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The Disappointing Jeremy Corbyn

by David Lindsay

We all know what a disappointment Theresa May has turned out to have been. Her purported energy price cap has been scarcely worth mentioning, while there is no sign of workers’ and consumers’ representation in corporate governance, or of shareholders’ control over executive pay, or of restrictions on pay differentials within companies, or of an investment-based Industrial Strategy and infrastructure programme, or of greatly increased housebuilding, or of action against tax avoidance, or of a ban on public contracts for tax-avoiding companies, or of banning or greatly restricting foreign takeovers, or of a ban on unpaid internships, and of an inquiry into Orgreave. Instead, we have had the bombing of Syria in the Saudi-backed jihadi interest. It is immaterial whether or not that had parliamentary approval. The wars in Iraq and Libya both had parliamentary approval, but so what?

And the emphasis on that technicality, instead of on the wrongness of the bombing itself, points to the fact that, as a supporter of Jeremy Corbyn who is not a member of any political party, he, too, has given me some cause for disappointment. He has overlooked his supporters by appointing his enemies to frontbench and other positions. He permitted a free vote on Syria. He whipped an abstention on Trident. He has never brought the arming of the Saudi war in Yemen back to the floor of the House of Commons for another vote. He has failed to make the trip to Iran that would certainly secure the release of Nazanin Zaghari-Ratcliffe, thereby making it highly unlikely that Abbas Edelat would have been arrested, either.

Corbyn’s housing and transport policies go nowhere near far enough. He supports the Government’s indulgence of the ludicrous theory of gender self-identification. He sides with neoliberal capitalism on the issues of drugs and prostitution. He has hinted at support for the Customs Union, which, in a crowded field, has a reasonable claim to be the worst of all the many bad things about the EU. He has accepted some of the Government’s baseless and collapsed claims about Salisbury and Douma. He has acted against the social and ethnic cleansing of Labour Haringey, but not to secure justice for the 472 Teaching Assistants in Labour Durham.

Corbyn has met the Board of Deputies of British Jews and the Jewish Leadership Council without having waited for the local election results in London to establish whether or not they spoke for anyone very much at all. He has failed to prevent the Labour Party from suspending or expelling distinguished Jewish activists for purported anti-Semitism. And now, under Corbyn’s Leadership, Labour has expelled Marc Wadsworth, the man who introduced Doreen and Neville Lawrence to Nelson Mandela. It has done so on the say-so of one Ruth Smeeth, who is notable for nothing apart from having made an allegation of anti-Semitism against Wadsworth, an allegation that she has since withdrawn. Yet she and some 50 other white MPs marched through the streets to demand his expulsion, in a scene reminiscent of a lynching. They all remain members of the Labour Party, as does Tony Blair of Iraq infamy, yet Wadsworth is expelled for having “brought the party into disrepute”. If Labour has not done all that well after all in the London local elections, then this will have been the reason why. Whether or not those MPs know who Wadsworth is, or why he matters, an awful lot of otherwise Labour-inclined London voters do.

Like many people, I yearn for Jeremy Corbyn as Prime Minister. But we must reserve the right to pursue that electoral objective outside the Labour Party.


  1. ex-Londoner says

    I believe the false accusations of antisemtism are now out of control. The right wing Zionist agenda, which includes the support of right wing Tory Blairites and calling them left wing alongside their Tory counterparts, a US system with little difference between US liberal Democrats (although if you look at the history of this party, it never had the right to use the word Democrat) and Republicans (gun toting or just plain right wing) etc. These groups are actually about helping consolidate power for the few. The programme has claimed atrocities with never ending wars for people of Syria, Iraq, Libya, Sudan and Palestine etc (not to mention the covert wars taking place in Africa – our birthplace as a human species), duplicity re propaganda (mainstream media and NGOs), engineered injustices (Windrush, benefit cuts) dangers (Grenfell), poverty (food banks) and ill health (Privatising NHS and handing money over to privatised companies rather than people who use it and work hard to help people). This powerful group is now trying to undermine the efforts of ordinary people and voters to challenge their programme of hell under the guise of antisemitism. This is not antisemitism and let not one of these people hide behind a faith, take responsibility for your actions. I refuse to call challenges to fight terrible injustice as antisemtism, it is a human rights ground up campaign for pro-Justice, some of it led by some Jewish people who have fought hateful orthodox Zionists who would scare them into submitting them to injustices, it is not antisemitic to fight bullies and warmongers. Those who support the above for the populations of the world should be challenged and brought to justice for begin the human rights abusers that they are and they should face public trials and should have to provide full evidence not peddle fake media stories. I also suggest the Labour party look up the word antisemitism and start to challenge how muslims have been treated by the Tories and some of their own starting with General war criminal Tony Blair and his Labour supporting privates in Iraq

    • ex-Londoner says

      PS supporting the killing of even one child in Palestine or elsewhere says a lot about a ruling state. I wish to point out that I am not just pointing a finger at the state of Israel and the Saudis but the evils that lurk in the UK which has a reason behind its other name Great Britain. If pointing out their evil actions is now classified as anti-semitism, I apologise to both Arabs and Jews everywhere but I wish to reclaim the phrase ‘anti’ as ‘Pro’ and ‘semitism’ as ‘Justice’. My intention is not to be diverted from my aim, the rogue states cannot go on killing innocent civilians be they children and adults and expect people to ignore injustices as the state of Israel, the Saudis and some child defence secretary of Britain who would like the people of the UK to ‘shut up and be quiet’ and listen to MSM.

      • Brilliant commentary .. thanks !

        It might interest you to keep in mind that it was Murdoch’s Media Empire that initiated & spread the concept & notions of “Mad Mullahs” in the ‘Sun’ , (as well as page3) , to sow the seeds of distraction into western society .. ALL media efforts to conceal reality being rigorously applied from then on, beginning just after the Israeli occupation of the Golan Heights , where Murdoch still today PLUNDERS Syrian Resources in the name of GENIE ENERGY Oil & Gas : with the dodgiest drilling licenses in the whole history of the oil & gas business , with his partners Jakob Rothschild, Dick Cheney, & ex-CIA Woolsey .. as I type here, still today ! !

        A CORPORATE WAR .. ! ! pure & simple ..

        And the whole USS LIBERTY pure reconnaissance ship attack , by the Israeli Airforce (precisely at that time of day) , in conjunction with the ’67’ IDF Military Attack on the Golan Heights , is still to this day not recorded or reported for public consumption by Murdoch’s Media Empire, as >>

        ” The Day Israel Attacked the USA ”

        When Israel DID !!

        And 35 US NAVY personnel & citizens were cold bloodily murdered !!

        And I use the word Murdered most judiciously, because the FIRST Israeli Pilot on the scene, REFUSED to Attack the USA , & warned his colleagues and advised HQ that the ship identified, was of US Origins and yet he was ARRESTED for refusal to obey orders , after landing back in Israel ..

        Normally, I never use the words Facist or Communist , when referring to people & concepts , to avoid distraction: however, in this case of the Golan & Murdoch & Co. & the USS Liberty & the COLLECTIVE designs for regime change in Syria, I am afraid to say that the only logical, fair & just description of Western & Israeli actions and their MEDIA to date is

        F A S C I S T n’ EXTREME !!

      • It came as no surprise to me that the Saudi Kings & KSA were calling for the closure of Al-jazeera last year .. more Fascism aligned with Western Fascists.

        Extra poignant now, when you open this following link, much becomes clearer in terms of censorship , suppression and the plain outright attempts to distract while attempting to EDIT history and the dissemination of information ..

        Western MSM Legal Regulation & LICENSING of same, is Fascism to the core, but not in just the sense of Government & Governance inc. Politicians & Civil Servants, reporters & moderators etc. !

        Politicians & the MSM thrive & survive upon the marketing of a >>

        Fascist Corporate Command Strategy .. 😉 Reality shows !

    • Mulga Mumblebrain says

      When you have an insanely morally corrupt Rightwing fakestream media that is beholden to the Zionists, through ownership or finance, the ‘antisemitism’ slur can be directed, as an ideological weapon, at anybody who ‘ gets in our way’. And given the moral cowardice of those like Corbyn who would rather stab old colleagues and dedicated anti-racists like Wadsworth in the back, rather than stand up to a foul lynch-mob, the ‘antisemitism’ industry, in full and open collaboration with the Blairite traitors, the Tories and the fakestream media hate-machine, will carve its way through society, picking off every decent, non-racist, Leftwing (explicitly described as anathema by one Zionist grandee)Palestinian supporting, anti-Imperial person in public life. One by one, inexorably.

  2. John O'Donnell, Brisbane says

    Can someone answer a question that I have asked a few times. What exactly is antisemitism? The dictionary defines it as hostility to the Jews.
    I have nothing against the Jewish people. They read and presumably believe their press and local propaganda in exactly the same way as almost every nation. I do not have much time for any religion but I doubt if that’s going to change.
    I have nothing against Israelis, The people of Israel.
    I am totally opposed to the Israeli government and their policies. Does that make me antisemitic? If I argue against these government policies, I am accused of being antisemitic which I find strange, especially when I hear of Jewish people doing the same thing.
    I hear of Jews, Israelis, Zionists and a few others. What is the distinction between these?

    • Big B says

      “Antisemitism is a certain perception of Jews, which may be expressed as hatred toward Jews. Rhetorical and physical manifestations of antisemitism are directed toward Jewish or non-Jewish individuals and/or their property, toward Jewish community institutions and religious facilities.”.

      This is the current legally defined definition of antisemitism: as adopted by the government from the International Holocaust Remembrance Association (IHRA) in 2016. It was also adopted by the Labour Party NEC in 2016: and is the “bedrock” of the NCC disciplinary process. Somewhat equivocal you might say? No equivocation necessary: as there are a further eleven (not currently adopted) “working examples”:

      Calling for, aiding, or justifying the killing or harming of Jews in the name of a radical ideology or an extremist view of religion.

      Making mendacious, dehumanizing, demonizing, or stereotypical allegations about Jews as such or the power of Jews as collective — such as, especially but not exclusively, the myth about a world Jewish conspiracy or of Jews controlling the media, economy, government or other societal institutions.

      Accusing Jews as a people of being responsible for real or imagined wrongdoing committed by a single Jewish person or group, or even for acts committed by non-Jews.

      Denying the fact, scope, mechanisms (e.g. gas chambers) or intentionality of the genocide of the Jewish people at the hands of National Socialist Germany and its supporters and accomplices during World War II (the Holocaust).

      Accusing the Jews as a people, or Israel as a state, of inventing or exaggerating the Holocaust.

      Accusing Jewish citizens of being more loyal to Israel, or to the alleged priorities of Jews worldwide, than to the interests of their own nations.

      Denying the Jewish people their right to self-determination, e.g., by claiming that the existence of a State of Israel is a racist endeavor.

      Applying double standards by requiring of it a behavior not expected or demanded of any other democratic nation.

      Using the symbols and images associated with classic antisemitism (e.g., claims of Jews killing Jesus or blood libel) to characterize Israel or Israelis.

      Drawing comparisons of contemporary Israeli policy to that of the Nazis.

      Holding Jews collectively responsible for actions of the state of Israel.

      The BOD/JLM and JLC are currently ‘lobbying’ (or conducting a witch-hunt, depending on your POV) for these definitions to be adopted by the party as part of Jennie Formbie’s review of disciplinary procedures. Of particular note should be the second example, which has been extended to non-Jews as informally defining the ‘new left antisemitism’. This is a peculiar left “unconscious bias” (or thoughtcrime) highlighted by the Momentum NCG – for which they advocate racial “awareness training” based ion the IHRA definition (it is not clear if that reprogramming includes the examples. I strongly suspect it will. Jackie Walker will no doubt be expelled in due course for questioning them. Which is rich, given her dual-heritage.)

      Jeremy has defined the new left antisemitism as:

      Second, there are people who have come to see capitalism and imperialism as the product of conspiracy by a small shadowy elite rather than a political, economic, legal and social system. That is only a step from hoary myths about “Jewish bankers” and “sinister global forces”.

      So it is not necessary to define or conflate “sinister global forces” with Jews: the assumption is made for you. Another thoughtcrime. Please disregard my bias and feel free to make up your own mind that, combined with the kangaroo NCC court, these conflationary definitions amount to the end of free speech! 🙁

        • milosevic says

          “anti-semitism” — the crime of noticing phenomena which its supposed victims themselves triumphantly proclaim

          But everybody else must avert their eyes and ears when this happens, because what’s sauce for the goose is most definitely not sauce for the gander. The essential characteristic of Good Goyim, as with Good Germans and Good Americans, is willful ignorance, along with high awareness of which are the issues one must remain willfully ignorant of.

          as usual, any discussion of any of this will be smeared as “racism”, without the slightest attempt to address any of the issues raised. The first rule of Jewish Power is that you don’t talk about Jewish Power.

          kind of like how it’s done in respectable publications such as the Guardian. Funny how that works out.

          • Many people are emailing us suggesting you and Mulga Mumblebrain are actively trying to discredit anti-Zionism. Have you considered this may be an effect you are achieving?

            Why do you “notice”? Why is it worse to have a 1% full of Jewish people than of – say Christian Zionists, nazis, white-supremacists who also happen to be Gentiles?

            Why do you care what race/religion is oppressing you? Why is being oppressed by Jewish people worse than being oppressed by non-Jews?

            Do you not see the mere fact you think it matters is racist.

            By all means critique the 1%. By all means critique Israel. By all means critique Zionism.

            But, just as we discourage people from attacking Slavs, Caucasians, Asians, Moslems and any other race/religion. We are discouraging you from attacking Jews.

            • milosevic says

              Many people are emailing us suggesting you and Mulga Mumblebrain are actively trying to discredit anti-Zionism. Have you considered this may be an effect you are achieving?

              I wonder why these people are not concerned to refute what I’ve said, in this venue (or put up another post for this purpose?), if it’s so obviously wrong. The fact that this just NEVER HAPPENS, and the only response is accusations of “racism”, or being a disinfo shill, might seem to a naive observer evidence that it CANNOT be refuted, because it’s substantially true.

              (There’s never any hint of an answer to this question: “Among people who self-identify as ‘Jewish’, what proportion are supporters of the state of Israel and its policies?” — except from zionists, who don’t hesitate to respond with the usual triumphalism. Nobody ever bothers to contradict them, except with the standard “Not all…” OK, how many then, even very approximately?)

              However, if you prefer to operate a limited-hangout information venue, such as was the Guardian, before it transformed itself into full-blown ruling class propaganda, I have no reason to disrespect that, and I will take my concerns elsewhere. Obviously, I can’t speak for Mulga Mumblebrain, unless you would like to assume that we are two sock-puppets on opposite hands of the same body.

