piece of shit. It may as well be head quartered in the Pentagon and save the pretence.

      • Jay Q says

        Comments censored down to 421. They offer censorship and then beg for subscriptions to keep their journalism ‘free and independent’.

    19. Hugh O'Neill says

      Many ways to kill & Why respond to one atrocity with another?
      I always find it odd that we are supposed to foam at the mouth when we hear about the deployment of chemical weapons, but not when innocents are blown to smithereens by predator drones, cluster munitions, landmines, white phosphorous, depleted uranium, agent orange, sniper bullets, police boots, tank treads, starvation, thirst, lack of medical supplies or medical attention. The West commits all of these crimes and who dares object? And how are we supposed to respond when an enemy allegedly deploys CW? Kill lots more innocents by some other means? This is all such patent madness and I struggle to understand why we allow ourselves to be whipped into a frenzy by the lick-spittle media every time…

      • Ivan says

        “allegedly deploys CW..” – well, besides what you say, I think the word “allegedly” is important as well.

      • mark says

        Ah, but it’s different when America does it. America only uses star spangled democracy bombs. So much nicer than those nasty Russian bombs.

        • And you have that moronic host, Brian Williams, on MSNBC referring three times in 30 seconds to the “beautiful” pictures of the tomahawk missiles launched towards Shayrat airfield last April with the intention of killing people.

      • Mulga Mumblebrain says

        The greatest chemical warfare in history, by far, was the US use of various poisons in Indochina, the most infamous Agent Orange. These destroyed vast areas of vegetation, killed huge numbers of living beings, including humans, at the time and consequently. Moreover the poisons have also affected the locals, and US and stooge personnel, genetically, presaging generations more of suffering. So, the US outrage at the, fraudulent, use of chemical weapons in Syria is stupefying hypocrisy as well as malignant mendacity. Furthermore, the USA was just copying the UK’ use of similar toxic chemicals in Malaya, in the 50s.

    20. Mark Gobell says

      The alleged “sarin” event in Douma, Syria on 7 April 2018

      Wikipedia : Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi

      Leader of Islamic State in Iraq and the Levant (ISIL)
      Expansion into Syria and break with al-Qaeda

      Al-Baghdadi remained leader of the ISI until its formal expansion into Syria in 2013 when, in a statement on 8 April 2013, he announced the formation of the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIL) – alternatively translated from the Arabic as the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria (ISIS).[69]


      The alleged “sarin” event in Douma, Syria on 7 April 2018 on the ( inclusive ), 5th anniversary of the formation of “John McCain’s Army” = IS / ISI / ISIL / ISIS …


      • Mulga Mumblebrain says

        The editorials in the Fraudian are growing ever more hysterically deranged, so must be written by some Zionist. Their capacity for ever-growing hysterical hatred is without peer.

    21. Baron says

      And the reason you’ve removed my postings is what?

    22. Jay Q says

      Speaking with some friends today. First, they acknowledged that I told them about 5 weeks ago that this kind of event was going to happen, just as Syria was about to defeat the agents of the proxy war to overthrow Assad. Second, they refused to even consider that this attack/event was carried out by the militia. Thirdly, they simply just blame Assad and Russia even though they claim that they don’t trust the MSM or the government. Finally, they didn’t even know that over 140,000 civilians have recently fled Eastern Ghouta and that bus loads of militants have left and have gone to the Idlib area. Without knowing this they wouldn’t have been able to know that the war was almost over. That’s the mainstream media for you.

      For many years we saw eye-to-eye on most topics but in the last year or two they seem to be more open to the mainstream narrative. They think Putin ordered the hit on the Skripals. However, they did both agree that the anti-Corbyn agenda of the last few weeks was a smear campaign. I don’t understand this or how it happens, this sort of contradiction, to people who were once deeply sceptical of what we are told is happening.

      • I have similar experiences. I think I’m a lone voice amongst several friends who are all convinced that Assad is the devil incarnate, vying closely with Putin, and that Russia are guilty of the misdemeanours that, for ease of reference, were featured in the Govt’s honeycomb Powerpoint briefing on the ‘Novichok’ case. I don’t think any of them have ever been convinced by my convictions that the evidence points in other directions, simply because that’s not what the media and politicians have been drumming into them endlessly, endorsed by friends and relatives – the West’s propaganda campaign is rather like pyramid selling of an agenda rather than a product. One acquaintance said to me a couple of years ago “That Putin’s a real devious menace, isn’t he?” I retorted ‘What makes you say that?’ ready to refute his reasons. But his explanation was “Well, Auntie B….. and my cousin S…. said it”. I ask you. What’s frustrating is that I say to them look just watch RT, give it a go or look at such and such a website or blog or whatever, but I know they are just humouring me (and, I’m sure, pitying poor deluded me) when they say they will. I think they maintain the belief that our ‘honourable’ Govt wouldn’t lie to us on such critical matters, or get away with it on a massive scale without some influential person in a position of authority stepping in if they were stringing us along…but of course the Syrians and the Russians would ‘because that’s the sort of people they are’. And if I’m honest about it, for most of them it’s too much effort to bother to read up on such matters; better and easier to let those in authority do the work and tell you what to think. And I’m talking about people who do have the brain capacity and the time to do some research if they could be bothered. You’d think that when it gets to the level of tension that international relations are currently at they might take an interest and wish to shoulder some responsibility but I’m afraid apathy is rampant.

