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WATCH: former CIA Analyst Ray McGovern Brutalized By Police At Haspel Confirmation

78-year old Ray McGovern, ex-CIA analyst and respected commenter was detained, thrown to the ground and handcufFed for protesting the confirmation of Gina Haspel as head of the CIA yesterday. Haspel previously headed the CIA’s enhanced interrogation program which included several forms of physical and psychological torture


  1. Published on 11 May 2018

    An activist who was violently escorted out of a U.S. Senate hearing and detained on Wednesday, has now been released. Outside the court, 79-year-old CIA veteran Ray McGovern showed the bruises he claimed were caused by the security officers.

  2. Published on 11 May 2018

    Charged with disrupting congress and resisting arrest, former CIA Analyst Ray McGovern joins RT America’s Anya Parampil in-studio to detail what he went through, when he attempted to question Trump’s nominee to head the CIA, Gina Haspel.

  3. Edwige says

    Almost as bad as what happens if you ask John Kerry about Skull and Bones:

    • wardropper says

      Of course it’s always regrettable when somebody who asks the right questions can’t even muster enough self control to be calm about it.
      This guy was asking to be tasered.
      Even I know that, and I’m not even an American.
      It’s so easy to dismiss the words and actions of anybody who indulges in something this close to hysterical behaviour. For example, what reaction does he expect when he says, “I’m not done yet; I have two more questions”…? By any standards, that’s hijacking an event.
      I understand, and share, his frustration and anger, but anybody wishing to express justified criticism must give their opponent enough breathing space to answer. The media and the “authorities” just love it when somebody goes over the top like this, because their entire argument gets submerged under the media coverage of the hysteria.
      The point is to get the message across; not merely to get a lot of attention.
      Perhaps some prior rehearsing, making allowance for the likely reaction, would be in order?
      Making your point takes practice too.

      • Jen says

        No-one asks to be tasered, no matter how upset s/he is. Who wouldn’t be upset, even panicky, if s/he was being handled roughly by police for asking probing questions? Tasering could have caused him an injury. People have died from being tasered.

        Also if the student had two more questions, how can that be considered as taking over the event? You do not know from the video how much of the event had already passed before the student had been allowed to ask his questions.

        Please explain how prior rehearsal of one’s questions, making allowance for the possibility of being harmed or killed by a stun gun, is in order before attending a speech. If people knew that police were likely to drag them out of conferences for asking questions, they would probably not bother asking … or even attending. Is that what you may be advocating?

      • JudyJ says

        wardropper, looking at the scenario objectively, I’m with you on this one. It is of no benefit to anyone other than the recipient of the aggressive questioning to present a tirade of rhetorical questions in this manner. Without allowing time for an answer he is simply playing into Kerry’s hands as many others present are none the wiser as to whether there was any foundation to the questions being posed. Yes, the student was right in his point of view and his anger, but that anger has to be channelled in order to optimise the impact it makes. He presented himself more like a one man demonstration inviting removal from the forum. Far better to have asked his first question calmly and then pause to await Kerry’s response. That would probably have been far more effective and telling in making his point and would have enabled him to respond appropriately to the response and possibly add on his further questions.
        The security services’ response is a separate matter. As we often see in these situations, rather than just simply remove him from the hall so that he no longer disrupts the event, the police prefer to publicly demonstrate their authority and inate brutality, and perhaps use it as a warning to others, by deploying the taser which was completely uncalled for. I’m afraid we know that is what they do with very little excuse.

  4. Ray was of course guilty of the ultimate sin in American political life – “speaking the truth.” We simply won’t tolerate it and age or infirmity is simply no barrier to our brutal response! Kudos to Mr. McGovern!

  5. wardropper says

    It sure is something that people recording this on video were allowed to leave with their recordings…
    Or it just shows that government arrogance – and control of the media – has now reached such proportions that they don’t even care that they present themselves as guilty of criminally unconstitutional behaviour any more.

