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ANALYSIS: Signs of Compromise in Yulia Skripal’s Statement

by Tony Kevin

Tony Kevin’s summary responses to the MoA view that Yulia’s statement is suspect, because it was allegedly written under duress of some kind, and from a prepared English script translated into Russian.

Yulia Skripal allegedly making voluntary statement May 23 2018

There are at least two big questions here that need to be separately addressed. MoA and many of their correspondents segue from one to the other and back again , which is not conducive to a clear understanding and quickly leads one down unproductive, hypothetical blind alleys: leaving one in the end in a not useful position of general skepticism of everyone and everything involved in the Skripal affair.

One of the classic forms of deception in naval warfare is to hide what you are trying to hide by laying dummy targets behind a lot of smoke. This letter is an effort to clear away smoke and help to see the real targets more clearly.

The two big questions are:

  • 1. What were the circumstances of Yulia’s videoed statement ? Was it made under duress, Stockholm Syndrome, or coached ? Was it even Julia at all, or a lookalike stand-in? In any case, does it matter what she said, now that it has been said and recorded ?
  • 2. What were the Skripals poisoned with? Were they poisoned at all? Were they innocent victims , I.e. were they both, or was Sergei alone, complicit? Does the issue of alleged complicity matter now? Or is it just smoke?

Operating on Occam’s Razor, I try to pare my following analysis back to essential agreed or highly probable facts.

1. As to the poisoning substance used, first and foremost, I would rank Lavrov’s 14 April statement, based as he said on the best Russian scientific/medical analysis available to him of public video footage of the victims and of the leaked reports of the chemical analysis at Spiez of the Skripal samples, as very strong evidence – as almost certain evidence. The Russians would have had some kind of informant working in the OPCW system, as Lavrov admitted . Lavrov took a political decision to publicly reveal the Skripal analysis, and thereby risk exposing his source, because Russia considered it so important in their national interest to discredit the otherwise powerful British Novichuk lie.

He laid his own credibility on the line as Russian FM – and as a man who has no public record of ever lying – to point clearly to the most probable fact that the Skripals were poisoned with BZ and could never have been exposed to the always fatal A234 Novichuk; but also to as good as accuse that the samples were highly likely to have been twice tampered with while in British custody, first adding some A234 a short time after 4 March, and again adding a fresh dose shortly before the samples were given to OPCW custody. Please read his 14 April words carefully – I put them up again yesterday for easy reference on my Facebook Page. They are the strongest evidence we have of how the Skripals were poisoned and how the poisoners attempted to lay a false Novichuk trail in the samples and around Salisbury afterwards.

On this subject, all the rest is smoke or idle speculation.

Lavrov nailed it – the diplomatic task now for the world community through OPCW is to make public the proof of how the Skripals were poisoned from Spiez and the other three labs, and for UKG to eventually apologise to Russia for their gross calumny against her.

2. On Yulia’s Reuters interview. First, I am satisfied it was her. No substitute could have fooled the family and friends back in Russia, hearing and watching her speak thus at length . It is Yulia. We would have heard complaints by now from the Russian government if it were not.

Now as to the content of her oral statement and two letters

Here is the full video of her statement as delivered in Russian.

And here are both her handwritten and signed letters:

I read the linguistic commentary in the letters to Moon of Alabama with attention, knowing something as I do about Russian language and translation. I am satisfied that the well-rehearsed and familiar statement that Yulia read out with practiced ease, using visual aids or memory, was the product of a negotiation between her and her carers/ captors, let’s call them carers for short.

I believe the first draft in the negotiation was British, which explains the laboured pompous Home Counties/ Estuary court-style English ( ‘I do not want to avail myself of etc’ ) . By the time she got to read out her agreed Russian translation, most of that tortured language was gone, translated into normal spoken colloquial Russian. And then, translations back into normal English appeared as text-overs on the Reuters video, with the laboured phrases gone.

My conclusion is that Yulia’s statement was a negotiated document based on an original British carers’ first draft, substantially amended in negotiation with her.

As someone who has spent some of my diplomatic career negotiating texts, I know that it is a give-and-take process: you give a bit here, I give a bit there, and we each hold onto what we think are our respective sticking points . The result always contains some tensions and contradictions, accepted by both sides in the interest of reaching agreement on the package.

Reading the final statement in English, I feel confident that Yulia’s sticking points were:

  1. Not to say or imply that any Russian agency poisoned her – the resulting silence on this was a big win for her. Undoubtedly the carers had wanted an anti-Russian accusation. It is not there. Because she refused to point the finger of blame at her country.
  2. To express the hope of returning to Russia. She would have wanted to say ‘as soon as possible’. Her carers would have wanted to leave this thought out altogether, or if they had to include words on this, to stretch it out into the far future. The result is a compromise – actually, it is more of a win for Yulia, because just the presence of these words, by recording her wish to go home , would make it harder if her carers were ever tempted to have her killed and claim she had gone into hiding under a new identity. This would not wash now.
  3. As far as possible, to protect her father and avoid a forced separation from him.

I believe her carers’ sticking points would have been:

  1. That she should thank them and express fulsome gratitude to them. Important as preemptive insurance against any future possible claims by Yulia, after her hoped-for return to Russia, that her carers had held her in forced captivity beyond a time when her medical recovery would have allowed her to travel safely to Russia. This point goes to repeated Russian Govt complaints to Britain from the beginning of the affair, about British violation of signed consular treaties binding both countries. Luke Harding of the Guardian revealingly reports this British government concern.
  2. That she should emphasise how sick she had been, in how much pain and discomfort etc. This strikes me as British-origin language, Russians are stoical people and would not choose to dwell on their suffering using language like ‘the clinical treatment was invasive, painful and depressing’. The carers wanted to emphasise her suffering. Had she condemned Russia, her condemnation would have been all the stronger.
  3. That she should say she wants to remain in protective isolation and in particular that she does not wish to have contact with Russian Embassy. This was clearly a carer interest, they wish to maintain full control and isolation of Yulia.

So the result is a compromise, I would say highly probably freely entered into by Yulia, knowing how little power she had to substantially change the text her carers wanted . No wonder there was a spring in her step. She knew that in at least two important respects, she had outwitted her carers. Russians are smart and brave people. Yulia was smart and brave.

Does any of this matter? Only in the sense of clearing away the smoke and the dummy targets, and focussing on what matters most in this awful and sad affair:

(a) getting the Skripals home safely to their country, by forcing the UK government to adhere to its international obligations under consular law

And as a second order objective, possibly not achievable for many years to come,

(b) getting a full British govt apology to Russia and to the Skripals for the attack on them, and subsequent crimes of deceit and mental cruelty and forced detention and calumny.

In conclusion, to me this is not an Agatha Christie parlour game. I have been literally sickened by the corruption of diplomatic relations and simple decency instigated by British government agencies against Russia. Russophobia today in the West is worse than when I wrote about it in my Feb 2017 book ‘Return to Moscow’. The Skripal Affair has in my view been a major British government-instigated provocation against Russia, with significant negative flow-on effects for East-West relations generally, and for peace in hotspots like Syria and Ukraine . I want to see the unsavoury Skripal Affair decently ended and buried in the history books.

Former Australian career diplomat and independent writer Tony Kevin is the author of the 2017 literary travel memoir ‘Return to Moscow’


  1. JudyJ says

    I caught the end of Question Time last night, and David Dimbleby told us that we could all watch a special [propaganda] Panorama Report he is fronting next Wednesday on ‘Putin’s Russia’. What a coincidence – immediately before the start of the World Cup. Any bets on whether we are going to hear a statement issued by Sergei Skripal early next week as well? Oh, and maybe also a disingenuous OPCW report on Douma just to add to the mix.

  2. Mike S Goodmann says

    One can be almost certain that anything done by the British intelligence services would have been authorized/aided/instigated by the CIA!

  3. Harry Law says

    Second police statement on behalf of Yulia Skripal 11th April 2018 ” I have specially trained officers available to me, who are helping to take care of me and to explain the investigative processes that are being undertaken”
    Yulia might think these officers are there inter alia to look after her interests and might ask these questions of them..
    Q.Can I contact my relatives? Answer, no, sorry.
    Q Can my relatives contact or visit me? Answer, no sorry.
    Q In view of my life changing future prospects, legally, financially [including those at home in Russia] and my ongoing interactions with my secret service “friends” who only have my interests at heart, could I have an independent lawyer to advise and represent me? Answer, you must be joking, no sorry.
    Q Very well, at least I know you are looking after my two guinea pigs and cat who I love so much. Officers make their excuses and leave rapidly, leaving her alone and incarcerated in her secret facility.

  4. Brad Pitte II says

    Fenatyl was first suspected, yes, we know that.

    They doctors and paramedics thought it was an opioid.

    But then they realised it was a nerve agent.

    In the Litvinenko case, thallium was first suspected… it wasn’t and Po210 was discovered.

    F A C T S

    E N J O Y

    • Admin says

      Do you mean Fentanyl?

      Are the symptoms of opioid toxicity similar to those of nerve agent poisoning?

      • Kaiama says

        BP2 is obsessed with preserving the official explanation. Blindly and without any questioning. Personally, I’d trust people who consider all possibilities, rather than focus on just one. The site is being attacked for a reason. BP2 is part of that.

      • Brad Pitte II says

        You need to distinguish between symptoms, reported symptoms, intital symptoms, contininug symptoms, analysis and diagnosis.

  5. Brad Pitte II says

    ▪️The doctors told the BBC that the Skripals were heavily sedated, to receive artificial ventilation and to protect them from brain damage.

    The medical team sought to boost the pair’s production of acetylcholinesterase, an enzyme that is vital for the brain to communicate with muscles and that can be blocked by nerve agents.

    ▪️Atropine is not a fun drug, but it can save you from an acetylcholinesterase inhibitor.

    Medical F A C T S

    • wschira says

      The doctors told also to BBC that the Skripals came in on Sunday and were treated against opiate empoisonment. This happened during the two days following and only then the hospital had support from Porton Down.
      My opinion: If they were empoisoned with Novichok, they had died in this time.

    • F A C T S: brain damage happens within 15 (ha ha, conservative) minutes! military grade nerve agent, probably 1 minute (i can’t see the benefit of allowing them damn yankees a decent lunch!) unless they’re dead (a possiblity) they’re fine, you sockpuppet!

  6. While people are congratulating themselves on seeing Yulia is alive and well, they may be taking their eye off the ball which is – what has happened to Sergei Skripal?

    Because no one has seen him since 4th March 2018

    And, unlike Yulia, there is actual evidence of Sergei Skripal’s existence prior to 4.3.18 (old entries on wiki going back to 2006 and news articles) and, up until very recently, he also had a Linked In account (now deleted)

    I am not saying Yulia doesn’t exist, just that I’ve not found much evidence of it, or at least not in the UK. She has a Facebook account but these can easily be falsified by backdating posts.

    Whilst Yulia’s existence is backed up by Viktoria Skripal, I’ve not been able to establish much in the way of evidence of her existence either. She has a very odd Facebook account (which again could be backdated) and that’s about it, though I don’t have any Russian so its possible there is evidence, just that I can’t find it.

    I have not been able to find a news item about Viktoria Skripal’s reaction to the Reuters interview with Yulia. If anyone knows of this please let me have the url.

    It might be significant that Russia has never issued a writ of habeas corpus with regard to Yulia Skripal?

    As to whether they would be able to do so in the case of Sergei Skripal I don’t know. Its possible they could as I think he was supposed to have kept Russian citizenship

    I think there may be legal action that Sergei and Yulia’s family could take to get access to them. In the case of Sergei Skripal, no one has seen him since 4th March 2018. Its possible the family might be able to retain a solicitor to look into whether Sergei Skripal is alive or dead and who is managing his financial affairs if he is not. So I’m wondering why they haven’t done this?

    • Mark Gobell says

      Good post P R Films.

      My research, although not everyone’s cup of polonium laced tea ( I still laugh at the Met’s reported discovery of “a hot teapot” in the Litvinenko case ), leads me to suspect that the narrative for Sergei’s reported son, Alexander and his reported Sapsan train meanderings might also be false.

