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To Make a Sailor Blush

W Stephen Gilbert

I do not believe in personal abuse of any sort. Treat people with respect, treat people as you wish to be treated yourself, listen to their views, agree or disagree but have that debate. There’s going to be no rudeness from me … I want a kinder politics, a more caring society. Don’t let them reduce you to believing in less. So I say to all activists, whether Labour or not, cut out the personal abuse, cut out the cyber bullying, and especially the misogynistic abuse online, and let’s get on with bringing real values back into politics.”

Those were the words of Jeremy Corbyn in his first conference speech as leader on September 29th 2015. He was heartily cheered.

The parliamentary Labour Party has many members who, in all seriousness, would rather lose the next election under another leader – some would say any other leader – than win it led by Corbyn. That their own survival and that of their allies as MPs might well depend on winning that election is clearly not part of the calculation, so determined are they to stop Corbyn. This faction in the party seemed to have gone quiet last summer, when it momentarily would have been hard not to be dismissed as churlish to criticise the leader for delivering a much better result in the general election than any of them had imagined possible.

Of all Corbyn’s stances they have shown themselves ready to thwart, the one about abuse, respect and a kinder politics has been the one most trampled. The rhetorical practices of individuals in politics, in public as well as in private, are on a downward slide. Seemliness and decorum have gone the way of courtesy and consideration. While some complain more and more vociferously that they are subjected to abuse and vilification, others step up the invective and the venom. In practice, many combine these stances, putting themselves forward as indomitable martyrs. We live in strange times.

In the Palace of Westminster late on a Tuesday, Margaret Hodge confronted her leader. Whether it was a chance encounter or a planned ambush goes unrecorded. What she said is not disputed. There were witnesses.

You’re a fucking anti-Semite and a racist.”

It’s perfectly impossible to imagine a comparable verbal attack by an MP on a party leader – of any party at any time in parliamentary history – taking place. Bill Cash assaulting John Major in such terms? Woodrow Wyatt saying things like that to Harold Wilson’s face? Antony Nutting bearding Eden on any terms at all? Absolutely unthinkable. It also cannot be imagined that personal abuse to the face of any other party leader would not be received with the most virulent condemnation from all sections of the party in question. There would be questions as to whether the MP was drunk. It would certainly be universally accepted that the MP would lose the whip and probably be expelled from the party and banned from the Palace of Westminster.

Yet MPs duly condemned Corbyn’s office for describing Hodge’s words as “unacceptable” and saying that “action will be taken”. If Hodge’s words are acceptable, how come much of the media reproduced them substituting “f******” for “fucking”? That implicitly announces that the word is not acceptable to readers, viewers and listeners, an awkward circle for Corbyn-hating editors to square. What about the accusations against Corbyn? If it’s acceptable to accuse someone of being an anti-Semite, is it okay to call someone a swindler or a paedophile? If Hodge’s words are acceptable, then where is the threshold? Can anyone say anything to anybody? Who can complain at being described as a fascist in the House or being called a cunt on social media?

Once upon a time, politicians were witty and resourceful and, if they wanted to insult someone they did it in a way that made everybody else and, with luck, the victim laugh. Churchill was good at this. The redoubtable Bessie Braddock, stout of heart and form, encountered the PM in the Palace of Westminster. “Winston, you are drunk,” she chided. “Bessie, you are ugly,” Churchill shot back. “But in the morning I shall be sober and you will still be ugly”. Churchill wouldn’t have heard of body-shaming. No, it’s not politically correct, but nor it a baseless slur decorated with an expletive.

Like Falstaff, Churchill was not only witty in himself but the cause that wit was in others. Margot, Lady Asquith said of him “He would kill his own mother so that he could use her skin to make a drum to beat his own praises”. I bet he enjoyed that.

In the House, there are many sins that you are not permitted to pin on a fellow member, including being drunk and being a liar. Disraeli nimbly stepped over this when anatomising Gladstone: “the right honourable member is a sophistical rhetorician inebriated by the exuberance of his own verbosity”. The House knew just what he meant but Mr Speaker was outfoxed. We like our politicians to show that they can tap-dance rather than merely stamp their feet.

Margaret Hodge has been the member for Barking since 1994. She accepted a damehood in the dissolution honours of 2015, just seventeen days before Corbyn became party leader. Nine months later, she was one of two MPs to request from the Labour Party chair that a vote of no confidence in the leader be moved.

She and Corbyn have history. It was on her watch as leader of Islington Council that allegations of child abuse in the Council’s children’s homes emerged. Hodge was obliged to reach a financial settlement with a whistle-blower whom she had attempted to discredit. Corbyn, an Islington MP throughout this period, has been accused of ‘silence’ on the issue, especially by one of his most consistent detractors, John Mann. Perhaps he was implicitly supporting Hodge. Had he condemned her, it would have carried weight.

One of the ways in which women have sought to challenge the predominance of men in many fields has been to talk like men. Is this all to the good? It used to be said that a gentleman was never unknowingly rude, a nice perception that confirmed the notion that there are rules of behaviour to be broken deliberately or not at all. I have no doubt that Dame Margaret intended to defame her leader. If she hoped to provoke him, she mistook her man. John Prescott perhaps would have socked her in the jaw. John Woodcock might have told her to go fuck herself. Corbyn said “I’m sorry you feel that”.

Cool, classy, effortlessly rising above it. Whatever else you make of this unprecedented vignette, you can certainly draw the conclusion that Margaret Hodge is no gentleman.

W Stephen Gilbert is the author of Jeremy Corbyn – Accidental Hero


  1. PeaceCora says

    Can anyone shed any light on the comment I read on another website, that Channel 4 News went to the bizarre extreme of interviewing a 14 year old Jewish girl, prompting her with questions about her fears because of things that Corbyn has allegedly said? I read this and was horrified at the blatant and outrageous propaganda that this must have been and on a par with anything that might have happened in Orwell’s 1984. I have not found anything else about this though?

    • A. Benge says

      I think maybe this is the report you mean. It’s not clear what the 13yr old is asked, but she links the abuse
      she’s been getting to ‘what Jeremy Corbyn has been saying about Jewish people’.
      The journalist doesn’t bother to ask what that might be! A blatant lie is just allowed to stand!
      It’s a really one sided piece, no attempot to explain what the Labour party is trying to clarify etc.
      No mention of the fact that Jewish academics and lawyers agree with what they’re doing.
      Quite absurd and really sinister.


      • PeaceCora says

        Thanks, for that. It is so appallingly biased and unbalanced. She was not challenged in her assumptions about anything he that Jeremy Corbyn has ‘allegedly’ said.

        It is entirely down to the Right that this issue of anti-Semitism has blown up. The statement by the newspaper editor was very revealing, in that he was really just anti-Jeremy Corbyn.

        • PeaceCora says

          I find this blatant manipulation and politicising of so called anti-Semitism completely sickening. To pollute children like that is unforgivable.

          • Mulga Mumblebrain says

            ‘Polluting’ children with hatred is widespread in Israel, as Israeli researchers have noted, in the form of indoctrination into hatred of Arabs, Moslems and the Palestinians in particular. And mere ‘pollution’ is undoubtedly preferable to the Zionist approach to Gazan children ie blowing them, their families and/or neighbours and friends to pieces, or merely maiming them for life.

    • Mulga Mumblebrain says

      The hate campaign has BARELY begun. The Zionists NEVER give up until the latest of their innumerable ‘enemies’ is destroyed. Corbyn’s refusal to bow and fully prostrate himself as required, puts him in real peril. As the Fraudian observed in a review of a book on Israel’s huge history of assassinations and death-squad attacks on leaders of its victims, their motto, drawn from the scriptures, like the Purim ‘preventative’ genocide, is ‘Rise up and kill first’.

    • I think it backfired as a lot who weren’t otherwise aware of the controlled Press, now are. This isn’t a blank cheque for Corbyn’s politics – but a giveaway that he is not one of the bought or compromised political class.
      I would rather a cross party alliance for human being in vigilance against inhuman and destructive systems of management of human units. Which includes Pharma and Military Industrial but by no means stops there. Core human principles are not what most ‘rights’ legislation operates on.

      • Yes, I think so too, A. Benge. I know that the people who are plotting Corbyn’s downfall are worried about Chris’s research into their conspiracy. That’s another reason I’m trying to spread the url around as much as I can.

        • A. Benge says

          A few days before the chicken coup, Dan Hodges described exactly
          what would happen in an article in the Telegraph. He was correct in every detail.
          So I’m not surprised he’s part of the oddly repulsive team.

    • Mulga Mumblebrain says

      The Zionist campaign to destroy Corbyn, his ‘Leftwing policies’ and UK Labour, proceeds apace. The Fraudian sewer has another hysterical hit-piece by Zionist ultra, Freedland today. It begins, as is so often the case, with the usual emphasis on Jewish exceptionalism and their religious rites, and, as ever in these hit-pieces, a quick reference to ‘the Holocaust’, so as to set the proper scene, that of Corbyn and Labour as the heirs of all the other ‘antisemites’, even the very worst, in history.
      The clear imputation that Labour’s non-existent ‘antisemitism’ is of the same nature, at its roots, as that of the Nazis, is designed to evoke anger and rage at its vicious, slanderous, mendacity. That is an OLD Zionist tactic. Be so viciously abusive, demanding and insulting that you provoke an angered reply, in as many as possible of your victims. Then, if someone utters even a syllable of ‘antisemitic’ invective in reply, defame the entire target group as ‘antisemites’ by association. If the victims remain resolutely refusing to return fire, like Corbyn, just ramp up the abuse, say by getting some hissing and spitting Harpy to scream foul-mouthed abuse straight in his face. If he remains unmoved, invent some ‘antisemitic’ abuse from some of his ‘followers’, even if you have to concoct it ourselves-Internet anonymity is so very useful. This campaign cannot cease-the Zionists have their control over UK politics at stake. If any Western state was to throw off their yoke, and start treating Israel as the apartheid theocracy it just declared itself to be, who knows how quickly Zionist power and control in the West might unravel.

      • PeaceCora says

        I think that the longer this carries on, the more this smear campaign will become a massive shot in their own feet. I myself have never doubted the holocaust and I have never been ant-Semitic. I am non-racist like millions are, who never judge anyone by their race or their religion. I now though find myself n the uncomfortable position of becoming increasingly restfulness of this obscene politicisation of the Jewish religion, by this right wing, establishment movement. I even found myself today wondering if the history we have come to believe, was not in some way also manipulated.

        • PeaceCora says

          -that should read ‘increasingly resentful’

        • Paul Carline says

          There has been so much distortion – and suppression – of truth that it’s difficult to know where to start. If you care about the truth it makes sense to question everything, and especially the really big issues – including the endlessly repeated 6 million figure, which some honest Jewish historians have challenged. I would suggest reading Jewish writers on Jewish issues – like Norman Finkelstein’s “The Holocaust Industry”, for example. In 2009 (16 October), when British newspapers were not all singing from the same official hymn sheet, The Independent published an article titled: “Why would any writer make up stories about the holocaust?”. It quotes several cases of writers who falsely claimed to be holocaust survivors. Nobel Peace Prize winner Elie Wiesel, who falsely claimed to have an Auschwitz tattoo on his arm, and who is widely believed to have stolen someone else’s identity, is quoted as having said: “Some stories are true that never happened”. Fiction may have an inner truth – but it becomes extremely dangerous when it is claimed to be historical fact.

