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The NYT Whitewashes Haley

Michael Howard, from the American Herald Tribune

*(U.S. Permanent Representative to the UN, Ambassador Nikki Haley, visited Yad Vashem Holocaust Museum in Jerusalem today, June 9, 2017. Image credit: U.S. Embassy Jerusalem/ flickr)

The decampment of Nikki Haley from Trump’s military regime is, or ought to be, a nonstory. The United States’ ambassador to the United Nations is a ceremonial position that serves no purpose. The very idea of it is absurd. The US is a law unto itself, readily violating the UN Charter whenever the latter’s principles get in the way of the former’s imperial agenda. Washington didn’t bother obtaining a Security Council resolution for its invasions of Afghanistan and Iraq; nor did it get one for its bombing of, and deployment of troops in, Syria; nor did it get one for its protracted bombardment of Yugoslavia; nor did it get one for its various military operations in Yemen.

True, Washington obtained a Security Council resolution re: Libya in 2011. Resolution 1973 authorized the “imposition of a no-fly zone on Libyan military aviation” and the establishment of “safe areas in places exposed to shelling as a precautionary measure.” It also expressed a “strong commitment to the sovereignty, independence, territorial integrity and national unity” (my emphasis) of the Libyan state. What did Washington and its NATO flunkies do? They immediately breached the terms of the resolution by relentlessly shelling Gaddafi’s security forces on behalf of the armed opposition.

While Gaddafi fled, NATO bombed his convoy. Gaddafi was captured, sodomized and murdered by a gang of “rebels.” Hillary Clinton (literally) cheered. The upshot: Libya, once North Africa’s most prosperous and stable country, became a failed state overrun by warlords and Wahhabi terrorists, and the main conduit through which all kinds of African migrants make it across to Europe. It remains so today; and Europe, in no small part due to said migrant crisis, continues its descent into political disarray.

The United Nations is useful insofar as it can provide cover for American crimes. Otherwise it’s merely a thing to be sidestepped and disregarded. It’s of no consequence who serves as the empire’s official envoy to the UN. Still, Haley’s resignation is a welcome circumstance, if only because we’ll be spared her vapid effusions going forward. This is the woman who has repeatedly cast blame on Iran for the cataclysm in Yemen, where Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates have been deliberately murdering civilians, millions of whom are starving to death, since 2015—using US-made munitions. So atrocious is the Saudi-led massacre that even CNN has begun to report on it objectively. For Haley, though, it pales in comparison to the handful of rockets fired at Saudi Arabia by the Houthis, Iran’s so-called proxy.

Moral hypocrisy may be part and parcel of politics, but Haley took it to uncommon depths. When Israeli snipers mowed down hundreds of non-violent demonstrators in Gaza earlier this year, killing children, medics and journalists, Haley had this to say: “Let’s remember that the Hamas terrorist organization has been inciting violence for years, long before the United States decided to move our embassy [to Jerusalem in violation of international law]. This is what is endangering the people of Gaza. Make no mistake, Hamas is pleased with the results from yesterday.”

She went on to condemn Gazans for flying kites over the fence into Israel and asserted with a straight face that “No country in this chamber would act with more restraint than Israel has.” When the Palestinian envoy began to speak to the delegation, Haley walked out of the room. Such is her racist contempt for the victims of Israeli terrorism. She might just as well have called them “sand-niggers.”

For the record, the demonstrators in Gaza were attempting to escape what has been variously described as a concentration camp, a massive open-air prison and a human rubbish heap. In 2012 the UN speculated that Gaza would become “uninhabitable” by 2020. Last year, the UN’s leading humanitarian official in the West Bank and Gaza Strip stated that they’d been overly optimistic: for all intents and purposes, Gaza is already unlivable.

“We predicted some years ago,” Robert Piper told AFP, “that Gaza would fast become unlivable on a host of indicators and that deadline is actually approaching even faster than we predicted—from health access, to energy to water.”

