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US Military Contractor Is Hiring Personnel To Support Classified ‘Contingency Operations’ In Ukraine

by SouthFront, November 29, 2018

A US contractor accidentally revealed a US military specialist deployment in the combat zones in Ukraine via an Job Advertisement on LinkedIn.

Similarly to the Atlantic Council’s report on independence of Eastern European countries, as well as the meeting between US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo and Ukrainian Foreign Minister Pavlo Klimkin, the posting comes days before the escalation in the Sea of Azov.

Mission Essential is a government contractor, which primarily serves intelligence and military clients. It began as the US government’s leading provider of translation and interpretation services.

Screenshot provided in case the advert times out or is “accidentally” taken down:

mission essential

The preemptive job advert was posted on November 16th and seeks “linguist candidates who speak Ukrainian to provide foreign language interpretation and translation services to support classified Contingency Operations in support of the U.S. Military in Ukraine.”

The formal place of work is Mykolayiv, Ukraine. The port city is also significant, because that is where the US “logistical” naval facility is currently under construction.

The advert also requires candidates to be able to fit in the local culture and customs, in addition to “the ability to deal inconspicuously with local populace if necessary.” Which simply means that the interpreter needs to be able to hide the fact that he is not a Ukrainian citizen, at least partly.

Unsurprisingly, the individual needs to be able to serve in a combat zone “if necessary,” in addition to being able to “live, work, and travel in harsh environments, to include living and working in temporary facilities as mission dictates.”

Considering repeated claims by the US leadership that the US is not involved in the Ukraine conflict, the vacancy posting is an operational security failure by Mission Essential. Most other vacancies posted by the company are for analysts and various linguistic and project management positions, almost predominantly in different military facilities in the US.

It is quite possible that these specialists would assist US military personnel deployed in or near the “combat zones” in Ukraine – i.e. Eastern Ukraine, and as it was expected since as early as November 16th – the Sea of Azov.

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This is another piece that reinforces the notion that the “provocation by Russia” in the Sea of Azov was somehow premeditated. However, it also appears that, Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko’s plans appeared to, at least partially, backfire. “Partially,” because he managed to instate martial law and make another step in his attempts to postpone elections in 2019, thus “democratically” holding on to power and not allowing the Ukrainian citizens to vote and most likely elect his rival and favored presidential candidate Yulia Tymoshenko.

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  1. Maggie says

    I wonder who will be funding this lot? USAID again?

  2. Kavy says

    Chris Cook — Energy Markets are Manipulated in Multiple Timeframes

    Someone is manipulating the oil market, says Chris Cook, who is a regulator, but he doesn’t think it is the government. He says it’s very peculiar. A bad omen! It could be a sign that war is on the horizon. Chris Cook interview starts at 19 minutes.

  3. Frankly Speaking says

    Let’s not forget Vitoria “f**k the EU” Nuland admitting on camera that the US had “invested” $5 billion in Ukraine “democracy”. That was back in 2014, I wonder how many more billions they’ve “invested” there since?

  4. Remembering a true British hero, Tom Hurndall who would have been 37 on Nov. 27th if he hadn’t been shot in the head by Israeli military while trying to protect Palestinian school girls from Zionazi bullets.

  5. mark says

    It’s strange how mercenaries have made such a comeback. Maybe this is just end game crapitalism and neoliberalism being taken to their logical extremes.
    Not so long ago, mercenaries seemed to have more or less died out. Professional soldiers I spoke to generally dismissed them as scum, a mixture of criminal and semi criminal flotsam and jetsam, undisciplined and unreliable, psychopathic misfits, Walter Mittys and the like, more of an unwelcome nuisance than anything else..
    Machiavelli spoke of the drawbacks and dangers of employing mercenaries. Armed merchant ships given letters of marque and turned loose as licensed pirates (who just as readily attacked their own side’s shipping) were replaced with professional navies and seemed to be a thing of the past.
    But in recent times we have seen this re emerge as a multi billion industry, with outfits like Blackwater or whatever Prince currently calls it. Trump seemed to be seriously considering turning Afghanistan over to him lock, stock and barrel at one stage. Maybe all opposition to war will end as it becomes profitable and pays out good dividend to its shareholders, like Raytheon and the rest.

