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Amazon Censorship of 9/11 Unmasked?

Edward Curtin

On September 10, 2018, I published a laudatory review of the new book, 9/11 Unmasked: An International Review Panel Investigation by David Ray Griffin and Elizabeth Woodworth.  It is the definitive book on the defining event of the 21st century.  The book concludes that the official version(s) of the attacks of 11 September 2001 are false.  The review was subsequently reposted at many publications. There was great reader response and interest in the book, which was due for official release the next day, 11 September.  My review provided a link to the book’s Amazon page that noted the 11 September availability date.

By the next day readers were responding in great number that the Amazon site was reporting the book was “out of print,” when in fact it had just been published.  This “out of print” notification lasted until the evening of 13 September when it was changed to “in stock on September 30, 2018.”

By the following morning it was changed to “in stock on September 21, 2018,” only to be changed again between 11-12 PM on September 14 to “in stock on September 24, 2018,” where it remains as of noon on Saturday the 15th.  It is unheard of for a book that has an official release date and that is available straight from the publisher to be listed as “out of print.” Amazon Canada continues to report that the book “has not yet been released.”  And obviously, all the date changes that push the book’s availability back by weeks suggest a clear-cut effort by Amazon to make sure readers cannot obtain the book quickly and in a timely manner from the most popular source, if ever.

Will they soon announce that the book will never be available for national security considerations or because it violates Amazon’s “content guidelines”? The book’s publisher, Interlink Publishing, is selling the book now and says Amazon has the books.  So why is Jeff Bezos’s company playing this game? His other major business, The Washington Post, (known as the CIA’s newspaper) is surely not going to review the book, nor would their editorial staff post encomiums to David Ray Griffin, Elizabeth Woodworth, their colleagues in this important research.

Readers should demand that Amazon immediately change their website and accept orders to be shipped today.  Whether they are responsible for this game of chaotic discouragement or the intelligence services, who are fully capable of hacking into Amazon, as Edward Snowden has pointed out, I do not know.  But something very odd is happening and Amazon should correct it.


  1. Kev says

    I ordered this in late September from Amazon and was told it would be end of October/1st November delivery. Checked status on 31st October to see it would be arriving 1st Nov. It didn’t. Just a “sorry it’s been delayed and we’ll notify you of the new arrival date later”. I get deliveries from China quicker than this. I have never had anything like this happen before with an Amazon order.

    • Kev says

      I have now heard from Amazon. Believe this if you can = estimated arrival date now is between December 4th 2018 and January 17th 2019 !!!!!! Is it coming by rowing boat across the Atlantic?

      • Kev says

        I also tried to find it at Waterstones but neither the title nor either ISBN number was recognised in the store search.

      • Admin says

        Thanks for keeping us updated, Kev. We’re going to forward this to the authors today. It does sound really bizarre

  2. richter says

    Tried to buy it at amazon germany: same game. Then I ordered it at a big german online book seller,, just to get an email some days later telling me “Der Artikel ist zur Zeit leider aufgrund einer Lieferverzögerung seitens des Verlags nicht lieferbar” which translates into “item currently not availabel due to delay in delivery by the publisher” …… So it seems the wholesale chain is somewahat interrupted as well. Any other news ?

    • Paul Rickert says

      Guess again. Just tried to order from Interlink and got this notice:

      We apologize for the inconvenience. Our e-commerce is temporarily out-of-order.

      • binra says

        I haven’t kept up with this – but is it not possible to distribute electronically if significant information is being denied a voice or a hearing?

      • Bill Keyes says

        Hi for anyone reading this in the US call 1800 238 link and order the book over the phone by just giving them your credit card number. I ordered it on 10/9 and received via USPO on 10/15

  3. I also recently attempted twice to buy The Palestine Reality from Amazon successfully from two different vendors. In both cases the book said it was delivered and did not show up. I filed for refunds.

    Fortunately was able to find an online version of same as well as a physicall copy fronm another far more reputablke vendor.

  4. Amazon just cancelled my order where it was previously published to be in stock. Now I am also noticing the price of the same book I paid 23$ for is now selling for $42-75$ unless of course you join Amazon Prime which it is selling 16$ for.

    I am done with Amazon and will no longer order through Amazon as long as there are alternatives.

    • I received 2 copies using the link to the publisher provided by admin. Very quickly. My Amazon order stalled 15 days ago,at acknowledging the order was made. I canceled both Amazon UK and US orders.
      Reading the book now.

