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Jeremy Corbyn’s Nazi Death Cult

by CJ Hopkins

So it appears the British are our last best hope of stemming the blood-dimmed Putin-Nazi tide that has shaken the foundations of Western democracy since Hillary Clinton lost the election. The neoliberal Resistance in the United States, led by the intelligence agencies, the Democratic Party, and the corporate media, fights on, but it’s a losing battle. Despite their control of most of the media, most members of the US Congress, and the military industrial complex, they are just no match for the fearsome power of Vladimir Putin’s international army of Nazi-brainwashing specialists and the evil genius of Donald Trump. All is not lost by any means — there is still the chance that the CIA might stage a coup, or a heart attack — but for now it seems that the ruling classes (and the millions of Americans who identify with them) are lying low and biding their time like Camembert-slurping surrender monkeys.

Thus, once again, it’s up to the Brits to save democracy from annihilation. They’re doing a bang up job of it so far. Just look at how they’ve responded to the so-called “Labour Anti-Semitism Crisis,” which exploded just a few short weeks ago. No sooner had members of the neoliberal Blairite wing of the Labour Party dug up a six-year-old Facebook post in which Jeremy Corbyn had the gall to wonder why a mural depicting a group of bankers (some of them sporting rather large schnozzes) needed to be removed from view, did the British ruling classes spring into action. Clearly, this 2012 Facebook post was proof that the Corbyn-led Labour Party had been infiltrated by a Nazi Death Cult bent on brainwashing gullible leftists into “failing to recognize Anti-Semitism,” using unwords like “Zionist,” and inappropriately criticizing Israel. The public needed to be alerted immediately, so the media started pumping out stories repeating the words “Corbyn” and “Anti-Semitism,” over and over, in a variety of contexts. At this point, there have been literally hundreds of them.

The conservative press has been entirely predictable, running headlines like “Jeremy Corbyn’s Hate Factory,” “Once in the shadows, anti-Semitism is now entrenched at the poisoned heart of the Labour Party,” “Theresa May slams Jeremy Corbyn for letting anti-Semitism, misogyny and hatred run free in Labour,” and so on. But it’s the liberal media that are doing the heavy lifting. The Independent warned the world that “Labour’s antisemitic cancer shows the party for what it has become — a cult of keyboard warriors and raging Corbynistas.” Michael Segalov, writing in The Guardian, put potential Corbyn-apologists on notice: “If you can’t see antisemitism, it’s time to open your eyes.” Owen Jones has been conducting a virtual one-man anti-anti-Semitism crusade, reminding the public on an hourly basis that “the poison of anti-Semitism” exists, and “the left has to get its house in order,” and otherwise reinforcing the connection of Corbyn with anti-Semitism.

Which, of course, is the purpose of this manufactured “crisis,” i.e., to associate Jeremy Corbyn with anti-Semitism in the public consciousness. The content of all these impassioned articles (whether attacking or defending Corbyn) is, if not irrelevant, secondary. Their primary aim is to generate the “crisis,” and then position Corbyn in the middle of it.

Here’s a quick lesson on how that works.

Say, for example, we wanted to simulate a “Racism Crisis” in Hollywood and smear a certain producer with it. This should be easy enough to do, as there is plenty of racism in Hollywood to work with (just as there is plenty of anti-Semitism in the Labour Party, and in most other major political parties). And let’s say we want to kick off this “crisis” by citing some “inappropriate response” by some well-known producer to a Facebook post about a movie featuring a Magical Negro, that loveable, mystical African American who exists to serve the white protagonist, a familiar stock character in American cinema.

OK, so we go dig up that post, in which our target “fails to recognize the racist nature” of the Magical Negro depicted in whichever movie we choose, Forrest Gump, The Shawshank Redemption, The Green Mile, The Shining, The Matrix, or whatever, and we demand a full confession and apology. Next, we go digging for any other comments, posts, tweets, quotes, or hearsay that we can easily construe as “glaring proof” of our target’s racism. At the same time (and this is absolutely crucial), we go digging among our target’s current and former associates, and their associates, and any random Facebook groups our target has ever carelessly joined, and tweets our target has ever carelessly “liked,” and anything else we can possibly link to him, until we can claim to have firmly established that Hollywood is experiencing a “Racism Crisis,” and that a “cancer of Racism” is running rampant through the Screen Actors Guild and Writers Guild West.

Then we get our associates in the corporate media to make an incredibly big stink out of it, and argue “both sides” of the “crisis” we’ve just generated. Half the media can attack our target as a racist or a racism enabler. The other half can do the Owen Jones schtick, repeatedly confessing that, yes, indeed, Hollywood has a racism problem, a corrosive, longstanding racism problem, which has suddenly grown to crisis proportions and … I think you get the general idea.

This is just an example, of course. Because, clearly, there’s no Racism Crisis in Hollywood, or, rather, the global capitalist ruling classes have no reason to generate one. They do, however, have a reason to generate an Anti-Semitism Crisis and use it to demonize Jeremy Corbyn, and anyone else they deem an enemy.

