Donald Trump – Despised by Europe, Despises Europe

Andre Vltchek

Image Source: Associated Press.

Why is Europe full of hate for Donald Trump?

Is it, perhaps, because millions could soon die in yet another of the senseless and horrible wars unleashed by the Western empire? Or is it because Europeans suddenly ‘saw the light’ and realized that they mistreated billions of innocent people throughout history; that actually all people on Earth are equal and should be left alone and be allowed to live their lives as they please?

Far from that; unfortunately, very far!

Most of the Europeans simply hate Trump because he had enough of the status quo, of what could be objectively described as sneaky and sleazy games.

Mr. Trump sees collaboration with Europe as an extremely bad business.

Not that President Trump is a saint himself. Of course, he isn’t. He is a businessman – a very ruthless one, and in the past very daring and very successful. He has already managed to break the backs of hundreds of people, and now he would not hesitate to run hundreds of countries to the ground, if they’d dare to stand in his way. When he sees that someone is trying to take advantage of him (or of the company he was allowed to manage – the United States of America), he knows perfectly well from where the stench comes, as he has been spoiling the air himself, all throughout his colorful career.


The main reason why Europeans are so disgusted with Donald Trump, is because, in their eyes, he is impolite, simply rude. He does not show any respect for the Western civilization; he simply doesn’t care. He snaps at everyone – Europe, Japan, China, Mexico. It is even hard to call him a racist – he seems to hate everybody, sometimes at different times, or simultaneously.

The “Old continent” likes it dandy and smooth. It adores well-mannered people who behave, no matter what their color of the skin is, precisely like Europeans.

You see, if Mr. Trump was acting as an ordinary U.S. president from the upper class, perhaps like Mr. Obama or Bill Clinton were acting just very recently, there would be absolutely no outrage and no protests in London or Berlin. Some 10 million corpses in the Democratic Republic of Congo did not outrage European masses, as long as they got plenty of coltan for their mobile phones, and enough uranium for the NATO nukes.

Millions of corpses in Iraq, Libya and Syria – it mattered very little to bon vivants in Italy, France, or Greece. As long as the gentleman in charge of the world order was polite, as long as he knew how to respect the cradle of Western ‘civilization’ – Europe – there was no reason to worry.


Europe used to murder tens, even hundreds of millions of people, on all continents and throughout the centuries. No matter how hard Washington tried (and it has been trying very hard), it was never able to compete with the gruesomeness of extermination campaigns that had originated in Paris, Brussels, London, Amsterdam, Berlin, Madrid or Lisbon.

These things are, of course, never pronounced. Both Europe and the U.S. are supposed to be synonymous with ‘freedom’, ‘democracy’ and liberal values, not with the genocides. But of course, Western rulers know perfectly well of what stuff history is made.

To guarantee the stability of Western dogmas and propaganda, almost all U.S. presidents were accustomed to demonstrating great respect for Europe, at least publicly.

After all, Europe is where the American culture comes from, isn’t it? It is from where Christianity arrived. It is where people who slaughtered the great majority of the native Americans came from. It is where the slave owners and plantation owners came from. Europeans were people who were supplying slaves to the “New World”, hunting them down like animals in Africa, raping them, then chaining them inside the monstrously overcrowded vessels. What a legacy; what a civilization!

North America is nothing else than that wild, violent dream of the Europeans come true; a dream of open spaces and almost unopposed plunder: Kill all the natives, rob all that you can, then enslave people from other continents, and bring them to work for free on your plantations and construction sites – chained, humiliated and broken. When you digest your loot, then begin expanding again, as your ancestors – Europeans – were doing for centuries. But this time expand from your new base, from North America (new base but the same culture and the same aggressive hordes); expand towards Latin America and the Philippines, and eventually, towards the entire world.

Let us be very honest: The United States of America is just a huge extension of Europe, with several minorities living on its territory: descendants of slaves, broken native people, and the most aggressive immigrants from all parts of the planet. But it is Europe, in some places ‘diluted’, but Europe nevertheless.

When the Europeans are criticizing, even ridiculing the U.S. (without ridiculing themselves in the same breath), it is truly grotesque. Europe and North America have absolutely the same destiny, same goals and interests. For the last few decades, the U.S.A. has been doing an extremely dirty job, manipulating and plundering the world, on behalf of the entire West. It was rolling itself in filth, while Europe was stuffing itself on refined food, prostituting pristine parts of all continents with its mass tourism, and dictating to everyone how to live and even how to think.

