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WATCH: Truth At Last: The Assassination of Martin Luther King

Released last year, to mark the 50th anniversary of King’s assassination, James Corbett’s documentary examines King’s attempt to reconcile the civil rights and anti-war movements of the late 1960s, and dispels the many myths that have grown up around both King and his alleged assassin.

On April 4, 1967, Dr. Martin Luther King delivered a passionate speech at Riverside Church in New York staking out his opposition to the war in Vietnam. One year later to the day, he was assassinated. Now, 50 years after that fateful day, the truth about the assassination of Dr. King can finally be told.

A full transcript, along with links and sources, can be found here.


  1. Thomas Prentice says

    Holy shit! One year later to the day ?! Why am I just not learning this ?! Not the sermon. I’ve know and read and listened to it for years. Why did I not know he was assassinated one year to the day that he delivered the sermon? Did Bobby Kennedy not know that night when he spoke in a Black Indianapolis neighborhood? WHY HAVE THESE DOTS NOT PREVIOUSLY BEEN CONNECTED? Or were they and I wasn’t paying attention?

    This Just Stinks of a Revenge Op.

  2. Joerg says

    With pictures of MLK – Timmy Thomas “Why can’t we live togehter (1972)”

  3. BigB says

    The trajectory of the bullet is also inconsistent with Pepper’s version. Dr King was hit in the right side of his face, the bullet passing though his neck to lodge under his left shoulder. Could this shot have come from below and across the street? Or is it more consistent with the direction Andrew Young and the others were pointing?

  4. BigB says

    Look at the picture that accompanies this article. For Jowers to be true, the shot would have come from below, travelling up. So why are they all pointing away to the distance?

  5. TFS says

    We all had the ability to honour him on the 50th anniversay of his death.

    Stop buying Coke, Stop using Google. They’ll here.

    Think BDS is a good idea? Stop Buying Coke and using Google…..they’ll hear louder.

    It’s a couch potatoes wet dream and their nightmare.

    Its the greatest daily voting right we have AND ONE WHICH WE DON’T USE.

  6. James O'Neill says

    It is rather a misnomer to call it “truth at last”. There was a 1999 civil trial that received no publicity in the msm that found agencies of the US government responsible for the murder of King. William Pepper has also written a number of books on the subject, again exposing the truth many years ago. While Corbett’s contribution is to be welcomed, lets not kid ourselves that he has done anything “at last.”

    • BigB says

      Case solved? So why were Young and the rest of Dr King’s party pointing away from were Strausser was allegedly standing (across Mulberry. outside the Rooming House, where JER should have been above him)? Did he have a ‘magic bullet’ that could turn in flight, to mimic the trajectory of a bullet coming from the direction they were pointing? Jowers testimony doesn’t add up. I’ve never been able to satisfactorily answer those two questions, but, case closed? Shouldn’t we consider all the evidence first?

  7. Antonym says

    Up to that point Dr. King had made passing references to the war, but he had never connected the anti-war effort to his civil rights advocacy. That changed in January 1967

    Upsetting the US industrial-military cabal has its price, as Eisenhower, JFK and now Trump knew. Even a non president like MLK was thought to be too influential by these dark forces.

    • Antonym says

      President Donald Trump visited the MLK Jr. Memorial today…..

    • Antonym says

      Dominant FBI honchos were the perps in the MLK assassination, as now with the assault on Trump.
      For JFK the CIA was in the lead.
      South Eastern Democrats don’t have a monopoly on violent eliminations but do had the motives for getting rid of Lincoln, JFK and MLK. Now Trump is hampering their flow of cheap Mexican labor…..

  8. Paula C Williams says

    What a rotten society we live in It is only the courage and humanity of Martin Luther King and a few others that give hope and this film is an inspiration to keep on.

    • mark says

      There is a danger in idolising people like King or Mandela, or anyone else. A lot of these icons and idols turn out to have feet of clay. They were politicians with all the usual flaws of politicians and human beings.

      • I agree mark but mlk did more for society than nelson Mandela ever did despite being massively flawed like cheating on his wife but hays the religious for you. And his biggest detractors are the religious too and they too are full Of shit

        • mark says

          You’re quite right, of course, but I don’t like the way a cult grows around them that is exploited by grasping relatives and hangers on, and is milked politically as well. It becomes part of political theatre to pay theatrical homage to these icons, whilst doing precisely nothing to improve the lives of the vast majority of people.

          Mandela was declared a saint when he made S. Africa safe for western corporate interests. Till then he was a dangerous communist terrorist and Cameron and Bercow were demonstrating to have him hanged. Now the millions of S. Africans living in cinder block houses with no water, electricity or job can be forgotten while Rio Tinto, Anglo American and Lonrho and all their buddies get on with the real business of looting the country.

          • Antonym says

            IF any MNCs are looting South Africa than that is on account of some black leaders.
            Greed has no skin color, nor does lust for power.

          • Roger Grimsby says

            I’m not aware of Mandela being motivated to make S. Africa safe for American corporations.

            More likely, the vacuum left by removing Apartheid “allowed” we corporations to come in and take root.

            To say Mandela conspired to turn over his people to The Corporations is a statement worthy of a flaming Russian shill trollbot, and is by definition an insult to Mandela, the revolution, and democracy.

            • mark says

              During the Apartheid era, the only real support for Mandela’s campaign came from a few isolated countries like Libya, and a few western radical activists like Galloway..I’m talking about real support, not hot air and virtue signalling. To the US and its satellites like the UK, Mandela was a dangerous communist terrorist who spoke of socialism and nationalising industry. This was a threat to corporate interests like Anglo American, RTZ, Lonrho and their ilk who had been happily looting the country for decades. Mandela stayed on the US terrorist list long after Apartheid. In fact, I think he was never actually taken off it. But then a deal was struck to protect western corporate interests.

              “Forget all that nonsense about socialism and nationalisation and redistribution. You will be allowed to take over the country provided you don’t bother our big corporations and let them carry on business as usual. You and your supporters will be taken care of. They can live in big houses and drive around in flashy BMWs. We’ll even find cushy jobs for some of them at our big corporations. Deal? Good! Here’s $250,000 for your daughter’s wedding. Don’t suppose you made much money sewing mail bags for the past 25 years, did you?”

              Thus was Saint Nelson born. Every other tower block in London was named after him. And, lo, all the corporate executives did sing his praises ever after. And all the people living in cinder block houses with no water, no electricity and no job were free ever after.

      • harry stotle says

        That’s easy for you to say but then again I guess you did not experience the kind of apartheid found in 30’s Alabama or S African townships.

        MLK was arrested 30 times, labelled by the FBI as a ‘filthy abnormal animal’ and by the US government as the ‘most notorious liar in the country’ – they then murdered him and lied about it while the MSM pretended the investigation was above board.

        Now the very same institutions want to kiss King’s arse on a regular basis.

        This is not just about MLK, even though your disparaging remarks are way off the mark, its about the way the system can treat people, and get away with it should the dare challenge the deep rooted power structures or different forms of violence used to maintain it.

        • mark says

          Exactly. That was my point. All this arse kissing of King and Mandela from people who wanted them dead. The sheer hypocrisy of it turns my stomach, that’s all.

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