As I’ve been tracking for going on two years now, the global capitalist ruling classes are putting down a nationalist insurgency … the populist backlash against global capitalism that led to the Brexit, the election of Trump, and the rise of nationalist parties in Europe. They are conducting this counter-insurgency against an assortment of forces on both the left and the right. Ideology makes no difference to capitalism, which can accommodate pretty much any ideology as long as it doesn’t interfere with the market. Hard as it is to get our minds around, what we’ve been living through since 2016 is not a battle between left and right. It’s a battle over sovereignty. Since the end of the Cold War, global capitalism has been dissolving national sovereignty and replacing it with supra-national sovereignty … corporate supra-national sovereignty. A lot of people, on both the left and the right, are not real happy with how that is going and are resisting the only way they know how to, by reasserting their national sovereignty. The global capitalist ruling classes cannot allow this rebellion to continue, not when it leads to events like the Brexit, the election of Trump, and the destabilization of the entire Western neoliberal order.

Which brings us back to the Putin-Nazis and the War on Dissent that the global capitalist ruling classes are currently waging against any and all resistance to their brave, new global capitalist world. Because they are unable to characterize the nature of this conflict as what it is, they need a convincing “official enemy” to scare the living Bejesus out of people. This is where the Putin-Nazis come in.

For the last two years, as you’ve probably noticed, the corporate media have been not so subtly alternating between manufacturing Russia hysteria and Nazi hysteria, and sometimes whipping up both at once. Thus, I’ve dubbed the new Official Enemy of Freedom “the Putin-Nazis.” They don’t really make any sense, rationally, but let’s not get all hung up on that. Official enemies don’t have to make sense. The important thing is, they’re coming to get us, and to kill the Jews and destroy democracy … and something about Stalin, if memory serves. Putin is their leader, of course. Trump is his diabolical puppet. Julian Assange is … well, Goebbels, or something. Glenn Greenwald is also on the payroll, as are countless “useful idiots” like myself, whose job it is to sow division, discord, racism, anti-Semitism, anti-capitalism, anti-Hillaryism, collusion rejectionism, ontological skepticism, and any other horrible thing you can think of.

Where does Corbyn fit into all this? Well, obviously, he’s been quietly building his extreme-left Putin-Nazi Death Cult in the shadows of British politics for years. If the Blairites hadn’t tracked down that telltale comment in his six-year-old Facebook post, who knows what horrors he and his legions of cultists might have unleashed on Britain.

Luckily, we won’t have to find that out, because the ruling classes and the corporate media are united against the Putin-Nazi threat. They shall not flag. They shall go on to the end. They shall fight these devils in the streets and the fields, and on the hills, and on the seas and oceans. They shall defend global capitalism, whatever the cost, no matter who they have to smear as an anti-Semite or a Russian agent. They shall smear them on television and on the Internet. They shall smear them in their “respectable” papers, until, in God’s good time, the New World, with all its corporate power and might, steps forth to the liberation of the old …

Oh, gosh, here I am, over my word limit, and I got all wrapped up in that Churchill parody and completely forgot to virtuously signal my steadfast opposition to anti-Semitism … but then I’ve never been very good at responding to emotionally manipulative Pavlovian stimuli. I’ll have to work a little harder on that.

C J Hopkins is an award-winning American playwright, novelist and satirist based in Berlin. His plays are published by Bloomsbury Publishing (UK) and Broadway Play Publishing (USA). His debut novel, ZONE 23, is published by Snoggsworthy, Swaine & Cormorant. He can be reached at or

Feel free to come find him in Berlin and buy him a beer. He’s been known to frequent an assortment of extremely suspicious RUSSIAN establishments in Kreuzberg.


  1. John W says

    Trump is part of this ‘ruling class’. Just pretty far down the hierarchy. Trump got in by the electoral collage, not by votes mind you. It’s all theater. Perhaps some people got to big an ego and wouldn’t listen. Hence, the ‘leaks’. Braverman who orchestrated the Clinton Foundation ‘leaks’, has 2 handlers. If he did this on his own, he wouldn’t be being ‘handled’, he would be dead. And a year and a half ago at that. Theater. The game is that Trump is not part of the ‘swamp’, is anti ‘elitist’, and ‘on your side’. Bullocks. He is a puppet as is with nearly all politicians. As to Russia, the Khazars hate Russians because they lost their Nation, the nation of Khazaria to Russia. Also, all kakistocracies needs an ‘enemy’. To keep people afraid, to keep people controlled, and to have a reason for them(states, governments,) the kakistocracies to be. That is why ‘war is peace’ to these primitive minded psychopaths. The are all part of the UN(New World Order) and signed Agenda 21 a quarter of a century ago. Don’t forget that. There a few holdouts, and there are some spitting contests going on, but it is an excellent distraction, a good way of depleting populations, and a good way of ‘beating people down’, crushing their spirits. Agenda 21, 5G-IoT, and the NSR is continuing and will be inserted. The rest, is theater and spitting contests. This is the conclusions I have discerned, and others may have a different view point. I will refer people to tube and to tube.