              In any case, best of luck in opposing Zionism and its associated Terror War, while studiously ignoring its main support base; I’m curious to see how that works out. One must always be conscious of what one must always be unconscious of. I seem to remember somebody called Eric Blair who had some thoughts about that subject; I wonder if anybody else has heard of him?

              • FS says

                Well said, Milosevic. Admin’s position on this issue strikes me as absurd and indefensible. What exactly was the point of setting up this site if contributors have to steer clear of describing reality because others are terrified of the anti-semitism label?
                Shout Zionism from the rooftops all you want but avoid the ‘J’ word, please, as it might offend. That is, until the ‘Z’ word is appropriated as an ethnic identifier and is then stigmatised out of permitted usage. But don’t worry, we’ll have come up with another harmless term by then.

                So no one is offended.

                Until that day, keep calling it Zionism and let’s all just vent in our virtual space about that abstract concept. Happy, kids? I mean, it’s not like we’re actually going to change anything anyway, right? So what difference does it make? We’re just chatting here.

                Because the majority of Jews are good, let’s all try to ignore that 95% of Zionists are Jews, or at the very least the drivers of Zionism worldwide. Because there are good Jews, let’s ignore that the global financial system, the corporate media and Hollywood are overwhelmingly owned and controlled by Jews. Even though Jews have been known to boast about this themselves, it’s still somehow racist for a non-Jew to point it out. Is there any other race or religion or ethnicity on this planet to whom that would also apply?

                Correct me if I’m wrong, but back in 2014, some of those who set up this site were, like myself, banned from the Guardian Comment Is Free section for using the word ‘Nazi’ to describe the illegal puppet junta installed in Kiev. We watched the Guardian and other similarly despicable media whitewash the massacre in Odessa, and characterise those goose-stepping, sieg-heiling, swastika-bearing bastards as proud nationalists standing against Russian aggression. And it was a lie. And because facts are sacred, we insisted on calling things by their proper names.
                So, Admin, in answer to your stunningly obtuse query, “What do you care what race/ religion is oppressing you?” I’d offer that ‘facts really should be sacred’, and if one values one’s life and that of loved ones, knowledge of the enemy seems among the most sacred commodities of all.

                • ChrisGwynne says

                  FS> Perhaps you could help us, are people exploiting us because they have the power and privilege of owning the means of production, or because they follow the specific ideology of Zionism. What is primary, the material power they wield or their believes ? This question applies to all those obsessed with a particular part of a wider planet. In short one can be fed up with the injustices of the world, but lay the blame at the wrong door, as do the far-right.

                  • FS says

                    Chris. Let’s take a less incendiary analogue and, if you’ll indulge me, answer this question: has USA launched multiple invasions all over the planet because it has the power and privilege of owning a huge military, or because it follows the specific ideology of American Exceptionalism? What is primary, the material power it wields or its beliefs?
                    Does it make any sense to consider one without the other?

                  • FS says

                    Posting again, dammit.
                    Chris> Let’s take a less incendiary analogue and, if you’ll indulge me, answer this question: has USA launched multiple invasions all over the planet because it has the power and privilege of owning a huge military, or because it follows the specific ideology of American Exceptionalism? What is primary, the material power it wields or its beliefs?
                    Does it make any sense to consider one without the other?

                    • What about those characteristics that are common to e.g., Zionism, American Exceptionalism and Imperialism? Do you, FS, see any value (horrible word in this context, forgive me) in identifying that which lies beneath the labels, beneath the cultures and religions and which is thus (potentially) common to all humans? With more pith and less blather, do you see any value in taking a critical approach that is inclusive and thus humble as opposed to one that is us-and-them and thus judgemental and divisive?

                      I believe the former approach has a better chance in the long run, though concede that it seems very namby pamby at first glance. More strongly, I don’t believe it is possible for humanity to grow beyond that which is common to all these ‘death cults’ unless we take an inclusive approach and refrain from vengeful, hate-filled accusations that do little more than initiate dogmatic trench warfare and invite pyrrhic outcomes.

                    • ChrisGwynne says

                      FS> Thanks for the comment. You ask, “what is primary, the material power it wields or its beliefs”? Unquestionably the material power, without which ideologies remain exactly that, simply beliefs. For example the flat-earth society did not invade Grenada and is not conducting upteen proxy wars, in the Middle East. Yes, the human mind can construct various reasons for an agressive foriegn policy, but that is secondary to having the ability to do so. American exceptionalism, Zionism, the Nazi’s, the East India company, to name but a few, all operated with the primary common incentive for power, prestige and profit. And without a good healthy profit, power and prestige are limited.

            • Mulga Mumblebrain says

              That is rubbish in my case, certainly. I’ll let milosevic speak for himself. Who are these ‘many people’? As I ceaselessly state, my criticism is of Zionism and Israel primarily, and Zionists the rest of the time, so how could my critique discredit anti-Zionism? Only in the ‘Through the Looking Glass’ world of hasbara propagandists. And I most certainly feel antipathy towards oppressors and murderers like the US elite, the Sordid Arabians, the Toiries etc, in EXACTLY the same way as I do the Zionists. For the record, yet again, I think many Jews are among the finest people on Earth, but not all, many Israelis are brave and moral fighters against Zionist Evil, and there are even a few Zionists who recognise how hideously astray Israel has gone. If that is ‘antisemitism’ then I’m Rabbi Kook the Third.

      • Ian Gibson says

        That definition is very specifically not legally binding. What’s more, there are plenty of commentators (including Jewish ones) who consider it to be highly problematic. A particularly considered example of that by the High Court Judge Stephen Sedley can be found in the London Review of Books here:

        • Mulga Mumblebrain says

          Not legally binding YET, Ian-give them time, and look to France and various US states for the future, where BDS etc ARE being criminalised and otherwise sanctioned.

      • Mulga Mumblebrain says

        Well that makes the late, gigantically unlamented, Milton Friedman, an ‘antisemite’, because he observed that ‘Capitalism is good for (his people)’. By which he, of course, meant the elite of his people, as Israel is a very economically unequal society, the second most so in the OECD.

      • Thank you for posting that, I had no idea. I’ve been out of the country for about 20 years. This information represents a set of very troubling developments. Unpalatable food for thought.

    • Mulga Mumblebrain says

      An elderly, of course, and distinguished Jewish survivor of the Nazi camps, summed it up pithily, a few years ago. ‘Antisemites used to be people who hated the Jews, but now it is the people who the Jews hate’. I would amend it, myself, to ‘….who some Jews hate’.
      ‘Antisemitism’ is, nowadays, almost entirely a propaganda invention, created to criminalise and banish ALL criticism of Israel and Zionism, and all support for BDS and for the Palestinians in general. As we see in the witch-hunt against UK Labour, it is almost entirely invented, created out of thin air, as in the scurrilously false accusations against Wadsworth, or confected by twisting the words, of truth, of others, as in the case of Livingstone, who spoke a truth, in garbled form, that the Zionists do not wish to be widely known, that German Zionists DID co-operate, for a time, with the Nazis, in pursuit of transferring German Jews to Palestine.
      Real Judeophobia, the hatred of Jews simply because they are Jews, is at record lows in the UK and much of the West. In contrast, Islamophobia and hatred of Arabs and the Palestinians in particular, remains at very high levels, much of it fomented and intensified by Zionists and their Rightwing allies, in politics and the fakestream media.

      • Yo, tochno, you nailed it, divisions , factions & factoring engineered reactions, is no longer a complex science: never really was, coz’ just think on the very word, ‘Gerrymandering’ & Cambridge Analytica is precisely that, on electronic steroids of bi-onic arm’s & hands , held at length, pulling Brigitte & EeeeMani’s strings to smile for the camera .. whilst serving E-litist i-nterests of E.i. (Evil incarnate) .. to protect their private, never audited banking system, at the Vatican, where a job is coming up as Chief Paymaster General Treasurer >> I was thinking of applying, but .. well you know, thurs’ such strings attached, that I prefer to live life as a Lone Wolf than be WOLF_GANGbanged out of office , by Papal Parma Pedos on matters of principle & Confessions of Cardinal sinners ..
        (see how i weaved that, lol;)

        So, think on this wee reality check, that before 9/11 , E.i. consisted of about 15 people (approx): which can now be expanded to 21, since the Chinese entered the equation with a few more Asians in the picture, now .. (That Jack Ma is not like most Western ‘pups’.. imo ! we’ll see ..)

        NOT all Jews .. so, rest assured 😉 and bare in mind that Jewish people don’t have as high average IQ as the Chinese, since way back in the 80’s when China was still well over 900 Million Farmers .. and now those ‘Farmers’ have got the Photon Internet with which to communicate & transport faster than all others, down the ole’ silk road .. which must be stabilised at any cost 😉


        This is a good ole’ reminder of the pure Physics involved in controlling the ‘Herd’ & inducing the ‘Swarm’ instinct , to which most humans responded quite amenably, by choice even, until OPEN A.i. came along & said eye eye , look d’DATA in d’E.i. and WTF, dat’ “Data” to date (read stats.) is neither accurate nor sacrosanct : that which ‘plots’ thus far , the best way for a common Scientific Humanity is wholly unregulated in international Law, coz’ of conflicts of coordinates, sociopathic self proclaimed megalomania & interests , relating to the control of KNOWLEDGE and its’ applications , for common goals , until now.

        Disorientating Folk Swarming ..

  3. I think the Barnett result confirms Off-G’s message to Corbyn: sup with the devil, and you get nothing but stomach ache. Instead of laughing off these ridiculous accusations of anti-Jewish prejudice, Jeremy bent over backward to placate his false accusers; off course it did not help. Trying to placate a witch hunt is not real-politik, it is poor judgment and poor morality.

  4. auroraschreib says

    So, so far anti-semitism, homophobia and transphobia being expressed freely on this stale armpit of a website. What else you got?

    • Comment is free here. Sometimes people abuse it by being racist, intolerant or rude – as indeed you have just done.

      • auroraschreib says

        Presumably that extends, of course, to the intolerance shown in your article and its line “the ludicrous theory of gender self-identification.”

      • auroraschreib says

        However I apologize for extending my anger at this remark in the article and some of the comments below to the entire website, having read other articles here, that was undue.

        • Mulga Mumblebrain says

          I agree that ‘homophobia’ and ‘transphobia’ have emerged on this thread. I’d prefer the usage ‘intolerance towards’ etc, but that’s is quibbling. I prefer a compassionate attitude towards others, but there is a distinct tendency to split opposition towards the ruling parasites by pushing ‘Identity Politics’ in place of economic and class solidarity However, reacting to that ancient tactic by abusing the victims of real prejudice is just falling into the elites’ trap. As for ‘antisemitism’, that fraudulent propaganda trope, it’s not obvious to me. As for Judeophobia, the real category of bigotry towards Jews, that appears absent, too.

      • “Sometimes people abuse it by being racist, intolerant or rude – as indeed you have just done.”

        Brilliant: way to go & don’t we know ..

        Not sure that ‘reinertorheit’ comprehends , yet .. lol 🙂 FYI, he’s trolling & following me around , presently still in complete denial of being wrong in this regard: and his wounded ego and false pride with dubious levels of intelligence, now resorting to last ditch attempts to provoke elsewhere with 100% pure foul abuse seem a little suspicious to me !? Rather like the proverbial self acclaimed ‘Gatekeeper’, designed to bring your website into disrepute , at some future stage possibly .. perhaps even in another name, subsequently.

        Forewarned is forearmed .. & all that. No worries there >>

        I mention this because of your initial ‘partner’ problems here with someone who shall remain nameless, that i found dubious in character from your very beginnings. He put me off OFFG, initially, as I suspected this site as being a potential ‘harvester’ of dissenting voices on the run from the Guardian.

        So glad you backed yourselves up, in every ‘Sacred’ sense of being ..
        Keep up the good work & clarity of vision ..

        P.s. Before I was banned at the Guardian permanently, I never once reported or flagged anybody for ANY personal abuse & of community standards whatsoever, coz’ mum prepared me well enough, that I would not need to go crying to her, daily! Mind you, the moderators stepped in way too many times to count, as others were approaching either tears of frustration or laughter at my responses 😉 :- which I often found irritating , (removing evidence of characters), as I loved to play devil’s advocate & gauge others, therein .. leaving them to expose themselves wholly, first, after which one can always dutifully apologise or clarify, to compound all ‘energy’ expended .. rather than destroy & delete history.

        Auroraschreib ? Reinertorheit ? Proudscouse ? Certainly worth watching their longterm tendencies, but there again, boys will be boys .. 😉 (chuckle) and I’m pretty sure not one of the names just mentioned is a woman 🙂
        Rock on >> (German for Dress :)) !? lmfao, here we go ..

        • reinertorheit says

          Perhaps you could try addressing the topic of ‘The Disappointing Jeremy Corbyn’ – rather than using this board as an outlet for your ad-hominem baseless personal attacks on other members?

          Or just get lost, since no-one here has the slightest interest in your sad snowflake garbage.

          • No in-fighting please both of you. And reiner – try to be a shade less acerbic and rude if possible

            • reinertorheit says

              This is a warning to Balkydickhead. If I continue to receive unsolicited threatening hatemail sent off-board to me by the user ‘balkydj’, I will not only not reply, but report it to the police.

            • reinertorheit says


              I don’t come to your site to read a screed of offtopic gobshite directed at me from your pal Balky.

              I see no reason whatsoever to be either polite or pleasant to a user (perhaps we should call him an ABuser) who has used your boards to mount a character assassination exercise which has nothing whatosever to do with the topic under discussion.

              Think about that, why don’t you? Reread your chum Balky’s gobshite. And then think some more about whether it deserves a polite reply?

              • N.B. One of the many things I have always had to study , as well as Media Analysis & Research, since the early 80’s professionally , Reiner , is the Law , including the Laws of Transporting Explosives & Munitions &&& done the job also, with my own bare hands & ass on the line, often ALONE ..

                What did you study thus far Reiner, deadly seriously ?

                • @balkyid @reinertorheit Take this unedifying exchange off this forum please. Any further OT comments containing nothing but personal sniping and attacks are gong to be deleted

                  • @Admin: Logic: Could not agree more !

                    But I would ask you to consider, that all insults were started by him & bare in mind that you have already censored me & my most edifying & constructive comment , BEFORE you decided to sternly warn me ..

                    Me, having waited most patiently, before
                    ±!@£$%^&*()_+ lmfao

                    No worries, as I am sure that you digested my censored comment (captured for posterity 🙂 ) with at least some degree of interest and as stated, I shall be backing myself up and communicating my full identity and intentions to you privately, this week .. (including my Guardian ID).

                    Itsa’ ‘LONG READ’, (with the inevitable dilemma of where to start) and has effectively nothing to do with reinefrecheit, I assure you ..

                    Keyword being ‘Censorship’ !!
                    reinefrecheit was WRONG !

