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Beware the Trumpenleft!

CJ Hopkins

Unless you move in certain leftist circles, you may not have heard about one of the Russians’ most insidiously evil active measures, an active measure so insidiously evil that it could only have been dreamed up in Moscow, the current wellspring of insidious evil. Its official Russo-Nazi-sounding code name is still being decided on by leftist cryptographers, but most people know it as the “Trumpenleft.”

The Trumpenleft (or “Sputnik Left,” as it is also called by professional anti-Putin-Nazi intelligence analysts) is pretty much exactly what it sounds like. It is a gang of nefarious Putin-Nazi infiltrators posing as respectable leftists in order to disseminate Trumpian ideology and Putin-Nazi propaganda among an assortment of online leftist magazines that hardly anyone ever actually reads. The aim of these insidious Trumpenleft infiltrators is to sow confusion, chaos, and discord among actual, real, authentic leftists who are going about the serious business of calling Donald Trump a fascist on the Internet twenty-five times a day, verbally abusing Julian Assange, occasionally pulling down oppressive statues, and sharing videos of racist idiots acting like racist idiots in public.

The Trumpenleft is determined to sabotage (or momentarily disrupt) this revolutionary work, mostly by tricking these actual leftists into critically thinking about a host of issues that there is no good reason to critically think about … global capitalism, national sovereignty, immigration, identity politics, corporate censorship, and other issues that there is no conceivable reason to discuss, or debate, or even casually mention, unless you’re some kind of Russia-loving Nazi.

Angela Nagle’s recent piece in American Affairs is a perfect example. Nagle (who is certainly Trumpenleft) puts forth the fascistic proposition that mass migration won’t help the world’s poor, and she claims that it creates “a race to the bottom for workers” in wealthier, developed countries and “a brain drain” in poorer, less developed countries. After deploying a variety of Trumpenleft sophistry (i.e., fact-based analysis, logic, and so on), she goes so far as to openly suggest that “progressives should focus on addressing the systemic exploitation at the root of mass migration rather than retreating to a shallow moralism” … a shallow moralism that reifies the dominant neoliberal ideology that is causing mass migration in the first place.

This is the type of gobbledegook the Trumpenleft use to try to dupe real leftists into putting down their phones for a minute and actually thinking through political issues! Fortunately, no one is falling for it. As any bona fide leftist knows, there is no “mass migration problem.” The whole thing is simply a racist hoax concocted by Putin, Alex Jones, and other Trumpian disinformationists. The only thing real leftists need to know about immigration is that immigrants are good, and Trump, and walls, and borders are bad! All that other fancy gibberish about global capitalism, Milton Friedman, labor markets, and national sovereignty is nothing but fascist propaganda (which needs to be censored, or at least deplatformed, or demonetized, or otherwise suppressed).

But Angela Nagle is just one example. The Trumpenleft is legion, and growing. Its membership includes a handful of prominent (and rather less prominent) fake leftist figures: Glenn Greenwald, who many among the “Resistance” would like to see renditioned and indefinitely detained in some offshore Trumpenleft gulag somewhere; Matt Taibbi, who just published a treasonous article challenging the right of the US government to prosecute publishers as “enemy agents” for publishing material they don’t want published; Julian Assange, who is one such publisher, and who the US has scheduled for public crucifixion just as soon as they can get their hands on him; Aaron Maté of the Real News Network, a notorious Trump-Russia “collusion denialist“; Caitlin Johnstone, an Australian blogger and poet who the Red-Brown Putin-Nazi hunters at CounterPunch have become totally obsessed with; Diana Johnstone, who they also don’t like; and (full disclosure) your humble narrator.

Now, normally, the opinions of some political journalists and rather marginal political writers wouldn’t amount to a hill of beans in this crazy world, but there’s a war on, so there’s no room for neutrality. As I mentioned in my latest essay, over the course of the next two years, the global capitalist ruling classes need to make an example of Trump, and Assange, and anyone else who has had the gall to fuck with their global empire. Part of how they are going to do this is to further polarize the already extremely polarized ideological spectrum until everyone is forced onto one or the other side of a pro- or anti-Trump equation, or a pro- or anti-populist equation … or a pro- or anti-fascist equation.

As you probably noticed, The Guardian has just launched a special six-week “investigative series” exploring the whole “new populism” phenomenon (which began with a lot of scary photos of Steve Bannon next to the word “populism”). We are going to be hearing a lot about “populism” over the course of the next two years. We are going to be hearing how “populism” is actually not that different from fascism, or at the very least is inherently racist, and anti-Semitic, and xenophobic, and how, basically, anyone who criticizes neoliberal elites or the corporate media is Russia-loving, pro-Trump Nazi.