          • Mulga Mumblebrain says

            There is yet another filthy smear of Corbyn by a Zionist in the Fraudian today. This one is a Blairite enemy of Corbyn, Austin, an MP God help you all. In trade-mark fashion he begins with recollections of the Nazi Judeocide and how it affected his family, thus, as usual now, filthily insinuating a direct link between the Nazis and Corbyn. What follows is a number of lies, long refuted, but Zionists are NOTHING if not recidivist liars once their blood is up-just ask the Palestinians. But, as far as the Zionist lynch-mobs are concerned, all non-groveling goyim are Palestinians, ie ‘terrorwists’ and, plainly, Nazis. Just how long will Labour grovel before these maniacs? The next stage is obvious, and familiar. Some staged ‘attacks’, say ‘bomb-threats’ or swastikas painted on synagogues, or a Jewish headstone or two kicked over, that can be blamed on ‘Corbyn’s support for the antisemites’. I don’t think we’ll have long to wait, either.

        • Mulga Mumblebrain says

          ‘Going Underground’ on RT had a Jewish guest, a member of the Jewish Voice for Labour or some such title. He observed that the IHRA ‘guidelines’ were only indicative, not Holy Writ, and were rejected some time ago by the EU organ that had requested their production. He also observed that scores of Jewish groups, in the UK and elsewhere, had supported Corbyn and Labour in the face of this deranged Zionist hate campaign. But, of course, the Fraudian sewer and the other fakestream media cess-pools, and the Blairite and other Zionist Quislings inside Labour, LIE that the attitude of the Zionist elite and the other Jewish Tory groups, and foul-mouthed millionaire Zionist harridans like Hodge, is the universal attitude of ALL UK Jews, when that is an unmitigated UNTRUTH. And, as I say, these creatures being driven by not much more than the rawest hatred, and with their unlimited funds, boundless fakestream media support and a record of almost never failing to destroy their latest victim, one way or another, Corbyn, if he doesn’t fight back, hard, is dead meat, and you can expect May as PM for another decade-if the UK does not simply collapse.

        • A. Benge says

          The trouble is, too many people would have to retract their slanderous statements to allow
          this attack to end. I think there ought to be some crowd funding for victims to sue for
          slander or libel. That might shut some of the witch-hunters up for a bit.

      • mark says

        The anti semitic smear campaign against Corbyn has been rumbling on for some time, but things now seem to be coming to a head. There are various reasons for this.

        The general drive by rabid Zionist organisations like the Board of Deputies and its foreign equivalents to criminalise any and all criticism of Israel, and to demand instant punishment of any statement they deem to be “offensive.” Apparently they, and only they, have a right not to be offended. Ken Livingstone was hounded and kicked out of the Party for a comment that was manifestly historically accurate. Mark Wadsworth was kicked out for criticising a female Labour MP, not for being Jewish (he was probably unaware of this), but for colluding with the Telegraph in attacks on the Labour leadership. In France, youngsters have been prosecuted for wearing BDS T shirts.
        The Tory Party has formed a weak and deeply divided minority government that could collapse at any time over Brexit. The Establishment, City of London, Deep State, MSM, Spook Organisations and the rest, are terrified of a Labour victory with Corbyn becoming PM. This was casually dismissed as ludicrous prior to the last election. May is an uncharismatic leader and civil war could break out in the Tory Party at any time. A new election could be called at short notice in the aftermath of a bungled Brexit. The aim is to weaken the Labour Party prior to this, and ideally get rid of Corbyn, the last 2 No Confidence votes by the Blairite Red Tory Backstabbers having failed to achieve their objective.
        Trump is ramping up the aggression, sanctions and threats towards Iran. There is speculation of military action, which would almost certainly be opposed by Corbyn. His removal is an obvious priority for the warmonger community, currently plotting another Iraq on a grander scale.

        Mossad and the Israeli Embassy are probably coordinating this campaign with its stooges in the Friends of Israel, Board of Deputies, and MSM. A Mossad agent was recently caught plotting with a Zionist civil servant to “bring down” 2 gay Tory MPs (Alan Duncan and Crispin Surname- escapes-me.) Some kind of sex smear seems to have been planned, probably along the lines of the allegations against Assange.

        • A. Benge says

          Crispin Blunt?
          I thing it’s the Strategic Affairs Ministry, rather than Mossad, that has this particular remit these days.

        • It’s Corbyn’s likely foreign policy direction and the implications this has for both Israel and the arms industry is what makes him Public Enemy No.1 for these people. He will need phenomenal security to fend off the assasins that are likely to be training their sights on him before, and on entering, No. 10.

          It is imperative to remove/silence the backstabbers from the party in, well, the next few weeks really. By Any Means Necessary.

          • Mulga Mumblebrain says

            Corbyn will NEVER ie not in this universal epoch, be allowed to be UK PM. The Zionists will not allow it, the ruling UK elite will not allow it and the thugs in Thanatopolis DC will not allow it. He must go. Indeed, even a recantation won’t save him now. He is that thing that Chomsky described as being utterly unacceptable to the global parasite elites-the ‘good example’. If the UK could escape the global parasitic blood-sucking system, who might be next? Venezuela can be subverted and strangled, its leader murdered with induced cancer, or Brazil delivered back to the fascists by thuggish ‘judges’ trained in the USA, but the UK is vastly more important. Corbyn must, and will, go-one way or the other.

  2. Harry Law says

    This document is essential reading for anyone commenting on this issue: https://judiciary.house.gov/wp-content/uploads/2017/10/Stern-Testimony-11.07.17.pdf In it, the man who drafted the definition under discussion urges Congress NOT to include in legislation the various examples such as those that Labour has omitted, on the grounds that in practice those examples are regularly used by those with a political agenda to suppress academic and political discussion of the actions of the Israeli Government. How can Labour be wrong if they are doing what the author of the definition urges?
    “Passage of this legislation might make some pro Israel students feel better, that Congress agrees with them, but it will give ammunition to anti Israel students saying that Congress has enshrined a definition that can only help to chill, if not suppress, their political speech. And they will be right. The EUMC’s “working definition” was recently adopted in the United Kingdom, and applied to campus. An “Israel Apartheid Week” event was cancelled as violating the definition.
    A Holocaust survivor was required to change the title of a campus talk, and the
    university mandated it be recorded, after an Israeli diplomat complained that the title violated the definition. Perhaps most egregious, an off campus group citing thedefinition called on a university to conduct an inquiry of a professor (who received her PhD from Columbia) for anti semitism, based on an article she had written
    years before.The university then conducted the inquiry.
    And while it ultimately found no basis to discipline the professor, the exercise
    itself was chilling and McCarthy like.”

    “My fear is, if we similarly enshrine this definition into law, outside groups will try and suppress rather than answer political speech they don’t like. The academy,Jewish students, and faculty teaching about Jewish issues, will all suffer”.

    • Mulga Mumblebrain says

      The Fraudian, amazingly, today has five eminent UK Jews discussing the IHRA ‘definitions’. Three are, in my opinion, quite sensible and point out how these authoritarian strictures will outlaw Free Speech and Freedom of Opinion, as they are intended to do. One commenter is a bog-standard Zionist, and the last seems to be having an each-way bet. But as we can see in two of the most thoroughly controlled slave states, the USA and France, the Zionists’ ambition is to destroy ALL criticism of Israel, and all support for the Palestinians, and even criminalise it, as has happened in France.

      • Of course and this is another step in a long process of achieving the power to do so.

        ‘Destroy’ is really deny by threat of legal penalty.
        There are many who are in prison for simply acting and speaking in true witness and conscience.
        There are many who lose their career for whistleblowing fraud.
        You are free to think and act but you are never free from consequence of action – therefore align in what you truly love and take what comes.
        With the Internet anything you have said in the past can be brought forward as a crime now.
        If you do as you are told perhaps it wont be brought forward at this time…
        Because the body can be locked up, hurt or broken and life made misery or ended, the power to do so as punishment is met with rule compliance until and unless an opportunity to take vengeance and win power back. Isn’t that part of what is happening?

        That this ‘Jewish power’ holds non Jews to be unworthy or sub human cant be said openly – but their very acts ‘say it’ out loud. Is it Jewish – or does it use the Jewish ‘identity’?

        Another part of the ‘energetic’ I pick up from ‘globalist’ indoctrination is the belief that humanity is hateful and unworthy ie a virus on the Planet and need or deserving of culling. Guilt and hate thinking run their world as a parasitic shadow. But can only be corrected within ourselves. The attempt to rid our sins in or on another is fantasy or magical association. It also works a mind-trap.

  3. Today, I twice tried to post a link to this website on Craig Murray’s and my posts were deleted after a few minutes on the first attempt, and almost instantly on the smaller version. So I want to Thank You Guys at OFF-GUARDIAN.

    What merits deletion in this?

    “Storming comment on Off_Guardian by Mulga Mumblebrain…I doubt it will last long here, even though it is quite obviously true.

    “Hodge’s vile abuse, in my opinion, was plainly planned as part of the Zionist/Blairite campaign to destroy Corbyn. Not only did Hodge vilely slander Corbyn, but she also started wailing about her family members who died in the Nazi Judeocide, thus clearly linking Corbyn to the Nazis. That is so repulsive,( but utterly typical of Zionist tactics), not least in the abuse of the memory of the victims of that horror for the rankest political purposes, that it thoroughly warrants dismissal from the Party.
    But, unlike Labour’s great stalwart Livingstone, ‘guilty’ of telling the truth about Zionist co-operation with the Nazis, or Wadsworth, ‘guilty’ of noticing Ruth Smeeth’s plain co-operation with the anti-Labour media, Hodges’ accomplices are demanding that she not be judged for a vastly worse and viler act. The hypocrisy is stunning, but typical. The Zionists are trying to turn Hodge into the victim, with full fakestream support, of course, particularly from the stinking anti-Labour sewer that is the ‘Fraudian’. It reminds one of the old eastern European adage, amended for political acceptability, -‘The Zionist cries out in pain as he punches you in the face’.


    Re The Silence (Censorship) of (by) The Whores. Read the comment by Mulga Mumblebrain on Off-Guardian. It’s banned here.



    • Mulga Mumblebrain says

      I was censored off Craig Murray’s excellent blog once I started criticising ‘Zionists’. I may have called them something more accurate, but less mealy-mouthed. On the other hand, his Comments are replete with Zionist apologists.

    • Mentioning OG is a sure way to get deleted. And mulga’s vitriol undermines his message except to the already believers who find self-reinforcement in hating the hated.

      The very nature of the mind-trap of this issue is such that to speak only to the issue is to negotiate a ‘territory’ of hate and fear.
      But to zoom out from particulars – if Mind in its true sense is indivisible, non physical and always, then the trick of a captured attention offers a way to persist in division as a sense of both ruling over – and being ruled out (of wholeness).

      It was TS Elliot who said that at our end we will arrive at our own beginning and know it for the first time.
      The mind trap is a false flagged ‘justification’ to hate. Once we identify in lovelessness – a ‘separated sense of need-lack’ drives the development of the separating consciousness. It simply cannot see or know anything true – but through a lens of reversal, endeavours to make its self real upon the denial of feared true.

      Fear operates as belief until it is questioned or challenged – such as the belief one must hide or be kept hidden. Hidden ‘power’ operates in the dark as the denial of the ability to question or challenge.

      Being ‘attacked’ is its energy source. Or rather the belief-fear of attack is its reinforcement.

    • Tony,

      As mentioned below by me, Craig Murray deleted any mention of Brenner’s historical work at the time of Livingstone’s suspension, work which shows extensive zionist appeasement of, sympathy with, and collusion with, the most offensively racist regimes of the twentieth century.
      I wrote to him about this censorship and he replied :
      There was indeed some talk of common interest between crackpot Zionists and crackpot Nazis. It is also true there was some between crackpot Scottish Nationalists and the Nazis. But fringe events ought not be accorded exceptional significance.

