“New Knowledge” and the same old same old

Kit Knightly

Jonathon Morgan, CEO of New Knowledge and former State Department employee.

Most of us in the UK-based alternate media are familiar with the Integrity Initiative by now. A disinformation campaign funded by the foreign office through the (very dodgy sounding) Institute for Statecraft. Their job was to smear people opposing Theresa May’s government – be they foreign or domestic. The scale of the scandal hasn’t been appreciated by the public, thanks to the muteness of the mainstream media, but the foreign office using public money to have the intelligence agencies smear the opposition should be enough to bring down any government.

Thanks to some excellent work by people in the alternate media and some MPs, the Integrity Initiative’s website is currently empty “pending an investigation of data theft”. More honestly, it had become an embarrassment. They will likely disappear and then relaunch under a new name, and may indeed have already done so. For now, the Integrity Initiative is done.

Less well-known in this country is New Knowledge, a direct US-based parallel of the Integrity Initiative. They’ve been conducting “counter-propaganda” and “social media experiments” in the US since 2015, but only just hit the headlines.

Who are “New Knowledge”?

A good question – we don’t really know. Their website claims to have “thousands of volunteers”. This may or may not be true – we only have three named people:

…but what a three they are. Jonathon Morgan, formerly of the State Department and Brookings Institute. Ryan Fox, formerly of military intelligence. Renee DiResta, formerly of Wall Street.

The State Department, military intelligence and Wall Street. The unholy trinity.

Obviously, some questions present themselves. Primarily, can we really trust all those “formerlies”? How did these three start this project? How do they know each other? Where does their funding come from?

We don’t know. What we do know is that, somehow, these three crazy kids got together and decided to use their money (we don’t know where they got it from) and their army of volunteers (we don’t know who they are) to “combat disinformation”. A noble goal indeed.

Let’s see how they did…

Why is New Knowledge in the news?

This “think tank” recently made the headlines in the US because they were caught attempting to manipulate the Alabama Senatorial election. This is not a fringe “conspiracy theory” claim – it was in the New York Times, twice.

It’s now known that New Knowledge took part in various social media-based attempts to swing the Alabama senate race in favour of Democrat Doug Jones. These efforts were varied and odd. They included creating a fake Facebook page, purporting to be a group of Baptists who supported Republican candidate Roy Moore, because they believed he would help them ban alcohol statewide. They also encouraged (and/or created) independent candidates from the conservative right, in efforts to split the Republican vote.

We don’t know what impact it had – but Jones did win a very narrow victory over Moore (fewer than 22,000 votes).

However, this was – by far – the most important facet of this story:

It involved a scheme to link the Moore campaign to thousands of Russian accounts that suddenly began following the Republican candidate on Twitter, a development that drew national media attention.

New Knowledge pretended to be Russians supporting a Republican candidate in order to discredit him by association. They freely admit it:

We orchestrated an elaborate ‘false flag’ operation that planted the idea that the Moore campaign was amplified on social media by a Russian botnet,”

So it seems rather than “combatting disinformation”, New Knowledge actively spreads disinformation to achieve political goals.

They are staffed by State Dept. and intelligence agency veterans, and they spread false information to swing elections. That makes them a Psy-Op:

Psychological operations (PSYOP) are operations to convey selected information and indicators to audiences to influence their emotions, motives, and objective reasoning, and ultimately the behaviour of governments, organizations, groups, and individuals.

So what was the reaction?

Mild. Disappointing. On multiple levels.

Just like the Integrity Initiative coverage in the UK, the wider implications of corruption were completely ignored. The story was always framed in terms of “fighting back against the Kremlin”, or “turning Putin’s methods against him”. The coverage focused on this being a “gift for the Kremlin” because it appeared to undermine the claims of Russiagaters (Note “appears to undermine”, rather than “undermines”).

New Knowledge (NK), of course, denied they were attempting to corrupt democracy in Alabama. Morgan called the Alabama operation an “experiment” testing the effectiveness of “Russian methods”. He claimed it was specifically “designed to have as little impact as possible”. (How you can “test the effectiveness” of something designed to have no impact is unclear to me).

