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The Rehabilitation of Robert Mueller

Kit Knightly

The “Resistance” – the loose affiliation of liberals, progressives and neo-conservatives dedicated to opposing Donald Trump – is NOT a grass-roots movement. They don’t speak for the everyman or the poor or the oppressed. They are a distraction, nothing more. A parlor game. The face to Trump’s heel.

The Resistance is the voice of the Deep State – Pro-war, pro-globalisation, pro-Imperialism. It just hides its true face behind a mask of “progressive values”. They prove this with their own actions – opposing Trump’s moves toward peace with North Korea and finding common ground with Russia.

In fact, though the resistance lives to criticize the Trump administration, they have been notably quiet – even in favour of – three key issues: The bombing of Syria, the tearing up of the INF treaty and the prosecution of Julian Assange.

They tell us, in clear voices, who they are and what they want and millions of people refuse to listen. So totally brain-washed by the “Orange Man Bad” hysteria, that they will side with anyone hitting the same talking points, spouting the right buzzwords, using the same hashtags.

This process has contrived to turn hard-line, inveterate warmongers into a pantheon of “liberal” heroes. John “bomb bomb Iran” McCain was mourned across the media as if he were a champion of civil rights, while Bill Kristol and his ilk are suddenly regular guests on notionally “liberal” channels.

…and Robert Mueller receives a glowing write-up in the Guardian, being praised as “America’s straightest arrow”.

The painful prose paints a blurry picture of Mueller. Slapping ounces of vaseline onto the lens of reality. It praises his hair and his clothes and his 35 dollar watch. It declares him a soldier “forged in combat”, regaling us with tales of the bravery of Mueller’s marine regiment – “The Magnificent Bastards”.

Vietnam is reduced to a movie set – nothing but a backdrop for Mueller’s courage under fire. He won a bronze star, you know. Apparently while “The Magnificent Bastards” strode around the Vietnamese jungle, burning villages down and watching the napalm fall from the sky, a couple of angry farmers shot back and Mueller was wounded.

Taking a bullet in the leg from a terrified peasant who just wants you to sod off out of his country will always win you medals, but it shouldn’t.

Voluntarily signing on to enforce Imperial foreign policy in a war of conquest will always have the media paint you as a hero, but it shouldn’t.

What flaws the author does ascribe to Mueller are those we all happily admit to having ourselves. He’s a “micromanager” and he’s “too tough”.

Yes, and I’m sure he works himself too hard and doesn’t suffer fools gladly and always speaks his mind aswell.

Read the column if you want, but I’d suggest not eating for a few hours first. A more nauseating panegyric I have not witnessed, at least since Barack Obama left office.

Far more telling than what it does say…is what it does not say. It mentions Mueller’s role as head of the FBI during the launch of the “war on terror”, but doesn’t go into any of the abuse of human rights that accompanied (and still accompanies) the increasingly authoritarian powers granted to US intelligence agencies by the Patriot Act.

Let’s be clear: Mueller’s FBI was complicit in rendition, torture, Gitmo. All of it.

Given that, it’s rather unsurprising that the article doesn’t mention the word “Iraq” once. A breath-taking omission, considering Mueller’s testimony in front of congress played a key role in spreading the lie of Saddam Hussein’s weapons of mass destruction”:

It doesn’t matter how many Vietnamese peasants took pot-shots at him, it doesn’t matter how tidy his hair is, or how cheap his watch. It doesn’t matter if he looks like Cooper or speaks like Eastwood or walks like Wayne. He is a proven liar – a man culpable in the greatest crime of the 21st century. He is, and always will be, a servant of the Deep State.

A proven liar. A proven killer. An Imperialist. A criminal.

Is this the stuff of which political heroes should be made?

Only in “the Resistance”.

Obviously, Trump’s administration is dangerous – it still stokes warlike approaches to Iran and Russia. It has directly threatened Venezuela and Cuba. But you can’t fight the right-hand of the Deep State by clasping the left. They all join in the middle. They’re the same monster.

Anti-Trumpers, all over the world, need to take a good look at WHO they’re fighting alongside, and ask themselves WHAT they are fighting for.

Kit Knightly is co-editor of OffGuardian. The Guardian banned him from commenting. Twice. He used to write for fun, but now he's forced to out of a near-permanent sense of outrage.


