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Julian Assange vs. the Cabal

Renee Parsons

It is widely rumored that, with sealed indictments pending in the US, Wikileaks founder and publisher Julian Assange may be imminently forced to leave the Ecuadorian Embassy which has provided him safe refuge since 2012.

However, after a recent visit to Ecuador, US vice president Mike Pence (representing the Cabal) reached an agreement with the Moreno government acknowledging that forcibly expelling Assange was politically untenable.

One can only imagine that if such an expulsion comes to pass, it would likely result in a riot in the streets of London or that drugging Assange and smuggling him out in the middle of the night, under cover of a dark moon would equally result in forceful public demonstrations as well as worldwide condemnation. The Ecuadorians informed Pence they would rather make life inside the Embassy difficult and unsustainable, thereby encouraging Assange to voluntarily vacate the premises. Lots of Luck with that!

There is no way to know if an indictment will be personally served on Assange. For Assange to simply walk out the door and into the arms of a waiting extradition order to the US is indefensible as Assange is facing specious charges of “espionage” for daring to protect free-thinking whistleblowers by publishing their documents that exposed crimes and corruption at the highest levels of the US Government and political system.

The distinction is crucial in that Assange did not steal documents but published documents provided to him just as the New York Times and other national newspapers have done for decades. It will be positively riveting to watch the Trump Administration attempt to indict the NYT, the Washington Post and/or the LA Times for publishing what Wikileaks published.

Enter The Cabal: that deeply embedded, nameless/faceless unelected entity which dictates public policy although they have no public support whatsoever. In agreeing with Moreno, the Cabal has already blinked in the tacit admission that Assange controls the narrative. They are cowardly perpetrators of a simulated reality of war, devastation and poverty and highly vulnerable to an aroused, angry public. It is the Cabal that had the most to lose if Assange was allowed to continue documenting the corrupt, unscrupulous behavior of its toadies.

Not to be confused with the Deep State, although we cannot be certain of where the overlap between these synonymous bastions of criminal malevolence begin and end; yet it is apparent that both control enormous factions of the US government from a dark sinister pit of wickedness; owing their existence to and total dependence on an unworthy claque of self-identified MSM “journalists” who willingly dance on the Empire’s thin ice of righteousness.

It is that collapsing Empire and political structure that have been most accurately depicted in many of the Wikileaks exposes that has stirred the Establishment to vociferously pursue prosecution of Assange. The Democratic party is especially incensed that the Podesta/DNC emails were part of a treasure trove perhaps provided by DNC staffer Seth Rich who was murdered twelve days before the Wikileaks release.

Some Wikileaks contributions that provided the public with unclassified information that should have already been public include:

  • Clinton Foundation received Millions of dollars from the governments of Qatar and Saudi Arabia, both major funders of Islamic terrorists;
  • Secretary of State HRC then approved an $80 billion weapon sale to the Saudis with which they began the war in Yemen in earnest;
  • Goldman Sachs paid HRC $675,000 for one speech;
  • Secretary of State HRC was the architect for the disastrous war in Libya leading to chaos in Europe;
  • Vault 7 revelations that the CIA had developed a program to metadata a hack by adding ‘fingerprints’ to ‘prove’ that some other foreign agency had committed the hack.

Ergo, you can see the need to hoodwink the public into believing that Assange is a threat to democracy, an unconstitutional criminal responsible for the 2016 loss of HRC in cahoots with the equally criminal Russian president, Vladimir Putin. It is the work of a poorly contrived fabrication that does not stand up to serious scrutiny – at question is whether the American public, well known for its political apathy and one dimensional thinking, will recognize truth even if they have to gag on it.

There is, however, an undeniable paradigm shift at play here dissolving whatever form, structure or institution no longer represents the public’s best interest. The scandals at the FBI and Department of Justice are but one example of “Deep State” corruption as its very existence remained in the shadows until the 2016 election. It has now been publicly outed as more than speculation and can be viewed as an active appendage of the Cabal. It is difficult to know how deeply buried the Deep State layers go or how far out of reach the country’s make-believe electeds are, many of whom function as consigliere to the Cabal.