And this is where this “Trumpenleft” malarkey fits into the ruling classes’ broader campaign to eliminate any kind of critical thinking and force people to mindlessly root for their “team.” See, the problem with us “Trumpenleft” types is not that we support Donald Trump. For the record, none of us really do. Some of us think he us a dangerous demagogue. Others of us think he is a blithering idiot. None of us think he’s Fidel Castro, or that he cares one iota about the working classes, or about anyone other than Donald Trump.

No, the problem is not that we’re on the wrong team; the problem is that we are asking people to question the propaganda of the team that we’re supposed to be on, or at least be rooting for. We are asking people to pay attention to how the global capitalist ruling establishment is going about quashing this “populist” insurgency (of which Brexit and Trump are manifestations, not causes) so they can get back to the business of relentlessly restructuring, privatizing, and debt-enslaving everything, as they’ve been doing since the end of the Cold War. We’re asking folks, not to join “the other team,” but to pay close attention to how they are being manipulated into believing that there are only two “teams,” and that they have to join one, and then mindlessly parrot whatever nonsense their team decides they need to disseminate in order to win a game that is merely a simulation they have conjured up (i.e., the ruling classes have conjured up) in order to inoculate themselves against an actual conflict they cannot win and so must prevent at all costs from ever beginning … which, they are doing a pretty good job of that so far.

In other words, the problem with us Trumpenlefters is, the prospect of defeating a fake Russian Hitler, and restoring neoliberal normality in the USA and the rest of the West, is just not all that terribly inspiring. So, rather than regurgitating the Russia hysteria and the fascism hysteria that is being produced by the global capitalist ruling establishment to gin up support for their counterinsurgency, we are continuing to focus on the capitalist ruling classes, which are actually still running things, globally, and will be running things long after Trump is gone (and the Imminent Threat of Global Fascist Takeover of Everything has disappeared, as the Imminent Threat of Nookular Terrorist Backpack Attack disappeared before it).

Or maybe all that is just a ruse, an attempt on my part to dupe you into going out and buying a MAGA hat and shouting racist abuse at Honduran kids, assuming you can find some in your vicinity. You never know with us Trumpenleft types. Probably the safest thing to do to protect yourself from our insidious treachery is to start your own personal Trumpenleft blacklist, and spread lies about us all over the Internet, or just report us to Twitter, or Facebook, or somebody, whoever you feel are the proper authorities. The main thing is to shut us up, or prophylactically delegitimize us, to keep us from infecting other leftists with our filthy, nonconformist ideas. The last thing we need at a time like this is a bunch of leftists thinking for themselves and questioning official leftist dogma. Who knows what that kind of behavior might lead to?

N.B. As far as I could gather from my research, the “Trumpenleft” label was coined by Paul Street, a regular columnist at Truthdig and CounterPunch and all-around professional leftist. Like the editors of The New York Times, Street understands the importance of sloppily Germanicizing terms you want to frighten people with, because there’s nothing quite as terrifying as Nazi morphology!

C J Hopkins is an award-winning American playwright, novelist and satirist based in Berlin. His plays are published by Bloomsbury Publishing (UK) and Broadway Play Publishing (USA). His debut novel, ZONE 23, is published by Snoggsworthy, Swaine & Cormorant. He can be reached at cjhopkins.com or consentfactory.org

Feel free to come find him in Berlin and buy him a beer. He’s been known to frequent an assortment of extremely suspicious RUSSIAN establishments in Kreuzberg.


  1. timhinchliffe says

    The difficulty we Brits have, looking at it from the civilised side of the Atlantic, is that we have the devil of a time trying to deal with a fight in which neither side is “The Good Guys”. Just who the fuck are we supposed to be rooting for?

    • Frankly Speaking says

      Neither side.
      There needs to be a third and fourth path opening in US politics before the country has any chance of changing, but it will not be allowed to happen.
      Back in the UK we are heading the same way as the US, utterly polarised.
      Divide and conquer is how the ruling classes have always controlled us.

    • DunGroanin says

      Civilised side?
      Come on – WAKE UP!
      Here is how our High Academia is lending a hand in the war against most of the rest of humanity for their absolute masters.

      That is an actual university endorsed site.

      They and their ilk in our MSM are who shouldn’t be rooting for. Infact they are as good as any to fight against. And anyone they have a problem with is probably worthy of your support, especially if it is the Corbynites.