Whatever you think of Donald Trump, it is obvious that he is very well aware of all this. He understands the correlation between Europe and the United States. And he is sick of what he sees.

The entire West is looting, plundering and raping the rest of the world; it does it in unison. Most of the world has by now been converted into a high security prison. The entire West is preventing people of Asia, Africa, Latin America and the Middle East from thinking, and from living their lives as it suits them the best. The entire West is spreading propaganda, dark nihilism (read my latest book Revolutionary Optimism, Western Nihilism”), and it is discrediting, even overthrowing, all socially-oriented movements and governments.

But it is the United States of America that is paying for all this, while letting its workers, the elderly and minorities literally rot in deplorable conditions. It robs and gets robbed, or at least its people are.

Look at the European so-called unemployed, enjoying their sexual escapades in Southeast Asia or East Africa, all at the expense of the people living or rotting alive in countless poor nations. Look at those long vacations, short working hours, free medical care and education, while people both in the poor nations and in the United States, can hardly make ends meet.

Is Europe really ‘colonized’ by the United States? Don’t make me laugh! It appears that it is Europe, which is still colonizing the world, making it work for its lethargy and extravagance. The U.S. has been, increasingly, like an idiot, working and killing on behalf of Europe.

Donald Trump suspects that this is what is happening. I am not sure he can formulate it, but at least he knows, intuitively, that something unsavory is going on.

Donald Trump thinks that this relationship with Europe is a damn bad deal for his country.

One can almost hear him shouting: “If we all steal, if we all have been screwing the world, let us all enjoy the booty. Pay your share, dudes, and let my people thrive, too!”

It is undeniable, that using gangster logic, he is totally right! And the West is, by now, patently, an out of control mafia which is brutalizing the entire planet!


Some people in the West, even in the United States, are hoping that the present U.S. administration will manage to disgust Europe so much that ‘the Old Continent’ would crack-off, leave the alliance with the U.S. They think that it would have a very positive impact on our planet.

This scenario could actually happen, but it would be even worse for the rest of the world than the present, already horrible, status quo setup.

It is because the foundations of the present global evil are not in the U.S., but in Europe itself.

“Independent”, rearmed Europe would mean even more suffering for Africa (just look what France has been doing recently in its former colonies), Asia (U.K. in Afghanistan), the Middle East (EU supporting Saudi Arabia in its terror drive against both Yemen and Syria) and elsewhere.

It is clear that Mr. Trump is concerned about his country. He is trying to put the interests of the U.S. first, not the interests of the West in general. Is he doing it elegantly? Definitely not. Is he a genius? Hardly.

But who knows, he may think that his people could be better off if he tries to move closer to Russia and Asia Pacific. That could be quite correct. After all, cooperating with Europe never brought many benefits to anyone. Europe is too tricky, too selfish, and too brutal. It only takes, never gives.

The entire U.S. liberal establishment is in disarray. It is totally Euro-centric. It seems to be more pro-European than Europe itself. It actually is Europe. Could the United States under Donald Trump become cosmopolitan? I am not sure. We will soon find out.

Both Europe and the former ‘U.S. pro-European regime’ are notoriously, fundamentally anti-Russian and anti-Chinese.

Donald Trump is definitely not pro-Russian or pro-Chinese, but it appears that he dislikes Europe as much as he dislikes the others. Such a neo-egalitarian approach may actually bring some fruits and relief to our planet.

Andre Vltchek is philosopher, novelist, filmmaker and investigative journalist. He’s a creator of Vltchek’s World in Word and Images, a writer of revolutionary novel Aurora and several other books.  His latest books: are Revolutionary Optimism, Western Nihilism, and The Great October Socialist Revolution. He writes especially for the online magazine “New Eastern Outlook.”

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God, I miss Karl Rove.


Perhaps this is why currently ranking AZC kleptocrats (currently known as The Liberals) hate Trump: he has officially killed George Bush Senior’s version of Adolph Hitler’s version of The New World Order:

Tony Cartalucci – Bloomberg: “America’s New World Order is Officially Dead”



I am not responsible for what I did not do. I am not responsible for what happened before I was born.


@Passerby. Try telling that to George Brown’s AZC Loan Sharks, aka Too Big to Fail: the enforcers of Quantitative Easing on your generation and on generations of British as yet unborn.


