Mister Charlie Told Me So

CJ Hopkins

Say what you will about the current zeitgeist, at least it’s often entertaining … albeit in a psychotic Charlie Manson kind of way. Last week, for example, when Russian Hitler ordered Russian-intelligence-asset Hitler to support a coup against Venezuelan Hitler (i.e., Russian Hitler’s South American ally) to distract attention from Smirkboy Hitler and his acne-faced army of MAGA hat-wearing Catholic high-school Hitler Youth. That was entertaining … or something.

This Russian Hitler-backed American Hitler against Russian Hitler-backed Venezuelan Hitler attempted non-military military coup was one of the silliest attempted coups in the history of silly attempted coups. Basically, what happened was, a person by the name of Juan Guaidó (who many Venezuelans had never even heard of) declared himself President of Venezuela. Seriously, he just came out one day and announced that he was in charge of the country. He called on the Venezuelan military to back him. The Venezuelan military did not back him. The Venezuelan military laughed in his face.

American Russian-intelligence-asset Hitler, who probably couldn’t find Venezuela on a map, nonetheless officially recognized Guaidó as the legitimate President of Venezuela, as did the majority of the Western corporate media, despite the fact that he had been elected by no one and did not have the backing of his country’s military (which, normally, when you’re staging a military coup, it’s kind of a good idea to have). The UK, France, Germany, Spain, and other members of the “international community” demanded that Venezuela hold new elections, or else they too will recognize Guaidó, or any other neoliberal puppet Russian-intelligence-asset Hitler decides is the President of Venezuela.

The anti-Russian-intelligence-asset-Hitler Resistance® in the United States suspended their imaginary guerrilla war against Russian-intelligence-asset Hitler in solidarity with the Venezuelan people, who are being brutally oppressed by Venezuelan Hitler, who is a close personal friend of Russian Hitler, and who they reelected president in the spring of last year (i.e., Venezuelan Hitler, not Russian Hitler) against the advice of American Hitler, the deep state goons that are trying to destroy him, and assorted transnational oil corporations like ExxonMobil, Chevron, and Equinor, not to mention all the global financial institutions which are eager to help the Guaidó government democratically restructure and privatize the country.

The weird thing is, Russian Hitler, who presumably ordered American Hitler to support this coup against Venezuelan Hitler, is now supporting Venezuelan Hitler. Which can only mean that this whole ridiculous attempted Hilter-on-Hitler coup thing is a ruse intended to distract our attention from MAGA hat-wearing Smirkboy Hitler and his Catholic high-school Hitler Youth army, who have clearly been “emboldened” by American Hitler to hunt down elderly Native Americans and attempt to literally smirk them to death.

That, or possibly Russian Hitler ordered Russian-intelligence-asset Hitler to orchestrate this coup against Venezuelan Hitler (which Russian Hitler had always intended to thwart) to distract attention from the latest explosive “bombshell” corporate media story about Washington sleazebag Roger Stone’s non-connection to Julian Assange, who American Hitler now wants to prosecute for helping to get him (i.e., American Hitler) elected president with those emails that Russian Hitler stole from Clinton’s campaign manager, and who, according to anonymous fictive sources is not a nice person and doesn’t smell too good (i.e., Assange, not Clinton’s campaign manager).

Or maybe Russian Hitler ordered Russian-intelligence-asset Hitler to back the coup against Venezuelan Hitler to distract our attention from Bernie Sanders, who apparently is also a Russian agent now, or an insidious Kremlin-Trump operation, or is working with Tulsi Gabbard to assemble an army of blood-drinking Hindu nationalists, genocidal Assadists, and American Nazis to help the Iranians (and the Russians, of course, and possibly also Jeremy Corbyn) frontally assault the State of Israel and drive the Jews into the sea!

If all that sounds completely insane and impossible to follow, that’s because it is. We have reached a stage in the War on Populism where the global capitalist ruling classes and their mouthpieces in the corporate media are no longer even trying to appear to make sense, or address people on any kind of rational level. Reading the so-called “serious” press and watching corporate television news is like having a bunch of paranoid psychotics tripping monkey balls on DMT jabbering strangely familiar-sounding contradictory nonsense at you … which, apart from its entertainment value, happens to be a standard technique cults use to scramble the minds of new members.