      I’ve had no luck locating Yulia’s Facebook page or her reported presence on the Russian equivalent vk.com

      Can anyone help with links for these please ?

      I would very much appreciate them.



      • Brad Pitte II says

        Yulia wants to be left alone.

        She nearly died, and is still undergoing treatment.

        Show a little respect.

          • That just made me laugh real loud from the belly up , so loud an echo came back at me from the walls of these extinct Volcanic Faces that surround me .. the first time I saw the video of Yulia, all I could think about, (before more intense analysis), was WTF is this? an advert for Schwarzkopf or what ? as my eyes were drawn to her hair waving in the breeze and how maybe Novichok is good for the hair and do Schwarzkopf have the patent .. 🙂 ?

            Greetings and i look sincerely forward to hearing more from your always welcome comments & demon wit, from my POV ..

            So,you just happened upon a lucky number from WordPress .. (no pain, no gain, eh?)
            I’m still trying to suss this WordPress thingy,
            Even, or at odds @440 Hertz with some distortion .. ‘purely’ built in 😉

            Regards & respect,
            best wishes,

    • Mark Gobell says

      I posted this article and asked for comments on the other thread, but …

      So, a second request for comments.

      The golden rule of narrative analysis :

      If they are telling us something, then it is for a reason. Always. No exceptions.

      So, what to make of this story ?

      I would be interested to know what others make of the “grammar analysis” for this piece :

      Daily Mail : ‘Sinister’ social media post on Yulia Skripal’s ‘Russian Facebook’ site uploaded while she was still in a coma after Novichok attack raises new hacking fears


      Gardes-Marines, ahead!



      • the story is only important until the bombs start dropping, after that it’s only important to stand behind the queen or the president! after that, we’re only human, everyone makes mistakes!

      • Brad Pitte II says

        First person in Russia to care.

    • Mark Gobell says

      Sputnik : Viktoria Skripal Believes Yulia’s First Video Address Made Under Pressure

      © REUTERS / Dylan Martinez


      23:19 23.05.2018


      BRYANSK (Sputnik) – Viktoria Skripal, the niece of the former Russian military intelligence officer Sergei Skripal, who was poisoned in the United Kingdom believes that the filmed statement of her cousin Yulia has been recorded under pressure, Viktoria’s husband Arseniy Elifantyev told Sputnik Wednesday.

      “I have not seen the video but Viktoria has. According to her, it can be seen clearly that she [Yulia] was speaking under pressure and that her text was read out,” Elifantyev said.


    • bullshit attack, bullshit characters! i always felt that he was part of the anna chapman exchange was convenient!

    • JudyJ says

      All rather weird – supposedly he was believed to be on a Russian hitlist and this ‘murder’ scenario was a ruse to bring his supposed assassins out into the open. It isn’t clear to me how this is supposed to work but the Russians have described it as a Ukrainian propaganda exercise.

      • reinertorheit says

        Babchenko is a deluded little shill for his Ukrainian paymasters. I doubl he’ll be making any more programs for Crimean radio after this?

        He even deceived his own wife about his murder.

        There are no words to describe a gutless little Quisling like this.

        Of course, Porky and his obese Nazi headchoppers are laughing like drains over this incident. But it will cost Ukrainian credibility an immeasurable amount.

        Utter worthless scum.

        • Mulga Mumblebrain says

          If the beloved Ukronazi Gestapo, so widely admired by Western fakestream media presstitutes, faked this, what else might they have faked?

      • Mulga Mumblebrain says

        No matter what happens, it will be spun by the ENTIRE Western fakestream media sewer AGAINST Russia and Putin. This one is a beauty, but every report I’ve seen so far uses it to defame Russia, as usual.

        • Brad Pitte II says

          Here’s Mr. Putin:-


          He says a lot here asking how can traitors live happy, full lives in hiding, and how can they look at their children face to face and return to their homelands to bury their friends? Have they no conscience?

          Most of them are Russian officers who sold their soul for thirty pieces of silver. They will surely choke on it and regret being a traitor a thousand times.

          To be honest, I’m not sure I disagree with what he says…

          Strong and emotive words.

          But he says it.

          Mighty handy that others are doing Russia’s ‘dirty and dangerous’ work on their behalf eh?

          • Admin says

            You interpret this as meaning he’s going to kill all the traitors? You surely must realise other less extreme readings are also possible. After all, if he wanted Skripal dead why not hang him in his cell during the six years he was in a Russian prison.

            BTW – please don’t multi-post this link.

            • JudyJ says

              I agree entirely, Admin. The given link is in Russian so I can’t understand it but what I do know is that I saw or read a translated version of the discussion of the whole topic (not just selected ‘titbits’ which the MSM favour utilising to make their point). Putin actually goes on to say that he feels sorry for such traitors because when they return to Russia most of them are shunned by friends and relatives, cannot get jobs and often turn to drink and drugs, finally ending up destitute on the streets where they die. Unfortunately for the MSM, the reality of what he says in toto isn’t worthy of headline news.

              • JudyJ says

                Just to clarify, I should probably have used the term “pities such traitors” rather than “feels sorry for…”,as it has a different connotation, closer to what Putin was conveying.

  7. reinertorheit says

    P.I.Tchaikovsky, Iolanta


    The courtiers have lied to the blind Princess Iolanta – about her blindness, and also have never told her that she is a princess. A cure may be possible – but she must first believe that she really wants to see, before the cure can begin.

    Arioso – “Why did no-one ever tell me before?”

    Anna Netrebko – the greatest soprano in the world today.

  8. Then there is this:

    Former chemical weapons expert: “Even UK allies are starting to ask what’s true”

    Published on 30 May 2018

    “Even UK allies are starting to ask what’s true” says former United Nations inspector Anton Unkin as Skripals’ doctors are surprised by fast and ‘hard to explain’ recovery.

    • The former chemical weapons expert rightly talks about the lies by British officials.

      The whole farce surely suggests that the the Salisbury incident caught our government (and therefore our security services) completely by surprise and they had to resort to playing it by ear. This explains the immediate accusation against Russia (and the identification of “their” deadly Novichok, later to prove not so deadly), the ever-changing explanations as to the means by which the poison was administered, the likely fate of the Skripals and the policeman, etc. If this was in any way a false-flag designed by HMG/MI5 they would seem to have been remarkably ill-prepared, with no consistent narrative nor anticipation of the kinds of questions the incident might raise.

      For this reason my money is on a foreign intelligence service. Cui Bono then suggests that the hawks in the Syrian war, Israel and/or the USA, as the perpetrators, without so much as a polite by you leave to HMG. All timed nicely to further demonize Russia just before the airstrikes.

      If true this will obviously never be allowed to come above board. Heaven forfend that anyone should entertain the idea that agents of our (nominal) allies can so easily stage such an event in the U.K. without our knowledge or approval.

      • JudyJ says

        Ross, Whilst I agree that the possibility that a third party was the main protagonist is high on the list of explanations, what I find hard to credit is the immediate impulse of the UK Govt to point the finger of blame at Russia and make sure that every opportunity was exploited to sustain that narrative, even to the point of blatantly lying, and blocking any input from Russia in the investigation. Now, either the UK Govt was knowingly party to the charade from the outset, or they are incredibly ignorant, naïve and gullible. If it wasn’t the former, how do they explain the rush to blame Russia completely in the absence of any proof whatsoever and without even contemplating any other possibilities? A primary issue first and foremost in the minds of anyone with half a brain would have been Sergei Skripal’s (and even Yulia’s) recent past – what they had been involved with professionally, personal contacts, financial status, known enemies. That can’t be investigated and rules out in the space of two or three days. This suggests to me that the UK Govt knew exactly what was going on and what they were doing.

        • Fair points, thank you. The only thing I would say regarding the likelihood of the UK Govt being party to the charade from the outset is how come then they were so farcically at sea in dealing with it?

          Now, as to why there was the immediate impulse to blame Russia and determined efforts to keep them out of any investigation. Apart from the fact that Russia has been earmarked to be the international bête noire for some time I suggest that MI5 may have advised the government straight away that they suspected Mossad/the CIA to be involved. Obviously this could have become a huge embarrassment to the U.K. and the suspicion couldn’t be allowed to surface in any way: it then became crucially important that Russia was immediately and firmly identified as the one and only possible perpetrator. Anything else would be bound to increase speculation as to precisely who was responsible.

          That’s my current take, but who knows? The world of secret services is a wilderness of mirrors. Probably in order to fully understand what spooks are up to you have to be as screwed up as they are 🙂

          • JudyJ says

            Thanks, Ross. All that you say is undoubtedly plausible. “…how come they were so farcically at sea in dealing with it?” – is it really so surprising when you have the likes of May, Johnson and Williamson and all the other cretins at the helm??

            • Brad Pitte II says

              The U.K. has dealt with it very well.

              Saving their lives for a start.

          • I tend to concur with you Ross, although a wide variety of reasonable duplicity from GCHQ is still wholly feasible: by which I mean that the Government is not even aware of all things that are happening within their own secret services, & not only British Secret Services’ “Wilderness of Mirrors,” (nice metaphor, by the way, lol) & we must consider daily, the pernicious possibilities within the appalling compartmentalisation of today’s existence, (the Zionist ‘ DISCONNECT ‘) : therefore, given the levels of censorship & manipulations in ALL communications systems today, (not just the mainstream media), i think it is fair to say also, that with the F.o.E freedom of expression that we are gifted with here@OFFG , what we are all doing together is treading a kind of >>

            Virgin Wilderness 😉 ?

            F.o.E. a territory with..

            No secrets ?

            What ?

            No mirrors ! ?

            And this would explain the various pernicious CyberFlackMassiveAttackS experienced last Saturday PM , coz’ TPTB did not just Target OFFG ..

            Just a thought , that relates to future solutions in terms of all Communications, that I began to consider 2 decades ago and therefore registered that V.W. name in Bg. & the Uk,
            one decade ago ..

            (The UK name at companies house was closed down after Branson’s top I.P. lawyer , Mark James, became highly aggressive & irritated and threatening to a family member, but, he can’t touch me here in Bg. 😉 )

            Open Source Intelligence & Engineering , in Real Time .. (consider 🙂 )

          • Just to add some flavour to the metaphor of V.W. for you to consider, I ‘arrived’ at the name after considering many future orientated threads of predetermined existence , after studying 2 creatures in the wild ..

            The VULTURE & the WOLF ..

            Natures natural cleaners 😉

            I was even thinking of approaching that German car company, at one point, but then on reflection, after seeing what kind of tricks they were prepared to PROGRAMME into their diesel engines computers, the powers of associations & all that .. say no more 🙂

        • Yes a popular theory is that it was Pablo Miller who administered the poison. The motive being that Sergei Skripal had worked on the Trump Dossier, knew about lies in it, and was asking for money to keep quiet. There is a CIA agent involved in the case, Dan Kaszeta, who is working very hard to maintain the story that Novochok was applied to Sergei Skripal’s front door handle, that could take four hours before effectiong them and would not necessarily prove fatal. This story places the poisoning well away from the Salisbury bar/restaurant where Sergei and Yulia were photographed by “the man in the mirror”. MSM later obscuring the image of the man in the mirror after the government issued two DSMA notices covering Pablo Miller and Orbis Business Intelligence, which amusingly enough, indicates the man in the mirror had to be something to do with them. CNN has an article stating that Pablo Miller’s (now removed) Linked In Profile stated that he worked under contract for the Foreign Office (and so Boris Johnson). If Pablo Miller was involved in Sergei Skripal’s poisoning it would be very embarrassing for the Government because Pablo Miller also recruited Alexander Litvinenko and Boris Berezovsky and it might cast a question mark over who was responsible for what happened to them.

          • Mark Gobell says

            “The Spy with the Louis Vuittton handbag” …

            Cancer, car crash and liver failure: Mysterious deaths of wife and son of Russian ‘Spy with the Louis Vuitton Handbag’





            The Skripal / Steele / Miller / trump dossier is not the only motivation here.

            Syria does too, naturally and not fogetting the Brexit / Tusk / Princess Tony milieu all figure, writ large …

            Oh and Alex Younger et al …


          • Mark Gobell says

            My earlier reply from a coiuple oif hours ago has yet to appear !

