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The Timeline of Shame

by Thomas G. Clark, Another Angry Voice, April 16, 2018


In March 2018 the Saudi tyrant Mohammed bin Salman began a month-long tour of Western nations, securing new arms deals with Britain, the United States, and France.

In early March 2018, the brutal Islamist tyrant received a warm Tory welcome in London. Against a backdrop of widespread criticism of the repressive Saudi regime and their ongoing campaign of war crimes in Yemen, Theresa May agreed a new arms deal with the Saudi regime to supply them 48 Typhoon jets. This deal was signed off by the UK government despite their full knowledge that the Saudis have been using British-manufactured weapons to commit horrific war crimes.

Later that month Bin Salman rocked up in the United States to meet Donald Trump. The President of the United States demeaned his office and his nation by begging the Saudi tyrant to share the wealth by buying more American-manufactured weapons. The trip concluded with a new $670 million deal to supply the repressive kingdom with anti-tank missiles and spare parts for tanks and helicopters.

And then Bin Salman appeared in Paris to meet Emmanuel Macron. The trip concluded with the French government agreeing to essentially scrap their managed arms export strategy in order to hawk weapons to the Saudi tyrants directly. Of the three leaders Macron is under the most domestic pressure to halt arms sales to the Saudis because of their appalling human rights record and their war crimes in Yemen, but he ignored public opinion in order to make French arms sales to Saudi Arabia even easier!

And then just one week later France, the United States and the United Kingdom collaborated to launch missile attacks on Syria (including targets that had been declared free of chemical weapons just weeks earlier by the OPCW).

It’s absolutely obvious that the main beneficiaries of these attacks on Syria are the Saudi-backed Islamist terrorists who have been losing the war there. We know they’re Saudi backed because the US government admitted as much in the leaked Hillary Clinton emails.

We also know that Saudi Arabia has produced the second most ISIS fighters (after Tunisia), and that the country is the single biggest source of pro-ISIS propaganda on social media.

ISIS tweets saudi arabia

Within five weeks of starting his arms deal tour all three of his major arms-dealer nations have decided to bypass their own parliaments in order to militarily support the Saudi destabilisation agenda in Syria.

The truly alarming thing about this scandalous situation isn’t that France, the US and the UK are selling weapons to tyrannical regimes like Saudi Arabia (they’re three of the five biggest arms dealing nations on earth), nor that they’re actively assisting the Saudis in their strategic destabilisation of their Middle East neighbours (they’ve been happy to watch Saudi Arabia spread Salafi Islamist extremism all over the globe for decades), but that the mainstream press in all three countries simply refuse to explain the Saudi role in all of this.

All three leaders cynically bypassed their parliaments to carry out these attacks. All three leaders defied public opinion to carry out these attacks. And all three leaders are sickeningly close to the vile and repressive Saudi regime whose Islamist proxies in Syria are the main beneficiaries of these attacks.

If mainstream media hacks were even remotely interested in holding the powerful to account then the scandalous involvement of democracy-hating Saudi Arabia in all of this would be a central theme of the Syria airstrikes coverage, but it simply isn’t.


  1. john says

    11th paragraph: Of course. Governments are there for show anyways. Designed and orchestrated by criminals, tyrants of primitive minds whom believe(still) in sovereignty and hierarchy. I was watching animal shows recently, and the narrator kept speaking of animals doing what they do: aggressive, violent, brutal, not because they are in fact animals acting instinctively, but because they are in fact fighting for the ‘blood lines’. Sound familiar? chuckling Why no matter how demented or warped, it doesn’t surprise me what those in ‘power status’ do what it is they do.

  2. “And all three leaders are sickeningly close to the vile and repressive Saudi regime whose Islamist proxies in Syria are the main beneficiaries of these attacks.”
    That is because ironically all three leaders are representatives of the same powers that fueled the passion and ambition of the diabolic Wahaab-Saud duo a couple of centuries ago, and more than assisted with the creation of Saudi-Arabia in the aftermath of WW1 i.e. during the run up to WW2, followed by the creation of the apartheid State of Israel in 1948; not to mention their continued contribution to the formation and sustenance of the Masonic Muslim Brotherhood which was later made to morph into various militant and non militant proxies used by the CIA & MI6… essentially these ‘three’ have been going to bed with the Ibn-Saud for centuries… the world is just beginning to wake up to this truth.

