5 timely reminders that the media think you are an idiot…


The corporate media think we are stupid. All of us. They have as much respect for our intellect or ability to reason as they do for the truth. This is displayed, in size 20 font, on the front page of every newspaper every single day. They paint a picture of an absurd world, and expect us all to nod along with it, blithely accepting their stories as true, no matter what laws of reason – or even physics – they bend to suit their purpose.

The world in the newspaper and on the television is not real in any true sense of the word. Merely a crazy fun-house mirror reflection of the truth. Important features shrunk to nothing, tiny flaws blown up out of proportion. Apparently solid shapes that – on inspection – are nothing but strange plays of light and shadow.

With that in mind, let’s remind ourselves of the kind of completely bonkers things we’re all expected to believe.

1. The Inherent silliness of “ISIS”

This was section was going to be more specific, but as I looked back over recent history, there was no single absurdity that highlighted how stupid the ISIS story was.

ISIS was, and is, silly. A few bullet points to demonstrate this – and a reminder that these are not exaggerated in any way. These are, supposedly, facts:

  • They were making $1-$3 million PER DAY smuggling oil out of Syria, in convoys kilometres long that the US air force either couldn’t find or wouldn’t bomb because of “risks to civilians”. How they had the technical expertise to extract and process this oil was never explained.
  • They minted their own currency.
  • They published end-of-year reports, like a business, and kept detailed accounts on flash drives and USB sticks. Despite this, no ISIS bank accounts were ever seized, monitored or shut down.
  • They had multiple social media accounts, YouTube channels – often described as “ISIS linked social media accounts” – these accounts weren’t locked, blocked or deleted. The registered owners weren’t arrested. They had their own twitter app which was impossible to block and created their own social network.
  • They had their own TV channel, with an animated logo, a waving flag, in the corner of their videos. Think on this – somebody, somewhere, made that logo.
  • They had fleets of Toyotas, which we’re supposed to believe they just sort of…acquired. They are all clean, new and undamaged. They are all colour-matched too, of course. There are red ones, white ones, black ones and tan ones. With and without logos painted on the hood. They deployed these trucks in photo-shoots and “viral” videos, the theoretical production of which simply boggles the mind. A bunch of black Toyota’s crossing the desert doesn’t look like much, but think about the actual logistics of making the video. They had to drive up to this spot, drop off the camera crew and equipment, drive back over the horizon, properly time their entrance by synchronizing all the driving and spacing the trucks out evenly, drive past the camera crew waving their flags…then drive back and pick up the camera men and equipment. All of this in the middle of a war zone.
  • Of course all their videos had the same music, the ISIS theme, which was Arabic voices singing in close harmony. We’re supposed to believe that – somewhere in the heart of their war-torn empire – a bunch of crazy zealots gathered round a microphone to sing a capella melodies about “death to the west”, while a frustrated technician muttered to himself about “levels” and how Muhammad is flat on the high note. This spawned their own genre of music, which NME did a story on.

It’s so…stupid. And yet the media says it, and expects us to believe it.

ISIS – the all-powerful death cult, the existential threat to Western democracy, on the verge of “regional dominance”. There was a map and everything – world domination by 2020.

Despite all this, ISIS – the untouchable hydra of evil – completely fell apart as a force in the region just months after Russia and Iran got involved in the Syrian war.

Why was this?

Could it be that ISIS were just a media creation – the PR arm of the CIA’s jihadist proxy army – and, in truth, barely existed as fighting force? Existing, rather, to give Western powers an excuse to conduct air strikes on Syrian territory?

Or could it be that the MSM realised that 10,000 insane, bloodthirsty zealots taking time out of their devout holy war to have design meetings about coinage, or shoot music videos in Dune buggies, rings rather hollow?

It’s all a bit silly isn’t it?

2. The Syrian government Is collectively suicidal

Several times, in the last couple of years, Western leaders have made remarkably prescient statements – something along the lines of “We will not tolerate the use of chemical weapons on civilians”, or “We will act if chemical weapons are used”. In fact, in just the last few days both the US and France have reissued these warnings.

Despite these warnings, and though it offers him literally zero strategic advantages of any kind, Assad keeps deploying his super-secret chemical weapons against civilians…just because. He’s winning the war, it’s pretty much over, the only thing that could swing it against him is NATO, and he keeps deliberately inciting them to attack him.

There’s only 2 explanations for that – either he, and his government, are low-key suicidal, or it never happened, and the propagandists in the media truly believe we are completely stupid.

Then there’s the photographs.

Syria knows they have been in America’s crosshairs for years, since well before the start of the Arab spring. They are aware of Israel’s designs on Syrian land, and more than familiar with the US modus operandi re: “humanitarianism”. They KNOW the worst thing they could do is give America, and their NATO allies, even the whisper of a war crime to get indignant about.

…and yet we’re supposed to believe, not only that the regime tortured and executed tens of thousands of “peaceful protestors” for absolutely no reason, but they also kept a carefully photographed and catalogued record of their crimes.

This was brought up in the Guardian today, the famous “Caesar Photographs”, photos of 11,000 people the Assad government tortured and killed, all properly catalogued and numbered and then – conveniently – leaked by some unknown “former guard” and displayed in London like some morbid art exhibition.

The identity of the “leaker” remains a mystery, and there is literally zero evidence the photographs are a) from Syria or b) real.

Does this version of events sound even slightly reasonable?