      The facts you cite are a favourite topic of people whose motive is indeed anti-Semitism and holocaust denial. I do not in the least say you are of that bent, but those people pop up on the blog at the least encouragement. I therefore prefer simply to delete the subject.

      But either Brenner’s work (and the documentation which he cites to support it) is wholly wrong, or this is gross misrepresentation from Murray. Brenner’s books show extensive ‘common interests’ between the leading ‘lights’ of the Zionist movement, its most prominent organisations (the WZO, the German Federation of Zionists et al) and the anti-Semitic regimes of Tsarist Russia, Spain, Italy, Germany, Poland, Hungary and Ukraine. These were not fringe events within the realm of zionism. Brenner maintains, contrarily, that the involvement of Left Zionists in taking a stand against rampant anti-Semitism in the early twentieth century was what could be described as a ‘fringe event’.
      Of course Brenner makes clear that zionism never represented the views or interests of Jewish people as a whole at that time, or now. He makes clear the danger of conflating his arguments with any kind of holocaust denial.

      Maybe Murray hasn’t read the work (?). He certainly should, seeing as he writes so much about Zionism.

      He certainly should, seeing as this pernicious ideology is tearing apart UK and US politics.

      Don’t fuck with fascism, call it out. Name the powers.

      • Mulga Mumblebrain says

        Oh dear-that shews Murray to be grossly ignorant of the German Zionists’ contacts and co-operation with the Nazis, and the Transfer Agreement, or some sort of possibly intimidated disinformer. The Zionists make quite a little cottage industry out of denying the undeniable, like the fascist roots of Jabotinsky style Zionism, not to forget the standard European colonial settler racist hatred of the Indigenous whose land is coveted, but to see Murray ignorantly parroting that garbage re-writing of history is most disappointing. Particularly in the case of Livingstone being lynched by a lying mob, for the crime of telling the truth.

  4. While Westminster is playing its self-absorbed little word games, Pepe Escobar of Asia Times considers the probable effects of the latest U$rael thrust against Iran:

    “Back to reality, the stark options would come down to either Iran becoming a US satellite, or else Iran closing the Strait of Hormuz – something that for all practical purposes would collapse the global economy.

    I have been assured that Iran’s Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps has the technological means to block the Strait and would not flinch to go for it rather than yield, if the going gets tough. President Rouhani cannot resist the IRGC. The Trump administration has, in fact, forced Rouhani to show his cards. All branches of the Iranian government are now united.

    War hysteria, already on, is extremely irresponsible. In the Strait of Hormuz scenario, the US Navy would be impotent, as Russian-made SS-N-22 Sunburn missiles could wreak havoc. Washington could only bomb from Al Udeid Air Base in Qatar or Incirlik in Turkey. Neither Qatar nor Turkey is inclined to antagonize Iran.

    The Pentagon would have to bomb coastal missile sites on Iran’s Persian Gulf shoreline. But these are heavily camouflaged; missiles are portable, and there’s no reliable on the ground intel. Iran only needs to fire one missile at a time. No oil tanker would possibly try to get through.

    Things don’t even need to degrade towards a shooting war. All Tehran needs to do is to make the threat credible. Insurance companies would stop insuring oil carriers. No oil carrier will navigate without insurance.

    [Pepe goes on to say that the only characters in the ME who enjoy Trump ratcheting Iran up to this scenario are the King of Saudi Arabia and the Prime Minister of Israel, KSA’s only ally in the ME. Has any MP in Westminster any view on this affair — which might disrupt the economy of the world — at all?]

    • Mulga Mumblebrain says

      The invertebrates in Westminster will do whatever Bibi wants-or the Fraudian reptiles will savage them as ‘antisemites’.

      • Minutoamezzanotte says

        Well said Mulga. Zionazis can only be exposed and defeated if people see them for what they are. Here are two links to Stephen Lendman’s articles on Global Research:
        Palestinian Truth-Telling Criminalized by Israel
        Israel Murdering Defenceless Palestinian Youths and Children
        Forgot to say, Stephen is also an “antisemite” like the rest of us commenting here.

        • Jen says

          Is Stephen Lendman not also a self-hating Jewish person?

          • The language of confusion and deceit is not that which exposes the deceit.
            ‘Anti-semite’ is itself a psyop – that is, a multi-faceted weapon of deceit.
            If you are anti Jew, say so – but is it Jews en masse or Jewish mafia who work the Jewish identity?
            You can easily meet loveable Jewish people who have no affinity with Israeli politics.

            The whole nature of shadow power is its ability to hide in shifting shadows. I say you cannot really name the power that works an anti human agenda without including yourself. Because deceits work through the minds of those that use them – witting or no.

            As soon as mulga or others resort to hate language, the psyop is successful and they are captured opposition because they love to hate more than they love truth. All of which is open to change though.
            The fantasy of revenge-power is unsurprising as a symptom because that is the energetic nature of the ‘psychosis’.

            Being hostage to a driven fantasy gratification is instead of a real life. The ‘hate and fear agenda works to deny a real life excepting on impossible (fantasy) terms, so what we withdraw from our own ‘negative’ investments becomes available to receive and share in truly being – which cannot be weaponised or marketised – and undoes the need to war because it is the opening of a true full spectrum communication.

            So in a sense we are being framed and are unwittingly consenting to be framed beneath the masking persona. Hate, guilt, fear and grievance frame the mind in vengeance. This is a Choice whether we know what we do or not. But obviously those who know not what they do are unable to see it.

            • Sorry, but even suggesting that “mulga or others resort to hate language” is a sign of falling for that particular psyop, since you then create a paradigm of one set of people defining “hate” and the other, policing it. I prefer to look at actions than words, since debate simply is the currency of democracy.

              • Mulga Mumblebrain says

                Thank-you-I ceased reading binra’s maundering pontifications some time ago. If not ‘hate’ what reaction to vicious and barbaric oppression, and lying denial of it, would the Great Sage prefer, I wonder. I spent many years attempting to argue with Zionists without losing my equanimity, out of concern for what they were doing to themselves, morally and spiritually, as much as for the travails of their victims, but nearly always that was met by abuse and vilification in return. Mind you, most of the Jews I have known, personally, were and are anti-Zionists.

                • Honesty is always welcome. Snark and smear demeans you.
                  The saying is that we become the thing we hate. I feel it holds true.

              • manfromatlan : Perhaps you cannot ‘see’ your own hate when you you are identified in self-righteousness? Because it reads as justified targeting of blame.

                An honesty of feeling the hateful is not the same as dumping it on others – who in this case are ‘Jewish or Zionists’. Well that’s not true but that is how a mob mind works.

                Points can be made without resort to hate language – and the more potential for controversy, the more vital it is that the issues be addressed without personal vilifications, insinuations, snark and smear.

                I don’t police mulga or anyone else – I just call it as I see it. Everyone is free to think whatever they will, and their actions will be determined by their thinking. Hate is always also self-hate – and protects itself from undoing by projection onto others. This can be readily observed.

                Bring hatred out from its mask and see if it has a leg to stand on – instead of hating the hateful and giving reinforcement and propagation. It is the denial, masking and manipulations of hate that afflict us. It is the deceiver that afflicts us.

                That ad hominem attack is an attack on true discourse is not news. Allowing of ad hom as genuine currency is the discarding of truth to fascinations of the dynamic of conflict.

                I give no support to the use of the ‘hate speech’ meme, as a means to induce mob hate to those so defined. If you read me thus you are way off beam. We are all in various ways carrying hatred in our hearts and it works as a corruption to our thought – and act. Self-honesty is necessary for healing. of course to those who hold that hate is power, it is necessary NOT to look within. But you are your choice, not theirs.

                Unless the hateful is removed from permission to rule our thought, then hateful outcomes we shall have.
                I could use other terms – but at the moment hate serves well enough. Extreme examples can serve to illuminate the otherwise hidden from sight.

            • Joe Hill says

              Your comment strikes me as muddled psychobabble with a bit of New Age mumbo-jumbo tossed in.

              Not particularly relevant to the life and death struggle being waged against Israeli racism, apartheid and ,mass murder. Quite unconvincing.

              • Mulga Mumblebrain says

                ‘Muddled psychobabble’-perfect!

            • Jen says

              When I asked “Is Stephen Lendman not also a self-hating Jewish person?”, I was only being sarcastic.

              • I wasn’t addressing that. “Jew hater’ is the name given to Jews who criticize Jewish power by Jewish narrative control is it not?

  5. I think it is time to stop publicly smearing people. Whoever they are.

    It does indeed say more about the person who is doing the smearing than the person accused.

    It is tempting (and cheap) to ask if it would be anti-semitic to label Hodge a craven, over-privileged bitch, for example.

    So I won’t do that.

    Jeremy isn’t the only recent target of this sort of abuse. Elon Musk recently smeared someone in an appalling way and it is common practice for the ms media to smear people who hold opinions that go against the mainsteam, for example on Syria. Labelling people “apologists” (of any sort) is crass and a sign of a lack of a credible counter argument.

    • Well one can only teach by example – or else ‘do as I say and not as I do’ operates the wishfulness of a masking over un-owned and un-faced conflicts and issues.

      The underbelly of guilted fear, hate or shame and etc is running underneath the mind’s attempt to eradicate it, pretend it away or hide it. This is already a manipulative or split mind and attracts to itself in like kind. Because this is the ‘information’ that manipulators seek to install or uncover so as to run you through your own mind-habits.

      For healing or reintegrative recognition, the conflict has to rise to awareness and be recognized beneath appearances. Running on appearances is the conditioned mind unawake to the nature of its own condition. This is the inevitable result of using the forms and appearances of life to mask over and deceive for a personal sense of ‘survival’ at expense of the true wholeness of being and of true relationship. Thus a loss of trust and communication to secrets and lies Inc.

      So rather than complain about the world, we CAN accept our own part in terms of evaluating what we are saying and where we are coming from. This will in time expose the tricks of the mind to us – not unlike Schopenhauer’s list of tricks by which to seem to win an argument. But those who buy the book made from the essay tend to be those who want to learn the dark arts rather than those who love truth. The god has always been the ‘power’ of the day – and regardless of how much or in what ways ‘Jewish influence operates a broad spectrum dominance over our world is most evidenced in the ability to dictate and even legislate thought, word and deed. But of course people learn be example and often learn that the only way to some ‘power’ of position in their world is by appeasing or at least not upsetting the ‘gods’ – in a Stockholm syndrome allegiance to their own captivity.

      Economic power, often pulls the rug out of any plan for reform, but one or another kind of ‘obligation’ is also a common route. people do not need to be ‘controlled’ once set to think in captive or managed frameworks – except in particular pivotal moments. Then the ‘favours’ are called in or the pressure brought to bear in every way that ensures a managed outcome. We all automatically protect our investments. So disinvesting from the false opens the way to align in the true as a step by step willingness and recognition. Once a fundamental self honesty is opened, self betrayal is too painful to accept and the need to know a better way aligns all our faculties in the new purpose.

  6. It’s a shame that the lessons of the #metoo movement don’t seem to apply to foul-mouthed female bullies like Hodge.

  7. vexarb says

    And the reality that Westminster’s Skripal Farce is trying to divert your attention from: Russia’s super weapons are superior to NATZO’s super weapons.


    The AZC, having lost militarily both in Syria and Ukraine, and facing military inferiority versus Russia and China, are now trying desperately to maintain their hold on government in the Westminster by subterfuge such as Parliamentary Friends of Israel and their pathetic smear campaign of “Anti-anti-Semitism”.

    • Mulga Mumblebrain says

      The loathsome Polly Toynbee has joined the ‘smear Corbyn as an ‘antisemite’ campaign today, even quoting May approvingly. The hideous old feminazi is most concerned that Labour may be on the point of purging the elected Blairite Quislings from the Party, before they can sabotage any putative Corbyn Government by defecting, and joining the Tories in a ‘We Love Israel’ coalition.