No evidence is supplied to corroborate Morgan’s version of events. In fact, there’s no reason to think this is a one-off at all. This is just the one we know about. Deep State psy-ops are like ants, for every one you see…there’s a hundred you don’t. A single sighting means there’s a whole colony nearby.

All of the national media and pundits resolutely ignored the very large elephant in the very small room – NK have existed since 2015. Before the 2016 Presidential election. The NYT warns these tactics could make the 2020 election ugly – but they don’t relate it back to the 2016 election at all.

This is not about Russia “corrupting our practices” or us “employing Russian methods”, this is evidence that there NEVER WAS any “Russian interference”, that “Russia’s methods” are actually our methods. Evidence that “Russiagate” is a Deep State psy-op designed to discredit and control Donald Trump’s administration.

Rather predictably, none of the media articles takes this angle.

And, unlike the Integrity Initiative, New Knowledge’s website is very much alive and well. Outside of political corruption, there’s also levels of financial corruption. New Knowledge CEO Jonathon Morgan is also one of the builders of Hamilton 68 – a program which claims to track Russian “bot” activity. On the one hand, he works for a think-tank which fakes bot activity, on the other, he charges people for a product he claims tracks bot activity. There is, of course, a massive opportunity for fraud and corruption there.

But, far from being rebuked, sanctioned, or punished in any way – New Knowledge seems to be functioning just as before.

In fact, NBC News already ran a story claiming progressive Hawaiian Congresswoman Tulsi Gabbard is being backed by the Russian “propaganda machine”

They cite New Knowledge as an expert witness.


In summary, a shadowy think-tank staffed entirely by State Department and intelligence veterans is using funding from unknown sources and volunteers of unknown identity to pretend to be Russians on social media in order to discredit politicians and political movements in the United States. This should be a Congressional hearing. But instead, it’s a back-page “oh, did you know” story.

The following are important questions that need answering:

  • How is the New Knowledge group funded?
  • Are they paid by the government or military?
  • Who are these “thousands of volunteers”?
  • Are they the US equivalent of the UK’s 77th Brigade?
  • What other elections were targetted by New Knowledge (or similar) operations?

Just like the Integrity Initiative, New Knowledge works by concealing its true nature and intentions. It is layer after layer of deception and darkness. It can be beaten, the same way II was beaten – by bringing it out into the open and exposing lies to the light of truth.

Kit Knightly is co-editor of OffGuardian. The Guardian banned him from commenting. Twice. He used to write for fun, but now he's forced to out of a near-permanent sense of outrage.

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Kit Knightly is co-editor of OffGuardian. The Guardian banned him from commenting. Twice. He used to write for fun, but now he's forced to out of a near-permanent sense of outrage.

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Great article and just shows the freak show we are living in.

While reading about religion and events going on in the world I stumbled across this site today – read by 1 million people worldwide. It talks very much in terms of US being on the side of right – and Russia, China, and Iran the threats to humanity. Many of the false narratives, propaganda and paranoia repeated in the articles. But don’t worry – apparently god will save us and deal with the bad guys from the East!


Depressing – but at least it’s a good example of a publication for genuine believers and those exploring religion to reject without hesitation. Perhaps it would be a good religious version of Integrity Initiative.

James Connolly
James Connolly

Well done Kit. The lesson seems to be to direct the spotlight onto their face and hold it there. Something MSM will not do.

David Macilwain

Your link Kathy – on which I have written in “The Nurse’s Tale” on AHT – illustrates the fact that the Two Eyes has not been hindered, leave alone defeated, merely continuing its activities more covertly. Perhaps Kit didn’t really mean that – and his follow-up on New Knowledge illustrates the ongoing threat from this multi-national disinformation consortium.
Despite writing on the Two Eyes, and continuing to research its activities (the site was back up briefly a few days ago) we seem to make no progress in alerting ordinary people to this malignant cancer in Western society. We also make little progress in discovering just how far it has spread its tentacles – as in Australia for instance, where I have yet to meet anyone who has heard of the Integrity Initiative, or who shows a sufficient degree of shock when I try to explain what it is!
The problem is now that we are trying to deal with people, leaders of countries, who are prepared to risk military confrontation with Russia on the basis that Macrobama is the democratically elected President of Venezuela. These people are clearly non-agreement capable.