It’s a standard technique because it works.

It doesn’t have anything to do with intelligence. Intelligent people make excellent cult members, primarily because they are given to trying to make sense out of apparent nonsense, which professional cult leaders understand and count on. Listen to Charlie Manson “rapping.” What might appear to be free associative gibberish is actually a calculated effort to short-circuit rational thought in the listener and force them to try to piece together the bits of truth sprinkled into the nonsense. (Of course, it helps if you listen to Charlie ripped out of your gourd on acid, but sheer repetition also works, especially if the people doing it look a little more “normal” than Charlie.)

This mind-scrambling technique is what we are being subjected to, more or less around the clock, not by some Processean grifter, but by the so-called serious corporate media. The steps involved are relatively simple:

  1. authoritative person or persons jabbers irrational nonsense at us, and behaves as if the nonsense were a rational argument;
  2. our minds are faced with a choice – either accept the nonsense as a rational argument or challenge the authority of the authoritative person (which most of us are reluctant to do, because of negative social and financial consequences);
  3. having chosen to believe that the nonsense the authoritative person is spewing at us must somehow amount to a rational argument, our minds begin to struggle to make sense out of the nonsense, which allows the authoritative person to provide us with some simplistic narrative revealing the “truth” and invariably featuring some evil enemy (i.e., Russians, Jews, Body Thetans, etc.), which relieves the acute discomfort we are feeling.

In a cult (or, you know, a cult-like society), this process is repeated, over and over, and then reinforced by positive feedback from other members of the cult (or society). The process is designed to prevent us from ever achieving enough perceptual distance to accurately hear, and critically evaluate, the nonsense authoritative persons are feeding us. If we ever accidentally manage to do so, we are promptly serenaded by a chorus of voices shouting mind-numbing platitudes at us, and threatening us with ostracization, and so on. Over time, we learn to stop thinking critically and just trust whatever the authoritative persons we have surrendered our autonomy to are telling us. The official narratives of the cult (or society), no matter how irrational or totally psychotic, become our reality, or “just the way it is.”

This is why it is relatively easy to recognize this process at work in cults (or social groups) we don’t belong to, but very difficult to perceive in those we belong to. For example, if you’re a creature of the left, as I am, it’s entertaining (or maybe horrifying) to listen to people on the right babbling about caravans of Mexican terrorists that the International Conspiracy of Jews is paying to assault our borders, or kill-crazy lesbians who are getting pregnant and waiting to abort their full-term pregnancies just to spit in the faces of good pro-life Christians. But is that stuff really any more insane than believing Donald Trump is a Russian agent, or that the United States is on the brink of fascism, or that a Catholic teenager in a MAGA hat poses some existential threat to democracy, or any of the other hysterical nonsense the liberal corporate media have been disseminating?

If you seriously believe in any of that stuff, sorry, but I don’t know how to help you. I’m not a professional cult deprogrammer. Nor do I have any “truths” to offer you, except maybe beware of those who do. There are a lot of Mister Charlies out there, and they don’t all look like homicidal hippies with swastikas carved into their foreheads. Actually, most of them look … well, normal.


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Jan 31, 2019 9:46 PM

Are we all being initiated ?

Jan 30, 2019 4:38 PM

Ridiculous though that “coup” seems to be, I find myself earnestly praying that it won’t, nonetheless, be successful.
Soon people will be so accustomed to being propagandized by today’s media that they won’t pay attention to anything at all, or believe anything at all.
And when that happens it will be time for the Archangel Michael to move in and deliver an entirely appropriate Armageddon to our doorsteps.
Our species will deserve no less.

Come on, folks; can’t we stop the rot, like, today?
Just one step at a time? One frank comment at a time? One physical removal from his/her office of a warmongering, psychopathic, governmental demon at a time? I’ll even come with you.
Surely it doesn’t take a lawyer to prove that we are controlled by sick criminals; and no government on earth has ever had the mandate to behave like a horde of sick criminals.
The 1% may certainly rule the rest of us, but only until the rest of us realize how vastly we outnumber the 1%.

It seems obvious that nothing much of any lasting value is created or nurtured in an environment of constant near-war anxiety. Somehow, we have to get back to square one, where we can begin to build up once again the wonderful things of which human beings are capable, once they are left alone to get on with it.