  6. wardropper says

    Just imagine if the US could produce a large number of Ray McGoverns by tomorrow.
    But the nation’s much-vaunted greatness can’t produce more than one or two every decade.
    Look what happened to Ron Paul, who called out war-mongering for what it was, and what happened to Dennis Kucenich, who stood up in Congress and called for the impeachment of G.W. for lying the American people into a war.
    The media have relegated them both to the land of the forgotten, after duly ridiculing them, just as Assange, Snowden and Manning are no longer mentioned in the western press.
    Anybody who embarrasses Washington can expect to be made into a forgotten person in short order.
    Dunno what the answer to that is, but I do know that widespread shoulder-shrugging isn’t it.

    • Mulga Mumblebrain says

      The Western fakestream media sewer does mention Assange from time to time. Usually it is some feminazi Identity Politics harridan still enraged that their evil ‘role model’ Clinton was rejected by the US people in favour of a demented carnie huckster, and they just love to spit venom at Assange. I heard one such close associate of Clinton’s describe Assange as ‘the creepiest man on Earth’ the other day. And she works in Thanatopolis DC! I bet she always thought Harvey Weinstein was ‘so charming’ as he handed over his cheques.

    • I saw Manning on the Deutsche Welle last week.

      In conjunction with another Zionist MSM strategy & agenda, you can rest assured that Manning is in fact considered a useful tool , when sowing the seeds of distraction & divisions in any serious societal development & discussion of the questioning kind ..

  7. What would one expect
    It is standard protocol that most law enforcement agencies of pax-americana and that includes their vasal states of the EU are trained by Israel .
    Welcome to the world of the ARAB semite.

  8. Jen says

    Three, four of America’s finest were needed to subdue one unarmed 78-year-old man?

    What happened to getting one obese police officer just to sit on someone?

    This is of a piece with that recent video of the deputy sheriff needing two bullets to kill a groundhog for trying to cross the road and holding up traffic.

    Are American centurions becoming more “snowflake” than the snowflakes everyone derides?

    What a cowardly nation the US has become and what debased idiots we Australians have become as well in following the bully.

    • Mulga Mumblebrain says

      He coulda been a suicide bomber! He’s lucky he wasn’t shot in the head! These bozos obviously weren’t trained, properly, in Israel, in how to deal with untermenschen.

  9. My respect for Ray (already quite high) is now through the roof. It’s humbling that a seventy eight years young man can show the way to stand up to creeping fascism. I sincerely hope “Torture Girl” didn’t get anywhere near him.

    • Mulga Mumblebrain says

      Haspel is a perfect example of what America has always been-a brutal terror state. McGovern is a perfect example of the other America of human conscience that has struggled for generations to build a better society-and lost. Comprehensively.

  10. I expect the Grauniad will be reporting this in the same way as they do with all those kind of police arrests of Navalny in Russia.

    Just had a look… Nope zilch. But they have a White Helmet Jihad Joes puff piece on the UK Gov plugging their US funding gap!

    Unbelievable? Well in a novichok doorknob kind of world anything goes. The first thing being the truth…

      • Gwyn says

        I’ve just downvoted you by mistake, tutisicecream. Soz.

        In my defence, I do suffer from the debilitating condition commonly known as Sausage Fingers.

          • Gwyn says

            Should I cancel that reservation at Zizzi’s, then?

            Nah – I should be okay, I reckon…

            • JudyJ says

              Gwyn, as long as you get there before they decide to demolish the place.

    • Yet if Alexei Navalny so much as slips on a banana peel, it’s front page of The Guardian website.

      • Smitty says

        You betcha. That Puke Harding would be all over it like a . . .

    • reinertorheit says

      The Graun wouldn’t want to upset their cosy relationship with future president Pompeo by featuring scenes which look like the closing moments of Terry Gilliam’s film Brazil. Those lucrative ‘sponsorship’ news deals pay a lot of mortgages in Crouch End and Finchley Central.

    • Mulga Mumblebrain says

      But the Fraudian HAS started re-cranking the ‘antisemitism’ witch-hunt against Labour and Corbyn. Of course.