  2. George says

    Excellent article. The basic problem for our lords and masters is that “populist backlash against global capitalism”. And the nature and scale of that problem means that indeed “they are unable to characterize the nature of this conflict as what it”. The big issue then is how much they can distract and disorientate with this ferocious and relentless noise centring on the pathological repetition of the increasingly irrelevant term “anti-Semitism”. How much further can this excruciatingly embarrassing charade continue?

  3. Big B says

    Labour has an existential anti-Semitic crisis: OF ITS OWN MAKING. Those who wish to portray Jeremy as its victim may wish to consider that it has been his strategy of appeasement and the sacrificial suspensions and expulsion of many life-time anti-racist stalwarts (most who are Jewish) that has led to this situation. The list includes, but is not limited to, Jackie Walker, Marc Wadsworth, Moshe Machover, Ken Livingstone, Tony Greenstein. In one of the latest incidents: Christine Shawcroft was summarily forced out of her position by order of Corbyn himself.

    “I understand from close friends of Christine Shawcroft, that her resignation was not an act of selflessness or given willingly. She was directly asked to resign by Jeremy Corbyn personally with the implied threat that if she didn’t resign she would be suspended” Tony Greenstein.

    The strategy of appeasement has done nothing to appease: and everything to embolden. The Left of the party has been purged of most of the strongest, most dedicated voices AGAINST racism of all sorts. This has been done by various smeer and ambush tactics that have been personally targeted: using manufactured anti-semitism as cover. Such an example would be when Jackie Walker was set up and filmed saying she had a problem with the current definition of anti-semitism. When a dual heritage Jewish and Afro-Caribbean lifelong anti-racist campaigner (with a Jewish husband) says there is a problem with the definition: there is a problem with the definition. But no, Jackie was suspended, and the suspect definition stays …with narry a demur from the Boss.

    The net effect is a strengthening of the Blairite Zionist right: but it will not end there. Next, the militant manufacturers led by the BOD/JLM will be coming for Jennie Formby …then Corbyn himself. Their aim is to make the Labour movement a Zionist safe-space. They aim to completely control the party. This is no mere empty rhetoric: the mechanism they mean to employ is control over the disciplinary process. Then any Ruth Smeeth can shout down any Marc Wadsworth and accuse him of sustained anti-Semitic slurs (ironically, at the handout of the Chakrabhati Report, to make sure the cameras were rolling). When it comes to the disciplinary, being Afro-Caribbean and a lifelong anti-racist activist will be no defence.

    1. The appointment of an ombudsman ‘to oversee performance’ in anti-Semitism disciplinary cases which should report to the Labour Party, the Board of Deputies and the Jewish Leadership Council.

    2. MPs, councillors and other party members should not share platforms with people who have been suspended or expelled for antisemitism and if they do then they themselves should be suspended or, in the case of MPs, should lose the whip.

    3. ‘The Party should circulate the IHRA definition of antisemitism’, [NB: the very one Jackie had difficulty with] the full definition of the IHRA with all 11 examples, 7 of which relate to comparisons with Israel. So for example anyone denying the right of the Jewish people to self-determination or saying that Israel is a racist state is automatically an anti-Semite.

    4 The Party will not work ‘through fringe organisations who wish to obstruct the Party’s efforts to tackle antisemitism’. [i.e. Jewish Voice for Labour; Jewdas; etc]

    If Jeremy Corbyn were to adhere to any or all of these demands he may as well resign, which is the whole purpose of these demands. The idea that Labour’s disciplinary process should be subject to an external Ombudsman who reports to the unelected anti-Labour Board and JLC is too absurd for words.

    I am sorry to say that Jeremy is not the victim: his appeasement has been enabling. These were the pre-conditions for the meeting of the BOD/JLM which Jeremy has so far resisted. If he capitulates he is finished: and so is the Labour movement. If he wants to redeem himself, and seder with Jewdas and his commendable speech against the recent IDF exta-judicial killings show he might …he needs to stand up to the rightwing Zionists led by the BOD/JLM and JLC. And he has quite a few friends, colleagues and anti-racist supporters who need re-instating: not expelling to appease and enable a hate-fueled racist fake anti-semitic pogrom.

    • Google Talpiot Program says

      Good post actually – the Zionist lobbies don’t relent when concessions are made. They push and push till the end.

    • Mulga Mumblebrain says

      Yes-if Corbyn agreed to even one of these vile, arrogant, vicious demands, so typical of the worst elite Jewish stand-over thugs, he would be finished. That a great mass movement, that mobilised the greatest number of recruits to a political party in Europe for many decades, is being DESTROYED by the vicious lying, vilifying and threatening attacks of the worst among one tiny group in society, tells you just how UTTERLY fraudulent ‘democracy’ in the West is. I would say that Corbyn’s cowardice has ALREADY defeated him. If, at the first stink of this villainous hate-campaign by the Zionist Right he had called them out, declared his plain opposition to REAL Judeophobia, re-confirmed his commitment to justice for the Palestinians, and called on decent Jews to join him, this poison in UK society might have been expunged, but once he started caving into creatures whose existential fuel is hatred, and who will invent and falsify accusations of ‘antisemitism’ at the drop of a hat, to fuel that hatred, he was history. And among those who followed him in the hope of some sort of change to a more decent UK society, there will be some who will hate the Jewish community for what the thugs of the Zionist elite have wrought. That would be mistaken, if understandable, and it is PRECISELY what the Zionist bosses want.