Ninety-seven percent of Gaza’s drinking was is contaminated. More than half of the strip’s population is unemployed. Around half do not have enough food to eat. Almost seventy-five percent require humanitarian assistance. Gazans get around two hours of electricity per day. The healthcare system is virtually nonexistent. All this is owing to the illegal siege imposed on Gaza by Israel and Egypt. Very little is allowed in, and nothing is allowed out.

This past spring the people of Gaza made a concerted effort to break free from this living hell. They met with bullets from IDF rifles. Haley praised Israel’s “restraint.”

Nevertheless, “Nikki Haley Will Be Missed.” That’s according to — who else? — The New York Times editorial board. Why will this immoral bigot be missed? Because apparently, she’s a “practitioner of multilateral diplomacy,” as evinced by her support for the unilateral embargo on Cuba, for instance, as well as her support for the unilateral axing of the Iran nuclear agreement. She is also apparently one of a small number of former Trump regime officials “who can exit the administration with her dignity intact,” because “dignified” is certainly the word to describe her unequivocal support for the mass murder of civilians in Gaza.

Haley’s accomplishments, as told by the Times, are rather vague. For example, she is said to have “helped explain [Trump] to a world confused by the chaos in Washington. She also developed a good relationship with … the United Nations secretary general.” (This is reminiscent of the NYT’s endorsements of Hillary Clinton, which counted among her major accomplishments a speech that “criticized Arab leaders.”) Additionally, Haley “managed the effort to pass tough new sanctions on North Korea.” Why this is something for which she should be congratulated is a mystery, given that sanctions—a form of collective punishment—serve only to strengthen the target government and further immiserate its subjects, and oftentimes lead to war. And as anyone paying any attention understands, Kim’s sudden embrace of diplomacy has nothing to do with sanctions and everything to do with the fact that North Korea is now officially a nuclear state with bargaining power—in spite of the sanctions.

What else? Haley “maintained some independence from the president on relations with Russia and other matters.” In other words, like the Times, she’s opposed to improving relations with Moscow; she’d rather increase tensions and heat up the New Cold War.

Lest they come across as hagiographers, the editors gently lament Haley’s association with Trump’s “cruel” and “misguided” policies, e.g. revoking aid for Palestinian refugees and backing out of the Paris climate accord. And in a radical understatement illustrating their true degree of concern for oppressed and victimized people, the editors write that the US, and by extension Haley, have “not done enough to push back against Israeli abuses in Gaza.”

Bear that in mind when The New York Times erupts in self-righteous fury over the next “me too” revelation.

EDITOR’S NOTE: The American Herald Tribune is one of hundreds of alternative media outlets recently targetted in purges of independent media outlets from social media. If you want to share this article, either by e-mail or on a social media platform, please go to their original published version and share it from there.

MICHAEL HOWARD is a writer and teacher living in Vietnam. Contact him at mwhowie@yahoo.com.


  1. Bal S says

    The perfect candidate to be the next ‘leader of the free world’……carrying on a fine tradition (slowly tapping in the nails to their own coffins).

  2. Gary Weglarz says

    We in the U.S. have become so dumbed down and uninformed that over 55% of Democrats have a favorable view of Ms. Nikki (“do as I say or we’ll bomb you”) Haley! So much easier to be oh so worried about some white power hooligans beating several people on the New York streets than to consider the implications of the editorial board of the New York Times openly shilling for an amoral war criminal with the fresh blood of innocents still dripping from her hands. A little cognitive dissonance anyone?

  3. rtj1211 says

    US citizens do have a unique opportunity no one eise has: if you meet Nikki Haley in the street you can tell her in no uncertain terms what sort of an (in)human being she is…..

    • eddie says

      ….a unique opportunity to disappear her to a black site for about 10 years of water-boarding.

    • Bal S says

      A unique oppurtunity to send her to Guantanamo Bay or the illegally occupied (UN defined) Gaza Strip. Or downtown Detroit, South Central LA……

  4. grafter says

    With this bimbo leaving the great Empire surely there must now be a vacancy for Stormy Daniels ?