Thank you for your post. I have now read your predating piece. I am sure this is a common {coincidence}!!! And am again struck by how It has become so easy for the establishment to fill positions at senior levels in the appropriate departments etc. Just in time to take control when such things happen.
It is sad that so many people still don’t realize how things work and how deep this all goes. Tech just makes the whole misinformation/ propagandizing so much easier and more opaque.


Just to clarify. I meant that the Military nurse happening to be the first responder as the coincidence!!!. Rereading my post I realize this may have been interpreted as in relation to the article.


It’s absolutely imperative to deconstruct the psyop reality of the cognitive elite. As far as I am concerned, it is also becoming imperative to construct a new reality – a new universal humanity. The psyop realism – based on duality – is built on false assumptions, predicated on false assumptions, predicated on false assumptions …in infinite regress. That is why it is becoming more and more bizarre and unreal – its very dualistic premises are all unreal. Unreality and unfreedom are predicated on unreality and unfreedom …also in infinite regress.

There is no point we can return to in the simulacra of unfreedom – no magic reset button – that will not unfold in a parallel dimension. As Ilya Prigogine showed: entropy and the arrow of time are not reversible. All time simply is. The future will either be determined and closed by the assertive hegemonic dominance of the past – as administered by the cognitive elite psyop reality. Or it will be undetermined and open – by the emergence of a Universal Humanity.


The evolutionary and ecologically redundant psyop duality is deliberately resistant to new knowledge – such as Prigogine’s (Russian interference! 😀 ) – it prefers to disseminate and perpetuate its own. “Time is a construction in which we all participate.” You wouldn’t want that getting out into a community that could understand its implications. Better to prolong (temporally extend) the circus of spectacle and distraction. You wouldn’t want the people to have time on their side – they might do something with it. Something beyond their control of the past. But the future?

Too deep? I’m just expressing a POV from the other side of time. As Prigogine said: our understanding of time – the propagandic understanding – has excluded us from reality. As quoted: perhaps the best rendition is poetic:

Time present and time past
Are both perhaps present in time future
And time future contained in time past

Time future is only contained in the psyop duality of time past by conceptuality. Time future is time future is time future – the future presence in processual becoming (not fixed Being) – unbound and uncontained by duality. The cognitive elite of the psyop reality are Emperors of Abstractions with no clothes at all. Their reality is bare-arsed and totally exposed. Time is ours for an alternative reality. Time present unconstrained by the past.


Apologies for going a bit off thread here but there has been an, up till now, very successful propaganda campaign run in full view by the media and various remain groups in this country with the dual objectives of getting a second referendum and destroying Corbyn. The second referendum “PV” campaign used YouGov polls as “evidence” of Labour members wanting a PV. Anyone can join YouGov, submit political affiliation details and agree to be polled on their choices. These polls showed overwhelming support for another referendum by Labour members and voters which flew in the face of reason. Why would 80/90% of members wish to play it all out again, split the country irreversibly, promote civil unrest and destroy any remaining faith in democracy?
The campaign looks like collapsing now that MPs won’t vote for it, but it came close to achieving both aims and the damage done to Corbyn is still to be reckoned.


Is that the same Jeremy Corbyn who wants a Customs Union (with a say – LOL!); a strong Single Market: and refused to rule out a second referendum? That’s a very successful propaganda campaign that actually got him to stand up in Parliament and call for it? Sorry about the Standard, but it includes fairly incontrovertible proof that the Labour leader has no intention of delivering Brexit.



It doesn’t change the fact that Best for Britain is very anti Corbyn and using YouGov as “evidence” of anything other than the views of YouGov contributors who may or may not be Labour supporters/members is without precedent, as far as I’m aware, and should be accompanied with a warning that the polls “may reflect the views of people unconnected with Labour”, or similar. As it is the media, led by the Guardian and Independent along with BBC and Channel 4 have enthusiastically promoted a psyops campaign as fact and no one has questioned it.


