America’s Runaway Bacteria

How Yet Another US Bio-weapon is Getting Rampant in Europe

Jean Perier via NEO

In my previous articles I’ve touched upon the deadly weapons of tomorrow, those that reek of death and destruction for the mankind, developed in top-secret US laboratories. Previously, I’ve examined the mutated bacteria codenamed Cynthia, that was originally designed to consume hydrocarbon wastes but instead it started to consume human flesh. Even though there’s been a number of lethal cases along the Gulf of Mexico, American authorities chose to keep this whole deal a secret.

However, their secret experiments haven’t stopped there, but now they are being conducted away from American shores, namely in Europe, as Donald Trump himself listed this continent as one of the principal rivals of the United States in the world-wide war for global domination.

A rather disturbing number of reports has recently been presented by independent media sources, all talking about the Xylella fastidiosa bacteria that threatens to completely wipe both Italy and a number of other Mediterranean countries clean off centuries-old olive trees. This microbe, which would typically appear in America, has already infected 800 thousand olive trees in the closed commune of Salento, located in Apulia, Italy.

This Italian region produces more than a third of the world’s supply of olive oil, which amounts to some 11 million tons a year. The standards of olive oil producers in Puglia are widely regarded as industry standards that most other producers can only strive to achieve. The rapid spread of bacteria has already resulted in oil manufacturers suffering 250 million euros in losses, and it doesn’t seem that anybody knows how to put a stop to it. As it’s been pointed out by Angelo Corsetti, a representative of the Italian agricultural group Coldiretti, Italian oil producers were forced into creating a sanitary cordon, cutting off an area of 8,000 hectares from their lands completely. The contaminated area is going to be purged of any surviving olive trees in a bid to save those still unaffected by the bacteria.

Olive oil producers have recently expressed their concern about the possible spread of Xylella fastidiosa across the Mediterranean states, namely Greece, Spain, and France, with regions of Northern Africa and Middle East also being at risk of contamination.

According to European ID specialists, olive trees are not the only ones that remain vulnerable to this pathogen, as a number of vineyards is  also at risk, especially Chardonnay and Pinot Noir. Unsurprisingly, wine producers of the whole Mediterranean basin are now expressing their concern over the possible epidemic of Xylella fastidiosa going rampant across their vineyards.

In addition, it turned out that this bacteria has the potential of destroying the entire banana market. The rapid spread of fungus has already ruined banana plantations across the Southeast Asia and is now spreading across the Middle East and Africa, which threatens the global banana market. In particular, the root system of the Cavendish banana family turned out to be extremely susceptible to this microbe, which is rather terrifying since it’s by far the most widely produced banana cultivar. Traces of this disease have already been located in Latin America, Jordan and Mozambique.

Xylella fastidiosa from the Gammaproteobacteria class is capable of infecting more than two hundred plant variations that belong to a total of fifty families of important nutritional crops, including grapes, stone fruit, olives, citrus fruits, coffee, sunflower, etc. In addition, there is a large number of plants that can be infected with Xylella without showing any visual signs of being infected! Thus, thanks to latent carriers, the bacterium will carry on its rapid spread.

It’s curious that this disease in a number of European media sources has already been dubbed as an “agent of US imperialist policies”. The bacteria has already inflicted massive losses on the economy of the entire EU. According to some comments, the fact that Italy, which has recently been trying to pursue its own national interests in total disregard of Washington’s dictates, has been heavily affected by this bacteria may serve as a indicator that American hawks wanted to teach it a lesson, especially in a situation when it chose to approach Moscow, that the United States has been demonizing for years.

The main carriers of Xylella fastidiosa are cicadas that feed on plants. And in this regard, one would involuntarily recall accusations repeatedly made by European scientists that the so-called Insect Allies project supervised by American secret services was nothing but an attempt to develop weapons of mass destruction.

It was launched by the Pentagon back in 2016 and can easily be regarded as an attempt to create biological weapons, notes Science, citing the interviews of a number of high-profile European scientists. This program is funded by the Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) of the US Department of Defense, with the latter allocating some 45 million dollars over a course of four years. The program was specifically designed to promote the use of artificial insects to infect crops with genetically modified viruses, which, in turn, will modify the genome of mature plants.