If you have acquired, inherited or accepted definitions that you live from, then you have an involvement beneath the surface waking conscious sense of self. However, this is not a matter of personal guilt – unless you become aware of such habits and make them you conscious personal choice. Then you have set the measure of your own reward and can realign in giving as you would in truth receive instead of running under ‘narrative control’.
So in terms of being guilt-manipulated by others, I stand with you against such deceits. But in terms of a greater compassion for others as our self, I stand – for example – with Jesus – who said – “he who is without sin – let him cast the first stone” or “neither do I condemn thee”.
The manipulative mind is hateful because it dishonours and denies another like ourself, to make them a stranger unworthy of relation, to then use their forms or indeed bodies to play out fantasy roles.
Writ Big this shows as the abuse of power in a corrupted world in which :
Everything is BACKWARDS; (everything is upside down! Doctors destroy health, Lawyers destroy justice, Universities destroy knowledge, Governments destroy freedom, Major media destroys information, And religions destroy spirituality”. ~ Michael Ellner)
But within the individual we have it as the conditional demands that are tacitly communicated as the coded working of relation under contract. “If you, then I”.
Release and be released remains as true as ever. No one is going to succeed in making the world fit a fantasy self gratification for more than a few carrot moments that ensure the stick comes into play.

Insofar as I have participated in co-creating a loveless world, I recall a Hawaiian prayer that doesn’t need ‘words’ to hold its recognitions: “I’m sorry, I love you, forgive me, thankyou”. If words came in I see simply the release of what is no longer acceptable or truly belonging, the restoring of a true vision that gives and receives as one, and gratitude for existence as love’s awareness now.

All words and forms, images and symbols are ‘corruptible’ in terms of being used to serve a hidden private loveless purpose. The Heart is a wordless knowing – without which a mind spins in the pain of its own attempts to fake it as if to make it true.

I hold that every moment is in truth new and to live this is to listen beneath the judgements of the world instead of being run on a matrix of our own collective miscreations. Because it takes two or more to tango. So if I an invited to join in hate, guilt, fear, shame etc – thanks but no thanks – for I am listening for truth now.


Right. That should hold up legally too.


Even the writer must start off by describing Trump as a ruthless businessman. By inference all businessmen are ruthless and politicians less so, showing the typical bias of academics and their envy of the rich. The truth is that all politicians seek to feather their nests financially. How much better to have one who doesn’t need to compromise himself for money’s sake.
In effect Trump is his own PR man. He is what he is and exposes himself on Twitter for all to see. He does not have the slick well oiled PR machines of the Establishment or the plausible covertness of the Deep State or even of his own Republican party to smooth his way.

In the event there will hiccups, as there are even with pro PR, but what his enemies cannot see or rather refuse to admit is his appeal to much of the public. So what that he fancies women, and makes dirty jokes or insults the likes of the smooth operators Clinton and Obama those brown nosed hypocritical agents of the Deep State. That he tells Europeans the truth that they are cry-babies feeding off the US, and that China cheats and is a danger to the Western world. He said clearly before his election that we would try to achieve peace with Russia and elsewhere, and help American jobs. This he is doing as he said to date and by withdrawing from US funding for ISIS and engaging with North Korea in discussions, not to mention recognition of Israel’s rights to Jerusalem, plus meeting with Putin and inviting him to the US are all acts of a bold man actively seeking new friendly solutions to a world bogged down in hate and entranced views. He should be welcomed and encouraged in every way and those against him reviled.


See also:
“US Politics, Russia, China and Europe, Madness and Strategies”: https://wipokuli.wordpress.com/2018/07/22/us-politics-russia-china-and-europe-madness-and-strategies/
Sunday regards


“Donald Trump – Despised by Europe” A mayor error in the first 5 words: Trump is despised by the EU top and a number of their Establishment supporters. Trump is “admired” by a majorities in Italy, Austria, Hungary, Tjechie, and minorities in France, the Netherlands, Belgium, Germany and elsewhere.
Didn’t bother to read on after that nonsense…


“But it is the United States of America that is paying for all this,”

That’s (careful auditingwi$e) questionable.

“while letting its workers, the elderly and minorities literally rot in deplorable conditions.”


“It robs and gets robbed, or at least its people are.”

That’s 99% of organized “society”, from primitive tribal to advanced capitalist, everywhere, at any time.