  11. Tony M says

    Just seen this, Ray McGovern’s brutal arrest on RT, (don’t ‘do’ youtube) it’s truly shocking and vile. Well done Ray, he is and there are still, but too few, inspiring heroes brimming with integrity and fire, prepared to stand up and be counted, whatever the consequences, most of us have little left to lose and what there is of little real value if we have not freedom to speak out, to heed the call, and to man the barricades. This Gina Haspel woman is clearly an absolute monster. The police should have been arresting her and her ilk, let’s hope in the US for all our sakes that day is not far off. Here Major, Blair, Brown, Cameron and May too, right down to the last backbencher, policy-wonk and their enablers, they are our responsibility, our shame. We’re coming for them, someday, not long, be sure of it. pour dècourager les autres What possible future could be in store, could any of us and the coming generations have if we fail to act now, to root out the virus, to re-program and to reboot our democracy?

    • Betrayed Planet says

      To reboot our democracy we would need the masses and our adult children to face the real enemy [ our government, May et al] . In order to do that exceptionally important job we need organisation and courage. Where is the will and courage, the determination, the insight. I do not see it in my daily life and believe me I try to find it.

      • Big B says

        You have not reckoned on your own strength, Betrayed Planet. The force of Nature (Dao) will curb humanities excess, sooner rather than later. Those who rule now understand only excess: not balance and reciprocity (Wu Wei – rule without rule; non-action not inaction). The ‘lifeworld’ (consensual reality) they rule by is seriously flawed: to the point of already being defunct. It is already breaking down. This, there can be no doubt, is dangerous. The synopsis is: we either live by Nature’s Rules (not the hyper-Darwinian mirror ideology that we see when our greed and indifference are reflected back to us) or we will not survive (except in a Mad Max Thunderdrome kinda way: or equally plausibly – a Hunger Games kinda scenario). But this will come about partly through the consent of the ‘collective consensual constituency’: our ignorance is their strength. But that is subject to change. What if in the future the people begin to question the process of consent and begin to postulate the alternative …the Natural Social Contract; the Natural General Will; and the Natural Lifeworld (forming the ecological reality based ‘collective consensual constituency’). And begin to consider the non-subservient reciprocity of Ruler and Ruled (Nature and Humanity). This process has long begun (think Rachel Carson, E F Schumacher, Herman Daly, Murray Bookchin, MLK, etc) …only it is still an idealism that has not yet reached fruition or critical mass …but that could change too. Change is not always positive but consider that when you think without thinking, and act without acting …you have the full force of Nature behind you. Then, anything is possible.

  12. Victor David Rothschild = Cambridge Five says
    • JJA says

      Israel and Netanyahu lie about everything. Take anything they say with a bushel of salt.

      • Victor David Rothschild = Cambridge Five says

        Has Putin said anything to the contrary though?

        • We can imagine there is probably a pretty tense game being played atm. It’s highly unlikely Putin is happy with this development, which could be disastrous for Russian interests and potentially undo all of his work over the past years. However it’s also essential not to get drawn in to what could easily become a nuclear stand-off with the US.

          No doubt Bibi was in Moscow to get some sort of agreement going over this. What was worked out between them we don’t know. But we can assume that if Putin conceded anything more than the absolute minimum necessary, he’s suddenly become a lot less of a strategist than he’s ever been before.

          • bevin says

            It is a mistake, at best, to read the tea leaves in this way.
            Syria is being attacked by Israel. With the defeat of ‘jihadi’ militias sponsored by Israel the burden of carrying on the war falls on the zionist principal.
            This suggests not increased aggression but increased desperation.
            There is no question of Russia retreating-it has nowhere to go without crippling its defences and turning its allies into enemies.
            My guess is that the US wants Russia to install S300 systems in Syria and these attacks are designed to provoke it into action.
            The good news is that US foreign policy is now being run by Trump, on the advice of Pompeo and Bolton, both of them are fools caught up in a curious ideology which allows the Zionist obscurantists to make them its dupes.
            The US state is a formidable machine piloted by incompetents.

            • Alpha says

              I don’t see how what you say is different from what the admin said, apart from the stuff about the US wanting Russia to install a better air defense system in Syria, which seems to make no sense (sorry, not wanting be confrontation, but it just doesn’t! Why would the US want Syria to have better defense when it’s, in your words, being run by Zionists who presumably want to help Israel??)