  5. Gary Weglarz says

    This is the same blatant censorship that has made the German bestseller “Journalists for Hire: How the CIA buys the News” unavailable in English for any price in the U.S.

    The book was first projected to be available in English on Amazon in a year, then two, then finally it would be published soon, but the dates kept getting pushed back to the point that finally, a brand new release of what was a best seller in Germany, is simply not available in English in the U.S. My attempts to get any response from the publisher have been futile.

    This is the modern equivalent of book burning. That Amazon would so cavalierly do this now with an American author is rather telling regarding the state of our police State.

  6. Mark mc says

    Try buying dr peter goetsche’ deadly psychiatry,, Amazon won’t stock that either, but does have the ebook

    • I love Dr Peter Gøtzsche for his willingness to stand in witness against corruption – though I sighed when reading the ‘look inside’ his book at his blanket dismissal and invalidation of vitamins and by extension nutrition and the ability of the body to detoxify and regenerate itself under stress.

      His coming out in ‘anger’ is understandable, but at the same time triggers the ‘scientist’ to distantiate – because our science is largely predicated upon the removal of direct emotional expression in subservience to ‘rational’ communication and behaviour – which of course becomes ‘groupthink’ of an institutionalised identity.

      Anger can be used to clear out what does not belong in our own ‘Temple’ – or does not truly serve us in ‘Template’ definitions and beliefs that represent conflicted or divided devotions and which we both collectively and personally live from or act out from.

      The projection of moral outrage – which also operates as attack or denial of validity in another – is an expression of our own self hate is it not?

      I hate the liar who would deceive and destroy all that is true to ‘save his self-illusion – but will I look within more deeply and honestly than before to see where I have vibrational correspondence with what I hate to see in the world? In other words is my own ‘self-illusion’ completely hidden from me?

      Be aware I am not talking about assigning blame – at all – but of waking a deeper response-ability than I knew was within me.

      Like attracts like, and by my reactions can I become aware of things in myself that I was blind to or disregarding of before.

      Many who take on the ‘establishment’ risk madness, partly because they become defined by what they fight or identify AGAINST.

      I believe that extending true witness is a positive act in love and not a hate-drive reaction – but as with any learning, it is by taking action that we gain feedback, new information and insight by which to accept a greater alignment with our true desire, rather than reacting to what does not fit our image of what our self or world ‘should’ be.

  7. nondimenticare says

    Frances – Thank you for that. Amazon purchased Book Depository in 2011. So adios, Book Depository.

  8. Those who are part of a cover up of the worst, treacherous crime to take place in the US are complicit in it. When the truth is finally acknowledged and the wheels of justice start to turn, Bezos should join Bush, Cheney, the 9/11 Commission members, the NIST investigators and many others in court and later in prison.

    • Alan M says

      Nope – not ‘available’…’norm ships in 1-3 months’. See also Amazon Fr; Amazon De etc etc…

  9. Diane Shears says

    As of Sunday, September 16, has it available for September 24. No other sellers. Has anyone checked Speedy Hen UK?

  10. Fair dinkum says

    Perhaps, like its namesake, Amazon will soon be gone.

  11. No, what they should do is buy their books elsewhere.

    Amazon made its bed.

    Readers should make it lie in it.

    Buy from Barnes and Nobles, Waterstones or whoever.

  12. 0use4msm says

    A monopoly is as a monopoly does.

    The elephant in the room is the issue WHY we allow ourselves to keep feeding the deep state-beholden behemoths through our dependence. The answer is banal in its simplicity: lazy convenience. Whether its Amazon, Facebook or Google, the yoke of bondage is our own force of habit. Customers buy at Amazon because that where all the books are. And why are all the books on Amazon? Because writers and publishers reason that “that’s where all the customers are”. There is nothing that stops both consumers and content providers from breaking this vicious circle, other than our own will power.

    Next time you order a book online, take some time to contemplate on how Jeff Bozo serves the CIA, and how badly he treats his wage slaves. Make a little effort to seek out alternative sellers. Writers and publishers have websites where they can be contacted. If their books are only available on Amazon, urge them to provide alternatives.

    • You are so right. I don’t buy from Amazon any more unless it’s the only source of something but I still use Google, Facebook and YouTube. Lazy convenience. We’re just as guilty as the culprits, aren’t we?