    • Haltonbrat says

      Ex Israeli special forces were used during the Ukraine coup. Do Israel have any interest in the Ukraine?

  6. Gary Weglarz says

    The same cabal that killed JFK and the entire top tier of progressive leadership in the U.S. during the 1960’s, continues to run the world for the same insane purposes – total global domination. These are the global cabal of people who had no qualms killing Aldo Moro & Olaf Palme, smearing Harold Wilson out of office, fomenting the coup against Gough Whitlam in Australia, and in general killing, overthrowing or threatening and silencing anyone and everyone who opposes them. This is the “big picture” behind all the specific events of empire, from the illegal immoral wars, invasions, coups and support for “our” jihadist terrorists, to the false flag attacks like the Skripnal poisoning, or the constant “blame Assad” when our jihadists launch the latest gas attack nonsense.

    This is the world we inhabit, and this cabal obviously controls the Western European governments as well as the U.S., Canada, and the rest of the “Five-Eyes” former U.K. colonies. This isn’t some “new” development. The West has ruled the world for over 500 years now. Which nation takes the lead in that violent planetary repression changes, but the game remains the same. It will take collective action such as a general strike across all Western borders that grinds the global economy to a halt to even get the attention of the psychopaths running this global con game.

    Its great to see the French making some noise in the streets, but I don’t hold out much hope from the U.S. that we’ll be joining them anytime soon. The levels of narcissism and navel gazing here in the U.S. are now so off the charts that I don’t know what it would take to mobilize people. As someone who was in the streets for months before the last invasion of Iraq, I can’t even imagine such a protest taking place today. The political climate here in the U.S. is that the Democratic party is attacking the Orange One from the right, as not militaristic enough. Trump is an odious figure, but he is essentially opposed by the “resistance” because he would prefer to end the absurd confrontation with Russia. Neither U.S. party will ever stand up to the military/industrial/Wall Street complex. Ending the dollar’s reign as the global reserve currency would certainly be a huge help in opposing the cabal, as the house of cards that is the U.S. economy would collapse in a heap. But the West collectively rather quickly finds reasons to demonize and/or invade or sanction any nation that threatens to stop trading in dollars. The details change daily, but this deeper reality remains at the bottom of our very dangerous situation.

    • Gezzah Potts says

      Gary Weglarz: absolutely bang on summation Gary, and regards the situation in the U.S, here in Australia, its basically the same. What’s occuring in France right now with the ‘yellow vests’ just can’t imagine that happening here. At all. In fact, the vast majority of people in Aussie havn’t got a clue about what’s going on, and most just look forward to their next shopping binge at the Mall, or getting pissed at the Pub, or boasting about their next overseas holiday (usually to Europe). I agree with you that it will take a mass general strike combined with a mass civil disobedience right across the Empire too change things. These creatures are not going to just give up their power.

      • Gary Weglarz says

        Geezah Potts – it’s sad to hear that Australia is so similar in terms of the populations passions for shopping the pub and vacations. There seems to a huge shift in the U.S. in terms of just basic human traits like empathy now, as compared to the 1960’s and 1970’s. There simply is no parallel to the anti-war consciousness of that period in the population today. I doubt that most Americans of any political stripe spend any real time thinking about and feeling empathy toward those we have slaughtered or rendered homeless or as refugees all over the Middle East just since 9/11. It seems that both the ability to think critically And the human capacity for empathy, are both increasingly in short supply here in the U.S. Were it not to be near my small grandchildren I would leave this psychic wasteland in an instant.
        America is a very difficult place to feel the beauty of life. I shudder to think that we are so effective in transmitting this cultural model around the globe.