Your proposition is that Corbyn is being smeared with the intention of getting a second referendum (PV) that Corbyn has refused to rule out backing? Isn’t that as confused as Labour’s own policy? I deliberately chose a link with a video of him saying it. I could have gone with various utterances of Starmer and Thornbury, laying out Labour strategy of general election, renegotiation with EU, PV …in that order. All options are on the table – except ‘no deal’ or actually leaving. The whole emphasis in renegotiation is on the basis of closer ties. In other words: a Brexit betrayal. No one is smearing Corbyn – except Corbyn. He actually said all of those things – check.

Here he was calling for a GE to get a clear mandate to weaponise and use democracy against us. I voted Leave: I’m guessing you did to. Labour have no intention of doing that.



I;m sorry, you seem to be arguing about the effect of the psyops/propaganda campaign that has been waged to promote a second referendum and remove Corbyn. I am not arguing about Labour policy, but the highly questionable method of changing it. Labour promised to honour the result of the referendum, since then we have been inundated with YouGov polls claiming that Labour members/supporters are overwhelmingly in favour of a second referendum. Labour’s policy has been modified to include a possible second referendum as a direct result of fake polling by YouGov. It came very close to succeeding and I want to draw attention to the undemocratic use of YouGov by neoliberal Best for Britain.
Corbyn’s fate is not my prerogative. However, his removal will not be good for the left at this time.


PS. If you read btl comments in the Guardian and Indy these days, people claiming to be left of centre (haha) reserve most of their hatred for Corbyn. Try telling them that Labour support remain.


Labour supports remain, and has done for months. If they came to that position because of fake YouGov polls: how venal and spineless is that? If people can hear the words Customs Union, etc. in the video above – and hear ‘Leave’ …quite frankly, that is their delusion.

If you haven’t read my comments before – if you are talking about Brexit psyops: there is only one – EU Military Unification. It is the deal, the whole deal, and the only deal. We are ceding our military to a proto-fascist, sub-imperial satrap, supranational dictatorship. Anyone who is party to this should be in the Tower, not in Parliament. Traitors, every one.

As you can see: there would be little point putting that on a notice board anywhere. Oh, and the Remain in the neoliberal asset stripping club and watch our economy grow, is pure champagne socialist psychobabble.

Joseph W. Walker
Joseph W. Walker

Why does Mr. Morgan have a merkin on his face?

Gezzah Potts
Gezzah Potts

Excellent investigative reporting Kit, cheers. Thank god for alternative media. Where would we be without it? I couldn’t resist, but used your link to New Knowledge…. and went snooping. These people are completely obsessed with, and brainwashed with the whole Russiagate rubbish. Its gone beyond farce. WHERE is the evidence?? But hang on, there is none. Its a massive Psy Ops to demonise Putin, demonise Russia, and yes, as you point out, keep Trump in check. And these cretins, along with the presstitutes in the media are playing with fire – they are playing with All our lives by pushing this crap. Keep pushing Russia into a corner, until Russia can’t backpeddle any further, and what is the almost certain outcome? How many of you have seen the film On The Beach? How’s the Doomsday Clock going by the way? Its fecken scary. While on the NK site, noticed an article that Facebook are developing a ‘tool’ to tell you if you’ve been following or have liked a Russian troll account. And as for the mainstream media. Beyond contempt. They are fully part of the Establishment and completely bought: Operation Mockingbird, Udo Ulfkotte; how they crucified Gary Webb, how real truth tellers like John Pilger and Seymour Hersh are banished and ostracised. The ruler’s narrative must be amplified and repeated ad nauseaum. Until its an echo chamber in our heads.

Some Random Passer-by
Some Random Passer-by

“I fear all we have done is to awaken a sleeping giant and fill him with a terrible resolve.”


To me a very fishy organisation is “COMMON PURPOSE“. On Wikipedia we read of the Daily Mail saying: “like some giant octopus, Common Purpose’s tentacles appear to reach into every cranny of the inner sanctums of Westminster, Whitehall and academia […]” ( https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Common_Purpose_UK ).