      • Jonathan Freedland was on BBC Question Time last night. He identified a particular and insidious “left anti-semitism”: which is to subscribe to the “conspiracy theories” that bankers are controlling the financial world for their own gain: which they clearly are. You do not even need to specify that the bankers are Jewish (which they are all not): it is assumed for you that is what you mean. Thus, the billionaire bankers and hedge fund managers are, or soon will be, protected by a painted veil of implied anti-semitism. Apparently, these “Medieval” tropes are being kept alive by the Labour Party and need to be stamped out. So there will be no criticism of Israel, and no criticism of banking cartels and central banking collusion admissible in the public forum? And no debate allowable at Westminster: due to hyper-PC, hyper-defensive, and easily manufacturable accusations of anti-semitism?

        The reason the BOD/JLM will come for Jennie Formby is that, now McNichol has gone, Jennie will be the one responsible for reviewing and improving all aspects of Labour’s disciplinary procedures, including the handling of antisemitism and harassment allegations. She will pretty much be disciplinary process (above the NEC Disputes Panel). And she is pro-Palestinian. So if they can manufacture a fake smear against her (see below), she can be replaced with a pro-Israel candidate (possibly Lansman?). Then they will control the Party. And if they get their ombudsman (see above); they have wrapped up the disciplinary process for good. Neat, huh? I have little doubt that this is being organised from the Israeli Embassy. It is a coup on democracy that few are even aware of. Personally, I don’t think they mean to remove Jeremy at all (Freedland stressed he is not an anti-semite; the BOD has not called for his resignation). But if the party ends up being held hostage to fake dog-whistle anti-semitism: he will be their puppet.

        Oh, did I just say that the Zionists are staging a coup to control democracy in the UK? That must make me a new anti-semite?

        The coup started the first week Jennie was in the job as General Secretary:

        • Mulga Mumblebrain says

          That the Zionist Right do not want Corbyn’s head says it all. But what the devil are the hundreds of thousands who joined Labour under Corbyn, to rescue their country from vicious hard Right misrule, doing, as all their efforts are destroyed by the leading lights of the Jewish Establishment, in open collusion with the Rightwing media sewer, and the Tories? Why in the name of God has there been NO resistance? Obviously Corbyn is a coward or accomplice to the vilifiers with their slimy and mendacious inventions, but why are the rank and file so impotent? Will they simply allow the Zionist bully-boys to take over by seizing the top jobs, then give up like cravens, and crawl home to await the return of the Blairites, the triumph of the Tories and the criminalisation as ‘antisemitism’, of any and all criticism of Israel, and any Jew, and any support for the Palestinians whatsoever?

          • Big B says

            I honestly believe that the majority do not have a clue. Tony Greenstein was expelled by Momentum; Ken Livinstone and Jackie Walker seem to be on rolling suspension, pending expulsion. Other’s are cowed by the malignantly defined anti-semitism conflations. Momentum was emasculated by Lansman’s coup last year. The result is a militantly imposed silence, apart from Tony and Asa Winstanley blogging from the wilderness. And it has to be said, an ideological blinkering that views Jeremy as a victim. Many will simply not accept that Jeremy has enabled this position: ‘they’ are out to get him because he is the only credible threat to the “Few”. Well, he has enabled the taming of that threat and siloing of his voice. And that is paradoxically strengthening his position and his ‘plight’ as being attacked in a right-wing fake anti-semitism witch hunt …which, in itself is anti-semitic: and will lead to suspension or expulsion to say. I’d say that the right-wing anglo-jewish Zionists have got Jeremy exactly where they want him. And that is an existential danger to what little remains of our democracy. I would characterise it as an anglo-Zionist coup; posing as an anti-semitism solidarity. Even if that is anti-semitic to even suggest.

            • Mulga Mumblebrain says

              How can ‘antisemitism’ be defined as ANY criticism of Israel, and ANY criticism of ANY Jew ANYWHERE? Are Jews, all of them, incapable of committing bad acts or behaving badly, or even of making a mistake? Surely they must be Chosen by God, which, if you know your Talmud, is, in fact, the Jews themselves. Must the entire rest of humanity spend every and all efforts in ceaselessly striving to please, and never dare displease, each and every member of this tiny, but infinitely arrogant, tribe? Must we, on pain of vilification as an ‘antisemite’ and expulsion from job and society, turn a blind eye to the suffering of the Palestinians, forever? And is not the act of defining every barbarity committed by Israel as ‘moral purity’ and not to be criticised because such would be an anti-Jewish act, not itself an act of Judeophobia, as it asserts that the brutality of Israeli policy reflects the innate nature of Jewry itself?

              • joeblogs says

                ‘Antisemitism.’ – Bullshit word to intimidate criticism.