This article is not going to get you a preponderance of plaudits, Mr Vltchek: …το λόγου δὲ όντος ξυνο ζώουσιν ο πολλοί ς δίαν χοντες φρόνησιν…

Tom - The Piper's Son
Tom - The Piper's Son

Mr Vitchek’s analysis is flawed by disingenuity – Trump is a far more complex character than he gives credit for – this is all far beyond either ‘admiring’ or ‘despising’ Trump. He is admired by those he misleads, yet is despised by those that are leading him – or at most, attempting to lead him – however, a truth has emerged that social media are truly a thorn in the side of the corporate media – in a sense, social media are soon to assume the mantle of mainstream communication – if they haven’t already done so – Trump is more attuned to this than many of his detractors realise – he is definitely evolving as an individual and his immediate environment has expedited this, however, it is the excesses of his self-regard that he needs to become enlightened to – nevertheless there remain hordes of those who have never committed a sin in their lives, who continue to obsess about his tainted past. This is a very fascinating time as we continue to work together to solve these problems – not least that of curbing the ambition of those hell bent on mischief.


True, “Europeans” (Jewish and not) supplied slaves to the “New World”, but “hunting them down like animals in Africa” is stretching the truth. I think Vltchk would find that Africans did that part of the slave trade. Then we have “raping them”: is he just making it up? And, correctly, “chaining them inside the monstrously overcrowded vessels”.


As to the rape of slaves this undeniable. The evidence is voluminous. And everywhere in America. So far as the African involvement in procuring slaves is concerned, nobody ever denied that Africans were the principal sub contractors supplying the trade. It has to be understood however that the African institution of slavery differed enormously from the American and particularly the North American models geared to capitalist commodity production in which supervisors terrorised the slaves into working.


this article is disappointment to those of us who enjoy andre’s efforts. Leaving aside the nonsense on Trump, who is simply a hook to hang the piece on, at the core of the article is a half truth.
That imperialism is a half milllenium long disaster for the world is true but the idea that it has been a means of transferring wealth in the colonised countries to the people of Europe is not true.
The truth is that imperialism was a disaster which struck the poor people of Europe at the same time that it hit America, Africa and Asia. In Europe this disaster took the form of expropriating the country people, taking their land and access to the commons from them and, tearing into their culture, imposing the capitallist system on them.
Leaving aside America, for the moment because it was a very special case in which disease reduced indigenous populations to a tenth or even twentieth of their pre-settler numbers- the looting of India coincided not with an increase in living standards in europe but with a precipitate decline. The lives of the ‘apprentices’ in the spinning mills of Lancashire were in no sense superior to their Indian contemporaries. In fact the contrary is likely true.
Imperialism was a disaster for working people around the world. And those who escaped it for example the highlanders of south east asia were better off than the proletariat that Engels described in Manchester. Or the country people of Ireland in the first half of the C19th. Despite centuries of whitewashing ans special pleading, by ideologues posing as historians and economists., the contemporary record of working class life in Britain is undeniable- life under capitalism was nasty brutish and short.
It is true that, in the C20th the reaction by working people and their allies with a sense of decency changed matters. For a time, punctuated by wars, living standards rose as the exploiting imperialists felt pressure against them. The greatest single source of that pressure being the ability of the Soviet Union to pose a threat to imperialism.
The reality is that pressure wins concessions from the exploiters. The trick is to identify them.
These are complex matters which require much more space than I have to explain but the basic truth is that the idea that Imperialism benefits the poor in the metropolis is wrong. The claim is part of Imperialism’s ideology, designed to mitigate opposition to the system in all its forms.
Perhaps Andre remembers a song to that effect, the Internationale. I’m sure he does.


What I don’t see mentioned in your brief response is the corporate capture and primacy of emerging technologies to which the world and the people in it are subjected, captured, managed and exploited.
The corporate ‘socialism’ or combination operates the ‘fascist’ cartel as the mercantile driver of what is often called imperialism.

The corporate capture of states within a broader spectrum of influence is underpinned by corruptions of the law – such as the assigning of currency control to Fed Reserve or the globalist medical monopoly of Pharma as power by stealth and guile. The system of thought is both corrupt and corrupting because it operates the principles of private or fantasy gratifications at the expense of others and of the whole.