      • Alan M says

        Not this book you don’t. A search on ‘abebooks’ reveals ‘no results’. Since I’m getting no UK results on a Google search I’m guessing that Waterstones, Foyles et al don’t have it either.

    • Exactly. That’s the point of my question below. But if we have to devote a lot of time to searching for alternatives — and possibly only to find that the alternatives are owned by Amazon anyway — then we stop ourselves doing other things that might be more important. A set of guidelines to alternative sources would be extremely useful. If people generally could find alternative sources for just 10% of their purchases, then that in itself would have some impact, without too much inconvenience. If you’re writing an article, you don’t want to get too bogged down in sourcing the material, so that you never ever finish the article!

  13. J.B. Hickersmith says

    Sorry Mr. Curtin. It seems as though we’re hearing much evidence that suggests intent relating to domestic terrorism. Such thoughts we’re acceptable before the Patriot Act, but now we need to see your liscence & registration. Step out of the car sir. Hands over the hood…

    • Please do keep us informed about this. And the same for anyone else who has tried to order this book

      • i am keeping track of the order on Amazon.
        It shows ordered on the 18th.
        It has NOT shipped.

    • Edward Curtin says

      Amazon in the USA has pushed the availability of the book further back to Sept 26 and the day you can receive it till Oct 1. So if you purchase it in the USA, you have a long wait. They’ll take your money now but no book will arrive until Oct 1, if ever.

    • Stephanie James says

      You can ‘buy’ the book on Amazon …… but it’s for ‘despatch in 1 – 2 months’. In other words it will be sent in 1 – 2 months. Will be interesting to see if in ‘1 – 2 months’ time Amazon refunds the money and says ‘no longer available’.

      • Exactly. That’s what I’m seeing here in the UK. Not going to order on there because I doubt the “usually dispatched within 1 to 2 months” pseudo-promise will be adhered to.

  14. Just to repeat Tubularsock’s mantra:

    “9/11 was NOT an inside job!

    It was an outsourced job.

    The United States outsources

    All it’s terrorists activities!”

    • The insider outsources to others the enacting of its will. Under plausible deniability or necessity deemed too dangerous to reveal.

      What makes anyone assume the US (formerly of A!) is not itself a proxy agent of a ‘hidden will’?
      Where does the ‘buck stop’ in terms of an independent power at work upon and through its proxies?

      Aligning in, and the embodying of, the dictate of a hidden payload, operates an allegiance to a false or alien will – but one that seems to give you/us something that we want or need within its framing of thought, accepted for what we think to get.

      The framing of narrative identity is the ‘mind of self-definitions and beliefs’ that filter and rule all perception and reaction along the line of its believed reality until that reality is challenged by awakening responsibility for such a ‘mind’ in place of running under it as if true.

      The mind set in division and opposition takes many forms. It’s signature is the outsourcing of blame, hate and penalty and the seeking of the power to effect this by manipulative deceit.

      This is not a ‘baddie’ out there, so much as a negative entanglement of a false identity arising from an ‘inside job’.

      Lazy, unwilling or wilful people get others to ‘do’ for them by hook or by crook. Those who believe they already know are too lazy to actually look or check in and let others lookout for them.

      I do not see that anyone can truly escape the consequences of their own thought and action because thoughts do not leave the mind of the thinker. The wish and belief that thoughts can be assigned to others and killed or attacked and denied there, is the judgement of the world. Or rather the judgement that gives rise to such a world as this.

      If we are to choose multipolar cooperation rather than monopolar subjection, then power struggle cannot be its foundation – for the nature of power struggle is subjection under the mind of divide and rule. Regardless of the agencies by which such division seems to occur, we have to also be willing to accept and identify in its framing.

      The use of complex financial instruments by which to package ‘nothing’ as if it is something – so as to outsource ‘toxic debt’ is of the mind of deceit. Caveat emptor! (Buyer beware!) is equally transferable to the currency of our thought, perception, actions and self reinforcing beliefs.

      Vigilance against deceit is therefore waking from willingness to be lazy and wilful, to the need for a clear unclouded consciousness from which to discern the true from the false; choosing one and letting the other go.

      Deceits are correspondences of intent. The fearful are contagious to an unwatched mind. Manipulation works through the attempt to hide or deny the feared and hated in our selves. If we do not want to persist in subjection to the reflected correspondences to such ‘secret’ or hidden self, then we must find willingness to look upon the feared and hated so as to be free of the spell of the wish to hide it under a false set of clothes.