Despite the current strategy of denying Assange access to necessary medical care and his legal team, contact with his family and friends as well as removal of all outside world contact through the web and regular daily meals, my money is on Assange to stay the course. Through the integrity he has established himself to be a truth seeker and man of peace who, to his credit, has attracted the same enemies as JFK. His continued resistance, although it appears ‘the resistance’ is absent from an opportunity to truly resist, will do much to encourage another wiseass heroic individual who dares to expose the details of American war crimes.

Despite best efforts by the Cabal, my guess is that against overwhelming odds, he will prevail and he will persevere, he will dig deep and find the inner grit as he has done since 2012 to defy the all powerful who inhabit dark places.


  1. frank says

    However, after a recent visit to Ecuador, US vice president Mike Pence (representing the Cabal) reached an agreement with the Moreno government acknowledging that forcibly expelling Assange was politically untenable.

    What’s the source for this?

  2. systemicfraud says

    One primary question in relation to both Assange and Edward Snowden is: Why did the US government allow them to retain their social media accounts for so long? Snowden was charged with espionage shortly after fleeing the USA to Russia in the summer of 2014. Snowden is an American–so his passport and bank accounts were also suspended shortly after his revelations began spewing from the front page of The Guardian. Assange seems to have kept his social media accounts until October/November of the 2016 election–when users noted his account went down (some say there was a different pattern of words when his account re-appeared).

    Why would the USA run a “limited hangout” operation which releases info on US military/intelligence? To deflect from investigations into the Iraq War and CIA Torture. Both Assange and Snowden have helped US/UK media with ratings/circulation/viewers. Both also help sell the notion of a “Free Press” (which we all know is complete hogwash).
    Snowden’s first on-camera interview (outside of Glenn Greenwald/The Guardian) was with NBC. Most of it was shown on an NBC special–but the full interview was only shown on NBC’s Youtube channel. I’m guessing for 99% of those that went and watched the full interview IT WAS THE FIRST TIME THEY HAD EVER WATCHED NBC ON YOUTUBE. And, where, oh where, does former CIA Director John O. Brennan work? NBC.

    Assange’s situation is much different than Snowden’s, in that he merely received information and published it (did not actively steal and release info)–but Assange is also NOT and American citizen. Assange’s citizenship puts him, in a much clearer manner, up against the US Dept. of Defense and national security sectors (DOD alone employs 3.2 million people). Top-tier US politicians and national security officials (from Hillary Clinton to then-CIA director Mike Pompeo) have been outspoken in identifying Assange as an enemy of the state. Clinton tweeted “Can’t we just drone him?”

    So how is it that 3.2 million DOD plus the rest of the US intelligence/national security sectors cannot get Assange out of a known location inside the Ecuadorean embassy (London) for over 5 years? In the US most commercial buildings are required to have fire alarms–simply pulling the alarm requires every person inside the building to vacate the premises. Stepping outside the building would be enough for UK to arrest Assange–so why hasn’t the DOD/CIA hired a flunky to pull the fire alarm in the building? (If there is no fire alarm in the embassy building–they could also just start a small fire in a trash bin outside the back of the building which would cause the evacuation, too).

    Are Assange and Snowden just smarter than the 3.2 million employed by DOD and the hundreds of thousands which are employed by US intelligence and law enforcement? Do the 3.5 million+ people of DOD/CIA/NSA/FBI not realize they should have picked up a phone and had Snowden’s and Assange’s Twitter accounts suspended right after the leaks had began? Are US defense and law enforcement really so concerned about Free Speech they would allow two high profile suspects to keep Tweeting away their secrets for years?

    Not very likely.