    • jonny says

      And what next for Haley in the media? The popular series of home movies “American Bukkake”? I’m usually really thankful of off Guardian articles, but seriously, that photo of her and her crocodile tears at the top of the article has made me feel physically sick, Michael Howard almost owed me a breakfast. Otherwise another top notch read!

    • So long as she does what Adelson and the rest of the AIPAC Kosher Nostra tells her that’s a real possibility.

  5. Working for? says

    What mechanism is used to remind American officials like this Haley character that they represent the US and Israel?

    • Working for? says

      What mechanism is used to remind American officials like this Haley character that they represent the US and NOT Israel?

    • Bal S says


      Sociopathic tendency.

      Nasty poisonous greedy selfish vindictive supremacist world view.


  6. So she joins Killary and all the other venal females who shrieked vain slogans such as “Assad must go”.

    Meanwhile in the real world, German artist Ursula Behr from Berlin has fulfilled her wish to be laid to rest in Syria, home of the early Church. In this photo Ulla (in wheelchair) was attending an exhibition of her art in Damascus:


  7. Antonyl says

    Not fan Nikki Haley but this : Gaza is already unlivable is for a good part the Gazans own mistake.
    Apart from their aggression towards neighbour Israel after they got to rule their own territory they mostly indulged in producing loads of children instead of export goods; even in the uneducated heart of Africa or Asia that is known to lower your economic and living conditions.
    While still directly under Israel they were doing better. They squandered their opportunity – not blameless victims. It is not black vs White.
    This is not to mention the $$ billions they got from the EU, Gulf, US etc.

    • Mulga Mumblebrain says

      As ever the resident Zionazi blames the Palestinians for the continued sadistic brutality of the racist and terrorist Israeli state’s
      unrelenting repression of the Palestinians. Exactly equivalent to some ‘Good German’ in the 1940s blaming the inmates of the Warsaw Ghetto for their suffering. Evil and despicable, and viciously racist and contemptuous.

      • Antonyl says

        The Warsaw ghetto ended with a few hundred survivors and almost 400,000 dead. Gaza is more than the reverse: a few hundred dead and over > 750,000 alive today. In 1917 Gaza had just 17,000 inhabitants. 75% of the Gazan population is under 25.
        Gazan are as Semitic as many Israelis, so I don’t see where race come in.

        • Lupulco says

          The link says it all.
          The elephant in the room no one wants to see. The rise in the world population, especially countries that need [demand] aid from the west.

          The west fell for the population reduction in the 70’s and are now paying the price with uncontrolled migration. Maybe if aid was cut off, NGO’s [funded by Governments [tax-payers] ] were no longer funded. The third world would learn the error of their ways.
          1] Corrupt administrations
          2] or inefficient administrations
          3] The greed of people in charge

          That way the resources within these countries would be used both fairly and wisely Or the people would rise up and remove their leaders and replace them.

          Look at the history of the western countries [in the 1800’s] majority of the population were little better of then the third world population today. Who helped them change the system [Plain answer THEMSELVES]

          That is why History is poorly taught

          • Mulga Mumblebrain says

            Nasty Orientalist, supremacist, racism. A friend of Antonyl are you?

        • @Antonyl: “Gaza .. more than … 750,000 alive today. In 1917 Gaza had just 17,000 inhabitants.

          That’s nothing: In 1918 Palestine had just 60,000 Jewish inhabitants. There are 6 Million alive today in territory from which they displaced the Gentile population.

          As you say, “This is not to mention the $$ billions they got from the EU, Gulf, US etc.”

        • Jim Scott says

          Antonym your claim that only a few hundred Occupants of Gaza have been killed when in fact more than that number jave been killed by snipers in the last few months let alone the bombing of Gaza which caused thousands of casualties. Previously many Palestinians have been refused permission to access medical care and that has caused more unnecessary deaths along with the lack of clean water and the deliberate starvation of people in Gaza. The Israeli Government is a cruel and inhumane regime and deservedly is condemned by most people in the West.