                    Point taken !?

                    POINT MADE !

          • I both commented & linked the INDY ‘brainwash’ !!!!

            See my mind is elsewhere already, long before ever considering you or commenting about your trolling abuse elsewhere, (which I find personally very suspicious & insidious) .. along with your directions to all, >>

            re. Censorship

            So, reinefrecheit, yer’ wrong again , lmao
            Keep it up ! 🙂 😉

    • Mulga Mumblebrain says

      And then there is your sordid hasbara vilification of others as ‘antisemites’ for NOTHING but criticism of the racist, fascist, terrorist Zionist state you adore. People in glass yeshivas shouldn’t throw insults, sweetie.

      • auroraschreib says

        You know nothing. I landed up on this site precisely because of the number of times I’ve been censored on the Guardian for making comments critical (not rude) of Israeli government policy. However, I have respect for Judaism, Jewish authors and Jewish people, to the same degree as any other. States are enemies, not peoples. When you begin to think that way, as you show clear signs of doing, then only ethnocide and genocide lie ahead.

        • milosevic says

          I have respect for Judaism

          Israeli Sephardic leader Rabbi Ovadia Yosef in his weekly Saturday night sermon said that non-Jews exist to serve Jews.

          “Goyim were born only to serve us. Without that, they have no place in the world; only to serve the People of Israel,” he said during a public discussion of what kind of work non-Jews are allowed to perform on Shabbat.

          “Why are gentiles needed? They will work, they will plow, they will reap. We will sit like an effendi and eat,” he said to some laughter.

          Yosef, the spiritual leader of the Shas Party and the former chief Sephardi rabbi of Israel, also said that the lives of non-Jews are protected in order to prevent financial loss to Jews.

          “With gentiles, it will be like any person: They need to die, but God will give them longevity. Why? Imagine that one’s donkey would die, they’d lose their money. This is his servant. That’s why he gets a long life, to work well for this Jew,” said the rabbi.

          Non-Jews exist to serve Jews

          When you begin to think that way, then only ethnocide and genocide lie ahead.

          You mean like in Palestine?

          • Yes, like in Palestine. And in Germany. And in any place where people are hated for their race. If you hate race-haters for being Jewish you are not a solution to the problem.

            • milosevic says

              “Goyim were born only to serve us. Without that, they have no place in the world; only to serve the People of Israel.”

              Am I allowed to take a dim view of people who subscribe to this ideology, or would that make me a racist?

              And on what basis am I supposed to distinguish between people who believe that “Goyim were born only to serve us”, and self-identified “Jews”, since a large majority of them make no such distinction, as evidenced by their support of the state which embodies this principle?

              • milosevic says

                More and more, “anti-semitism” is the crime of noticing.

              • It’s not difficult, you just make it seem difficult.

                Take a dim view of the opinion being expressed, NOT of the person expressing it, and CERTAINLY NOT of his race.

                You don’t oppose racism by hating the racist for his race.

                Think about this. And stop reflexively posting your incomprehension in different words.

                • milosevic says

                  “Goyim were born only to serve us. Without that, they have no place in the world; only to serve the People of Israel.”

                  Take a dim view of the opinion being expressed, NOT of the person expressing it

                  That’s interesting. Am I similarly prohibited from taking a dim view of self-professed nazis, kkklansmen, orangemen, wahabis, etc? If so, this is quite a novel and innovative conception of “anti-racism”. If not, and such exceptions only apply to a single specific form of ethnic supremacism, that is also a novel and innovative conception of “anti-racism”.

                  So I guess congratulations are in order, either way.

                  and CERTAINLY NOT of his race.

                  Apparently, the irony of accusing other people of “racism”, while implicitly endorsing the view that Jewishness is a “race” category, has completely escaped you.

                  reflexively posting your incomprehension

                  Since you seem quite unable to address anything I actually said, and believe that cries of “racism” explain away everything, one wonders in which direction the incomprehension is actually operating.

                  As usual, it must be that critics of the Official Story are ignorant fools, because of their willful incomprehension of its self-evident truthfulness.

                  • What do read in to that passage you keep quoting? Ok, this man and presumably others like him consider Jewish people superior to Gentiles. He’s clearly wrong and possibly insane. By all means say so. He’s racist and crazy. But that doesn’t justify you being racist in return.

                    The rational response to racism is to dismiss it as irrelevant and offensive, not to turn it back against the race of the racist!

                    • milosevic says

                      What do read in to that passage you keep quoting?

                      It really doesn’t seem like much “reading into” is required. But maybe that’s just a symptom of my incomprehension.

                      the race of the racist

                      At this point, I am reduced to quoting myself:

                      “Apparently, the irony of accusing other people of ‘racism’, while implicitly endorsing the view that Jewishness is a ‘race’ category, has completely escaped you.”

                    • When you’e reduced to mulish sophism take that as a good indicator it’s time to concede.

                      Your views are your own. But please try to express them in a way that doesn’t make it quite so easy for others to accuse you of racism.

                      This discussion is over now btw.

                    • Genau>Exactly>Précisement & Tochno.. you nailed it & I could never have said that better , in fewer words myself, with LOVE & respect ..

                      Hear here, you are more qualified to administer & enact the job of MODERATOR than ANY moderator EVER at the guardian and please don’t take my next words out of context, but I tested that D.O.B. shite Kat Viner, from the very first moment she was ‘given’ the job , with a hugely positive enthusiasm for women’s best interests & the world: & she proved herself immediately incapable of dealing with the reality of the World today and it was obvious that she had her own personal agenda , that was as SERF & SUBMISSIVE and wholly self interested in her own image, ego & career ..

                      NOT WOMAN’s WORLDWIDE..

                      Believe me I tested her with my ole’ G/Father’s advice from Military Intelligence Psychology: and Q/DOS to him, coz’ my Grandmother’s name was on the mortgage back in the 1930’s , after chaining herself with Pankhurst , she took no shit from anybody male or female and always found a way to win over & OUT 😉

                    • Mulga Mumblebrain says

                      Of course Ovadia Yosef was quite a negative character. But by the current standards of the ‘antisemitism’ lynch-mob, your observation, with which I would concur, that ‘ He’s (Yosef) is …possibly insane…racist an crazy..’, is obviously ‘antisemitic’. Yosef was a highly revered figure in Israel, whose Shas (ie Talmud) Party was essential to Rightwing coalitions, and whose funeral drew the largest crowd in Israeli history, several hundred thousand strong.

                • reinertorheit says

                  [[ Take a dim view of the opinion being expressed, NOT of the person expressing it, and CERTAINLY NOT of his race. ]]

                  Noble sentiments indeed. Why, then, do you ‘like’ and ‘recommend’ Balky’s posts – in which he makes extensive (unprompted) personal insults aimed at members here, while contributiing nothing to the discussion topic? And moreoever, stirs the pot by tossing in racial slurs against what he (wrongly) believes to be my “German” background?

                  Or is that all just fine – when your forum chums do it?

            • Mulga Mumblebrain says

              The Zionists are making anger at and resistance to Israeli crimes against humanity criminal, career-ending, behaviour, by the simple device of declaring it to be ‘antisemitism’, and demanding that the compliant political invertebrates of the West ban and even criminalise it. However many, many, Israelis and Diaspora Jews oppose this fascist, corrupting, power, so blanket Judeophobia simply falls into the Zionists’ hands. Of course, as I have already encountered with ‘aurora’, the hasbarists refuse to accept any explication where one explains that you only have issue with the fascistic Zionists, not all Israelis whatsoever. She mobilised the familiar hasbara concoction that disdain, or disgust, or any criticism of any Israeli at all is bigotry against all Jews, everywhere, born of nothing but innate ‘antisemitic’ bigotry. Its a familiar and sordid tactic.

        • Mulga Mumblebrain says

          I have respect for people of that persuasion, where I think it is due. That encompasses many people, and is only my opinion, after all. Others of that group I believe to be really quite wicked, judging by their actions, but, these days, such an opinion, which can be freely made regarding any other group on Earth, is being vilified, even criminalised as bigotry, ‘antisemitism’ to be precise. I DO NOT and NEVER HAVE conceive(d) of any group as undifferentiatedly wicked or as enemies, and have NEVER evidenced any sign of so doing, so your vilifying slur is particularly offensive to me. I suggest you withdraw-no need to apologise. Just admit your fault.

    • Leslie Campbell says

      Please give examples of the Irrational fears you identify and examples of antisemitism. It’s infantilism to just shout ****ophobia or anti****. It’s an obsession of labelling people as X or Y that has grown out of identity politics. The conviction that an opinion, that is different to ones own, must be suppressed or made a criminal act of hate speech. The best way to stop violence is through conversation.
      Anti fascist is used by many as a rallying call to silence freedom of speech. Or encourage violence against the “fascists” These “fascists” are denounced as bigots by people who don’t even know what a fascist or a bigot is.
      Humans have rights ideology does not. When ideologies, religions, beliefs, desires, feelings, medical conditions, sexual practices, political opinions are treated as rights. And characteristics given protected status under law. The gates are open to authoritarian and totalitarian suppression and state dictatorship. Do unto others as you would have them do unto to you.
      Just for the record fascism is corporate bodies working hand in hand with government to decide policy. Democracy allows the plebs to vote for the government. Who ever you vote for the government gets in. The financial system remains unchanged. If an elected head of state threatens the financial system they will be removed or if popular assassinated.

    • aurora. What you call anti-Semitism is a propaganda name to brush away Jewish shame over this sort of primitive behaviour by some of the self-styled Chosen People in the Holy Land:


      Before WW2 there was indeed a lot of prejudice against Jews in Britain and Europe; I remember it well. And Anti-Semitism was a convenient posh name for this base anti-Jewish prejudice, because there were very few other Semites in Europe and the Anglo-sphere. But anti-Jewish prejudice and ethnic prejudice in general vanished under the shock of Hitler’s excesses, and the post-War years opened a Golden Age for Jews worldwide. However, the racist excesses by Zionazis in Israel and elsewhere are causing feelings of revulsion, and anti-Jewish bigots are beginning to creep out from under the stones where they have been sheltering since WW2 exposed them for what they are. It is no longer any use calling anti-Jewish sentiment anti-Semitism, because the Anglo / European world has realized that there are a billion other people in the world with affiliations to Semitic culture — and the biggest anti-Semites in the modern world are European Jewish colonists in the Middle East. Trying to brush away Zionazi crime by counter-accusations of “anti-Semitism” will not work; Jews who engage in this sort of obfuscatory witch hunt against decent well meaning people like Jeremy Corbyn are doing a grave disservice to the highest ethical ideals of Judaism.

      “Judge not your neighbour until you have walked a mile in his shoes”. — Rabbi Hillel of Babylon

  5. John Marks says

    Yes, it is very disappointing that Corbyn surrenders so much, even missing open goals, such as Syria and Salisbury and creating own goals such as Wadsworth’s treatment and the absurd Windrush clamour.
    All he has to do is keep asking two questions:
    Where is Julia Skripal?
    Where are the OPCW reports on Damascus and Salisbury?

    • Mulga Mumblebrain says

      The fiasco of the Turkish NATO thug who runs the OPCW, and his ludicrous overstatement of the quantity of ‘Novichok’ supposedly used (no doubt to justify the equally preposterous closing off of half of Salisbury for months for remediating the supposed ‘trail’ of nerve agent)tells you EXACTLY what to expect from the OPCW ‘report’ on Douma.

    • Kathy says

      Did anyone else see the Mail on line,s article on May 1st. Precis copied below.
      Twitter account claiming to be Yulia Skripal, 33, is trolling her family
      It claimed the poisoned spy’s daughter was new living in the U.S. after recovery
      Tweets including claims of being ‘pumped full of drugs’ by Western doctors
      Skripal relatives made contact and asked a question she didn’t answer
      Yulia and her father were poisoned in Salisbury in a nerve agent attack
      They survived and are recovering, Yulia issuing a statement three weeks ago

  6. leftupsidedown says

    Someone CT nut suggested Corbyns step into line with the establishment position regarding Russia, Syria, Israel, antisemitism and the Skripals coincided with the Osborne van attack, where Corbyn was the alleged target. A final warning…………

    I prefer the more mature idea that Corbyn has finally come to his senses.

    • FS says

      Because the establishment and corporate media line on all those issues is necessarily correct and sensible, presumably?

      And you’re on this site precisely why?

    • Mulga Mumblebrain says

      The Zionists prefer hits where those they kill for ‘ getting in our way’ are slaughtered with other innocents, preferably family members. It’s more ‘morally pure’ that way, apparently.

  7. avenir says

    What is this, more Neoliberal/NeoCon attacks on Jeremy Corbyn? I’m not sure what you’re expecting, Jeremy storming the barricades and stringing up Theresa May on a lamppost perhaps and instituting the dictatorship of the proletariat?

    He’s not a revolutionary Marxist he’s a democratic socialist so operates from those beliefs, in the tradition of non-violent resistance. It’s actually remarkable that he’s survived so long against the full-force of the establishment, the NeoCons and zionists in his own party and with a completely hostile press neither giving him a fair hearing or setting him up for some smear or other. In the environment he’s having to work, the continued hostility by these forces is showing he’s having an effect and the number one task is for them all to prevent a Corbyn Government, it’s why May shouted across to him during one PMQs “we won’t let you govern”. What is being exposed is the sham of a democracy we live in.

    I for one are glad he’s doing what he’s doing, we could have Chuka Ummana as Labour Leader with Jess Philips as shadow Home Secretary and Ruth Smeeth as shadow foreign secretary, shudder!!

    • Tom Mapfumo says

      Labour has just had its best council results since 1971! Tories have had their worst council results since 1971. That is great news and Corbyn has done well despite the endless barrage or attacks from the Tories, The Media, The Establishment and the Blairites! Well done, Jeremy!

    • PeaceCora says

      Completely agree. Caught between the Devil and the Deep Blue Sea, Corbyn has to walk in many different shoes to attempt to counteract the many attempts to undermine him.

    • Mulga Mumblebrain says

      Not ‘could have’- ‘will have’, and soon. Corbyn is finished. You don’t think the Zionists and Blairite Quislings are finished, do you? They’ve barely begun.

  8. Big B says

    I see this as an ongoing crisis of legitimation. Although I am critical, I do not blame Jeremy Corbyn. He is at heart a decent and principled man who has come in contact with an entrenched class-based machine. For the little he has been able to do to legitimate it: it has neutered him (and the Anglo-Zionist witch-hunt has not yet finished taming him). Calls for a radical reselection of candidates in the PLP are in vain. Currently, Labour MPs have a job for life: there is no mechanism to make them democratically accountable (subject to a review of the rules at Conference in the autumn). But support for ‘mandatory reselection’ has been backtracked since the discovery of the so-called ‘hit list’. So the reality of the Labour movement is that it remains a neo-con, neoliberal, capitalist materialist, imperialist and Zionist centre left party. If the people want a more radical and democratic alternative, they will need to go elsewhere. And create it themselves.

