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Ronan Tynan kicks off World Cup anti-Russia campaign by implying US war crimes work of Putin

total devastation in Raqqa following US-led air strikes

The big push to derail and/or exploit the Russian world cup for political gain has been unofficially launched today, with a gasp-inducing piece of misdirection by Ronan L Tynan on Twitter.

In case he decides to airbrush this shameful performance out of existence we have helpfully screen capped it for his records.

He began by posting an Amnesty video of a family in Raqqa who were allegedly killed by “coalition” (US) bombing after the vid was taken. The US destruction of Raqqa is of course a modern war crime, so heinous even Amnesty feels forced to acknowledge it, describing it as “a US-led war of annihilation“.

And let’s also be clear, the video specifically and repeatedly states the family was in Raqqa. It says it at the beginning:

In the middle:

And at the end, where it additionally specifies the family were killed by the criminal coalition bombing:

So, Ronan must have known their deaths had nothing to do with Russia or Putin.

But look at how he presented this video to the world on his Twitter feed:

Let’s just quote that text to make it absolutely clear:

Chilling @amnesty video seeing a family baking bread and then at the end told all later killed in airstrike in #Syria–powerful reminder so many entire families wiped out and holding #WorldCup2018 in #Russia only encouraging #Putin to cont mass slaughter?

Yes, that’s right, Ronan has hashtagged this video of a family murdered by the US in the criminal bombing of Raqqa, with “#Putin” and “#WorldCup2018”, and suggested holding the World Cup in Russia “encourag[es] Russia to cont[inue] mass slaughter.”

His hashtags and the words “encouraging Putin to cont mass slaughter” clearly give the impression to his followers that this tragic family was killed by Russian air strikes.

We need to ask ourselves why any responsible, objective journalist could do such a thing. How could he fail to see he was blatantly distorting the nature of the content he is presenting and, effectively, exploiting this allegedly dead family for some timely political propaganda?

We pointed out what he was doing:

And he replied with this “explanation”:

Which failed to convince us:

Ronan may attempt to blow smoke over his own actions, but he can’t eradicate what was – at best – grossly sloppy journalism, and, at worst, a hyper-cynical piece of opportunistic misdirection. It does him no credit either way.

This is very possibly just a taster of what we can look forward to over the next mont. The Sochi Winter Olympics brought us the Maidan and a coup in Ukraine. What the World Cup in Russia will bring us is – right now – anybody’s guess. Maybe Ronan can tell us.

For as long as it lasts, here is the actual Twitter feed in question:


  1. USAma Bin Laden says

    So America and its Coalition of the Killing bomb and kill a family in Raqaa.

    But what is Ronan Tynan’s response?

    It’s all Putin’s fault!

    Nazi propagandist Joseph Goebbels has got nothing on the “journalists” of the Anglo-American Free Press when it comes to warping reality itself.

  2. Meanwhile, Pepe Escobar of Asia Times reports from the real world:

    Strategic game-changer, over in Qingdao, the stunning takeaway was offered predictably by Chinese President Xi Jinping; “President Putin and I both think that the China-Russia comprehensive strategic partnership is mature, firm and stable.”

    This is a massive game-changer because officially, so far, this was a “comprehensive partnership.” It’s the first time on record that Xi has put the stress on “strategic”. Again, in his own words: “It is the highest-level, most profound and strategically most significant relationship between major countries in the world.”

    And if that was not far-reaching enough, it’s also personal. Xi, referring to Putin and perhaps channeling Trump’s bonhomie with leaders he likes, said, “He is my best, most intimate friend.”

    Heavy business, as usual, was in order. The Chinese partnered with Russian nuclear energy giant Rosatom to get advanced nuclear technologies and diversify nuclear power contracts beyond its current Western suppliers. That’s the “strategic” energy alliance component of the partnership.

    In a trilateral Russia-China-Mongolia meeting, they all vowed to go full steam ahead with the China-Mongolia-Russia Economic Corridor – one of the key planks of the New Silk Roads, known as the Belt and Road Initiative (BRI).