    • Seamus Padraig says

      Gordon Duff? Is that you? Those sure sound like Veterans Today talking points!

      • systemicfraud says

        Attempting to degrade my comment by accusing me of being Gordon Duff (even in jest) is pure deflection…You are not arguing with facts–just attempting to smear my comment. (cognitive dissonance?)

        Initially I was on board with both Assange and Snowden–they both sell a message many of us want to believe in. Assange is definitely brilliant–even during live interviews he can recall the exact words, timeline and context of files he read years ago. It was his reaction to 9/11 Truth which initially made me question him–why does Assange just simply state “9/11 truthers annoy me”? That is not a logical response for anyone who has watched WTC 7 go down in a classic Controlled Demolition fashion–especially for a supposed critic of US foreign policy.

        Beyond that–Assange never does connect the Updated Phoenix Program-style tactics which US military/CIA put in place in Afghanistan and Iraq. How can a man who has searched thru so many files fail to connect these important dots? All you need to do is read Douglas Valentine’s book THE PHOENIX PROGRAM (or watch one of his interviews) and connect the data with The Guardian/Al Jazeera documentary on James Steele.

        Assange exposing CIA Torture (and other war crimes) is definitely good–but he fails to expose the larger issue of US military/CIA putting in place a program which trained thousands of Iraqis to torture/murder (causing a sectarian civil war). Forcing an occupied population to do the Dirty Work for you helped drive the formation of ISIS.

        Please look into it—decide for yourself. Does Assange truly seek to expose the systemic programs–or does he deflect with information that only shows parts of the horrific apparatus which the US forces put in place?


        James Steele: America’s Mystery Man In Iraq (2013): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3fNkeOZlM4U

        • DunGroanin says

          You do realise wikileaks is a publisher of whistleblowing of actual documents?
          Not the same as a investigative journalism publisher.
          Nor a news publisher.

          But it is a publisher. It has the same lawful protection as any publisher.

        • frank says

          Assange publishes what he receives. He is not a researcher.

          You question him because he hasn’t read some obscure book? Come on.

          • systemicfraud says

            “PAST IS PROLOGUE”

            How can a supposed critic of US foreign policy NOT know of the Phoenix Program which CIA installed in Vietnam?

            Go check Douglas Valentine’s actual sources for his work–he interviewed many CIA officers, including a former CIA Director. Valentine links these sources to audio and documents which you can review for yourself.

            I NEVER said Assange should not be afforded the rights publishers are given under the Bil of Rights; nor did I say the info he has published is not true…My main point is that Assange is a DISTRACTION.

        • Robbobbobin says

          “Please look into it—decide for yourself. Does Assange truly seek to expose the systemic programs–or does he deflect with information that only shows parts of the horrific apparatus which the US forces put in place?”

          Next time your bunion plays up, are you going to call your overworked psychiatrist to fix it (again) and then badmouth him (again) for being shit at fixing bunions? Why? Can’t you spell “orthopaedic podiatrist”? Or did somebody tear the “O” pages out of your phone book to give you something to wipe your ass on? Or what?

          • systemicfraud says

            What exactly is wrong with encouraging people to investigate for themselves?

            You make no fact-based argument–just offer slander and smear tactics.

            • WDQK says

              I think whether or not Assange have knowledge of some shady US program is irrelevant. He’s not omniscient, he can’t be expected to know everything. He just posts what whistleblowers has given him. Even if he does know something about it, he can’t post anything as he’s got no material.

              I’m also not sure what you’re trying to say with the Snowden/NBC business. Sure NBC might have some CIA links, but that applies to all mainstream media. I’ll be surprised if there is a mainstream media outlet that DOESN’T have at least one CIA writer or editor. As far as Snowden is concerned, he’s doing his country a service by making public their mass surveillance programs and prompting debate, and if NBC is willing to let him go on the air then that’s all he needed from them.