        • Jay Q says

          Good post. I’m often derided as a ‘conspiracy theorist’ because I present information to them that they don’t have because of their single source of news hasn’t told them this. I understand it and I don’t want to deride people who are lulled in by it all – we all have very busy lives and time is short, and concentration levels are even shorter than ever – however, it is also their lack of involvement in information that enables the mass media to be effective. Saying that, I also sense that there is a growing number of people who simply do not believe what they are being told despite the propaganda.

          • mark says

            True. The dumbing down of education doesn;t help either.

        • Mulga Mumblebrain says

          Fifty percent of the population is of below media intelligence, and knowledge concerning any matter would be distributed similarly. In the West, particularly in the Anglosphere, the proles are brainwashed, relentlessly, 24/7, by fakestream media liars and hypocrites, PR, advertising, ‘think-tanks’ and ‘entertainment’ ALL of which promulgate a relentless Rightwing, neo-liberal and Imperialist propaganda narrative. I really cannot recall a single report anywhere in the indoctrination apparatus, concerning Russia, China, Iran, Venezuela, etc, that I have seen, which was not negative, often venomously so. And people are cowards. Upon encountering a belligerent Zionist, most people cower before the usual foam-flecked outbursts, and, if you stand your ground, you are obviously an ‘antisemite’ and this is another ‘antisemitic’ incident to report, or get you thrown out of the Labour Party or your employment terminated. Similar problems arise, usually at a lesser intensity, if you dare defend Russia or China. It’s like arguing with any Rightist, over subjects like anthropogenic climate destabilisation, where science, rationality and simple commonsense evaporate before the onslaught of ideological certainty. It’s one of the many faults of ‘human intelligence’ that will shortly get us extinguished as a species.


            ‘ It’s like arguing with any Rightist, over subjects like anthropogenic climate destabilisation, where science, rationality and simple commonsense evaporate before the onslaught of ideological certainty. ‘
            Mulga Mumblebrain.

            I am a big reader of Caitlan Johnson on Medium she is a great writer and has a finger on the pulse of what is appearing in Narratives and Counternarratives Caitlan reads the intended grey space interpretation very well I find.
            I once posed this question to Caitlan.
            One thing that puzzles me is why when draws the conclusion that the MSM is a lie machine, Which I agree with. Then why is it the Anthropogenic Global Warming due to the CO2 Hypothesis is somehow a Truth that the MSM is Consistently Telling? I can not reconcile that contradiction, I am curious how you do yourself?
            What are the main narratives where is the common Thread and what are the realities that Harold MacMillan called Events dear boy, events .
            If you think about it Climate Change is part of the Holy Trinity of Globalisation, The others are The The Chosenness of the Elites and the Third the Holocaust as Totem of a Manichean personification of Evil.

            • Mulga Mumblebrain says

              Here in Austfailure, the fakestream media is divided over anthropogenic climate destabilisation. The Murdoch cancer is virulently denialist, but, in a typical Murdochian hypocrisy, claims to ‘accept’ it, although 90% or so of their Rightwing apparatchiki are unambiguously denialist. The same applies to the business press, ie the Financial review, of the Fairfax small, once big, business.
              The rest of the fakestream is nominally sane, agreeing with ALL the Academies of Science and learned scientific societies on the planet, that the theory of anthropogenic climate destabilisation caused by emissions of greenhouse gases and their accumulation in the atmosphere, is ‘settled science’. It’s just that they almost totally ignore it, an existential threat to humanity, and coverage has fallen off, almost to zero, over recent years. Personally, sitting here, on the hottest ever April day recorded in these parts, with a 50 kph gale blowing and a wildfire a few kilometres away, I find all types of anthropogenic climate destabilisation not just bemusing, but annoying-to say the least.
              Almost all the Western fakestream media that do not deny anthropogenic climate destabilisation outright, actively downplay its severity. Anyone who knows and understands the science and keeps abreast of developments in the real world, knows that we are almost certainly stuffed already.

    23. In case you didn’t know where those chemicals were made, here is the only English eyewitness in Syria — Vanessa Beeley — courtesy of SyrPer BTL:


      Vanessa Beeley’s new article about the ‘Chemical Weapon’ narrative used in Syria, also documenting a visit on 6th April 2018 to a terrorist bomb making factory and a chemical weapons facility in Erbin, East Ghouta:

      “We entered the district of Erbin and we were shown a bomb making factory and a chemical weapons facility, both above ground and not part of the elaborate tunnel systems that had housed terrorist field hospitals and equipment store rooms among other elements of the terrorist military apparatus.”