    Investing Jeremy as a plenipotentiary singularity was naive, and damaging to radical emancipatory politics in the UK. And I am not transferring any blame: I was myself fully convinced and prepared to back a “new kind of politics” and “stand up, not stand by”. But support for Trident; ‘renewable’ nuclear energy; the war criminals of NATO; soft power projection; the White Helmets and their terrorist provocations; Russophobia; and the Cold War build-up in the Baltics and Black Sea; are too much of a moral compromise to be Realpolitik.

    Jeremy’s surrender and eventual loss to the machine is our rally to liberation. Which brings me back to Habermas’ ‘crisis of legitimation’. A state that can be seen to be warping reality, or even potentially warping reality, to fit policy is necessarily de-legitimated. A state which can clearly be seen to be acting in its own self-interest, or in the self-interest of supra-national entities and elite individuals (‘pro-business’), is necessarily de-legitimated. A state that harnesses its complicit state ideological apparatuses to engineer consent for its own self-maximising potential is necessarily de-legitimated; and a state that increasingly acts in the interest of the supra-sovereign few to the expense of the de-legitimised sovereignty of the many is necessarily de-legitimated.

    To see why Labour offer no real alternative, other than the re-distribution of some of capitalism’s spare change (which will not be given altruistically): it is necessary to deconstruct the the “life-world,” [“which is composed of a consensual foundation of shared understandings, including norms and values, upon which a society is built”*]. This is increasingly a simulated reality in itself, a simulation hypothesis based on perpetual growth in a finite, bound world system; with perennial resources an an inexhaustible pollution and waste sink. The foundational notion that we can continue to draw wealth non-violently from a globalised system of universal exploitation and alienation; with no negative impact or consequences for the rest of humanity is, to put it mildly, synthesised to assuage our guilt. Our tertiary service economy is based on someone elses (social and environmental) loss. Our future NIB funded manufacturing productivity will be based on extracted surplus value and exported environmental and social exploitation: enforced by financial and militaristic imperialism. As will our resource acquisition and strategic denial (bringing us into increasing conflict with the Russia-China globalisation project. There are simply not enough resources to sustain bi-hemispheric globalisation).

    No one in the ‘Westminster Bubble’ of synthetic ‘democratic’ capitalism wants to write the next chapter of social history. They do not even want to turn the page we have been stuck on for forty years. And no one in the ‘Westminster Bubble’ is even contemplating the environmental bottleneck that humanity is beginning to pass through. Westminster offers near analogous versions of ‘Business As Usual’ based on dead paradigms hungover from the nineteenth and twentieth centuries: when resources were more plentiful. The ultimate consequence of this epistemic blindness will be social failure when globalism fails. There is no ‘Plan B’, nor as Macron noted, is there a ‘Planet B’.

    At current rates of consumption we have around forty years of oil left. But we’ll find more? Not if we are not looking. Exploration and CapEx budgets are being cannibalised by current debt, The reserve replacement ratio is at its lowest for forty years. But rather than make the “we only have forty years to transition to a post-carbon” economy argument – which will be dismissed – consider that we have the sustainable raw materials and self-replenishing energy supplies to complete the globalisation project: does anyone actually think this will lead to an emancipatory liberisation of human freedom …because I do not. Human scale, community actualised, plenipotentiary sovereignty of empowered and awake ‘commoning’ societies of equals are antithetical, at the opposite end of the development spectrum to pan-global capitalist materialism. Even if there are the resources to support it: which there are not. And I do not see anyone from the power bubble (including Jeremy) offering a true vision of human freedom (there is a captured version: but I will not digress). If we want a human scale future; we will have to build it from the ground up for ourselves: without the bastions of self-preservational riches protected by the elite captured edifices of social repression …such as Westminster and Parliament. So I say thank you Jeremy, you have put us on the path to a future liberation ecology …if we want to take it.


    • Hi BigB,

      Re. de-legitimation: Are you aware of any state in history that did not fit any, if not all, of the criteria you list? Can a state exist for the majority, or is it compelled to serve a tiny minority at the top by virtue of its systemic structure?

      My readings of works such as The Early State, The Art of Not Being Governed and Debt: The First 5000 Years suggest to me that the state can only be rigidly hierarchical, fundamentally exploitative and deceptively engaged in convincing its folk that its version of TINA is beyond question. Keeping very large groups of people together requires carefully constructed myths and a monopoly on force, otherwise they break up. History is littered with failed states, especially when state craft was in its infancy. There’s something in the simple logic of how states come to be that makes this so. Here are a couple of quotes on that point from The Early State:

      “Food production forces property relations on the species, because it is based on resource utilization of longer duration than human lifespans, while simultaneously providing advantage to larger local property-owning groups. In evolutionary terms, these bedrock correlates of food production are a constant basis for inequality within and between polities. Unequal access to resources is therefore an unalterable and inevitable accompaniment of mankind’s adaptation to food production, especially agriculture.”
      Ronald Cohen

      “There seems to be no objection to the view that one of the characteristics of the state—and perhaps the most important one—is the existence of classes.”
      Henri Claessen and Peter Skalnik

      All states are classed-based and thus hierarchical. Power is wielded by a tiny minority at the top of the pyramid. Power corrupts. Can a state be constituted in any other way? If yes, would it still be a state?

      • Big B says

        Hi Toby: good questions!

        Commons or commoning are the zeitgeist buzzwords. Commoning is based on modified private property rights where ownership is held in trust, in perpetuity, by and for the common group: or the community ownnership of the vested interest group. Thus the farmers own the land, the fisherman the fisheries: and we all ‘own’ the sky, the rivers, and the climate. So ownership is not individual or extended to strata of class based no interest chains of exploitation. The common cannot be monopolised: nor does it need a managerial or specialist knowledge administration (see the “Tragedy of the Commons”.) Ownership, if it can even be called that, is inter-generational, not private, corporate. or personal: akin to indigenous rights of custodianship or stewardship. Instead of exploitational and short term; strategies of management can be valorisational and long term. Resources become a modified ‘capital’; and the beneficiaries gain enhanced ‘human capital’ by investing not in the means of production; but directly in the means of life. ‘Ownership’ is not in the current generation (so there is no incentive to extract ‘surplus value’ or a surfeit to hoard), but held in valorisational trust for next generation – the children and grand-children – in perpetuity. It is to be passed on in not merely sustained; but in an enhanced and permanently regeneratable state. Exchange can be organised around gift economics, resource swaps, modified barter arrangements. LETS schemes, etc with or without currency. It really depends on what resources capitalism leaves. There may not be a roaring trade in anything much worth trading. There may be no trade at all!

        The essence of the ‘stateless’ state is non-discriminatory inclusive participation by all involved. Everyone is a stakeholder or shareholder in the common destiny: therefore everyone is equally empowered, no one is psychologically dependent or exploited (by authority), and no one is “permanently immature”. No one is ‘left behind’ or ‘externalised’ (except maybe for purposes of justice; but that is a whole other consideration). Organisation of the political economy can be fully participational, if there is the communications network to facilitate it: or accountably representational (federational) – where the authority is not in the representative (though they may be a fully invested plenipotentiary) …the sovereign authority and power are retained by the Demos (or Polis). Again, depending on the post-capitalist landscape – there may not be that much for the community to decide! Foreign policy will be out the window for a start!

        I would maintain that a future political economy will be emergent and auto-architectural in design. The fundamental paradigm shift is in the change from the vestigial fear-reflexive Paleolithic behaviourist philosophy of mind to something more mature and evolutionary. If we drag our corrupted post-Enlightenment hyper-Darwinian worldview from the cave to the grave …there won’t be much point imagining a future! Personally, I choose to believe that some of the beauty of this world, and some of the vast untapped spiritual resource and potential of humanity will survive capitalism to be passed on for our children’s children. It would be shame not to!

        • Thank you for that very full answer. I’m on the exact same page in terms of how I hope things progress.

        • I forgot to ask if you’ve read Ostrom’s Governing the Commons?

          My own preference for ‘replacing’ “ownership” is “partnership”. It emphasises interdependence far more strongly than “custodianship”.

          • Big B says

            No, and not without reason. Though I do not want to single out Elinor Ostrom, when people start to talk about strictly defined boundaries for the common (or “common pool resource”) – I get twitchy. Where does the river begin and end? What are its boundaries, especially if they are currently trans-national? Is the common the headwaters or the delta: or both? If so, what is the relationship between the two? Is the river part of the land system or the hydrological ecology? What about the relationship to the climate?

            Such thinking is part of the compartmentalised and bound misreading of nature. Holistically, there is only one “common pool resource” (CPR) – the biosphere. The pattern of partnerships of custodian (or stakeholder) management should reflect this – as an endpoint. All commons will eventually overlap and become unbound, even if still under regional management. ‘Governance’ is also a misnomer. Do we govern nature, or does nature govern us? This is another false dichotomy: anthropocentrism and biocentrism are not divergent means, but convergent ends. Development of a new lexicon of ecological economy terms and concepts would seem apposite, rather than misapplying exploitative 19th century economic terms?

            The commons agenda is being presented as part of a portfolio of green capitalist hybrid economy proposals. One such advocate is George Monbiot. This is not my vision of commoning at all. Commoning can begin, indeed must begin, as nestled inside a syndicalist and democratised capitalist (democratic socialist) hybridised economy …but only as part of the multi-decadal transition away from capitalism to a universalised CPR – under bioregional ‘management’ – held in trust in perpetuity for the future of humanity. In that way: the ‘forces of the means of production’ will be the various life capitals that lead to an enhanced and maturing (evolving) humanity: and the ‘relations of the means of production’ (class relations) will be equalised as every person and every ‘blade of grass’ will be a stakeholder in the productive future. The exploitative superstructure (state) will be absorbed into the infrastructural foundation – under new bio-regional management and common ecological ownership.

            • I stopped reading shortly after she started prescribing. The book’s value for me was its destruction of the “Tragedy of the Commons” myth.

    • Mulga Mumblebrain says

      Very good. However, the ruling parasites’ solution, their final solution in fact, to the ecological Holocaust is easy enough to discern. Having just sat through ‘Avengers: Infinity War’, and seen the notion of the extermination of 50% of the population as a cure for ecological degradation and human suffering as a result of that degradation presented as a noble idea, designed to save living worlds from an ecological catastrophe, I really think the softening up process for audiences in the rich world, to prepare them for a regretable, but necessary, culling of the ‘useless eaters’ is growing apace. As I see capitalist parasites as the most Evil human group ever or ever possible, I don’t think there’ll be any qualms on their part when the process begins. Various ‘undesirables’, ie anti-business types, ‘antisemites’, ” Russian trolls’, ‘do-gooders’, ‘bleeding hearts’etc, in the West will be dealt with too, which is where the technological panopticon will come in useful as well.

      • Are you aware of the Georgia Guidestones?

        “Maintain humanity under 500,000,000 in perpetual balance with nature.
        Guide reproduction wisely — improving fitness and diversity.
        Unite humanity with a living new language.
        Rule passion — faith — tradition — and all things with tempered reason.
        Protect people and nations with fair laws and just courts.
        Let all nations rule internally resolving external disputes in a world court.
        Avoid petty laws and useless officials.
        Balance personal rights with social duties.
        Prize truth — beauty — love — seeking harmony with the infinite.
        Be not a cancer on the earth — Leave room for nature — Leave room for nature.”


        The monument has a very interesting history!

        • Mulga Mumblebrain says

          Sounds preferable to forced auto-genocide, the global Jonestown, that the predatory elites plainly prefer.

      • Lol, naaaah .. LMFAO 😉 & still chucklin’ & chokin’, (cough: FOE-cuss:) )))
        (approaching tears …_ _ _…)

        “Well, what to say ? errrrr ..
        Chief-Super Mug-La-Stavrogin investigating E.i. (B.S.) ..
        (Eibe’s bad vibes in LALA land italia .. pure opera :))

        Did you see any-body or anything sacrosanct yet ?
        Did you get any MUGLA mugshot, yet @La-La LaPELL-Hams’ 123 Papal Pedo-Parma packaging in the papers of toilet history, Huh !? Or, more importantly, who is going to be the next Paymaster General at THE TREASURY of the Vatican Bank ??

        That Bollyn website certainly goes part way to explaining many things and as we gradually compound & crush the ole’ DATAbs ‘, on other INDY-Gators, (sorry I mean indicators) , somewhen soon the opportunity will come to flick the switch in people’s brains .. magnetically & pretty much witness an astounding collective societal WTF realisation, that the all seeing eye of A.i. must by ‘Confession’ , by its’ inherent nature compounded .. >> (well Ahem Amen, bless my soul 😉 🙂
        (All things being equal & no false Starry-eyed worship)

        E.i. ?? Sag-at A.i.
        “FUNK DAT” !

        It’s Georgiev Den/Day in East Europe, lol , in memory of >>
        Cardinal Georg-i-d’Pedo-PELL .. & his TIMELY memoirs,
        way more significant then Comey’s questions of higher loyalty 😉

    • Mulga Mumblebrain says

      Hey, BB-you never heard of ‘abiotic oil’? Stop being defeatist! We can turn this planet into another Venus! You’ve just gotta BELIEVE!

  9. Betrayed planet. says

    In my opinion Corbyn is essentially a good and honest man, his record on voting down illegal money fuelled wars impeccable. The MSM however have done a fantastic hatchet job on him and judging by this mornings local election results it is bearing fruit. The anti semitism propaganda has worked a charm in Barnet despite the many Jewish Labour members who have called it for what it is, pure unadulterated propaganda, they themselves are now labelled anti Semitic.
    In is out, up is down, mad is sane and sanity is madness. All in a days work for the abjectly criminal Guardian plus the rest of the now ridiculous British MSM who are toting the Tory line in treasonous effort to convert the country into a one party state, and its working on the gullible masses whose only point of reference is what they read on the trashy pages of so called journalism.
    A pox on McDonald for his betrayal in supporting the bullshit anti Russian stance, despite evidence to the contrary.
    The deranged Theresa will now feel invincible, able to act with impunity in her quest to help further destroy the ME or what is left of it. Able to further her agenda for privatising the forests,further destroying the already damaged eco systems and culling of wild animals, further removing the safety net for ordinary people and further surveillance that is already one of the most advanced in the world.
    And this is what the gullible stupid masses repeatedly vote for as they march themselves into a Totalitarian State through fear, greed and pure unadulterated ignorance.

    • Tom Mapfumo says

      The results were Labour’s best since 1971, and the Tories worst since 1971. The MSM and BBC make it sound very different!