Jan 30, 2019 4:49 PM
Reply to  wardropper

I should add that we of the 99% comprise a lot of extremely well-educated, civilized human beings. I am not talking about the overthrow of tyranny by equally-tyrannical savages here.

guri-kristine mundal
guri-kristine mundal
Jan 30, 2019 2:52 PM

In the midst of everything,—- finally I had a good laugh. Thanks for your insightful analysis 🙂 🙂 🙂

Gezzah Potts
Gezzah Potts
Jan 30, 2019 1:34 PM

Milosevic: thanks – much appreciate your profound comment, espec regards identity politics, and if one takes a couple of steps back, and looks objectively, you can see the effects its had on any potential radical challenge to Neoliberalism. As I’ve said numerous times, its completely neutered much of the Left and lead it into a dead end. Sorry to keep repeating it. Others here at OffGuardian have also questioned identity politics origins, and Who benefits. As you say ‘Divide and Conquer’. And I still strongly relate to Crank viz ‘feeling homeless’. Most of these middle class poseurs playing at being ‘radical’ in whatever Socialist group they call themselves – I wouldn’t go anywhere near them with a 100 ft barge pole. Cheers Milosevic.

Jan 30, 2019 10:54 AM

My brain hurts CJ.

If everything is the opposite to what I’m supposed to think what happened to all that integrity? I thought bringing second or third rate democracy in exchange for oil wealth was a natural process. Even no democracy at all in exchange for oil wealth is pretty good too – just ask Hillary!

Murder and mayhem is a price worth paying for bring freedom, freedom of access to resources is great and no amount of democracy can buy that kind of freedom. In fact it’s better without the democracy stuff and just deregulate the whole shebang to oil the wheels of progress in the name of free enterprise!

Where would be be without such god given freedoms?

Boo Radley
Boo Radley
Jan 30, 2019 9:59 AM

The voice on the Manson video doesn’t belong to Manson. The whole Manson story was psy-op. Read the mountain of circumstantial evidence in this paper and decide for yourself if any of it stands up to scrutiny.

Jan 30, 2019 10:52 AM
Reply to  Boo Radley

Thanks for that. For more context, see David McGowan’s The Strange but Mostly True Story of Laurel Canyon and the Birth of the Hippie Generation.

TLDR: the Manson cult, “hippies” in general, and in fact the entire 1960s “counterculture”, were a CIA psy-war construct, intended to discredit opposition to the Vietnam war, by associating it with drugs, degeneracy, and mass murder. (much as the “conspiracy theory” meme was created to discredit the more conservative critics of the JFK assassination Official Story.) If this seems unbelievable, read McGowan’s account before dismissing the idea.

These cultural turmoils seem quaint and almost kitschy now, fifty years later, but at the time they were largely successful in shutting down the radical movement in America, as soon as conscription was suspended in 1973. As is now becoming quite obvious for anybody with eyes to see, the modern equivalent anti-radical psyop is the divide-and-conquer ideology of Identity Politics, supported by the solid material base of hundreds of thousands of comfortable middle-class careers in academia, politics, NGOs, and “alternative” media. (see my other comment, below)

Jan 29, 2019 11:41 PM

Great article (“nice” also the Mason video!)!

If we ask ourselves who is behind these mass manipulation, we should not simply think into the direction of only political powers. I think we come much closer to the truth when we think of a big, big Mafia. May be one syndicate or two or three.
Let’s not forget that in the USA even the ‘relatively simple’ Sicilian Mafia (Chicago, “Valentine’s Day Massacre”) was never defeated. Then came the also ‘relatively simple’ Jewish-American Mafia (“Kosher Nostra”) – also never dissolved.
But now we have at least the CIA already working together with mobsters for decades (among other things there also is definitely a drug smuggling connection) .
And if you add the Banksters/Oligarchs and the Industrial Military Complex to this you have a super mighty Syndicate.
But it’s tools are still the same as those of Al Capone: Corruption, blackmail, murder