    • sammy says

      Just seek the truth and be prepared to change your mind on issues if more evidence comes to light
      No one can make any proper decisions if all they are told is lies.
      Ask why the media is so against Trump, like him or not. Because he isn’t part of the deep state as most career politicians are, be they ‘left’ or ‘right’ Imagine how hard it must be to be a president if you do have principles and the place is awash with deep state operatives ready to thwart you at every turn because you’re refusing to join the cabal.
      Trump isn’t perfect, noone is but he has principles , which you may not agree with, but he tries to stick with them and is ‘straight’ talking. That is why he is popular with ordinary people.
      In contrast, we have May, a weak career politician, completely insincere and working for the deep state, not the people.
      We probably need to rethink our democracy, all politicians to serve one term only, less likely to be in hock to deep state.

  2. Johnny Hacket says

    workers regardless of whether they are “immigrants” or not have more in common with all other workers regardless of their place of origin . To say that the immigrants are in some way a threat to worker in the “host” country is to dispense with any class analysis and pampers to the running dogs of nationalism .
    All workers must organise and act in unison .

  3. David Eire says

    I am a Russian bot and I approver of this propaganda
    Good work CJ Hopkins

  4. I have found a comment in the Guardian that is pure Trumpenleft, or should I say antiCorbynfakeleft:

    “The biggest threat to the left isn’t the EU. It’s not understanding what we have, not knowing what we want, or (if we do know) how to get there. What’s necessary now more than ever, as the great labour lawyer, Lord Wedderburn, wrote is ‘hard legal analysis allied to an alternative social vision’. If you want democracy, socialism and internationalism, you want universal social rights. Countries and states build prosperity with rights beyond that minimum, and everyone has a voice in our economic constitution: for fair pay, health, education, democratic public services, and a democratic economy. This is not what advocates of ‘Lexit’ (a supposed ‘Left Brexit’, best represented by ‘The Full Brexit’ blog) are likely to achieve. Brexit is not a policy. It’s the absence of a policy. It’s the biggest threat to democracy in the modern world, which is why Putin’s Kremlin backed it through cyber-war, and allegedly laundered the largest donation through Arron Banks.”

    Sovereignty, taking back control, freedom of movement, workers rights and more suddenly gains perspective. Staying in the EU would not be perfect. But it’s the best deal on offer.

    Let’s put this nightmare to bed once and for all!

    Discount the rousing nature of the comment, it’s only there for upvotes, this is the work of the Guardian’s flagholder for remain. He writes hateful pieces denouncing Boris Johnson, thinks he is a Socialist and is passionately pro EU, though his passion is probably driven by upvotes in remain central. All the same it illustrates the same thinking as the Trumpenleft vanguard and even has a Russian angle…..God help us.

    • Gezzah Potts says

      Lundiel: The Guardian is a stinking pile of maggot infested dogs vomit. As someone commented on another story yesterday…. It is poison. Western mainstream media is poison; full of pro Imperialist, Pro Empire, Russia bashing that is pushing the World to the edge of the cliff. Their continuos lies and propaganda is putting humanity in peril. They can’t even see how insane this all is. These creatures don’t even have a conscience. They are psychopaths. Stick to the alternative media Lundiel, its much better for our mental health.

      • Hard to know what the alternative media is at the moment, I’ve made 3 comments on Skwawkbox today, none of which have appeared. One of them made an assumption that the death of Harry Lesley Smith would encourage rewriting of history and the other two pointed out that 30% drop in house prices could only be a good thing. Nothing extreme or rude.

        • Gezzah Potts says

          Lundiel: The most reliable, honest, alternative news sites in my opinion are: OffGuardian (of course!) Moon Of Alabama, The Greanville Post, Worldwide Socialist Website, Strategic Culture Foundation, Information Clearing House. And at the risk of a complete information overload for you, often check out Caitlin Johnston @ Medium, as well as anything by John Pilger. Check out those sites if you havn’t heard of them.

        • DunGroanin says

          If I may add to Gezzahs list.
          Craig Murray for all things involved with the FCO and more.
          Richard Murphy on all things involving tax and money at the theory level.
          Jonathan Cook on Israel and Guardian.
          Col Laing at sictempertyranis for a rebel view from an ex-cia military intelligence man.
          Consortium News an excellent antidote to US MSM.
          Southfront for frontline war reports.