  1. uncle tungsten says

    Please everyone, be certain of one thing: the guardian is a fully owned subsidiary of MI5/6. It has been taken over for years. The whole takeover accelerated after they published Snowden. The guardian is the state.

  2. systemicfraud says

    Mueller’s FBI named their 9/11 investigation PENTTBOM=Pentagon Twin Towers Bombing
    There were also numerous media accounts of explosives being used on 9/11–even ABC’s John Miller
    stated initial FBI feedback was that there were additional explosives used at WTC on 9/11.

    Did FBI test for explosives?
    What were the results?
    If no tests were done–why the F not?
    Why didn’t media or Congress ever follow up and ask FBI about the explosions which were reported?


  3. DunGroanin says

    Just read Codwalldr’s piece on Fartage

    I can’t quite make up my mind about Carole.

    In her timeline tying the gobshite on LBC (just who are they btw?) RT/UKIP/Breitbart/Assange together, she misses out the meeting between Murdoch, Farage, Dr Fox immediately after the brexit result and just before The Fartage descended on the Trump campaign. (getting his next deployment orders?). Why does she not accuse Murdoch of being part of the Russian conspiracy?

    She also accepts that the Clinton emails were hacked by Russia – not as the intelligence veterans have claimed to have shown must have been downloaded locally rather than via the internet.

    She ignores Muellers pedigree completely.

    She also fails to persue her initial outing of CA/AIQ commissioners and funders, SCL and it’s illustrious directors – from a Mountbatten and other aristocratic, military, intelligence, business worthies – why?

    Finally, i wonder if these organisations and the Mossad lobbyists media apparatchiks, her colleagues certainly (her?) and their roles in the Syria Campaign PR roles, would ever be investigated, written and published.

    I can’t comment on her piece there and was barred at the time of keeping this information alive on their comments pages. Does she read this blog?

    I just can’t make up my mind about Carole…

  4. zach says

    Thanks for this. I saw that hagiography yesterday, almost every sentence worse than the last. Incredible even by Guardian standards.

  5. Yarkob says

    i was reading that puff-piece yesterday, thinking “i wonder how long off-g’s response to this journalistic offal will be in coming”…you haven’t disappointed! Kit..sorry, i sound like a gushing fanboi. most people outside of america don’t realise how deep statey Mueller really is. he’s the Harvey Keitel character from pulp fiction. the mob cleanup guy

    the Graun is particularly odious at the moment. today’s leader is a blatant opinion piece where the “writer” is practically rubbing their hand on their thighs with glee, telling us how trump is facing a subpoena cannon from the dems. good too see they’re using their newly re-minted political capital on the important business of running the country…resistance my arse

    • Kathy Heyne says

      I suspect most people inside of America don’t realise how deep stately Mueller is either, Yarkob.

  6. Gezzah Potts says

    Kit…..Jesus, Mary and Joseph!! The first 6 paragraphs of your article are so bang on the money. And down here in Australia, ‘The Resistance’ made up of Identity Politics Addled Zombies (IPAZ) are very alive and well. Yeah, I know that was just a contradiction, but here in the land of Oz: on ABC, on SBS, in the myriad of NGO’s, on Community Radio, in University’s, virtually everywhere, these creatures ignore the vast crimes of the Anglo Zionist Empire, ignore the plight of Julian Assange; and especially telling that several well known ‘socialist’ groups in Aussie who not only are fully silent on Assange, and ignore his situation, but also regurgitate the establishment narrative on Syria. Interesting that. There’s only one Socialist group here to my knowledge that fully supports Assange, and rejects the mainstream narrative about Syria. The IPAZ brigade just keep banging on how shocking and awful and moronic Trump is. But press them on the many crimes of Obama & Clinton, and how whole countries were destroyed like Syria and Libya, and there’s a very angry denial, or complete silence, or an absurd “well Trumps way worse than Obama”!!These creatures don’t even want to know about the slaughter in Yemen ffs…..

    • Einstein says

      Good post.
      Who’s the one socialist group that supports Assange and rejects the MSN?

      • Gezzah Potts says

        Einstein: as far as I can tell Einstein, the only ones are the Socialist Equality Party via their Worldwide Socialist Website. They have fully supported Assange, and also have been loud in opposing internet censorship, and call for an ‘international coalition’ to oppose the crackdown by Google, Facebook, Twitter, etc. They also fully recognise the Russiagate nonsense for the fraud it is. I go on their site fairly regularly, tho am not a member of the SEP, and don’t identify as a Marxist, but find their website honest and full of integrity.