              Media outlets might try to spin the narrative or misdirect it in a way that suits the establishment afterwards, but that’s what they get paid to do. This has nothing to do Assange/Snowden.

              Assange/Snowden exposed some shady stuff the US government did. I don’t see how this can be called a “distraction” when it might encourage other people find out more stuff their government does behind their backs.

  3. Coram Deo says

    video – 27 minutes 54 seconds
    Chris Hedges and Joe Lauria, journalist and editor-in-chief, Consortium, discuss efforts to force #WikiLeaks publisher, #JulianAssange, out of the Ecuador Embassy in London and extradite him to the USA to stand trial.

  4. Paula C Williams says

    International support for Assange is overwhelming. This is a battle we will win.Solidarity.

  5. Jim Richardson says

    It is a very depressing thing here in the little usa vis Australia… the whole cuntry is transfixed by yet another drought …it happens every other year…always has since we stole the joint from our indigenous folk… probably before that…but we’d never know because consulting our indigenous folk is not an bureaucratic option…

    Julian Assange, this country’s greatest hero to date, is only known as a traitor to big USA ….the serial rapist of buxom blondes in Scandinavia

    The incumbent dickhead in office here in Oz is a total subservient gimp much like the idiot elected before him… I suspect Kevin Rudd 2007> would have negotiated a deal for Julian if he was around now… but there is no one of Kev’s calibre left in Aussie politics. Julia Gillard who replaced him thanks to the cabal after Rudd made the mistake of giving money to everybody……..

    • Giving money to everybody aka stimulus spending AND being insufficiently hostile to China.

  6. Frankly Speaking says

    Assange’s treatment, the UK public’s lack of rection to it, the hostility towards him by the UK MSM are all hallmarks of a repressive state.

    Those who are aware of his plight are scared of protesting, getting arrested, losing their jobs hence their homes.

    The rest of the people probably despise Assange, and other targets of official hate, thanks to them being whipped up against them in the Orwellian daily Two Minutes Hate in the UK media.

    • Narrative says

      Nobody despises Assange except those who have jobs that depend on demonising him and his work, i.e. they are paid to destroy him and his popularity.

      • Frankly Speaking says

        Nobody? Have you not read the venom for him posted on most UK forums? The disinfo campaign against him by our MSM has worked very well

        • Yarkob says

          indeed, even my most “enlightened” friends are now calling him Putin’s (or Trump’s) tool..This is from people who didn’t even have an opinion on Russia three years ago..

        • Narrative says

          ‘Nobody’ was the wrong word. However, it’s very clear demonising Assange on UK forums clearly is the work of astroturfers as they are so ridiculous, mindlessly rehashing the same garbage over and over.

          What cannot be underestimated is that Assange is fighting an enemy that has trillions of dollars worth of armaments all over the planet with basically unlimited budget and capable of destroying the planet in a few minutes.

          We have to be creative in supporting him.

        • Gezzah Potts says

          Frankly Speaking: I agree with you (sadly). Couple times recently there’s been stories on Assange or Pamela Anderson on ABC News Facebook here, and the overwhelming majority of commenters just spewed this visceral hatred towards Assange, and many made derogatory, misogynistic remarks about Anderson as well. The amount of times the words ‘Rapist’ or ‘Rape Apologist’ used by these people was breathtaking, yet point out the many hundreds of thousands dead coz of Obama and Clinton, and entire countries destroyed by the Anglo Zionist Empire, and you’re branded a Russian troll, or you’re a liar. I agree with you about the disinfo campaign, and its impact on wider society. Really fecken frustrating, and surreal.