Secret studies for this program is conducted in a number of US universities. Scientists, whose opinion publishes Science, considered that “the program can be widely perceived as an attempt to develop biological agents for hostile purposes, as well as their means of delivery”. The Biological and Toxic Weapons Convention (CCD) is pretty strict in prohibiting any attempts of developing biological agents unless they are created for preventive, protective or other peaceful purposes. This was the position of a lawyer of the University of Freiburg, Silia Wieneki. She believes that the existence of such a program is difficult to justify, since the methods of virus delivery are difficult to track and control and it is unlikely that they will be reserved for peace purposes only.

Experts and agricultural producers of the Mediterranean basin also ask a natural question: why has the United States, that has been actively developing its biological defense system both in its own country and abroad, failed to prevent the uncontrolled spread of this epidemic in a timely manner, if they were actually going to do it?

Thus, by constantly expanding the area of the so-called National Biodefense Strategy, the United States has been actively adding new states to this network, spending tens of millions of dollars to achieve seemingly noble goals. Only in recent years, the White House has got such countries aboard as Afghanistan, Pakistan, Burundi, Kenya, Uganda, India, Iraq, Tanzania, South Africa, Azerbaijan, Armenia, Georgia, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Kyrgyzstan and Ukraine, which results in hundreds of new biological laboratories being created by the Pentagon. The population of countries hosting this laboratories hasn’t been informed about the goals of the top-secret projects that Pentagon pursues. As a result, we witness cases similar to the spread of the Xylella fastidiosa bacteria, which makes most anybody wonder why the so-called National Biodefense Strategy isn’t working or if it is, wasn’t it behind this epidemics?

So it’s about time the international community starts asking questions instead of watching in silence the creation of hundreds of biological laboratories in those states that the White House is not describing as the principal allies of the United States! And since Washington has been keen on imposing sanctions on the rest of the world, isn’t it  time for the international community to impose such sanctions on the US, until the moment US will disclose the content of its secret programs?

Jean Périer is an independent researcher and analyst and an expert on the Near and Middle East.

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Robert J.
Robert J.

I’m all prepared to look into any theory, “conspiracy” or else. This one in particular, although it comes rather belatedly: for years now, Italians, the 5-Star Movement (M5S) now in government in particular, have been discussing this issue and whose interests the olive tree massacre might serve. However, having the words bacteria, fungus and microbe shot in one breath doesn’t speak well for any theory.

Whereas describing the current situation as “(…) Italy (…) has recently been trying to pursue its own national interests in total disregard of Washington’s dictates (…)” is, to say the least, reductive. Others might find such a statement downright laughable, whether they — like the M5S — rejoice in the good vibes between Prime Minister Conte and Donald Trump or sweep under the carpet the recent hoisting of the US flag on the town hall of Leghorn (about at the same time as close to a thousand trees were being felled to expand the nearby US base of Camp Darby); or who, like many a disappointed sympathiser, have seen such items as “Out of NATO” disappear from the M5S statements of intent, many months before it won the elections.

Dr. Mabuse
Dr. Mabuse

Your points are very well made. And yet: is it not a sign of unfathomable perversity that the USA – or any country – would even fund a program targetting the biosphere of the planet?

Robert J.
Robert J.

Yes. But I wouldn’t put it down to “unfathomable perversity” only. Mindlessness motivated (can mindlessness be motivated?) by greed = profit fits the bill just as well, if not better. And while reflecting on the subject of motivations, where’s the difference between the mind of a suicide bomber and the mind of those who imagine bacterial weapons like these? Well, suicide bombers may have very different motivations…

Meanwhile, back to M. Périer, Jean. More flimsy stuff in that link to an article of his about Cynthia-the-bacteria:“ (…) hundred thousand dead fish found off the coast of north Louisiana”, states he. Yes, three hundred years ago or so, Louisiana had a north coast. Of sorts, at the Great Lakes (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/French_colonization_of_the_Americas#/media/File:Nouvelle-France_map-en.svg).

Then, “[A]t the rate the bacteria is spreading together with the Gulf Stream” links to a Guardian article about the Gulf Coast. Not a word about the Gulf Stream in there. You’d think somebody might have told him about the difference. Or are editors an endangered species too?

A couple of lines down, we’ll be distressed to learn that the famous beaches of Italy, and even Greece and Turkey are to be closed permanently, and that [T]he microscopic Cynthia might swallow the tourist industry of Southern Europe. Ooh man, dat Cynthia ain’t micro-scopic no way, she be one strong time-traveling bacteeria, bounce dem Pillars of Hercules all the way to London Town.