3. Amnesty International used echolocation to recreate a Syrian prison

They really did. They have some guys claiming to be Syrian resistance members who were held in one of Assad’s “torture prisons”, but they were either blindfolded or in darkness the whole time, so in order to map out the interior of the prison…Amnesty International played sounds to them, to see if they sounded the same. I truly wish I was joking:

Inmates were constantly blindfolded or forced to kneel and cover their eyes when guards entered their cells, so sound became the key sense by which they navigated and measured their environment – and therefore one of the chief tools with which the Forensic team could reconstruct the prison layout. Using a technique of “echo profiling”, sound artist Lawrence Abu Hamdan was able to determine the size of cells, stairwells and corridors by playing different reverberations and asking witnesses to match them with sounds they remembered hearing in the prison.

There’s no reports as to why exactly the men were locked up, how they got away, why they were released and not executed like everyone else OR – indeed – where they acquired their bat-like super hearing.

…But we do now have a 3D model of Assad’s “torture prison”. We even know which room is the crematorium too, because it looked like the snow on the roof had melted in one satellite photo…and the only thing that makes a roof hot is the burning corpses of dissidents.

The whole process is part of a completely made up recently developed field known as “forensic architecture”. In simple terms, it seems “forensic architecture” is looking at the outside of a building – or indeed a photograph of the outside of a building – and guessing what’s inside. While this might seem difficult, pointless, or even insane to most people…to the mainstream media it is worth of thousands of words of coverage and, indeed, winning media awards.

Does any of that really make any sense to you?

4. Jeremy Corbyn hates the jews

Jeremy Corbyn is soft – maybe, arguably – too soft for the job that history has violently hoisted on to his shoulders, but soft none the less. He rides his bike to work, wears cardigans, is a vegetarian. He has campaigned for peace and against war his entire life. He was arrested for protesting apartheid whilst Margaret Thatcher was calling Nelson Mandela a terrorist, he spoke out against Pinochet while the General was a darling on both sides of the Atlantic.

He has won two international peace prizes.

The idea that, during a public career dedicated to the socialist ideals of decency and fairness, he was secretly thinking “Bloody jews!” the whole time is completely absurd. Insultingly absurd, and there is not a single piece of evidence to suggest otherwise. There is nothing more to be said on the matter.

5. Russiagate

This is the big one, currently. The grand-daddy of the nothingburgers. Russiagate never happened. There was no collusion, no cheating or vote hacking or pay-offs. They have found literally zero evidence anything ever took place, seizing upon tiny anecdotal scraps and blaring them out in FULL CAPS HEADLINES to make a case in the court of public opinion that would never stand in an actual court.

Where “Russiagate” is different from most invented media schlock however, is the sheer weight of counter evidence. For most media fiction you can say “Well, there’s very little evidence to support that” (see Corbyn = anti-Semite as a classic example). With Russiagate you can go even further: There is a ton – A TON – of evidence to the contrary, clear-cut evidence that Russia (and Putin) have nothing to do with Trump being President. The media refuse to acknowledge this evidence, directly and contemptuously challenging the public’s ability to reason.

Below is a list of unchallenged, non-controversial facts about Russiagate:

  • The only proven, admitted, wrong-doing in the 2016 Presidential election was carried out by the DNC, who rigged the primaries so Clinton would be the democratic candidate. This was later admitted to by members of the DNC.
  • The e-mails which first brought this to light were published by WikiLeaks, there is no proven link between WikiLeaks and the Russian government.
  • Julian Assange, founder of WikiLeaks claimed the e-mails were from an internal leak, not the result of a hack.
  • The “Trump-Russia” dossier, a collection of (possibly fabricated) dirt put together by British ex-spy Christopher Steele, was paid for by the DNC and Clinton’s campaign.

These facts, alone, should bring Russiagate down…but there’s more. Since becoming President, Donald Trump has:

These are policies that not only run counter to ALL of Russia’s interests, but very nearly brought us to the brink of World War 3.

And yet we’re told, over and over, to ignore our own logical minds and believe that Trump is Putin’s “puppet”. That Trump is “soft” on Russia.

Why would a product of Russian collusion pursue policies harmful to Russia? How many Russians need to die before we accept that Trump is anything but soft?

The media line on this issue is insane, and dangerous. In refusing to acknowledge the actual truth – that the US Deep State is pushing for conflict with Russia – the media are dragging us toward apocalypse, smiling happily to themselves as they go.

They are either all delusional morons, think WE are all delusional morons, or – most probably – both.

The inmates are running the asylum, declaring the rest of us insane because none of us are hearing voices.

This is why the media is in decline, why the BBC is losing its audience and the newspapers have plummeting readership, because people are tired of being treated like idiots and herded like cattle. We’ve made a collective decision to cut the bullshit out of our lives. The world is heading towards a split, two parallel universes running together – the real world, where reasonable pragmatic people get on with the struggles of life, and the media world, where fake people write about pretend events in newspapers nobody reads.

The media has become that manipulative spouse who lies and cheats and tells you it’s all your fault. A narcissistic gaslighter who just will not change.

It’s time to make a clean break.

Kit Knightly is co-editor of OffGuardian. The Guardian banned him from commenting. Twice. He used to write for fun, but now he's forced to out of a near-permanent sense of outrage.

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Kit Knightly is co-editor of OffGuardian. The Guardian banned him from commenting. Twice. He used to write for fun, but now he's forced to out of a near-permanent sense of outrage.

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Daniel Bruno

Great article. To understand the ISIS theatre of the absurd, one should meet the choreographers, screen writers and directors of the show. Rita Katz is the most influential of these. Google her and be amazed.



I’d like to think that people are more sceptical and are switching from the MSM, I fear though that people are just reading the same stuff but on-line because it’s free and quicker….