    • different frank says

      People will be the good sheeple that the establishment want them to be.They will vote who they are told to vote for. Hate who they are told to hate. Fear who they are told to fear.
      Devoid of all independent thought. Forever sleeping. Always conforming. Always consuming.
      The sheeple serve their establishment masters well. maybe a crumb will fall from the big table. They can fight each other for that. good sheep. baaa

  7. Ole Olesen says

    WELL WRITTEN …. BUT WORDS are NOT ENOUGH ! IT IS TIME TO ACT ! Because enough is enough ! Our Target must be THREEFOLD : The UNITED STATES and the UNITED KINGDOM in all their EXTERNAL FACES ie EMBASSIES and BUREAUCRATIC APPPARATUS , their DISPICABLE NEWS OUTLETS etc etc ,,, THEY MUST BE MADE TO FEEL THE OUTRAGE and CONTEMPT – Regarding EQUADOR everyone should write a letter to the President of Equador ..reminding him that he by his complicity with USA is casting SHAME on the HONOUR of his Country and People and that he will have the Support and Admiration of the people of the World by standing up against these MALICIOUS and CORRUPT CRIMINALS …

  8. grafter says

    The photo above of Clinton bears close scrutiny. There we see in all its vile twisted malevolence the face which represents the corrupt, devious criminal arrogance of a person whose moral values lie in the gutter. If ever a person deserved to be behind bars it must surely be this woman.

    • “Fit to govern? No! not fit to live.” — MacDuff on MacBeth of Cawdor; but equally applicable to Lady MacBeth of Arkansaw.

  9. davemass says

    It’s cost the UK taxpayers 15+ mill.quid for police outside the embassy.
    Send the bill to May to be paid personally.
    At least it helped the cops to pay their mortgages.
    What a s***hole the UK public have allowed it to become.

  10. MichaelK says

    I don’t think the Guardian has much of a future. On a whole range of issues, it get too much too wrong. It’s becoming detached from reality and like the rest of the media, doesn’t reflect the real world that most people live in and recognise. This isn’t a recipe for success going forward.

    They also seem totally incapable of learning from their ‘mistakes’ or even recognising them and taking remidial action to stop the spreading rot. They get Trump wrong, Corbyn wrong, Brexit wrong, Clinton wrong, Syria wrong… the list keeps growing and they actually get worse over time. It’s bizarre. It’s as if the Titanic disaster repeats itself endlessly in their world.

    Perhaps this is symbolic and an example of a deeper crisis in the liberal world, their hopelessness in the face of the harsh challenges we face as a civilisation and the lack of competent leadership at the top? Instead, and this seems to have happened before, the ruling elite refuses to see clearly and retreats into fantasy and a comforting nostalgia about the past. Culturally this is a precise description of the UK over the last half century or more. A stubborn refusal to see the world truthfully and clearly.

    The Guardian used to be a small liberal oasis in what looked like a dried-out desert. Then Harding and Freedland and others, took over and poisoned the well.

    • mark says

      When you’re a loyal servant of the Neocon Deep State singing from the correct hymn sheet, there is never any downside for getting it wrong. You keep your job, get promoted, get cosy sinecures at their NGOs and think tanks, and get invited back on the MSM time and time again as an “expert”, “analyst” and “scholar” to be treated with deference and carry on getting it wrong again and again. Like Stoltenberg, who didn’t “think” that Iraq had WMD, he KNEW. Slotted in to a new cushy job as Uncle Sam’s man at NATO. The Boots, the Kagans, the Perles, the Frums, all lead charmed lives and carry on business as usual as though nothing has happened. It is people like Chris Hedges who lose their jobs for calling things right. That Iraq would be a disaster from beginning to end. Other people in the media questioned the wisdom of invading Iraq and immediately lost their jobs as a result. When there is no downside to getting things wrong, and no upside to getting things right, it’s no great surprise that we end up with media organs like the Guardian.

  11. harry stotle says

    “Despite best efforts by the Cabal, my guess is that against overwhelming odds, he will prevail and he will persevere, he will dig deep and find the inner grit as he has done since 2012 to defy the all powerful who inhabit dark places.” – and we need to continue with our support every step of the way, because make no mistake this is not just an attack on Julian Assange it is an attack on publishing, and the ability of what’s left of our media to tell it like it is.