        • Gezzah Potts says

          Gary Weglarz: sadly, and poignantly, true. I put this squarely on the logical outcome of Neoliberalism, and its mass, all consuming propaganda. This is the cause of what you see, what I see, what nearly every other commenter on OffGuardian see’s as well. Neoliberalism is a gangrenous cancer that has warped people’s pysche’s. I sell a homeless street magazine in a large Australian city too survive. The factory job I had was sent to China along with 200 other jobs by the same $6 Billion Corporation. Some of the people I knew had young families and mortgages. As I’m a New Zealand citizen (another 5 eyes country) I get no welfare in Aussie, so go round different suburbs flogging this mag. I see Society in action up close. Yeah, some beautiful, caring, and generous people here, but I also see this country becoming more like a mirror of America. Just the narcissistic hedonism, the complete lack of empathy by many passersby. This “I’m alright Jack, I’ve got mine, fuck you” mindset. I see, and feel that every single day. And the level of brainwashing…. Just breathtaking. And the vast majority are so oblivious to how dangerous the situation has become. Not a clue. I try and connect to nature = my spirituality. That helps. Lots of music helps. Its surreal, the psychopaths who lust for total hegemony, who are putting humanity in grave peril. I’m really grateful there’s lots of like minded people here at OffGuardian. That helps me cope also.

      • mark says

        Civil disobedience/ demonstrations/ strikes achieve sweet FA. Think Occupy, think 36 million demonstrating against the Iraq war.
        Most current “civil disobedience”, Antifa, BLM, is orchestrated by the Deep State and bankrolled by creatures like Soros.
        The system will collapse under its own weight. Uncle Sam is currently borrowing $4,000 million A DAY from the rest of the world to pay for his trillion dollar trade and budget deficits and his trillion dollar war machine. The hundreds of trillions in derivatives toilet paper sloshing around waiting to explode. Trade wars, quite likely ending in actual wars. A situation where Gates, Buffett and Bezos own more than 160 million Americans. The yawning chasm between rich and poor, classical Marxist concentration of wealth and power. Large banks all over the world that are already insolvent. Tens of trillions in toilet paper money and negative interest rates to keep a collapsed zombie economy on life support. The mountains of debt. Political, class, racial, and social divisions. A corrupt, broken, dysfunctional political establishment incapable of change, sustained by a controlled MSM that has lost all credibility. Further wars in the pipeline against Iran, Venezuela, DPRK, Russia, China,
        that are likely to be as much of a rip roaring success as all the previous ones.
        The system is like a house of cards that can collapse at any time. No doubt there will be many demonstrations and strikes, whether genuine or controlled. But they are completely irrelevant. The system itself is in self destruct mode. It’s only a question of exactly how and when this happens. And what, if anything, replaces it. Going off past experience, my money is on total chaos followed by fascism.

        • Gary Weglarz says

          Mark – sadly I can’t disagree with your assessment. I suspect only total system collapse will end the current madness. As for what follows . . .

        • @Mark: “Uncle Sam is currently borrowing $4,000 million A DAY from the rest of the world”.

          I think you will find that Uncle $cam is borrowing from Rothschild banks, and selling his great-great-grandchildren into Hindu style debt slavery as collateral. Follow the money.

      • Narrative says

        “the vast majority of people in Aussie havn’t got a clue about what’s going on”

        It is all by design. That’s the plan all along! Minds saturated by a deluge of inanity doesn’t happen by accident. Remember folks:

        Everything In The Corporate Media -including rubbhish- Is Scripted

    • AJ says

      You nailed it. They have suppressed humanity from ascension and enlightenment. They are the enemy of all life.

  7. Frankly Speaking says

    Russia and the world are being pushed closer and closer to the brink.

    Bush, Obama, Trump, they are all the bloody, murderous same when it comes to foreign policy and the MIC.

    Russia is being impeded and humiliated more and more. They already are sanctioned, they might as well just get on with it and assert themselves fully in reaction to these provocations in the same way that the US would do if this were happening on their doorstep, or the Israelis, they’ve nothing to lose.

    If Putin does not act, he will be replaced sooner or later by a someone a lot tougher, and with greater risks to all of us. In other words, those fearing Putin or painting him as the devil, no, he’s an intelligent, respectful person, a relative pussycat, and you ain’t seen nothing yet if you don’t work with him and keep him in the job.