The OffGuardian would be better off dropping M. Périer.


America is the greatest threat to mankind


“National Biodefense Strategy” : nonsense with a big title to fool Joe Sixpack and the Democrats. Unless GPS is build in into biological organisms, they will spread all over the globe including the US. Viruses and even heavier bacteria spread through dust in clouds everywhere, fast.
The Graun knew this already in 2009: https://www.theguardian.com/world/2009/sep/27/dust-storms-diseases-sydney


Why drag the name Trump into this story? Looks very neo-connish…

Gary Wilson
Gary Wilson

Quotes from the late soil scientist, William A. Albrecht, PhD:
“Insects and disease are the symptoms of a failing crop, not the cause of it.”
“The use of sprays is an act of desperation in a dying agriculture. It’s not the overpowering invader we must fear but the weakened condition of the victim.”
“We are exhausting the quality of our soils. As we do so the quality of our plants goes down.. And we are accepting this.”
These are taken from Volume I of “The Albrect Papers” on a page titled, “Tart Albrechtisms”.


Not to forget Lyme disease, Morgellons.



Phages are the solution by a vector is needed.

Fair dinkum
Fair dinkum

Mustard gas during WWI, the fire bombing of civilian targets by the Allied forces during WW2, Napalm in Vietnam and depleted uranium in the Middle East.
Bombs and bullets are not brutal enough for PSYCHOPATHS in war zones.


“This microbe, which would typically appear in America, has already infected 800 thousand olive trees in the closed commune of Salento, located in Apulia, Italy.”

Did the U.S. just release a lot of infected insects from around its military bases in Apulia, Italy – is that how it started?
I remember Iraq discovered that UN personnel had buried containers with insect eggs in Iraq’s crop fields.

Terje M

I can’t find anything about containers of insects in Iraq by searching in Google. Do you have a link to more information?

Rebecca Jones
Rebecca Jones
Terje M

Thanks for the Iraqi links,

The claims are tantalizing, but lack a bit depth. Even some pictures of the containers would have helped. Oh, how wonderful it would be to have an alternative press back then that could have investigated these things, like Dilyana Gaytandzhieva did with the Georgian bio-labs!

They threw everything they could against Iraq, including counterfeiting and destroying the Iraqi currency, so it is not inherently implausible they used plant diseases.

In the early 1950’s, East Germany strongly accused the US of dropping Colorado beetles from crop dusting airplanes to sabotage economic development, but the issue petered out due to lack of clinching evidence.

In the campaign against Cuba, a decade or two later, the accusations of introduction of diseases turned out to be correct and documented.

There were quite a East German posters warning beetles dropped from planes, and even children’s books:




“I can’t find anything about containers of insects in Iraq”

But off he jolly well went, notwithstanding…


Happy New Year!
Concerning the article see also:
“A Reminder: Neocon Think Tanks and Fascism”: https://wipokuli.wordpress.com/2017/06/29/a-reminder-neocon-think-tanks-and-fascism-zur-erinnerung-neocon-think-tanks-und-faschismus/

Thomas Prentice
Thomas Prentice

There is no bottom to the vast depth of wickedness and Satanic evil of the US, Israel and Saudi Arabia.


I’m afraid this article lacks any serious references, e.g. to the “European media sources” in which Xylella fastidiosa has allegedly “been dubbed as an “agent of US imperialist policies””. Moreover, even if the bacterium in question has really been thus accused, the accusation would not in itself constitute any kind of proof that X. fastidiosa is being used as a bio-weapon.

This is a shoddy piece of paranoia about a subject which deserves being dealt with somewhat more seriously.


If the truth comes out of the mouth of a dog, it is still the truth. Instead of critiquing someones reporting style, you should be very much concerned whether or not it is the truth and that you can ascertain for your self. Especially on an issue such as this one.


I don’t think that would satisfy someone like you, you would only brand it as fake!

David William Pear
David William Pear

It is in our Scott-Irish origin, where most of the original settlers came from; and our early and current president.

David William Pear
David William Pear

The US purposely caused and spread the waterborne disease cholera during the “first” Iraq War in the 1990’s causing millions of deaths, especially of children which Madeleine Albright infamously described as “worth it” in 1996. Apparently the US thought so, since it continued to kill children with cholera for at least until 2001.