Power struggle is the ‘honesty’ or perceived and believed nature of life and this world to those who are divided and set against themselves, each other and their true fulfilment by fear, hate and guilt – and the rage of the projection of that as the will to power over the hated and feared.

I don’t expect those who are identified in struggle to have freedom to open to perspective ON it – but those whose minds are not captured are the opportunity to notice and open choices in place of systemic re-enactions of the core human programming from a sense of lack driven need (fear).

Whatever power we think to possess, possesses us and makes of us an asset, a patsy, a tool in the service of the power to divide and rule out wholeness – which is not the sum of seeming separate parts, but simply alignment in true. While we demand that stories are true, we are not open to recognize the true. And illusions battle among themselves at expense of awareness and sharing in the true.

To ask “what is truth?” of the mind is asking the maker of self-illusion.
When we are no longer willing to accept self-illusion in place of true, we release it or pause it to let life in.

Power struggle is set against terror and operates terror – albeit masked in personal and social justifications. No one likes to lose and the greater our investment, the more deeply we defend it – and become thereby offensive.

Seamus Padraig
Seamus Padraig

This is so true, and I wish that more people on the left were aware of this fact. Whenever I hear liberals go on and on about how colonialism and imperialism made “the West” rich, I wonder if they’ve ever read anything by Charles Dickens or Upton Sinclair describing the wretched conditions in which working-class people lived and toiled. They must think that all whites were the golfing buddies of Cecil Rhodes!

Mulga Mumblebrain
Mulga Mumblebrain

I heard a ‘discussion’ on the BBC last night re. Russian meddling, and while Mary Dejevsky was rather sane, to the obvious ire of the BBC presstitute, the two more deranged of the US interlocutors were crazed in their hatred of Russia. Simply diabolically insane.


This author is an utter fool. Ah, yet another Trump leftist projecting some coherent philosophy on Trump the fascist.

These Trump leftists have to be the stupidest people on this planet. Oh yes, the billionaire globalist capitalist cares one whit about justice, equality, and the rest that you squint your eyes tightly closed to “see” in him.

Trump leftists ignore the facts that he has assembled an Administration of White Nationalists and Generals, called for a big increase in military spending (expanding that to the NATO alliance as well), called for a nuclear weapons buildup (far past Obama’s “modernization” program), nominated the pro-torture neocon CIA director Pompeo to be head of State replacing a Big Oil tycoon, nominated torture queen Haspel to head the CIA (which comports with fascist Trump’s calling for more torture, worse torture, and to make it legal), actually moved the US Embassy in Israel to Jerusalem and has supported the gunning down of Palestinians worse than any past US President, nixed the deal with Iran in a clear move toward war that the neocons have wanted for decades, has put in to place White Nationalist policies on immigration far far to the right of the injustices of the Obama Administrations actions, and the sorry ___ing list goes on and on and on.

But to this author and other Trump leftist fools and tools, this fascist is a good thing for humanity.

Again, get a grip already.

Mulga Mumblebrain
Mulga Mumblebrain

You seem not to have noticed that, in the Evil bedlam of US power politics, Trump is, marginally, the lesser Evil.

Seamus Padraig
Seamus Padraig

Blah, blah, blah. As Vltchek himself might point out: How does any of that make Trump different from all the other recent US presidents? But the fact remains that he does differ in few interesting ways:

1.) He takes a rather dim view of ‘free’ trade, having finally killed TPP and criticized NAFTA.

2.) He takes a rather dim view of NATO, and has put the other members (Merkel especially) on the spot by pointing out their rank hypocrisy, calling Russia and enemy on the one hand, while buying more and more gas from them at the same time.

3.) His stance on Iran may not be good, but he has at least attempted to ratchet down tensions with both North Korea and Russia; likewise, he seems OK with winding down the Syrian war.

While that’s not all we might hope for, and there are still loads of reason to criticize Trump, it’s still a damn sight better than what we were scheduled to get under Hellary.