              • Jen says

                If the S300 missile defence system were installed in Syria and made fully operational, the US could get a good idea of its weaknesses and try to exploit them. Another possibility is that the system could be used to draw Russia into a wider war that ultimately drains the Russian economy, especially if Russian personnel are still needed to operate the system in Syria until Syrian personnel can be fully trained. Russian staffers on the ground would become sitting targets.

                • wardropper says

                  But what nation whose economy is already as drained as the US economy is could hope to drain the Russian economy?
                  The fantasy money used by the US is undoubtedly matched by the fantasy money available to the Russians.
                  Where real money could have been available in a sane world, we have instead bloated, empty and dangerous nationalistic egotism.
                  I suppose if one compares Washington – along with its multitudes of crazy supporters of vested interests – with Moscow and its vastly more focused soloist, Putin, it seems depressingly obvious that the saner site is not Washington…
                  I really would like to see a comprehensive intelligence test for anyone considering high political office. No one who has read Part Two of Goethe’s “Faust” could fail to see the parallel with the state of the “developed” world today: A farcical mess.

                  • Tony M says

                    I don’t believe Russia is yet sovereign in control over its economy. As a legacy of the Yeltsin-era, there is a double-fiat system, their central bank cannot create roubles, either in the physical realm of paper currency or as virtual ledger debt-creation from banks/lenders conjuring the principal sum at the point of borrowing, without purchasing an exact equivalent sum in US dollars, by trading/surrending hard and tangible assets, such as industrial products, oil, gas, foodstuffs to dollar possessing buyers, to obtain those dollars. It’s the petro-dollar situation on stilts applied to every other commodity too. I’m not sure if they’ve broken out of this strait-jacket yet, but if not, they really ought to, must do, soon.

                  • Russian Government debt to GDP ratio a mere 13.6 %

                    The way the Zionists see it, plenty of room there , for expansion of Russian Governmental Debt, by spending on the Military, because in the grand age ole’ scheme of derivative & hedged bets, NO side’s government should ever become so strong as to rule itself, in the artificial world of failed finance ..

                    The private owners of the Central Banks, certainly don’t want to invest in already failed markets, right now, unless they control the future destiny of that stock or commodity, via weaponising the weather, amongst other tricks. This was why the Chicago Exchange introduced the first ever Crypto-Currency ETF, early this year, to prevent Bitcoin taking a firm hold on currency market futures, by spreading & diluting direct investments in Bitcoin & dissolving market confidence in Bitcoin in the media, and then offering an Exchange traded Fund. Keeping the oil price higher so Governments can at least survive, until 2020 and pay the interest, (not the debt, or ‘they’ lose control) coz’ all nations would be bankrupt overnight without the revenues from the Taxation of Oil & Gas. Even Putin needed a higher Oil Price & the threat of war, to win the elections and keep the economy on the boil..

                    All that is needed is an illusionary threat/fear ..
                    And much posturing in the media. Bitcoin’s value halved in a week, oil prices up and the Saudi Aramco IPO put on hold:) add a bit of war dropping & using up out of date munitions and then bring in the next load of latest weapons from the M.I.C. … with at least the S300 to compete with, so the new weapons to counter the development can be financed and lil’ people feel safer ..

                    And so the beat goes on .. in absurd cycles, all controlled by the same people: you know their names 😉

          • Ukraineisone says

            ”However it’s also essential not to get drawn in to what could easily become a nuclear stand-off with the US.”

            Is Russia already in a nuclear stand-off with Isarel? No, Putin is just a predictable fraud.

            What if any ”red line” will a neutered Russia set before the weekly humiliations start to impact on their relationships with other supposed ”allies”?

            If and when the West barks the Ruskies just step aside and let their ‘allies’ take a hammering, why ally yourself with Russia in the first place?

            Hundreds of Russians wiped out by US airstrikes. Putin does nothing.
            Russian aircraft downed by western arms. Putin does nothing.
            Western missiles hammer Syrian and Iranian positions. Putin does nothing.
            US partitions Syria. Putin does nothing.

            The Putin regime has been found out as predictable kids? Phone in a dictate to Moscow and then let lose on whoever the west wants to target. Toothless against the west when push comes to shove, Russia has a history of selling out its ”allies”.