        • Mulga Mumblebrain says

          The sheer vicious racism of the German Nazis towards the imprisoned Jews in Warsaw, and that of the Zionist Nazis against the imprisoned Gazans is the same. And the brutality inflicted on the Gazans has endured for seventy years, with regular massacres by creatures like you, and if ever the Zionist Nazis move to outright extermination, as many voices in Israel have long called for, we can be sure that you will slither out to make apologias for it and justify it.

    • Gaza is unlivable because every time there are signs that Palestinians’ lives are improving and their leaders are becoming effective, Israel starts bombing their infrastructure to hell and targets their leaders for assassination.

      The Palestinians are not in control of their economy when Israel controls their water supply and other essential utilities needed to underpin economic development, and when Palestinian people are not free to move outside Gaza or the West Bank because all border checkpoints are controlled by IDF soldiers carrying out orders that become every more onerous on Palestinians.

      Also, last time I looked, the fertility rate of Israeli women (3.11 children per woman in 2014 and rising) is now exceeding the fertility rate of Palestinian women (2.83 children per woman in 2014).


      But Antonyl will keep going with bashing Palestinians and looking like a frenzied thoughtless fool while doing so.

      • Antonyl says

        The Gazans could have bought sea water desalinization plants and run them on solar; instead they are producing rockets and digging tunnels.
        Amazing that Gaza’s border with Egypt keeps disappearing in most views here. It really exists.

        Your case is counter logical: Israel (or any nation) would prefer a prosperous and calm neighbour; many Gazans could have been working in Israel as before with lots of trade going on. The same way the UK prefers a quiet and prosperous North -Ireland over a violent next door.

        Yes the Orthodox Jews are now also going for over reproduction, mimicking traditional Muslim and traditional Christian groups. All counter productive in the long run and making these groups poorer.

        Sorry, Palestinians are not THE (Chosen) cuddly, poor victims on this planet for me. The Yazidis would make a much better case for example.

        • Rhisiart Gwilym says

          Is ‘Antonyl’ now clearly identified as a Tel-Aviv-assigned-to-Off-G hasbarollockser team? Or is s/he/they simply one of the cloud of deluded ziopologist volunteers? S/he/they certainly sound like it. Weird how the hasbarallocks effort produces such laughably unconvincing arguments, though, isn’t it, as beautifully exemplified by ‘Antonyl’s’ efforts right here. Quite a laugh, in a back-handed way, to read them. Thanks A! :0)

          • Rhisiart Gwilym says

            Whoops! Typo. That should be ‘hasbarollocks’, two ‘a’s two ‘o’s – just in case anyone wants to pinch the coinage and spread it around – please! Portmanteau of ‘hasbara’ and ‘bollocks’, of course. 🙂

        • jonny says

          With all due respect, I agree that the yazidis deserve some recognition, and the gallant brave Kurds who have served their purpose and been cast aside by FUKUS to face the Turks. One thing though, if the Palestinians had created desalination plants working indepently off solar PV panels (a great idea), how long would it have lasted for? I personally would say less than a week before it was destroyed by a cowardly stand off airstrike. The fake justification being if labelled as a bomb making factory, or heavy water plant, we know how they love to sensationalise potential WMD’s

          • The EU spent a lot of money building an airport in Gaza. As soon as it was finished, the Israelis completely trashed it. They also defecated all over the place, which appears to be a standard Zionist trick/ calling card. Of course you can do that when you get hundreds of billions in tribute from the goy taxpayer and completely free F35s, Arrow missiles, Merkava tanks, Dolphin nuclear missile submarines, and hydrogen bombs for which your own taxpayer doesn’t have to pay a single shekel.