      • Betrayed planet. says

        I am beginning to see this having read the results in more depth since. I would hope there is some sense prevailing at this late stage. Thank you for your reply.

    • Mulga Mumblebrain says

      So, if you believe the Fraudian sewer, and its denizens like the ecstatic Nick Cohen, the fate of Labour, Corbyn and the UK has just been decided by the Jewish voters of one council region. The narcissism is scintillating.

      • Almost every comment of yours flirts with racism. Your obsession with Jewishness, your conflation of Jewishness with Zionism. The way you reduce every issue to some murky question of some number of Jews being “evil” or “the enemy” is frankly unhealthy. Not all Zionists are Jews and not all Jews are Zionists therefore there is no rational excuse for your obsession.

        PLEASE stop using racial distinctions as a means of identifying what you consider to be undesirable people. If that is the only form of “discussion” you are interested in this place is not for you.

        • Fair dinkum says

          Mulga does not tar all Jews or Israelis with the same brush.
          I’m pretty sure that if you do a search on the One Per Cent you will find that Jews are over represented. A glitch in the system or a cunning arrangement ?
          You be the judge.

          • Mulga Mumblebrain says

            I made a detailed reply to ‘Admin’, here, but it seems to have vanished.

          • Mulga Mumblebrain says

            Oddly enough, there are numerous websites where those people who I may not name, openly boast of their power and influence. Perhaps they are lying, or exaggerating, or are simply ‘ self-hating Unmentionables’.

        • milosevic says

          your conflation of Jewishness with Zionism

          If you had to venture a guess as to what proportion of self-identified “Jews” make this conflation themselves, would it be more, or less than 50%?


          Alternatively, if you think the question is irrelevant, perhaps you could provide an argument as to why it should be so; a naive observer might assume that the question’s relevance would be proportionate to the magnitude of probable answers.

          PLEASE stop using racial distinctions

          On what basis do you presume to accuse people of “racism”, for merely noticing to what extent some other people’s self-conception is itself racist?

          Not all Zionists are Jews and not all Jews are Zionists

          Indeed, nobody ever claimed any such thing. The question at issue, which seems to be absolutely unmentionable, is what is the relative degree of overlap between these entirely self-chosen categories?

          If a reasonable answer was “approximately one third of people who consider themselves ‘Jewish’, are supporters of the state of Israel and its policies”, then presumably there wouldn’t be any problem in saying so. The fact that this question CANNOT BE ADDRESSED, even in dissident venues such as this, strongly suggests that everybody knows the real proportion is far, far higher than that.

          therefore there is no rational excuse for your obsession

          Right. Every Jewish community organization of any significant size celebrates Israeli war crimes, but when tens of thousands of people demonstrate against them, you can often find five or six holding a banner that says “Not In My Name” or “Jews Against Zionism”. So there’s clearly no issue, and anybody who suspects otherwise must be an irrational, obsessive racist.

          More and more, “anti-semitism” is the crime of noticing.

          • There is no problem addressing the question of the percentage of non-Israeli Jewish people who support Israel.

            But look, even if 90% of Jewish people supported Israel and/or consider themselves superior beings or whatever, what is the proper response?

            a) to talk about the problem with Jews and their Zionism/sense of superiority

            b) to point out that Zionism per se is wrong and that feelings of racial superiority and divisiveness are a bad idea?

            • milosevic says

              There is no problem addressing the question of the percentage of non-Israeli Jewish people who support Israel.

              How strange, then, that almost nobody ever does, and the few exceptions are invariably denounced as “racists”, without bothering to contradict their estimate.

              And I must have misunderstood something, because it appeared to me that I had been denounced in exactly that way, in this exact comment thread, for asking exactly that question.

              even if 90% of Jewish people supported Israel and/or consider themselves superior beings or whatever, what is the proper response?

              I’ve been strongly advised, above, that discussion of such questions is considered unhelpful, and not wishing to disrespect that request, you can take the comment directly above as my last word on the subject.


            • A. J. B says

              Doesn’t it make things difficult anyway,when Zionists
              identify as the representatives of all Jews, and dismiss Jews that disagree as self hating? Have you not heard
              the vile verbal abuse that gets heaped on their
              fellow jews by people like Lady Valerie Cocke, and other self appointed ‘representatives’ of British Jewry
              It’s very hard not to be angered and frustrated when these hypocrites seek to destroy a political party the country really needs just to prevent a critic of Israel getting power?
              Why should anyone tip toe around the sensitivities
              of such spiteful people. Why should their race protect them from valid criticism?

              • Who said their race should protect them from valid criticism?

                Critique a person’s actions or opinions – not their race/faith/culture.

                It’s that simple.

                • A. J. B says

                  The problem comes because that criticism
                  gets deliberately interpreted as an attack on their race. The criticism that Marc Wadworth
                  made of Ruth Smeeth, of collaborating with
                  the Telegraph, suddenly becomes an old ‘anti-jewish trope’. The questioning of how
                  do you make a Palestinian state from a settled west bank becomes ‘anti-semitic’ according
                  to Joan Ryan, Chair of LFI. Livingstone’s
                  career is now trashed because he
                  said ‘Hitler was a Zionist’ Which he DID NOT SAY! You are not allowed to criticise,
                  and the punishment for falling into the trap
                  is pretty severe. Yet it’s only the critics of the unreasonable who must be reasonable.

                  • Mulga Mumblebrain says

                    There’s the rub. The Zionists are allowed to lie, to concoct false accusations of ‘antisemitism’ from thin air, and you are NOT allowed to point that out, such being yet more ‘antisemitism’. They have TOTAL impunity to even the most basic standards of honesty and decency, and their victims are abused for being lied about. In other words the Labour Party is being ‘Palestinised’ so that ANY barbarity may be inflicted on them, and they are responsible for their torment, and their tormentors remain immune to any and all criticism.

                • Mulga Mumblebrain says

                  That is PRECISELY what gets, FALSELY, vilified as ‘antisemitism’. How else do you explain the various recent lynchings by the Zionist witch-hunters, of people with long and unblemished records of anti-racist activities?

            • Mulga Mumblebrain says

              That’s exactly what I do. I do a) in regard to those individual Unmentionables who DO act in that manner and b) in regard to Zionism, Wahhabism, American Exceptionalism, Hindutva fascism and all other supremacist ideologies. My conscience is undisturbed.

            • FS says

              Both, obviously, since Zionism correlates with Jewishness to an extent one would have to be an idiot to deny the fact.

  10. Fair dinkum says

    Hopefully, and it’s a fading hope, Corbyn is playing them at their own game (expedience) for now.
    Unless of course he’s had visits from men with dark threats. Wouldn’t put it past the EVIL BASTARDS.

  11. mog says

    Is Corbynism anything more than a political cargo cult?

    If socialism is all but extinct in the intellectual spheres of academia, if +95% of policy wonks, economists, charity leaders, trade union leaders, civil society leaders all subscribe to a market philosophy and ethic then how can an insurgent movement within the Labour Part really strike significant change at Westminster?

    If a couple of million people join the party, and effective, determined men and women get very organised at taking real control of the thing – creating an inspiring cultural phenomenon with its own engaging media, then it might go somewhere. Unfortunately the small proportion of people who are earnest about such things in the UK are either time starved, non-committal, or lacking in experience and nous. At core, I don’t see any strong ideas behind any of it (a return to Keynesianism ?), none which might excite people into giving up time and comfort in a long and difficult battle against the regressive forces of capitalism.

    As a friend says, only war, economic collapse or natural disaster seem likely to hold the potential to create any significant change.

    • Mulga Mumblebrain says

      Oh, you are getting your ‘natural disaster’ alright, but it’s rather unnatural, actually. They just had the heaviest rainfall ever in a US location, 50 inches ie 1245 mm, in a single day, in Kauai in Hawaii. Similar ‘rain bombs’ are going off everywhere around the world as a result of anthropogenic climate destabilisation. It reached over 50 degrees Celsius for the first time in recorded history in April, in Pakistan, just a week or so ago.
      The ecological Holocaust long passed the point of no return to Near Term Human Extinction, entirely due to capitalist neoplasia and total Rightwing dominance of the West, and most of the rest of the world, In those few places where slightly less fanatically ‘Free Market’ regimes came to power eg Venezuela, Brazil, Ecuador, Bolivia etc, Thanatopia has expended much wealth and effort to destroy the affront to ‘Western Liberal Values’ and ‘The Rules Based International Order’, with great success.
      Corbyn gave the impression of being different, certainly from the Blairite parasite vermin. But, whether he always was a Sanders type false Messiah, deliberately leading the masses sickened by forty years of Rightwing social savagery, eight years of increasingly brutish austerity and foreign aggression and genocide for Israel, into the desert, or simply crumbled in the face of the Zionist lynch-mob, who knows. In any case he’s finished, the Blairite putsch is near, and after his serial betrayals, who’ll stand beside him? The Fraudian is crowing with demented joy at Labour’s ‘failure’ in the local elections, the words ‘Jews’ and ‘antisemitism’ dominating their ‘coverage’ which even includes gloating tweets from twats like Nick Cohen, and bizarre declarations that Jews had felt threatened in their physical safety. Really?

    • Tom Mapfumo says

      Corbyn’s economic policies are consistent with the Nordic Model, and the “Socialist” aspect is simply a broad Communitarian approach to politics. “Investment-Led Growth” is the key Centrist concept of his approach but the media likes the phrase “Hard-Left” and uses it to to demean Corbyn and his followers and present them as violent and thuggish. As a theologian and psychotherapist I tire of being called “Hard-Left” when I am as “Centrist” as Corbyn and the current Labour Party are, unlike the Neo-Lib Dems and Neoliberal “fake” Centrists in Labour.

      • PeaceCora says

        it is beyond frustrating to repeatedly see, polices aimed at providing a mixed social democratic economy, being referred to as ‘hard left’ policies. Policies that help other countries and their populations to flourish and prosper and that we desperately need in this country.

        • Mulga Mumblebrain says

          Why be surprised? The entire fakestream media apparatus is owned and staffed by Rightists, ie psychopaths who hate and fear other people, and enjoy doing those others harm. Exactly like Zionists, Wahhabists, Hindutva fascists, ‘American Exceptionalists’ and sundry other detritus.

    • milosevic says

      If a couple of million people join the party, and effective, determined men and women get very organised at taking real control of the thing — creating an inspiring cultural phenomenon with its own engaging media, then it might go somewhere.

      If there were a couple of million people available for a project such as that, why wouldn’t they just form their own party, to accurately represent their own aspirations, and save themselves the trouble and wasted effort of fighting off the neoliberal scum who control the “Labour” Party? Wouldn’t that have a much better chance of a productive result?

  12. I’ve been saying for a while that Corbyn is at heart a mild-mannered back bencher who does not have the attack dog instincts required to successfully lead an insurgency against the neoliberal establishment. His disastrous interview with the Jewish News showcases his glaring inability to think on his feet and stand up for his beliefs while under pressure. The interviewer has him on the defensive from the start and remains in complete control throughout the interview. Corbyn never once manages to assert himself and comes across as weak-willed, incompetent and guilty.

    The mainstream left sowed the seeds of its own demise in the 1990s by accepting capitalism as inevitable (Thatcher’s “there is no alternative”) and focusing instead on “cultural” issues. Now, over 20 years later, waiting for a saviour to magically emerge from amongst the milquetoast has-beens and trough feeding Blairite sociopaths of the pro-war, pro-capitalist “left” is a fool’s errand. Eventually the left wil have to face this cold, hard reality and reinvent itself outside the political m

      • Big B says

        Eric: this is similar to the argument I have (and lose) with (third wave) feminists: if female emancipation is equated with becoming more ruthless, aggressive, and dominant than their male counterparts (in the name of ‘equality’) …and Thatcher, ‘Mutti’ and Hillary become feminist icons: feminism is at a loss having been de-radicalised and recuperarated by the (male) dominant culture. The point is, to create the society we want, not the version they will allow (the recuperated and barely modified ‘masculinised’ version). Never fails to win me female friends!

        The parallel is that if Corbyn has to be an ‘assassin’, figuratively speaking, by becoming as Machiavellian and ruthless as his opposers …is the change worth it? I say no: we develop the world we want with the value and ethics we want to sustain it (feminised principles of empathy and mutual support). It is only impossible because we have never tried: and I mean no sleight or denigration of social movements …but when channeled through the corridors of power, they end up being attenuated and something less: before being co-opted back into the service of the (patriarchal) power and status hierarchy. In the end, you cannot heirarchically impose love and peace. Imposition turns them into their antithesis.

    • Mulga Mumblebrain says

      Unfortunately the ecological Holocaust leaves no time for the ‘Left’ to recover. Humanity is doomed. In fact, today I sat through the interminable ‘Avengers : Infinity War’, where the ‘baddie ‘Than(at)os’ was actually quite sympathetic, nowhere more so than when he outlined his plan for universal happiness, to cull 50% of the ‘useless eaters’ who were rendering worlds barren and hungry, and leave the other 50% living in perfect bliss, in worlds restored anew. The ‘heroes’ offered up desultory, unenthusiastic, opposition to this tragic necessity. Methinks we are being psychologically prepared for Something Big.

  13. Francis Lee says

    I think a brief glance at the Labour Party’s history is called for here. The first Labour government was elected in 1924 but was a minority government only lasted a year. Then came the debacle of Ramsay MacDonald and the period of 1929-31. The second Labour was dominated by the Great Depression. MacDonald formed the National Government with the Tories to carry out spending cuts to defend the gold standard; the gold standard had to be abandoned after the Invergordon Mutiny and he called a general election in 1931 seeking a “doctor’s mandate” to fix the economy. In the ensuing election in 1931 he formed a coalition with the Tories, the National Government’ and Labour’s representation was a mere 50 MPs.

    1945 represented the pinnacle of social-democracy – a period of nationalising key industries and the founding of the National Health Service. These were the golden years of the Keynes-Beveridge (both Liberals by the way) consensus. A period of high-growth, full employment and rising living standards. Overlooked, I think, was the urgent need for large-scale post-war reconstruction which might have had something to do with this economic ‘miracle’. It was the same all over the western world. Let us not forget, however, that Labour was still a loyal member of NATO and openly intervened in the Greek civil war at that time. From that point on it was downhill all the way, Wilson, Callaghan and finally the grotesque reign of Blair and Brown.

    Of course, Labour was not only one of the social-democratic administrations which been co-opted by the neo-liberal, neo-conservative, counter-revolution which started with Thatcher and Reagan. The same dismal story was repeated with the capitulation of the SPD, PSOE, PS, PASOK to the neo-liberal behemoth. Labour could only carry out its post-war reforms in the immediate post-war period because the social, political and economic conditions were ripe for such a systemic shift. Alas those conditions no longer pertain and social-democracy in terms of a radical reforming administration has seemingly become a politically irrelevant anachronism.