            I forgot to mention in that post, another of the complaints in the list in addition to Putin, Syria and Brexit.

            In a word : Chilcot.


            • I haven’t seen the reply yet, but you can have a like just for mentioning ‘Chilcot’ Death ! ?

          • Brad Pitte II says

            Where do you get the Pablo Miller link from?

            Or have you just thought of that yourself?

            • i realise it’s hard to remember what argument you were last paid for, but seriously, don’t they give you a notebook?

              • That’s the first comment, I’ve ever read here from you ‘jazztingy’, so I have to say welcome to the club of musical wit to my ears ..

                Then, i did the math on that number you attached , which in simple additional terms equals 54 >> 5 + 4 = 9

                Which subsequently gave me a double boost of positive energy , frequency & vibrations , as to your potential , along the guide lines of Nikola Tesla , who with my B”AMPS happens to be one of my heroes ..

                like Verdi ‘s “A” class concert hall standard of tuned emissions , for all things positive in terms of Transmission & Reception of pure Frequency Waves at natures most natural level, measured in Hertz, the key to which is ..

                @432 Hertz 4 + 3 + 2 = 9

                And therefore, you might think I’m bonkers asking, (logic), but is there any specific reason you picked those numbers that all add up to a factor of 9 or was it just pure coincidence ?? Coz’ I have this theory , electronically speaking, that the biggest ground based earthing strike ever, in modern Society , still resonates negatively soundly today, which was when the USA introduced the transport of electricity for nationwide delivery and with massive subsequent global implications & not least infiltrated into others’ electro-culture, on behalf of ZIONazis, who were sponsoring WAR@WILL , i.e. with derivative investments on both sides , whilst stealing the intellectual property of both sides .. and the whole damn shebang began back in
                1940, with the introduction of the Electricity Grid @440 Hertz ..

                A most deliberate Mistake raised one octave above VERDI’s ‘A’ coz’ the differential gave ‘Spielraum’ to manoeuvre and install Mind Control Methodology , that TESLA had researched , within the bandwidth of amplified Distortion for Modulation of MicroRadioWaves which even permits subliminal messaging, hypnosis and complete BRAINWASH ..

                just a thought, from a mad-man .. or am I ? ! ? !

                I best study the rest of your comments, first 🙂 😉

                • hi balkydj! the numbers were assigned to me by wordpress, but i’ve heard a few things about the 440 hz signal, none good!

        • Mulga Mumblebrain says

          I tend to agree, and the fiasco that ensued is simply indicative of the low level of competence in all things manifested by a country sinking into the mire, and led by hereditary and arriviste psychopaths sadly lacking in any intellectual or moral intelligence whatsoever.

          • Fully agreed MM: as evidenced in the moment Thatcher sold off the greatest UK / BT asset ever to all comer Corporations >> FIBRE OPTIC cable , the ultimate scientific advantage for societal intellectual development , not delivered to the UK people >>

            WASTED !

            She was either criminally complicit with the masters of ZION or just plain simple, an exceedingly dumb daughter of a cornered grocer’s shop owner ..

      • Brad Pitte II says

        ▪️The doctors told the BBC that the Skripals were heavily sedated, to receive artificial ventilation and to protect them from brain damage.

        The medical team sought to boost the pair’s production of acetylcholinesterase, an enzyme that is vital for the brain to communicate with muscles and that can be blocked by nerve agents.

        ▪️Atropine is not a fun drug, but it can save you from an acetylcholinesterase inhibitor.

  9. stevehayes13 says

    Why did the BBC decide to cover the medical treatment of the Skripals by Mark Urban, a Diplomatic journalist? I wonder how many medical stories Mr Urban has covered?

    • Mulga Mumblebrain says

      Surely the new and brilliant treatments utilised to save the Skripals have been made available to all other medical systems, world-wide, in order to save others poisoned by roving Russian hit-squads, or poisoned by other similar chemicals, say pesticides. I await the description of this miraculous break-through in some medical journal, perhaps ‘Lancet’.

  10. Good morning Britain & Dick Madeley , I must say ..


    Bwahahahaha .. you can fool some of the people ALL of the time .. ! ?
    Just simply sticking to the question.. 🙂

    Especially Defence Ministers like Gav.d’Chav 😉 Chump Chimpish Supine Schoolboy Slogger ..
    Now off to Africa to advise how to deal with poachers: just in case Putin shows up , or what ?
    The poachers will be so scared of Gavin’s words.. scared of dying from laughter 🙂

    “Mr Williamson was speaking from West Midlands Safari Park in Worcestershire, where he was meeting military personnel preparing to go to Malawi to train park rangers to protect elephants and rhinos from poachers.”

    You can’t make this BS up, talk about elephants in the room and at home in the Safari Park of Worcester Sauce & cheek of it all >> what a complete d**k Gavin Williamson looks now, I can’t stop laughing ..

    Any second rate comedian is gonna’ have a field day & a sell out night of fun ridicule at Gav the Gash’s expense, more gushing & gasping G’teed .. in fact I reckon i could spin this whole tale Skripal & Gav..comms into a full half hour episode, with Richard Madeley most kindly invited to top it off ..
    Well done Richard, mighty Rich: some MEN got some principles, at least ..

    • Kaiama says

      The elephant in India killed his handler the other day.

    • JudyJ says

      Richard Madeley was standing in for Piers Morgan….as someone commented on Twitter, probably the last time he’ll be asked to do that.

        • @Kaiama and much more ! Reality determines that he got off kinda’ light & probably darn sharpish, too , rushing & gushing , gnashing bile & fury, like the proper lil’ puppy puppet private school pupil of prostitution & poachers , he is .. 😉

          Sucking a dummy 🙂 & crying in disMay’s a-dress-ing down ..
          “Down Boy & lick my boots.. whilst yer’ there !! ”

          • Kaiama says

            Madeley may be angling for Newnight now that Paxman is gone. IMHO he’s already passed the audition.

            • It would be great if Madley got the job, with a vision in mind and did a masterful live real time styling of Peter Finch’s role in the film ‘Network’ (ed) , no editor streaming live, calling up all the guilty parties and leaders in the world , just imagine..

              Oi, PC Dick ‘simples’ wants a word with YOU ! ? whadya reckon , lol ;)?

      • Chuckle, any decent person would have dat’extra Dr. Feelgood Factor , that money, fame and even the job itself, just can’t buy and they “is gonna” think & Feelgood about themselves , like a RICH.man with Soul.. For all eternity, with the thought:-

        “The day I did my job … with patient perseverance & professional spirit , & nailed it ..”

        Unlike Piers Morgan , working for misogynist Mad’dog Murdoch for so long , like a puppy poodle, yapping , with an intellectual inferiority complex of mammoth proportions .. hearing just the name and I cringe, I swear 😉

        datsa’ Dachshund devil , in a Morgen Mental Midget’s clothing & a creepy crawly critter kinda’ guy to squat at dawn by women’s toilets .. 🙂 Dontcha’ just know it ! ?
        My skin crawls at the thought of him, before he even starts whining zzzzzzzz.>>stomp>> squat 🙂

        (Apologies to all poodle / dachshund owners, no offence intended 😉 )

  11. The Russians would be fools to do this ahead of the World Cup. The far more obvious candidates are the CIA (not Trump) or their Israeli pals. Possibly even the UK’s MI5 itself egged on by the CIA. For what reason? To continue the US military/industrial complex aim to create tension between Europe and Russia and order more arms for defence; to depose Putin; or to go to war with Russia in which Europe and especially the UK would be in the front line. That Mrs May should have gone along with it shows a total disregard for the safety of UK citizens and the wrecking of any trade between the UK and Russia. It was noticeable that Germany who are the largest traders with Russia dismissed only four Russian diplomats as a token gesture while many countries refused to believe Mrs May’s hysteria.

    • Agreed. I sense Mossad (“By way of deception thou shalt do war”) were behind this, likely with help from the CIA and MI5.

    • Mark Gobell says

      You make some good points.

      Also, for those who may default or, heven forbid, offer reasoned argument that HM Gov perpetrated the Skripal farce, you need to address why the Tories would bite the hand that feeds them ?

      In case anyone is unaware, there is a full scale war going on against the Tories, not just for the usual reasons, but because of Brexit.

      “Dirty” Russian money pouring into the Tory coffers has been but one feature of this warfare.

      So quite why Theresa May & co would want to quench that funding source remains a mystery.

      My analysis shows that this is in fact a Trump / Mercer affair, a quid-pro-quo for the Steel Trump dossier.

      The subsequent lies and cover up are the behaviour of a government under siege and being placed between a geopolitical rock and a hard place.

      That “government” is not as homogeneous as one might imagine.

      There are many factions within and without, all fighting desperately to bring this government down to stop Brexit.

      That those goals coincide with the goals of the usual suspects in other theatres just proves once again that these events are always at the very least, two birds with one stone.


      On 19 March 2011, the psycopaths began their “military intervention” in Libya.

      This just happened to be :

      911 months, 911 weeks

      since the Balfour Declaration on 2 November 1917



      Vlad “the New World Order” Impaler, along with Sergey Lavrow, stopped the psychopaths in their Syrian tracks.

      Lavrov & Kerry agreed on a deal and Syria became a party to the CWC by placing it’s CW under international control on 14 April 2013.



      14 April 2013 – “just happened to be” an INClusive :

      911 days

      since the start of the destruction of Libya.


      and therefore, 14 April 2013 – “just happened to be” an INClusive :

      = 911 months, 911 weeks, 911 days

      since the Balfour Declaration on 2 November 1917




      Hope this helps.


      • Incidentally, I like the quid pro quo notion after the Steel Trump dossier: this would go a long way to explaining many things ..

        Just a pointer, for future reference 🙂 your comments will be delayed in publication , if you post more than 4 links simultaneously .. which is not unreasonable from the site security angle & as anti-trolling measure. I know that you & I have such a load in our heads, but so much life experience, info. & intel. is tough for many to assimilate all in one ‘shot’ or injection of the wealth of information that we possess..

        Just a thought 🙂

        • Mark Gobell says

          Factions, dear boy, factions …

          There is also this to consider :

          TV Series Strike Back “Novichok” and Hillary Clinton.

          Recall the “predictive programming” aspect of the TV series Strike Back vis “Novichok” ?

          ( As per the 9/11 paradigm with the Lone Gunman epsiode ).


          The episode of Strike Back, S6 Ep5 featuring “Novichok”, was first broadcast on Sky One in the UK on 28 November 2017.

          The same episode was first broadcast US TV on 2 March 2018, just 2 days before the theatrics in Salisbury are “reported to have occurred on 4 March 2018” …


          From Hillary Clinton born on 26 October 1947

          to the Novichok episode of Strike Back, S6 Ep5 first UK broadcast on 28 November 2017 is :

          ISUAF =

          = 666 months, 666 weeks, 666 days



          A fine example of how naturally occurring kabbalism is used to provoke the construction of a script around a theme …

          It does not get much more obvious that this.

          If one knows where and how to look at it that is …


          • reinertorheit says

            [[ = 666 months, 666 weeks, 666 days ]]

            More laughable trash written from your home under the bridge.

            Do you think anyone here takes you seriously?

            [[ If one knows where and how to look at it that is … ]]

            Go and take a J-Arthur-Rank elsewhere. you shabby apology for a human being.

          • Holy Moly . yer twisting my Melons man and it wasn’t a happy monday, i assure you 😉 when playing catch up , limping wounded from a massive flackattackacyber’spaced’O’junkies .. tell me yer’ joking , please , or must I duck the radar & Pavlov dog-ma’n’boneman, again .. ?

            I have seen more than a few warning signs of fractions being leveraged, also in Balkan local loyalties, it’s dog eat dog down here, any day now, with the proverbial big steel bar digging in riffffts & craggy faces, right now: around national celebrations, too.. with a few verbal digs & cheeky riposte’s .. one of them will Snap soon enough ;), coz’ they both got the local power , sucking it dry together, with little left to chew on but each other ..