  3. reinertorheit says

    In the wake of today’s announcement that Donald Trump will make a “working visit” (as his Official Visit has now been retitled) to the UK on Friday 13th (!) of July, the machinery has now gone into motion to have this trip prevented. In the event that it cannot be stopped, then the protests to be expected will render Trump’s UK trip a laughable fiasco, during which he will be held to account by public opinion.

    I doubt he will even make it out of the airport terminal on arrival.

    • eddie says

      The laughable fiasco is the UK regime, which is a non-stop freak show. A visit by the leader of another dysfunctional regime should be the least of your worries, no? Cheers..

      • reinertorheit says

        I emigrated from the UK in disgust, after Tony Bliar’s bombing of Serbia. I have refused to live there or pay their taxes from that moment on. I don’t give a damn what happens to their crappy country. So you’re right – it’s the least of my worries. I hope Boris Johnson comes to harm.

    • john says

      Perhaps Trump will show up in a huge orange wig(different then the one he wears daily), a big red nose, poke-a-dots and giant shoes. For reality purposes.

  4. The global economy is oil. Human labour is the basis of value in the global economy. Each hour of socially necessary labour time is leveraged at the rate of 99.5% oil (or oil equivalent fuel) to 0.5% physical labour [Source: Nate Hagens]. The world’s largest institutional consumer of oil (at the rate of 100bn barrels pa) is the US Military. It is also one of the biggest polluters: even if you don’t count the bodies (the US military don’t) and intergenerational deformities.

    A radical analysis might proceed along the lines: do we even need the oil? Do we need a globalised transportation network delivering an endless supply of extracted renewable and non-renewable resources to a globalised proletariat and lumpenproletariat in outsourced sweatshops in rightless extrajudicial economic zones: then taking the components and products to slightly more humanitarian factories: and so on in an added value chain and globalised supply chain that eventually delivers finished commodities to Walmart and Amazon warehouses: then on a final journey to the materially addicted end consumer that uses their consumer product to signal their worth to each other: and to validate and valorise their position in the status heirarchy of the global omnicidal machine? Well, in the 1.7bn of the consumer class of the machine: the other 5.8bn dehumanised unworthy excluded underclass of externalised unpeople do not count. And all this oil priviliged fake-prosperity is ultimately only for the real benefit of about 1,500 billionaires of the global superclass. Who add a new free income member every few days: as a few hundred thousand fall through the net to add to the externalised majority to compensate.

    Well, we collectively have about 40 years to decide, before the oil runs out. Most unpeople (particularly in Yemen) have a lot less. Do we want to accomodate the likes of the tyrannical despot MBS in an equalised society? Because the current dominant culture means he has to be accomodated and tolerated – somehow. Do we want to replicate such a status heirarchy in a post-oil political economy? Do we need to measure our worth in reified material commodities that cost the earth? Do we need to organise a society around production: or are their other ways of post-production organisation?

    In the meantime, MBS is an overly important and integrally indispensable part of the life we lead today.

    • john says

      This is where Agenda 21 comes in. Before tragedy strikes, those in power will have decimated populations, That is the plans of Agenda 21. Plus, the roll out of 5g and IoT lock down control grid systems. I’m sure there are renewable energies and systems out there that the majority doesn’t know of. Inventors have been murdered coming up with such, or destroyed. Tesla, and inventor of the water buggy to name two. Those in the kakistocracy cannot have us have free energy, for it will in fact free the people completely in relatively short time I would say and for them, this cannot happen. People are waking up as you stated, but I fear it is too late. Pessimistic yes, but, I just look around, and l listen. Cheers! Great comment.