Some more:
Here is a critical article to “Common Purpose”:
“Common Purpose is a political charity using Behavioural Modification” – https://www.cpexposed.com/about-common-purpose

But on Google I really had to dig for it. If you, on Google, give in “Common Purpose” and also limit the time by pressing the button “last year”, for several pages Google only shows you links of the “Common Purpose” organisation itself – or otherwise links, which present a positive picture of “Common Purpose”.
So Google obviously favours “Common Purpose” in its search listing. This also alarms me.

Nicholas Riley
Nicholas Riley

There is a wealth of information on Common Purpose at https://www.ukcolumn.org/search/node/common%20purpose


@Nicholas Riley
Thank You for the link! Great!

Peter Charles
Peter Charles

Google favours far more than that. As part of looking into Brexit I Googled “Total UK investment into the EU” which seemed to me to be a perfectly unremarkable search. Every return in the first two pages was about EU investment into the UK, not one result was the other way around. I had to use DuckDuckGo to actually get what I was looking for. I suppose I shouldn’t have been surprised as I have noticed for a long time that for anything controversial Google is a waste of time, only returning the government/MSM narrative.

Gary Weglarz
Gary Weglarz

Excellent post Kit. Thanks. New Knowledge and it’s proven and admitted manipulation of the American Congressional election last fall, followed now by doing their “Russian-bot” smearing of Tulsi Gabbard on NBC, should be huge news in the U.S. and should be spurring criminal action. Yet of course no one in MSM really wants to deal with something that totally undercuts their “Russiagate” narrative, and which also shows the deep state intelligence apparatus at work that is fabricating “Russian” links as part of a massive disinformation campaign. So we literally have evidence of an intelligence connected organization posing as Russian-bots to undermine a U.S. election being considered credible to provide information to the U.S. Congress about, what else, “Russian interference.” This would of course all be laughable in a world in which justice might be expected to be applied to these sleeze-balls, but it would be unwise to expect anyone to be held accountable for any of this criminal behavior. Instead, Tulsi Gabbard the only 2020 presidential candidate who clearly, and without spouting CIA talking points (like Bernie did) opposes the attempted U.S. coup in Venezuela is accused of being supported by Russia by these criminal elements. Surprise, surprise, surprise!


I’ll have a go Kit at answering your questions.

How is the New Knowledge group funded? The deep pockets of the CIA/Pentagon unaccounted unaudited finance streams for various nefarious operations. There will also be the more circuitous route for Gov funding via shell orgs such as NED etc.

Are they paid by the government or military? As above

Who are these “thousands of volunteers”? As above.

Are they the US equivalent of the UK’s 77th Brigade? They are an off-shoot.

What other elections were targeted by New Knowledge (or similar) operations? All elections in client states. In non client states regime change is the opus operandi. Both require psyops initiatives preferably by Russian bots.

My money for a replacement for the II is the Guardian what better than to hide a deception than in plain sight?


Excellent article, Kit!!! Many thanks for this.

It is so obvious that the reason Trump won is very simple. Hillary was a horrible candidate. Her actions in Libya alone, as well as going from being apparently broke, in her words, when leaving the White House to being a multi-millionaire 16 years later (which her income as senator and secretary of state could not possibly account for). At least Trump became a multi-billionaire as a businessman, not a politician, never having run for any office before 2016. He also complained about the corruption in the lobbying industry and actually, I read, made all people he appoints sign an agreement not to do any lobbying work for 5 years after finishing their jobs in his administration. This is exactly why Washington is referred to in common jargon as ‘the swamp”. I remember at his rallies, people chanting, ‘drain the swamp, drain the swamp’.

But, this Russia being behind it all has sour grapes written all over it, that is obvious. It does make you wonder why the deep state is so against Trump. It is almost like the old saying, my enemy’s enemy is my friend. Maybe Trump is an improvement for all of his lack of polish and inconsistencies, just by virtue of being so reviled by the establishment.


the foreign office using public money to have the intelligence agencies smear the opposition should be enough to bring down any government.

Considering how much this is business as usual, with a very long history indeed, that’s basically the same as saying “enough to bring down every government.”