            Some interesting developments.. time & place
            for D’conversation with grace.. OT

            Spock .. beam me up, the clock is ticking & tell Scottie to boot the energisers all round, for to handle the Mother Tsunami of Wave Energy, (all the Enterprise can muster), & for incoming extra flack & ‘tack’ of attention attack, especially of all short attention span crew members, who may be missing time, due to disorientation of spacial awareness & GPS relay positioning manipulations plus some WikiFunky jazzy mind manipulation, to boot: in a time, when Guccifer 2;0 might well soon need relocating or relays or some new devices .. be ready 🙂 I digress , OT Over&out the big ‘OBSEBENE’

            Crazy world where all things are numbered, but nobody gets it , yet ..
            binary, innit’ Spock?

            Logical .. A.i. softwaresimples :),
            since 1938 really 🙂

      • reinertorheit says

        “Flushed anyone out” recently, have you, Mark Gobell?????????

      • Mark Gobell says

        Correction : 14 April 2013 should have read 14 September 2014

        as per the date calculator links.and the NYT article :

        Lavrov & Kerry agreed on a deal and Syria became a party to the CWC by placing it’s CW under international control on 14 September 2013.

        14 September 2013 – “just happened to be” an INClusive :

        See this post :


        “The Russia / Lavrov proposal to place any remaining Syrian CW under international control, led to Syria’s accession to the CWC Treaty on 14 September 2013”


    • All true enough, but you seem to be overlooking who owns & controls the agenda of the whole mainstream media ! ? Who find it all Highly Convenient (massive understatement) now , that you are thinking such thoughts, looking over there at the Skripal case, whilst the Leveson 2 inquiry has just been totally derailed & finally rejected .. despite AE9/11’s advances towards legal ramifications, after discrediting NIST &&& all others pathetic public cognitive dissonance in denial of Physics… !

      Coz’ the Zionist powers that be (TPTB) , which rule the dissemination of news, the agenda & timing of same , all in relation to financial market investments also , and Ramping APARTHEID , really don’t want to have to go to court and start answering highly volatile questions & issues , like WMD’s & all that jazz, that can be evidenced with ABSOLUTE SCIENTIFIC CLARITY & Certitude: indeed since 9/11 onwards, including WTC 7 & the ENRON SEC investigation , which included not just pension fund manipulation, but speculative investments with Certitude, based on Weaponised Weather with HAARP, for profit on commodity deals & turning back dust bowl states created in the US, to buy up land on the cheap for GMO production with fellow investors (in the grand secret immoral scheming abuse of Science), like Monsanto & GEC ..

      Lands effectively turned from private productivity to nothing (but Dust Bowl States of rundown dried out farms & farmers) into productive GMO commodity producers , again , “turning Water into Wine” when the Corporate Command Strategy so desires .. with HAARP & weaponised weather ..

      Don’t tell me you thought what just happened to Puerto Rico was just a bit of bad luck weather wise ??
      Hedge Fund Managers paradise lost in Paulson’s Puerto Rico ? don’t believe the hype in the NYT!
      All things insured, now they are going to buy up the poor man on the cheap, simply said !


      See the pattern ? Where were we ? Ah, the Skripals & the Russians ??

      Sorry, are we still fighting this phoney war on terror, for Corporations ? All for Zion ??

      Any judge who can’t see the whole Terror – Hype – Tragedy cycle in seconds, must have been living up the Limpopo for the last 20 years .. or corrupted >>

      coz’ Leveson 2 would see the patterns of degenerate societal behaviours of the Corporate World during the last 20 years: all controlled via communications and the mainstream media of Zion Directorship.

      You were saying .. ?? 😉

    • Mark Gobell says

      The Independent State of Syria and the “alleged August 2013 CW event” in Ghouta, Damascus on 20 / 21 August 2013

      Post WW1, Sykes-Picot, implemented via the San Remo Conference, at the Syrian National Congress, the Independent State of Syria was established with King Faisal as Head of State on 8 March 1920.

      Sykes-Picot : “A Syrian National Congress meeting in Damascus declared an independent state of Syria on the 8th of March 1920. The new state intended to include portions of Syria, Palestine, and northern Mesopotamia. Faisal was declared the head of State.”





      On 20 August 2012, Barack Obama issued his “red line” warning on Syria’s alleged use of CWs.

      Washington Post : Monday 20 August 2012 : “Obama issues Syria a ‘red line’ warning on chemical weapons”



      Like clockwork, on the 1st anniversary of Obama’s red line warning, on 20 August 2013 ( London & Washington time ) and at 02:30 am on 21 August 2013 Damascus time, the first of two alleged CW incidents are reported to have taken place in Ghouta.

      Ghouta chemical attack


      “The Ghouta chemical attack occurred in Ghouta, Syria during the Syrian Civil War, in the early hours of 21 August 2013. ”

      Eastern Ghouta attack

      The first attack took place around 2:30 a.m. on 21 August 2013 [70][71] in Eastern Ghouta, a rebel-held suburb to the east of Damascus.[72]

      Western Ghouta attack

      The second attack took place in the Western Ghouta area around 5:00 in the morning on 21 August.


      From the establishment of the Independent State of Syria on 8 March 1920

      to the alleged Ghouta, Syria CW incident on 20 August 2013 is :

      ISUAF =


      = 888 months, 888 weeks, 888 days



      Classic kabbalism to schedule false flag terrorism.

      The clear message was : “There’s your red line Obama. What are you going to do about it ?”

      As per the Salisbury incident, same message to Theresa May …

      Same method, same perps …


      • Real glad you pulled in the Data on Sykes Picot : I was suspecting this and needed some solid reference pointers for my GPS and when you see a 1,000 km dead straight redline drawn through territory in history, you’d have to be a mental midget@fullmooninalabama, to ignore its’ significance, mathematically speaking 🙂 chuckle ..

    • Brad Pitte II says

      And that was reported at the time.

      So what?

    • Brad Pitte II says

      The uk NHS has absolutely no obligation to prove how the Skripals’ lives were saved.

      You’re wasting your time.

      It has long been known that opioid overdose was first suspected.

      That is why atropine was immedialtly administered by the paramedics. Atropine is also an antidote for nerve agent poisoning.

      Are you confused, or trying to confuse?

      You’re all certainly very ungrateful for saving their lives.

      Understandable maybe as Sergei is a traitor, yes?

      • JudyJ says

        “Atropine is also an antidote for nerve agent poisoning”. Yes, but only a temporary antidote to keep the airways open so the patient can breath until a bespoke antidote can be administered without delay. Atropine doesn’t cure or prevent damage to the internal organs. That can only be prevented by an antidote unique to the nerve agent in question. If atropine was the answer why on earth would worldwide Govts bother going to the expense of researching and developing antidotes for nerve agents? That is why the sceptics among us do not believe a nerve agent was administered at all. Are we really supposed to believe that three people were affected by one of the deadliest nerve agents known to man, were not treated for nerve agent poisoning until two days later, yet have still emerged with very little – if any – evidence of health issues. You mentioned elsewhere your defence of the supposed four hour delay in the nerve agent taking effect. And both of the Skripals, with different metabolisms, struck down at exactly the same time after a four hour delay? Ah, yes, you explained that Yulia must have had a lesser dose as she wasn’t the main target and it was therefore – or so we are supposed to surmise – just a coincidence that they succumbed simultaneously. Well where does DS Bailey fit in that scenario? Nothing like a four hour delay for him…unless of course he was with the Skripals at the time they were affected. Now there’s a thought to conjure with.

          • frank says

            HI Veracity. Trolling here as well as the independent i see.

        • Brad Pitte II says

          No one gives a damn what you or anyone on the internet surmise.

          You are not judge and almost certainly will not ever be jury.

          Who said they succumbed at exactly the same time?

          Bailey was contaminated at a different time and was taken ill at a different time.

          And that was from secondary or tietary contamination.

          And all of this is irrelevant.

          Novichok was in their blood stream. The intital symptoms were superseded and the treatment adjusted.

          They were treated very quickly with atropine which was very good luck.


          • reinertorheit says

            Likewise, no-one on this site gives a single damn what you or your trillion toll aliases have cut-paste from Breitbart or the Daily Wail in lieu of having an opnion of your own.

            We are all heatily sick of your continuous spamming of this messageboard. Please leave, and take all your 101 sockpuppet identities when you go.

  12. Mishko says

    So Mr. Skripal is a ‘desaparecido’, but without the in-your-face junta.
    Lost in limbo, the in-between spaces, neither here nor anywhere.

  13. flamingosarepink says

    The Skripal poisoning is a ‘dead parrot’ story line and I find it hugely amusing when people go to foolish lengths to support the official line and totally undermine their credibility with ludicrous references.

    Now, where is the identikit image of the perpetrator widely distributed so the public can inform on them and denounce this evil doer? Indeed where is the video evidence of this latter day anarchist surreptitiously sneaking about, paintbrush in hand, dabbing stuff on doorhandles, car doors, bus seats, parking meters or whatever. The village must be the most intensely CCTV scanned village in the UK!! Come to think of it I haven’t even seen an image of DC Bailey either.

    So in the absence of an image of this evil perpetrator, I suggest a global invitation from the worlds cartoonists to draft something suitable. Then a panel of suitable comedians to nominate worthies PLUS a benefactor or two that will pay for a letterbox distribution to every one in Salisbury (and Theresa May’s and Jeremy Corbyn’s constituency). Have a laugh at the expense of the permanent state in the UK. This just a rare moment that opens the door to a thorough ridicule.

    • Mulga Mumblebrain says

      Flaming, the May regime and the UK ‘intelligence’ (almost as oxymoronic as ‘military intelligence’)have been truly incompetent in managing this false-flag operation, but they don’t care, nor need to. Because no matter how stupid, plainly fraudulent or outright laughable their lies, the fakestream media presstitutes will regurgitate it WITHOUT QUESTION, while reliably stoking the flames of Russophobic hatred.

    • Well said: it all kinda’ begs the questions to be presented in a Pythonesque or Spitting Cobra image styling of Gavin Williamson , before engagement:-

      1) Right: “Can you keep a secret ..?”

      2) Left unsaid: “D’Norwegian Necrophiliac(ed) Blue Parrot Porton Porn story of snakes on Salisbury Plain is a No Go Zone, is that clear ? ? , talk about Elephants, chimps terrorists & Russia is compulsory, but anything else absurd ; Agreed ?”

      3) &TDC “Would you like a shot of Black Label Novichok Vodka, for a proper Russka Zakuska & a StarBucks double espresso café latte to boot the rush on Russia?”

      N.B. The Novichok Vodka with black label is an actual product, now on sale as sign of the times .. you nailed it, humour is such a humbling thing, ‘en masse’ and the Bulgarians maybe poverty stricken , with lovely new Swedish Gripen Fighters to finance, but their sin for humour is indefatigable, like Novichok Vodka and it will sell out , i’m sure 😉

  14. Mark Gobell says

    Dr Christine Blanchard’s circular logic :

    BBC News showing clips from tonight’s Newsnight and Mark Urban in the news studio :

    Mark Urban : When you ask questions like “Is this really all that it seems”, they push back quite hard. Listen to this from medical Directro Dr Christine Blanchard.

    Newsnight clip :

    Mark Urban : For those people who say “Oh if this was nerve agent they’d be dead”, what would your response to that be ?

    Dr Chrstine Blanchard : ( smiles ) Well they’re not …


      • Kaiama says

        Possibly circular logic isn’t really logic? Better think about it some more.

  15. Brad Pitte II says

    Even if she didn’t write it (and she did) it wouldn’t matter as she signed it, (and both versions).

    You are all wasting your time.

    Uk law applies 100%.

    -Particularly the guy who keeps going in about 666

    • Estaugh says

      There has been no UK law since our fraudulent entry into the EEC in 1972, (at least). We are under occupation of Corporate EU powers and we are governed by Quisling authorities. Factually, the only Law applicable on the territory at present is Art.61 of Magna Carta 1215.

  16. It still all boils down to the same old thing: The determination to institute perpetual war. The chaos in the Middle East, whether directly or indirectly caused, plus the revival of obsolete Cold-War habits of thought towards Russia, all achieve the same end:
    Making it easier for Washington to move in.