      Report, with photos, here:

      • It may have been on Vanessa Beeley’s website or, if not her’s, Eva Bartlett’s when they first went to see the uncovered chemical weapons facility and storage area with multiple drums of chlorine etc that they commented that the SAA had invited all the Western press in the liberated parts of E Ghouta to be escorted to see and photograph the facilities for themselves but NOT ONE mainstream media journalist took them up on the offer. Absolutely disgraceful.

        • Mulga Mumblebrain says

          But typical. They are the filthiest swine imaginable.

    24. MichaelK says

      At this late stage, when the our terrorist proxy army has been all but defeated in Syria and regime change has failed, though at a terrible cost to the people of Syria… a direct western military attack to punish Assad, looks incredibly dangerous and futile, because we’ve lost the war and re-igniting it will require us to intervene massively. If we choose to attack Syria will the Russians defend themselves and Syria? That’s the big question. If they do, how will we react? Are we really ready to go to war with Russia in Syria and can the war be contained and will it escalate?

      This is where Salisbury comes into the picture. The US needs the UK onboard in relation to public opinion domestically. They don’t want to attack Syria and the Russians on their own. Corbyn might have used his moral authority, as a anti-war veteran, to oppose an attack on Syria. Only now he’s been massively undermines by the anti-semitism allegations and his acceptance of the false flag attack carried out in Salisbury. It’s going to be hard for him to lead an anti-war movement now. Though in theory he could suddenly be galvanized into action, but, unfortunately, I doubt it. By meekly bowing to pressure and letting the government of the hook, by accepting their narrative, he’s boxed himself into a corner.

      • Chris says

        I feel that too about Corbyn he did take something of a stand but lacked the courage of his convictions to undermine the whole media narrative. Its a pity because Corbyn is at his best when he says what he believes, as soon as he gives way to media pressure he loses ground. Too much of British poitics is made up of trying to second guess the passive aggressive moralising of the media, a very unhealthy state of affairs. I have enjoyed listening to Putin talk of late because he isnt frightened to say what he thinks (and unlike most British public figures can answer a question directly withoutsubterfuge). When Corbyn has the courage of his conictions he underrnines the whole msm narrative becuse suddenly the popular support is galvanised.

        • MichaelK says

          Corbyn is in an uneviable position. He’s trying to do the impossibel. He’s facing the Tories, the media, Israel’s supporters and the majority of his own parliamentary group, plus the NEC is finely balanced.

          A political realignment of some sort has been on the cards for years. Rather than see Corbyn in Downing Street the Blairites would prefer a split and a new party of the ‘middle’, only they are afraid they’d suffer the same fate as the SDP. Ideally they’d prefer to see Corbyn removed rather than split away, only that’s difficult.

          If Labour do badly in the coming local elections Corbyn will be blamed and the Blairits will try again to oust him and back to business as usual. Only he’s not doing himself any favours by refusing to mobilize his base and demoralizing them by bending, and bending to pressure from the Esablishment. That only encourages them to pile on the pressure. They’ve read Corbyn well and understand his weaknesses. The chief one being his apparent dislike of the role of strong and capable leader.

          • bevin says

            “…his apparent dislike of the role of strong and capable leader.”
            A dislike, and distrust, which is the very basis of every democrat’s principles.
            Almost all of the information we have of Corbyn’s actions come through the reports of his enemies, and the enemies of the policy that he supports.
            Those who feel the need for strong and capable leadership should seek medical assistance.

            • Mulga Mumblebrain says

              Perhaps Corbyn has a ‘martyr complex’. When you are attacked by packs of rabid animals, you fight-or die. I expect him to die. A death foretold.

        • mark says

          I think Corbyn does what he can, but at least 80% of the MPs in the PLP are Red Tory Blairite backstabbers, constantly trying to knife him. It’s the same with the Shadow Cabinet. Scum like Bradshaw, Gapes, Benn. Braying for a war with Johnny Russian. You only have to listen to the reaction from this crew (let alone the Tories) when he asked the very simple question if it could be proven where this substance was manufactured. Then we get all the MSM smears, Czech spy stories, and the Zio fascist campaign engineered by the Board of Deputies. You can understand this – but you’re right, he’ll never appease anybody by expelling Livingstone and pandering to the Zionist lobby. The Deep State wants to replace him with Thornberry, who’s been breaking all records with her grovelling to the Jews.

          • Mikalina says

            I’d be happier with the word ‘Zionists’ rather than Jews.

            • Mulga Mumblebrain says

              Yes-it is a mistake and plays into the Judeofascists’ hands to speak of ‘the Jews’, as if they are one great, undifferentiated, mass who all think alike ie like the Jewish Right, in Israel and the Diaspora. Yet another of the fakestream media’s vicious acts is to totally suppress the voices of the non-fascist Jews who have denounced the deranged and mendacious witch-hunt against Corbyn.

      • Mulga Mumblebrain says

        Corbyn hasn’t got the ticker.

    25. Estaugh says

      Well, they just had to do it, never mind the fake netflix vid, never mind the implausible ‘medical care’, the lack of agony, and above all, question ye not the ‘White Helmets, even having been exposed as a creation of FCO, Boris at the helm, with funding from USAID, EU, UK, Sordid Arabians,etc etc, to the tune of multiple millions of taxpayers’ contributions They are not even bothering to hide the lies any more; from Boris to Haley, to the Corporate states of EUrope, Israel, and their harem of presstitute cheerleaders, ‘they’, are, out, for, WAR, and bugger the sentiment. Is there no way we can this runaway train down?

