UPDATED: Amazon UK caught actively blocking purchase of new 9/11 book?

UPDATE Sep 26 2018: We’ve had quite a few responses from readers detailing their own experiences of trying to purchase 911 Unmasked. Thus far we have twenty-two who are still waiting for the book, one who tried to order a used copy and and was told the book had become unavailable (much like Raskolnivov below), and three who are saying it’s “temporarily unavailable.” We also have one successfully delivered purchase reported, which at least confirms Amazon has the book and can dispatch it. Hopefully the problem, whatever it is, will be resolved soon.

Note – you can purchase 9/11 Unmasked direct from the publishers HERE

We’re taking the liberty of publishing a post that first appeared on The Lifeboat News discussion board, posted by a user named Raskolnikov.

Confronted with the ongoing and currently unexplained delays in shipping of the new book 9/11 Unmasked on Amazon worldwide, Raskolnikov allegedly spotted a copy that was available for purchase “used” through Amazon UK. However when he/she attempted to order the book the order was allegedly “cancelled by the seller”, without explanation.

We should emphasise we have been informed by the authors that Amazon has received copies of this book from the publisher and ought therefore to be able to ship them immediately, yet so far as we are aware not a single copy has yet been dispatched to anyone, and every Amazon outlet we checked (US, UK, France, Germany) are still, as of September 25, vacillating between claiming the book is “temporariiy out of stock” or estimating delivery dates 1-3 months away.

In light of this, Raskolnikov’s experience seems very hard to explain without inferring some deep reluctance on the part of Amazon to distribute this book.

We’re interested in hearing from anyone who has tried to order this book. Did you receive a copy? Still waiting? Had your money refunded? Email me at [email protected]

9/11 Unmasked – Amazon (et al.) Censorship

posted by Raskolnikov

Having read the post on OffGuardian regarding the censorship of the new David Ray Griffin/Elizabeth Woodworth book on 9/11 I thought I’d post my own experience of this.

I’d had the book bookmarked for a while, watching and waiting for it to become available. Then I saw it had gone to the dead giveaway “Usually dispatched within 1 to 2 months.” status which has never changed on any of the books I’ve seen on this status (the Udo Ulfkotte book amongst others). Having said that they do change sometimes but only to “Not Currently Available”.

Anyway, a “Used Like New” copy came up on the Amazon.co.uk page so I ordered it, even though it’s pretty dodgy that someone has a used copy a week after it’s released while new copies are not available. As soon as I ordered it the listing was removed from the page which is what you would expect. I waited a couple of days but it wasn’t dispatched, so I contacted the seller asking why it hadn’t been sent yet. Got a message from Amazon saying the order had been cancelled by the seller with no other explanation.

I posted a review of the seller (negative as you would expect) and then posted a review of the item talking about how the author and publisher had blogged that the books had been delivered to Amazon and so there was no reason they should not be available unless Amazon were attempting to censor it. They refused to publish the review. I then tried to comment on an existing review that covered the same ground as me, but my comment was deleted.

This is an absolutely crystal clear case of people being prevented from reading certain information by Amazon (and their various subsidiaries, Book Depository, etc.) just as happened with the Udo Ulfkotte book (although that was snuffed out earlier in the process with the publisher buying the rights and then not distributing the books).

The cynic in me does suspect there is a small possibility that it is all a marketing stunt to boost sales but I would say that’s only about 5 or 10%. An admin at OffGuardian said in comments that they would be publishing an updated article on this issue so I hope people can bring some attention to the increasingly relevant issue; the corporations and the PTB are really ramping up their control of online information.

See original HERE, emphasis is OffG

We’re interested in hearing from anyone who has tried to order this book. Did you receive a copy? Still waiting? Had your money refunded? Email Catte at [email protected]

You can purchase 9/11 Unmasked direct from the publishers HERE


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