  17. Harry Law says

    One of the unbelievable aspects to this incident is the complete lack of human instincts allowed by the authorities to be exhibited by Yulia in her prepared statements, for instance more attention is paid to the hospital staff and others thanking them etc, while all very commendable Yulia does not mention her 90 year old Grandmother at all, who had this to say about her father…
    “Why won’t they let him call me? Why? For what reason? When he was at home, we talked with each other [by phone] every week, but now we can’t for some reason. Please, grant him permission so that he and I could talk.”
    She also asked the British authorities to allow Viktoria Skripal, Sergei’s niece, to visit him.
    “I cry every day as I wait for a message from my son,” the elderly lady said, sobbing.
    It is inhuman for the police to expect the general public to believe that Sergei Skripal has consented to putting his mother through such psychological distress by refusing to talk to her, it is preposterous on its face to claim he is consenting to such psychological police abuse. Make no mistake almost 3 months in police “care” in a secret facility and incommunicado IS an enforced disappearance, the definition of which is described by the UN International Convention ‘For the Protection of all Persons from Enforced Disappearance’ thus….
    “The detention, abduction or any other form of deprivation of liberty committed by agents of the state or by persons acting with the authorization, support or acquiescence of the state, followed by the refusal to acknowledge the deprivation of liberty or by concealment of the fate or whereabouts of the disappeared person, which place such a person outside the protection of law”.
    Because the above derives from the general prohibition on enforced disappearances they are part of customary International law and are binding on all states and are absolute and non derogable in their application.
    The police need to prove Sergei Skripal is consenting willingly and in an informed manner to this charade, either expressly through a phone call to his mother or an independent lawyer, otherwise, in my opinion he is being detained against his will and the state are in breach of both UK domestic law i.e. the common law offence of ‘false imprisonment’ and customary International law on enforced disappearance.

    • Brad Pitte II says

      She doesn’t call her fiancé either.

      Why do you think?

  18. Brad Pitte II says

    Regarding the tracheostomy, one is reminded of this statement by someone small, blond and very powerful:-

    “Какие бы 30 серебряников эти люди не получали, они колом встанут в их горле”

    I’ve got a feeling Sergei’s statement is going to be very, very hard for R to swallow.

    • Brad Pitts says

      Please can someone Russian explain to me why Putin now suddenly cares for the traitor to Russia, Sergei’s welfare?

      That’s quite was from 2010 just after the spy swap, so it, at least in part applies to Skripal.

      Brits aren’t daft, you know (except Brexit and some Tories).

    • Brad Pitte II says

      I bet Yulia has heard that quite too,

      How does she feel about it?

      How would you?

    • Ray Raven says

      Spell your name correctly.
      “Pity” is spelt thus, not the bogan “Pitte”.
      By the way, you do deserve pity of sorts with the false narratives that you sprout – to the derision of others who are obviously more knowledgeable than you.

      • Brad Pitte II says

        So you can’t explain then.

        I only ask because that’s the first thing a prosecution barrister would ask.

  19. JudyJ says

    Regarding the latest headlines of how the medics thought the Skripals were going to die, all we are given is a reiteration of what the official storyline is. We hear how the medics were ‘told’ that the Skripals had been attacked with a nerve agent and it was then that they thought of all the implications. No doubt they were also ‘told’ that specially trained medical staff would take over the treatment and control of the patients thereafter. So no surprises or revelations.

    However, what I ask myself is what is the purpose of this latest ‘sensationalist’ publicity, being that everything has been suspiciously underplayed for weeks. Is it being dramatically reawakened for an ulterior motive? Is the hope that it will focus attention again on how evil the Russians are? Is it just a coincidence that the OPCW must surely be close to issuing some sort of ‘report'(?) on Douma (well they must have had enough time by now to concoct a story)? Is this latest BBC report a precursor to another incident in Syria or simply to a public statement from Sergei? Is there something else that the UK Govt is currently in trouble over e.g. Brexit, and we are once again being distracted from that? Are we simply being moved on to the next phase of the official narrative in order to detract from the ongoing sceptical analysis of Yulia’s statements (I make this plural because -as has been pointed out in the comments on this thread – the English and Russian statements respectively have slightly different connotations) and ongoing questions about whether a nerve agent was actually used? It also happens to follow on closely after the recently held ‘Media on Trial’ seminar.

    My advice to everyone is be very suspicious. I can guarantee there is definitely something going on behind the scenes and a specific reason for the timing of the BBC’s Mark Urban report.

    • Indeed. And how come BBC Newsnight got the exclusive on this? Seems that other MSM sources are taking the info’ from the Mark Urban piece on the BBC website.

      Incidentally I understand it hasn’t been broadcast yet – it’s scheduled for 22.30 today.

    • Kaiama says

      The difference with this latest episode is that a significant number of pro msm trolls have surfaced and are using every opportunity to bolster the official story. They really are trying very hard to push their version and to rubbish anyone who points out inconsistencies. It is clear that there is a concerted effort to squash any alternative narrative. This exercise seemed to kick off in the last 2 weeks. Someone doesn’t like Russia.

      • Brad Pitte II says

        There is no ‘official story’, as you put it

        The uk police are independent and the investigation is ongoing.

        The press in the uk is also independent, and opinion based. Unlike the press in Russia which seems to be rather more controlled.

        • Kaiama says

          Dear Brad,
          If the UK press WAS independent, then they would be:-
          1 Theories questioning who did it apart from the Russians – none
          2 Suspects – none
          3 Critical evaluation of the evidence (no-one gets a free pass) – none
          The msm’s approach omits any kind of investigative journalism.
          The only truly independent journalism is done by people on the sidelines and thanks to the internet.
          When people like you try to rubbish their efforts, you actually make their case stronger.

        • Deb O'Nair says

          The press have had reporting restrictions imposed on them by the UK government, which suggests a lack of independence in the media.

          As for the Metropolitan Police, who have taken over the investigation from Wiltshire police, they have recently been caught prosecuting suspects who they knew were innocent in order to impress their political masters with statistics and have been caught providing information on left-wing citizens to an employment blacklist, i.e. political persecution. Hardly the behaviour of an independent police force.

          • Mulga Mumblebrain says

            Deb, controlling orders for the media are normal in Ukraine, so our Brad pest sees no problem with them. Odd, isn’t it, that 70 years after the defeat of Nazism and fascism, the UK is now so completely supportive of revanchist fascism in Ukraine.

      • Mulga Mumblebrain says

        FIFA World Cup draws nigh. The vermin must be preparing new provocations and hate propaganda to attack that event-like rats they can act no other way. It’s their nature.

        • Brad Pitte II says

          The vermin that saved their lives.

    • Jen says

      The FIFA World Cup tournament in Russia is only a couple of weeks away. The British government is doing all it can to dissuade British football supporters from travelling there.

      • Mark Gobell says

        The 2018 FIFA World Cup kicks off on 14 June

        I am not in the habit of making predictions, however, these relationships are just too profound to ignore :

        Dates for your diaries …

        Israel’s birthday = 14 May 1948

        + 666 months, 666 weeks, 666 days

        14 May 2018 = INClusive ISUAF

        15 May 2018 = INClusive ILUAF & Normal ISUAF

        16 May 2018 = Normal ILUAF & INTerval ISUAF

        17 May 2018 = INTerval ILUAF



        Notes on the vagaries of date arithmetic :

        INClusive = Count the first date as Day 1

        INTerval = Count of whole days between dates

        ILUAF = If Larger Units Added First

        ISUAF = If Smaller Unitsd Added First


        • Mark Gobell says

          Correction :

          That should read 14 June to 17 June 2018 and not May. Sorry.


        • Kaiama says

          This number thing is a bit too far fetched imho. It’s the world cup hosted by the RF. FIFA don’t choose dates on this basis as far as I know.

          • Mark Gobell says

            Hello Kaiama and thanks for your comment.

            I agree that this information appears to be, as you suggest, far-fetched, bizarre, mad, call it what you will.

            As with anything new, like for example, a book one has not yet read, new information will often provoke all kinds of reactions in people and while it is reasonable, indeed preferable to not be persuaded of anything in the first instance without studying it, likewise, imho, I do not consider it reasonable to write something off in the first instance either and certainly not reasonable to do so by dismissing volumes of evidence without explaining why.

            It is akin to judging the book by it’s cover, which, imho, might not be the best rationale to assess anything.

            Presently, the audience here have only been introduced to the first paragraph of the preface to that book and have not yet begun to read the myriad pages that follow, which contain numerous, identical examples of how the perps construct their “narratives” and schedule their “events”.

            Also, imho, it is reasonable to expect anyone who might dismiss such evidence to have a sound basis for doing so and be willing to present those counter arguments for critique.

            Rejection of evidence based on nothing more than feelings, intuition, or thoughts and reasoning not yet expressed, is also not the best approach to anything.

            I suggest it is incumbent on those who may dismiss such information to at least begin to think about the issue under discussion, that being, the method by which the perps weave their faux narratives and schedule their events.

            To date, after many years work on this, with hundreds of examples already posted on the web, I have yet to read any alternative explanation for what their method might be.

            Nobody has ever offered any alternative hypothesis for how these faux narratives are constructed.

            So what say you Kaiama ? Anyone ?

            How are these narratives constructed and more specifically, what is the rationale for including often apparently “minor” ancillary false events in the mix ?

            Do the desk officers in the puzzle palaces, just dream up stuff out of thin air, with no design rationale or imperative ?

            Are false narrative nodes just randomly inserted into the mix of real facts and events with neither rhyme nor reason for their inclusion ?

            Or are there design principles and therefore a methodology at work ?

            Here is an important, self-evident, fact of life which I have discovered to my astonishment, most folk overlook and which I hope will help to frame any thinking on this subject.

            A narrative Node X states that Event X is reported to have happened on Date X.

            If we subsequently discover that narrative Node X is false, because for example, Event X could not and therefore did not happen, for whatever reason, then everyone needs to understand that not only is Event X false, but also it’s date attribute, Date X is false too.

            If something is reported to have happened, did not in fact happen, then the date is it said to have happened on is also a lie too.

            I trust that is a self-evident fact of life ?

            So, all that remains in that scenario when analysing Node X, is to work out :

            1. Why the false Event X was invented and included in the narrative in the first place and then

            2. Why did the scriptwriters choose the false Date X for the false Event X ?

            Why did they claim that, the now known to be false Event X, happened on Date X and not some other date ?

            Are the dates assigned to known false events selected at random do you think ?

            Research proves otherwise. Research proves over and over again that there is a method to the madness. It is systematic, reproducible and will be forever evident until the end of time, unless they change the calendar again.

            The method relies on the simple science of mathematics using simple date arithmetic. So there is nothing new or “flaky” about the technique whatsoever.

            On the contrary, I suggest that the only “flaky” part in this paradigm, is the understandable lack of awareness about the interpretation of these narratives and an understanding of their design method.

            For example, when one reads in the Skripal script about “the spy with the Louis Vuitton handbag”, how is the information processed and interpreted ?

            I’d say, at best, it is written off as a media joke and then ignored and more often, not even considered at all.

            So, on that basis, imho, there seems little point in the scriptwriters including the meme at all.

            This then leads to the next crucial part to understand.

            If 99% of the audience are unable or unwilling to interpret and understand the meme, why do they include it in the narrative and who is the intended audience if not us ?

            This “language of the oligarchs” or “twilight language” as some have called it, I suspect, is a method shared by all intel agencies.

            If faction A is the real perpetrator and faction B is the intended target, then I suggest that faction B do know how to interpret these allegories and this language because they use the very same method.

            As I have posted here before. the narratives always point to the “complaints” which comprise the motivation for the event and also always point to those responsible.

            It is these kabbalistic facts of life which are correctly interpreted by agencies of the target faction and so they well know who is really doing what to whom and why.

            We, the proles are not to be told the truth of course. We are persuaded that it is the enemy du jour who is always responsible.

            For example, do folk think that our government would come out and tell us that it was Tel Aviv, or Washington or Riyadh who blew up the trains and not “home grown Islamic terrorists” ?

            I think not.

            The frequently but not exclusively self-inflicted smokescreen of “the government did it”, is often misdirection and incorrect. This will prevent any and all from seeing the wood from the trees.

            Once that preconceived, debilitating obstacle is overcome in favour of the preferred open, analytical approach, then the various factions can be seen to be at work, along with their reasons and those responsible.