But go ahead and pine away for the Second Coming if you like. I guarantee you’ll never get that from the US political system, but to each his own …


Trump is a weapon of Mass Distraction, a Puppet, a Stooge and perhaps yet to claim his final title, a Patsy.
Trump has no loyalty to Americans. And he is a conveyer of policy not a driver. A few members of the Likud party have as much control over his foreign policy as the often dual national American/Israelis that dictate all substance behind the bluster. Those that do not hold two passports are all Zionists with deep state power carrot and stick persuasion mandating their collusion.
I cannot pretend to know the change of direction the Trade Wars are meant to take the world but I do know they will benefit neither Europeans nor Americans. The lot of the ordinary person will continue to decline. Perhaps their only real purpose is to reclaim local production that has been outsourced to the extent that China could, by simple means of embargo, bring the day to day functioning of the West to a screeching halt. The Pivot to Asia started when the Obama puppet was in office continues apace.
The disharmony apparent in the rhetoric of European leaders, this antipathy toward Trump seems to me to be a manufactured fractiousness and, you will have to take my word for it, something I predicted the day I heard Trump was in the fake race for the Presidency. At that time I stated that the only reason to appoint such a ludicrous character as POTUS is to create divisions. And I believe the Zionist cabal behind this are working toward forcing Europe into a hot war with Russia, weakening both significantly as in WW1 & 2. Europe and the US need some separation, if not divorce, for the US to politically stay out of such a war. And we are seeing the rift being developed in that direction. It is also, so far as I can fathom, the only reason the powers that be allowed the Brexit result that gives the illusion, if not the substance, of the UK divorce from Europe. Some insulation for the Rothschild run City in London.
I hold no crystal ball but almost all here are educated enough to know that all political and military events for a century have the corporate bankers of Rothschild et Al paws all over it. History has shown us that they kindle, stoke and fan almost all major conflict. Design and destroy economies so they are left holding all the gold. Place their puppets where they will by coup or charade of elections. We know all this. Any piece, such as this, that omits that reality is nowhere near the truth.

Tim Groves

Donald Trump is both a political and a psychological Rorschach test. Describe your perceptions of him and the relevant experts can make a diagnosis of the particular maladies you are suffering from.


I think the great western empire split into two halves a couple of centuries ago, after the so-called ‘American Revolution’, but the links were never completely severed. Gradually the New World became the leading part of the empire, especially after the Europeans virtually destroyed themselves by indulging in the two great ‘civil wars’ to stop Germany becoming the greatest power in Europe. Those wars on delayed the inevitable. How tragically ironic is that? I can see what he’s getting at, but I don’t agree.


I think that the disgust for Trump, the political and medial humilation of him in Europe has the reason that all those vassal minded people know very well where the true power is! With the US (Neocon) Power Elite, which wants to get rid of him. So they know that their masters like them to degrade a President (whom you rightfully characterized as a very dubious character) in a way which a US President has never before been treated in Europe.
Happy Weekend

PS: “The US Power Elite and Plan B”: https://wipokuli.wordpress.com/2018/05/24/the-us-power-elite-and-plan-b-die-us-machtelite-und-plan-b/


“…all those vassal minded people know very well where the true power is!”

Or is it an instinct for where the feared power is? IE – the power to deliver penalty and pain.
This works the same for believed power to penalise as for actual penalty.
Conditioned slaves don’t need more than incentives (disincentives wrapped in lure) targeted to their core drives. We may ‘hate’ our subjection and rail at it – without really knowing or wanting to know the nature of our condition – excepting to maintain such ‘identity’ as can be salvaged by appeasement or conformity with the ‘world order’.
The setting up of polarised identity ‘struggle’ is part of the maintaining of the lack of free awareness and thus freedom to align in being – because of being entangled in an illusion of freedom of ‘doing’.

Opinions ‘passionately’ held operate the identity assertions of the ruled and divided.
Trump fuels the opinionated to self-blinding reaction.
Tricks work a while and then you elect/select a new one?


They selected him. He is the smokescreen while their game plan is developed.


Oh sure, the neocons just hate Trump! I mean, they just absolutely hated that speech he made to AIPAC during the campaign, and they just hate I tell you, his moving the US Embassy to Jerusalem and his supporting openly gunning down Palestinians. You know what else those neocons just hate? Trump nixing the nuclear agreement with Iran in a move toward the war that neocons have wanted for decades. They also just hate I tell you, Trump’s bragging about all of the big weapon’s sales to Saudi Arabia and the ongoing war on Yemen. Because the neocons are against that too!!!! And you know what else the neocons just hate? Is Trump fanning the flames of religious war against Muslims. They just hate that.