For documentation of this simple genocidal germ warfare used by the US one can find it at “The Role of ‘Iraq Water Treatment Vulnerabilities’ in Halting One Genocide and Preventing Others” published by the Association of Genocide Scholars on pdf at http://www.casi.org.uk/info/nagy010612.pdf

The Saudis have been using the same methodology to cause the worst epidemic of cholera in history in Yemen which I wrote about and was published by OffGuardian at https://off-guardian.org/2018/10/29/the-us-led-genocide-and-destruction-of-yemen/

Cholera epidemic caused by war are not collateral damage. It is caused by purposely destroying the civilian water purification facilities and sewage treatment plants. In both Iraq and Yemen the cholera epidemic is then perpetuated by either “economic sanctions” (as in the case of Iraq) or blockade (as in Yemen) to prevent the import of necessary repair parts, chemicals and potable water.

The purposely destruction of civilian infrastructure is a war crime. The US adopted the concept of total warfare going back to its founding when it used the destruction of food, water, and the means of civilian survival against the Indigenous People of the continent now known as North America.

The US has always limited its own casualties in its wars of aggression by attacking and killing the weak and defenseless (i.e. babies, children, women, old men and defenseless civilians).

After WW2, under operation Paperclip, the US waved war crimes against the worst of the Nazi and Japanese war criminals involved in biological warfare and human experimentation, in order to recruit them for the development of its own biological and chemical warfare.

The US has been using germ warfare by purposely spreading smallpox among the “Indians”, even before scientist discovered germs. It has been proven conclusively that the US used germ warfare during the Korean War in the 1950’s. During the Korean War the US also perfected the chemical weapon Napalm. During the Vietnam war the US used the deadly chemical weapon Agent Orange.



@DW Pear. Yes I, noted during the Iraq gang bang by Rothschild agent TB.Liar and the Bush Regime of Oil People with their Coalition of the Killing, that it was General Colon Powell who ordered the bombing of Baghdad’s sewage system so that more Iraqi could die of Colonic Disease. Particularly virulent bacteria ought to be named after such people.


I don’t argue with the uncovering of intent and attempt to weaponise anything and everything to get and keep possession or dispossess rivals – or simply bring down everyone else with you as a sort of vengeance on a ‘failed life’.

But I’d like to invite a different view of the bacteriological aspect of our lives.

The following link came up from searching ‘germ theory’ and on reading it, I felt it a fair overview.

The article is worth pasting into a more readily readable form. But it is not definitive so much as sketching the outlines.
One can still use the internet to follow a line of enquiry.

In summary the pathogen is a misnomer – excepting the terrain (in this case the bio-cellular terrain) is receptive.
Toxicity and malnourishment (via various vectors) degrades the terrain and the biome them plays a necessary role.

To this point, much – in my opinion – is passed off as infectious that is in fact a convergence of poverty, malnutrition and toxicity. Fear of infection operates the same protection racket as did the Vatican or similar methods of guilt and fear as vectors of narrative control.

Focusing only on the negative – gives it the power and makes fear the master.
Sharing in the experience of the easy, grows the capacity to move through fear.

Fear of being less – initiated an intent to be ‘more’ and set the attempt to ‘become’ worthy into motion, which operates selfish rather than self-full perception. Scarcity generates struggle and war results in impoverishment or scarcity and a chronic defensive stash against threat which also induces scarcity by means of attempt to possess and control and reactive struggle against subjection and exclusion. Guilt can set up such conflict or pain and fears as to make suicide a reward in comparison. Self-hetred can seem to be ‘escaped’ by projecting or dumping it on ‘others’ on ‘world’ or on ‘Life’. The underlying and usually hidden denials of grievance and vengeance fuel a persistence of a ‘narrative’ identity at odds with true relation within ourself, with each other and within Life.

There are no ‘private thoughts’. Everything will ‘out’ but not everything has a belonging in who you truly are.
Deeply toxic or inflammatory or life-undermining thought is usually masked from awareness or ‘contained’ within defences so as to present as some sort of external package that can be set officially off limits.

One of the ways the the body makes toxins less harmful – when it cannot avoid or excrete them – is storing them in ways that limits effects on the vital functions. IE; Complex financial instruments masking toxic debt.