    Mongolia once again volunteered to become a transit hub for Russian gas to China, diversifying from Gazprom’s current direct pipelines from Blagoveshchensk, Vladivostok and Altai. According to Putin, the Eastern Route pipeline remains on schedule, as does the US$27 billion liquefied natural gas (LNG) plant in Yamal being financed by Russian and Chinese companies.

    On the Arctic, Putin and Xi went all the way for developing the Northern Sea Route, including crucial modernization of deep-water ports such as Murmansk and Arkhangelsk, and investment in infrastructure. The added geopolitical cachet is self-evident. [Despite desperate attempts to block this by anti-Russian anti-cs of Scandiwegia with NATZO].

    Putin had said last week that annual trade between Moscow and Beijing will soon reach US$100 billion. Currently, it stands at US$86 billion. Now Russian businesses venture the possibility of reaching US$200 billion by 2020 as feasible.

    All this activity is now described by Putin as the interconnectivity of BRI and the Russia-led Eurasia Economic Union (EAEU). Not to mention that the SCO itself interconnects with both BRI and the EAEU.

    Putin told Chinese TV channel CGTN that though the SCO began as a “low-profile organization” [back in 2001] that “sought merely to solve border issues” between China, Russia and former Soviet countries, it is now evolving into a much bigger global force.

    In parallel, according to Yu Jianlong, secretary general of the China Chamber of International Commerce, the SCO has now gathered extra collective strength to harness BRI expansion to increase business across Europe, the Middle East and Africa.

    So it’s no wonder companies from SCO nations are now being encouraged to use their own currencies to seal deals, bypassing the US dollar, as well as building e-commerce platforms, Alibaba-style. So far, Beijing has invested US$84 billion in other SCO members, mostly in energy, minerals, transportation (including, for instance, the China-Kyrgyzstan-Uzbekistan highway), construction and manufacturing.”

    • reinertorheit says

      The United Hates is becoming more and more irrelevant as an economic power. Their debt-ridden economy is in tailspin, as their inability to pay even the interest on their spiralling debts becomes clearer and clearer. Once China and Russia move away from SCO deals in US$, and instead use their national currencies, then the game will be up for the dollar. It’s America’s greatest fear. It was why they invaded Iraq. But the strategy of ‘pay no attention to that senile old man behind the curtain’ has fallen apart.

      • wardropper says

        Their arrogance has nevertheless led them to their goal time and time again.
        I’m not expecting that to change in the near future, since the sheer manic will of the Pentagon and the rest of the robotic machinery long-since installed in Washington simply cannot conceive of a reality which is not exactly like the one they inhabit right now.
        That said, I do hope you will be proven right about US irrelevance.

        • Mark Gobell says

          “Military intervention” in Libya began on 19 March 2011

          Which just happened to be :

          911 months, 911 weeks

          since the Balfour Declaration on 2 November 1917

          The Russia / Lavrov proposal to place any remaining Syrian CW under international control, led to Syria’s accession to the CWC Treaty on 14 September 2013

          Which just happened to be :

          911 days after Libya

          and :

          911 months, 911 weeks, 911 days

          since the Balfour Declaration on 2 November 1917


          • Admin says

            If you pick any integer you will be able to find various significant dates that are separated by that number of days, weeks, months or years.

            • Mark Gobell says

              Admin :

              “If you pick any integer you will be able to find various significant dates that are separated by that number of days, weeks, months or years.”


              Thanks Admin. That is a frequent riposte.

              I have no idea why folk say such things or even what they may mean by it.

              Can you explain what it is you mean ?

              Do you have any evidence for this assertion, examples perhaps ?

              I look forward to seeing proof of your, so far unsupported claim / opinion, when you publish your research…


            • Paul X says

              I agree. This sort of silliness is – v silly.

              • Mark Gobell says

                Whereas :

                Tapping out inane, unsupported comments on t’interwebs about a subject you know nothing about is not silly ?

                That “imperative to post unsupported opinion” represents the “serious approach” to evaluating information does it ?


                • rilme says

                  Soon, Mark, much sooner than you ever thought possible, you will see the number 11.