    Asssange is not, and never has been a spy, even if he has been instrumental in releasing documents proving that our leaders behave like gangsters.

    The identity politics crowd have become rather quiet lately probably because the magnitude of their miscalculations have finally dawned on them – way we were right and they were wrong because allegations in Sweden have never been more than a flimsey smokescreen to deliver Assange for an indefinite period to the Chelsea Manning suite.

    Varoufakis summarise it nicely, here (from 0:38) – Britains treatment of Assange meanwhile adds to the growing list of human rights abuses they have become complicit with as part of the Faustian pact Blair made with the neocons.

    • Frankly Speaking says

      Nice statement from Yanis V, but the interviewer was poor and missed a great opportunity to quiz him further, for example his views on how Assange might be assisted or some other pertinent question.

    • Varoufakis is a Soros open borders globalist. Now running for EU parliament in Germany despite neither living there nor speaking German. Architect of the Greek 2015 capitulation.

  12. MichaelK says

    In the current political climate in the UK, which is ‘fluid’ to say the least, and with Trump in the White House; it’s going to be extremely difficult and time consuming for the British to simply hand over Assange to the Americans if they attempt to extradite him, especially if the charges relate to espionage and the possibility of a death sentence at the end of a ‘show trial.’ I don’t see the British courts doing this easily, merely rubber stamping Downing Street’s wishes. Extradition could take years.

    This is why the Guardian’s intervention is so unhelpful and disgraceful. Harding, channeling the CIA and MI6, wants to so damage Assange’s reputation in the eyes of ‘right thinking’ liberal opinion, that any support for Assange will seem like one also supports the evil Russians and the evil Trump, and those kind of opinions and links cause liberals to shiver at polite dinner parties.

    For a news platform like the Guardian to have what amounts to a moral void at its centre, is a disaster in the long run. It now repeatedly chooses the wrong side in issue after issue, and it’s obvious, and this slowly undermines its credibility. Essentially, the Guardian has become a partisan follower of the Democratic Party and accepted their view of the world and US politics. This is a hard sell, even if one were competent at selling, and Luke Harding isn’t. It’s hard to oppose Trump’s USA and at the same time hand over Julian Assange to Trump’s ‘justice.’ The Guardian is unsteady on its feet because it doesn’t know which leg to stand on. With Trump in power, this may be Assange’s best chance of not being handed over, even if he’s forced out of the embassy.

    • I get the feeling that’s Luke’s handlers set him up with a story that would ensnare him as he was now a liability especially after the Aaron Maté interview so I think they gave him a duff story and promised him evidence or whatever and left him high and dry or they gave him shit intel and he took the bait in his visceral unthinking hatred of all things Assange and Russia

  13. Yarkob says

    “One can only imagine that if such an expulsion comes to pass, it would likely result in a riot in the streets of London”

    i laughed at this. don’t hold your breath. your average joe in the uk couldn’t raise the effort to riot unless their very existence depended on it. Imagine if the internet and tv all went dark at the same time as food running out. that might get them out on the streets, but JA being illegally renditioned? nah..

    • Frankly Speaking says

      These days we Brits are too scared to demonstrate because of being beaten up by the plods or getting kettled for 10 hours. Well, that’s assuming we’re not way too busy watching “I’m a celebrity”, the X-Factor, the Premier League, arguing about Brexit, or blasting our brains with yet more booze.

      • Yarkob says

        which was my point exactly..The kettling thing is moot as I don’t think we’d get enough people to kettle should JA be renditioned..And your other point is exactly why most of blighty couldn’t be bothered..we’ve been dumbed down by years of cheap booze and shiny-floor shows

      • Jo1 says

        Depressingly accurate. You missed out Strictly and Love Island.