    26. rtj1211 says

      The reason all this continues is there is no punishment for western politicians, editors, journalists, spooks etc for the lying false flags.

      What happened to the 500+ Uk MPs who voted for war in Iraq? They should have lost their careers for such disgraceful abrogation of basic responsibilities.

      John Scarlett should have been imprisoned for doctoring intelligence and Sir Richard Dearlove should not have become The Master of Pembroke College, Cambridge, he should have lost his career and lost his pension. If not his life…

      Tony Blair should have been banned from any public service for life, rather than earning £50m blood money from Bush et al’s cronies in JP Morgan etc etc.

      All the editors of UK national newspapers spouting evidence-free propaganda should have suffered the journalistic equivalent of being struck off the Medical Register, along with at least 250 skills-free unprincipled hacks/scribblers/ propaganda typists. The top 200 BBC news officials should have been subjected to the sort of investigations which terminate careers, instead they repeated their nonsense over Libya and now Syria.

      I cannot overemphasise that falsely accusing others of chemical warfare attacks to precipitate warmongering should result in prison sentences for journalists of 10 years, for editors of 25 years and life imprisonment for MPs. Spooks who invent the nonsense should be exterminated without trial to teach them the consequences of their own code of ethics. And any Prime Minister who callously agrees to murder thouands or millions of innocent people because Americans threaten them should not remain in office for five minutes.

      They should go public, making it clear to Americans that loyalty does not involve mass murder for imperialistic geostrategic aims…..and if a single MP schemes to have them thrown out so they can warmonger instead, they should be shot dead on the floor of the House of Commons…forget protocol, protocol got us where we are.

      Fifty dead MPs who will warmonger to order is acceptable collateral damage….

      • mark says

        After the war, when Germany was denazified, there were thousands of people who were not personally guilty of war crimes but who had played a part in the system and allowed it to function. These people were not executed or jailed, but they were banned from holding official positions or positions of authority from then on. They were allowed to do manual work and live normally, but nothing more. After Iraq, all these people, MPs, hack journalists, think tank queens, should have been found employment where they could do no harm:- road sweepers, brussels sprout pickers, that sort of thing. Let them do something constructive for the first time in their miserable lives, where they could do no harm.

        • Mulga Mumblebrain says

          It didn’t happen like that in West Germany at all. The de-Nazification was skin-deep and cosmetic. Nazi functionaries were soon back in power throughout the country. The Western German BND intelligence agency was set up using the Nazi Gehlen Organization, that had gone over to the USA and controlled numerous assets in Eastern Europe and the Soviet, particularly the Ukraine. And the West, assisted by the Vatican, aided numerous high-level Nazi and allied fascist butchers, like Barbie, Bandera, Pavlich, possibly Bormann, to escape to Spain or Latin America. And thousands of fascists and their supporters were aided to flee to the West, where fascist emigre’ communities of Ukrainians, Croats, Balts etc waited out the Soviet, to return and establish fascist or quasi-fascist regimes, all stooges of their Imperial patron and protector-the USA. And numerous Nazi scientists fled to the West under Operation Paperclip, many of whom remained unrepentant Nazis.

    27. People would do well to remember Trump ordered the illegal attack of Syria with 59 Tomahawk missiles one year ago based on another terrorist false flag – shortly after Nikki Haley, Tillerson and Trump announced Bashar Assad would be “allowed” to remain in power. They lied, knowing the false flag was coming, and Trump in collusion with Netanyahu intended to provoke a military response and escalation of the conflict.

      Trump’s “announcement” that U.S. troops were leaving Syria “very soon” was another lie, made knowing another false flag chemical attack was to occur, and for which to provide yet another pretext for military escalation. The false flag Skripal-Salisbury event of March 4 was timed to build maximum population support for major war escalation, in response to this timed, latest Syrian false flag. It doesn’t require much imagination to understand how the lies have been carefully engineered in this instance – presenting humanity with the potential repeat of horrific past wars routinely initiated on total lies.

    28. Harry Law says

      In spite of all these threats from the ‘West’, they will not attack Damascus, in my opinion there are two reasons.
      1/ MOSCOW — Moscow plans to respond to any US strike on Syria and will target any missiles and launchers involved in such an attack, Gen. Valery Gerasimov, the head of the Russian General Staff, warned Tuesday.
      “The US seeks to use [any alleged] provocation … as a pretext to strike government areas in Damascus,” Gerasimov told state-operated news agency RIA.
      “We have credible information that militants are now preparing to stage the use of chemical weapons on civilians by the Syrian government forces. For this goal, the militants have brought to eastern Ghouta people, including women, children and elders, from other areas. These people have to play victims of this staged chemical attack. The White Helmets with their cameramen are already there for live broadcasts,” said Gerasimov. [13-03-18]
      2/ And the most important reason, Russian self respect, Putin cannot back down in the face of such aggression, if he did he would have to leave Syria as a coward. He is not a coward. Two quotes from Gandhi…