    • robjira says

      Agree with your appraisal of VVP, and would only add that pussycats have claws, and VVP is no exception. If the usual suspects keep up with these moronic provocations, then the claws are likely to come out.

    • mark says

      You’re right. Think Zhirinovsky or someone like that. He would have nuked America half a dozen times over by now.

  8. BigB says

    Starting the war to end all wars for an unnamed military contractor? No gender discrimination here: progressive to note that Mission Essential is an ultra-PC equal opportunities employer. 😉

  9. archie1954 says

    Satanic! That is the term for what the US is doing and has been doing ever since the end of WWII. Constant wars, something like 60 or more since 1945, all planned, commenced or entered into by the US for “national security” reasons (that, by the way, is a catch all term mostly relating to making money). When the US destroyed Ukraine’s nascent democracy, we all knew that it wouldn’t end there. Now we are seeing the real goal. It isn’t going to happen, no matter how many bases the US can con Ukraine into placing on their territory. Why can’t the US learn from history? Russia defeated the largest army in the World in the 1940s. The Germans were destroyed mostly on Russian territory, opening up the way for the downfall of Berlin, which was wrested from the Germans by the Red army. Learning from history can save a nation a lot of grief, but you can’t wilfully ignore it, if you want to learn. Russia will not sit tight and let the US arm an enemy on its borders!

  10. BigB says

    Is anyone sure that the ‘US citizen’ is not a ruse? I think Gavin Williamson posted this. He seems awfully keen on starting a war I do not want, for my benefit, on my behalf. Perhaps he could apply? 😀

  11. DunGroanin says

    The next bay of pigs..

    Planned to coincide with G20 and Trump/Putin summit.

    On a side note – Eddie Mair, ex-BBC reveals his true spots at LBC radio (same stable as Farage). This afternoon with a Ukrainian shill given massive airtime without question. Jessica Elgot of the Guardian from the G20 now.
    Yesterday had ex-BBC now Bloomberg, Stephanie Flanders AND Alistair Campbell shilling the neocon/lib narrative.

    Et tu Eddie!

    • Paul says

      The startling rise in the number of Rightwing ‘commentators’ and ‘experts’ appearing on all of the BBC is very noticeable. Newsnight and QT are the worst; they fix things like studio audiences, focus groups, even paying one strange actor pretending to be a vicar to say Mrs May was marvellous and so was the Deal which all true Tories should vote for. It wasn’t to gain votes for May of course but those further Right; the woman was in fact pretending to be an utter nutcase, the only sort who could vote May. Apparently BBC people blame a series of interferences and appointments made by Cameron which are now coming in fruit. Whatever it is, it signifies a significant shift Right in our culture. I think Eddie’s spots did show from time to time over Brexit, Russia and Corbyn. But at least he was quick witted and didn’t dribble on in the way Evan Davies does trying to frame a question that can be understood.

      • DunGroanin says

        Disappointed but not surprised that he too is one of the gatekeepers and damage limiters of the DS MSM agents.

        Just as Cadwalldr is outing herself to be.

        They are desperately trying to regain narrative control, by firing all their weapons of mass destraction at once!

  12. Paul says

    If European Governments had any sense of responsibility or love of their countries they’d put a stop to America fermenting war on the Continent. A conflict in Ukraine will spread to Poland and if battle field nukes are used, as the Americans are dying to do to see how they work and to end what the Pentagon calls ‘prejuidice’ about nuclear bombs then parts of the area may end up as deserts. Ah well, it ain’t Florida so what the fuck?” The fact they never make a squeak suggests the truth is they daren’t because they are powerless, vassals without a vote. A sad pathetic end to European history when they allow – even encourage!- foreign powers to fight proxy nuclear wars in their own backyard!

    • Well, for one, the U.K. is run by Zionists and arms dealers, maybe even Zionist arms dealers, so no surprise there really.