            The only way to do that is to learn to interpret their language.

            If we do not learn that language, then all that remains is the familiar “grammar analysis”, which is crucial of course, but I aver is of only limited value in narrative analysis. It may satisfy some to varying degrees, but is rarely conclusive. These pages attest to the numerous “opinions” that exercise provokes. Rarely is anything conclusively proved or even argued imho.

            When one also considers that this “grammar analysis” completely ignores narrative nodes about which it is ill-equipped to analyse, such as the “the spy with the Louis Vuitton handbag” for example, it therefore becomes self-evident that “grammar analysis” on it’s own is a wholly inadequate method with which to study narratives.

            No respected analytical discipline that I know of, cherry-picks the bits it wants to comment on while ignoring others that it just does not know what to do with.

            Studying the kabbalistic event relationships overcomes this flawed approach. Always.

            I aver, that is the way the narratives are created / written / constructed and therefore that is the way they should be decoded.

            There is abundant, overwhelming evidence for this.

            Re: the FIFA World Cup dates and Israel’s birthday.

            We must all be aware that relationships such as 666m, w & d between events exist naturally.

            I do not know about how the FIFA event is scheduled and who does that scheduling and why it is scheduled thus. ( I would be interested to know about this though. )

            The fact remains that there is a 666m, w & d relationship to the first couple of days of the 2018 FIFA World Cup.

            There is nothing anyone can do about this kabbalistic fact of life.

            Whether the FIFA scheduling with respect to that relationship is intentional or not, I do not know. My post did not intend to convey any notion of intent or even design in this instance.

            Whether this quintessential kabbalism will be used for some nefarious event, I don’t know.

            It may be and it may be FIFA World Cup related, or not, I don’t know, because I do not have a crystal ball.

            Although I never make predictions publicly, I made this exception because I do consider it worth posting, because it exists and because of this antecedent :

            ISIS Syria : Omran Daqneesh : The Aleppo “dusty boy” psyop : Israel’s birthday



            One last thing :

            The Trivium Method requires that we study logic, grammar and rhetoric.

            This should equate to resolving the who, what, why, where and when of any narrative or event.

            Attempts are made through “grammar analysis” to analyse the who, what, why, and where but never their neglected sibling, the “when”.

            Why do you think that is the case ?

            It baffles me. But there seems to be very little focus, if any on this crucial part of the analysis.

            My work fills that gap and I aver, is the only way that a full understanding of these diabolical narratives can be achieved.

            As an aside, I also suggest that the WMD meme, is itself an allegorical joke, since the only place we are going to find the elusive WMD is among the Weeks, Months and Days of the event relationships.

            If anyone has any questions then I will do my best to answer them.


        • reinertorheit says

          But your algorithm lacks certain essential input data:

          20th April 1889 = Adolf Hitler’s Birthday
          227 passengers + 12 crew = number of people who disappeared on Malaysian Airlines flight MH370
          6 micrometres (0.24 mils) – gauge of tinfoil used in the average hat
          1867 = estimated number of people who have been washed over the edge of the flat earth so far in 2018
          8 = number of persistent trolls to be found currently on this messageboard

          • Neil, math & science was never one of your strengths .. nor thinking ‘futures’.
            Try and focus on the real mental midgets in these threads, that deserve a good squatting with your demon wit, (that can backfire in your sometimes rash impulsivity, shooting yourself in the foot in advance ?): best leave untouched, what you don’t understand yet.. because it could harm your self respect in the long game, after you take time to consider..

            Schrödingers Cat ?

            and d’fact that Dr. Seuss’ s Cat in the Hat is back ..

            We all make mistakes: best not amplify them, eh ?
            How about after the World Cup, if you insist upon getting even ?
            Lol, this comment is logged and Marks too, so we’ll see soon enough whose foot & mouth rests in the pooh scat from d’Tiggerszzzz .. in bear markets.

            I personally am very grateful for the comments from Mark , for extremely complex reasons,
            you cannot grasp .. yet

            Let it be 😉

            just for now .. show some patience & common respect for others opinions.

            I have predicted just about every major ‘hit’ correctly since the mid 80’s onwards , especially financial, way better than Trump already in ’92’ (also on record at the Guardian predicting his win in 2016 , way in advance) , after doing my own research first and gone on record, one way or another: it takes courage to stick one’s neck out in advance, above the “barbarous multitudes” with all the paid trolls & polls, from the lobbyists of Zion ..

            & their faux estimations, for whom the bell tolls .. !

        • Tony M says

          You really are discrediting yourself and in the process this website with all this occult/numerology nonsense, it’s just silly, deranged, please stop it, if not on tablets, get some, if on tablets, stop them.

          • Mark Gobell says

            Hello Tony M

            Wow. As I said, new information provokes all kinds of reactions in people.

            I normally thank folk for commenting costructively, peaceably and politely to my posts, but since yours is a tad abusive, I will refrain this time.

            Are you able and willing to elucidate please vis your chracterisation :

            “occult/numerology nonsense, it’s just silly, deranged”

            You also have the option of apologising for being so rude, if and when you feel like it…

            Why don’t you explain to the world what it is that’s bothering you about the information in my posts ?

            While you’re at it, perhaps you could also explain why it provokes such a temper in you and why it compels you to make such ignorant and breathless conclusions ?

            Or is it just going to remain as unfounded, a priori, ill-informed abuse ?

            Your rant sounds very much like the control freaks who used to “manage” the “9/11 truth campaign” who screamed the excat same mantra whenever any poster went “off messsage”

            “Stop this nonsense, you are bringing the 9/11 truth movement into disrepute.”

            Your call Tony H


            • Tony M says

              Sure some people set great store by these things, Talmudists, Masons, but that’s because they’re bloody lunatics, on the outermost fringe of the lunatic fringe at that, when I see it I know that similar to the ravings of those quoting from any of the holy books, I can dismiss it as fruitless nonsense immediately, scroll past, turn the page without consideration of the details or giving it even the least further thought. It’s not necessary or desirable to descend to their level of superstitiousness and stupidity; to indulge in trying to fathom pattern or reason in the actions or beliefs of madmen is futility itself. Events happen in the real world, subject to hundreds of variable uncontrollable factors, randomness. They’re just not that ‘clever’ they’re witless psychopaths, thieves and murderers, hypocrites and parasites.

              What you’re doing is the equivalent of reading tea-leaves, and if it amuses you fine, carry on, if you look hard enough you can find and see anything you imagine or wish to, as can they, but objectively it simply isn’t there, and even if something insignificant were it would be purely by accident and coincidence, not by design, and if so what possible difference would it or could it possibly make back in the real world? Is it admissable in court, does it pay the bills recover lost or stolen items, does it advance universal knowledge …

              It’s your religion your belief system, but its an artificial construct, bogus like them all, a terrible waste of time, yours, mine and others, time which could be put to better use -think of the opportunity cost.

    • Frankly Speaking says

      You are asking “what’s cooking?”

      I remain convinced that some major incident is planned to spoil the World Cup in Russia or even prevent it. They almost surely cannot have “Putin’s Russia” presented in a positive way to our unthinking public.

      I personally think they will cook up another chemical incident that will as a minimum cause a boycott or scare people shitless from attending, but as a minimum they’ll send their military provocateurs to stir up crowd trouble and get games cancelled. Let’s also not forget what their ISIS friends might be sub-contracted to carry out on their behalf.

      Whatever, there’s almost bound to be bad shit brewing.

  20. Dumbing down the narrative?

    Over in Graunland Caroline Davis who usually does the establishment’s royal puff pieces for the ailing rag…

    …is wheeled in to do the establishment’s puff piece for the Skripals. I joke not!

    Clearly the regurgitation of a tired and hackneyed narrative which hardly anyone believes requires a certain type of journalism to flog it to the dumbed down pundits which do.

    • PeaceCora says

      I have just read the piece from the BBC link, all I can say is that it was like reading a Ladybird children’s version of the Fake News.

      The more they try to drip, drip, drip, little pieces of ‘evidential’ follow up ‘news’ the more it reveals to me the blatant lie this has all been.

      • Brad Pitte II says

        What is this even meant to mean?

    • reinertorheit says

      They speak, indeed. But who scripted their words? The same BBC who produced The Putin Project ? Especially when covered by the BBC’s DIplomatic Editor, and former Tank Regument officer, Mark Urban.

  21. cut and paste job via SyrPer, hope the image prints:


    comment image

    Soon in all cosmetic shops in the world.

    Beauty is not in the eyes.. Its in what nerve agent you inhale..

  22. Gary Weglarz says

    The entire Skripnal affair has been like some sort of bad slapstick comedy routine from the very beginning. If one imagines it being perhaps a Monty Python skit it would of course be quite funny – the “official story” changes day to day, the most deadly substance known to man fails to kill or even permanently incapacitate the victims, and the politicians can’t even keep their lies straight.

    Since it is clearly not intended to be viewed as “comdey,” one is left to believe that the powers that be, our “betters,” don’t even care how absolutely non-tethered to reality their various and sundry propaganda stunts are, because they know that their lackeys in MSM will repeat their non-stop idiocy as fact, reporting it as if such lunacy were received carved on stone tablets from the mountain top.

    From America’s “Russiagate” to the U.K.’s “Skripnal” affair – actual factual information supporting each of these official narratives is basically non-existent, and the powers that be instead of providing actual “evidence” demand that we “trust them” for fear we’ll be labelled “Putin’s puppets” or “Stooges of the Kremlin.” That any thinking human being can take these absurd propaganda operations seriously is really quite remarkable, but speaks volumes about the state of critical thinking in the West.

  23. Jen says

    Tony Kevin’s analysis of Julia Skripal’s statements and his conclusion that they were the result of negotiations between Julia and her minders is partly supported by John Helmer’s descriptions of what the English-language and Russian-language scripted statements say and what Julia herself says in the video. If Kevin were to read Helmer’s post, he’d be even more impressed with Julia’s spirit, that two statements that should be similar because one is a translation of the other end up saying quite different things.


    “… By announcing her “hope to return home to my country”, [Julia Skripal] repudiates the national blame which her British hosts report to the media. She has placed her national loyalty after her filial duty, leaving no doubt about both. However, there’s no mention of her host country or anybody British except for “the wonderful, kind staff at Salisbury hospital”. Again, Yulia departed from the dictated English text. In English she was reported as saying: “Finally, I would like to again thank everyone involved in my continued care.” In Russian she said she wanted to thank “all the people who gave me support and help in this difficult period of my life.” In that last sentence Yulia expanded the geography of her gratitude to include British, Russians, and the world of support which her case has generated. The phrase she added, which wasn’t in the MI6 script, is a reference, not to medical rehabilitation, but to her continuing custody in the UK, and the terms of isolation which have been imposed on her.

    Her request for privacy at the end is different in Russian from the dictated English. According to the script drafted for her, Skripal referred to a statement issued in her name by the Metropolitan Police on April 5, adding: “no one speaks for me, or for my father, but ourselves”. In Russian what she said was: “nobody should or can speak for me and my father, except ourselves.” The English text is an instruction, directed at Russians, including her family members. The Russian text is a request, directed at Russians and British, alike.”

    • Mulga Mumblebrain says

      If Julia Skripal refuses to play ball with her captors, she’ll suffer a ‘tragic relapse’, for sure.

  24. Harry Law says

    Rob Slane has this humorous article on a spoof statement put out by the police on behalf of Sergei Skripal “I would also like to address those who claim that I am being held against my will and denied my rights. I want to clarify that this supposition is very wide of the mark and bears no relation to the actualité. On the contrary, I have the freedom to go wherever I wish, naturally within the bounds of the beautiful location in which I currently reside, and I would also want to reassure everyone that I have full access to friends, family, and information. I am free to call my mother at anytime, and I may well do this, when I judge that it will not be prejudicial to my continued recovery. All such talk of disappearance or abduction is arrant nonsense.
    I have been assigned specially trained officers who have helped to take care of all my needs and who have explained the details of the painstaking investigative processes that are being undertaken to establish how I and my daughter were poisoned by a military grade nerve agent — of a type developed by Russia” https://russia-insider.com/en/draft-version-scotland-yards-statement-behalf-sergei-skripal/ri23575

    • Jen says

      I have to admit I nearly died laughing at the punch-line at the end.