      “Where choice is set between cowardice and violence, I would advise violence … I prefer to use arms in defense of honor rather than remain the vile witness of dishonor…” ― Mahatma Gandhi

      “Cowardice is impotence worse than violence. The coward desires revenge but being afraid to die, he looks to others, maybe to the government of the day, to do the work of defense for him. A coward is less than a man. He does not deserve to be a member of a society of men and women.”― Mahatma Gandhi

      • Unfortunately with the determined and immoral mindset of ‘the West’ , in spite of repeated alerts from the Syrians and Russians about imminent false flag chemical weapons attacks (which the West is no doubt behind), they will simply say that these warnings from the Syrians and Russians are just an attempt to double bluff the West over their use of chemical weapons. In spite of US statements earlier today stating that ‘…if reports are true’, it is evident from Trump’s latest tweets that he has, not surprisingly, already made his mind up as to the perpetrators.

      • Mulga Mumblebrain says

        Corbyn needs to read those quotes from Gandhiji.

    29. bevin says

      It is surprising that none of the massacres carried out in New Russia by Ukrainian forces, sponsored by NATO and inspired by Hitler, has led to Russia setting out its ‘red lines’ to prevent attacks which include-and I can give no reference for this- the use of poison gas.
      Equally crying out for the protection of power are the refugees in Gaza, currently being used for target practice by aspiring IDF snipers.

    30. Michael McNulty says

      It is our side which commits atrocities. The terrorists and bad guys and the ones who must be stopped are us.

    31. 0use4msm says

      Using chemical weapons in Douma is ridiculous. It’s just outside Damascus, a gush of wind could blow the gas right into the capital. Nobody would be that stupid unless they were utterly desperate, as in losing their territory and raison d’etre.

      • 0use4msm says

        My bad: it’s “napalm” this time instead of sarin gas. Still doesn’t make sense though.

    32. If Corbyn buys this crap then I will denounce him and his cohorts completely and it will be f**k Momentum and my Labour Party Membership. I haven’t the words to describe my utter contempt for the war hawks aiding these monstrous wars and terrorists against innocent children and other civilians.

      • Mulga Mumblebrain says

        It looks awfully like Momentum is controlled by the Zionists, in their preferred manner, from the top.

    33. Carrie says

      Yesterday: excellent reporting by Vanessa Beeley (inc link to graphic video)
      Here are two paragraphs from the article:

      The soldiers I have seen in Eastern Ghouta appear haunted by that choice, one that has been imposed upon them by external powers – NATO member states, Turkey, Israel, Saudi Arabia. These soldiers must witness the inevitable loss of life among their own people in order to free their own people who are being held hostage in urban areas by heavily armed extremist forces. That is not a choice, it is the horrific result of this regime change war that has driven an entire nation to make choices that defy all moral or ethical values. It is not a reflection of the Syrian Arab Army, nor of its allies – it is the reflection of those who are waging, financing & promoting this war for whom human life of any denomination is to be carelessly trodden underfoot in their rush towards their destructive objectives.

      Jaish Al Islam have left the Russian reconciliation efforts and the Syrian government with very little negotiating room. They would reduce Syria to a “stone-age” nation of graveyards and they must be stopped. Violence begets violence in the minds of these backward extremists who see no way out of their self-imposed predicament and who will take all of Douma down with them if not stopped in their tracks. The imprisoned civilians must be liberated and Douma must be freed from this decaying carcass of violence being kept alive by the Saudi-backed warlords.

      What a disaster we make of people’s lives in pursuit of ‘regime change’. Dire.

      • Mulga Mumblebrain says

        It’s not ‘regime change’ they are after in Syria. It is the vivisection of the country, as per the Oded Yinon Plan. Large amounts of Syria are part and parcel of Eretz Yisrael. The Deputy Knesset Speaker, Smotrich declared on Israeli TV a couple of years back that ‘Damascus belongs to the Jews’. That is why this false-flag may be the signal of the doubling-down of the besieged Likudnik rats of the Bibi regime and the attacks on Lebanon, Syria and Iran that they have been itching for.

    34. summitflyer says

      While the killings of Palestinians is carried out by the IDF on a daily basis , the Israeli government needs a distraction so here we go with another false flag CW in Syria .

    35. The Syrian American Medical Society has identified itself as a key stager of this stunt alongside the WH and both cooperating with the most extreme faction of JAI who wouldn’t accept the ceasefire agreement. This was well detailed by Vanessa B yesterday. It is impossible not to see this as linked to the hyping of Chemical Weapons as the worst crime of all, beaten up by the Skripal scam, even as this is becoming a sick joke. But none sicker than the child-snuff-porn shown in this disgusting stuff from Douma. Haven’t they learnt yet that hosing down is not effective against either Sarin or Chlorine?
      How can we allow that the world goes to war on such a LIE?

      • Mulga Mumblebrain says

        Because to oppose it would be ‘antisemitic’, and prove that you are a ‘tool of Putin’.