          And for major news sites – don’t balk, for a rounder picture you can’t get
          on certain subjects – AlJazeera – for instance they are the only place to get daily news on Kashoggi. I even look in on sputnik/RT for Opinion pieces from many serious commentators on a range of subjects.

          I tell you there is not a day i don’t regret being barred by the Groaniad, there is just so much indy journalism to be had, thank whatever cosmic force you believe. Besides the money saved in not buying the hardcopy of the paper (as i did continuously for 30 years) and from not paying the bbc poll tax, has liberated and reorganised my mind and outlook. Whilst allowing for donations to the indy bloggers too!
          There is no more anxiety, stress, headaches. BS from occasional MSM is easily spottable and dismissed by a quick recourse to the many indy sites and informed commentators.

          Keep thinking and spreading the links – that is what the Pathocracy is shit scared off – they are wondering how they can turn the web off, to stop us communicating and sharing information and knowledge.

  5. Gezzah Potts says

    Thanks again CJ for your words and humour, and yes, brilliant satire. Makes me smile, despite having a few friends firmly in the ‘Resistance Left’ where I’ve just learned I’m actually in the Trumpenleft camp. Or is it the Authentic Left camp? Or the Russian Bot camp? Or the Non Resistance Resistance Left camp? Hmmm, bit confusing, isn’t it? I try to point out to my friends a few facts about what was happening pre Trump, as in Obama, Killary, and Bushes 1 & 2, and educate them on the wickedness of Neoliberalism, and the blood drenched Anglo Zionist Empire, sadly tho too no avail…. Its a bit like headbutting a wall. Anyways, one thing I do know: I loathe the consequences of the warped dogma of Neoliberalism, and the Vampire’s who run this massive scam for their own greed and power lust. I suppose, then, you would call me Anti Capitalist and Anti Imperialist. Oh, and I have much respect for Caitlin Johnston, Dianna Johnstone and John Pilger, amongst a handful of others. Cheers CJ

    • John says

      Most of the people having a go at you willl be people who’ll truly believe they are a some kind of resistance fighter for “the left” but they’re bland centrists or as they claim to be “moderates”! Theirs a word that brings immediate suspicion to my mind! Moderates, who are all braying “orange man bad” NPC’s

  6. davem says

    Economic migrants push down wages of low and semi-skilled workers. Simple supply and demand, which you’d think the bloody capitalists would admit?!
    And the latest news of GM closing factories, stuffing workers, is the establishment getting their own back.
    GM, saved by the US taxpayer!!

      • They do exist. And I am currently on the job hunt (despite our economy being so good at the moment apparently) and when I lied after desperation and claimed to be a black tranny I got 2 calls back.

  7. remorris says

    “”how the global capitalist ruling establishment is going about quashing this “populist” insurgency “”

    pysops/ I I O . NYT//operation DefleKtion”..


    Disingenuous and malevolent distraction dept:
    The worms in this big apple; they take that shining ‘apple-on-the-hill’ and eat it out from the INSIDE (Not the only inside job NY has seen in the past 17 years)..Leaving nothing within but dread and cartoon images of ‘red’ viruses eating the innocence of our children.
    Eaten from within,
    leaving the outer skin

    A big Shining apple of NYTruth.
    A big Shining apple and they will sell it to you, fresh; marketing the best of all opposing and IIO methodologies; mixing it in the bucket of ‘conspiracy theory’ and ‘crippled epistemology’ as written by Cass Sunstein and Adrian Vermule and as ordained by Allen DULLES in DALLAS that dreadful day.

    Opinion dressed as ‘documentary,’ dressed as naked as the empire it represents. In this case, Ellick, Westerbrook and Kessel appear to follow the ‘brown moses’ Elliot smell-a-rat [bellin¿cat], Harding-Steele-LeMesurier MI6 britprop models to present another ‘Ruskie’ disinfo virus they have discovered and are exposing to a world already poisoned by the professional liar and on the brink of war…they even use a young brit ‘mockingbird’ voiceover for added charm.

    The authors, ‘apparently taking a leaf from the Israeli STUXNET cyber spirit cooker, have developed the ‘InfeKtion’ brand as logo to capture and destroy the ability of thinking people to put together their own time lines and research results showing the ‘western intelligence’ myth making machinery at work creating WAR.
    This truely insidious piece of dark-art pretends to be documentary. But caveats ‘Opinion’. Much as the equally disgusting “The Russian Woodpecker” ( more accurately “The Amercian Cuckoo”) did on the Festival circuits three or four years ago, trying to drum up conspiracy between ‘Russian’ lunatics resulting in Chernobyl but clearly designed to distract viewers from the hideous forms of Victoria Nuland holding hands with McCain and Svoboda in MAIDAN, orchestrating that coup. Another BBCNN (CIA/MI6)’regime change’ op costing millions of Ukrainians and possibly the world, any hope at all.
    But, like the good fascists determined for war they are, ‘Operation InfeKtion’ posits every kind of conspiracy on the back of those clever devil evil ruskies -especially President Putin – who, like a virus always in the blood of our thinking, are doing nothing but harm.