        • Kathy Heyne says

          Independent media outlets New Matilda, Crikey, the Saturday Paper, the Monthly and the Quarterly are all supportive and have been all along, too, guys. Unfortunately, all of them bar New Matilda are paywalled.

  7. Einstein says

    Isn’t it interesting to see how much the Deep State beast is investing in Robert Mueller?
    So that’s why they had to silence Skripal.

  8. And with the anthrax investigation (which of course the Guardian doesn’t mention), he’s also a proven incompetent.

    Have to say though–I’m looking forward to the day when this investigation is wrapped, the report comes out, and it’s not at all what the Maddows wanted to hear. At that point Mueller will suddenly be a Russian agent himself; incompetent; compromised, and any/all other smears to explain why his investigation didn’t find their irrational hysteria to be true.

    Then maybe a few months later Trump will fire him and he’ll be a hero again and get a Gofund to help this poor unemployed honorable soul.

    • I am hoping that Mueller charges a few of the Democrats for something. That will mess with their heads (I think).

  9. remorris says

    more like. With forked tongue
    is Bob. FBI 911 False Flag gatekeeper
    lying at the speed of no resistance.

  10. John2o2o says

    “…and Robert Mueller receives a glowing write-up in the Guardian, being praised as “America’s straightest arrow”.

    Read the column if you want, but I’d suggest not eating for a few hours first. A more nauseating panegyric I have not witnessed, at least since Barack Obama left office.”

    No thank you – you read the Guardian, so I don’t have to.

    • Gezzah Potts says

      John 2o2o: John…. I wouldn’t even use the fecken Guardian to clean my windows with. I fear it would leave a brown smear all over them. Um, and I wouldn’t read any coloumn in that rag unless I was compensated for emotional distress and trauma….

    • wardropper says

      I still look in on the Groan now and then, simply to find out what it wants me to think. I know others here do the same.
      “Know thine enemy” is always a good starting point, if you want to have a hope of rendering him vulnerable.

  11. Roberto says

    Kit was gracious enough to not include the bad stuff …

  12. mark says

    The BBC has just done a puff piece on McCain, like he was a combination of Jesus Christ, Gandhi and Mother Teresa all rolled into one. An all round really good egg, apparently.

    • Gezzah Potts says

      Mark: could the Empire’s cheer squad possibly get any more Orwellian? How much lower can the gutterslime sink? Jayzus.

  13. Einstein says

    Wonder how the Grauniad will explain away the Skripal case when it’s revealed that Mueller’s Steele dossier was written by Skripal.
    No wonder the British Deep State are panicking to prevent the publication of the documents ordered by the Orange One.

  14. Bravo, Kit! Written in vintage vitriol. Let’s hope it cauterizes some of that infectious pus dripping from the Fraudian and from Slime.

  15. USAma Bin Laden says

    The so-called anti-Trump Resistance(TM) plays the role of Good Cop to the Trump Regime’s Bad Cop. Nothing more.

    This is the nature of the political shell game that passes for American democracy, which in reality is an imperial plutocracy.

    In all these Anglo imperialist nations in general like America, Britain, or Australia, there is only one true party: the party of Anglo American imperialism.

    The anti-Trump “Resistance” is merely one faction of the Anglo-American Empire, which is in conflict with another faction of the Anglo-American Empire.

    The supposed differences between them are similar to the differences between Coke and Pepsi, or McDonald’s and Burger King.

    Distinctions without a difference.

    A pox on all their houses.

    • Bevin, matched by US State Department spokesperson Heather Nauert mourning the loss of valuable CIA asset (“moderate rebel”… and “long time friend of the State Department”) Raed Fares, who was recently murdered by fellow terrorrists in Idlib.

      Walid Retweeted

      Heather Nauert: “He was also a longtime friend of the state department.”
      (link: https://twitter.com/statedeptspox/status/1066098293447495680) twitter.com/statedeptspox/…

      #RaedFares #Syria
      Quote Tweet
      Heather Nauert
      We are saddened by the murder of Raed Fares in Idlib. He was a courageous activist for peace & a better future for Syrian people. He was also a longtime friend of @statedept Our thoughts and prayers go out to his family & the family of Hamud Junaid.

      [The Woman from Uncle in full flow of false piety. “We make up our own reality” — U$ $ec.of.$tate Kissinger]

  16. Gary Weglarz says

    (“A proven liar. A proven killer. An Imperialist. A criminal.