  25. Mulga Mumblebrain says

    It would be interesting to see Kevin’s view on the current FRENZY of Sinophobic hatred in Austfailure, driven directly from Thanatopolis DC, and increasingly being led in part by a cabal of very far Right former military thugs, plainly in thrall to the US Empire after years collaborating in the Hitlerite aggressions and genocides in Afghanistan and Iraq. Every day brings several ferocious diatribes against the Chinese, and the usual fakestream propagandistic ‘discussions’, where the talking-heads compete with each other in denouncing the Evil Chinese, and, a truly sinister development, impugning the ‘loyalty’ of the large and very long established Chinese community in this sordid excuse for a country. Fascism is on the march.

    • rilme says

      Japan says:”Now you see how difficult we are!”.

      I just read most of a Nikkei Asian Review that had many stories about China, all strongly biased.
      Example: China is helping Cambodia build dams to generate electricity. Clearly Cambodia wants this to happen. But we are told it’s because China wants to push its neighbours around. Then the writers let slip that Japan offered loans and technical help to build dams in Cambodia, but they were turned down because too expensive.

      !: That’s what I’m say.

    • P.E. Ace says

      Tweet.explains statements by Yulia Skripal and D.S. Bailey seem written by same person …

      • JudyJ says

        Perhaps if we ever get to see a statement from Sergei he will be declaring that his “future life will undoubtedly present challenges” and he is “taking things one step at a time”.

        • Brad Pitte II says

          I imagine he will be a little tougher than Yuila.

  26. I don’t know if it was mentioned here, but a few days ago someone said that this incident was initially reported as a suspected Fentanyl poisoning.

    The Salisbury Journal report of 4th March “Two in hospital after medical emergency at Maltings in Salisbury” (readily viewable online) is especially interesting.

    If Fentanyl was initially suspected then that can surely only mean that the symptoms that the Skripals were exhibiting were similar to the symptoms of people with Fentanyl poisoning. I think these are quite different from the symptoms of people who have suffered nerve agent poisoning.

    Fentanyl is an incapacitating agent as is BZ.

    Remarkably, it was reported by the Salisbury Journal that Yulia Skripal was unconscious and airlifted to hospital at 5.15pm – one hour after the incident had been initially reported at around 4.15pm. Sergei Skripal was reportedly conscious and driven to hospital. One of them had apparently vomited.

  27. Tom Welsh says

    “Russians are stoical people and would not choose to dwell on their suffering using language like ‘the clinical treatment was invasive, painful and depressing’”.

    And did this “invasive, painful and depressing” treatment take place while Yulia was unconscious in a coma for 20 days – or after she woke up from it?

  28. So two people are found unconscious on a park bench, showing signs of poisoning. It is quickly reported that they havr been poisoned with an ultra deadly nerve agent.
    2 moths later both patients are alive and well. So the Russians cant make a nerveagent ? According to V. Putin they can, and if it was compound A234 used they would be dead. Rhymes with me, as I recall VX kills in seconds and only Atropine at hand may save you.
    The whole story is garbage, any reasonable thinking human being reject this garbage. Even the British government has been dumbed down, when the serve up utter crap like this. We (on the continent) are too bright to swallow this crap.
    I am actually insulted that they expect me to devour this garbage, and the people promoting it, the Spaghetti Monster have mercy on me, I wonder if they excist, they must be bots, really.
    Who wipes Luke hardings ass, he is clearly to stupid to do it himself. I s he a real person? Should he not be in a care-thingie-place, for less well concocted individuals? You know like a reject bin.

    • If you ever stand in a lift with Luke, you’ll quickly realize that nobody wipes it.

  29. Einstein says

    Does anyone know the name of the doc who gave Julia CPR for thirty minutes?
    Does anyone know where DS Nick Bailey, his wife Sara and their two children are?

  30. Gwyn says

    So, Mr Lavrov is a man who has no public record of ever lying.

    Just the tiniest, teensiest contrast with our own esteemed representative on the world stage, then…

    • reinertorheit says

      On the back of this comes news that Roman Abramovich – the Russian billionaire who owns Chelsea FC. and who has been blanked on a renewal of his UK visa – has applied for, obtained, and received Israeli citizenship. He has already bought a former hotel property in Israel, and in future it appears he will be classed as domiciled in Israel for tax purposes.

      Quite a big fish for the British Inland Revenue to have let slip through their fingers, really. Probably several million pounds per year, at the very minimum.

      But certainly the tousel-headed clown at the British Foreign Office will have weighed it all up carefully, as he always does before opening his Old Etonian gob, eh?


      • Kaiama says

        …I think it has more to do with using his Israeli citizenship to circumvent the requirement to get a visa on his russian passport.

        • reinertorheit says

          Indeed so. Israeli passport holders do not visas to enter Britain. He would not be allowed to work in Britain – but I somehow think Mr Abramovich doesn’t need a part-time job at a car-wash in Ealing.

      • Gwyn says

        Dear me, reinertorheit. Don’t you know that the mere mention of Israel is now considered to be anti-Semitic?


        • Mulga Mumblebrain says

          No, Gwyn, if you say, ‘Beautiful Israel, the Light Unto the Nations, home of ‘Moral Purity’, the ‘only democracy in the region’, engaged in a ‘Clash of Civilizations’ struggle with Islamist Evil, represented by the savage Palestinian hordes who only live to kill poor, defenceless, peace-loving Israelis’, you might, just, sneak it through.

          • Gwyn says

            Thanks, Mulga. It’s reassuring to know that my continued references to the IDF as the Most Moral Army in the World™ will not get me into trouble.

            Far be it from me to mention the 61 Palestinians who perished in the most recent installment of the ”Clash of Civilisations”, of course. I do hope that the Israeli sense of ”Moral Purity” is in no way threatened or offended by the deaths of Palestinian children.

            • Mulga Mumblebrain says

              Those 61 ‘two-legged animals’, to use Zionist parlance, committed suicide by getting in the way of ‘morally pure’ Israeli Death Forces bullets. Their actions were despicably ‘antisemitic’.

              • Brad Pitte II says

                Abromovich is Jewish Russian (as was Berezovsky) so I don’t get all this uk is Zionist stuff.

                He is being refused a uk visa.

                You seem a tad confused.

                • Robbobbobin says

                  Brad Pitte II posted “…I don’t get all this uk is Zionist stuff.”

                  Then you know FA about the rabid, viciously pro-Zionist agenda (and its equal and opposite, rabidly vicious anti-Palestinian expression of force), wrapped in Perfidious Albion’s languid language of bland and accomplished duplicity, that was skillfully inculcated into the conciousness of Britain’s rulers since well before its Palestinian mandate and has been ruthlessly reinforced ever since. If it were not for Britain’s unrelentingly pro-Zionist stance from 1920 to 1948, with its implacable suppression of Palestinian Arab interests, particularly from the late 1930s onwards, then the state of Israel would probably not exist today. You seem to be good on the current facts (or not) of the Skripal incident – perhaps you might care to catch up with the historical facts (for sure) of Britain’s slavishly dedicated, century-long kowtow to Zionism as well.

      • Mulga Mumblebrain says

        Most of the ‘oligarch’ kleptomaniacs who looted the USSR under Yeltsin were of the same ‘lineage’ as Abramovich, many headed for Israel for domicile and or safety, and the ‘shock therapy’ doctrine that facilitated their thievery and the devastation of Russian and other post-Soviet societies was crafted by Jeffrey Sachs and his cabal of Harvard ‘econosadists’ nearly all of whom shared the very same lineage. Funny coincidence, that.

      • Kaiama says

        As if the notorious Ukrainian propaganda site could be even thought of as being unbiased against Russia – try harder.

      • reinertorheit says

        Take your Bandera Ukrainian garbage somewhere else. Long overdue that you were banned from this site.

        • Robbobbobin says

          Proto-fascism goes over big at The Guardian. Perhaps you should send them a contribution so they can continue to do their good work?

    • Mulga Mumblebrain says

      Does the bleached buffoon, Boris Johnson, do anything but lie? Is there a public record of him ever speaking truthfully, on any subject?

      • Gwyn says

        No, Mulga, there is no recorded instance of the de Piffle monstrosity ever uttering a word of truth.

        Given the frequency of his outbursts of verbal diarrhoea, one would at least expect the law of averages to come into effect, but, alas, no. Nothing.

  31. Ok, lets get something straight.

    WE ALL KNOW that Russia is evil!

    The Proof is clear.

    The Russians CONTROLLED the American election by fooling all those otherwise intelligent American’s by cleaver, creative deceptive Face Book ads.


    Who could have guessed?

    And then riding on their success decided, out of the blue, to POISON two Russian citizen’s in trench-coats with a super deadly killer chemical THAT KILLS 100% of the time! Guaranteeing success and world domination!

    And to insure that no one would be fooled by believing 007 did it put big signs on their victims reading “MADE IN RUSSIA”!

    So anyone with intelligence surely can determine the “real” culprits.

    Trust Tubularsock on this. Russians are just not this dumb no matter what you may wish to believe but American happen to be. Tubularsock would also include the English but all Tubularsock knows, ad nauseam, is that they get married a lot!

    Cheerio …. is a breakfast cereal.

  32. rtj1211 says

    I think we are well down the ‘Little Boy who cried wolf’ scenario where Russia bashing is concerned. I sould not trust HMG, MI6, the BBC, the MSM about anything to do with Russia. They backed the oligarchs to loot Russia in 1990s, now they are bashing Putin when Russia has recovered from that looting.

    If we start from the assumption that the British Establishment are descended from- and have the same values as the global drug dealers of the East India Corporation, we will at least be pleasantly surprised if they are slightly less criminal than that.

    We should assume they are elitist fascists, who nonetheless steal with impunity from those they call inferior.

    Then we might cross examine Johnson and May like criminals in the dock, the healthy skepticism required to be a functioning journalist.

    We might assume Russia innocent until proven guilty rather than guilty until proven innocent.

    And we might consider whether uncritical hero worship of Russian oligarchs blinds us as to how they actually made their money…..

    • Robbobbobin says

      “…Russia has recovered from that looting.”

      Russia is still recovering from that looting. A lot of loot brings a lot of power and influence to the looters and Putin still has to pussyfoot around the holders of that loot/power and their external and internal (“fifth column”) representatives, as – probably – will his successor and maybe even his successor’s successor (who will, thereby, also be open to the original looter’s and their heir’s racketeering allies’ rabble-rousing charges of “collaboration” and co-“corruption”).

      Too complicated a syntax to parse that sentence easily? “Sure is,” as the Babchenko said to the Matryoshka.

  33. Brad Pitte II says


    1. The signed statement was initiated by Yulia herself and as she had stated in her phone call with Viktoria About 6 weeks ago

    2. The Skripals were poisoned with a Novichok as confirmed by the OPCW. It is likely that the intended victim was Sergei, who had sold state secrets to Russia. So, Yulia’s poisoning accidental. (Like downing MH17).


    • Kaiama says

      Selling which state’s secrets to Russia? Why would the Russians poison someone feeding them with secrets? Wierd logic at work here.

      • Brad Pitte II says

        Selling Russian state secrets. Error. Yes.

        Well spotted.

      • Mulga Mumblebrain says

        Ukronazi logic. From the axiom-‘Kill all the Moskali coloradoes (beetles)’

    • Nerve agents are extremely toxic and fast acting. Ergo: the Skripals would be dead if they were poisoned by such a substance. There is no recovery.

      As the author of this piece pointed out it is likely that the samples the OPCW received had been contaminated deliberately to serve the British government narrative.

      If you are so naive as to believe everything your government tells you without question then you are beyond help.

    • Something is Wrong With Yulia Skripal: Strange Text and Scar Running Down Neck Raises Eyebrows

      Published on 28 May 2018

      The Russian MFA demanded that Yulia Skripal appeared in person and made a statement. She appeared and made a statement in person but was it personal?

    • ‘Brad’, I know you probably feel a bit under appreciated but keep posting on this site, please.

      Every second you spend here completely wasting your own time is a second you’re not spending elsewhere exposing an ignorant person to anything that might potentially influence their uninformed opinions.