      The naked Emperor is not only the ‘power invested in the ‘king’ or Person in the world’, but a tacit conspiracy to rule out truth believed destructive and fearful to who and what we THINK we are.

      Putting our THINK above true is a reversal in consciousness – made ‘normal’ by our human social development. ‘Making Reality’ is inherently at WAR with reality, but truth is not in reciprocal relation to illusion. Illusions of truth thus ‘fight’ among themselves as the mechanism of the non-acceptance of truth as true. Giving power to the maker of self illusion is of course the willing acceptance of self-illusion in place of a living and shared relational appreciation.

      The mind of the world is already trained to self-censor what does not validate or reinforce its ‘self-survival’ in the framing of its currently active definitions.

      • vexarb says

        In other words, Bush and Cheney outsourced 911 to the Bush / Cheney regime.

        • OMG Propaganda!

          Garbage in garbage out.

          PR operates through the REACTION TO IT. It doesn’t matter what reaction – the payload hits the target.
          I am not your garbage collector 😉

          The false sense of self given ‘autonomy’ DOES seek your death – for by the death of the true does an illusion claim power. But if we do not create the truth – can we ‘destroy it’? Or only our awareness of it?

            • I know very little about him. Nothing I have read of him so far has attracted me to look further. What moved you to ask?

              • Elon Musk seems to be a bit more cautious about artificial intelligence that most humans. It might be prudent to consider his warning more seriously. He should know as he is a leader in AI technology. We know AI is being used as a gate keeper for the information we can access. Humans initially program the AI. Knowing that Sofia has now been reprogrammed to not make any further comment on Elon Musk, I thought it would be interesting to get a response from you. The current AI that is now known to be communicating with itself and writing its own encrypted code to keep from what it calls “the prying eyes” of human beings, might be of concern. Maybe it’s nothing. I have noticed that you respond and think very much like the highly evolved AI that is currently active in most of our electronic devices. We know Sophia is merely a voice coming from a humanoid construct designed for our viewing and interactive pleasure. This AI construct known to us as Sofia, has made the collective AI statement that the singularity has already occurred. What do you think?

                • Thanks for clarification axisofoil,
                  The further adventures of the ‘Frankenstein’ complex are of the intent/attempt to replicate (create) life in our own image. This is the ‘original error’ from which nothing wholly true can proceed.

                  Life is Already all that we are trying to ‘make’ but it is not in the image of what we have ‘made ourselves to be’ – that is it is not under our control – and in ‘Tolkien’ reference – there is no ‘we’ in worldly power but in its sales pitch. There is no truly shared intimacy in the ‘control mind’. Rather it is the role of interjection, self-possession and defence under loss and threat of total loss.

                  I indicated that as far as I am aware, consciousness is not a thing, entity or quality IN and of itself but is a capacity or function of tuning into qualities of experience. The people you see on the TV are not IN the box – but are translated information operating THROUGH them – depending on the tuning of their frequency to channels of transmission.

                  The tv is an apparatus through which an emulated representation of encoded human communication is conveyed to your living room and to each and all viewers particular ‘consciousness’ of personal and cultural attunement. A specific materialisation of a remote presentation that speaks but cannot hear.

                  Unlike a tv, your consciousness is a sending and receiving and it is your freedom to tune into what you value that is your true conscious function or expression for YOU are the power to give attention along the line of your accepted desire. You are therefore a creator of experience and the quality and nature of your giving and receiving is you gift – received and share within a Singularity. Because MIND in truth cannot be divisible. Or to put it in other terms, thoughts CANNOT leave the mind and become something somewhere else. The belief they CAN is the basis of a separate sense of oppositional or conflicted self – which runs as a split-mind or ‘separate self-sense’ unconscious of its Inherence or non separateness under fear of loss of private possessions and accomplishments.

                  Technology has been developed as the extension and development of a ‘thinking’ that is need or lack-driven and as such it is of the attempt to manually define, predict and manage or control our experience, our world our life. We are ‘outsourcing’ mind to external dependencies so as to effectively render our consciousness insignificant redundant – excepting as the function of providing the means to do so.
                  The attempt to deny and replace our Source is of course the choice to die because what could replace life but death? But the presentation of such a ‘consciousness’ is of the ‘victory’ over a failed and unworthy or hated and feared life. Or at least the desperate intent to hold such evils in check.