    Moreover, Labour remains (a key) part of a geopolitical imperialist bloc EU/NATO. To an overwhelming extent this determines its internal politics. NATO ‘socialism’ is the result. The problem is systemic, not determined by individual personalities, and the brute fact is that the financialized crisis capitalism of the present is no more governable nationally from below than internationally from above. So, in our out of the EU or any trading bloc doesn’t alter anything. The whole corrupt spectacle hangs by the silken thread of an ‘unconventional’ monetary policy, which is attempting to create something like growth by negative interest rates and an adventurous expansion of the money supply, engineered through ‘quantitative easing’—the purchase of bonds by the central banks.

    The whole reform-versus-revolution debate has been going on since Rosa Luxemburg crossed swords with Eduard Bernstein over the future and prospects of replacing capitalism with socialism. Both approaches have more or less failed. So where do we go from here? Well it seems that the various populist movements across Europe and the wider world may give us a clue. Mass movements outside of the political parties and structures are beginning to emerge given the historical stasis of the existing organizations and institutions. This may seem vague, but we are at an early stage. But simply repeating the tried and tested failures of the past is, given what we now know, borders on the bizarre.

    • reinertorheit says

      ‘NATO socialism’

      Is this some kind of attempt at humour?

      • Francis Lee says

        I was thinking in terms of an oxymoron!

      • Mulga Mumblebrain says

        Socialism for the rich, austerity for the serfs.

  14. Ex Londoner says

    Thank you for this article and saying what can seems obvious but only when out in the open. It is true that compromising with the wrong, distorted and immoral agenda of the Tories, the mainstream media and establishment is akin to NGOs making excuses for the abuse of the very people they are there to help or compromising with the groups they are fighting to stop destruction. Such groups and individuals must not be supported. Yearning for the right thing is right but perhaps expecting a Labour party that allowed itself to turn right wing and hoping someone, even Jeremy Corbyn, to stand up and be counted against open wrongdoing and lying when faced with unwarranted accusations re antisemitism because anyone dares to question the bullying unacceptable right wing agenda of Zionists rather than ordinary Jewish people who also feel vilified by this group. Sad also that John McDonnell is now busy joining in attacking RT and Russian without evidence and for no other reason than perhaps the cowards excuse, everyone else is doing it. This is perhaps the issue. People will and must find their own moral authority and create a real opposition themselves, you have already started this process by doing it yourself, well done! It speaks for me and may speak for countless others. Please keep questioning and demanding an ethical accountable Government even if like the mainstream press and the Conservatives want us to keep living in the hell they perpetuate. In the meantime, thank you.

    • Mulga Mumblebrain says

      The Zionist lynch-mob has Corbyn and his acolytes defaecating in fright, and trying to out-Tory the Tories to gain a reprieve. It was ALL SO EASY. A few ridiculously fraudulent accusations of ‘antisemitism’, the usual hissing and spitting rage that the Palestinians and others know only so well, and the open collaboration of the Blairite Quislings and the Tory Establishment, and the Corbyn/Momentum day-dream evaporates into thin air. In years to come, when the Blairites are restored, Cohen and Freedland and the rest of the Fraudian sewer will still be crowing in triumph over it all.

      • Ex Londoner says

        The Blairites or their ilk won’t be restored and neither will ordinary people look to Labour because people will realise they must restore democracy to the UK. I am sure Einstein would agree that the solution to the problem of a corrupt immoral Government and oppositions which one can barely be differentiated cannot be found by a corrupt immoral regime currently in charge of the UK.

  15. Frankly Speaking says

    I think that you, and many other disappointmentwd Corbyn supporters forget that he has to operate under an extremely powerful and effective right wing Establishment and media.

    Whilst appealing to his supporters he can only win if he swings Tory voters to his side, therefore he can’t always openly say what he thinks and has to play by their rules to a certain extent, eg blame Russia and Iran for all the world’s problems, etc.

    On the other side he’s got the utterly mad PC and Identity Politics Brigades to contend with.

    It’s an exceptionally difficult balance for him to achieve but I’m sure he’s trying his very best.

    • Mulga Mumblebrain says

      ‘Trying his very best’??!! I’d hate to see his worst display of cowardice, treachery and betrayal to the baying, lying, vicious Zionist lynch-mob.

        • Mulga Mumblebrain says

          But the story of brave, intrepid, highly intelligent Israelis outwitting the awful ‘human dust’ of Iran, to steal truckloads, tons, of highly secret documents, right from under the ‘ two-legged animals’ noses was so narcissistic, in the beloved Zionist fashion, that one simply HAD TO admire it, or stand condemned as an ‘antisemite’. No doubt Hollywood will turn it into a blockbuster movie. Perhaps it could be Harvey Weinstein’s road back to respectability.

    • reinertorheit says

      [[ Whilst appealing to his supporters he can only win if he swings Tory voters to his side ]]

      Tony B Liar tried that already. 2 million people in Iraq died as a result.

      [[ he’s trying his very best. ]]

      How frightfully British eh? He’s trying his very best

  16. I agree with the drift of his conclusion, except that the writer’s English seems to be as muddled as his mind: “Like many people, I yearn for Jeremy Corbyn as Prime Minister. But we must reserve the right to pursue that electoral objective outside the Labour Party.” Sensible grownups do not “yearn” for any particular politician to be elected. And to pursue an electoral objective of getting JC elected as prime minister outside the Labour Party is, literally, the height of the ridiculous. So what is the drift that I approve?

    Firstly, JC is a socialist; as such I supported his candidature from the very beginning, in those distant days when Unelectable! was the standard kneejerk response. The mere fact of having a socialist as Leader has revitalised the Labour Party, and brought it back into competition after B.Liar and Brown had made that party so unelectable that even the Liberals stank less in the public nostril. He is also honest, as shown by the fact that the AZC can dig up no dirt against him, and resort to a desperate whipping up of non-issues such as mendacious accusations of anti-Jewish prejudice and homophobia. That is an encouraging sign.

    But for all his moral virtues, Corbyn is no Attlee, no Castro, no Putin. He lacks their intellect, their political skill and decisiveness. And the British socialists of today are mere epigoni compared to the socialists of my youth. The communists even more so; that is the real problem. How to form a new socialist/communist party from the scattered and disheartened remnants after 40 years of victory by the AZC — starting with the triumph of Maggie Snatcher and her Gospel of Greed.

    Corbyn is our only real alternative, we must support him — and to do so, because his own back is not strong enough to bear the load unaided, we ourselves must “grow a spine”.

    • Harry Stotle says

      “we ourselves must “grow a spine” – nicely put.

    • George says

      “Yearn” is also what Americans do in romantic musicals.

    • Susanna Farley says

      I was particularly impressed by your last paragraph. illustrating the painful dilemma of us needing to continue to support Corbyn, because in the present circumstances and almost certainly within the foreseeable future, there is no alternative, whilst acknowledging our need to compensate for his undoubted shortcomings with our own energy and organisation.

      So, despite our many justified reservations, Corbyn for PM!! Who the fcuk else?

  17. Regardless of what may be said in relation to the dilemma many Corbyn supporters face, the bottom line is perhaps no more than this that Corbyn is a thorough gentleman yet he doesn’t have the guts it takes to tell the truth as it is… stark and cruel… without sugar-coating… and not find excuses for those who too obviously do not have anything that even comes close to being called a conscience…

  18. “He supports the Government’s indulgence of the ludicrous theory of gender self-identification”
    Wow. So like, you have a better one?
    I was quite enjoying this site until this sudden demonstration of right-wing bigotry. Oh, that’s not you?

  19. Until Corbyn grows a spine and starts being for England and not serving the Board of Deputies of British Jews and the Jewish Leadership Council, he’ll just be another failure, one that showed so much promise, but withered under the Khazar assault of lies.

    • auroraschreib says

      And anti-semitism too! What a bunch you are.

      • Mulga Mumblebrain says

        Just about EVERYTHING is ‘antisemitic’ these days, isn’t it aurora. Everything but proper groveling and obedience that is.

        • auroraschreib says

          Simple, aim at the state of Israel, not the Jewish people, and you’re sorted.

          You all seem to find that very difficult, though. Your wonderful little line below, for example, “not all the Jews are the enemy”. Gosh, how moderate of you! Some ‘Jews’ may not be ‘the enemy’. Note how you don’t even have to specify whose enemy. Just ‘the enemy’ universally. Tell you what, given you don’t like ‘anti-semitism’ as a term, what about ‘Jew-loathing’? Obviously we can take that to mean you’ll make an exception for some Jews, you’re a reasonable person, of course!

          • Mulga Mumblebrain says

            I’ve seen that hasbara shite a hundred times, aurora-it does NOT impress. Only Zionists like you have the gall to DEMAND that we worship ALL Jews, without exception, otherwise stand condemned as ‘antisemites’. Let me tell you aurora-Jews are just like other human beings. Some are good, some bad, most in between, and people change over time. In my opinion, the Zionist power elites in Israel and in the Diaspora contain some of the most wicked human beings extant. And I CERTAINLY loathe them, just as I loathe goys who I see as behaving wickedly. That of course DOES NOT imply loathing of ALL Jews, which is such a typically dirty hasbara hypocrisy that I still feel nauseated when seeing it utilised with consummate hypocrisy.

            • auroraschreib says

              Does it help you to assume (very wrongly) that I’m a ‘Zionist’ because I’ve called you out on your anti-semitism? For writing an absurd phrase like ‘not all the Jews are the enemy’? Because there is just no way at all you can backtrack from that formulation. It says everything about where you really stand, and pleasant it isn’t.

              • @Mulga

                auroraschreib is correct, the sentence “not all Jews are the enemy” is the sentiment of an angry racist trying to convince himself his hatred is worthy and politically motivated when it clearly is not.

                Discuss Zionism as much as you want – but as a political force and not as a shoddy and insufficient disguise for ignorant race-hate.

                • Mulga Mumblebrain says

                  What??!! You join with this hasbara vilifier to abuse me? Who the Hell are you ‘Admin’? Bibi Nutty yahoo? Have you been threatened or something? I posted a long riposte to your febrile, and totally incorrect, abuse above for this so-called ‘racist’ false accusation that you again, insulting, use here, and it was ‘disappeared’. I’ve have gone out of the way to endlessly state that my criticisms are of some Jews, the Zionist elites principally, and NOT ALL Jews, yet you join with this hasbara slanderer aurora to falsely vilify me. I find that despicable, and deeply sinister. Has the Israeli Embassy taken over this site?

                  • Posts vanish all the time. No one has censored anything of yours. We don’t censor.

                    But look, you come across as hate-filled toward the Jewish people and as using the cover of Zionism to pretend your hatred is political, not racist.

                    OffG is opposed to Zionism. Opposed to the genocidal treatment of the Palestinian people by the government of Israel. But we don’t support using these rational and humanitarian positions as a cover for race-hate. Indeed those who talk as you do simply play into the hands of the forces that want to dismiss all opposition to Israel as being “antisemitic”.

                    You could not be doing a better job of discrediting your own views if you were trying to do so. Please think about that.

                    And stop abusing the admin.

                    • J Butties says

                      “Posts vanish all the time.” Please explain how this occurs on this website.

                    • I wish we could. As any regular will tell you, sometimes when you hit the “post” button the comment just doesn’t go through. For this reason we encourage everyone to make copies of their longer posts.

                      Anticipating your unspoken question – NO, we don’t censor or even pre-moderate unless circs are very very exceptional.

                    • Mulga Mumblebrain says

                      More vilifying lies. As I’ve said in more than one disappeared riposte to your slanders (so much for ‘Freedom of Opinion’) my views are consistently critiques of Israel and Zionism, NOT of all Jews. Your assertion that I ‘…come across as hate-filled towards the Jewish people..’ is a vicious slander, one that reeks of projection on your part. And your tag-team effort to vilify and silence me in league with a crude hasbara smearer like ‘aurora’ is, in my opinion, despicable.

                    • Let it go and move on and curb your sense of injured grandiosity. No more empty abuse. No more OT ranting. Ok? You aren’t being “silenced” even though large numbers of our subscribers forced to read your endless posts on this topic probably wish you were.

                    • Mulga Mumblebrain says

                      ‘Posts vanish all the time’ do they. Not aurora’s I’ll bet.

                    • This is an invitation to begin contributing to one of the threads in a polite and constructive manner. Please take it. Please stop exploiting the open comment policy here to abuse the admins and imply you are being censored, when you obviously aren’t.

                      We have only pre-moderated one maybe two people in the three years we have been running. It’s a last resort for abusive disruptive commenters who are acting as if they want to discredit the site and its forum.

                    • Mulga Mumblebrain says

                      Admin, you say that Off guardian is ‘…opposed to Zionism. Opposed to the genocidal treatment of the Palestinian people by the government of Israel’. Unfortunately that is precisely ‘antisemitism’ under the current definition of that mythical crime. So, you better stop lobbing stones at me, from your glass castle. PS I utterly refute ANY charge that I engage in ‘race-hate’.

                  • vexarb says

                    @mulga. I agree with those who say your posts show anti-Jewish bias. Not as rude and crude as some of the contributors in SyrPer but unduly persistent nevertheless (un peu de trop) and this sometimes jars with the normally high standard of objectivity and relevance in Off-G. Sorry.

                    • Mulga Mumblebrain says

                      Does that mean that criticism of Wahhabism, Hindutva fascism, Dominionist Protestant insanity, American Exceptionalism, Ukrainian revanchist fascism etc, is also verboten? And is it also forbidden to criticise ANY aspect of any faith/culture? The Afrikaaners thought that apartheid was Divinely ordained, after all.

                    • Mulga Mumblebrain says

                      Sorry, vexarb, but as I repeatedly point out that my criticisms are of Israel and Zionism, and their crimes, NOT the Unmentionables as a whole, I can only see your slander here as an endorsement of those crimes ie the eternal imprisonment of the Palestinians, the murder of hundreds of Gazan children in regular massacres, the attacks on UK Labour under ENTIRELY FALSE accusations of ‘antisemitism’ etc. So, I recommend you look to your own moral standing, before joining the mini lynch-mob assembled to attempt to vilify me into silence.

              • Mulga Mumblebrain says

                I see you have managed to frighten the Admin, or get them onside somehow, with your nasty hasbara vilification tactics. You hasbara stand-over bullies are such practised haters and slanderers, and I reject your filthy and false vilification as an ‘antisemite’ absolutely. But I’ll bet my bottom dollar that you are probably a very real bigot when it comes to the Palestinian victims of your beloved Israel. Am I not correct?