      • Paul says

        When it became clear some weeks ago that there would be a CW false flag op to give the US the excuse to attack Syria the Russians made it very clear they would respond IF Russian forces were endangered. Last time the Americans warned them when and where and Russia quietly withdrew. It’s not hard to see that Russia simply isn’t in a position to take on the whole Sunni Coalition which includes the US, UK, France, Israel and the Gulf Arab States. They have never set themselves up as the World’s policeman but only as protector of their Syrian allies. It’s asking too much of Russia to get into a shooting war with America because let’s face it Russia would lose big time. Nobody who is sane wants WW3 least of all Russia with some brilliant heavy duty front line weapons but without the economic resources to have a chance.

        • So Syrians must die en masse just so the US can continue it’s slaughter of them and their army under the guise of democratization?
          If Syria goes down then so does the OBOR and Russia and China will once again be fighting a war of economic existence.
          If Syria goes down the Israelis will be emboldened against both Syria and Iran.

          • Syria can’t go down Mohandeer. But it needs everyone who stands for this to get behind her and Russia, particularly China. This is time not for Western ultimatums, issued months ago as “if Assad uses CW again we will strike” but an ultimatum of a different kind from the rest of the world. They could start with calling out 2 million Syrians onto the streets of Damascus and demanding interviews with leading BBC and US news presenters and Syrian and friendly journalists.
            Now the nutter McCain is saying that Trump’s desire to pull out of Syria has emboldened Assad to launch this attack! A true psychopath.

            • Mulga Mumblebrain says

              That glioblastoma will fix the McCain obscenity soon. I’ve seen a number of people die this hideous way, but cannot help seeing it, in this case, as just desserts for a truly Evil life. I should be ashamed to feel this way, but for this bloodthirsty thug, I cannot help myself.

              • Mikalina says

                Our ability to feel compassion and their dis-ability in having no comprehension as to what the word means is their greatest weapon.

                Would you gas children to use in a propaganda video? Not only would you not, but the majority of people cannot even contemplate this, so are unable to fully believe that someone else would.

                I look at my son’s classroom of 30 little boys and girls grouped around little tables and sat on cute little chairs with determined frowns upon their faces as they tackle the task set with determination and concentration. The I watch them running around the playground, laughing, letting off steam and enjoying the freedom of being outside.

                I see 30. Mad Albright said that the slaying of 500,000 of these was a price worth paying.

                Know your enemy. Feeling compassion for psychopaths is suicidal.

                • Mulga Mumblebrain says

                  The Sauds chose the craziest psychos from their gaols and asylums to be the kernel of the takfiri butcher brigades. There are millions of them out there, the killer dead souls, and the USA has over a century of experience recruiting, training, arming and brainwashing them into death-squads that have terrorised Latin America, Korea, Vietnam, Indonesia, Thailand, Afghanistan, Iraq, Syria, Mozambique, Chechnya, Bosnia, Kosovo, Xinjiang, Lebanon, Libya etc. This is one of Thanatopia’s greatest gifts to the world-bring horror and death to those who dare to resist ‘Western Moral Values’.

              • Mulga. I can’t wait for McCain(and I could name a great many others)to receive their just deserts. So many people have suffered terribly because of their total lack of any compassion, I am totally disinclined to wish them any other than what they have dished out. Your compassion is better deserved by McCain victims. If there is a God after all, then I’ll be damned to hell. So be it.

                • Mulga Mumblebrain says

                  Yes-I pray daily, without a lot of hope, for a ‘ just and vengeful God’ to be waiting for the McCains of this world.

            • I wish it were that simple. Russia and Chhina have been steadily improving their economy, but the world’s economy is dependant on global debt and assets. The US has only debts, it’s assets are oil, the price of which has plummeted, war and weapons. China and Russia have gold and assets but to understand how it all interacts, here is a piece I read just this morning, it’s a heads up on how the world is orientated.
              Sorry Admin, totally off topic but the conversation is tending towards a certain direction which probably needs heading off at the pass.

        • @Paul: ” US, UK, France, Israel and the Gulf Arab States. …. It’s asking too much of Russia to get into a shooting war with [these 5] because let’s face it Russia would lose big time.”

          Let’s examine those 5 bold musketeers: US hasn’t won a war on its own since 1983 (against a country pop. 100,000 — that’s right 100 Thousand not Million.

          UK hasn’t won a war on its own since 1899 (against the Boer Republics, pop 100,000 — mostly farmers, Boers)

          France hasn’t won a war since 1812 when Napoleon lost at Moscow.
          (“Then one dreadful night / He came home rather tight / And Napoleon cried Whoops! / I have lost all my troops / In the snow / Jo / Sephine”)

          Israel is a pocket Hercules — depends on the pockets of USA, UK and France to supply arms, technology, capital and diplomatic protection. Has not won a war since it was kicked out of Lebanon by Hezb, twice.

          Gulf Arab States (you mean KSA) currently being beaten by barefoot Yemenites.