  4. stevehayes13 says

    I looked at the Mear One mural and completely failure to see it as anti-Semitic. I suspect that’s because it is actually anti-capitalist, particularly anti-finance capitalism. It is ironic that the people jumping up and down with moral indignation, calling anyone who does not see the mural as horribly anti-Semitic an anti-Semite, do so on the basis of a critique of finance capitalism, which looks like nothing so much as a Freudian slip, revealing their own stereotyping thinking.

  5. Good article, just have to point out though that people shouldn’t be sticking up for known liars like Glenn Greenwald & Julian Assange.

    Greenwald’s lies are covered very well in this video – Glenn Greenwald Pushes Official US Propaganda Lies, Trump Shows Himself Operative Of War Lunatics –

    Julian Assange – A quote from the liar himself – “I’m constantly annoyed that people are distracted by false conspiracies such as 9/11, when all around we provide evidence of real conspiracies, for war or mass financial fraud.” – From his interview to the Belfast Telegraph on the 19th of July 2010 –

    For more details on Assange people should read Daniel Estulin’s book Deconstructing WikiLeaks.

    • I’m just wondering if the 3 people who have thumbed down my previous comment could comment on why they have done so, i have only provided information which you should check for yourself. Is it just a case of not being able to handle the truth or do you have any information that argues against the information provided?

  6. Susan Cora says

    Jeremy Corbyn is inevitably caught between the proverbial, Devil and the Deep Blue Sea. He is to all intents and purposes the subject of vile bullying tactics, by the might of the right. I think it is a balancing act for him and the Labour party as to how much creedance they give such constant attacks. Unltimately he needs to appeal to enough voters, so that we can rid ourselves of this disgusting government. The latest ‘anti-semitism’ saga has been one of the most insidious and vile smear campaigns I can remember and as others have mentioned, ulimately it puts the main perpetrators in a less than savoury light. Not only have they poiliticised and weaponised their own religion in what is a basically a Right v Left battle, it may well lead to an increase in anti-semitism.

    I do feel that Corbyn and Labour have acceded too much in the recent smear campaign, but it is a tight-rope, that they walk and the long game has to be the priority. The truth is that we are seeing now, just how much power the establishment and the MSM wield and also to what lengths they will go to use it.

    I had to laugh with sad irony at the Guardian the other day. Having just spent around two weeks obsessively and almost psychotically working to smear Corbyn and Labour, – with on some occasions more that three seperate pieces on the front page – they then produced the headline: ‘Labour has antisemitism problem, 51% of voters say’. Further to that at the weekend in the Observer: “New centrist party gets £50m backing to ‘break mould’ of UK politics!”

    • Mulga Mumblebrain says

      The ‘new’ party is the Zionist elite seeking to replicate their success in creating Micron, ex nihilo, to take over France. If it fails in that task, it can at least end Corbyn’s chances of becoming PM, by splitting Labour. The Blairites not deselected for their treachery will defect en masse to the new kosher party, but only AFTER an election, if Corbyn wins. They will then enter a coalition with the Tories led by May’s successor. The Zionists could insist on May remaining, as she is the most craven groveler to their power and glory imaginable, and they enjoy NOTHING more than being slavishly adored by their lessers.

      • Mikalina says

        They could choose a candidate to succeed May who would give credence to the new party.

        Send for ………. International Rescue!! No. not Thunderbirds! (Although there is a definite similarity to Scott.)

        The ‘prince from over the water’ himself……… David Milliband! The ‘betrayed’ brother; safe pair of hands; loved by bliarites; and never likely to be labelled anti-Semitic.

  7. George says

    It’s always 1939. It’s always World War 2. It’s always an imminent Holocaust – no, scratch that – it’s always THE imminent Holocaust. It’s Nazi Stormtroopers who are interchangeable with Commie thugs. It’s the bold Brits and plucky Yanks against the mounting darkness. Over and over and over and over. From now till the end of time.

  8. Fair dinkum says

    Smearing Corbyn as an anti-Semite is gonna backfire on the Tories.
    The average struggling, downtrodden, working class Brit doesn’t give a damn about the Israeli hierarchy and their brutal military.
    They just want a fair go in Mother England.

  9. Mark Gobell says

    “No sooner had members of the neoliberal Blairite wing of the Labour Party dug up a six-year-old Facebook post in which Jeremy Corbyn had the gall to wonder why a mural depicting a group of bankers (some of them sporting rather large schnozzes) needed to be removed from view, did the British ruling classes spring into action.”

    For the cause of accuracy in reporting and to alleviate all that head scratching about why the ( not quite ) “six-year-old Facebook post” was resurrected and to illustrate the Kabbalism behind the Campaign Against Antisemitism’s latest assault on British politics …

    As widely published in the legacy media, here is the screen grab of Mear One’s Facebook post, showing his mural and JC’s (PBUH) and the ever so suspect Yvonne Ridley’s posts.

    Note the date : 2 October 2012

    The Jeremy Corbyn mural-gate media non-story was first produced on Friday 23 March 2018

    So, not 6 years old at all, rather, just under 5½ years, or, to be absolutely accurate, precisely :

    = 666 + 666 + 666 days

    That is how “business” gets done.