    The authors identify themselves and their method in every fibre of every frame.

  8. milosevic says

    If you carefully re-read the passage in question, you might form the impression that it was intended sarcastically, as a critique of the mindset that it ostensibly endorses.

    As was the entire article, and most others by this author. Perhaps he believes, with some justification, that the Clinton/CIA/cruise-missile “left” is too stupid to understand this, and he can in this way continue to undermine their idiotic ideology without attracting their attention.

    The Trumpenleft is determined to sabotage (or momentarily disrupt) this revolutionary work, mostly by tricking these actual leftists into critically thinking about a host of issues that there is no good reason to critically think about … global capitalism, national sovereignty, immigration, identity politics, corporate censorship, and other issues that there is no conceivable reason to discuss, or debate, or even casually mention, unless you’re some kind of Russia-loving Nazi.

    Angela Nagle’s recent piece in American Affairs is a perfect example. Nagle (who is certainly Trumpenleft) puts forth the fascistic proposition that mass migration won’t help the world’s poor, and she claims that it creates “a race to the bottom for workers” in wealthier, developed countries and “a brain drain” in poorer, less developed countries. After deploying a variety of Trumpenleft sophistry (i.e., fact-based analysis, logic, and so on), she goes so far as to openly suggest that “progressives should focus on addressing the systemic exploitation at the root of mass migration rather than retreating to a shallow moralism” … a shallow moralism that reifies the dominant neoliberal ideology that is causing mass migration in the first place.

    This is the type of gobbledegook the Trumpenleft use to try to dupe real leftists into putting down their phones for a minute and actually thinking through political issues! Fortunately, no one is falling for it.

  9. Susan M says

    One thing we’ve noticed is that while the way we think hasn’t altered (although our behaviour has in the instance of being careful to disbelieve most received opinion in the msm), what’s surprised us most is just how many of the people whose opinions we thought in line with our own have actually accepted leftist groupthink.

    Thanks for continuing to provide some desperately needed perspective.

      • milosevic says

        you know, like voting for Killary Klingon because she’s a “feminist”.

        • mark says

          It’s surprising how many dumb bitches think women have a feminist duty to vote for that evil, demented harpy. Maybe Trump should have a sex change and they would all happily vote for him instead.

          There was an incident before the 2016 election that led the Russians to get a group of psychiatrists to do an assessment of Clinton. When she was US foreign minister, she had a meeting with Lavrov and top Russian officials in Moscow. Everything was friendly and cordial till she suddenly started screaming and yelling a torrent of vile abuse and stormed off for no apparent reason. The psychiatrists came to the conclusion that she was basically mentally deranged with serious drug and alcohol problems. She is known to have a long history of this type of behaviour. She often physically attacked Bill Clinton in the White House. She violently attacked one of her bodyguards because she didn’t like his haircut. When she lost the 2016 election, she got blind drunk and started assaulting Podesta and all her staff. She had to be physically restrained and sedated. There are many other similar incidents. A real carpet chewing padded cell merchant.

          The Russians were resigned to her probably winning and having a raving lunatic for US president. If there was actually any truth in the claims they interfered to get Trump elected (extremely unlikely though it is) they would have been doing everybody a tremendous favour, whatever you think of him..

  10. Paul Spencer says

    Might be my age (old) and personal Movement history, but I think that you might re-read Angela Nagle’s article. It’s quite reasonable and well-researched. Perhaps her phrase “… shallow moralism…” was ill-conceived, but her points about the use of ‘illegal immigrants’ against local (national) labor solidarity are well established. Maybe I’m thinking in a shallow manner, when I say that opposition to mistreatment of human beings, like support for all human rights (read ‘identity politics’ in a general sense), should be the default position of actual leftists; but the real struggle for immigrant rights might better be a political program to prevent the U.S. and their cohorts from making conditions in their homelands intolerable.

    I agree that Trumpenleft is an inappropriate epithet for opponents of the MSNBC, WA Post, etc. crews, but I think that we should concentrate on real, basic issues – at least those of us who reside in the U.S. Still, if I get to Berlin, I’ll be glad to buy the beer.