  5. stevehayes13 says

    The British government has long supported the regime change operation in Syria. The buffoon Boris Johnson boasted that the Foreign Office was funding the White Helmets from the NON-humanitarian aid budget. Indeed, the White Helmets were created by a “former” MI6 officer. They are trained to produce pro-regime change propaganda, which is given wall to wall coverage by the corporate media, shouting “Something must be done!” so politicians have a rationale for providing air support for their proxies on the ground and can continue their murderous sanctions.

  6. Harry Law says

    Boris Johnson pressed Liam Fox to continue exports of weapons to Saudi Arabia after the bombing of a funeral in Yemen last October that killed more than 140 people and was condemned by UN monitors.
    Correspondence between the ministers shows that a month after the strike, Johnson, the foreign secretary, wrote: “I am aware you have deferred a decision on four export licence applications to supply the Royal Saudi Air Force with equipment which could be used in the conflict in Yemen.”
    In the letter dated 8 November, Johnson advised the trade secretary it was right to proceed with the arms sales. “The issue is extremely finely balanced, but I judge at present that the Saudis appear committed both to improving processes and to taking action to address failures/individual incidents,” he said.
    The Judges decided the secretary of state was “rationally entitled” to decide that the Saudi-led coalition was not deliberately targeting civilians and was making efforts to improve its targeting processes, and so to continue granting licences. https://www.theguardian.com/world/2017/jul/10/uk-arms-exports-to-saudi-arabia-can-continue-high-court-rules Once again that human cess pit Boris Johnson authorizes the killing of men women and children, for money.

  7. Extreme Wahhabism has been a Brit/Rothschild project since 1710:


    Religions used for wars since forever: book by F. William Engdahl, The Lost Hegemon, whom the gods would destroy
    The declining Western Empire.

    Rothschild & pals plan for world domination was finalised 1st May 1773.
    book, by William Guy Carr, Pawns in the Game.

    The Satanic nature of this project: youtube & put in search box: Retired Head Of FBI Tells All…..

    French & Brit Empires carved the Middle East from the Ottoman Empire 1916 “secret” Sykes Picot agreement before the end of WWI. Israehell is a Rothschild project: the Balfour declaration was sent to a Rothschild.
    For contributions to WWI costs?

    F/UK/US, France, UK, US, Israehell & Saudi thick as thieves, partners in war crimes?
    You might think so. I couldn’t possibly comment.

    John Doran.

  8. Thomas Peterson says

    The Guardian’s begging for money banners are getting bigger and bigger. That’s a good sign.

    • Does anyone think that the neutering of the press in Britain is in any way connected to the Leveson enquiry and related goings-on, none of which I’ve taken much interest in up until now?

    • Every time I use their share buttons to denounce their own article, I see the begging adendum – “please give us a quid” and I laugh. Serves them right.

    • Mulga Mumblebrain says

      I just sent them a balloon,filled with the steam off my faeces.

  9. I am considering launching a new political party in the UK called ‘Fuck Saudi Arabia’. The maidens to would be brief. 1 Cessation of all trade links with and support for Saudi Arabia. 2 10p on the basic rate of income tax to cover the cost of this. Does anyone have any advice regarding the likely success of such a party?

      • I think the title should be Regime Change in Saudi Arabia” after all the US introduced the Shah, so why can’t we advocate to dispose of the Clown Prince and the rest of his Royal family(those he hasn’t already offed)

  10. avenir says

    This is perhaps relevant, reports of sustained gunfire outside the Saudi royal palace, a failed coup attempt or was the Saudi Army shooting down a drone with overwhelming force, reports say the gunfire went on for over an hour? The reaction of the press has been interesting, normally a huge amount gunfire outside a royal or presidential palace will have journalists scrambling to get there and asking questions about who and why. So far a total news blackout, and the implausible toy drone story is the explanation.