Georg Dirr
Georg Dirr

Remember the German news editor forced in Germany to publish a fake CIA story about Gaddafi’s gas chambers? The story was completely fabricated. He had no choice but to publish it or the CIA would take his job away. Germany seems to he CIA run. Any country with a u.s. base is a vassal of Zionism.

Lou Cassivi
Lou Cassivi

Bang on! Love it! (Notwithstanding your grammatically incorrect photo at top. 😼)


All this was done by Trump? I don’t think so – maybe in his name but in reality by the CIA/Deep State who act as they wish even hoping to persuade Trump of their fake news, or just ignoring his reason of attempting to establish good relations with Putin. Why else would Trump have instigated a meeting with Putin and said he did not believe Russia had a hand in Internet interference in his election, or held a successful meeting with the Korean President only then to find CIA appointee Pompeo messing up any likely de-escalation in the follow up?

Ross Hendry

Thank you. I imagine that everyone who reads this article will be thinking “I wish I’d said that, in that way”.

How long can the MSM carry on like this, and how long will alternatives like Off-Guardian be allowed to call them out? They surely won’t give up without a fight.


Brilliant writing Kit.


It is a human tendency to copy others and to at least outwardly conform to whatever is perceived to be mainstream opinion. By repeating lies often enough, and in large enough print, the MSM is thereby able to make the vast majority of people, not least its own journalists, believe anything it chooses. Like it or not, there is a mass of hard evidence proving that 9/11 was the largest false flag operation in human history. The fact that it is not even mentioned in this article goes to show that the MSM has succeeded in making any doubt cast on the official 9/11 story such a taboo that for anyone to even mention it is to declare themselves insane and so undermine whatever argument they are making.


Off Guardian has given plenty of focus to the 9/11 event – but some issues become so bipolar as to become a switch.
Framing issues in good v evil polarity is the way to effectively shut down communication – unless perhaps we are willing to uncover both in others and ourself.

Appeal to ‘moral compliance’ or setting justification for moral superiority in hate is all manipulative relative to the fear that in fact you are a monster or a fake and if exposed would be cast out, rejected, stoned (in the old sense of the word).

Point the finger and shout and throw with the others! – lest you become the target?

A Benge
A Benge

I think Corby practises what you preach. Those out to get him don’t.
This means he gives credence to their agenda, and ends up crucifying himself.
Sometimes there is actual evil, and the evil operates behind a host of
voluntary civilian shields.


He has integrity enough to resist being bought or baited whatever his political views.

What I mean by framing in good v evil is the OPPOSITE of recognizing good and evil within ourself and consciously choosing what we freely prefer.

That is why Jesus said resist ye not evil – because he knew that what you give power to, then has power over you.

Turn to align wholly in what you do want (and put evil behind you) rather than let evil frame you in reaction.

This is perhaps a subtle or deep point but the understanding of the difference between the illusion of power and the power of illusion is freedom to align in what we truly prefer rather than fear framed or fear driven power struggle in coercion and deceit.

Those who want to kill the bastards! are enacting the exact mind that they think to kill in another – but ‘justifiably’. Of course everyone has such a mind of ‘justifying themselves to themselves.

The idea of not resisting evil is really not feeding it in yourself (an another).

You may start to see that vengeance and envy are deeply held agenda in the hearts of all of us until we can own them and thus choose from a better place. No one can change what they refuse to own and yet evil is always wanted to be disowned by hating it in others. But if you see that you have the capacity to be hurtful or disregarding of others like yourself, you can learn to not use it or be baited into it.

This means you can communicate or act from a more aware and connected sense of what is going on and be less manipulatable by anyone who want to trick or bait you into disempowering yourself

In this world good and evil are the result of our capacity to align in the true or the false. But the lure of the power to make your own ‘truth’ is the ‘pact’ by which to forget, hide and block the true in defence of your version of it. How can not recognizing the truth of yourself and other lead to anything but evil consequences – that then fuel a like reaction of polarised hatred.

i don’t suggest ‘talking’ like this to those who are not in their right mind and are acting insanely in one way of another. You have to take in the whole situation to feel how to act and that means NOT running under fear framed distortions.

But don’t take my word for it – put everything to the test in your own living starting with the evils of the day thereof.


I’m sorry, did i just read a bunch of jibberish? i did recognize a word or two, like evil and good or something? obviously English is this writer’s second language. nice try though dude, or ma’am.


AwwwwWWWW…. reading comprehension problems again? Don’t sweat it, you’ve got your whole life ahead of you to correct that (I’m assuming that you’re in about the 7th grade, as evidenced by your referring to the person that you replied to just now as ‘dude’) and what you lack in reading abilities, I can see that you overly compensate with your ongoing studies into HOW TO BECOME A PEDANTIC ASSHOLE and INFLUENCE ALL THE RIGHT PEOPLE.
Good luck, sonny boy! And don’t forget to stop by later and shave your mama’s back now, hear?


‘5 Timely reminders….’.
I just took its absence as a nod to more current absurdities..
I think nearly everyone here is convinced that 9/11 is offcially bogus.