We can no longer believe anything we are told, certainly not anything appearing in the MSM.
Not ANYTHING, not even the sports results or the date at the top of the page.
We have been lied to about just about EVERYTHING, for many decades, if not over a century.
Bayonetted Belgian Babies, Iraq Incubator Babies, Iraq WMD, Syrian Gas Hoaxes, Skripal, it’s all the same. You could fill a book with other known obvious examples.
Refuse to believe ANYTHING they say, no matter how generally accepted it is.
ESPECIALLY if it is generally accepted.
The “holocaust” is a prime example. How much, if any, of that is true? How many lies have been told about that? Why wouldn’t they lie about it? They have lied about everything else. How many lies have we been told about Northern Ireland? How much of that was genuine? How many of the “terrorist attacks” and “school shootings” are genuine?.
Believe nobody unless you can establish the facts for yourself.


Re Kit’s article – it would be hilarious if not so appalling.

I agree with you, Mark, to a fair degree but we can work out quite a lot that’s not true and for certain things it’s quite easy as they have distinct hallmarks such as staged terror and certain other events. As told to false-flag analyst, Ole Dammegard, by an insider, the power elite justify their crimes against us by TELLING us with signs which they believe puts the onus on us to call them out. According to them, if we don’t the fault’s on us and they are spared karmic repercussions.

I also believe that they enjoy treating us like morons and get a great chuckle out of pushing the envelope with the gratuitous ridiculousness they add to their already implausible stories. Additionally, as they involve emergency responders and others in their staging they probably use the fact that they’re giving us signs as a way to persuade their collaborators that the staging of terror they’re participating in is not such a bad thing after all.

As for the Holocaust, the numbers may be exaggerated but all the photos of emaciated people and of bodies being shovelled cannot possibly be faked. There seems to be a massive amount of testimony of people whose relatives died in Auschwitz and other concentration camps so I do wonder about the denial of the Holocaust – but I haven’t looked into it.


Is this true though, F?
Atrocity footage can be faked quite easily. There are British companies which do this professionally, for legitimate reasons, like training first responders. But the same companies have been actively involved in the Syrian Gas Hoaxes.
The BBC showed footage of dead Arab civilians and described these as “Syrian civilians murdered by Assad.” They were actually Iraqi civilians killed in the bombing of Iraq in 2003.
Some footage of mass open air cremations of “holocaust victims” have been shown to be German civilians killed in bombings of places like Dresden.
When the Red Army liberated areas during the war, they often killed their own citizens who had been living under German occupation. They did this because they suspected some of them may have been disloyal. Then they filmed the bodies and blamed it on the Germans. That’s not to deny there were genuine German atrocities.
At the last holocaust memorial day last month there was coverage of Auschwitz, “where 1.1 million were murdered.” I remember when I was younger the figure put out was 3.5 million.
Some of what we have been told may well be true. But that was just an example. You can’t take anything for granted and have to keep an open mind.
The Romanian leader Ceaucescu was overthrown in a violent uprising in 1989. Television coverage at the time stated that 60,000 people had been killed. When the violence subsided, people checked with hospitals and mortuaries and it was eventually established that the number killed was about 800.
A lot of the bombings in Northern Ireland, like the Armagh Cenotaph bombing, turn out to have been the handiwork of MI5. And the Miami Show Band shootings.
That’s not to say there weren’t a lot of genuine bombings and shootings. But a lot were faked, like the Gladio operations.
I just think a lot of what is generally accepted is quite likely false, and we are being played by people with an agenda.
The MSM have lost all legitimacy through their endless poison and lies and do not deserve to be given the benefit of the doubt.


I know a ton of fakery goes on, Mark, but you can’t fake emaciation. It wouldn’t surprise me though if some fakery and lies occurred with the Holocaust. They always have to fiddle with the truth.

So you think the Gladio bombings were staged too? I don’t know about any others but the 1980 Bologna station bombing was definitely staged, at least, death and injury of the people was. I’ve only found one person on the internet who things Bologna was staged too so I’m glad someone else does.

The other fakery you quote is interesting.