Deceit: if we really knew what we were doing, we would no longer be able to believe we had done it. The division of the mind into self-conflicted ‘agencies’ protects a Deep State of ignorance – without which the promise or premise of such powers cannot be engaged in. Science is so specialised now as to be working an auto-immune disease condition in which science is sacrificed for the power to define and control its application (weaponising and marketising)

Fig-leaf thinking is the guile of ingenious self-deceit whereby our attempts to become ‘more’ than we are seem real – even in negative expression. The created self is ‘original and unadulterated’ and naturally self-ful – which is my term here for the cup which runneth over – or the self-extension of true worth.

How to uncover and share in true worth in a world of lies?
Recognize you are not IN it or subject to such a lie unless in some wise you are subscribing and supporting it for what you think it premises or indeed promises.

The lie or false framing mind, separates you from yourSelf – and substitutes a separate world of separate minds.

The presumption of wholeness is not a personal claim, so much as a personal willingness for alignment in integrity – rather than an attempt to become or mimic such an integrity via the assertion of identity in ‘self-righteous’ hate.


Binra, applied bacteriology is merely a tool — and every tool is a potential weapon. As German engineers used to say under the Nazis, From one Cross we can make two gallows. The evil lies not in the tool but in the intent. That is why Dante (following Aquinas) assigns Sins of Perverted Intelligence to the lowest Circles of Inferno.

As a child I learned there are friendly bacteria which give us the means to make bread and wine and cheese (some of the Glories of Christendom, according to ChesterBelloc). And there are unfriendly bacteria which we must fight.

I forget which French poet wrote, “God made the polio virus, then made Man to fight the polio virus”. Nor do I know if he lived long enough to see The March of Dimes in honour of FD Roosevelt which has led to so many victories over polio.

“Things change but one thing never changes / The battle between Good and Evil never changes”. — TS Eliot

Gary Weglarz
Gary Weglarz

The U.S. is the greatest danger to human and ecological survival facing the planet. While the Orange One’s persona can justifiably be characterized as that of a sort of school yard bully and buffoon, behind him, hidden in the shadows, is an assemblage of amoral psychopaths and serial killers the likes of which the world hasn’t seen since the Reich. In fact U.S. deep state research into germ warfare and other related mayhem was jump started by our incorporation of both Nazi and Japanese scientists into CIA & military programs after WWII. This type of crazy has long been percolating in the U.S.

David William Pear
David William Pear

The majority of US Americans have always enthusiastically been thrilled and filled with pride and triumphalism in all of its wars. I guess the Brits have been too.

The mainstream newspapers have always been warmongers, whipping up war fever.

The Guardian is enthusiastically trying to start a war against Russia.

Propaganda of the population is early preparation for war.

Robert Laine

In January of 1991, listening to news about Operation Desert Storm, it suddenly dawned on me that the US had become the greatest threat to world peace. The breakup of the Soviet Union meant there was little serious competition. Growing up after WWII I had “learned” about the brain-washing, torture and germ warfare that enemies would use, an impossibility for exceptional USAmerica. We have more than 70 years of BS/fake news to counter, a daunting but not impossible task. Revving up grassroots politics, ignorance-reducing campaigns and blows to economic pockets where it really hurts could be just a few components of an effective stategy.

John A
John A

It’s curious that this disease in a number of European media sources has already been dubbed as an “agent of US imperialist policies”.
Wow, totally off message, MSM heads must roll. It must surely be part of Putin’s evil plans…..


It is no doubt all part of the NWO plans. Wiping out the olive groves of Italy (clearly not seen as one of US allies) to make way for a boost in sales of Israeli olive oil from olive groves stolen from Palestine. What a wicked world!

David William Pear
David William Pear

One of the best olive oils is produced by the Palestinians and is a main source of their economy. The Israelis are likely to use this diabolical disease to kill off Palestinian olive trees. They have been doing it the old fashioned way by cutting them down, stealing them and blocking access to Palestinian farmers.

Dee Drake (@DrakeDee)

THorrific! But the Pentagon’s bio-warfare goes back to the 1950s and the Korean war. Watch the excellent documentary, Wormwood, on Netflix.


This is probably the most scary article I have read .This has the potential of destroying our food source ,let alone the diseases that this can accompany .We are indeed living in Orwellian times .It could very well be that , as a species we will annihilate ourselves because of our greed and power hungry evils.
I never thought I would ever think so pessimistically about our future but this is horror in capital letters.