A cave dwelling JIhadi leader in Afghanistan plots a multi plane hijacking, shuts down NORAD so no planes were shot down, magical Muslims overcome failed single engine pilot training to pilot multi-engine Boeing 767’s, execute top gun maneuvers to make a 180 degree turn and crash into the Pentagon at ground level, yet the amazing Penta Lawn doesn’t have debris strewn all over; a passport survives a fireball and floats down on a Manhattan street, Israeli cameramen were ‘witnessing the event’ and high fiving each other, jet fuel burns at 700 degrees and steel beams melt at 2750, towers fell at free fall speeds, an event never replicated by building fires before or since, WTC 7 never got hit by a plane, the wrong engine parts were identified by the NTSB and placed in the 9/11 museum https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=emYWUtNvXvE ; the ‘hijackers’ didn’t show up on CCTV until the 9/11 commission produces them (without corroborating date stamp) NIST creates a faulty evaluation, Homeland Security Chief Michael Chertoff’s cousin Benjamin Chertoff writes a Debunking 9/11 myths screed
From Christopher Bollyn:

This means that Hearst paid Benjamin Chertoff to write an article supporting the seriously flawed explanation that is based on a practically non-existent investigation of the terror event that directly led to the creation of the massive national security department his “cousin” now heads. This is exactly the kind of “journalism” one would expect to find in a dictatorship like that of Saddam Hussein’s Iraq.

Because the manager of public relations for Popular Mechanics didn’t respond to repeated calls from American Free Press, I called Benjamin Chertoff, the magazine’s “senior researcher,” directly.

Chertoff said he was the “senior researcher” of the piece. When asked if he was related to Michael Chertoff, he said, “I don’t know.” Clearly uncomfortable about discussing the matter further, he told me that all questions about the article should be put to the publicist ? the one who never answers the phone.

Benjamin’s mother in Pelham, New York, however, was more willing to talk. Asked if Benjamin was related to the new Secretary of Homeland Security, Judy said, “Yes, of course, he is a cousin.”

(but his Wikipedia entry says otherwise) and of course all evidence points to controlled demolition https://www.gaia.com/lp/content/911-false-flag/

9/11 lead to the invasion of Afghanistan and Iraq which brings us to the present time. It’s the biggest media hoax of all time, and if they should use 9/11 as a switch fo turn off debate, thankfully, most Americans already believe there’s a lie there, somewhere.


Link to source of Christopher Bollyn’s Benjamin Chertoff article http://www.911myths.com/html/benjamin_chertoff.html

Anthony Matthews
Anthony Matthews

Every one here thinks 9/11 is officially bogus? The problem with such conspiracy theories is that they detract from the genuine hidden-in-plain-view conspiracies. We don’t need to invent more; we have enough on our plates as it is.


Surely every one thinks their own ‘take’ but the conspiracy theory presented as the ‘official’ account is absurd – given what has been discovered since.

The term ‘conspiracy theory’ is itself a psyop term to apply to any critical exposures to what goes on beneath official narrative presentations.

On a ‘need to know’ basis along with the non disclosure contracts operating, what any participant in aligning that event know would be what they are fed, what they can see from their limited perspective, and what they feel safe to look at, think about or speak openly of.

Considering the almost TOTAL lack of political challenge or oversight to the wars and laws transpiring immediately after that event I would surmise that US Americans were triggered by ‘attack’ to first shock, then anger and revenge – and it didn’t really matter who – because Iraq had nothing to do with it. Likewise a blank cheque from the international community.

Victimhood ‘works’ in terms of directing reactions and outcomes – but at expense of collective disintegrity of investment in its framing and disinvestment of allegiance and support of those whose trust is revealed mistaken.

All theories are valid as theories, but are they supportED in fact or merely supportING of official narrative control?

In absence of direct proofs many issues become weighted with probability – along with at least a sense of conviction that what is being ‘fronted’ by the ‘authorities’ is more about their notion of personal security than any true account and response. Perhaps a full disclosure would expose elements that are considered totally unfit for public consumption by those who are insiders to secrets – but again in partitioned ‘need to know’ versions.

Whatever else I can say is that people act in what seems their best interest according to their beliefs and definition of the situation in which they find themselves. In other words the active narrative at the time is what perceptions and reactions are framed by and evil acts can be committed from a belief in averting a greater evil, or bringing forth a greater good for which cause sacrifices have to be made.

I see that living under such a mind-framing is relatively normal and so of course evil acts are relatively normal.
Now it has become ‘ok’ to kill people anywhere who MIGHT become terrorists or ‘threat to national security’ in future – along with people who happen to be in the vicinity when the drone fires.

The pre-emptive strike is a ‘post truth politic’. To in a sense Kill or degrade you BEFORE you think and do something that challenges the ‘power class’ of the intent to engineer and control humanity on a global scale. Sealed unit – no user access! You have become a disposable utility.

I sense the ideas we hold true and live from are the real issue, that powers or spheres of influence adopt and align in them is because they seem true – perhaps initially as some sort of answer to what was before. As if nationalism and religion were the evil and so all would be well once they are utterly undone as a credible or practical rival to state controlled corporately owned financially directed system of unassailable monopolar power.

And the globalist agenda is not a conspiracy in large part. Its all out in the open.

I’m all for a global cooperative but the idea of domination and control is the mind I look to leave behind me.


No, the MSM don’t think you’re an idiot – they just know that most people are.

Rather, MSM propaganda is a percentages game. They don’t intend to sell their nonsense to everyone, but just to enough people so that the views of those with more sense don’t matter.

Russiagate is a prime example. Anyone with two brain cells knows this is rubbish, but not that many Americans even have that many brain cells. Though there are some notable exceptions.

Interesting also that even among the generally rational skeptics there is assent with the MSM narratives sometimes – when it suits a individual’s personal prejudices.

For example, Caitlin Johnstone recently published an article urging her readers to consider how much of what they are told by the media they really know for sure to be true … then a few weeks later, when told by the MSM that Catholic priests in Pennsylvania had “credibly” (note the weasely word) abused children, she stormed “monsters!” on her twitter page. (Are you really sure of that Caitlin?)