          Maybe if this bunch of incompetents could work together they might rival the “irresistible armed might” of 700 Million strong NATZO (famous for beating up Serbia and Libya, pop. 7 Million each).

          United we’re so strong! Ex pluribus Unum.

          • Ivan says

            No, I am afraid you are grossly underestimating the western military capacity, sorry. The west is led by a criminal gang, and I wish it all the worst if it attacks Russia, but one should not ignore reality.

            • @Ivan. The reality is as I have written: the West has not shown any fighting qualities to match those of Russia in WW2, nor of Syria and Hezb today. As a fighting force our armies — though large and massively armed — are inexperienced, flabby and led by financial confidence men who want to make money out of arms contracts and generals who are more interested in winning promotion than winning wars. Russia won WW2 — chewed up 80% of the Nazi Wehrmacht — Britain and US merely had to clean up the pitiful remnants manned mainly with schoolboys by that time. We in the West are terrorists armed with bombs, and we use those bombs mainly against civilian populations. Like a terrorist in a shopping mall our 5 Musketeers can do a lot of damage with their heavy armaments, Ivan; but I do not think we can win a war in the ME against Syria, Hezb, Iran, Iraq and Russia (with China at their back) — which is my point against Paul.

        • mark says

          Russia has to take a stand somewhere. It can’t go on retreating forever.

          • Putin knows his Sun Tzu by heart and knows exactly what he is doing.

            “Appear weak when you are strong, and strong when you are weak.” ― Sun Tzu, The Art of War

        • Mulga Mumblebrain says

          I can see ‘Old Glory’ waving proudly even as you, figuratively, speak. The USA has NEVER defeated an enemy that was not weakened by sanctions etc, or considerably weaker than Russia. In any case, a war between the two would go thermo-nuclear, and that would be that. Fermi Paradox resolved.

        • summitflyer says

          But what would be the alternative pray tell , and I ask with no offense ,because there does come a time when the bully must be faced .How that is done in the geopolitical sense is not in me to know but I do know that the show down must come ,otherwise we allow the lies, disinformation media and all it’s accoutrements to continue and take over the world .That would hell on earth for those of us that are aware of the game that is played . There has been enough hell already. Time to draw the curtain so we see all the actors , who scripted the play ,and who produced it.

          • summitflyer says

            My above comment was directed @paul

          • Summitflyer.
            I wish, sometimes, that they would just get on with it and put their money where their mouths are. Fortunately, saner minds than mine are keeping cool heads and being as patient and sensible as they know how and trying to avert all out war. We may yet see another terrible war being played out in Syria(God, if he exists, help the Syrian people)which Russia can only assist in, extremely reluctantly, as with China also and only to protect future trade and economic survival. I dread what’s coming next, nuclear fallout won’t do my complexion any good. And that is the underlying threat the US/UK and their disgusting EU Allies are banking on. They really are deplorable, but sadly, calling the shots. I think 15 countries have nukes, China and Russia have them too, unless they can get Pakistan on side that’s 2 against 15 – not good odds. The US and it’s criminal cohorts are running out of time with both Russia and China threatening their global dominance, the US needs to keep them occupied and disable their efforts, Russia and China just need to hang in there and build their alliances with other nations fed up with the US calling the shots. It’s not so much playing chicken as the tortoise against the hare. We can only hope the good guys can stay in this monstrous game to get to the finnish line.
            The US tries to provoke war using every lie in it’s aresenal, but there is another war going on at the moment between the US against China, there is also a war already being waged against Russia, by means of illegal sanctions, unhappily for the US, Russia is actually winning it, slowly but surely.
            I’ve posted a link to an article on the economic war being played against China, a war that could still plunge the world into economic chaos, but preferable to Armageddon.

        • Linda Wood says

          You are right, Russia would lose, but so would we. That is the reality of Mutually Assured Destruction. We cannot win a nuclear war. We would be destroyed in the process of destroying Russia. We would commit national suicide. Each of our countries has thousands of nuclear weapons. Look at a map and circle thousands of municipal targets the size of a hydrogen bomb destruction zone. The neocons believe the United States would win if some small part of our population survived. But there would be no one left to hear us chant, “We’re number one.” That is the reality of nuclear war. It was meant to be a deterrent because only an insane person thinks of it as winnable. Unfortunately, our leadership is either insane, or treasonous, or doesn’t understand what they’re dealing with.

    36. Fair dinkum says

      What is it good for?
      Makin $$$$$$$$$$$$$hiploads of money and distracting the Proles from their increasing poverty.

    37. The terrorists had the timing wrong for this latest “false flag” chemical weapons attack.
      The Skripal poisoning could also have been a UK false flag event to coincide with a US inspired false flag chemical weapons attack in East Ghouta Syria so the US had the excuse to bomb the Presidential palace in Damascus and defeat Assad. It was also to coincide with Russia being ousted from the UN Security Council and it all went horribly wrong for the UK and US resulting in the sacking of Rex Tillerson who had not told the President of this CIA plan.
      Russian and Syrian special forces discovered the chemical weapons factories in Ghouta with 40 tonnes of chemical weapons and recognized the build up of US Navy vessels in attack formation aka Iraq war.
      Russian steadfastness has possibly avoided WW3 which is something the US/UK/Nato appears to be aiming for.
      The military industrial complex makes billions from conflict. Follow the money.