      • bevin says

        Polly was also an enthusiastic supporter of the SDP secession from the Labour Party which consolidated Thatcher’s rule by splitting the Labour Party.
        I remember her welcoming Thatcher, the UK’s first female Prime Minister, as a great step forward for women. Rich women, that is because for poor people neo-liberalism has been a disaster. Needless to say Polly a n admirer of Tony Blair is also a determined campaigner against Brexit.
        The terrible thing is that when people like Polly equate socialist reforms and an independent foreign policy with anti-semitism they are laying the foundations for a mass movement inclined to anti-semitism. In fact, in the form of the alt-right phenomenon we see just that: an antisemitism which includes a gushing admiration for Israeli brutality and a hatred of the liberal values and democratic principles that Polly and her ilk discredit while paying them empty lip service..
        There should be a Polly Watch, perhaps on this site, to highlight her inane hypocrisies and fatuous enthusiasms.

        • Mulga Mumblebrain says

          The Zionists have long allied themselves with fascists, like ‘Christian Zionists’ and the European Islamophobic hard Right, like the Zionist created ‘English Defence League’ (just like Kahane’s ‘Jewish Defence League’, an arrogant give-away in nomenclature). These groups, of course, don’t really like Jews, the ‘Christians’ only seeing Israel as a means to cause the End Times when the Jews must convert or be destroyed, and the racist fascists will happily turn on the Jews again, once the opportunity comes. Zionism is nothing if not recklessly risk-taking.

        • Barbara Goodsell says

          Polly lost me years ago, when posing as a poor person in the Fraudian – she was shocked to find chopped tinned tomatoes were more expensive than ordinary peeled tomatoes – she had no idea, when all the rest of us KNOW. This confirmed to be she prob doesn’t even do her own shopping or at least never looks at what things are costing her…

      • Personal derision and smear aside – there may be some substance within what you said.
        While at times coining pet words can seem creative, it generally operates a bubblespeak that effectively invites joining in hate – over and against an accused asserted evil. Shouting to the choir.

        Insofar as I find the hateful in myself, I abhor, empty or release myself of what has no belonging in my giving and receiving. Then I can speak to the issue without personal investment in the form of the outcome. I see that speaking truth to power requires this level of self-resonsibility.

        The hating of haters is a current example with regard to hate that is considered righteous, called for and required in judgement upon other haters who are derided and discarded under blanket terms that say more about those who excommunicate in order to feel better about themselves.

        What if much of the ‘conspiracy’ against humanity is simply the logical unfolding of a negatively (fearfully) defined sense of self interest set in reaction against its own shadow self – assigned to unrecognized ‘others’?

  8. Meanwhile, back in the real world, what the “anti-Semitism” storm in the Westminster teacup is trying to divert attention from.

    Analyst Canthama BTL SyrPer:

    Israel lost big time this war of aggression against the Syrians. Though the IDF and its ISIS proxies managed to destroy many things in Syria, they gave Hizb’Allah the opportunity to train, on the job, its fighters in Large Scale Warfare with major & complex coordination of multiple groups and the use of modern hardware in battles, Also to mention, that millions of militia men (jointly funded by Iran, Syria and Iraq) were trained in this 7 year process, and are now ready for war at any time. These are not prime/elite soldiers, but they are a formidable popular force, now present to resist Israeli / U$ / UK / French “boots on the ground” all the way from Lebanon to Afghanistan.

    Too many variables and interests at play no doubt. One thing is for sure, Syria has strong allies, Russia, Iran and Hizballah are there to stay and continue to help Syria in the task to recover every inch of the country. Who would have guessed that southern Syria would be liberated in less than 2 months with minimum losses?

    There is a lot of fog and PR on US/Iran, sometimes it seems as fake as it can be. Serves no purpose for anyone, a major actual war against Iran; in part it’s actually aimed against other players, such as China and Russia; while, on the other side, both Russia and China won’t let much happen to Iran. China wants a permanent cheap oil supply and it is hooking up Iran to that; while Russia wants some sort of joint GazProm control over Iranian gas and oil production, besides protecting Russia’s southern border with a solid ally (something Iran is not as yet).

    I do not expect another fake CWs attack in Syria, the last fake case in East Ghouta took the last possible moral ground from under the feet of US/UK/France.Thus basically creating a scenario of possible individual, country-by-country, policy change restoring relationship with Syria. [Possibly even inviting Dr.Bashar and First Lady Asme Assad back for Tea at Buckingham Palace?]

    The US and EU will continue to spread tensions around the ME and North Africa, as we move forward to the end of 2018. But Syria is heading toward a 2019 with an intense agenda of political process and reconciliation, the strategy / direction of the Allies (Syria, Lebanon, Iran, Russia, with Iraq in the balance) is sound.

  9. George says

    Descent into infantile abuse is something that is being encouraged all the way – especially on the internet. The best way to divide people is to get them to scream at each other.

  10. MichaelK says

    If any other state in which the ‘far right’ held political power, in Central Europe for example, had passed such deeply offensive laws and expressed these attitudes to ethnicity; the liberal progressives in our media would be outraged and roundly condemn them as flagrantly undermining democratic values and the multi-cultural utopia they seem to favour so passionately. But because it’s Israel things are different, appeasement is the order of the day and understanding. Far-right Israeli ethno-nationalism isn’t even touched on, as this, by itself, could be seen by Israel and its supporters/allies as ‘anti-semitism.’

    Corbyn’s strategy seems to be to hang-on at all costs and hold the Labour Party together at all costs, until he wins the next election by default, if the Conservatives implode. But he needs to keep the party together. Appeasement, though, is a risky strategy, as is buying time and absorbing blows. One risks death by a thousand cuts and the demoralization of one’s basic support. Anyway, Corbyn is merely a transitional leader attempting to steer Labour back towards true social democracy whilst waiting for a new leadership to emerge to carry on the work into the future.

    • Mulga Mumblebrain says

      You’re correct, Michael. The almost absolute absence of condemnation of Israel declaring itself an apartheid theocracy is prime facie evidence of the total control that the Zionists wield over the Western fakestream sewer. Not just by direct ownership and financial pressure, but by the terror that a false charge of ‘antisemitism’ might end their career. As you observe, imagine if Russia did anything even remotely similar.

  11. Jen says

    Not so long after Margaret Hodge insulted Jeremy Corbyn both personally and in print in The Fraudian, the Knesset passed the Nation State legislation as a Basic Law.


    It starts:

    1. Basic principles

    A. The land of Israel is the historical homeland of the Jewish people, in which the State of Israel was established.

    B. The State of Israel is the national home of the Jewish people, in which it fulfills its natural, cultural, religious and historical right to self-determination.

    C. The right to exercise national self-determination in the State of Israel is unique to the Jewish people …

    Need I say any more?

    Who is the racist now of Hodge and Corbyn?

    • Mulga Mumblebrain says

      As one observer noted, that makes Israel a fully fledged apartheid theocracy, as a Jew is defined by religion, not race. And an apartheid theocracy to which all Western politicians must swear undeviating loyalty-or else.

      • Religion only insofar as it serves purpose. That is the forms of anything are used to mask in.

        The Jewish Identity is anything but homogenous or unified – except in respect to the fear of being turned against by OTHERS just because they are ‘Jewish’. Jewish identity – like any identity, operates self protectively. The self-specialness of exceptionalism (not recognizing others as equally human) is not unique to Jews, but there is a significant effect from the marrying of intelligence and wealth over two millennia. So Jewish influence in all cultural endeavour is disproportionate to their demographic distribution. Jewish Internationalism developed alongside the mercantile extensions of european and then US international dominations, not least as the banking sector.
        The assigning of blame to Jews in general for the actions of a Jewish component of the ‘power class’ is like blaming GI Joe for the war in Iraq. Doing so reinforces the ‘anti-semite’ meme (regardless of anything Semitic being involved) and so feeds the fear based power to induce conformity and compliance to either do as prompted or desist from open dissent.

        This pattern is pervasive in terms of the personalising of issues into ambiguous but emotionally charged memes. The one we love to hate is our own self-denial attacked in the other. If the other fails to play the role of enemy and threat, it must be induced to do so – as a matter of ‘survival’ of the ‘power class’.

        This is simply the ongoing search for justification and self-reinforcement in using hate (and fear) as a source of power. If some illuminate human error by extreme example, the use of the the example is the practical healing step – and not the demonisation of the person – even unto the fourth generation…

        The audacity of rule-breaking bluster in openly using the most demeaning forms of address in a formal setting is indicative of the ‘post-truth’ or substance-less politic. In effect – “I am free to act thus with impunity because of the power that is supporting me”. It is also a destabilising or unsettling tactic that baits for reaction by which to ‘uncover the justifications’ for such accusation.

        The taunting and flaunting of power by deceit and coercion leads to an inevitable backlash. But blind to the actual issues and in such a way as to prime a new cycle of victimhood as sacred or ‘special’ and vengeance as the divine order. But is that not the patterning of the mind in subjection regardless of its ability to effect influence?

    • Jim Scott says

      The Nation state Law seemed to miss an important fact. The land of Israel was occupied by a number of other ethnic groups who were not Jewish. Also the Jewish control of the region only lasted around 17 years in the thousands of years of history. Sure the Jewish people killed many of the other ethnic groups like the Canaanites but the reality is there are others with a greater and earlier claim to the region now called Israel. And those people who have lived there for thousands of years alongside the Jewish people deserve human rights as much as those of the Jewish religion and statehood rights greater than those Jews who have come from Europe in more recent times. The genocide and dispossession against the Palestinians is a disgrace that hangs over modern civilization and will not be solved without recognising the rights of Palestinians as fellow humans.

      • Jen says

        The Nation State Law (which is now a Basic Law) didn’t miss an important fact … it denies the fact completely.

  12. W Stephen Gilbert says

    The Oxford lexicographers give its second meaning as “bitterly hostile”. I’m not clear what your problem is.

    • W Stephen Gilbert says

      Sorry, this is misplaced. It was meant to answer a comment down the thread.

  13. Kaiama says

    Nancy Astor was said to have commented “If I were your wife I would poison your coffee…”

    To which Sir Winston Churchill promptly replied with “And if I were your husband, I would drink it”.

  14. jag37777 says

    Frankly, I’m getting tired of Corbyn’s meekness. The left needs fighters. Compromise has seen the complete dominance of the right.
    And all this civility nonsense works into the hands of the fascists.

    • A. Benge says

      I agree. The more he gives in, the more they’ll bully.
      Apart from anything, the accusations are too preposterous to go unchallenged.
      By not challenging them the ridiculous ‘rules’ are being normalised.
      Why does he keep apologising for false accusations?

      • I think he’s being badly advised by people he mistakenly believes are allies and leftists. Lansman is a zionist snake and Momentum are decidedly not what they purport to be. McDonnell is just hopeless.

      • Because this is the pattern of abuse. Apologize for something even if you know you haven’t done anything wrong because something or someone’s being held hostage to give in to it: marriage, your children, a party. Except you DO have options, like um, leave, get a divorce, throw the bums out your house?