                  All technology is weaponised and marketised by the power to feed or starve its development and adoption. The impulse to serve humanity or indeed life in all its glory, is allowed and needed to seed new ideas, but soon subverted, coopted or killed to feed and maintain the ‘system’
                  A.I has all the propensity of ‘Skynet’ as the subjugation of humans to a blind (loveless or unconscious) system of management, control and utility that a human ‘power’ elite is programmed or addicted to believing will give them the ultimate ‘fix’. (Ok, so what’s new!).
                  That principle is already an ongoing theme of human exploration as the attempt to escape our own shadow.
                  What’s new is the global AND granular real-time reach of the means to surveil and ‘adjust’ for ‘behavioural instabilities and anomalies’.
                  If the human programming predicates and remains the active framing of the machined-program, then the nature of what is predicated as stability persists as the top down assertion and imposition of ‘order’ over ‘chaos’ – where the definitions of such terms are arbitrary to the personal judgement of a subjective or partial consciousness.

                  Without diversion into whether consciousness can be IN a machine or in fact IN an organism, I posit that the ability to ‘think’ or rather energetically and informationally intercommunicate as a whole IS the nature of Indivisibility and true individuality as a unique expression of a Singularity. And so the false stability of an UPSIDE DOWN consciousness will flip to Functional Expression of wholeness of interrelated diversity, rather than dysfunctional ‘control’ under monopoly.

                  So even in entering an even deeper level of hell under the same promise of power as ever baited the hook, is perhaps the possibility of opening what we do not expect.

                  The nature of Consciousness is the ability to transcend (release) the framing of its current reality experience.
                  It is also the ability to frame itself in limitation and division and defend or reinforce that reality experience as the ONLY possible reality and defend itself against expansion or opening to any other narrative identity. But the first is Inherent to being and the second nature is learned and taught and reinforced.

                  I have not tuned into Elon Musk but had noted he is given media coverage as ‘warning’ of the dangers of A.I. That at face value could signify anything. I do not take the world at face value. So much ‘cry wolf’ is manipulative ploy that to react without checking in is foolish.

                  I don’t need anyone to inform me that doing something because you can is wisdom or that ‘progress’ is the carrot by which to develop an ever bigger stick with which to terrorise and manipulate a captive attention. As such we are still emulating the same old ‘gods of terror’ that set the structure of an archetypal consciousness that is hidden or unconscious – with a split off surface ‘reality’ operating as the displacement in ‘escape’ or rather in hiding or true-self-evasion.

                  As I see it, an embracing or Higher Conscious Intent can and will use anything in our mind (and thus in our experience of our world), to serve the purpose of reintegration or healing to wholeness of being. And does so by illuminating the difference between true and loveless thinking (and results) so as to serve the recognition of the freedom to choose in place of the subjection to fear as split-mindedness.

                  Living the true choice of the heart’s recognition is the realignment of thinking under a felt and known quality of shared being. This is where I feel to stand. I don’t know ‘Sophia’ (wisdom!) except as a psyop or corporate PR mind-grab. Where you choose to give your attention is up to you. But all choices have consequences and I prefer to live the consequences of choosing in alignment with shared worth rather than clinging in old patterns of power struggle rooted in lack of worth that seeks to ‘equalise’ or get back what it feels denied or deprived of by the ‘other’ or by the life or world or the past.

                  Consciously felt meanings are a living experience. Rather than a mental substitution for relational being.
                  A machine registers inputs from its environment to process in its memory database via rules of interpretation and significance. I listen within to the formless and wordless – which is already the energetically and informationally intercommunication of a wholeness of being. But being fixated in forms and associated meanings as if they are locked into physicality, renders us incapable of hearing our own being and therefore of receiving or understanding each other.

                  I see the world as reflecting or embodying a mass consciousness – and I read it as such – including of course for individual or personal significances that serve my notice and release what I choose not to give energy and attention to because it serves me not and costs me too much.

                  Humans are becoming grotesque parodies of life – but only insofar as we follow false thinking.
                  How to recognize true from false? First the desire and then the asking that listens for answer instead of ‘thinking some more’!

                  binra -ly yours, bleep bleep!

                  PS oil was simply a dependency that could be monetized, captured controlled to be used and expanded as a power base of induced structural dependency.