    • Couldn’t agree more yarkob the British are too lazy and self entitled to rise up. We in the north of Ireland have rioted over water charges in the 90’s and every other nation is or has hasbara a flame sparked somewhere but the Brits…? Naaaah my team might win this week and anyway so the missus needs to get the shopping in and my favourite programmes on next Thursday big finale I don’t want my to miss it, i might revolt the week after if you’re all still up for it! I’m alright Jack

  14. Henry Wilson says

    Assange has been treat abononobly. the fact that both Obama & Trump continue to wish him to be jailed for a long time confirms the existence of the deep state
    Not a fan of the Iranian regeme but when they refer to the U S as the big Satan & the U K as the little Satan thy have a point

    • Portonchok says

      Yes the Iranian politicians and religious leaders are right when they refer to the US as Big Satan and the UK as Little Satan, and they should know, since many of their Ayatolahs and Revolutionary Guard are the murderous spawn of Satan.

      • Yarkob says

        only if you believe in fairy tales. I’d not give them that much latent power, myself. They are militant Islamists. Their ideas need to be challenged, not given “superstar” status by calling them the “spawn of Satan”. You may as well call them the spawn of voldemort

        • Yarkob, the Iranian Leadership are Islamic Communists. That makes them doubly damned in the eyes of The Great $atan and all his Little $atans. Neverteless, they are good for Iran — ie, for their own country — even though “they do not have Uncle $cam’s interests at heart”.

          • Yarkob says

            I don’t doubt it, Vexarb..not that makes them much beter in my eyes, not being a huge fan of communism as it’s been practised so far…I was more questioning the use of the tired old religious iconography moniker of spawn of Satan..being non-religious I find the use of terms like this tiresome and unhelpful at best, and delusional at worst..Uncle Scam has enough on his charge sheet to call a spade a spade, and without wishing to speak for any Iranians, are the mullahs good for all of them? I hear Ahminejad was much better for Iran that we’ve ever been allowed to believe..and had much more popular support than was ever allowed to be seen outside of Iran

        • Molloy says


          sorry, intended for portonMI6. …

          What’s wrong with you?!


          • Frankly Speaking says

            There’s nothing wrong with me – I’m agreeing with the comment that the US and UK Establishments might be regarded as satanic.

            Rather than paining the Iranian Establishment as being some kind of White Knights, as some people here appear to do, I’m saying that within the Iranian establishment there are many evil doers. Shia Fundamentalists, Sunni Fundamentalists, Christian / Zionist Fundamentalists all come from the same evil root as far as I am concerned.

            • Frankly Speaking says

              I’m still Portonchok on my iPhone, but my original Frankly Speaking on my PC. Will kill Portonchok login / cookies to avoid any confusion…

  15. @SubEditor. Your heading is “Assange vs Cabal”. Photo of Assange is OK, but photo representing The Cabal is out of date. Killary Klingon has retired to private life and is now merely Grandma Goldman Sachs. Suggestion: a photo of Sheldon Adelson would be nearer the mark. Follow the money.

  16. archie1954 says

    It bothers me so much, that The Ecuadoran government, is just one more little puppet, dangling at the end of the American puppet master’s strings and dancing to its tune, no matter how perversely off key!