1) Corruption
Think of the missing $21 Trillion of the DOD/Pentagon.
How many people would can become corrupted if you give them, let’s say, $2.1 Million. A lot, I think. With these $21 Trillion then you could corrupt not less than 10 Million people!
Also before, on 911, those accountants that researched for the then already missing $2.5 Trillions (I believe to remember) were all killed by the explosion in exactly that area of the Pentagon they were. And no one picked up the research afterwards. Until this day also the stolen gold from under the Twin Towers was obviously never really researched (state attorney then “Robert Mueller”). Since the day of 911 up to now I never even once came across a report how the research for the stolen gold came forward (a total media blackout!).
Also see “Ben Carson Finds $516.4 Billion in ‘Mismanaged’ Obama Dollars – Media Blackout” … and so on
a) Corrupted people would be state attorneys, judges, lawyers, policemen, people in all parts of the administration, in the news corporations, politicians of the Union or the States, politicians in parties, or private people of greater influence in society (film stars etc.).
b) The whole education system of schools, universities, the structures of science and research is corrupted. To this see: https://tragedyandhope.com/history-interview-with-g-edward-griffin/

2) Murder, blackmail
Even so important and well known people like Jack Kennedy, Robert Kennedy, Martin Luther King were murdered with impunity (a paralysed judiciary is typical for a Mafia-infected state – ask Italians!) . Not to speak of less known persons like journalists (
https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_journalists_killed_in_the_United_States ), witnesses (to a lot of different crimes) and so on and on.

Jan 30, 2019 9:27 AM
Reply to  Joerg

The alcohol Prohibition gave organized crime its step-up in America.
The drug Prohibition has seen go from strength to strength until it now has its fingers on the levers of power.
An end to the Prohibition would go a long way in sweeping all these mobsters and their dirty money out of the system.

Gezzah Potts
Gezzah Potts
Jan 29, 2019 10:36 PM

Thanks again CJ. The sky is green, pigs can fly, Rupert Murdoch is a truth teller of the highest integrity, and the Anglo Zionist Empire only has the World’s best interests at heart, and truly believes in freedom and democracy. And I’m a Martian. ‘Actually most of them look….. well, normal’. Only those who are thoroughly brainwashed and sadly, trapped in the matrix, believe that the United States is a force for good in the World, such is the relentless propaganda pumped out 24/7. Most other people couldn’t give a flying finger nail about what’s happening in the World, or what is being done in ‘their name’ – as long as they have their creature comforts, and can go shopping for even more Stuff. So much for the UN Charter and international law and respecting the sovereignty of other countries. Completely meaningless.

Fair dinkum
Fair dinkum
Jan 29, 2019 9:40 PM

Perhaps we can put it down to TV, fast foods, DDT and the desperate quest of some gullible fools to attain celebrity status.

Jan 29, 2019 7:54 PM

You’re right.
But you’re in danger of surrendering to Big Brother.
Keep cool. Stay strong.

Jan 29, 2019 7:01 PM

Now we are getting down to it.
I think it is a reasonable hypothesis to posit that at least some of what Hopkins identifies is actually intentionally crafted. The secret state has had a long interest in human psychology, including that of known cults, so is it too speculative to suppose that they now apply those techniques en masse?
The 20th century could be considered in the light of a systemetised harvesting of knowledge about how to manipulate human consciousness – one that is now largely hidden behind a wall of ‘national security’.
Peter Lavenda is the writer that I recommend who explores the long entwined histories of such things as The Manson Family, Scientology, Son of Sam cult, Jonestown; and the CIA, MK Ultra, the paperclip nazis etc. There’s a lot in all three books of the Sinister FOrcesseries, but the third is the one relative to this article

PS as someone once ‘of the Left’ I now consider myself ‘politically homeless’ precisely because there seems such an abundance of evidence which links the three core nodes of power (the money system, the media/ education system, and the state-corporate intelligence agencies) with a fanatical clique of racial supremicists.
That the Left, by and large, cannot approach these undeniable facts, and increasingly polices any expressed thoughts which question the identity politics of certainprominent Jewish people (both inside and outside Israel), leaves that road closed.
That the Right are, by and large, lost in their own racism, or other demented ideas, closes their road to me.
So here we are.
Maybe I am wrong and have been ‘infected’ by an antisemitic mind virus, and am blindly lost in a cult myself. But, you know, we fight propaganda, and I think of Bernays. We fight Neoliberalism and I think of Friedman. We fight Neoconservatism and I think of Strauss (or Wolfovitz, or the Kagans, or Kristol….). We fight for truth about 9/11 and I think of Zelikow. We try to understand Trump and there are Adelson and Kushner.
Am I making it all up ? Is there nothing to this but ‘antisemitic tropes’ ?