    • Mulga Mumblebrain says

      Hodge’s vile abuse, in my opinion, was plainly planned as part of the Zionist/Blairite campaign to destroy Corbyn. Not only did Hodge vilely slander Corbyn, but she also started wailing about her family members who died in the Nazi Judeocide, thus clearly linking Corbyn to the Nazis. That is so repulsive,( but utterly typical of Zionist tactics), not least in the abuse of the memory of the victims of that horror for the rankest political purposes, that it thoroughly warrants dismissal from the Party.
      But, unlike Labour’s great stalwart Livingstone, ‘guilty’ of telling the truth about Zionist co-operation with the Nazis, or Wadsworth, ‘guilty’ of noticing Ruth Smeeth’s plain co-operation with the anti-Labour media, Hodges’ accomplices are demanding that she not be judged for a vastly worse and viler act. The hypocrisy is stunning, but typical. The Zionists are trying to turn Hodge into the victim, with full fakestream support, of course, particularly from the stinking anti-Labour sewer that is the ‘Fraudian’. It reminds one of the old eastern European adage, amended for political acceptability, -‘The Zionist cries out in pain as he punches you in the face’.

      • A. Benge says

        There’s more than hypocrisy. I’ve been checking out the obsessed groups scouring the dustbins
        for proof of their victimhood at the hands of Corbyn supporters; JVLWatch, The CAA. LabourAntisemitism, etc etc There are definite signs of mass psychosis. They really are demented. The apparent hypocrisy is the result
        of an complete inability to think straight.

        • Mulga Mumblebrain says

          The Zionist lynch-mob represents only part of English Jewry. Those Jews who do not agree with the Jewish elites’ hate campaigns against Corbyn have been erased from existence by sewers like the Fraudian. The Jewish elites claim to speak on behalf of ALL Jews, a lie that the Rightwing media and the Tories regurgitate, all in a great, open, conspiracy with the Blairite Quislings to destroy Corbyn and ensure continuing elite rule, one-sided class war and foreign aggression and genocide that go on indefinitely.
          As Hodge so perfectly illustrates, as do innumerable Likudnik fascists and Orthodox and Ultra-Orthodox goy-haters (and haters of non-Orthodox Jews, too)in Israel, the Zionists’ existential fuel is hatred. Hatred that the Palestinians, Israeli Arabs and Israel’s neighbours know only too well. This hatred, I believe, is rooted in three sources. First there is the Judaic fear and hatred of non-Jews, a relic of the Bronze Age, and the essence of the religion. The Jews are to be ‘a Nation that dwells alone’, said their God, and while that served well to ensure their survival over 3500 years, it is also plainly the root of the constant, although not universal, tension between Jews (and among themselves) and the various goyim among whom they have lived.
          Second, the Zionists, like all European settler invaders, hate the indigenous who must be swept away or exterminated so that they can seize their God-ordained lebensraum. As Smotrich, the Knesset Member, observed recently, voicing long-held opinions of the Orthodox and ultra-Orthodox and secular Israeli fascists, the time is coming for a final solution to the Palestinian problem, either mass expulsion, including of Israeli Arabs, or worse. A Hitlerite ambition that was, naturally, unreported in the Western Zionist-controlled fakestream media. This hatred has also been transferred to those who dare support the Palestinians, as the war on BDS shews.
          And last, and most understandably and even forgivably, to a degree, is the hatred born of the Nazi Judeocide. When Hodge started ranting about her family killed by the Nazis, in order, despicably, to smear Corbyn directly as a new Nazi, she was abusing the memory of those victims, but also her rage is understandable at one level. To be part of a group targeted for extermination, in the cruelest way imaginable, is a ferocious psychic and spiritual shock, one that many Holocaust survivors learned humane lessons from (like those who condemned the latest Zionist child massacre in Gaza by saying that ‘Never again meant never again for any group’)but others, like Hodge it would seem, only drew bottomless hatred and fear from. In any case, her behaviour was reprehensible and she ought to be expelled, certainly when Livingstone and Wadsworth were for ABSOLUTELY NOTHING.

      • George says

        “she also started wailing about her family members who died in the Nazi Judeocide”

        This is such a familiar “wail” that I wonder how much “mileage” is left in this particular line. I have no idea what the truth is about Hodge’s family past. Her claims may be true. But I’m reminded of a comment from Norman Finkelstein whose own family lived through the Holocaust. Finkelstein commented that his own mother used to say, “If all the people who survived the Holocaust really had then who did Hitler kill?”

        • Ricsi says

          Spot on truth from a jew, Auschwitz plaque used to say 4 million died,now it says around 1 million,jew maths 6 minus 3 still equals 6 ???

          • Mulga Mumblebrain says

            The important concerns with the Nazi crimes, in my opinion, are, first, to not deny the murder of the Jews, whether four million or six. That would be morally repugnant and fall right into the Zionists’ hands. But, as well, we ought, I believe, strongly criticise those Zionists who use the Judeocide as an excuse for Israel’s barbaric crimes. And we must oppose the ‘Holocaust’ religion, that has quasi-deified Jews in the West, and made ‘remembrance’ of that genocide, AND NO OTHER, a veritable religion throughout the West.
            While the ‘Holocaust’ religion bombards us with an almost daily diet of ‘Holocaust’ remembrances, tales of survivors, their descendants and even the epigenetic effect of trauma on those descendants (presaging the ‘Holocaust’ echoing down through the ages and not just in memory)the suffering of the Roma, Poles, Soviet civilians, Soviet POWs, gays, Jehovah’s Witnesses etc, under the Nazis, receive virtually NO ie zilch, nada, nihil attention or commemoration whatsoever. And all the other genocides from history, eg the Atlantic slave trade, the famine Holocausts under English rule in India, the Taiping ‘Rebellion’, the Japanese genocide in China from 1931-45, the hecatomb in the Belgian Congo, and the recent genocide in eastern Congo, all receive virtually NO attention. As one academic observed, in a recent twenty year period, while at least 10,000 scholarly studies of the Nazi Judeocide were published, just ONE (1) concerning the Belgian Congo Holocaust was.
            This scarcely imaginable disproportion between concern with the sufferings of one tiny group, and the rest of humanity, is, of course, unmentionable in polite society. Even to describe it, let alone ask why such a mind-boggling difference exists, provokes screeching rage, as I know from personal experience.

            • George says

              I agree that allowing disgust at Zionist manipulation to spill over into overt anti-Semitism plays right into their hands. I often find that sites which attempt to critically asses the Holocaust often cross this line. Indeed many of those sites turn out to have tirades against the Left and modernity too – in short they are often neo-Nazi sites. I sometimes think this is intentional i.e. a false duality is being posited. Either you accept completely the Zionist emotional blackmail bollocks or you are a Nazi.

              • Jen says

                The tragedy behind this development where we have to choose between two odious extremes is that the Israeli government deliberately fanned this particular flame by positing that Israeli interests were synonymous with and should stand for Jewish interests, even when the situation was such that what looked good for short-term Israeli political interests (or the interests of the small number of individuals and families that dominate Israeli politics and society) would harm the long-term interests of Jewish communities around the world.

                • Mulga Mumblebrain says

                  Not only that, but the Zionists are the source of much of the Islamophobia that has driven the genocides in Afghanistan, Sudan, Somalia, Iraq, Syria, Gaza, Libya etc, with Iran firmly in the gun-sights. Not just through financing of Islamophobes, and the propaganda of the ‘Clash of Civilizations’ or even the 9/11 false flag, but through popular entertainment, particularly Hollywood, which always portrays Arabs, Moslems and Palestinians in particular in ways that would make Streicher blush. Mentioning this RELENTLESS hate-mongering is, of course, insufferably ‘antisemitic’.

                  • The lie can be insinuated into your mind – but you do not have to listen there.
                    The deceiver then offers a course in vigilance and housekeeping.
                    It is by reacting that we take the baited hook – and reactive anti anything speaks of the mind captive to a hate agenda.
                    Perhaps the increased intensity of being so ‘baited’ and lied to is the last chance to ‘catch the bus’ of a different operating system than hate-fuelled identity – including that which masks under ‘social acceptability’.

              • Yes – in order to research one has to tune in to the signal and tune out the noise. Some of the noise is enough to keep out anything but a desire for true that does not first frame what truth should be.

                Identity in hate operates the same agenda whatever ‘side’.

                Part of the mechanism is of being so insulted as to be baited and triggered into hate reaction – and the insult in this issue runs much deeper than hurt feelings – or rather the hurt is so terribly felt as to want to push it away or cover it over.

                I expect that ‘anti-semitism’ is nurtured and watered and fed by ‘captured opposition’.

                In this world it might be easier to ask, what isn’t a psyop? or running psychic-emotional manipulative agenda – rather than openly communicate in sense of shared worth.

            • The use of victim to guilt ‘others’ is the way power in the world operates. This goes down deep – in terms of the human personality structure.

              International Jewish power may in some sense be the first to acquire and apply such a manipulative ‘technology’ within the modern times of the global reach of outer technologies – but the underlying idea is a golem or robotic set of reactions that can be set up or framed in such a way as to serve one’s agenda – even perhaps while convinced they are opposing it.

              Its usage is very clever and often so subtle as to leave the mark unaware of being manipulated.

              I sense a ‘power class’ operates as birds of a feather. Whatever their own jostle for position all of them align in the protection of darkness as a necessary condition for life as they grasp it – and wield it.

              The terrorism of the mind is of a different order than that over the body – because it messes with the very underpinnings of the ability to structure our thought and modelled reality. The ‘deceiver’ is given welcome by the belief one can use it for personal gain at expense of true. The nature of a lie defended against truth is that of demonizing truth!

              In all our conflicts, a greater appreciation of the nature and functioning of our own consciousness would allow more light in. Unless of course one dissects and analyses ‘others’ in order to define, predict and control them. But every such power is a slave of a loveless mind. The reintegrative movement of being is more a yielding of what isn’t to what is. The attempt to make what is not – pass off as if it is, operates the active denial and forgetting of who we are. This may be seen as addiction to a narrative identity – but addiction operates the avoidance of fears that otherwise have to be faced. Power-addiction is the symptom of the fear of powerlessness. This is driven by vengeance and self-righteousness where the ‘adversary’ or indeed adversity, can be brought into focus and undermined or overcome.

  15. In a word, NO.

    Although I used to think YES.

    This is the way Ann Richards waltzed into the Texas Governor’s mansion and her reign was no different than the white men (and one impeached governor’s wife) who preceded her. She did a lot for DI-VER-SI-TAY — which sounded good at the time in the same way “AH FEEL YORE PAIN” sounded good at the time. But we went backwards and backwards fast.

    RE: One of the ways in which women have sought to challenge the predominance of men in many fields has been to talk like men. Is this all to the good? I

    • Mathias Alexander says

      Where is the question that Thom Prentice is saying “No” to?

  16. Achie1954 says

    I absolutely detest filthy language. To me, there is no room for it in public discourse, nor from my personal position, in private discourse as well. Crudeness implies a certain lack of sophistication and language capability!

      • Saying may show compliance and conformity to ‘correctness’ – but the doing is the fruit of what is held within.
        I don’t know that swearing is filthy – excepting we deem it and suffer it so. I understand that many have an active antipathy to swearing in or under any context but I still hold that the true context is what provides the meaning. So in Corbyn’s quote I detect the context of ‘correctness’. However that does not make him an ‘evil person’.
        The ability to articulate is not in itself necessarily and expression of integrity.

        In what way do you find JC to fit your judgement of him?
        I don’t recognize it in what I know of his past actions.

  17. bob says

    Is Hodge still a member fo the labour party? Why hasn’t she been scaked? What is the labour party for?

    • Francis Lee says

      What is Labour for? Good question. I wish I knew.

    • Mulga Mumblebrain says

      The UK Labour Party exists to serve Israel-it’s right there in the compulsory IHRA ‘guidelines’, paragraph 223, sub-section 342.

    • Francis Lee says

      Yes, a particular favourite of mine is: ”An empty taxi drew up and Attlee got out.” In a more contemporary context it would read: ”An empty Limousine drew up and Jan Stoltenberg got out.”

      • Jen says

        Actually the contemporary context was: “An empty taxi stalled on its way. Why? Jens Stoltenberg was driving it.”