            Iran to survive needs to invite China to open a base. A nation that will stand by its word.

            Take a bow Vlad and Lavrov. Wait by the phone. We’ll call you. Zero credibility left. Selling Russian junk not fit for purpose to the Syrian and Iranians for a quick $$$$ seems their only motivation now days in Syria.

            Buy Chinese get an ally who will back you up when the West starts barking. Putin too busy with the soccer

            • Mulga Mumblebrain says

              ‘Glory to Ukrainia!”. Busy last month in the yearly celebrations of the genocide of Poles in WW2, were you? I bet you look snazzy in your uniform, carrying your flaming torch.

              • reinertorheit says

                Ukrainian trolls don’t use such a standard computer keyboard. All they need is ‘copy-paste-send’. 🙂

            • JudyJ says

              “Toothless against the west when push comes to shove…”. “Toothless”? I think the word you were looking for is “prudent”. It’s evident from your comments that you are so disappointed that WW3 hasn’t been declared yet. We can all put our survival so far down to one ‘prudent’ world leader who doesn’t react to ridiculous acts of intimidation.

              • reinertorheit says

                They’re using ‘toothless’ the way Gav the Chav means it. When Gav wants to look ‘strong’, he reverts to type as a door-to-door fireplace salesman – using terms like ‘Shut Up!’ and ‘Go Away’. For sad little Banderistas. getting drunk and waving their revolver around is what they believe is ‘strength’. Of course, for Muzychko, his drunken bravado and thuggery ended in watery ditch – thrown their by his own compatriots.

            • Alpha Particle says

              Hmm, people over at Saker are saying the new propaganda push has pivoted away from calling Putin a hard man – because people actually respond well to that – and toward portraying him as weak and subservient to the West (if your can believe such a thing), looks like this troll is following the new orders.

              • reinertorheit says

                I didn’t notice anything especially weak about the detachment of SU-57s (formerly known as ‘Pak-Fak’ at the prototype stage) which soared over my house in Moscow two days ago. Quite the opposite – they threw a clear gauntlet down.

                • reinertorheit says

                  oooops. that should have been “Pak-Fa’. But in any case, the name is now SU-57.

                  Here it is

                  • ‘Russian Stealth’ 1st public flight: Sukhoi PAK FA T-50 at MAKS airshow

                    Prototype of the future of Russia’s fighter jet program, the PAK -FA (T-50) has made its first public flight at MAKS-2011 airshow. The Sukhoi-made plane took to the skies for a 8-minute show. The jet’s said to be equipped with some of the most advance avionics on the planet. It will be able to land on short runways and fly in any weather. It can carry up to eight medium range or two long-range missiles in its two internal bays. The jet’s first prototype performed its maiden flight last January, and carried out 36 test flights. The fifth generation fighter’s expected to enter service in Russia in 2015. The price tag is estimated at US $100 million.


                  • The Newest Russian 5th-Gen Sukhoi Su-57 Flying Over Moscow

                    Published on 8 May 2018

                    The Newest Russian 5th-Gen Sukhoi Su-57 (054/055), Flying Over Moscow. Sukhoi Su-57 fighter The Russian fifth-generation Perspective Aviation Complex of Frontline Aviation (PAK FA) fighter jet took to the skies for the first time in 2010. As was reported in August 2017, Russia’s PAK FA fifth-generation fighter jet received the serial index of Su-57. The cutting-edge fighter performed its first flight with a new engine on December 5, 2017. The experimental design work on the most advanced fighter jet should be completed in 2019 and its deliveries to the troops should begin at that time. As the United Aircraft Corporation’s chief executive said, the pre-production batch will consist of 12 such planes.

  13. Frankly Speaking says

    Shocking but not surprising, sp many examples of this kind of behaviour and a lot worse on YouTube (download them as proof before they all get removed or “forgotten “ in the next year or two.

    Democrats, Republicans, makes zero bloody difference. The USA, a once great nation, has been hijacked and is now a de facto Totalitarian State, only with the illusion of democracy.