  3. Mulga Mumblebrain says

    The Poles are reaping the rewards of their total obeisance to Thanatopolis DC-being devoured alive by the Thanatopians’ Masters in Israel and the Zionist Diaspora.

  4. Journalists like this should be banned for life, calculating little liars that they are. Whether verbal admonition is enough is extremely doubtful. As they support CIA torture, experiencing a bit of it might do them some good….if having experienced it, they still wish to praise Gina Haspel, well at least then they have a bit of personal perspective…..

    Others must decide whether the moral horror of mutilating this liar is worse than the impunity of continued genocides in Syria, Yemen etc etc as elites see that their killing begets no real punishment.

    I have no belief that Western life is worth more than Middle Eastern lives….

    And I have no belief that treating Western Journalists as ethical human beings with moral standards will reduce killing of hundreds of thousands in theatres of Western Imperialism…..

    So my personal view is that acid in the eyes of fifty complicit Western journalists is less evil than inciting civil war in Syria…..

    • reinertorheit says

      [[ Journalists like this should be banned for life,]]

      To be a journalist, you need a journal . Tynan is just a crank, in the pay of other and bigger cranks. His relationship to journalism is a complete zero.

  5. Who’s Ronan Tynan ?
    (balky asks sincerely)
    Never heard of him, honestly ..

    Has he ever studied or done or said or written anything intelligent or intellectually intelligible of a considerable nature & character ?

    Has he Vision .. ? Asks balky, curiously ..

    Just like balkydj don’t bovver’ to even read George Monbiot’s hypocritical pig ignorant non-Scientific, virtue signalling, misleading drivel, any more .. (coz’ i got d’Catte in the Hat is Back’ & dressed in Black for dat’ .. Dr Seuss & extra ‘Suess’ 😉 double bubble & squeak ) >>

    Balky can’t even be bothered to search R.T. whoever he may be ..

    Right, more cherry picking, for today ..
    (never enough hours in the day for d’balkydj ..
    but always time for d’Music, hey.. “Heart of Ice” ! ? )

    “Take a knife
    Cut out this Heart of ice
    Hold it high
    Walk into the sun .. ”

    (Joe Jackson recorded live in empty theatre, one ‘shot’, must be listened to extra loud .. !)

    Way to go, sweet cherry picking .. 😉

  6. Mark Gobell says

    “What the World Cup in Russia will bring us is – right now – anybody’s guess.”

    I am not in the habit of making predictions but this exemplar kabbalism is worth mentioning, just in case …

    Israel’s birthday : 14 May 1948

    + 666 months, 666 weeks, 666 days

    = 14 June 2018 = INClusive ISUAF = Russia World Cup Day 1

    = 15 June 2018 = INClusive ILUAF and Normal ISUAF = Russia World Cup Day 2

    = 16 June 2018 = Normal ILUAF and INTerval ISUAF = Russia World Cup Day 3

    = 17 June 2018 = INTerval ILUAF = Russia World Cup Day 4

    Notes :

    ILUAF = If Large Units Added First ( y, m, w, d )

    ISUAF = If Smaller Units Added First ( d, m, w, y )

    INClusive = Count Day 1 as the first day = ( d2 – d1 ) +1

    INTerval = Whole days between dates ( d2 – d1 ) – 1

    Normal = Conventional arithemetic ( d2 – d1 )

    Precedent in this timeline :

    ISIS Syria : Omran Daqneesh : The Aleppo “dusty boy” psyop : Israel’s birthday


    • mark says

      Star of David.
      6 points.
      6 triangles.
      6 sides.

      • Mark Gobell says


        The Seal of Solomon aka Star of David is also 37 :

        12 external faces ( 12 tribes ? )

        6 internal faces / sides to the inner hexagon / bases of each triangle

        6 intersections

        6 points

        7 internal spaces

        12 + 6 + 6 + 6 + 7 = 37

        37 is the 12 th Prime P12

        37 is the first concealed representation of the number 12.