    Hope that helps alleviate the cerebral scratchiness …


    • Mulga Mumblebrain says

      Mark, how is the mural ‘antisemitic’? I see no obvious Jewish paraphernalia, no Stars of David, yamulkes or menorahs. Is it the eye in the pyramid, that appears on US bank-notes? And is it not a FACT that Jews have, indeed, been massively over-represented among financier interests for centuries? I’ve seen plenty of Jewish web-sites where they openly boast of it, and the subsequent wealth and power it conveys. Of course, to describe or portray ALL Jews as greedy parasites is plainly wrong, although the ‘antisemitism’ industry does exactly the same sort of thing, claiming, by direct inference verging on assertion, that all Jews are alike, and attacking one Jew for their behaviour is an attack on them all. It really is the most impudent racket, and one where mendacity and hypocrisy and character assassination and guilt by even the most tenuous association are the preferred ways and means of doing business.

      • Mark Gobell says

        Mulga Mumblebrain

        I do not know why you choose to ask me that question. Perhaps you could explain ?

        I do not endorse that description, and neither do I self describe as Jewish, whatever that means. I have difficulty with the adjective “semitic” being applied to folk who self describe as “Jews” and who have largely emigrated from eastern Europe. On that basis, I suppose I could self describe as Roman, or Viking or Norman and invent a similiar double-bind, rhetorical trap in which to snare my opponents …

        Mear One chose David Icke’s website to respond to the CAA’s false-flag-fuss here :

        where you will read that before being scrubbed, his mural was defaced with Jewish terrorist graffiti – “Haganah” …

        Haganah, one of the many Jewish terrorist groups responsible for the mass murder and ethnic cleansing of Palestinians and garotting & hanging British military personnel such as Sergeant Clifford Martin and Sergeant Mervyn Paice.

        Jewish terrorist graffiti which, in “modern Britain”. is just dandy apparently …

        I note also you completely ignore the point and information in my post, preeferring instead to raise something else entirely.

        Why do you do that Mulga Mumblebrain ?


        • Mulga Mumblebrain says

          Sorry Mark-I expressed myself poorly. I did not mean that you, Mark Gobell, claims the mural is ‘antisemitic’. The ‘antisemitism’ industry stand-over thugs do, not you. I just wondered if you, being closer to the controversy (I assume)geographically, may have seen an explanation of why it is supposedly ‘antisemitic’. Please accept my apologies for my poor expression.

  10. Harry Stotle says

    The Daily Mirror says, “World braces for war: Russia triggers 24-hour countdown over Syria military action by declaring it’s sending troops to Douma” just below an article saying “Secrets of Duchess of Cambridge’s massive childbirth team – and why they had to give up booze”.

    We are definitely fucking doomed.

    • always write says

      …yup, pretty much sums it up doesn’t it, but then if you watch the Beeb, its all gloomy faces about Syria, then straight onto some happy slappy shite about fluffy fuck all

    • Richard Wicks says

      The primary function of a failing government is to keep the sheep in fear of the wolves.

      Nothing is going to happen in Syria. Hell, you can’t even trust the media to report of events that DIDN’T happen at this point.

      Sit tight. The EU, the US, and most of the EU governments are going the way of the USSR – and good riddance to them all. I guess you don’t remember the insanity of the USSR just before it collapsed.

    • JC is the best hope this country has…just stop posting crap …the only reason this fake news is coming out is they are running scared of having someone with the interests of the country at heart, and not their greedy selves

  11. rtj1211 says

    CJ: I didn’t get where I am today without recognising a pinko-appeasing nazi loving fruit cake when I see one!
    Reggie: err…no CJ…..
    CJ: Reggie, I called you in to warn you I am about sack Catte…
    Reggie: Sack Catte! Why on earth would you do that CJ?
    CJ: This Blog Post Reggie. Read what I dictated her to write first….
    Reggie: ‘On March 4th, two Russian citizens were found frothing at the mouth on a park bench by a doctor who happened to be passing by, a DC who for some reason was impersonating a bobby on the beat and an MI6 agent who nobody should ever know is an MI6 agent. On March 5th, after rigorous scientific analysis, extrajudicial torture of Russian reprobates in Eastern Europe and miraculous media stage management, we were able to deduce that these Russians were indubitably poisoned by the Russian State using a poison only available to the KGB.’

    Seems fairly normal practice, CJ…..

    CJ: Now read what she typed, uploaded and put her byline to:

    Reggie: ‘On March 4th, a dodgy Russian double agent given sanctuary by MI6 was found frothing at the mouth with the daughter who had just travelled from Russia especially to meet him. Three actors gave nerve agent-poisoned patients mouth-to-mouth without being poisoned themselves, the whole hospital in Salisbury was exposed to potential poisoning for six hours until an A&E consultant diagnosed the poison not to be a nerve agent and broke the Omerta by telling The Times these inconvenient truths. That riled MI6 so much that they sent in the Light Brigade, mistook Crimea for Salisbury High Street and spent the next seven days telling fifty lies an hour as the only thing that mattered was that the media needed some propaganda to parrot. Having convinced precisely no-one that Putin did it, MI6 then ordered the mad headchoppers in Douma to cry wolf about chemical weapons and Assad, which induced the same snorting derision worldwide. As a result, John Bolton offered the world the choice between war in Syria or watching him mount Nikki Haley on the White House lawn. Donald Trump knew when he was beaten……’

    Dear me Catte, you can’t write things like that! Disgraceful!!