Poor little USA!! Come on, get a grip. The US pulls the strings worldwide and only ever does what IT wants, for its OWN self. Look at their veto record in UN as proof.
Trump is a smokescreen/scapegoat who will be used by the deep state to reassert their control, with a clean slate. The masses will be begging for it. Trump’s ego won’t allow his brain to know this. The perfect man for the job: rude, belligerent, crass and full of false promises. Much the same is happening in the UK with Brexit. Leave or remain has nothing to do with it. Its just a divisive end to a means, that will allow same old Etonians, military hierarchy & super rich to start over. Just look at SCL people. The focus on Cambridge Analytica, a subsidiary, was a MSM smokescreen again.
Trump campaigned on ‘draining the swamp’. Trouble is he needed the GOP half of the swamp to vote for their ‘draining’. Fools? I think not. He also campaigned on pulling funding to Israel. Until later, when he took Zionist money for his funding, just like every other President before him. He then moves the US embassy to Jerusalem, on a particularly sensitive day.

Look at Weinstein? Why isn’t Trump facing same charges? He admitted it on tape. Bought man. As I said, the perfect deep state plant. Only he doesn’t know it.

Trump won’t achieve anything. He never was supposed to.


“These things are, of course, never pronounced. Both Europe and the U.S. are supposed to be synonymous with ‘freedom’, ‘democracy’ and liberal values…

Usually, they like to pretend that Europe had no history of significance before 1945 and ignore the inconvenient parts of history post-1945.

I’d bet that Trump’s father was an America Firster of the pre-Pearl Harbor era. Those people (I used to know some of them) were pretty cynical about the intrigues of the pro-war factions. The record shows the CPUSA of 23 Aug 1939-22 Jun 1941 was much the same.

Harry Stotle
Harry Stotle

Some very interesting observations, Andre.

But isn’t there a danger Trump has become something of a political version of Kate Moss – an essentially blank canvas upon which others project a variety of fantasies?

I tend to see him as a latter day Brian – not the messiah but a very naughty boy.

Anyway, no matter how we characterise US/European relations they long predate Trump and are intertwined in such a way as to suggest they will persist long after he’s gone (armageddon permitting).


Not a danger so much as a design.
What is projected onto Trump is to a large degree predictable and manipulatable.
Power by deceit is not just the ‘end of the world’ but also its ‘beginning’ in terms of taking power unto ourself apart and alone – and thus necessarily in struggle with others and with our world and of course with the truth of our own existence. How does a lie struggle with the truth?
It does not and can not – and so it struggles with a version of image and symbol substitution of feared or hated ‘truth’. War with self is the cost of our ‘salvation’ in separateness from feared and hated ‘truth’ – that of course operates as an inversion or reversal of true.

If I reached for something perhaps more tangible to the world of deceits that seems to engulf us, it is to be vigilant to psyops at any and every level of our spectrum of conscious experience – and to USE that experience as an educational tool. If the ket to a phishing or false flag is to elicit capture by reaction, then our reactions need be paused from triggering a chain reaction, whilst opening the willingness and desire for truth instead of conditioned reflex of what we think is happening.


I agree so much. And it continually saddens me when I see rational voices forget what they already know.


By Europe? By Europeans? By the ‘leadership class’ of Europeans? By the European spokes-media for investment-captured elites?

Trump is largely ‘despised’ because he openly and flagrantly speaks and behaves without courtesy or consistency. But more perhaps because he is set up as a hate figure by the corporate spoke-media that is also the arbiter of the guilt-driven ‘correctness’ that he does not uphold or conform to. This gives him credibility with many who are hateful of either the guilting agenda or of being suppressed by coercive correctness.

I see that any movement of ‘moral superiority’ contains within it the hate that it presumes to hate in the ‘other’. In some sense the ‘other’ was elected or selected to US Presidency – which is purported to be the seat of world power.

Underestimating one’s opponent is often repaid with defeat. US Presidents since the tv era have run like branded shows to selected target audiences.
Those who wield influence – which includes those who set laws and protectors of such laws – use whatever mask for its advantages and limit or ignore its liabilities.

What are the advantages of a persona that is openly ridiculed and despised and thus free from being called to true account because he has been set up to be ‘out of communication’ with the establishment that supports his office. And sets up a new world order based on unpredictability, chutzpah and belligerence. This is not a new way of ‘politicking deals’.
Intelligence masked in such forms can be used to confound rivals and unsettle them. As such it is more of a psyop than a psychopath in the While House.