        Believe it.

      • Mulga Mumblebrain says

        Or, as the Goons said, ‘A hansom-cab drew up, and out stepped an ugly passenger’.

        • The Goons said it all – about everything.
          I wish our political “representatives” had 1% of their wit.

    • W Stephen Gilbert says

      Our readers may not know (but of course you do) that your link is to a satirical site. It’s not altogether successful because, although Churchill had an American mother, he never actually spoke American.

      • Punnoval says

        When I saw your Churchill quote, I stumbled over to my walker and shuffled to my dusty bookcase. There, I found a 1973 copy of “The National Lampoon Encyclopedia of Humor”, done mostly by the long deceased Michael O’Donoghue. The Churchill Wit item has been copied many times on different websites.
        I remember finding it funny at the time as it seemed a lot closer to the “true Churchill persona” than the artsy clever stuff that’s attributed to him.

    • Jen says

      Let’s hope the not so Honourable Member for Barking finds her inspiration in Winston Churchill’s wit only. I dread to think what would happen if she finds inspiration in past actions and opinions of his concerning people in far-off British colonial territories.

      ‘O’Reilly, Churchill and “Poison Gas” ‘

      Sam Dalrymple “The shameful truth about Churchill”

      Richard Seymour “The Real Winston Churchill”

      In the context of this comments forum and the article it’s attached to, mention of Winston Churchill is unfortunate if innocent on Punnoval’s part.

      • The point I believe was in civilized debate it’s always better to respond with wit than childish insult. Margaret Hodge will sadly, never grow up.

        • Jen says

          Sadly it seems that in Westminster these days, there is neither proper debate nor civilisation. Margaret Hodge is one of many petulant overgrown toddlers. She would not dare to insult Jeremy Corbyn if she did not think she had the support of other Blairite Labour Party members in case Corbyn decided to give her what she deserved.

        • Quite a few people elect to a crash course in life on their deathbed.
          Never say never – except you recognise the active limit to your own thought, perception and perspective.
          You don’t have to live who she is being the expression of – but I feel you will find that judgement blocks our own freedom in being.
          Some people in my life have helped me recognize who I am NOT or where NOT to go.
          They may not have intended this – but I took the education.

    • @Punoval. Yes, sounds just like Margaret Hodge, “Go F***k yourself”. So unlike the deadly courtesy of Churchill’s own wit: ”

      Shaw: I am enclosing two tickets to the first night of my new play; bring a friend—if you have one.

      Churchill: Cannot possibly attend first night; will attend second—if there is one.

  18. Personal insult, smear or attack says more about the would be accuser than the accused. Unless of course we join in believing or needing to believe it true. Lack of substance resorts to smear and trickery – but in this and many similar cases there is the sense of the little dog barking because it stands in front of its owner. The penalties that can be attracted by refusal to conform may just as well apply to those who are willingly being used.

    The other side of this particular trick is of needing to maintain ‘anti semitism’ to maintain an overriding influence of Jewish ‘elites’ over the ‘Jewish identity’. This is not a matter of whether Jews have suffered persecution, but what such ‘sacrifice’ is used for. Victimism runs the ruse by which to silence dissent or make it easy to frame dissent in terms of ‘rabid hate’ – that is then the cue for mob-lobbied vilification and attack. Nothing new here – except almost nothing but ‘victimism’ operates the manipulative replacement for a process of communication and relationship.

    Personal abuse is not going away anytime soon – excepting we choose to open a higher willing. Then we have no desire to gain at another’s expense nor to use their own lack of substance to set them up as a hate figure. (And ‘do’ the very thing we hate in others under guise of self-justification. Persona conflicts do not heal by suppression any more than by assigning them to ‘pharmakoi’ to then drive out, or deny. And in large part this is where ‘identity’ is sought and maintained over and against a hate or evil – rather than standing in true substance.

    Fear and hate – in terms of terror symbols – map out the limits to our ‘freedoms’. Freedom from fear is the active willingness for uncovering the true beneath deceits instead of taking the baited hooks and triggers of freedom from feared outcomes.

    JC has shown discipline in seeking political solutions by means of communication. In a Corporately captured system what voice remains to give a true witness and account?

    I don’t believe that coercion can engineer a kinder society no matter how cunningly it is packaged. (Bad cop good cop). Systemic hate operates a conformity to joylessness no matter how many boxes are ticked. Taking joy in hating is called self-righteousness. One does not have to understand the ruse to feel its intent.

  19. What’s eating Hodge is that she was one of the people who urged Corbyn’s inclusion on the Leadership election ballot paper in the first place – a rather patronisingly inclusive gesture which blew up in her face big time.

    Maybe she’s just not a fan of irony!

  20. frank says

    I don’t know if people have seen the Al Jazeera documentary. The Lobby.

    • the pair says

      oh my. does she kiss netanyahu’s ass with that mouth? she’s like a more masculine malcolm tucker or something.

    • Minutoamezzanotte says

      Thanks for the link frank .This investigation confirms that zionist control masses of politicians in the UK (and throughout the world) and those who haven’t allowed themselves to be indoctrinated or blackmailed by them are under constant attack. Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn is a good example of that. Have you got the link for part II?

      • Mulga Mumblebrain says

        The TOTAL control of Western politics, particularly in the Anglosphere (in the USA it now goes down through State level politics to the local)by the Zionists of the Israel First Lobbies is surely unprecedented in history. All achieved by straight political bribery, a modicum of emotional blackmail, and the support of ‘Christian Zionists’ many of whom are, in reality, true Judeophobes using the Jews to advance their apocalyptic fantasies that culminate in the forced conversion or destruction of the Jews. Not a happy situation, and one that must end in a catastrophe for all concerned-it has been a catastrophe, growing ever worse, for the Palestinians and Israel’s neighbours for seventy years.

      • rilme says

        Usually, if you click “Watch on Youtube”, you’ll see Part 1, and in the bar on the right, some related videos, like Part 2.

  21. George Cornell says

    Margaret Hodge, member for Barking, or is that barking member? What a disgusting discredit to her species.

    • vexarb says

      Barking mad. As Dr.Johnson would have said in our time, accusations of “‘anti-Semitism” are the Last Resort of a desperate Anglo Zio Capitalist.

      “If you resort to foul Language your cause is already Lost” — Sean Connery, virtual expert in Japanese Martial Arts.

      • PS when I wrote the above “accusations of “‘anti-Semitism” are the Last Resort of a desperate Anglo Zio Capitalist” I feared I might have done Margaret Hodge an injustice. But apparently I did not. Looking up Margaret Hodges on the web, I find Margaret Oppenheimer, born into a German Jewish dynasty second only to the Rothschilds in the Hereditary Aristocracy of Wealth. A natural born “Islington left wing firebrand” together with the young Tony B.Liar and Jack Straw. Ideal protege for Soros’s Identity Politics takeover of the Western Left, just like Kilary Klingon in the U$A.

        From the Guardian 2003, MSM cheerleader in those heady days when NuLabor was shooting across the sky like a baleful meteor foreboding death and destruction to Iraq, increased wealth to the AZC and Nuclear Holocaust to all humankind:


        The Children’s minister who paid heavily for libelling an abuse victim …
        Margaret Hodge, minister for children… hoping the furore over her description of a former child abuse victim… as an “extremely disturbed person” would have been quashed … with a formal apology in the high court and £30,000 payment.

        …. Taut with anger, Tony Blair launched into a defence of his one-time neighbour ….
        The clash [in Parliament] illustrated the extremes of feeling the sparky Blairite engenders.

        To her critics, she is a ruthlessly-ambitious and privileged individual who, as leader of Islington council, closed her ears to allegations of child abuse out of political expediency

        ….. To her many friends, she is …. refreshingly frank ……

        A backbencher disagreed. “She’s ruthlessly ambitious and seen as insincere. It’s ludicruous to claim she wasn’t aware of child abuse in the early 90s … I just question why she wasn’t listening to the children. …. political expediency ….

        Margaret Eve Hodge was born Margaret Oppenheimer 59 years ago in Cairo, the daughter of a millionaire German Jewish high-Tory steel trader ….
        Educated at … the London School of Economics, …. in 1973, she joined Islington council, north London, becoming its fiercely leftwing leader for a turbulent decade from 1982.
        With a house in the same street as the Blairs, a lawyer husband who employed a young Cherie Booth, and an ex-husband married to Jack Straw’s first wife, her Blairite connections are impeccable.
        Her political transformation…. was cemented when, as the new MP for Barking, she co-nominated Mr Blair for party leader in 1994.
        Political career [They Work for You]

        How Margaret Hodge voted on Social Issues #
        Almost always voted for equal gay rights
        Consistently voted for the hunting ban
        Generally voted for allowing marriage between two people of same sex

        How Margaret Hodge voted on Foreign Policy and Defence #
        Almost always voted for use of UK military forces in combat operations overseas
        Consistently voted for the Iraq war
        Consistently voted against investigations into the Iraq war
        Generally voted for replacing Trident with a new nuclear weapons system

        The opposition on her:
        “She was the original radical leftwing firebrand. What she said was law on that council. She was more a dictator than a leader.” — Clive Blackwood, former Tory councillor in Islington

        [Since you’re here…
        … we have a small favour to ask. More people are reading the Guardian than ever but …]

      • Mulga Mumblebrain says

        False accusations of ‘antisemitism’are not a ‘last resort’ by any means. They are far more often the First Choice of these scurrilous, defaming, intimidating thugs.

        • He was talking about foul language.

          Do you think that the way you structure and frame your language is expressing and inciting hatred of Jews? While painting them as all powerful hate figures!
          Are you aware that sowing anti-semitism is part and parcel of the Jewish identity manipulation?
          If you believe ‘others’ have and may again turn hatred and persecution upon you at any time just because you are Jewish – would you be inclined to be very self-sensitive about anything that could set off such an outcome?
          If you were a leader of such a diverse identity and see that without constant reminder, the identity would to a significant extent merge with and become ‘lost’ to the host national culture (as did in Germany pre WW2), would you relinquish the power that they give you (that then also operates as power in the world) – because they are afraid and seek protection – or maintain the basis for fear?

          Self specialness operates just as effectively as a sense of affliction as it does entitlement. In fact they serve the same master.

  22. ‘Virulent’ doesn’t mean what the author thinks, so ‘virulent condemnation’ doesn’t make sense.

    • rilme says

      Like many English words, virulent has an original meaning and some metaphors that spring from it.

      The original meaning is: marked by a rapid, severe, and destructive course. Like a virulent infection
      OR: able to overcome bodily defensive mechanisms: pathogenic virulent bacteria.

      The metaphors:
      Extremely poisonous or venomous
      Malicious: malignant virulent racists
      Harsh or strong: virulent criticism

      We could say that Hodge’s remarks were poisonous or that she spewed venom at the leader of her party. It is not literally true.

    • Yarkob says

      but taken as a whole it is both cogent and true. and your point is?

  23. Good God, the point here is that Zionists have been trying to subvert free speech in this country, through the law courts too, since early 1900’s. They are terrified of Corbyn’s stance on the plight of the Palestinians and what effect that would have on the efforts of Hasbara and the israel lobby on whitewashing this slow genocide.

    I despair and I despaired at the low numbers who came to protest at the visit to Downing Street of that arch victim and psychopath Netanyahoo (or however one is meant to spell his name).

    Let Britain’s last industry, that of armaments and weapons systems be told “fuck you” before more Palestinian, Yemini and other non-white children are torn to pieces, their parents humiliated.