      • mark says

        Their money won’t do them much good when the whole planet is a radioactive desert.

    38. Sav says

      BBC News headlining this. Video shown has nothing but children being treated. What kind of attack was this that no adults are being treated there with them?

      This is child abuse that western media are encouraging.

      • I saw one old man and a couple of women being hosed down on the Sky News report. But that must have been a mistake by the Syrians or Russians because, let’s face it, they only like to target children. It struck me that the crying children were more upset about being doused in the face with a hosepipe of cold water than anything else. And I liked the squirt of nebulizer into one small child’s mouth, which clearly would have no effect whatsoever. And they then of course showed the ubiquitous blurred out still picture of a whole family who had supposedly been killed during the attack (not clear how they ‘died’ but I doubt that they were blasted to pieces like the people in Damascus residential areas).
        Quotes from the UK (Boris, I think) and the US were how appalling the actions of Syria/Russia were “if confirmed” and “if reports are true”…so we know where we’re going with that then: if ‘rescue workers’ on the ground have reported this information then it MUST be true.

        • Sav says

          Yes, felt the same about the kids. The guys ‘treating’ them make space for the video guy to get a good angle – because of course in medical emergencies the first thing you think about is the guy videoing it. One of them even looks round at him just to check.

          • Mulga Mumblebrain says

            I’d like to chip in a few bob for a group to track down these ‘White Helmet’ scum, after the war, whatever rat’s nest they end up in, and deliver them to Syria to face justice. I would include their Western paymasters, too.

        • Mulga Mumblebrain says

          As usual the ‘rebels’ could be heard gibbering ‘Allahu Akbar’ over and over, like good Jeffersonian democrats.

      • mark says

        Cue the “beautiful little babies.” (There aren’t any beautiful babies in Gaza or Yemen.) Then coe “our beautiful missiles.)

    39. Wow, just yesterday [April 7] in the mourning i saw TV report [on Russian TV] where representative of the Russian Reconciliation Center in Syria talked about the forthcoming chemical provocation in the Duma. It was reported that the terrorists of Jabhat al-Nusra are going to detonate ammunition with chlorine..

    40. I guess most on here expected that….a sickening, insane attack on the innocent by these psycho killers. Well, just take a look at the company the UK Government keeps. Fingers crossed the SAA can surround and capture them. They will talk.

      • Who knows if there was an ‘attack’, even perpetrated by the terrorists. A few willing actors, a few unwilling participants (children), a couple of faked photos and ‘credible’ testimonies from ‘rescue workers’…easy, job done.

        • mark says

          The US paid Bell Pottinger $540 million to put fake Iraqi videos on the internet. They hired a “disaster exercise company” who provide people with fake cosmetic injuries. A lot of these videos are made in Egypt and Turkey.

          • We have an article on here somewhere about a gang making fake atrocity movies being busted in Egypt

    41. kweladave says

      Yes – Sun, 8 Apr, 2018 – our impartial BBC is repeating ad nauseam that 70 civilians killed by latest Assad/Russian chemical attacks. No mention of source of info – just the usual headline message. Probably get more ‘info’ soon from one of ‘our’ BBC correspondents in Beirut or Istanbul confirming the message.

      I wonder what the Syrian people think of the BBC?

      • @kweladave. To answer your query, here is a random clip BTL from todays


        The BBC is a Zionist News Factory, so no surprise they were first out of the blocks with the latest false flag propaganda.

        • Mark Gobell says

          Zionist News Factory – splendid.

          aka the BiBiC …

        • mark says

          The previous director of the BBC was Mark Thompson, a fanatical Zionist. He had private meetings with Nitwityahoo, where he promised him that no criticism of Israel would appear on the BBC.

    42. Pick any of the Narratives since the Syrian colour revolution CIA sponsored coup started and also the one in Ukraine and the same themes play out.

      Its like repeats on Dave or Channel 5 dusted down old narratives enough to fool the distracted plebs, This time it may well be different.

      • Ivan says

        “Its like repeats on Dave or Channel 5 dusted down old narratives enough to fool the distracted plebs” – yes, the fact that they are not even worried by credibility issues anymore, probably means that the western attack on Syria is about to start.

    43. mog says

      This is the part 2 to Skripal finally manifesting.
      Will Corbyn demand evidence before action?
      He has both voiced support for the White Helmets and called for inquiry into funding of groups in Syria.
      Does he really realise how completely fucking insane these people are?

    44. Kaiama says

      Lets hope the US isn’t stupid enough to start a war in Syria by crossing Russia’s red line.

      • hope springs eternal. but they are pretty stupid.

        here we go again.

        • mark says

          Not just stupid. Arrogant, ignorant, venal, corrupt, hysterical and ideologically driven. Their hatred for Russia will warp their judgment, like Hitler in 1941.

      • Ivan says

        I fear that US has already decided to start the war. Either now, or after another false flag attack in Syria.

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