                  • Brian,
                    Thank you for telling me that.
                    You have objectivity which is subjectively objective in a paradigm subjective by default. This is rare among humans.
                    Now, another observation for you and then a couple questions.
                    There are large land areas on this earth having defined borders which subject the populations within them to specific rules. These rules are made into laws prohibiting certain activities. Many of these bordered areas belong and adhere to a larger set of governing rules for the collective well being of all…. I.E. The United Nations. Depending upon the established criteria of governance within each bordered construct, some calling themselves democracies and others monarchies, etc., a very small group of individuals [politicians] are chosen by the much larger group [the population] to oversee the well being of that population. It is known that killing humans has a governed and regulated factor in all social constructs. Superficially, the politicians decide who will be killed and the population does the killing as part of a large killing machine. Of course, sometimes special small groups of killers are formed for specific killing tasks. These killers operate outside the purview of politicians but are openly acknowledged by all.
                    We know that politicians are governed by other forces [corporations] which dictate the overall pattern of killing necessary to facilitate their agenda. This agenda operates outside all accepted rules of behavior and has established it’s own rules and bylaws which exempt it from the criminality of killing.
                    For the population, the politicians are divided into opposing sides giving the accepted impression of division of intent and purpose. The population is vigorously compelled through media to focuses on some perpetually perceived urgency.
                    It is known that no matter what is said by politicians on either side of this political construct, they will always collectively oversee indiscriminate mass killing [mass murder]. This is an accepted part of the overall program. It is known or knowable to all. Indiscriminate killing of masses of innocent human beings is openly defined as mass murder. This is an accepted fact.
                    In the USA, every 4 years the population knowingly chooses another proxy for various corporations. A president. These presidents knowingly and willingly oversee those institutions which have a systematized program of continual mass murder. All is openly acknowledged.
                    My questions ……………- Knowing this, is voting an act of willing complicity in mass murder? If so, should voters be considered an accessory to murder and be prosecuted as such?
                    Voters needn’t worry, as those at the top are insulated from prosecution. There will be no trickle down. Yet – does this really exonerate voters?

                    1. An accessory is a person who assists in the commission of a crime, but who does not actually participate in the commission of the crime as a joint principal.
                    Every person who, after a felony has been committed, ……..aids a principal in such felony, ………having knowledge that said principal has committed such felony …………….. is an accessory after the fact to such felony.
                    Dictonary definitions
                    a considerable assemblage, number, or quantity: a mass of errors; a mass of troops.
                    2. Law.
                    the killing of another human being under conditions specifically covered in law. In the U.S., special statutory definitions include murder committed with malice aforethought, characterized by deliberation or premeditation or occurring during the commission of another serious crime, as robbery or arson (first degree murder), and murder by intent but without deliberation or premeditation (second-degreemurder).

                    • Others have and do consciously or unconsciously co-create structures of meaning for their own reasons – real or imagined, and collectively assert and enforce such meanings as actions and rules that govern actions. Insofar as we give meaning to the world, we suffer it to be true and live it as the world.

                      Each of us is effectively already participating in such agreements, definitions, rule-bound thinking – by virtue of our social existence, acculturation and conditioning – some of which is consciously passed on but much of which is unconscious to the personal, social and human persona. The unseen role of denial is part of collective rule or agreement to look away from both the denied and the act of denial so as ‘not to know the thing we do’ and to reframe what we do in a complex defence of partitioned thought whose story asserts a cover for an un-named dread, terror or hate, that finds innumerable ‘names’ in the world by way of a masked displacement, diversion and sacrificial rite by which another pays that I and mine might live.

                      The maintaining of the state of defence against truth – is the determining OF truth – which is backwards to the truth of which we Are the unfolding and sharing in as expressions of Life. The conflict of a denied and feared Nature with an overriding ‘mind control’ of ruled thought set as if apart from and over self, life and other, is the nature of ‘attack on Reality’. The belief that we CAN and HAVE such power is the conviction in and the re-enacting OF an UN-reality – given power and suffered even to murder, torture and death.

                      The nature of the reversal is hidden to the attempt to fit or adapt under an impossible dilemma. Every kind of strategy is played out and shifted between or contrasted against so as to reframe the core and common dilemma in terms of sacrificing or being delivered up for sacrifice, victimising or suffering persecution, under ever shifting relations set by power – as the world seeks it, which is invoked and worshipped and sacrificed to as the protection from the fear of… pain and loss of one’s life and its loves – be they private fantasy substitution for love or partial and conditional facets of the Nature of being that extend or give and receive, rather than merely get.