        37 is the key in the magic formula for each of the 3 digit triplets 111 to 999

        37 as the common factor, is therefore implict in each expression of the numbers 111 to 999

        37 = P(12 )

        P12 = P( 4+4+4 ) >444

        P12 = P ( 3x2x2 ) >222

        The number 37 and the 3 digit rep-digits or triplets ( 111 to 999 )


        • Mark Gobell says

          Source for : The number 37 and the Seal of Solomon / Star of David

          My source for the real, mathematical definition of the number 37 vis the Seal of Solomon / Star of David is a link from this DIF link above :

          The number 37 and the 3 digit rep-digits or triplets ( 111 to 999 )

          I trust those folk with “finger trouble” have read this, digested and understood it. Of course you did.

          37 source link :

          The site that imo, best illustrates the relationship between 37 and the Star of David is : 5. The Star of David

          Where it can be seen that 37 comprises the first proper Star of David and that there are 3x 666 embedded in each of it’s triangles.

          Those definitions and the progressions from one sized star to the next is very interesting research imo.

          37 being the current state of affairs and 73 being the next, expanded version …


  7. MichaelK says

    I’ve never heard of this Tynan guy, and I don’t want to hear anymore from him. That people can actually make a career like this, when they have the journalistic qualities of… slime, is amazing and depressing. It’s dreadful to think that a person can be so drugged on dogma, their passionate beliefs; like an obsession with witchcraft… that they can stoop to turning reality on its head if that’s what’s required to further the story, the fiction, the fake, they have embraced.

    • Paul X says

      Me neither. Their is some value in propaganda done so badly, so crudely as only the utterly corrupt can ever say they believe it?.. Eastern Ukraine will always be a place to wave the bloodaxes and doubtless the crooks in charge are dying to help, if the cash price is right. Which it will be as the $ budget is vast and effectively limitless. As we know the media has kept the pot simmering and will be ready to roll alongside the tanks. The Empire is shameless.

    • Mulga Mumblebrain says

      This level of lying, in support of the takfiri butchers attacking Syria (which is exactly what it amounts to) deserves comparison to the work of Goebbels, Streicher et al in Nazi Germany, and the other swine of Yellow Journalism down the years.

      • rilme says

        ” Yellow Journalism”!!??
        That is SO antisemitic!

  8. MichaelK says

    I think it’s way too late to sabotage the World Cup. It’s going to happen and it’ll be extremely successful. Creating some ‘incident’ and blaming the Russian state for it, could easily backfire because convincing people that the Russians, despite them being both incredibly stupid and incredibly evil, would actually carry out som act of wanton barbarism… during the World Cup itself, is an extraordinary hard sell, even for the Western media/security services to pull off without it looking fishy. Afterwards? Who knows?

    • ‘the Russians, despite them being both incredibly stupid and incredibly evil’,…………Your point is well made but the sentence structure easily leads one to misinterpretation if not seen in context. The issue of context is primarily what the article about.

      • rilme says

        There is a precedent. Intelligent, organised, industrious Germans, with their strong sense of honour and fair play were painted as being both incredibly stupid and incredibly evil.

        Yes, it is not credible.

    • Frankly Speaking says

      Unfortunately, it’s not too late for “TPTB” to create some kind of incident before, or during the WC. There is NO way they will allow it to pass off peacefully nor successfully for Russia. No way.
      No disrespect, but I think anyone thinking it’s all plain sailing from now is very naive.
      I personally would not be surprised if “they” were to create another “Novichok” incident this week or during the event.

      • reinertorheit says

        Even if they don’t pull a stunt, paid journo disruptors will quickly twig to how much cash is washing around for trashing the event 🙁 Julia Ioffe will be trying hard.

        • Mulga Mumblebrain says

          Ioffe and Gessen make a lovely pair, don’t you think. I would not be surprised if there is a major takfiri )ie Chechnyan ‘freedom-fighters’)atrocity at or near a stadium, then a call to cancel the Cup. NOTHING is beyond the Western fascists.

    • Mark Gobell says

      The usual mo is to stage an event and blame someone else, or gte others to do it.

      People also need to re-think what they might characterise as an “event”.

      It is not always a bomb going off that’s for sure.

      There’s a lot more happening besides just that I can assure you.