  11. Einstein says

    This article is a neocon attempt to undermine the education of American liberals about the imperialistic aims of the American fascist deep state. It does make it difficult that the chief protagonist of liberty against the deep state is a street fighter himself with corresponding manners of the gutter. But since when was anything perfect, easy or simple?

      • Einstein says

        That would be the only reasonable excuse for this article.

    • alskfj says

      Oh sure, the Deep State is out to get Trump, the billionaire neocon wet dream. The autocrat building up the military, servicing Wall Street under the desk, appointing Generals and CIA directors to his Administration, completing the neoliberal task of turning regulatory agencies into corporate administrative offices, revamping the prison-industrial complex, advocating for more torture worse torture and to make it legal, and the list goes on.

      I mean, yeah, the Deep State is out to get him.

      And that corporate media. I mean you’d think they were just all united against the “chief protagonist” when they weren’t busy promoting his candidacy more than any other.

      I mean, what would Trump do without his chief apologists on the left? CJ included.

      Some of us on the left can walk and chew gum at the same time. Some of us can see the depravity of US Empire and the dictates of neocons neoliberal economics to that end, while at the same time see the dangers of YES the fascist sitting in the White House.

      It’s really not all that difficult to see the big picture, and how CJ and other Trump supporting leftists fit in.

      It truly is bizarre. Whoodathunk, the fake populist Trump would tickle their fancy so much. Along comes an actual fascist and they mock those on the left that recognize it. But no, they don’t support Trump. Oh no, nothing like that.

      The steady corporate coup of the last 40 years has indeed produced a duopoly, an oligarchy that is deeply embedded in US Empire, and yes Trump is a product of this.

      But not to Trump supporters on the left like CJ. They bend over backwards to mock those of us on the left who clearly see the danger of Trump, and see how he is the Deep State’s wet dream.

      A vile autocrat who stokes hate against “the other” for power. Who appoints White Nationalists and who manufactures FAKE crises at the border while sending troops to launch tear gas.

      For CJ and other Trump supporters on the left (but of course they don’t support him…..nudge nudge) Trump is fighting their fight as well.

      Go figure.

      • mark says

        I don’t want to form a fan club for Trump, but what has he done that Obongo didn’t do even more?
        People were hyperventilating about “the children! the children!” separated from accompanying adults at the border. The footage of this that the faux left were shedding buckets of tears over, was actually taken in 2014, under Obama. He’s done the same as Obongo did on a larger scale. Apart from grabbing some pussy, he’s done nothing different.

        But the Deep State, the MSM and AIPAC still hate him, despite everything he’s done for them (and himself.) They have been waging non stop war against him from Day One, no matter how many goodies and sweeties he gives them.

        This is because he defeated their chosen candidate, not because of any differences in policy, which are virtually non existent. He may have hoped to improve relations with Russia somewhat, in order to confront China, which he sees as a greater threat.

        Hence the hysterical Russiagate nonsense, the non stop smears and obstructionism from the spooks and MSM. Listen to them if you doubt this. They wanted Tweedledum and they got Tweedledee instead. It was Buggins’ turn, and Donald jumped the queue. That’s why they hate him, not because of any policy.

      • frances says

        I think you are missing a piece of the puzzle, the MSM really don’t like him, in fact they hate him. He was to be the buffoon who tried to win the WH and failed, he was to be laughed at, humiliated and reviled till long after his death. But he won.
        Did you see the looks of shock and horror on the MSM faces the evening of the election, those looks were not fake, they were real. For further fodder look at the roast where Obama humiliated Trump’s possible candidacy with his dropped mike antics. That was real as well.
        He is not them, he may share some of their ambitions, he may be doing what a lot of them have always done, but he is not them, nor of them and never will be. They genuinely hate him with a degree and vitriol of hate usually only found in high school mean girls.

      • Stonky says

        alskfj, there aren’t nearly enough accusations that “Trump is an actual rascist facist mysoginist Nazi’s” in your post for it to be taken as a serious contribution to this debate.

  12. John A says

    Obviously, gender neutral toilets that anyone on the entire gender spectrum can use, is the most important issue of the day. Forget all the debt servitude, the 1% sucking all the money upwards and hiding it in offshore accounts that they could never spend if they lived to be a billion years old, no pay rises, layoffs, mass immigration. And don’t even think about climate change, unless and until the gender toilet problem is solved, nothing else matters.


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