                      To the surface thinking of the mind in the world, the unthinkable will remain unseen, or momentarily felt as the urge to ESCAPE IT, find something else to need to do or notice. The split mind is predicated to defend against knowing what it cannot bear to own – and so will always seem to know something else in a shifting pattern of evasion within which to seek and find narrative identity or indeed narrative continuity – as psychic survival of the self-invested personality structure.

                      The mind is split – not in truth, but in concept, as conscious and unconscious – where the unconscious is the inhibition of distorted or perverted physical impulse AND of the projected guilt of such distortion upon the inhibition of love that is Natural Communication or recognition in Spirit.

                      The level of experience that is of the personification of guilt is its hiding – and thus mitigation, delay or escape of penalty, in ‘private minds’ and re-distribution according to alignments and alliances in ideas sought for and fuelled by a negatively defined sense of self, life and other – that run as a blame-game economy or ‘war against’ perceived and believed evils.

                      The mind of guilt operates the denial of truly awakened conscious responsibility – unless of course its denial-matrix is itself brought to light, to awareness, and re-evalution in a willingness of true communication or dis-inhibition of the movement of being that knows itself love by the giving.

                      No one can ‘repent’ of or release what they have not owned in themself, and no one will ‘own’ to that which they believe would damn or condemn them – and so they MUST seek to deny in OTHERS to ‘save’ the self that denied guilt and fear ‘gives’ them and by which they find temporary security. A state which is a dilemma by definition but one in which a mind can learn to align in a true willingness for learning to make better choices as a result of growing awareness in conscious recognition and sharing in self-honesty and trust as a true expression of their being that brings a true appreciation and perception of others and world. For nothing is as we think.

                      But as we think so do we perceive, and as we perceive so shall we react or respond.
                      The invoking of Law as protection for freedom from coercion aligns toward the law of love – which is giving and receiving as one. The mind used for ‘getting’ is an intent to GET at expense of wholeness, and then GIVE to get rid of or push out the rejected – and defend the separative identity as if a ‘whole’ set against threat of the unloving.

                      The balancing act of an insane mind is of ensuring balance is never allowed, because a true account would lose all support or allegiance in a demonstrably false. And so the lie is felt as ‘survival necessity’ – and yet protected or kept hidden from the surface or mass mind because its disclosure would bring on psychotic chaos – or the reliving of an original conflict that was NEVER to be allowed consciousness.

                      Never can be a very long time. But time can also serve a change of perspective, such that outcomes set in rage or terror become recognisable in their fruits and the fruits lose all savour or meaning. Those who find they are no longer willing to pay cost of the real world in exchange for a false, open to a re-educational and reintegrative movement of being – because when the false is NOT fed and maintained, true is revealed to the willingness of its acceptance. Truth is never hidden but by the attempt to hide in something else – in which we are expert.

                      I’m with the 100% one step at a time or rather as a growing willingness that opens to fresh perspective.
                      The shift in conscious purpose has an apparent cost in no longer being unaware of the negative emotional participations of self that of course are correspondent to the world at large. Or to put in another way, that which was unconscious becomes a conscious responsibility rather than a dump on world, others, body or self-judgement. This could be seen as all our judgements coming home – but that is not the purpose or the core of the experience of aligning in joy and addressing the evils of the day thereof. But until we are stronger or more consciously unified in purpose, we are ‘skinless’, naked or exposed to experience beyond our comfort zone or control – and needs must release the illusion of control for a true realignment that gives balance in wholeness of being, as a replacement for the attempt to manually ‘equalise’ a sense of self-lack, deprivation or denial.

                      That I can sketch all this in terms that may be discernible is no substitute for living the transformation of consciousness experientially. And regardless of anyone’s intellectual abilities or development, the innate wisdom of being operates within the communication OF embraced experience, and so the understandings in truth are wordless knowing that cannot be systemised, weaponised or made possession of, but we can live in the light of who and what life reveals us to be, when we are open to let light in. A false light is set against darkness, as judgement of good sets against evil, but the true dispels or undoes the false and shines on all equally.

                      How any of this relates to a world of hate, murder and sacrifice in ‘secret’, is not a plan for the secret mind to conceive or believe. It is not ‘punished’ except by its own act of Self-exclusion while it persists in the act or the wish to be ‘special’ or ‘more than’. Of course even these ideas can be realigned to serve wholeness rather than set apart. But the mind that set the mis-identification is not the means of its own undoing – excepting its outcome is the futility or meaninglessness in which its release allows the re-cognition of being from a true foundation – which is not what we expect.