    ‘mistook Crimea for Salisbury High Street’, that’s really very good……

    CJ: I didn’t get where I am today mistaking Crimea for Sakisbury High Street!

    Reggie: Quite right CJ…….

  12. 0use4msm says

    The gloves are off for the alternative media: 21stCenturyWire was taken offline last night (Sibel Edmonds can rejoice). Fort-Russ, and others are also down. Southfront was under attack.

  13. No-one says a word about Theresa May’s failure, in her speech in the Commons, to acknowledge antisemitism in the Conservative Party, their Nazi past, and that she has still not told us whether she has stopped handbagging her husband. At least we can’t accuse her of being antisemitic for associating with the wrong Jews. Can we?

    • always write says

      no one says a thing about all the neo nazi parades which take place every year in the Baltic states or neo nazis in Ukraine, not one word is said, I’ve brought this up before on a number of sites, only to get my comments blocked and deleted, and myself banned, but i suppose the Baltics are our front line of defence against Russian “aggression ” and also NATO members so we can turn a blind eye to it!

        • always write says

          i read that German nazis, I’m not going to call them ‘neo’, because they’re a simple continuation from 1945, have a big gathering in the forests in Belgium

          i mean we shouldn’t really be shocked by this as most of those powerful nazis who ran German industry during the war, IG Farben for example were basically given a slap on the wrists and put back to work, plenty escaped to America, so I’d say the West love nazis, oh, and bye the way i think they encouraged all those nazi types in Ukraine throughout the Cold War, especially the Canadians, who couldn’t be bothered to sign off on some sort of anti nazi proposal in the UN a couple of years ago

          the whole things so two faced and rotten with hypocrisy it makes me gag

  14. MichaelK says

    Here’s an article from the Guardian that illustrates what I mean about its terrible decline. The headline isn’t supported by the rest of the text underneath. The ‘reporter’ isn’t even there. He’s in Turkey, Istanbul. He’s relying on ‘eye-witnesses’ linked at the hip to the western backed terrorists, like the WHO themselves are. So the entire article is based on premises and information that haven’t been independently verified, except by the ‘rebels’ themselves. Typical of the New Guardian of Imperialism. That they can publish stuff like this, at a time like this, without shame, is not just a disgrace. It’s a crime.

  15. kweladave says

    Spare a thought for Corbyn. Much interest (& admiration) from ‘progressives’ in USA about the Labour leader. Corbyn is really important, not just for the UK but worldwide. Whether your’re left or right etc Corbyn needs support .

    Stephen F. Cohen, Professor Emeritus of Russian Studies at New York University & Princeton, assesses Corbyn’s role in the Skripal saga. A good piece but for speed go straight to about 3 mins.

    • Mulga Mumblebrain says

      Corbyn has proved a coward, if not a Trojan Horse in his detestable failure to confront the vile Zionist Rightwing establishment campaign of lies and vilification against Labour and those who have fought against racism for decades. He should mobilise those Jews who know the campaign is a foul invention, and all those Labour people determined to keep the Blairite swine from returning to power, to demonstrate in Westminster and against the Zionist Right organs, always closely allied to the Tories, who are leading this vile witch-hunt. He should denounce the Fraudian, openly, and make a full statement of support for the BDS movement, and rejection of the phony definition of ‘antisemitism’ that equates it to any and all criticism of Israel and support for BDS. Anything less and the piranha will never cease attacking until he is destroyed, Labour is back under the control of the Blairites, May returned in a snap election ‘triumph’ and BDS is criminalised as ‘antisemitism’.

      • Mulga: spot on …see my comment above. The BOD/JLM, JLC, LFI, etc seem to have a very cosy relationship with the Tories, DUP, and Israeli Embassy. What we have in fact is a right-wing anglo-zionist coup that Corbyn has enabled: and has been made to look the victim of. That is too cute for words: the Zionists have him where they want him. To many, his reputation is increased by his perceived victim status. Note that they have not called for his resignation …only for the dedicated anti-Zionists that oppose them. Could it be they intend to use him as a Trojan Horse? Very possibly.

  16. Why are the so-called “alt-right” and “alt-left” in the US and U.K. lumped together as compacted entirely of anti-Semitism? Simple. Both understand and criticize the role that Israel plays in the Middle East and in their own countries’ foreign policy.

    If “support” for Israel becomes legitimately politicized in either the US or U.K.–rather than being a kind of assumptive and pre-partisan commitment of the political class of both governments taken as a whole–then the world changes very quickly indeed.

    Why else the move to conflate anti-Zionism with anti-Semitism?