    • Mulga Mumblebrain says

      As popular as herpes-Galician SS herpes.

  34. stevehayes13 says

    The official narrative is so blatantly false it is not credible that anyone would find it plausible. This obvious lack of credibility makes it obvious that the British state simply does not care whether anyone believes the narrative or not. Indeed, the political media elite have pretty much dropped the story already. The press statement that Sergei Skripal had been discharged from hospital on the eve of a royal wedding that the corporate media were obsessing over was almost certainly timed so as to hide this news. As far as the British state is concerned, the Skripal case has already served its purpose and now they would prefer it be forgotten, other than as a meme for Russia is bad, in just the same way as other unsupported accusations against Russia have been reduced to unquestionable facts by simply ignoring the evidence.

    • Gary Weglarz says

      Stevehayes13 – absolutely spot on analysis!

  35. DS Nick Bailey says

    BZ precursor was found in quality control samples. Spiez lab had environmental samples not biomed samples. Emergency consultant at Salisbury hosputal wrote to the Times that initial blood tests showed no abnormality and no patients had symptoms of poisoning by a nerve agent. Initial reports suggested poisoning with fentanyl. We dont know the biomed OPCW results but they are for exposure to a chemical rather than for its presence in the sample. Presence of metabolites could be taken to indicate exposure. In any case biomed analysis for nerve agent exposure is not definitive.

    • Brad Pitte II says

      Spiez lab and others had both env. and blood samples. The statement that the Novichok wasn’t assimulated comes from Russia not the OPCW and is pure obfuscation. The (relative) purity of the Novichok is not altered by its assimilation into the body.

      The emergency doctor did not visit or test the Skripals who were in intensive care at that time.

      He was referring to additional members of the public who attended casualty with apparent symptoms.

      • P.E. Ace says

        Google: Salisbury + fentanyl + clinical services journal

        And look for the tweet from the journalist fired for writing about weapon deliveries to Syrian rebels.

    • Gwyn says

      ‘Ello, ‘ello, ‘ello! Feeling better, DS Bailey?

        • reinertorheit says

          Admin, please delete this vile obscenity and ban this troll permanently

    • Kaiama says

      Where does it say the BZ was only in the QC samples?

        • Kaiama says

          A youtube video purporting to be a news report from a news organisation with no voice over and 226 views from over a month ago. The turkish OPCW head might well have said that, but he didn’t show anyone the original laboratory report that the OPCW received. I’d accept the lab report because then that would prove whether or not Lavrov was lying or telling the truth. The OPCW as an organisation doesn’t inspire much confidence in its independence when Russian requests for information and investigation were voted down. If there was nothing to hide from Russia they would have let them take part.

      • Brad Pitte II says

        Also reconfirmed today by the head of the OPCW.

        So, got the F A C T yet, Kaiama?

        Yes, it was a Novichok NOT BZ.

        Now write it out 100 times.

        • Kaiama says

          Фак офф ю прык

          Your post betrays the level of your contributions.

        • Kaiama says

          You need to try harder. That someone said something,yes. Cant hey back it up publically with the lab report? No. Hence they are hiding something.

  36. Neil says

    BZ precursor found was in quality control sample.

    • Says the OPCW as the only possible response to Lavrovs leaked report. I do not trust that excuse. Not when BZ produces precisely the effects first reported in the Skripals.

  37. Brad Pitte II says

    Whole article is pure speculation.

    The OPCW have confirmed a Novichok, and by the way the stuff about it not being assimilated and therefore added later comes from Russia, NOT from the OPCW.

    And the OPCW have said there was no BZ in the blood or environmental samples.

    Russia stated they would not accept the OPCW results even before they were published, and that’s what they are doing.

    • JA139 says

      If they had been poisoned by novichok, they would be dead. End of story. Therefore they weren’t.

        • Brad Pitte II says


          That’s F A C T that I offer there.

          You and Putin are W R O N G.

          A Novichok can and has killed slowly.

          • frank says

            Are you Veracity from the Independent comments?

        • Brad Pitte II says

          Please can the 14 who minused this explain why.

          Are they saying that the article is a complete lie?

          • Mark Gobell says

            Obtuse : adjective

            not quick or alert in perception, feeling, or intellect; not sensitive or observant; dull.

            not sharp, acute, or pointed; blunt in form.


            Re: ‘It’s got me’: the lonely death of the Soviet scientist poisoned by novichok


            The Guardian article you link to is based on various sources, primarily, the post-Skripal regurgitated Washington Post story by Will Englund, the State Secrets book written by Vil Mirzayanov, Will Englund’s 1992 articles at the Baltimore Sun and Jonathan B Tucker’s book, War of Nerves Chemical Warfare from World War I to Al-Qaeda.





            Therein lies the story of CW researcher, Andrei Zheleznyakov’s alleged poisoning in May 1987, allegedly by an alleged nerve agent, allegedly called “Novichok-5”. He allegedly died in July 1992.

            Your use of this example to support your “five year delayed death” nonsense, due to “Novichok poisoning” is disingenuous on many counts :

            1. You offer no evidence that the alleged “Novichok-5” in the alleged Andrei Zheleznyakov case is in any way the same as that which is alleged in the Skripal case. You, nor anyone else here has the expertise to assess any of that.

            2. You do not compare like-for-like in any way, alleged poison, dosage & exposure, treatment & antidote, the individual reaction, etc.

            3. We have only the word of Vil Mirzayanov that Andrei Zheleznyakov eventually died, 5 years later due to the effects of the alleged Novichok-5 incident. You will read that Vil Mirzayanov ended up working in “counter espionage”.

            4. Will Englund, the “US Baltimore Sun journo based in Moscow” whom Vil Mirzayanov decided to go and visit on 16 September 1992, in order to “let the west know that Gorbachev was hiding the fact that Russia was still researching CW” is the only source that this alleged visit by the “Russian CW whistle blower” occurred. The choice of the “Baltimore Sun’s” office in Moscow for an alleged whistle blower, seems a tad ridiculous to me.

            5. Will Englund admits in his 1992 articles which broke Vil Mirzayanov’s “Novichok-5 / Andrei Zheleznyako” story, occurred a week or so after Gorbachev presented a CW agreement to the US. Context here is important. Who knows if Englund is / was who he says he is / was and whether this story is in fact true.

            6. You have not bothered to post any of Vil Mirzayanov’s comments about how potent and effective “Novichok” is alleged to be.

            7. Nobody outside of the puzzle palaces knows if Novichok even exists.

            8. Folk respond to posts they consider worth responding to. This modern “vote up or down” system seems to be geared toward encouraging folk to read or not to read posts. I think it is unhelpful and should be abandoned.

            9. The alternative is to respond to your posts, most of which to me, resemble the behaviour of a troll with an agenda. Entering into discussion with trolls is usually a waste of time. It also takes time and effort and not everyone is inclined to commit to that. You are also insulting, rude and abusive. I don’t know if you are aware, but most folk do not respond kindly to others who exhibit those behavioural traits. So, you have created a lot of obstacles to your message being heard.

            10. Vil Mirzayanov’s alleged visit to “Will Englund in the Baltimore Sun’s Moscow office” ( sic ) occurred on 16 September 1992. Nathan Meyer Rothschild’s 215 th birthday.

            Thank you for alerting me to this Vil Mirzayanov / Andrei Zheleznyakostory though, it is much appreciated.


    • Kaiama says

      Novichok isn’t one chemical but a term referring to a whole bunch different chemicals. One person died after being exposed to one particular chemical (which one?)and at the time they KNEW what he was doing. The circumstances and degree of exposure aren’t verifiably known. It’s just another possibility which doesn’t make it fact. For something to be made into a weapon it has to kill before the subject can react and counter. The fact that they were wandering around salisbury for 4 hours is completely relevant.How could they have been attacked by something which takes 4 hours to hit them at the same time. If they were “attacked” it was at the park bench with something that was fast acting.

      • Brad Pitte II says


        Why can’t it have been delayed by four hours?

        It depends how it was administered, and in this case it looks like it was gel or liquid via skin contact, which takes time to get to the bloodstream.

        It was not a GAS nerve agent, which is the classic nerve agent medium, which, yes acts quickly because it reaches the lungs almost immediately.

        And they were treated with atropine by the paramedics, because that’s how drug addicts who have overdosed are normally treated.

        And it appears that Yuila received a weaker dose, so that could have been a secondary contamination.

        All fits well with a weak primary dosage to Sergei via liquid Novichok on the door handle. It was damp weather (even raining), so it wasn’t a heavy, effective dose. And it may have been DESIGNED to have a delayed action anyway, to enable the guilty to escape.

        Point is, we don’t really know yet. The investigation is ongoing.

        It took them a while to work out that the poison that killed Litvinenko was in fact Po210. They first thought it thallium.

        These things take time and great care, and the uk is red hot at forensics.

        What they tell the press is selective.

        Don’t forget that the perpetrators can read the press too, so it would be wrong to reveal everything.

        There is, in fact, zero obligation to tell the press anything at all.

      • Robbobbobin says

        Apparently in response to Brad Pitte II (threading indents difficult to follow) Kaiama posted “Novichok isn’t one chemical but a term referring to a whole bunch different chemicals.” [Italics mine]

        Perhaps that’s why Brad Pitte II writes (in several places) “…a Novichok…”

        If you are going to critique somebody’s posts for what you see as off-the-wall statements or attitudes, etc (or for what, around here, may be a localized variant form of “political correctness”, though hopefully not) then reading the critiqued text as it was written would largely obviate any possibility of that unpleasant taste of unwashed socks in the mouth.

        This has been a targetted advertisment brought to you by the Free Home Remedy competitors of the Listerine department of the McNeil Consumer Healthcare division of Johnson & Johnson.

        Afterword: Incidentally, your “whole bunch of different chemicals” are, in the Novichok context, all closely-related members of the organophosphorus cholinesterase inhibitor family. You will find a “whole bunch” of free, scientific information about them on the pubmed website, such as – for instance – a 1994 article from the Journal of Applied Toxicology by F.R. Sidell of the Chemical Casualty Care Office, US Army Medical Research Institute of Chemical Defense, Aberdeen Proving Ground, MD 21014 that is abstracted as:

        Nerve agents, highly toxic organophosphorus cholinesterase inhibitors, inhibit acetylcholinesterase and cause an accumulation of acetylcholine. Clinical effects depend on the route and amount of exposure and include miosis, bronchoconstriction, excessive secretions, vomiting, seizures, and cessation of respiratory and cardiac activity. Eye effects include miosis, engorgement of ocular vessels, pain, and decrease in light sensitivity. Therapy consists of atropine, a cholinesterase reactivator (pralidoxime), and ventilation as needed. [Italics mine]

        Disclaimer: Like others posting here, if not Brad Pitte II, I think this Skripal event looks very like a put up job perpetrated for any or all of the usual disinfo and/or falseflag reasons. More difficult to figure out is who put up whom. My hunch is some broad- or narrow-spectrum promoter of vicious Russiaphobia – the British Government possibly being just the extremely grubby little opportunists (and in this case, if that’s so, predictably opportunistic little patsies) that the British Government and its double-shabby MS apologists reliably are. So far my guess is (therefore) that that is not Putin or any pro-Putin member in the Russian government.

        • Robbobbobin says

          Anyone else noticed that inserting HTML markup by hand is, without a “Preview” function, a decidedly error-enhancing procedure?

  38. Very interesting. It reflects many of the conclusions some of us here had come to.

    • It does indeed. The OPCW line that BZ, a product known to be produced at Porton Down, was an added test control substance is in my opinion highly spurious and stated as it was the only possible cover story for it being found in the samples. Why, being experts, would they choose to use an agent known to be used by the UK and that produces incapacity in the victim entirely consistent with the symptoms first reported in the victims? Given other statements made by the OPCW of grave inaccuracy and use of unverified sources this organisation has not earned my trust to be invariably truthful. I think Lavrov was leaked the true results. They were poisoned with BZ. Russia should continue to press for access to the Skripals and should do everything ìn their power to not let them be forgotten. They should have had access to and inclusion in the initial testing however forensic evidence remains in the Skripals themselves and thus it is imperative they are set free.


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