    • JudyJ says

      “If European Governments had any sense of responsibility…”

      I don’t know if you watched any of the recent three part BBC documentary behind the scenes at the FCO but there was a very revealing scene shown in the first episode. The British Ambassador in Ukraine made an official visit to the Donbass ‘frontline’ where a Ukrainian military official told her of the problems they were having as a result of Russian infiltration in support of the separatists. She casually and openly said to him that he and his colleagues should let her know what the UK might be able to provide to support or help the Ukrainian military forces. So Russia is condemned by the West for ‘meddling’ in the Ukrainian conflict but it’s fine for the West to ‘meddle’.

      • Frankly Speaking says

        Let’s not forget Vitoria “f**k the EU” Nuland admitting on camera that the US had “invested” $5 billion in Ukraine “democracy”:

  13. Henry Wilson says

    Germany is back trying to dominate the east again

    • kevin morris says

      Back to? They were the first country to recognise Croatia on the collapse of Yugoslavia.

      • Kevin, yes I remember clearly hearing the news and saying to myself, Shades of Haydn! They have pulled out that block and now the whole pile of blocks is going to come tumbling down.

        [Haydn was a Croatian but the Austrians appropriated him. And this year marks the end of WW1 which started with Austria’s decision to Teach Serbia a Lesson — and brought the whole AustroHungarian Empire tumbling down. I hope this latest move by Our Leaders, to Teach Russia a Lesson, will bring the whole Anglo Zio Capitalist Empire tumbling down.]

  14. How odd that no Russian language qualifications are required since eastern Ukrainians are Russian ethnics. This simply means that no Russians will have opportunity to find work in western Ukraine, as many of them do not speak Ukrainian.
    The article reinforces the hidden(not very well)agenda of the US manufacturing of the coup, the aid given to the fascist, nazi and far right elements within Western Ukraine(Poroshenko wears an SSWaffen badge on his lapel)and their intent to ensure more baiting of the Russian bear.

    • bevin says

      It may be that the fault here is one of Political Correctness-after the Bandera style: the fiction is maintained that everyone speaks “Ukrainian” whereas, in fact , in most of non Galician Ukraine, Russian is the lingua franca.

    • Jen says

      Maybe Mission Central anticipate that Ukraine in its entirety will become one huge combat zone. That may very well be the case once their mercenaries are on the ground there, start seeing “Russkies” everywhere they go and then blast away indiscriminately.

      Way to go, ‘Murkans!

      One might hope that US / NATO mercenaries and Banderite Nazis will be kept so busy obliterating each other in western Ukraine that no-one will notice eastern and southern Ukraine finally breaking away from Kiev and forming Novorossiya, and appealing for unity with the Russian Federation … and Moscow finally accepting them.

      • Jen. I hope you are under no delusion that the US and useful idiot cabal give a damn about who or how many human beings die as a result of their carefully mastered incitement against Russia. They(and I include the UK and NATO elements)have never given a second thought to the ensuing casualties of their insane wars, safely esconced as they are within hallowed halls. I believe that the US would rather destroy all life on this planet than lose their superior “exceptionalism” to the likes of Russia, China Iran and Syria. There’s more to come with Afghanistan, Pakistan, the likes of Maduro and Duterte and anyone else moving away from the petro dollar, which will be finacial ruin for the US and it’s utter humiliation. There are few sane minds in the nakedly aggressive corporatist/capitalist regimes left, corrupted as they are by power and wealth.

  15. Francis Lee says

    ”The advert also requires candidates to be able to fit in the local culture and customs, in addition to “the ability to deal inconspicuously with local populace if necessary.” Which simply means that the interpreter needs to be able to hide the fact that he is not a Ukrainian citizen, at least partly.”

    I had to laugh when I read this. The person required will need to speak Ukrainian and Russian and possibly past muster in Hungarian and Romanian as these are national minorities in western Ukraine. Oh, the applicant also needs to have perfect pronunciation, grammar and syntax as well as understanding the local vernacular and idioms. Not much to ask is it!?

    • lysias says

      When U.S. government agencies and government contractors advertise jobs, they often have a particular candidate in mind. So they frame the job requirements in such a way that that candidate fits the requirements perfectly.

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