[NB Lavenda does not share this view.]

Gezzah Potts
Gezzah Potts
Jan 30, 2019 12:20 AM
Reply to  crank

Crank: those of the ‘Left’ who obsessively wave the banner of identity politics, including certain ‘revolutionary socialist’ groups are fake phony frauds. In short, they are gate keepers for Imperialism to lead otherwise well meaning, well intentioned people into complete dead ends. Where there is No serious challenge to the status quo. These groups give themselves away by their narrative on events like Syria, Libya, or fully ignoring Julian Assange or urging people to vote for the Democrats, etc (for example). There are Genuine left, or even Communist or some Anarchist groups out there who Don’t appear to be inflicted with the cancer of identity politics, however they are few and far between. I can relate strongly to where you’re at regards ‘feeling homeless’. I still regard myself as radical left, viz Anti Capitalist, Anti Imperialist. Don’t give up Crank, too many others have.

Jan 30, 2019 9:47 AM
Reply to  crank

the long entwined histories of such things as The Manson Family, Scientology, Son of Sam cult, Jonestown; and the CIA, MK Ultra, the paperclip nazis etc.

see David McGowan’s The Strange but Mostly True Story of Laurel Canyon and the Birth of the Hippie Generation for a discussion of the 1960s “counterculture” as an extended government psyop to infiltrate, discredit, and derail the anti-Vietnam-war and black civil-rights movements. This operation having been largely successful, in the 1970s the establishment recruited ex-radical university intellectuals to formulate the pseudo-left ideology of identity politics, to make sure that no such mass movement could ever again threaten the capitalist social order. As is now becoming quite clear, the success of this psyop surpasses even that of the “counterculture”, half a century ago.

there seems such an abundance of evidence which links the three core nodes of power (the money system, the media/education system, and the state-corporate intelligence agencies) with a fanatical clique of racial supremacists.

see recent installments in Ron Unz’s American Pravda series, for a thoroughly wide-ranging and uninhibited discussion of both current and historical activities of that fanatical clique of ethnic (not “racial”, that’s THEIR theory) supremacists. The fact that, as you say, such issues are unmentionable in the mainstream “left” milieu, might eventually lead one to suspect that much of what has traditionally been considered as left-wing politics, for a century or more (say, since 1917), is actually a kind of sophisticated ideological camouflage for ethnic-supremacist privilege. Investigation of the ethnic origins of many of the developers and promoters of identity politics, over the last forty years, during which it has essentially obliterated real political and social radicalism, would only tend to strengthen this suspicion.

for example, it turns out that in many contexts, the disparities which are routinely denounced as “white privilege” are something else entirely. When ethnic-Ashkenazis are disaggregated from other people of European origin, and treated as a separate statistical category, “white privilege” actually becomes relative disprivilege and under-representation, whereas the Chosen People are so enormously over-chosen that this cannot possibly be the result of anything but Affirmative Action on behalf of the single most-privileged ethnic group in North America and Western Europe. see Ron Unz’s Racial Discrimination at Harvard article, above, for overwhelming proof of this fact. It is an open question whether obscuring this phenomenon is actually the primary purpose of identity politics, or that this is merely a fortunate side-effect of the wider campaign of derailing potential opposition to neoliberal capitalism, by cleverly marketing the centuries-old ruling-class strategy of Divide-And-Conquer as radical dissidence. Perhaps not coincidentally, a factual history of Eastern-European feudalism, particularly in Poland and Ukrainia, would reveal the central role of a special ethnic minority as functionaries and administrators for the ruling class. plus ça change, plus c’est la même chose.

Frankly Speaking
Frankly Speaking
Jan 30, 2019 1:23 PM
Reply to  crank

I guess I’m a political “nomad” too.

Party politics is tribal and utterly broken, not disimilar to our religions. They’ve lost the essence of the original truth, their raison d’être. The parties and the religions each have their fundamentalist nutters who go to war and do untold harm to the rest us.

That said, I’m not advocating anarchism because i don’t believe it would work. I don’t have the answer, but i won’t go along with the baying wolves of the right or left.