    Is this the stuff of which political heroes should be made?

    Only in “the Resistance”).

    —- ah, there you go again bringing in reason, a rational argument, the historical record, common sense, and in short objective – “reality” – into the equation. Of course if you are using these sort of criteria Mueller isn’t going to look so good. You have to understand that the “Resistance” is, well, more of a “feeling” than anything rational or intellectually defensible.and valorizing Muller certainly isn’t based on his “real-world” behavior. Simply put, Muller stands in opposition to Trump and that “feels” right to the “resistance.” You know, just like it “feels right” to this same segment of the U.S. population not to let themselves think about the fact that Obama was illegally and immorally bombing 8 Muslim countries as he left office.

    Of course in the end Mueller as “hero” of the “resistance” is simply the deep state’s slight of hand PR campaign to oppose Trump as the impossibly and unacceptably “bad face” for U.S. empire that he is.
    I mean how are Merkel or Macron or May supposed to rally their even half-awake citizenry into dutifully following our tweet crazed endlessly offensive “Orange One” into the next all important battle against the newest deep state defined “Hitler” in Iran, or Syria, or . . . while maintaining any credibility with their own populations?

  17. Paul says

    It’s astonishing how many self professed ‘Progressives’ swallow the Resistance line. There certainly is a war within the Administration, Dark State v the President. The latest episode seems to have centred around cutting off the legs of Trump’s big partner in the ME and his son in law’s close friend, Crown Prince bin Salman. What promoted Turkey to release the information they had on the murder in Istanbul? We can be satisfied it wasn’t borne out of humanitarianism! Were they acting in lock step with the American Agencies like the CIA that now tells Turkey it has intercepts ‘proving’ the Crown Prince ordered the killing? The ‘bloodless’ Regime Change that is underway aims to remove an arrogant and reckless not to say bloodthirsty man from Absolute Power, a position he might have held for 50 years or more. No wonder Erdoghan would like to see him sidelined. 50 years of Absolute Power in one of the richest countries on earth is an awful lot of time! For the Americans it is a case of seizing control of Foreign Policy in the ME from Trump who keeps talking about ‘getting out’ of Syria: the Military and the Agencies regard that as not in American interests; they intend to stay and control the vast oil wells in the NE. But it requires agreement with Turkey so who knows what the Agencies promise Turkey in return? It sounds like a deal dividing northern Syria between the Turks and the Americans; no room for the Kurds (again). It’s the most serious blow to Trump’s authority akin to the time the American military disobeyed Obama over the cease fire with Russia in Syria when instead they ‘accidently’ bombed Syrian soldiers, killing 80 of them. President’s it seems are not allowed their own Foreign Policy and in reality that has been the case since the CIA was founded. Only Kennedy seriously tried to break away ……

    • “Dark State” — a resonant formulation. I hadn’t seen this before, Paul. Is it one of your coinage?

      Regarding your main point, I continue to be nonplussed by this as well–as many of the friends and sources I used to find credible seem now to entirely have lost the plot.

      And perhaps that is the point, or partly, anyway. Among the things I’ve found it hardest to let go of, is what one might call an “Enlightenment” world view. One that offered an apparently coherent plot, or interpretive scheme, in which, eventually–though often too late to avert insane wars, and genocides, and catastrophes of various kinds–Reason, Science and some approximation to Truth will out.

      And until you flush from the very marrow of your bones the faith that we are all on a halting, error-prone, but ultimately triumphant march towards a Better World (TM) and a Better Version of Ourselves, it can be extremely difficult (and painful, as many deep-rooted changes are) to throw off the narratives that have brought a modicum of coherence to our lives. Difficult, and painful, to see our sources of information, and thought, and inspiration, and art–the living world itself–traduced, grotesquely corrupted, galled and festering, driven each next step towards madness, omnicide, mass extinction. To see ourselves and all that we have wrought as a failed and appalling experiment.

      (Or that would be one alternative grasp at coherence.)

      • Antonym says

        Reason and Science have been sub-servant to gut emotion since ages: Adolf’s Germany was the strongest grip of any nation’s Ego on its Soul. Russian and Japan were a bit behind, more so Britain and France while the US played catch up as the “winner”.
        The world needs to progress to a club of strong but pacifist nations that admire each other’s strengths, not pray on others weaknesses. MNCs will be equally affected so their playing field will be level.

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