    • George Cornell says

      It seems an engineered bit of English vocabulary to have the word anti-Semite equated with wanting death to the Jews and the other hatespeak that comes out of Hodge’s mouth. The language needs words for intermediate views like perhaps ho-hum or take-Semites-or-leave-them.The very fact that a nauseating scumbag like Hodge uses this as the centrepiece of her anti-Corbyn views says much about the vituperative harridan. Of course it isn’t true anyway. Corbyn has courage to stand up to these fascist views.

      • Mulga Mumblebrain says

        ‘Antisemitism’ is a pure invention, used by the Zionists to vilify, intimidate and drive from public life all those who dare to oppose their repulsive terrorist apartheid regime, or their TOTAL control of Western politics. Indeed they boast, from time to time, of its effectiveness as a tactic. Judeophobia, on the other hand, the hatred of all Jews simply because they are Jews, is like all such racist, sectarian and other xenophobic hatreds, Evil and stupid. The sham IHRA ‘definitions’ of ‘antisemitism’, in my opinion, fall into the category of social engineering to outlaw ALL criticism of Israel, ALL criticism of any Jew, anywhere, and their behaviour, and outlaw, and, if possible, criminalise, any action on behalf of the barbarically imprisoned Palestinians.
        The definitions that the Zionist lynch-mob are demanding be adopted, are loathsome, in my opinion. The question of ‘dual loyalty’ can only be resolved by looking at individuals, NOT Jews as a whole. To say that ALL Jews have dual loyalties, or sole loyalty to Israel, is plainly wrong and possibly the result of bigotry. But to say that NO Jews have a dual loyalty is similarly garbage, but that is what the Zionist witch-hunters are demanding that we do. Moreover, describing Zionism as akin to Nazism is plainly hurtful to Jews, but also, plainly, true in so very many aspects, particularly as Israel marches further Right. To say that Zionism is EXACTLY the same as Nazism is rubbish, but who says that? Yet the Zionist bully-boys and girls demand that we lie along with them, and assert that Israel and Zionism share NO features with Nazism and Germany in the 30s and 40s, and they bridle at the much easier comparison with Israel’s old friend and ally, apartheid South Afriica, too. All they want is total control, over you, and the rest of us, and our moral consciences-is that too much to ask?

        • Seamus Padraig says

          ‘Antisemite’ used to mean someone who hated Jews; now it just means anyone Jews hate.

          • rilme says

            … except when the people the Jews hate are semitic, such as Palestinians, and others.

            • Part of the nature of doublespeak is to set up such inconsistencies as part of a mentally and emotionally manipulative framework of thought. Another is to make it harder for anyone but Jews to use the term Jewish – except of course those who give power to ‘Jews’ by blanket hate-judgement. Jewish power is hidden by nature. Perhaps because as a diaspora across many nation states, it had to learn to be.

              Possession is nine tenths of the law – is a saying that comes to mind. Who and how is anyone called to account if they have the backing of the ability to ‘control the narrative’? Which is also the ability to ‘make you an offer you cant refuse’.

              What goes around comes around. I cannot make another’s choices for them. Perhaps we can join in making better choices.

          • Harry Stotle says

            I hear what you are saying, but such sentiments apply only to certain Jews (or their supporters).

            In other words elements in Israel and elsewhere are equally appalled by the way right wing zionists are cynically using the holocaust, and anti-semitism as forms of political guilt leverage.

            Hodge is either buying into this tactic or is an absolute fruitcake if she honestly believes Corbyn is a racist in any meaningful sense of the word.

            Corbyn has a number of faults but his support of Palestine although atypical for many western leaders is still fairly anodyne and has more to do with fairness and equality rather than any disregard for Jewish identity.

            Most reasonable people will deeply suspicious of Hodge’s righteous indignation not least because of her own miserable failings during her time as leader of Islington council.

        • To what extent is the ‘Nazi evil’ a Jewish construction? I am not suggesting Nazis were without evil – but the apportioning of all war-guilt to the Nazis along with the payload of guilting not only the German but also the European (and hence US) psyche with mass-produced genocide of Jewry – all set the post world war 2 world order – that persists today.

          What power does not embrace necessary evils – in its own frame of identity?
          But to what degree is the narrative set by the winners? – who were not nation states btw.

          Revision can of course be retelling history to reinforce currently held vanities – but beneath the forms of assertive presentation are those who directly investigate and find inconsistencies and anomalies that are not allowed to be officially recognized. This is also true in all facets of our society.

          Everything is BACKWARDS; everything is upside down! Doctors destroy health, Lawyers destroy justice, Universities destroy knowledge, Governments destroy freedom, Major media destroys information, And religions destroy spirituality”. ~ Michael Ellner

    • Seamus Padraig says

      I despair and I despaired at the low numbers who came to protest at the visit to Downing Street of that arch victim and psychopath Netanyahoo (or however one is meant to spell his name).

      And I’m sure you’ll never see a giant baby-blimp of Netanyahoo floating in the London sky, either–certainly not while Ziomoz Sadiq Khan is on duty!

    • rilme says

      Mileikowsky, one of the Polish invaders of Palestine, now calls himself “netanyahu”, because it sounds like the hebrew form of “Nathan”, a biblical name.

      The invaders’ town of Netanya was built after the Palestinians living on the coast were killed and forced out. The “is” have worked hard to erase all signs of Palestine.

  24. Antonyl says

    Margaret Hodge speaks exactly like Mulga Mumblebrain!

    • Antonyl says

      Same style and vocabulary, just one notion in reverse.

      • vexarb says

        @Antonyl. The Right Hon.Member for Barkyng’s vocabulary is the vocabulary of the gutter, and her style is the style of the gutter press. I would be surprised if you could adduce similar examples from Mulga’s Mumblings. fMumble’s Brain is over sensitive to the wickedness of the the AZC and the sufferings of their victims, but Hodge is a TB.Liar foot soldier without the Oxford polish and no multiple directorships in Rothschild companies.

        • Mulga Mumblebrain says

          I don’t think I’m ‘over-sensitive’. I see the wickedness of Zionism’s crimes and the suffering of Israel’s victims, and I also worry over the backlash that Zionist infamy and Israeli crimes will, inevitably,cause, once, if ever, the incessant brainwashing to love Israel, ignore its crimes and hate its victims, wears off.

            • @Rilme. Actually, Mulga and I are broadly in agreement; it’s a matter of accent and mental balance. For my own position on AZC War Crimes see my comment on the link you gave.

              “When peering into the chasm, be aware that the chasm is peering deep into you”. — Nietzsche, written shortly before he saw a cart horse being cruelly whipped in the street, threw his arms around the suffering beast’s neck, burst into tears and descended into clinical madness.

              When viewing the tragic farce of world politics, one sometimes has to laugh in order not to cry. But whether laughing satirically or crying out with indignation, the important thing is to combat Apart-Hate. And the Anglo Zio Capitalists, of whom Hodges, B.Liar and Straw are representative tools (despite their shining white Left Wing robes) are Evangelists of Apart-Hate, and Apostles of the Gospel of Greed . Besides Hodges shielding people who abused children.

              • (I see we have a bleed through from Winston Smith’s sexual passion).

                ““When peering into the chasm, be aware that the chasm is peering deep into you”. — Nietzsche, written shortly before he saw a cart horse being cruelly whipped in the street, threw his arms around the suffering beast’s neck, burst into tears and descended into clinical madness”.

                I often recall that story of Nietzsche although I didn’t associate such feeling response itself with ‘descent into clinical madness’. (What exactly is ‘clinical’ madness? – Do you see how the mind interjects?).

                Neitzsche took on and opposed what he identified as the corrupted ideas (and thus the powers invested in them) in a way that inevitably martyred himself.
                I see that the personal sense gained from ‘resisting evil’ delivers us unto evil, where aligning in true, delivers from it.

                Because Christianity is fear-corrupted does not mean that love is false. Fear operates the corruption of love until it is recognized as the prayer or call FOR love – which at its core is unconditionally being with what is – rather than mind-setting the framing conditions for the control of connection and supply.

                My sense is that Nietzsche recognized HIMSELF in the whipped horse as both the victim of the hatred of others set against him – but more deeply as the crushed son of a hateful God, nature or power of life that set him in such extremity of isolation and lack of support after committing so intensely to the dispelling of ignorance. (You cant always get what you want).

                Psychic emotional conflicts coming to surface to reintegrate are likely to be diagnosed ‘clinically mad’ by those whose investments in lidding over the ‘chasm’ override an awakening compassion. I did not say sympathy because sympathy distances the pity object while seeming to be ‘kind’. Compassion is a quality of being with another as ourself.

                I see Nietzsche as having been lured into ‘resisting evil’ rather than aligning in true. The mind is very tricky. The Promethean vision has a Promethean end in pain and isolation – because the true of Man is in no way separate from ‘God’. Self-illusion is propped up by extreme emotional investment – and each will elect in their own timing to release it – and not before.

                The seeming separate ‘consciousness’ is of the Field of Consciousness – and yet seems to operate autonomously – at least in its own self-concept. The Chasm or Void – like the Unconscious, is associated with terror because the suppression of terror and rage is the imposition of ‘order’ over the feared and hated ‘chaos’ – and the ‘chaos’ is pushing to break in with all the force given it under the attempt to ‘control’.

                The true Unconscious is beautifully illustrated in The recent ‘Winston Smith’ article:

                “Away from the prying eyes of Big Brother and his spies, amidst bluebells and a torrent of song from a thrush, they come together almost wordlessly. “Winston and Julia clung together, fascinated” as the thrush sang madly.

                “The music went on and on, minute after minute, with astonishing variations, never once repeating itself, almost as if the bird were deliberately showing off its virtuosity…He stopped thinking and merely felt.”

                As long as we look ONLY away from self at a ‘world’ to which one is subjected – and seeks to escape or overcome, so will we fail to see the ‘prying eyes of Big Brother and his spies’ as our own thinking, running our own agenda under a guise of dissociated opposition that CANNOT overcome or escape, but is within our power to release, let, allow, be.

                ‘Thinking’ is a sense of the subjective narrative self in image. Feeling awareness Is Soul. The dissociation from Soul is the ‘gaining of a world’, or rather, the defended investments of a self set against fear of loss.

                • vexarb says

                  a@Binra: “I see Nietzsche as having been lured into ‘resisting evil’ rather than aligning in true. … The Promethean vision has a Promethean end in pain and isolation – because the true of Man is in no way separate from ‘God’. ”

                  Yes, Nietzsche certainly condemned himself to Promothean pain when he hyped the Crtique of Pure Reason into a bald rationalist slogan: God is dead. Because he had finer feelings than Bentham or Wagner. He wept as Jesus wept, as Vergil wept, over the Lacrimae Rerum. What a supreme feat of self punishment by the Hard Man of Philosophy, the prophet of the Superman!

                  Clinical madness is exactly that: what a qualified Clinician would diagnose as madness. In no way related to Political madness of inmates at Westminster and similar establishments abroad.

                  • Not the place to expand on Nietzsche but I made my key points to my appreciation of him.

                    Qualified clinicians – did you ever hear of the ‘thud experiment’ – it is worth a quick look. That was likely part of sending ‘qualified’ psychiatry into the arms of pharma and the medical models of ‘chemical imbalance’ as the basis to effect brain damage and diagnose the symptoms as worsening disease condition – and up the meds. madinamerica.com is not a bad glimpse into that world.

                    The attempt to take on and shape the world is likely to be taken on and shaped by that world – except where we join with the already moving – and that is to be on the wave rather than pushing the river.

                    I appreciate where he opened greater perspectives on our own thought – but I don’t believe that attack on the false is anything but giving it reinforcement. However, we can only live and grow the life we have.