    “Nobody seems to believe Saudi Arabia’s official explanation that the extended gunfire that reportedly took place near the royal palace over the weekend was the result of a single toy drone straying over restricted airspace, with popular sentiment all over the internet being that this narrative is nothing more than a cover-up for either a terrorist attack or a failed coup attempt. In all likelihood, that’s probably the case, but it’s in Riyadh’s interests not to publicize what might have happened in order to not scare away international investors from Crown Prince Mohammed Bin Salman’s (MBS) ambitious “Vision 2030” socio-economic reform program. Seeing as how the authorities succeeded in containing the speculative events – whatever they truly were – to a small area outside the prying eyes of the populace, they were able to run with this “publicly plausible” excuse no matter how ridiculous it actually sounds.”


  11. rtj1211 says

    The BBC is the worst criminal organisation in this regard, as they are funded not by one billionaire oligarch (who will have printed whatever he wants printed) rather by tens of millions of UK license payors (who are obliged to pay tithes/kickbacks or be banned from watching TV forever).

    The BBC should answer to the license payors, not to Theresa May, Boris Johnson, any Israeli or US influences etc.

    And the license payors opposed Syrian airstrikes, do not believe the Russia nonsense and voted to leave the EU.

    The BBC is in breach of its moral obligations to its funders and it is a national scandal that no direct mechanism exists for payors to engage in stakeholder revolts as shareholders often engage in at plc AGMs…..

    • Absolutely. I have for a long time wondered how much support there would be for a campaign to refuse to pay the bloody TV licence (of propaganda) and wondered about setting something up. There is a site called TV Licence Resistance, which is good but but the emphasis appears to be on salaries rather than propaganda. If anyone knows of anything like that already in play, perhaps they could add a link.

      • Tony Rooke took them to court when they tried to fine him for not paying his licence fee. The basis was that the BBC were somehow complicit because BBC journalist, Jane Standley, announced that WTC-7 had collapsed 23 minutes before it did – she may well have been an innocent party but had been fed false information – and this was in contravention of a section of the Terrorism Act.

        The power elite justify their hoaxing of us by TELLING us with things that don’t add up, contradictions, multiple changes in story, signs of scripting, etc and if we don’t pick them up the fault’s on us, not them. One can only infer that this premature announcement of the collapse of WTC-7 was one of the deliberate signs that they give us but always expect us dumb proles to simply swallow. For once though the power elite were called out. I think Tony Rooke may be the only person in the world to call the power elite out on one of their deliberate signs of their hoodwinking of us. Cheers to Tony!

    • rtj1211 says

      I think you should add MbS and other al Saud family members, the Al Thani cast in Qatar, Netanyahu et al in Israel too.

      They are all equally guilty.

      • Absolutely. Them alongside May and Trump at the Hague: an apt portrait of reaction. I’d also like to see charged the journalists who lauded the “reformist” tyrant. Most journalists today are war criminals for aiding imperialism.

        • reinertorheit says

          Sadly we are long past the time when any tribunal or court could bring these criminals to justice. The ICC is a laughing stock, in the face of which the Trumps and Blairs and Pompeos and Haspels and Mays of this world simply cackle over their langoustines. Direct action against war criminals is now the only solution – but western liberals remain too queasy for it. Nothing else will stop them.

          Or did I somehow miss the arrest, trial, and sentencing of Tony Bliar, Dubya Bush, Zbig Brzezinski, Condi Rice, Madeleine Allbright, Hillary Clinton, Gordon Brown, or Bill Clinton?

          “My object, all sublime
          I shall achieve, time,
          To make the punishment fit the crime,
          The punishment fit the crime!
          And make each penitent
          Unwillingly represent
          A source of innocent merriment,
          Of innocent merriment”

          • Mulga Mumblebrain says

            The ICC is a stinking sewer of racism and hypocrisy, NOT a joke at all.

  12. Mulga Mumblebrain says

    I don’t think it is correct to call the Sordid Arabian crime family ‘Islamists’. They are Wahhabists, a genocidal death-cult that targets all non-Wahhabists, ie non-Wahhabist Sunni, all Shia and anyone else, save, interestingly, Zionists, with whom they have long been secretly allied. The alliance is now an open fact, and the Real Axis of Evil, the USA, Israel and the Sordid family are responsible for the horror into which the Middle East and North Africa have been driven.

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