    • Mulga Mumblebrain says

      I’m still gob-smacked that it seems to be going ahead, but that makes it more probable that it will be used as the opportunity for a major provocation, say in eastern Ukraine, or even in one of the Baltic micro-fascist states.

  9. stevehayes13 says

    The contrast between the razing of Raqqa by the US and its allies and the liberation of eastern Aleppo by Syria and its allies could not be more marked. Nor could the western political media elite’s treatment have been more marked. In the case of eastern Aleppo, the political media elite jumped up and down with moral indignation, shouting about war crimes, even though the Syria had worked to minimise civilian casualties. Whereas, in the case of Raqqa, the US simply saw civilian casualties as collateral damage that is unavoidable in such operations. The corporate media completely ignored the rejoicing of the people of eastern Aleppo at their liberation. They also ignored the anger and denunciations of the people of Raqqa at the indiscriminate bombing by the US and its allies. The double standards and hypocrisy and the utilising of suffering for the purposes of propaganda could not be more blatant.

    • Mulga Mumblebrain says

      Yet another example, steve, of how vicious and hypocritical the scum of the Western fakestream media sewer really are. And the US allowed most of the takfiri butchers to escape to sanctuary from Raqqa, as well, to be available for future assignments.

    • James Scott says

      I may be just a very cynical old bastard but my instincts and past experiences tell me the slaughter of Raqqa civilians was a deliberate act to depopulate the area and replace them in the style of Israeli Regime in Palestine, but with the families and friends of their Kurdish ground troops rather than European Jews, to make it harder for the Syrian government to regain control this important area. I think Raqqa may have been held out to the Kurds as a promised land with oil by the USA. Unfortunately the US did not brief Erdogan about their strategy, and his paranoia about Kurds living in his neighborhood may have spoiled the plot. I suspect that Erdogan with good reason does not believe the Americans motives in respect to the survival of a Turkish state with him as its leader.

      • ourblue says

        Why do you think yourself cynical? It is not a guaranteed process, but most of us gain wisdom with age. Everything the “exceptional nation” has done so far, from conception, instigation and the destruction has been, in my opinion, to the ends you mention.

  10. George says

    Just had a look at the Tynan twitter page and it’s fairly frothing in hyperbole. There’s so much spittle it’s often hard to make out what he’s trying to say. But, when he’s caught out as a US attack troll, he momentarily deviates towards the old “plague on both their houses” manoeuvre before swftly moving on to denounce Russia yet again.

  11. reinertorheit says

    Another filthy yankee scum apologist for the crimes of the USA. Doesn’t have the *guts* to put his email address on his pukesome website.

    • Mulga Mumblebrain says

      The BBC sewer has a story on Youtube about how the Russians are being taught how to smile. Because, under Putin, there’s no reason to smile, I suppose. The mania of hatred is growing truly beyond deranged.

  12. Baron says

    Almost 2.5mn tickets have been sold for the Cup, amongst others the Russians bought close to 0.9mn, the Americans almost 90,000, the Germans over 60,000, and the British more than 30,000.

    If the anti-Russian diaspora can stage MH-17, the Skripals’ poisoning, the Babchenko’s fake death it wouldn’t surprise at all if they were to engineer another false flag op coinciding with the opening of the Championship, insist the whole thing be cancelled.

    If they fail to act, the Cup will furnish a massive PR boost to Russia, ordinary people will be able to compare what they hear from the MSM poodles with what the real Russia is.

    One would expect there will be some disenchanted visitors, too, something the likes of the BBC will milk to the full.

  13. Catsick says

    The situation I fear will play out is that decent numbers of isis have been evacuated from syria and the handlers plan to use them to bring mayem to the world cup and act as a huge spoiler, the US have actually been very quiet on the world cup up to now seems unusual to me….

  14. summitflyer says

    It is hard to believe that anyone can get away with lies and deceit to this extent and still have a following . Surely he must be paid to promote such bull$hit . I guess if the official government can spread lies and disinfo , i.e. Skripals ,it’s open season for anybody else to do the same.

    • wardropper says

      I don’t think having a following is high on his agenda.
      Just a regular payslip.