I don’t think that the MSM even aims to actually convince anyone that the rot they spout is the truth. What they aim to do is to create the impression that most are convinced and that the MSM may even be voicing “public opinion”. And this encourages everyone who can see through the lies (which I think is the vast majority) to feel isolated and alone. In short – it may be the case that no-one believes the crap but everyone believes that everyone else believes it.


I agree.
It is a confidence trick.
A phantom of consensus.
The language of broadcast news media now is firmly in this territory. It comes from a place where reliance on facts is regarded as deeply suspicious and instead there is an implicit moral obligation to conform in your opinions or face shaming condescension.
I am saddened that more people do not have the self-knowledge to counter this psychological attack.
It is getting better though.


I use this quote a lot but…

“… the true object of propaganda is neither to convince nor even to persuade, but to produce a uniform pattern of public utterance in which the first trace of unorthodox thought immediately reveals itself as a jarring dissonance.”
~ Alan Bullock, in Hitler and Stalin: Parallel Lives

Many will automatically and intuitively see which way the wind blows so as to not be exposed to attack – after all we have a self-protective sense that is running beneath the appearances of compliance or conformity.

Anyone speaking out critically of a a false narrative framing will in a sense thus identify themselves in the terms of the frame as far as others are concerned. So a genuine enquiry as to why there are no records of procedures of measures in place for the safety of vaccines and no liability for damage due to vaccine is labelled anti vaxxer – with Bill Gates claiming such people to be child killers and no media coverage of the actual science and the actual history. Now we have anti vaxxer movement funded by Russians. Some things are too big to allow exposure. Private – Keep Out! Danger of death!

A lie to be protected calls in ever more lies. And that is my sense of a ‘religion of a false god that demands sacrifice’ in exchange for its ‘protection’. Once in, there is no escape… without relinquishing the ‘power’, status or privilege that seems to keep us alive or be our life. Humiliation and loss of ‘self’ is a drama over a humbling adjustment.

Why does the lie and the father of it seem to have all the power?
Is it because we are invested and identified in the same deceit?

It is said you cant cheat an honest man – or that a con man targets those whose self-manipulative illusions leave them open to manipulation. So if we are fooled – we can use that experience to identify our own complicity or correspondence, so as not to be fooled again. It isn’t enough to make a virus database and parse for repeats of old tricks. One has to be consciously present in discerning the nature of what is presented.

As children we learn what facets of ourself are unacceptable and so they are masked over, protected – but also inhibited or suppressed. The ‘authorities’ are in effect operating much like a parent to those who want to evade self-responsibility and get others to hold or set boundaries that they may then obediently follow or whinge and complain and react against like an adolescent.

So there are many who may not understand what is going on but are unwilling to seriously question or challenge it. Dissonance is then displaced onto ‘troublemakers’ while believing that those who make these decisions are experts or surrounded by expertise and ordinary people cannot understand or engage in what is beyond them and so they basically run with what they are told even if they may have critical awareness of issues that never would be allowed to be followed to a logical conclusion. Better the devil we know…shhhh!
Others may have distrust and opposition and hatred for what is going on in the wish to bring down the regime without any vision beyond vindicating their own rage.
Emotional reactivity, emotional naïveté, and frozen numbness of an incapacity to feel or relate to anything outside the bounds of the life they set or are set in.

At root I hold that there is only One Thing Going On – that seems to be anything but. And so I hold open the idea that we are being awakened through the development of our own wishes, beliefs, desires and consciousness to recognize the false self and be released of running under it as true.

However the globalism that ‘speaks first’ in terms of setting the narrative is that of the urge to dominate, possess and control and not really a global communication of idea and exchange, but global dictate which is identical in nature to our original terror of a ‘coercive god’ or indeed of making terror the god of a split mind and protecting the split against exposure to its underpinnings.

To arrive at our beginning and know it for the first time – T.S Elliot.

The Authority problem is confusion as to the nature of authorship. That we can believe we are who we are not is to believe we create ourselves and then call on external ‘authorities’ to support it – or to enforce compliance and conformity.

Jarring dissonance is reframed as the evil intent of others or the evil consequences of guilt to be distributed or outsourced or repackaged in complex financial instruments or simply scams. Survival itself is too big to fail and so failure is served out to the body as a corporate imposition under a lack of true governance.

So my sense is to use all of it as an educational transformation as the natural result of the disinvestment of allegiance to false ‘authoring’. Rather than persist in mirroring the same mind I suffer to see acting through others – with such destructive results.

The many are asleep and run like golems or programs that can be uncovered and used to manipulate them beneath the level of their awareness. But the awareness of psychological (or actually psychic-emotional) defences running is not a call to presume or take control but a reflection of our own Unconscious ‘hidden’ in the world.

The uncovering of the ‘unconscious’ of a Deep State of Dark agenda, is becoming aware of what lies beneath. The ability to ‘see’ it only out there is learned.

Dreams can become quite crazy before recognizing that it was a dream from a point that is no longer ‘under the spell’.
Or the disturbances to the water can give a very schizoid reflection to Narcissus.

If you were ‘in charge’ how would you wake a sleeping humanity?
And would it serve purpose or drive a wilfulness deeper into defence against your ‘help’?
Is it true that we cannot save another from their own choice?
But we can illuminate or reflect the actual choices being made towards reclaiming the power of choice.