The last Trump sounds and the nature of the power that seeks to ‘lord it’ over this world will come forth from the Deep State… to be undone?

I hold that what we resist, persists, and that what we most hate in others is what we most hate in ourself.
This knowledge can be used to induce others to hate under a false sense of self-righteous security relative to their own exposure. The exposure of the ‘Beast’ I expect to be in each and all of us – as is the true awakening. The realm of persona mapping magic is a deep state of dissociation – but you – and each of us – is the casting manager of our own script. Or to put it another way, we each make a version of Trump – (and of everyone else in our life) and relate or react to it as if it were self-existing (apart from us) and therefore a way to get rid of what we don’t want – as if to keep what we do want. This operates a reversal of the Golden Rule. What you give is what you get to keep and what you seek to keep for yourself alone will cost you even the little that you have.

Another way to look at the human ‘world’ is as a Script operating to awaken true responsibility – not least through the recognition and release of the false attempt to take on power, role or function that is not ours, nor within our true ability, and which operates destructively to our true function by persisting under the spell of our own mis-taken self definitions.

What you put out is what you get back. Or if you prefer… Trump MADE you think and behave this way.

Gary Weglarz
Gary Weglarz

“What are the advantages of a persona that is openly ridiculed and despised” –
“Intelligence masked in such forms can be used to confound rivals and unsettle them. As such it is more of a psyop than a psychopath in the While House.”

binra – an insightful analysis I think. One should never trust that the surface level – “reality” – being presented to we mere peasants is a reflection of anything more than whatever smoke and mirrors are considered of most utility to control us and render us as always – dazed and confused.


Yes, and beneath our own script – might we have a payoff in engaging in such a drama?
I don’t mean this in any sense of blame, witch hunt of navel gazing – but simply bringing more noticing to the way our own thoughts emotion and reaction works. This is of course also the vigilance against deceit from any vector, including of course our own thinking – whether targeted by manipulators or not.
Narrative control operates in us as it does in the ‘world we see out there’. I seek to bring it to a conscious evaluation rather than run its protection racket at what I now see is to greater cost.

kmisad (@kmisad1)

A nice propaganda article!!!! Applause!!!!
Oh! the poor America who s been a victim of Europe, by sanctioning, Europe if they make deals with countries that they (America) want to colonise….


You may have misread the article, kmisad. Doesn’t whitewash Trump, the US, or, Europe. Perhaps this planet needs to work through its collective karma before it can regenerate?


What do you mean it doesn’t whitewash Trump? Re-read the article.


There is no propaganda here methinx. Just a train of thought with blacked out windows missing the landscape and going nowhere fast.

Gary Weglarz
Gary Weglarz

“the West is, by now, patently, an out of control mafia which is brutalizing the entire planet!” – the author

500+ years of this brutal murderous Western insanity and the best those running the show can give us at this point is “the Skripnals” and “Russiagate” as diversions from the reality that this house of cards may be finally coming to a rather inglorious end, and much sooner than most of us would like to believe. Vltchek as usual doesn’t pull any punches and is right on the money in his analysis.


A pathetic couple of distractions for the masses is no indication of an “inglorious end”. To the contrary, that they can cruise on through with such poorly thought out and executed diversions shows how confident they are in their total control.

Gary Weglarz
Gary Weglarz

candideschmyles – I am not referring to the Skripnal or Russiagate psyops when predicting an “inglorious end,” but rather the pending impacts resulting from a combination of our collective assaults upon the earth systems that support life as we know it. The Skripnals and Russiagate are just the expected diversions of “bread and circuses,” minus the bread.


Mulga Mumblebrain
Mulga Mumblebrain

The Fraudian has taken a turn to ‘soft denialism’ with an article downplaying the hemisphere wide heat-wave. Some previously anonymous presstitute admits some influence from climate destabilisation, but then, moronically, also adds the slow-down and looping of the jetstreams, seemingly oblivious to the fact that that phenomenon is a consequence of climate destabilisation. And then adds guff about North Atlantic oceanic oscillations causing warming Arctic seas, when the warming there is vastly greater than any Atlantic pattern can explain, and is more due to heating in situ as the albedo of the northern regions ‘flips’ causing a long described ‘amplification’ of northern temperatures, in turn reducing the heat gradient between the north and the lower latitudes, contributing to jetstream derangement. In other words-the Fraudian is even going climate destabiliation denialist as it marches ever further Right. An expected development.