    Sheldon Wolin described what’s happening well in his book Inverted Totalitarianism, all of 15 years ago in 2003.

  14. rtj1211 says

    People need to name and shame those security animals. Put their names and addresses out rhere.

    Then people can tell them in appropriate ways what they think of their behaviour….

    If Americans think this is OK, you leadership of the world is long finished.

    You as a people have to say ‘WE WILL NOT TOLERATE THIS!’

    When 10 million of you descend on Capitol Hill to reclaim your nation, you will win.

    Until then, the nazis rule and their Jewish brothers do their bidding bombing Syria….

    • rtj1211 says

      This comment has been reposted on Craig Murray’s blog by those wishing to caste me as antisemitic. Each time I attempt to rebut, it is pushed into moderation.

      1) How many consider the description of the US Government as nazis to be historically valid c. 1936-1938?
      2) How many consider the Israeli Government to be joined-at-the-hip to the Us State?
      3) How many consider Israel warmongering to achieve a ‘Greater Israel’ to be encapsulated by the expression Lebensraum?
      4) How many consider the term ‘goyim’ to be racially offensive toward jon-Jews?
      5) How many consider the expression ‘God’s Chosen People’ to be the apotheosis of supremacist racism, it badging all non-Jews as inferior in God’s eyes?

      I am not bothered about offending Jews, it is my human right to be offensive to Jews if appeasement has failed and harsh truths must be expressed caustically. I am outraged, much more than offended, by the Jews in the Israeli Government. Their behaviour is lamentable, detestable and well worthy of 43 UN Resolutions of Censure.

      What offends me more than anything is censuring any attempt to hold Jews to account in caustic verbal confrontation…..

      • The only problem we would have with this is the final sentence. Anything that reduces all members of a race/religion to a single entity and holds them collectively responsible for a political act or for perceived flaws/crimes is dangerous, reductionist and potentially damaging. You hold people responsible for what they do, not what they are or what you perceive them to be.

        Everyone who blames “Jews” (or “Russians”, or “Slavs”, or ”Moslems”, or “Christians”. or “whites”, or “blacks”) en masse in some imagined hydra entity, for crimes committed by a state or an individual or a defined ideological group is either wilfully or ignorantly allowing themselves to be dismissed as racist.

        Refrain from that if you possibly can. It will only make your arguments more persuasive and less easy to dismiss.

        PS – don’t argue with me on this. There’s been too much space devoted to this subject on this site lately.

      • Mulga Mumblebrain says

        Yes, as Admin observes, speaking of ‘Jews’ as if they are one great, undifferentiated, mass is clearly wrong, factually, and in principle. ‘Zionist’ is far preferable, as they are >90% fascists and racist supremacists, and serial aggressors and violators of International Law. Israelis isn’t much good, either, as some good and decent Israeli Jews still survive the country’s march to genocidal clerico-fascism-they may even be 40% or so of the population. And even members of the racist majority are capable of future betterment.
        Generally I think you just need some good adjectives eg racist, fascist or aggressive, to differentiate the good from the not so, but be sure to mention that you don’t think that the description applies, even accidentally to ALL Jews. The ‘antisemitism’ industry can, and will, twist any semantic laxity into a ‘blood libel’, ‘Holocaust denial’ or ‘antisemitism’, with glee, at the drop of a hat.

  15. Pecteuw says

    Wow…… failed state. This is what’s called democracy in the ‘land of the free’…

    • Mulga Mumblebrain says

      What has the USA ALWAYS BEEN, don’t you mean?

      • Mulga Mumblebrain says

        Or as the Fraudian sewer put it, she practised ‘torture’. It’s quite nice to see how excited the Fraudian yeshiva has become at Israel’s AMAZING Eurovision win. Touching, even.

    • Gina Haspel was supervisor of the ‘secret’ CIA torture facility in Thailand.
      Waterboarding & psychological torture techniques were applied to prisoners they were interrogating.

      Ray McGovern was a top CIA analyst whose job for years was to hand the President each morning a CIA summary to keep the President up to date.

      Here he protests the promotion of torturer in chief to head of the CIA.
      He bravely protests US descent into Nazism, more evident each day.

      John Doran.

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