In order to choose one has to know what we are choosing between. Freedom of information would make sane choosing natural – and thus we would not support an insane thought-system, governance or identity under it. But there is true governance arising from true authority that cannot be fitted into the old control from ‘above or outside’. And it is already a global network of more than real time communication that of course we are trying to replicate and usurp with the technocratic smart grid monitor and control system Inc. I say ‘we’ because the globalist simply couldn’t pull it off without us and because the usurping of the function of Spirit is the job description of the ego – or the wish-belief you are alone.


In my study of communist societies, I came to the conclusion that the purpose of communist propaganda was not to persuade or convince, not to inform, but to humiliate; and therefore, the less it corresponded to reality the better. When people are forced to remain silent when they are being told the most obvious lies, or even worse, when they are forced to repeat the lies themselves, they lose once and for all their sense of probity. To assent to obvious lies is…in some small way, to become evil oneself. One’s standing to resist what’s counter to one’s best interests is thus eroded, and even destroyed. A society of emasculated liars is easy to manipulate and or control. I think if you examine political correctness, it has the same effect and is intended to.


Yes, humiliate, shame, vilify, invalidate etc. It is a terrorism of the mind – speak out and be damned. Comply, conform or at least self censor so as to only a token ‘criticism. But often the ability to speak clearly is hampered by the way the psyop is framed.

Coercion by ‘guilting’ is always some kind of victimism – whether the victims are real or conflated or imagined or computer models and regardless of the ‘victims’ own voice, a voice takes on their cause as if a spokesperson and protector of the denied and persecuted in such a way as to reinforce victimhood and use it and them for political or corporate ends. Thus an insidious hate operates the role of the accuser of hate in the non compliant.

‘Dont go there or ELSE!!’ is the herd conditioning – and thus the mechanisms of power are hidden behind what cannot be openly discussed without risk of report and penalty – which in the age of the Net can back track to anything you have ever said should you become anyone of influence or a suitable ‘example’.

So I feel that victimism in all or any of its forms needs to be desisted from employ or acceptance – ie find a better or more honourable way than seeking to morally shame others into compliance or withdrawal of protest, and stop using emotional manipulation as the currency of exchange – which of course includes manipulation or coercion of our self.
Moral guilting is an export business. And a significant undercurrent to the appearance of moral compliance that is only held in place by fear of exclusion and not a free alignment in one’s core integrity at all.

I do not say penalty should not exist for unacceptable behaviours but the use of force as an appropriate restraint as an opportunity to re-educate, whilst also limiting further harm is not an unkindness or indeed hateful intent but it can be very firmly bounded. The idea of justice as vengeance undermines any such movement in human society and this is an example of the mutually cancelling polarities of a split mind in which two mutually opposing directions are undertaken at the same time in the same mind.

BTW The media increasingly treats people like idiots or infants such as to make satire redundant. Emotional manipulation whereby to become more passively accepting OF emotional manipulation. Questioning what is being presented rather than letting it run, is more than criticising the statements or assertions at a rational level. The post truth method bypasses the rational to work directly upon mapped out and targeted unconscious or subconscious reaction. The presumption of reasoned pursuance of a shared or common Good is no longer more than lip service under the corporate capture of all vectors of influence or ‘broad spectrum dominance’. This is abandoning our ‘Humanity’ for a split race just as H.G Wells posited in the Time Machine. Those who eat and those who are eaten.
While this can be said to have always been with us in some degree, the development of systemic control at a global level via the use of technological developments to which we have outsourced much of our own active intelligence (ie become dependent) is a critical culmination of the ‘managed scarcity, lack inducement or reinforcement, and control of the needs generated.

Perhaps there is a different order of ‘splitting’ more like a prism, in an idea for the period in which we are now living, in which different vibrational realities are in effect called forth by those who accept and align in them as their ‘chosen’ sense of self and world for the next era – and that parallel Earth realities branch off as timelines of continued but vibrationally distinct experience whereas Earth for some time has been the Planet of Choice amidst a juxtaposition of competing and conflicting identities. I cannot prove that is not so, but I feel the value of conscious choice as the way to grow a new consciousness in place of the old habit.

azza sedky

This is quite the revelation. Thank you.
Here is my take as far as Egypt is concerned. Western media have been set on tarnishing the current regime in Egypt despite how the majority of Egyptians feel: relieved.
“Manipulative Journalism” http://azzasedky.typepad.com/egypt/2018/01/manipulative-journalism-opinion-ahram-online.html


Is it a way of determining that the subject is in fact unconscious, or the candidate is in fact mesmerised.
Making reality is a fantasy. But when the fantasy is backed up by the power to vilify you, or give you pain or death, an outer compliance is induced that may even extend to a Stockholm identity in hiding that you are hiding – even from yourself. Power to exist or to mitigate or evade pain is the prison of the body.

I like to flip things around so as to consider that in the harvest of death brought on by illusions worshipped as true, the flickering and stirring of those who are recognizing something so fundamentally and pervasively wrong in the world thought real, are then served or supported through the shift from a false foundation to true.

Disinvestment in the false must open to true – but the capacity to recognize truth is the willingness to share it. An unshared ‘reality’ is a private mind. The development of the mind as property to possess, dominate and abuse is to dispossess ourselves in subjection and loss of true function which could be a true call of help, or it can be used as the call to war. The idea of calling is also the idea of being answered and hence the idea of listening for something one can understand, accept or appreciate, which is the idea of communication or shared being.

For everything fake here, there is a true rendering. No one makes fake 11 dollar notes. Illusions mask in forms of true that pass of as if real. The story of the world may be for a completely different purpose that that which we have run on as its drive of survival and developing abilities. I see awakening as a shift of purpose that sees in terms of giving and receiving instead of getting and being got from but that cannot be grafted onto the false foundation if the two directions are antithetical and only one is true.