        • Mulga Mumblebrain says

          I do appreciate just how clearly you express the vicious racism of the die-hard Zionist Nazi, Antonyl. Your type simply thrives on hatred, hatred of the goyim, hatred of Moslems, hatred of Arabs, and, in particular, genocidal, de-humanising hatred of the Palestinians, the TRUE indigenous inhabitants of the land, not the racist cum religious thugs who claim ownership of Eretz Yisrael, ‘..from the Nile to the Euphrates’, based on nothing but their own egomaniacal religious superstitions. And the really tragic irony is that, by living by and through hatred, the Zionist Nazis ensure the eventual destruction of their apartheid, terror, regime. But, as we all know, in that eventuality, the Zionist Nazis have promised to ‘take the world down’, with them.

        • Typical Zionist ploy, blame the victim.
          “Look what those terrible Jews made us poor Nazis do to them. It’s all their fault!”
          At least you should do well on the standard hasbara rate of a shekel a line.

    • Francis Lee says

      I’m speechless!

      But this is a very salutary example of how detached these people are from the real world. This sort of moral and intellectual barbarism is a characteristic of the fanatic. ”Some nationalists (or in this case zionists) are not far from clinical schizophrenia living quite happily in dreams of conquest and power which have no connexion with the physical world … The zionist does not only disapprove of atrocities committed by his own side, but he a remarkable capacity of not even hearing about them.’ (paraphrase of Orwell – Notes on Natioonalism).

      So all the atrocities committed by the likes of the Irgun, and the Stern Gang, and carried on by their successors – never happened. ‘And even whilist they were happening, they were not happening.’ Harold Pinter – Playwright, Jewish Playwright. See also scathing comments on Israel and Zionism by decent Jews, Finklestein and Chomsky.

      Despicable, absolutely despicable.

    • Antonyl: “Gaza is already unlivable is for a good part the Gazans own mistake.”

      Yes, Gazans made the mistake of putting their offshore gas field too near the Land of the Chosen People. Same mistake as the Syrians made; and the Lebanese.

      Israel isn’t bombing all those people just for fun you know.

      • Mulga Mumblebrain says

        No-the Zionazis bomb the Gazans as a religious observation. As the Yesha Council of Rabbis and Torah Sages declared in 2006, under Judaic Law, killing civilians is not just permissible, but is a ‘mitzvah’, or religiously sanctioned good deed. International Humanitarian Law to the contrary was contemptuously dismissed as ‘Christian morality’.

      • jonny says

        Great point, and thus not allowing the Rothschild family clan and its band of brown noser associates a big slice of its value

    • Yarkob says

      sorry Antonyl, your utterings here are mostly vapid, but you’ve overdone yourself now. you’re clearly a hasbara-lite cretin. you haven’t a clue what you’re talking about. been to Gaza? the west bank? (yes to both before you ask) and i’m jewish too, so i actually have a dog in this fight. comment on stuff you understand, yeah? just makes you look stupid..

    • Yarkob says

      sorry Antonyl, your utterings here are mostly vapid, but you’ve overdone yourself now. you’re clearly a hasbara-lite cretin. you haven’t a clue what you’re talking about. been to Gaza? the west bank? (yes to both before you ask) and i’m jewish too, so i actually “have a dog in this fight”. comment on stuff you understand, yeah? just makes you look stupid..

    • Bal S says

      Blame the victim, the victim is the aggressor.

      Tired old supremacist colonialist bullcr*p.

      It ain’t working no more, try playing a different tune (and good luck with that, defending a zionist, illegally occupying, racist, apartheid ‘Jews Only’ regime).

  8. Baron says

    Her stint in the UN must have pleased the Swamp and their MSM poodles like the NYT, it served their tactical positioning in the world well, it did nothing to enhance the Republic’s long term survivability as the hegemonic leader of the world, her transparently mendacious take on many events the UN had to deal with must have made more enemies of the Republic than friends.

    • This year’s Nobel Prize should go to Moon Jae-in, President of South Korea, and Kim Jong-un, and Supreme Leader of North Korea.

  9. So why’s she gone? She clearly enjoyed threatening other countries and she’s up to her ears in Orwellian doublespeak. I’m just shocked no one in the UN had the guts to stand up and tell her to f*** off.


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