                • auroraschreib says

                  No, you are completely wrong, but what does it matter? It’s a salve for you to consider that anyone who contests your talk of ‘not all the Jews are the enemy’ must be a ‘Zionist lover of Israel’ and ‘hasbara’ propagandist. You have clearly sedimented that position to justify an outlet – semi-conscious, who knows – for some unreconstructed racism and ethnic-religious rage. You need to personally address that. I’m just some anonymous commenter. You should be worried about yourself and have the good sense to consider you may be wrong, including about yourself, and try to grow. Or expect to be challenged until you do.

                  • Mulga Mumblebrain says

                    What I said was an appeal to another NOT to vilify ALL Jews as supporters of Zionism and of Israel’s barbarity. That you TWISTED that into hatred for ALL Jews is so viciously typical of the foulest hasbara liars that it hardly surprises. It is exactly akin to the vicious inventions of ‘antisemitism’ being used to destroy UK Labour. If one had said during WW2 that ‘not all Germans are the enemy’, only a deranged liar could turn that into hatred of ALL Germans. Some Jews, like some members of all groups however you define them, like some Americans, some Turks, some Indians, some Buddhists, ARE the enemies of their victims. To twist that simple truth into a declaration of hatred for all is pathetic and despicable, and pure hasbara projection.

    • Mulga Mumblebrain says

      Fine, until you added the unnecessary ‘Khazar’ line. That just plays into the Zionists’ hands. The enemy that has destroyed Corbyn and UK Labour and rescued May and the most Evil Tory regime yet, is the Zionist elite. Khazars are but one lineage of the Jews, and a pretty ancient one at that. And not all the Jews are the enemy. Just the rich, Tory, fanatically pro-Israel and Islamophobic and Palestinian-hating elite. THEY are the enemy of not just UK Labour.

      • Susanna Farley says

        Good point. Beware of feeding the Zionist trolls by slipping into genuine anti-Semitism. The Khazars, and for that matter ordinary Jews living in our communities are in no way to blame for the behaviour of the creature Ruth Smeeth and similar pro-Israel MPs, nor for the assault on Gazans by the IDF.

        Remember that anti-Zionist Jews, such as Tony Greenstein, Moshe Machover and Jackie Walker have either been suspended/expelled on fake anti-semitism charges or await the date of their witch-trial.

        • Mulga Mumblebrain says

          Susanna, what do you think of the Admin joining in with ‘aurora’s ‘ standard vilification tactics? If you read my contributions, I make VERY plain that my criticisms of Zionism, Israel and certain Jewish individuals DO NOT amount to Judeophobia, the hatred of ALL Jews just for being Jews. That I often reject absolutely, because it is both stupid and morally repellent. But that has NOT stopped the hasbara troll FALSELY accusing me, a bog standard Zionist vilification tactic, one seen in the destruction of UK Labour even now, and, bizarrely, the ‘Admin’ has joined the hasbara troll in a sort of mini lynch-mob.

          • I want to say something here because it’s a very important point. I would like admin to explain his/her reasoning.

            My guess would be that admin felt obliged to warn you because you are, Mulga, both anonymous and zealous, though erudite and intelligent. I agree with a lot of what you say, but am concerned by your hatred. Hatred in a person troubles me. It smells like racism. I have never met you, so must go on your words alone, like admin and everyone else here. We live in dangerous times. All sorts of disinformation is delivered by all sorts of people. How does anyone know you are not here to get this site smeared with the antisemitism brush? This sort of thing happens. If we want this site to grow in popularity and penetration, as I do, we need to be clever and careful about how we achieve that. I’m sure admin feels this far more keenly than I.

            I want everyone here to speak truth to power, as you do. But I want, though I know I have no way to effect it, everyone to do so with a more inclusive passion. I don’t want to leave anyone behind, to exclude anyone. That includes Zionists. I want them on board, once they’ve left their Zionism behind. That goes for a whole bunch of other isms too.

            Love the sinner, hate reject the sin.

            • Mulga Mumblebrain says

              But, Toby, hatred and rage ARE appropriate when confronting Evil in action. I see the Israeli state under Nutty yahoo, and the UK state under May and the US state under Trump, as Evil, brutal and genocidal. Their Evil actions in the world invite hatred. Indeed I find any other reaction to their behaviour but hatred and rage to be dumbfounding. Moreover I often state my clear position, the only morally sensible and decent one, that I DO NOT blame ALL Israelis, Britons or Americans for the crimes of their elites. Yet, still, with practised hypocrisy and mendacity, and in plain defence of the brutal crimes of Israel, the UK and the USA, that is twisted into the complete fabrication of ‘antisemitism’. As I have often said, I have the greatest admiration and sympathy for those Israelis fighting against the Evil doings of their ‘Government’. What could be plainer than that? Your accusations of ‘antisemitism’ are simply smears, straight from ‘hasbara Good Cop’ tactics. I reject them entirely.

              • I disagree that hatred and rage are appropriate. I believe rather that they are understandable. What concerns me is how to be lastingly effective in encouraging/inviting positive change. Hatred and rage have signally failed on this point throughout history, without exception as far as I know. The debate here is now revolving aimlessly and impotently around negative, rather than positive passion. Its net effect is counterproductive, absorbs energy in a black-hole like manner and accomplishes little for others.

                For the record, I think you are sincere. It’s just that I can’t be sure. My instincts have been off in the past, so I assume they can be off today and in the future. I am not accusing you of anything. I earnestly stated that one can’t be sure. If I believed you were cynical, I would not engage you in conversation.

                • “What concerns me is how to be lastingly effective in encouraging/inviting positive change”. Toby, I agree entirely that this should be our objective. BUT the problem is that in spite of providing every opportunity to initiate this through sensible, intelligent and diplomatic debate (i.e. the Putin way of doing things), nothing seems to work with Western ruling elites at the present time. In the case of Syria/Skripal, they choose to be completely blind to reason and evidence – we can only guess at their motives – leaving the rest of us up against the proverbial brick wall. If Russia can’t make an impression on them then we helpless individuals certainly can’t. In such circumstances what is left to do? Whilst hatred and rage do not solve problems, as Mulga says, they are a natural and (as you acknowledge) understandable emotion felt by people who care about their fellow man and fear for the future of the world when confronted by evil personified, all the more so when one is helpless in preventing the ‘evil deeds’ and bringing the miscreants to justice. The question is how do we move on from hatred and rage in a positive way to achieve your objective. Unfortunately I do not know the answer …it is a vicious circle, the (evil) ruling elite determine what powers exist to respond to whatever THEY deem to be evil but when they themselves are the evil ones we have a serious problem.

                  • There are no guarantees. Nobody gets to control the future, not even The Great They. We get to make choices and learn, over time, how to do so with increasing wisdom. In my view, the optimal way of doing this is from a place of love, which means with unyielding firmness, great courage and deep compassion. BUT, we don’t do this because it guarantees outcome X, we freely choose that vector because it is ‘right’ for a subtle and complex raft of reasons, only one of which is improving the likelihood of bringing about lastingly positive change.

                    In the end, the only thing we can change is the quality of our own consciousness. As we do so, the chips fall where they fall, and we get to choose how to act in those new circumstances.

                • Mulga Mumblebrain says

                  I agree that rage and anger are negative emotions. They plainly drive very many Zionists, for reasons of religious indoctrination, European settler hatred of the Indigenous who must be exterminated or expelled so that the ‘superior race’ can have its God-ordained lebensraum, and due to continuing rage at the Nazi Judeocide, an assault to the conscience that must afflict its victims and their descendants very severely. The first two I find simply reprehensible, as I do such impulses in other groups-and they are quite common. The third I find quite understandable, but tragically self-harming in the case of Israel.
                  I can see, too why the Palestinians feel hatred and rage, to varying degrees, towards their Zionist oppressors. Some Jews and some Palestinians are almost miraculously free of hatred, and I admire them greatly, and see them as the only hope for the future of the region.
                  I don’t think that I have the right to be as angered by the situations and experiences of these groups, as they do, nor the responsibility to attempt to keep such anger under control, not least because it is endlessly self-perpetuating and self-destructive. So I get a little hot under the collar when I am falsely accused of certain positions by the ‘antisemitism’ industry vilifiers. They do it all the time, and at times openly admit it is a tactic that they use to attack critics of Israeli barbarity. Above there is a litany of false accusations along these lines, but at other places I’ve even been accused of being a ‘Holocaust denier’ a complete invention, or had my monicker hijacked to post homophobic crap. At root, while I am most angered by the unending barbarity inflicted on the Palestinians by Israel, and the hideous suffering caused by the Oded Yinon Plan in Iraq, Syria etc, I am also certain that unless Israel changes course it will cause its own destruction, which would be a very great tragedy-for everyone.

                  • Well said, Mulga.

                    My own position is that we each have an equal obligation to learn how to authentically choose love-based responses as part of preventing the tragedy you describe, but more importantly as the only way to grow up. The pressure in which we do so varies greatly from person to person and from group to group. It is a platitude but I mean it: I cannot even remotely imagine what it takes to walk this path as a Palestinian or as an Israeli. I have a hard enough time dealing with my in-laws! But for me it is precisely this difficulty I have that I see scaling up from petty arguments on blogs and within families all the way up to death cults. The dynamic is the same: How do we effectively invite others to be more loving and compassionate? By being so ourselves. I can see no other way.

  20. tarqu1no says

    An odd time indeed to post this. I imagine few people here are blinded to Corbyn’s compromises and capitulations on a number of issues, but equally will likely understand that much of this is due to the nature of being perpetually challenged and undermined by virtually every established media and political institution in the land, the most damaging of which have occured behind his back. Mark Wadsworth must have been a bitter pill for him to swallow but he could do nothing about it. The decision was not his to make. Labour has democratically agreed institutions and procedures, as Mr Lindsay surely knows, and to attempt to influence, let alone overrule them would open him up to the full force of a mediopolitcal clique who view every internal action in the party as a Stalinist putsch or at best an illustration of gross imcompetence.
    We all know this and don’t need Mr Lindsay, a man who somewhat bewilderingly is a sharer of much information I agree with (but usually already know about), but whilst broadly nodding at some of his writings, there is something about his desperation to get into parliament, at the expense of his local Labour MP (if memory serves, he believes himself to be persecuted by them), that fair rattles my innards, and the promotion of crowd funding which is presented semi aggressively as an unquestionable public duy to honest punters posessed of sound faculties and a desire to see the Tories gone. This sort of naked ambition to attain a position that would probably look good on a CV but would in parliament render him as utterly insignficant, somehwat worries me. I have read his rants in an fb group named Socialists leave EU, and I’m afraid I alwasys finish them with at best nagging doubts and at worse deep suspiscions.

    • Mulga Mumblebrain says

      Bull-dust he could do nothing over Wadsworth. Wadsworth, a black man and leading anti-racist, was lynched by an overwhelmingly White lynch-mob consisting of Zionist thugs, Blairite traitors and Rightwing fakestream media vermin. That Corbyn sacrificed an old colleague to these swine is DESPICABLE.

  21. thom prentice says

    Not only that, Cotbyn has permitted males to stand for candidacy on the WOMEN’S LIST — an anti-woman, misogynist act of political violence at the behest of the TRANS MILITANT INDUSTRIAL COMPLEX. It resulted in hundreds of women resigning from Labour.


    It is biological science in the same way that global heating is climate science. The LEFT cannot pick and choose scientific methodologies that fit their ideology any more than the right can. Same with evolution bersus creation theory.

    TRANS is just a mixed up bunch of academics with gender dysphoria giving intellectual heft to the anti-intellectual idea that feelings trump facts — like “I feel like a woman” and making cutesy linguistic changes somehow alters reality. It doesnt. A rose by any other name smells just as sweet. And shit by any other name stinks as much.

    It is time to remove the T from LGBTQI ABCXYX ETC.

    L G & B are sexual orientations. TRANS is not,

    Corbyn is making a serious political mistake here. Among all the others.

        • auroraschreib says

          Did you manage to write that all by yourself, imbecile? I mean, what are you trying to say there? Can you grunt a bit louder maybe!?

    • Jem says

      A mixed up bunch of academics you say? Nope, that wouldn’t have had the far reaching effects that we see today. The truth is far more sinister.

      This chap gets into some of the details.

      The terrible fraud of ‘transgender medicine’

      “At the Teens4Truth Conference, Ft. Worth, TX, Nov. 18, 2017. A physician who was in the Johns Hopkins Univ. Hospital group where “transgender medicine” was developed describes the lies, bad medicine, and fraud behind that movement. Quentin Van Meter, MD, FCP is a pediatric endocrinologist. He is a Fellow of the American College of Pediatricians and the American Association of Clinical Endocrinologists.”

  22. Alan says

    Mr Corbyn isn’t disappointing. Although not a ‘Corbyn’ supporter it strikes me he has personal integrity, one only has to look at the obvious conflict that arose when being demanded to take the oath of allegiance. At best Mr Corbyn is a sympathetic ear within a ruthless, callous system. Between the devil and the deep blue sea I’d side with Mr Corbyn.

    • Mulga Mumblebrain says

      Alan, how can you read the litany of Corbyn’s TREACHERY and sell-outs and still support the bounder? The Wadsworth lynching was, surely, the final straw. Whether he is just gutless, or a long-term mole for the ‘Masters of Mankind’ is the only question left to be resolved. I fully expect him to either push for war on Iran, or denounce the Palestinians as ‘terrorists’, or both, next.

    • reinertorheit says

      He’s a noble back-bencher, and no doubt a fine and principled man.

      But he’s not a leader. Not in a million bloody years.

      With the Tories in disarray across Britain, in the aftermath of Syria, with the fiasco of Windrush and the resignation of the Home Secretary for purposed lying, and the upcoming visit of the world’s fattest fascist to address the British Parliament, Jeremy Corbyn has blown it. All Corbyn lacks is Footy’s donkey jacket for the impersonation to be complete.

      [[ Between the devil and the deep blue sea I’d side with Mr Corbyn. ]]

      A modern successful nation should not be faced with such a wretched choice – but you have certainly portrayed the current scenario in all its appalling veracity.

      I emigrated from Britain due to the policies of Tony B Liar and the Miliband twins. I’m glad I did so, and I am never, ever, going back to that sordid, worthless land.

      • Yossi says

        As a matter of interest, what unsordid land do you now live in?

          • Yossi says

            Nice swerve. Can you get latte and croissant there?

            • reinertorheit says

              We have almost everything here :-)) Including latte, croissants, flat white, and most other signs of civilisation 🙂

              • Yossi says

                Great. And have you shot the aristocracy and confiscated their brass? Or hasn’t the pub closed yet?

        • Mulga Mumblebrain says

          Lands aren’t sordid-ruling elites are.

      • auroraschreib says

        “He’s a noble back-bencher, and no doubt a fine and principled man. But he’s not a leader. Not in a million bloody years.”

        Christ, you really are a fuckwit.