Bologna was staged by Gladio as a false flag when the Italian Communist party started regularly winning 30-35% of the vote in the 70s.
The Red Brigades and the Baader Meinhof gang were controlled opposition created for the same reason.
It’s the same story with the Belgian supermarket shootings of the early 1980s. Armed men burst into Belgian supermarkets armed with automatic pistols and pump action shotguns and gunned down shop workers and shoppers at random. There were 28 killed and many more wounded. The gunmen didn’t steal anything apart from some bottles of alcohol and cartons of cigarettes.
There are many more examples.
Emaciation has been faked. It was faked by the BBC and other western media in Yugoslavia. It featured prominently a man who was emaciated because of a serious medical condition and misrepresented it as starvation.
But it can be genuine and taken out of context. It may be evidence of neglect and overwork and poor conditions, rather than proof of any planned systematic genocide. You have to look carefully at what is being presented, or misrepresented.


So I’m not clear, Mark, Do you think Bologna was completely staged as in no death or injury or that it was a “genuine” false flag where death and injury occurred? If you think death and injury were real you might be interested on my webpage on the 1980 Bologna and 2017 Mogadishu bombings because the evidence very clearly shows neither of them were real. I’m also going to add the 2002 Bali bombing when I’ve done a little more research to confirm what indicates they was also staged.

OK, so emaciation can be faked (my goodness) but not in the numbers I’ve seen in photos of Nazi Germany.


I keep an open mind on that, F.
Some of these are “genuine” in the sense that a bombing or shooting occurred and people were killed and injured, though the whole operation was orchestrated by the Deep State or other actors. I think that is probably the case with Bologna, but you have to keep an open mind.
In others, it is highly unlikely that people were killed as reported. There were recent “terrorist” attacks in France where supposedly Jewish people were murdered. There were no post mortems and the alleged victims were spirited away for instant burial in Israel. These incidents were probably staged with no actual victims.
Another case is the Boston Marathon bombing. Victims were shown with missing limbs, but no blood. These are obviously fake actors. Blood is added later, but it is obviously fake blood. You can see small empty blood tubes and small rucksacks dotted around.

There is another element to these attacks which is very intriguing, though it can sound tinfoil hat barking mad at first sight. That is Masonic symbolism and numerology. The Manchester Arena Bombing, for example, occurred on 22nd, 22/5/17. It was supposedly carried out by a 22 year old. It was reported that there were 22 fatalities. The people who are responsible for these incidents like to “sign” them with the number 11 and multiples of 11, like teenage graffiti artists. Why they do this is unclear. It may be some kind of “in” joke or marker for people in the know. 11 is a Masonic symbol, something to do with pillars of Solomon’s Temple. There are other clear Masonic symbols which keep recurring. This is certainly not coincidence. Photographs of the bomb parts at the Manchester Arena appeared on US websites and appear to show a remote control bomb, not a suicide bomb.


I think death and injury in Bologna were faked just as they were at the Boston Marathon and many, many other events – didn’t know about recent events in France (my God there are so very, very many of them) – see https://occamsrazorterrorevents.weebly.com/bologna-1980-and-mogadishu-2017.html.

And I’m totally on board with the Masonic numerology and symbology and am familiar with the great figuring of the number 22 at Manchester. The bombing also occurred at 22:33 (BBC), 22:31 (Wikipedia).


Those who deny the German government’s responsibility in the killings of millions of, in effect, prisoners do not do so in order to rescue the truth from a campaign of propaganda but to legitimise the nazi regime and to denigrate the soviet union. And, by implication, socialism.
Unsurprisingly those who deny what is called the Holocaust are generally first in line to exaggerate the numbers of casualties caused by governments run by communist parties- while there is a cottage industry devoted to Holocaust denial Robert Conquest’s clear propaganda is regarded with the sanctity allotted to serious scholarship. In point of fact Conquest was a professional propagandist employed by the Foreign Office to produce anti communist books, most of which were hugely subsidised by the taxpayer.
The facts of the German treatment of prisoners, and its imprisonment of Jews, Roma and other targeted groups are well established. Millions were worked/starved to death or a state of impotence at which point they were put to death. Tens of thousands of communists were shot, whole villages-including some in France and Italy- were massacred, hostages including the greatest historian of the century Marc Bloch, were undoubtedly killed as reprisals… nazi killing, from the very beginning when the first prison camps were set up to house socialists and trade unionists, camps in which the regime was brutal and the conditions dreadful, followed a pattern a mixture of sadism and utilitarianism, to which the death camps were a logical conclusion.
It is a very great pity to see a suspicion of propaganda degenerate into a whitewashing of fascism. This was Goebbels’ aim.