Perhaps it is being made easier and easier to release the grip on a fake world by virtue of its exposure to blatant insanity. It parodies itself!


Bravo, Kit. Sing it loud, you Assadist you 😉

It’s been going on for years, of course. The whole radical islam thing is a total creation of the Arabistes in the French and British secret services, and later the OSS/CIA under orders from their controllers, the early Zionists. The Muslim Brotherhood’s genesis can be traced to the same threads, along with Hassan al-Banna’s “missing years” in the USA (as with the Ayatollah)

History Commons is a great resource for this. See here for more recent events: http://www.historycommons.org/timeline.jsp?timeline=complete_911_timeline&complete_911_timeline_possible_moles_or_informants=complete_911_timeline_omar_bakri___al_muhajiroun_

That ties in people like Anjem Choudary and OBM (our own OBL) and MI* and the recent “attacks” (7/7, Rigby, Manchester et al)

ISIS is very much under the auspices of Unit 8200. Rita Katz and SITE are the giveaway. A total fabrication. The US opened an “investigation” in 2015 as to why so many Toyotas ended up in ISIS videos (https://www.businessinsider.com/why-isis-uses-toyota-trucks-2015-10?IR=T) I wonder where that went…


According to some news sites based in Australia, the most stolen Australian cars in 2015 were Toyota Hilux utility vehicles.

“Grand Theft Australia, 2015 Edition”

“… The number of stolen Hilux utes has increased 10% in the last 12 months and 4 out of every 10 Toyota Hilux utes stolen are never recovered. Many Hilux utes are stolen for parts or broken down and shipped to the Middle East or Asia and sold on the black market …”


Then there was that story from the same year about the Texas-based plumber who discovered that the van he sold to a secondhand dealer, complete with his business’s signage (which the dealer advised him not to strip off the car), ended up in Syria being driven by terrorists.


So, er, Toyota can plead innocence as to how some if not all of its Hilux vehicles end up in jihadi hands.

What you might call unwanted free advertising demonstrating the strength and durability of Japanese technology.


Brand-new Toyotas like we saw in the videos?


An item of real hot news, not from the MSM so not for idiots. The Man from Uncle called, made his “offer you cant refuse” and was sent packing with a flea in his ear:



As I read each US demand I was saying to myself “No, please don’t fall for it!”. Good to see that at least one country can maintain its dignity, honour its ‘debts’ to allies with distinction, and cannot be bought off, and is prepared to confront any consequences honourably.


Sorry, I am an idiot spreading fake news, according to highly placed Russian spokesm’n:

“MOSCOW, August 29. /TASS/. Moscow believes that media reports on the alleged June meeting in Damascus between high-ranking representatives of US and Syrian special services are “fake news,” Russian Special Presidential Envoy for the Middle East and Africa and Deputy Foreign Minister Mikhail Bogdanov said on Wednesday.

“We don’t have this information. I think this is fake news as usual,” the diplomat said.

Earlier, Lebanese newspaper Al Akhbar reported that representatives of US special services made a private visit to Damascus in June and held consultations with the Syrian government.”



An excellent critique of the current MSM phylum dweller, but they may be right assuming the majority of the plebs are imbecilic in a sense of being poorly informed. The demands of life for the majority of people are such they miss on most of what’s going on, they don’t realise that although they may not be interested in politics, the politics is certainly interested in them.


And isn’t that just why ‘the politics’ keep them all busy with the distractions of wage slavery, material gimmicky and of course the media reinforcement of the viscous circle of it all.


Call it The Curse; call it Karma; the grim smile of Realism in a world of MSM dreams:
comment image


Top marks, vexarb.


I can think of a few others whose photos are waiting to be added.


I know that people react with something close to horror, when I mention that our media has ‘groomed’ and ‘radicalised’ many young and disaffected Muslims into heading off for Syria, by basically turning the conflict there into a modern version of the Spanish Civil War, only this time Franco/Assad is already in power. This is the dramatic model they chose to employ, to wildly distort the reality of Syria, as they did in Iraq and Libya. How could Syria be labelled a ‘civil war’ when it’s been attacked and invaded by foreign fighters? I’ve talked to journalists about this terminology and they look stunned, as if they were Roman Catholic priests and I’d dared to question the existence of God!


Try questioning the utter sexual yumminess of angelic-looking, underage, Roman Catholic boys. Maybe they’ll suddenly switch the subject to a surprisingly realistic discussion of Syria, etc.


There is a public review of UK ‘high quality journalism’ going on called the Cairncross Review, which is soliciting evdence both from consumers and publishers.

I have submitted some hard-hitting contributions.

Perhaps others would like to as well?


Among the most interesting things about ISIS – and I say this as someone who’s read not just about them but their own publications – is how very unIslamic they are. For instance, in their magazines they have interminable theological articles justifying their activities; these articles are eye-glazingly difficult to get through, but if you can manage to keep awake to the end, you find an interesting thing.

ISIS’ religious justifications comprise an extreme level of cherry-picked theology. For instance, say ninety nine well known and respected Islamic scholars say slavery is unacceptable; ISIS will briefly mention them, only to dismiss their arguments. It will then dig up some unknown 11th century mullah who said slavery was fine and Islamic, and adopt his stance as righteous and pure without further discussion. This is even more interesting when you realise that in the Hanbali system of Islamic jurisprudence to which ISIS adheres, random unqualified people aren’t even permitted to declare a jihad, let alone formulate doctrine.