    • Gary Weglarz says

      Amnesty International and Human Rights Watch have peddled plenty of Western pro-war and pro-regime change propaganda over the years. I wouldn’t trust them to tell the truth any more than I would trust the UN at this point. From the “Kuwaiti babies in incubators” story to “Gaddafi’s viagra fueled rape camps” one, or the other, or both have been part of the Western war establishment’s propaganda apparatus used to bring the more ‘progressive elements’ in the West into the “regime change” camp, but only for “humanitarian reasons” of course.

      • Mulga Mumblebrain says

        Suzanne Nossell’s appointment to head Amnesty, straight from the US State Department said it all. Her CV is a path of dishonour through a number of Imperial propaganda sewers, and now she heads PEN, the ‘writers” version of Amnesty. Chris Hedges resigned in protest at her appointment to PEN, citing her long advocacy for preemptive war, her lack of concern for the Palestinians (she ‘..feels very comfortable and at home..’ in Israel), refusal to condemn US torture programs etc. Naturally, Nossell is ‘Chosen’, as these Imperial gauleiters so often are.

  15. JA139 says

    Slimy Nick Cohen has an equally reprehensible propaganda piece in today’s Observer. All the usual tropes, Putin mass murderer, dictator, kleptomaniac, war monger, annexer, downer of commercial aircraft, who bribed FIFA to get the world cup for his own personal glorification. Sickening that he writes such rubbish on a weekly basis.
    Plus a fawning piece on Macron in the Observer by the Economist Paris correspondent, claiming wonder boy is making France great again and about to crush the rail and other unions. Dream on. If I have learnt anything in life, it is that the Economist gets all stories wrong.

    • A J B says

      And it seems we’re no longer even allowed to disagree with the demented thug in the Observer.

      • Yarkob says

        Cheer up, you can still comment on “the shame of being a sober mum” (?!)

      • Mulga Mumblebrain says

        Such ‘disagreement’, plainly ‘antisemitic’ in nature, is no longer tolerated in the ‘Free World’, I am afraid.

    • Cherrycoke says

      “who bribed FIFA to get the world cup for his own personal glorification”

      As a sidenote: Christopher Steele’s Orbis provided information about irregularities with regard to the awarding of the FIFA World Cup to Russia. It may well be true, but the same was of course true for Germany in 2006.

      I don’t know any English language source. My source is “Der Spiegel”:

      Google Translate or DeepL should be able to give you a more or less accurate impression of this article that is interesting in many respects.

    • reinertorheit says

      The Stamford Hill Strangler is so woefully unpopular with the Observer’s readers that commenting on his screeds of scribble never opens from one week to the next. Not that he would deign to reply – Nicko’s too busy staggering home from the offy with a carrier bag of tinnys. Like his fellow believer Michael Weiss, Nicko’s ‘expertise’ on Russia has been gained from the backs of cornflake packets – like the fearless fake journalist he is, he’s never set foot in Russia in his whole life.

      The Economist is edited by another neocon scribbler, Edward Lucas. Lucas made a stab at being a Moscow correspondent, but he somehow couldn’t get his head around the alphabet, so his posting didn’t last long. He is married to Catholic fundamentalist crackpot Cristina Odone – so it’s no wonder that he gets all his stories wrong.

      • A J B says

        ‘The Stamford Hill Strangler ‘

        That’s perfect.

      • Odone is a smug bitch. George Galloway had her measure when she laid a patronising hand on him on BBC Question Time. He immediately said “take your hands off me”. Her stunned reaction was a wonder to behold.
        Can’t be much fun for a vain simpleton like her to be humiliated on national T.V.

    • Mulga Mumblebrain says

      Micron and his political sham movement were invented, ex nihilo, by a cabal of several French Rightists, all but one Jewish, including the execrable Bernard-Henry Levy, he of Libya infamy. Micron takes his marching orders, to wage one-sided class war and favour the rich, his creators, from CRIF, the French version of AIPAC. You can get arrested in Micron’s France for wearing a T-shirt that says ‘Free Palestine’, but we’re all Palestinians now, are we not?

        • Mulga Mumblebrain says

          He’s a puppet of the CRIF, of course-a sort of ‘macroniette’. Boom, boom!

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