WATCH: “The WW1 Conspiracy – Part 3”

The third part in James Corbett’s documentary series analysing the roots, and myths, of World War I.

A week of rain, wind and heavy fog along the Western Front finally breaks, and for a moment there is silence in the hills north of Verdun. That silence is broken at 7:15 AM when the Germans launch an artillery barrage heralding the start of the largest battle the world had ever seen.

Watch Part 1 here, Part 2 here. A full transcript and links to sources are available here.


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Alfred Burdett
Alfred Burdett
Nov 19, 2020 6:36 PM

This review of WW1 is informative, but the conclusion that responsibility for the war is attributable to the Rhodes-Milner-Rothschild secret society for world empire is simply wrong. In 1914 the world was dominated by imperial powers including Britain, France, Russia, Germany, the US, Portugal,Netherlands, Belgium, Turkey, Austria-Hungary, Serbia, and Japan. Among these powers there was rivalry for territorial aggrandisement. Britain, the then wealthiest country in the world with the largest empire and possessed of world-spanning naval superiority, may have been the most ambitious imperial power, but all sought to expand at the expense of another.

Prior to 1914 the powers naturally sought to ensure their own security through alliances with powers with whom they had shared interests. At the time, Germany (formerly Prussia), which was allied with Austria-Hungary, was perceived as the the greatest threat to the security of the other European great powers having only recently waged three aggressive wars in Europe (in 1865 against Denmark, resulting in the incorporation of Sleswig and Holstein into Prussia, 1866 blitzkreig war against Austria, and in 1871 against France, resulting in the incorporation of Alsace and Lorraine into Prussia), and having developed industrially at a breath-taking rate. Under the circumstances, and given Germany’s announced (by Chancellor Otto von Bismarck) desire for further territorial expansion, it was entirely rational for the neighboring powers of Britain, France and Russia to form the Triple Entente, a commitment to mutual defense.

The generally accepted view that WW1 was a result of the assassination of the heir to the throne of German ally Austria-Hungary is, in fact, correct. However, the assassination was the trigger for war only because of poor decisions by several powers, particularly Russia and Germany. The Tsar unwisely promised unlimited support to Serbia, the petty imperialist power responsible for assassination of the Archduke Ferdinand, and Germany failed to urge patience and moderation on Austria-Hungary, which mobilized for war on Serbia when that country refused a single clause in Austria-Hungary’s ultimatum. The dimwit Tsar, on one of the rare occasions he refused the advise of Rasputin, then made war inevitable by mobilizing his forces in support of Serbia. Germany was then forced to act in support of its only ally, Austria-Hungary, and the German war plan called for an immediate invasion of France, to knock that country out of the war, before turning on its ally Russia. Britain was thus compelled both by its commitment under the Triple Entente and also for reasons of national self-interest (they did not want the German Navy stationed on the French side of the English Channel).

So the war was no the result of a conspiracy, merely the result of general dumbness in government and the absence of any attempt at shuttle diplomacy (admittedly rather difficult at the time, given the available means of transport) to prevent the storm.

Jan 14, 2019 2:33 PM

the benign british empire myth drives me wild.

George Cornell
George Cornell
Dec 21, 2018 10:33 AM

Watched all three with pleasure. Bravi.

Dec 20, 2018 12:42 PM

Good documentary very instructive.

Meet the new model of thought control same as the old one…

The WWI conspiracy morphed into the 20th Century conspiracy in all its myriad forms.

Then into the 21st Century conspiracy with info-containment and the endless parasitic bleeding of the masses. The return of mass want and ignorance.

The Neo-liberal project to break the peoples conciousness is moving on apace with their new flagship journal the Guardian now a haunting ghost spreading its own dark brand of journalistic fascism. Aimed yet again at Russia and China and anyone else who opposes the Neo-liberal order which bestrides the so called western globalist capital model.

Dec 20, 2018 11:32 AM

Excellent documentary but try tell people to watch this and the 100 plus years of propaganda is truly deeply conditioned in these people, they absolutely refuse to accept reality