Then there’s their cartoonish violence, which is not just eye catching but intended to be eye catching. To tell the truth, al Qaeda and its associated gangs probably kill far more people than ISIS, but ISIS does it in such an especially showy manner you’d think their purpose was to be identified as Hollywoodish villains and invite
attacks on them. Which, of course, makes them the perfect propaganda tool to justify wars, colonial aggression, everything.

Interesting, isn’t it?


Nice one Kit.

Thinking and expressing any informed opinion is not allowed -‘cos according to the slime stream media it’s faked.

There needs to be a game called something like… “The Great British Media Fake Off”. Where a panel are challenged to explain and interpret the news streams in the current and past media space. Those confusing ideas which are often referred to dryly as, “Western Values”. You know, those ideas and opinions that those damned terrorist so much despise and want to destroy.

In line with those “Western Values”; values held by other cultures seem to hold little or no interest, even for those terrorists too, as they are also hell bent on destroying them! Such as Damascus the cradle of civilisation – but clearly not western. What the hell if they are wearing “White Helmets” they must represent “White Western Values”! They deserve the best financial support and military training any humanitarian moderates could possibly need…

Of course this is nothing when you consider the evil Assad backed by that Nemesis of “Western Values” Putin’s Russia. Using barrel bombs to destroy his own country and people when he has weapons which can neutralise the best cruse missiles the west can throw him. This is all clearly explained in the White Helmets videos, painstakingly produced, which appear regularly on You tube.

While other less desirable You tube commentaries are deleted, so as not to upset the public who so much revere their “Western Values” and don’t want to be bothered by those confusing “other points of view” ideas and analysis.

I mean All those conspiracy theories which try and explain how Sergey Skripal and his daughter visiting from Russia were made to disappear after surviving one of the world’s most deadly nerve agents. Clearly they didn’t want to explain their story and what had been perpetrated on them by that Dr Evil Putin. The British Government felt obliged to do it for them. With this I am sure those British subjects can sleep soundly in their beds knowing all their interests are being taken care of by such a vigilant government…


No free thinking adult in the UK today should pay the BBC Licence Fee to be fed a constant stream of their bullshit propaganda interspersed with their “Oh look there’s a squirrel !!” triviality under the guise of “entertainment”. The article above highlights well the contempt directed against us by these disgusting little people working for the criminal warmongers who completely disregard the welfare of those who live on our small planet.

kevin morris
kevin morris

I’m surprised that when referring to the mainstream media, nobody ever mentions the 1988 Official Secrets Act. This removed the defence of public interest from newspaper proprietors. In the year leading up to that particularly nasty piece of legislation’s enacting, newspapers printed stories with warnings that ‘under the proposed Official Secrets Act we would not be able to print this story’.

The press were quite rightly appalled, but what were they to do? With a major reason for their existence removed, all they could do was focus on the trivial- on personalities rather than issues, and the result is all around us. Our press is largely trivial, nasty and toadying, and while we all use the term, ‘MSM’ with relish, few of us refer to the Official Secrets Act 1988.

We should be shouting it again and again with the hope that a Jeremy Corbyn government might be tempted to do something about it, but I’m not holding my breath.


What’s remarkable and deeply worrying, is that the press seems to have capitulated to the state’s version of ‘national security’ with barely a murmur of resistance. For example, in relation to this patent absurdities linked to the recent events in Salisbury, the Skripal affair. Apparently ‘D-notices’ have been issued, but the lack of scrutiny and even basic investigation and criticism of the state narrative, which has more holes in it than a Swiss cheese, is extraordinary. Where are the Skripals?

kevin morris
kevin morris

Of course you’re right but they have already lost their role of speaking truth to power and most of them are constantly struggling for funds. Although there is a similar number of journalists today as there were forty years ago, but they are now spread out thinly over the dailies and the free papers and advertising sheets that don’t present news at all. Compare the broadsheets of forty years ago with what they have become today and it is clear that they no longer have the resources to investigate much of anything. Mostly, they are forced to rely upon press releases for their ‘stories’. With few resources and threats from government is it surprising that our press, and of all shades, has simply rolled over?

Corbyn claims he is going to strengthen the news media and quite right too, but he has many years of decline to reset and he must reintroduce the public’s right to know as a defence for journalists and proprietors, but as I’ve already said, I’m not holding my breath.

If more of us were making a noise about the 1988 Official Secrets Act, possibly, just possibly, a new government might feel they have to grasp that nettle.


The Guardian is… the Guardian of the Truth and ready to lay down their lives, or most probably someone else’s, to protect us from the incredible dangers presented by ‘fake new’ to our democracy, values and way of life. Ha, ha, ha. Their smug conceit and self-righteousness is almost comically absurd, though grotesque is more accurate.


Notice that none of the biggest and most blatant examples of real fake news published in our media over the last couple of decades, I thinking of Iraq, Iran, Ukraine, and Syria, are mentioned.

Frankly Speaking
Frankly Speaking

the Guardian of the Truth became the Guardian Of The Establishment after Viner ook over.


“the Guardian of the Truth became the Guardian Of The Establishment after Viner took over.”

Absolute nonsense. The establishment rot had fully set in under Rusbridger. The laughable Greenwald/ Snowden psy-op and the videos of Guardian staff smashing up hard drives on the supposed orders of GCHQ, who are apparently unaware of the Copy and Paste function on computers. Rusbridger posing in a photo with a sad face while holding a non-descript computer component near his face.

As if that wasn’t enough to convince the unquestioning plebs, there’s the appalling information war against Russia and the destruction of CIF boards ‘infiltrated by Kremlinbots’..

Please abandon this notion that the Guardian’s stance as defenders of the people was ever more than an imposture aimed at gulling the naive middle classes.