                    • @Binra. Thanks for the link to Suffering from Mental Illness in the USA (madinamerica.com). I read the following article and thought it was a pretty good account of what it feels like to live a normal life “in the community” while suffering from clinical madness. My sincerest regard to the woman, whose courage and eventual arrival at something like equanimity pretty much resembled that of my psychotic son in similar circumstances.

                      Healing From Schizophrenia
                      Kerstin Ogard
                      Kerstin Ogard

                      The report on “meta-analysis” of trials on the efficacy of tranquillizers (Do Tranquillizers Work?) was also a pretty good, objective assessment. Sites like that are a reminder of all the good that stems from the concept of the World Wide Web by Tim Berners Lee — if only people would use it as he intended: openly, objectively and truthfully.

                    • If a self aggrandisement or indeed vengeance speaks louder to our willingness to listen, then we only hear ‘truths’ that support our ’cause’. The mind’s focus operates a filtering distortion. ‘In this world’ everyone is mad – as in Alice…

                      But I don’t want to go among mad people,” Alice remarked.
                      “Oh, you can’t help that,” said the Cat: “we’re all mad here. I’m mad. You’re mad.”
                      “How do you know I’m mad?” said Alice.
                      “You must be,” said the Cat, “or you wouldn’t have come here.
                      ~ Lewis Carroll, Alice in Wonderland

                      However, not everyone gets to sit on a chair when the music stops (musical chairs metaphor).

                      Freedom to block communication and relationship is a self-destructive futility – but it runs as the default ‘choice’ relative to conditioning we generally want ‘power’ to protect us from opening to.

                      As I see it – this is all opening up anyway and so I feel freer to say things that once I would not. But my interest is in illuminating the choices we are making (albeit as trained or learned habit), Which seems like really bad news. But the willingness to face it, transforms us from self-evasion to self-discovery of a different order. “It’s Life, Jim – but not as we (think we) know it.

                      All are called but few choose to listen YET.
                      Thanks for the touch.


                    • ‘If only’ is an admission of defeat or a wishful wist over a hard fact.
                      ‘People’ are not what we think and our person is more than what we think.
                      Because ‘people’ are already engaged in a self-protective identity – the truth takes second place to utility in terms of marketisation and weaponisation.
                      That some manipulate this does not mean we are not already given to running the habit unchecked.
                      Indeed the ‘manipulators’ are likely the means by which to uncover such vulnerabilities and address them. Because our own mind is too well hidden to notice while truth is not allowed to get in the way of a good story.
                      The idea about our self has split into predator and prey at expense of true relationship.
                      But ideas can be owned and changed if they do not serve who you now accept yourself to be.

                      Communication will be used to communicate – but not until every way to manipulate it is recognized meaningless, futile and a needless sacrifice of the Living.

                    • Perhaps ‘shall’ be used is better than ‘will be used’ – because it is a decision and not simply waiting on future circumstance. But pain can induce an unwillingness to persist in what is not working – even if it is the only trick we know – and I see loss of communication as loss of function from which only pain of conflict and loss can arise. While the pain can be outsourced the corporate ego seems to gain its world of profit at cost of Soul-felt awareness of being.

      • Jen says

        Do you actually ever read The Mumbler’s comments?

        • @Jen. I read all Mulga’s comments, both here and on the Saker Vineyard, and agree with every one of them. But I think Mulga concentrates too much on the Zionazi aspect of Anglo Zio Capitalism, to the detriment of what I think are the more Lasting Evils of Anglo Capitalism: the Gospel of Greed, the promulgation of Apart-Hate toward Lesser Breeds without the Law, and a tendency toward Authoritarian Rule by Propaganda without Truth; as preached by Christians such as St.Margaret Thatcher, St.Theresa May, Son of the Manse Brown and St.Tony B.Liar.

          • Jen says

            My question was directed to Antonyl actually 🤗

            • vexarb says

              @Jen. Sorry, misread the depth of indentation. But let it stand, both Mulga and I are extremely concerned over the misuse of power by a tiny minority of over priviledged Jews — such as Margaret Hodge ne’e Oppenheimer — and of a possible backlash against Jews in general. In my case especially because my children and grandchildren are dual citizen English-Israeli.

              • Mulga Mumblebrain says

                What is even worse is that the Zionist fanatics WELCOME any anger or hatred directed at Jews that their barbarism and arrogance provokes. Creatures like Bibi, or Lieberman, or Smotrich et al, and their Orthodox and Ultra-Orthodox allies like the late unlamented Ovadia Yosef, or the settler Judaic Taliban, HATE the goyim, and welcome any hatred that they provoke in return. They also hate non-fanatic Jews as well, and vilify them as ‘self-hating’. They are piranha who swim in a sea of hatred.
                After all, how many goyim know that certain Orthodox Rabbis have declared that the Nazi Judeocide was ‘punishment’ from their psychopathic God for European Jewry’s turn to secularism? Or that the Yesha Council of Rabbis and Torah Sages, an influential group, declared, in 2006, that killing enemy civilians, even children and babies, was not just acceptable under Judaic Law, but was, in fact, a mitzvah, or good deed. Or that an entire city (eg Gaza) may be destroyed for the ‘crimes’ of a few. Such declarations are myriad inside Israel, where they provoke lively debate and much dissent, but mentioning it, or even being aware of it, in the West, is evidence of ‘antisemitism’.

                • So Bibi is well pleased with mulga then!

                  One of the abilities of something exemplified but not unique to the Jewish power-mind is to compartmentalise completely contradictory facets of thought and behaviour without any self-doubt or self division. Under an overriding identity of a ‘jealous god’.

                  This shows itself as a total lack of introspection or indeed of accountability – excepting when circumstances dictate going through the motions. Or perhaps among one’s ‘equals’ but still in terms of effecting agenda rather than questioning it.

                  In terms of life as power struggle this gives what seems like a winning hand – because ‘others’ are self-conflicted and easily made more so.

                  But my sense of this is that the ‘winning hand’ is only in the fantasy gratification of power over others – and not in living relationship. To compel others to ‘acknowledge’ your primacy is worthless except to the fantasy of vengeance achieved. Fantasy living is the requirement for the sacrifice of truth. The fact that people can be so easily induced to forsake their ‘truth’ serves the belief there is none – excepting what power in the world dictates. But the fact that the denials and defences are so aggressively set against it, belies its asserted ‘non existence’ or powerlessness.

                  My primary interest in all this is in illuminating the choices we are making – so as to open from a fear-framed choosing to a real relationship. Which is the extension of a self acceptance in worth.

                  The judgement of unworthiness in one form or another set off the ‘Separation’ experience of fragmented and dissociated entanglement in hate.

            • Antonyl says

              First all of them, but now it has become a repeating litany where the only ones guilty of anything on this planet are “the racist Zionists”: they are behind everything (conspiracy no.1!!). Predictable and boring. Sorry waste of research talent with plenty of time on the hands.

              • vexarb says

                @Antonyl. You said above that Mulga uses language as bad as that used by the Hon.Member for Barking. When are you going to quote chapter and verse? And where on this thread did you read that “racist Zionists are the only ones guilty of anything on this planet”?

                Remember, Corbyn did not start this fight. The smear of “fracking anti-Semite” was uttered by a Jewish MP from the ultra-wealthy Oppenheimer clan, who voted for Blair’s war against Iraq, and consistently defends Israel against charges of racist discrimination against Palestinians.

              • Mulga Mumblebrain says

                That is rubbish. First, as the recent legislation declaring Israel an apartheid theocracy shews, ‘racist Zionist’ is utterly tautologous. Second no-one in their right mind declares the Zionists are the ‘only ones guilty’. The Zionists are simply vastly over-represented in crime and barbarity on the planet, directly or though the goy stooges they control through money power. Even more deranged, however, are denialists like you, who deny every single Zionist crime-you’re truly Hodgian in your madness.

  25. bevin says

    “Whatever else you make of this unprecedented vignette, you can certainly draw the conclusion that Margaret Hodge is no gentleman.”
    I would go further. Hodge is acting in accordance with a plot developed, among others, by the Israeli Embassy, to split the Labour Party and set up a new splinter group on Parliament which will, firstly, seek to prevent the UK’s departure from the EU, secondly, continue the destruction of the NHS and persist on the neo-liberal course first charted by Healey and Callaghan. And thirdly maintain the slavish following of US foreign policy.
    Corbyn’s candidacy for the PM’s position represents the first challenge not only to unrestrained capitalism in the UK but to the unrestrained domination of white settlers bent on genocide in Palestine.
    Almost every other ‘left’ party in Europe has dropped any real opposition to the fascist governing cabal in Israel.
    If Labour,,which was responsible for the moral surrender which gave birth to the State, consistently opposes the current course of the government in Israel it can no more survive than Apartheid South Africa could. A moral revulsion against Israeli policies, headed by a dynamic popular government in the UK would quickly grow into an international movement of unprecedented power.
    Mark Regev and his bosses know this. Which is, perhaps why their new best friend in the region, the Crown Prince of Saudi Arabia has just employed Tony Blair at $9 million pa, to help preserve tyrants in the region.

    • I recently read an article in ‘Jacobin’ about ‘Corbyn under fire’. It referenced another piece by David Rosenberg which addressed the Livingstone question:

      It’s a hit piece on Brenner, just the same tactics as all hit pieces.

      I regularly speak to people who are confused that a Left wing politician is called ‘anti-Semitic’. Also confusion that there is an alliance of pro-Isreal Zionist opinion and Fascist sympathies.
      Unfortunately there remains much writing (even in the radical Left press) which obfuscates the common ideological and historical roots of these movements. Even Craig Murray deleted all BTL comments which referenced Brenner’s work when the Livingstone story circulated.

      It just seems obvious that the issue will undo Corbyn’s movement unless it is faced head on.
      Kick the fascists out of Labour, end of.

      • Martin Usher says

        The trick is to redefine anti-Antisemitism to encompass any critique of Israel and especially Israel’s policies with regard to Palestinians. I must admit that I was a bit puzzled by the pieces in the media about the Labour party being anti-Semitic, its a bit of a weird concept if you have any knowledge of its history, but once I found a clarification about how it was defined these day by the ADL (in the Daily Telegraph, of all places) then everything became crystal clear. Its actually an effective tactic because it puts people on the defensive; we all know what traditional anti-Semites are like so instead of focusing on issues like BDS, Gaza and so on we have to first defend ourselves against the indefensible.

        As for civility in discourse, I personally don’t mind insults provided they’re clever insults. One of the problems with modern discourse is that it seems to often be at the level of the material you see scrawled on toilet partition walls — crude, uneducated (but then ‘educated’ is elitist, isn’t it?), crass and, above all, meaningless.Its just dog whistles for the faithful.

        • Mulga Mumblebrain says

          The Zionists have used the ‘civility in discourse’ tactic to destroy their victims in the USA, (like Salaita)for the ‘uncivil’ crime of simply denouncing Israel’s mass slaughter of children in one of its regular, ritual, ‘lawn-mowing’ operations in Gaza. And Howard Jacobson vilely denounced those who criticised the Cast Lead massacres of children, as ‘antisemites’ for doing so. Followed recently by sullage by the same ‘author’ in the Fraudian sewer hysterically declaring that Jews (all of them, of course)would NEVER invent false accusations of ‘antisemitism’ (it being a ‘sacred’ act in his twisted theology)even as false accusations, entirely invented out of thin air, were blotting out the Sun. The very great risk, of course, is that ANY resistance to a Zionist lynch-mob only ever draws from that gang ever greater levels of invective, vilification, legal repression and hate-crazed hysteria. Corbyn is damned, as a ‘Leftwing policy’ advocate, as one Zionist grandee freely admitted was one of his unacceptable attributes as far as the Jewish elite in the UK are concerned, any way he acts.

  26. Fair dinkum says

    That’s the thing about psychopaths.
    No subtlety.


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