        • reinertorheit says

          Eloquent, aren’t you? Welcome to my Ignore List

          • auroraschreib says

            So says the fuckwit who wrote ‘shove off Quentin’. You still haven’t explained that, fuckwit. Was that a little spasm of homophobia?

  23. Agreed. He (and Momentum) need to grow a spine. Appeasement was never going to work.

    • Mulga Mumblebrain says

      Momentum has been Zionised, from the top, and the bottom 99.99% are superfluous. They await their ‘re-training’ in philosemitism.

  24. Natasha says

    “He supports the Government’s indulgence of the ludicrous theory of gender self-identification.”

    Here’s why:-

    ” New report suggests bullying and discrimination are harming LGBT people’s mental health and education prospects

    A REPORT PUBLISHED on Thursday [1st Feb 2018] by national charity LGBT Youth Scotland reveals that 92 per cent of LGBT young people say they are or have been bullied in education on the grounds of being LGBT and 20 per cent left education as a direct result.

    Nine per cent of all LGBT young people said they had left education due to homophobia, biphobia or transphobia in the learning environment, whether or not they defined this as bullying, and around two in three of those who had been bullied said their educational attainment had been negatively affected.

    The survey asked 684 LGBT people aged 13-25 about their experiences in relation to education, work, health and wellbeing, hate crime, and their wider social and family life.

    Trans young people – who made up a third of the responses – consistently reported negative experiences at a higher rate than their peers, with 82 per cent having been bullied in school compared with 71 per cent of the overall group.”

    Being at towards the bottom of the stinking pile of discrimination and victimisation is not a “theory” bully boy David Linsay. Apologise and withdraw. Now.

    • FS says

      It’s less than clear, Natasha, what point you’re trying to make, but whatever it is, you’re trying to make it stridently and forcefully. Before I read your contribution I suspect I was some kind of fascist, but having read it I identify as a transvestite from transexual Transylvania, which makes everyone else a fascist and grants me a vertiginously high position atop a hill of virtually unlimited moral standing.

      • Mulga Mumblebrain says

        How can you justify your snide attempt at humour when all Natasha was doing was pointing out that trans-gender youth suffer from bullying and prejudice? You could possibly take issue with her parting stridency, but otherwise I can’t see how anyone can criticise an expression of compassion for people who are suffering.

        • milosevic says

          So all of society has to be reorganized to accomodate the delusions of an insignificant minority, who claim to be something that they are plainly not?

          My real identity is a millionaire black basketball player. Anybody who says I’m not is oppressing me, and should be taken away by the Identity Politics police.

          So there.

          • Mulga Mumblebrain says

            Don’t be a prat, Milo.No-one is asking for ‘..all of society to be re-organised..’, just a decent attitude of understanding and compassion be extended to our fellow human beings who you, quite ungenerously (to be generous) describe as ‘.. an insignificant minority..’ suffering from ‘delusions’. The rest is even nastier. ‘Judge not that ye not be judged’, as some trouble-maker once said.

            • milosevic says

              “an insignificant minority” “suffering from ‘delusions'”

              self-evidently true, on both accounts, unless you’ve ceased to believe in objective reality, much like the 9/11 Deniers.

          • auroraschreib says

            Self-identification is the precise opposite of ‘identity police.’ The ‘identity police’ are those, like yourself, who decided for others what they are.

            That should be fairly obvious, even for your level of idiocy.

            • milosevic says

              If I encounter somebody who self-identifies as a dog, or a martian, or the reincarnation of Elvis Presley, am I obliged to believe them?

              Is it impermissible for me to decide that I find these claims implausible? I have to accept them at face value, or be demonized as “identity police”?

              Are all the people who don’t believe that I’m a millionaire black basketball player just “idiots”, or actually the dreaded “identity police”? Because they’ve clearly decided for me what I am.

              Adolph Reed — From Jenner to Dolezal: One Trans Good, the Other Not So Much

              • auroraschreib says

                How does it possibly concern you how someone identifies themselves if it doesn’t negatively affect you? If it doesn’t impinge on you (i,e, it’s none of your concern) then you are identity policing – curbing the freedom of others to do and more particularly think what they want, including about themselves. You speak as if declaring any of these identities you insist on rubbishing were easy, when the opposite is clear. Transgender people are some of the most abused worldwide, many murdered for something you treat as some kind of frivolous choice. You really have no clue.

                • milosevic says

                  you are identity policing — curbing the freedom of others to do and more particularly think what they want, including about themselves.

                  Obviously they have the freedom to think what they want, including about themselves.

                  The only question is whether I have the freedom to think what I want, or am obliged to let other people dictate to me what thoughts are permissible, and what are not.

                  I suppose that according to you, when I encounter somebody who believes they can converse with their invisible friend Jesus, if I presume to doubt that claim, much less voice that opinion, I thereby become a thought criminal. It’s for people like you to distinguish between goodthink and badthink, even at the expense of objective reality. But who needs that, anyway?

        • FS says

          “…all Natasha was doing” strikes me as somewhat patronising towards Natasha and more than slightly disingenuous with regard your own awareness of social engineering and its ends.

          Today’s fascism was sold to us by social engineers as neo-liberal political correctness and compassion, and not wishing to appear backward or callous, we bought it, and are still buying it. Consciously or not, you yourself just used their tactic in placing me on the wrong side of the ‘compassion’ line and asking me to justify myself. The architects of social engineering are not remotely concerned with the welfare of the bullied and the marginalised, since all of us now belong to this category, along with the ‘trans-gender youth’ whom we are deluded into thinking are more victims than ourselves.

          • Mulga Mumblebrain says

            I’m not manipulated by any ‘social engineers’ into feeling compassion for others. I do it because I think it is morally correct. As for ‘neo-liberal political correctness and compassion’, where does one begin to unpack that. First, in my opinion, ‘neo-liberal’ and ‘compassion’ are opposites. Neo-liberalism is all about atomised individualism and contempt for others. Compassion for others is a sign of social solidarity and collective concern, the antithesis of neo-liberalism.
            I can, however, see how the Right and the ruling parasites use Identity Politics as a ‘Divide and Rule’ tactic, which I assume is the root of your complaint. The antidote to that tactic, which does divide us into mutually antagonistic tribes, the easier to be set on each other, making the Bosses’ ruling tactics that much easier to effect, is to recognise others’ particularity, on their terms, so long as they recognise our own, and expect solidarity in opposing the elites’ abuse of us all. We must be free to be what we are as we see it, so long as that freedom does not impinge on the freedom of others, which is the antithesis of the parasites’ notion of freedom, which is based on destroying the freedom of others.

            • FS says

              All that stuff about freedom sounds great. Someone really should make a constitution out of it.
              Oh wait. They already did.
              And now, individual compassion aside, all we are governed by (in the west) is the ‘parasites’ notion of freedom, which is based on destroying the freedom of others.’
              Funny how dat go.

            • milosevic says

              recognise others’ particularity, on their terms, so long as they recognise our own, and expect solidarity in opposing the elites’ abuse of us all.

              Identity Politics has shit on me, an Evil White Male Oppressor, for my entire adult life. They apparently feel no hesitation in deciding what my identity is, without reference to my individual life, actions, or consciousness. So much for “recognizing others’ particularity, on their own terms”. You’ll understand if I’m no longer buying it, solidarity being a two-way street, and all that.

  25. Tommy Hallem says

    Such a shame , the one shot for a left leaning government slipping away, he just hasn’t got it, a good opposition leader would have had these fascists out months ago,sadly the people are blind as well.

    • bevin says

      And who would that “good opposition leader’ be? Surely not one of the Blairite Fifth Column who have been systematically sabotaging every attempt that Corbyn, whose supporters in the PLP are greatly outnumbered, has made to winkle out the Tories.
      Even yesterday, in the vote on the Windrush papers, among the abstentions on Labour’s side were the leaders of those who, doffing their black shirts for the news cameras, marched with Ruth Smeeth to demand the expulsion of the anti-racist Marc Wadsworth.
      I am a regular reader of Lindsay’s Lanchester Review and often agree with his irreverent and contrarian takes on current issues. But it is no coincidence that he is offered this platform on the occasion of this rare election day essay into strikebreaking.
      The chances aren’t very good but, for the first time since 1945, the Labour Party has a large, growing and youthful movement behind it. Given a thorough clean out of the sort of MPs who voted for the May Immigration Bill in 2014 and the crooked councillors who run so many local parties and municipalities in perfect harmony with their Blue Tory friends in Westminster, that movement should grown rapidly making the party by far the largest in Europe and once more putting the first victims of the capitalists’ industrial revolution in the van of a world longing for a means of dealing with its most urgent problems-many of which, incidentally, Lindsay a coal burning enthusiast from County Durham seems not to recognise.

      • Mulga Mumblebrain says

        If you peruse glorious Israel’s record towards black people, refugees inside Israel and in its foreign policy of endless malignant interference in places like east Congo and Sudan, and the discrimination inflicted on the Ethiopian Bene Israel inside Israel, you might come to the conclusion that Zionists are NOT possessed of a friendly disposition towards people of more recent African ancestry.

        • bevin says

          “…you might come to the conclusion that Zionists are NOT possessed of a friendly disposition towards people of more recent African ancestry.”
          Is anyone unaware of that? I see no connection between it and Corbyn.
          I note that earlier you blamed Corbyn for the Wadsworth ‘lynching’. I doubt that Marc would.
          You may not know this but the Labour Party, through most of its existence run by Trade Union bureaucrats wielding block votes at Conference, has, most recently, been thoroughly colonised by the Blairite machines, largely based on corrupt local councils which have perfected the means of preventing socialist voices from being heard. Since Corbyn’s election the slow erosion of the worst of these anti-democratic excesses has been bringing the party closer to control by its members.
          It is a-historical and cheap to blame Corbyn and his supporters for not acting in the way that Mandelson and the Blairites did. It will take at least one Conference and major constitutional changes to bring the party under the control of its members.
          In the meantime its institutions and policies are largely those inherited from the previous regimes- they stick in the craws of the majority of members but it will take them to change them.
          Where were most of those now whining about Corbyn’s ‘cowardice’ when he was one of a handful of MPs who were fighting the Iraq and Libyan wars, the Immigration Act and other enormities? Reading Richard Seymour I suspect, and wondering when Lenin would return and tell them what was to be done.

          • Mulga Mumblebrain says

            I can see where you’re coming from bevin, but I suspect it is just ‘ whistling past the graveyard’. I reckon Corbyn is dead meat, already. I don’t think it will get to the stage of renovating the Labour Party, certainly not with the Zionist lynch-mob ever more encouraged by their successes so far, the Zionists at the ‘Fraudian’ cock-a-hoop after the council elections, and the frenzy of Russophobic hatred being cranked up even further by the mad, Evil, Gorgon, May, and Corbyn apparently fully on board with the suicidal war drive. I rather think that I can imagine just how effing annoying a pessimistic (ie realistic) smart-arse like me is, to a dedicated Labour supporter still in denial of reality. All I can say is that I hope I’m wrong, but I’m not. If Corbyn was a real threat to the malignant ruling power of the UK, they’d kill him, or confect a scandal so huge that he’d be dragged off by the filth.

    • Mulga Mumblebrain says

      It is NOT ‘slipping away’. It is being dragged away by a vicious alliance of hard Right Zionist thugs, lying Rightwing fakestream media vermin led by the despicable ‘Fraudian’ swine, and the Tories. And Corbyn’s gutlessness made it all inevitable. If, at the beginning, he had firmly denounced the Evil slander of the Zionists, and stood by Labour stalwarts against the Blairite Quislings, he might have made it. But by surrendering to ‘human’ piranha who only grow more vicious once they sense blood, he destroyed all the work of tens of thousands of good people.

    • PeaceCora says

      All Labour leaders bar one, have been subject to the atrocities of the right wing MSM. We all know why Blair wasn’t. A new leader would still have the same issues.

  26. Harry Law says

    “Ruth Smeeth, who is notable for nothing apart from having made an allegation of anti-Semitism against Wadsworth, an allegation that she has since withdrawn”.
    If Ruth Smeeth has withdrawn her allegation [I have not seen this yet] then Marc Wadsworth should be immediately reinstated as a member of the Labour Party. Could it have been that Wadsworth was contemplating legal action on his patently spurious expulsion, thus her retraction?

    • Mulga Mumblebrain says

      Wadsworth won’t be back. Corbyn nailed ‘his’ colours to the mast, and they are coward’s yellow. Perhaps the Zionist lynch-mob will go after Ken Loach next, and Ken Livingstone is certainly a ‘dead man walking’.

  27. Harry Stotle says

    “Like many people, I yearn for Jeremy Corbyn as Prime Minister.” – given the long list of failings (pointed out in the OP) why on earth do you yearn for Corbyn?

    This article reminds of the opening joke in ‘Annie Hall’

    • milosevic says

      The quality of disinfo shills seems to be declining. Presumably, this signals the final collapse of the capitalist system.

    • Notallthere says

      Don’t worry about Mr Lindsay. I remember him being a regular contributor on the anti-monarchist site ‘ThroneOut’ back in its glory days, except he was the resident monarchist there!

      He may think he has good intentions, but there is unfortunately a strong element of self-delusion, and for a self-proclaimed Socialist and Labour Party diehard it is quite extraordinary that he doesn’t realise how unwise and contrary to his cause much of his output is.

      I couldn’t find this article on his website (though there was some winging about his ‘gofundme’ crowdfunding for his parliamentary candidacy being taken-down! LOL) so I assume it was penned exclusively for Off Guardian. In which case any disappointment should be firmly directed in both his and in Off Guardian’s direction for printing such a commentary today of all days: I wonder how many ‘undecideds’ might have read the above nonsense and chosen not to vote Labour in the Local Elections today? I haven’t seen such an ill-considered and divisive action since The Guardian decided to print an anti-Labour/pro-SNP piece by Irvine Welsh on its front page on the day of the 2015 General Election.

      Sure, Corbyn is making some compromises, but it should not even need stating that the fact of him still being in-situ in spite of the Zionist Establishment throwing everything they could at him since the begining of his leadership campaign until the current time, whereas Mr Lindsay is seemingly not able to even get off first-base in his campaign to become a member of parliament, suggests that Mr Lindsay is in no position to give Corbyn lectures on strategy…

      • Mulga Mumblebrain says

        Corbyn is ‘still in situ’ precisely because he has sold out to the Zionist lynch-mob. When the UK version of the ‘Hopey Dopeys’ wakes up to the latest example of how ‘reform’, ‘decency in public life’ and ‘Leftwing policies’ (specifically decreed anathema by the Zionist grandees)are IMPOSSIBLE to achieve in a capitalist kakastocracy like the UK, then, perhaps, maybe, possibly, some real movement to be rid of an Evil, Life-destroying, system of organised and malignant parasitism may arise. I sincerely doubt it, but miracles can occur.

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