  17. mark says

    If the Deep State was more shrewd, they could have played it differently.
    “Clearly things have gone wrong……but that’s all in the past……lessons have been learnt……we’re going to put in place procedures to prevent any recurrence……and we’d like to invite Assange to share all his information with us and join with us to help ensure this can’t happen again……etc.” Splendid chap, he’s done us a favour really. We’re going to co opt him into the system and reward him handsomely.
    All hogwash of course, like the UK public enquiries that go on for 17 years and cost £150 million, or 150 years at a cost of £17 million, whatever it is. Kick the ball into the long grass and dig up some senile old judge/ establishment worthy to ruminate on it for years to his heart’s content or till we’ve all died either from boredom or old age.
    That would have been a workable solution from their point of view. But subtlety isn’t exactly a strong point of our American chums.
    So we’ve got the McCains and the Pompeos (and the Obamas and the Democrats) threatening to “whack him in the street” like two bit Mafia hoods. Or disappear him into their gulag for ever, with or without the farce of some kangaroo court.
    What they are too cretinous to realise is that when they murder or torture him or imprison him forever on ludicrous trumped up charges, they make him a hundred times more powerful than he is today. Like Che Guevara became an icon and an inspiration after his death. (Without being disrespectful) the way the Jewish authorities blundered by executing Jesus after a farce of a kangaroo court. Like Steve Biko, an obscure figure who became a symbol after his murder. The examples are legion, but history isn’t a strong point of our American chums either.
    The real casualties of this whole sorry affair are the US, UK and Swedish “justice ” systems, which have been revealed for all to see as corrupt and politicised instruments of repression and political persecution. Not so much Assange himself, without minimising what he has gone through. The Elites can’t see that they are destroying the very structures on which they depend, besides highlighting their own hypocrisy, criminality and repression. Looking at another historical analogy, their legal chicanery and acrobatics will shortly do them more damage than the Dreyfus case did to the French Republic.

  18. RPdiplock says

    It is a sad tale indeed that Assange’s government (Australia) have been so obsequious to US and UK interests that they have remained silent about the illegal treatment of one of their own citizens. What a craven lot of colonial toads inhabit the opulent corridors of Canberra.

    • Jen says

      Eh, please don’t insult toads and opulence is not to be found anywhere in Parliament House in Canberra.

      • Molloy says


        Jen, v funny.
        You know he meant to write ‘toadies’.

        For me, about to read The Fatal Shore a second time. . . . probably would have written ‘unspeakables’ (thinking of the greedy face of that obnoxious mine owner person, you know who I mean!).


    • Fair dinkum says

      Australian politicians have been bending over backwards (and forwards) since federation, to appease the Coloniser/Imperialists.
      It makes me wanna puke.

      • Molloy says


        Australian politicians are, in fact, the Coloniser/Imperialists.

        It makes me wanna puke too.

        Go well.


        • RealPeter says

          Re Oz politicians:

          I agree with all the disgusted Aussies’ feelings expressed here, but who votes for them (the politicians)? And why?

  19. To suggest that this collaboration between deep state and cabal give a hoot regarding due process or public opinion is to my mind, optimistic and naive. Worse still, the US is known worldwide to operate under double standards and outright hypocrisy, even when they know public opinion recognises it for what it is. As for the MSM, they have long abandoned any form of honesty or integrity – witness the Guardian’s outragious propaganda which is widely denounced even by it’s own loyal readers.
    If Assange walks out or leaves by other means as mentioned in this article, he will likely not survive and will either disappear, never to be found again, or commit “suicide”, either way, sending a message to all future whistleblowers.
    Assange knows he is a dead man walking if he leaves the Embassy. The only way to make his life as an innocent participant, no more guilty than the above mentioned MSM big shots, is for the public worldwide to bring pressure against the Ecuadorian Embassy to afford him his rights as a refugee from illegal persecution and honour the status as any other individual seeking refuge from illegal persecution.

  20. Antonym says

    All this US/UK Deep state pressure on Assange / Wikileaks reinforces two notions:
    – vital and true information was released; that why it was secret to their citizens.
    – leaking / whistle blowers should be stopped as they expose nefarious activities of Deep state which on the surface pretends to be law abiding, democratic, liberty enforcing people.

    • Molloy says



      Computer says “you are posting comments too quickly” (errmm, not at all).

      Paranoid? Censorship (effectively)?

      Comment, to the bone, that ICC in fact Dark$state’s worst nightmare.
      DS only think they control ICC.

      In a normal world, all of them ‘straight to gaol’ for attempting to silence a witness to DS crimes.

      Hubris will get them later if not sooner. Simple.

      (ha ha, kept a copy of this one)


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