    • Google Talpiot Program says

      There is a lot of infiltration and controlled opposition going in both the “alt-left” and “alt-right”.

      Many tactics are used (disinfo, muddying the water, fearmongering) but one major one is attempting to downplay Israel’s real crimes and the influence of the Zionist lobbies in the West.

  17. Google Talpiot Program says

    So that mural that was so “anti-semitic” and had everyone freaking out?

    Turns out only 2 of the 7 men depicted playing monopoly on the backs of the people were actually Jewish.

    The artist said one was Rothschild (she didn’t specify which is pretty silly) and Paul Warburg.

    It seems even mentioned Warburg and his role in the creation of the Federal Reserve or the Council of Foreign Relations (USA’s Chatham House) would be considered “anti-semitic” now.

  18. Harry Law says

    There is no antisemitism in the Labour Party, maybe a few individuals, who infest every political party or business organization, hatred of Israeli policies against Palestinians and it must be said the impotent rage at our seeming inability to help the Palestinians and our rage at successive Israeli governments acting with impunity and their uncaring ability to inflict war crimes on the occupied Palestinian people, this anger is wrongly interpreted as aimed at people of Jewish origin generally, when in truth it is aimed at the Israeli Government. Jeremy Corbyn is obviously not an antisemite he has fought all his life against racism, where I do fault him is his inability to fight back on this issue, always conceding that something has to be done, and always on the back foot suspending members for long periods without due process [Ken Livingstone has been suspended for nearly 2 years, for recounting an historical fact the 1933 Haavara agreement, this was well documented, but telling the truth is no defence in today’s witch hunting Labour Party]. George Galloway advised Jeremy “If you do not run away, they cannot chase you”. Too true.
    A couple of years ago just after a Labour party Conference in Liverpool this open Democracy piece on Jackie Walker by Professor Jonathan Rosenhead appeared…..
    “In response to a moral panic about Left antisemitism seemingly expanding without limit, the group Free Speech on Israel coalesced in April out of a loosely-knit band of Jewish Labour Party supporters. Some 15 of us got together at a couple of days’ notice for the inaugural gathering. We found that over our lifetimes we could muster only a handful of antisemitic experiences between us. And, crucially, although in aggregate we had hundreds of years of Labour Party membership, no single one of us had ever experienced an incident of antisemitism in the Party.”

    “Some time in May the ex-Chief Rabbi Jonathan Sacks was interviewed on Radio 4 about the antisemitism ‘crisis’ by now gripping the nation. Helpfully his interviewer invited him to share some of his own personal experiences of antisemitism. His response, from memory ran rather like this: “Well….actually I have never experienced antisemitism myself. Which is odd, because most people know that the Chief Rabbi is Jewish”.

    • Excellent, thank you. The truth is that these anti-semitism smear attacks [not just on JC but multiple targets] only succeed in manufacturing a form of ‘anti-semitism’ where none existed before – how clever is that? By ‘form’ I mean a spiralling gone-viral awareness of how Israel and her agents have had multiple successive governments in their grip and not just concerning Israel / Palestine. The sheer backfiring stupidity of the smear campaign (a symptom) means that it can’t be only about Palestinians – since the majority of Europeans have long supported the Palestinian cause and Israel knows that changing their minds is impossible. Thus It can only be about a perceived loss of control over an agenda. I agree 100% with Harry Law that sovereignty is at the heart of everything – not just anti-globalist national sovereignties but our long-term lack of sovereignty in our corrupted democracies and economically through unaccountable central banks and corrupt bureaucracies, not to mention the pathetically low level lies of the Pravda style media. Ever-widening problems such as bankruptcy of the fiat money system, demotion of the petrodollar, multi-polarity etc. seems to mean that TPTB are determined to control both their own populations and perceived external threats by means of war on both fronts.

      • Mulga Mumblebrain says

        That is PRECISELY one of the ‘antisemitism’ industry’s aims-to foment real Judeophobia through their incessant bullying harassment of those who dare criticise Israel or support the Palestinians. If anybody foolish enough to believe the Zionist Right’s assertions that all Jews think alike and totally support Israel, then comes to hate or fear, all Jews, the ‘antisemitism’ industry has won. Of course, most people being too decent to fall into that trap, real Judeophobic incidents are rare and their number has fallen in the West (while Islamophobia, much financed and promoted by Rightwing Zionists, burgeons)so ‘antisemitism’ MUST be invented, and very plainly is, by straight lying, hypocritical double-standards and guilt by the most tenuous association. It is a truly despicable campaign by very nasty people indeed.

  19. Harry Stotle says

    This article cheered me up on an otherwise worrying newsday – at least if Trumps tweets about committing the US to the regretable mass murder of Syrian civilians are anything to go by (because an imaginary red line has been crossed).

    CJ is quite right – the treatment of Corbyn reveals the entire stinking apparatus, especially the media’s role in subverting the story of growing stability in Syria once the Jihadi’s and their western hamdlers are removed from the equation.

    The Guardian reporter Simon Tisdall was calling for war a few days ago – what an absolute twat he is.

  20. Ellie Guest says


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