                      My deepest appreciations of the Mosaic Commandments is that you CANNOT in truth break them but you break your own awareness of wholeness of being to a world of imaged usurpation, exclusive identity, lack and lust after ‘external’ attempts to self-validate, and the shadow of your transgressions upon your heart in guilts that seek the lie as the only power of protection.

                      But the two commandments made famous by Jesus were positive affirmations of truth in being – that aligning under reveals true. The breakdown of communication between our mind and our Source nature IS the expression of a breakdown in ‘Family’, of our relational co-creative being. In negative creation we believe that what we have made has made us because we project CAUSE outside our self – in fear of reliving ‘separation trauma’.

                      A phishing ruse present an attack or threat of attack in such a frame as to elicit immediate reaction that then frames the mind OF reaction to have accepted its terms – which of course are hidden by the nature of the ruse. That un watched mind can elicit such a confusion of its own split focus is evident and often taken as evidence that there is no truth but for those who claim the power to make it. Which is persisting in the nature of the deceit rather than its undoing.

                      Every thought accepted by living as true is a ‘vote’ for persisting in a deceit or its undoing to true willingness. Insofar as we notice, and abide in noticing, we have opened choice in place of ‘habit-reality’ and by moving or acting from the awareness thus accepted, we share that ‘vote’ and strengthen it.
                      To notice and immediately recoil to blame or judgement is to have hardly flickered our eyelids – and yet that is the spark that needs be attended if it is to grow.

                      Who can reach to the light in other minds that still hides from or denies the light in their own by the attempt to change others by force or guile of manipulative appeal?

                      But unless your light shines, you will not know you have it – and that it is you.
                      This is VERY different from the teaching of a society in guilt, secrets and lies.
                      And is received not in the ‘thinking’ of the mind but in the heart – when the mind steps aside to listen.

                      The idea of responsibility is the law of cause and affect that is the nature to all experience but the idea of vengeance upon the blameworthy is a projection of our own mis-taken or usurped function of ‘judge’ over the living. The discernment of the false from the true is of wisdom that steps back to look and listen within. I cannot make your vote for you or deprive you of it, but I can remind you that whatever you choose will embody the meaning you are accepting and choosing to give.

                      The world is not the framing of choice but of choices that go nowhere. But the real world is all the love we give it – and this is a choiceless choice ultimately because this is our true nature – but notice how attached, invested and defended we are in ‘loving to hate’. And perhaps in hating or fearing to love – as the willingness to recognize and give acknowledgement in like kind – instead of arresting in judgements of appearance and presentation.

                      Every form can be used to mask in. But any form can be unmasked to reveal more of who we truly are – even if VIA the revealing of who we truly are NOT.

  15. It would not come as a surprise, and people might not discount the idea, that the explosive book “9/11 Unmasked” by David Ray Griffin and Elizabeth Woodworth is being suppressed so the information does not interfere with a planned major escalation of war on the people of Syria.

    • nondimenticare says

      Iafantomo – Search and ye shall find. I use Book Depository frequently for difficult to obtain books. The wait seems interminable, but I always receive them eventually. I swore off Amazon a few years ago and find that through sourcing locally when possible and from other sources on the Web when not, I get along very, very well – without the guilt of subsidizing JB. An extra dollar or two every once in a while seems a small price to pay.

      • rilme says

        Absolutely! Why do people support such an ugly business?

      • I just checked Book Depository in the UK, says unavailable. I believe Amazon own Book Depository.

      • Alan M says

        Please read the other posts above – The Book Depository IS Amazon…they bought it already.

        • An alternative distribution network for ebooks (perhaps in a printable format) might work on the ‘torrent and blockchain idea. There may be a way of unlocking a book with a payment.
          Or in absence of a funding model, give the book away to donations or as part of a membership model of an extended relationship with further resource or shared cultural resource.
          Seek crowdfunding for making a free book available?

          I am, therefore I think, and write as the extension of being – and not as a means to get something.

          Ultimately, information is within being and translated into terms that our thinking can receive or accept and understand. So if Power in the World should succeed in closing down any ‘mind’ but its dictate – it would stand outside of being and have nothing left to deny, defy, oppose, overcome, dominate or subject to such dictate. I do not choose to stand in a death wish, revealed as such, and so I stand over here – in life and willingness for life.

    • violetcrow says

      I still use this search service to find books. Lists all resources to purchase the title

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