You can’t just take anything at face value any more – that is the point.
Most of what we have been told turns out to have been lies and propaganda.
I have no doubt that atrocities have been committed in most wars.
There’s no need to whitewash anything or anybody.
In Yugoslavia, a fictitious genocide of 100,000 people by the Serbians was invented to justify bombing and dismembering the country. It didn’t happen – though all sides committed atrocities, and plenty of them, including atrocities against the Serbians.
But when you know that you have been lied to a thousand times, you have to be as credulous as a Luke Harding to believe anything the same people tell you.
I’m more interested in the lies that have been told about Northern Ireland than whatever the truth of the holocaust is, and we will probably never know the truth about either of them. Those are just examples where all the information comes from serial proven liars.
If you want to believe what you are told, that’s fine. The US is threatening to invade Venezuela in the interests of freedom and democracy because of their great concern for the welfare of the Venezuelan people. The US invaded Iraq because Saddam Hussein had nuclear weapons. Putin is a crude cartoon villain thug who wanted Skripal murdered purely for the fun of it. President Assad is a demented psychopath who gasses his own people purely for the fun of it. The Syrian jihadis are noble freedom fighters. The White Helmets are heroic rescue workers. And Father Christmas is working hard with all his elves in Lapland to get the presents ready for next Christmas.


” The US is threatening to invade Venezuela in the interests of freedom and democracy because of their great concern for the welfare of the Venezuelan people. The US invaded Iraq because Saddam Hussein had nuclear weapons. Putin is a crude cartoon villain thug who wanted Skripal murdered purely for the fun of it. President Assad is a demented psychopath who gasses his own people purely for the fun of it. The Syrian jihadis are noble freedom fighters. The White Helmets are heroic rescue workers. And Father Christmas is working hard with all his elves in Lapland to get the presents ready for next Christmas.”

I agree that these are all lies. There is a reason: These lies serve a geopolitical agenda. What, in your opinion, would be the reason for lying about the number of Jews the Germans killed?


How many reasons would you like, C?
One is just financial. Money, readies. In the 1950s, world Zionist organisations demanded, and got £6.600 per head (in 1950s money) from Germany for every supposedly murdered Jew. The more “victims”, the more money.
There were claims of “6 million Jews” in danger of being massacred from the early 1930s, indeed from the end of WW1, when Hitler was still serving in the German Army. The figure seems to be part of a political mantra that was being bandied about decades before WW2.
It would make sense as an action replay of all the atrocity propaganda directed against Germany in WW1. A lot of the material and allegations were resurrected and recycled, like the “human bodies turned into soap” that was made in both world wars.
There was some concern by Churchill and Roosevelt at the end of the war that the advancing Red Army might commit atrocities in eastern Europe and undermine support for the Allied war effort. These allegations would tend to overshadow and provide a justification for atrocities committed by Allied forces. 2 million German civilians were massacred at the end of the war and after the war, 2 million German women were gang raped, and 15 million Germans were expelled from their homes. The slaughter of 50,000 civilians in a single attack on Hamburg in 1943, Dresden and many other places, the use of atomic bombs, Tokyo fire raids that killed 250,000, all could be, and were justified by the “six million murdered Jews.”
Of course the conventional orthodox account of the holocaust has been ruthlessly exploited by political Zionism for financial and political reasons.
A lot of people had a clear vested interest in maximising the scope of these atrocity stories.

That is not to suggest that Jews had a marvellous time during the Third Reich. Talking to Jewish and non Jewish people who lived through those times, it seems clear many went through horrific experiences. German authorities viewed communism as synonymous with Jews. But can that be taken as evidence for, or conflated with, a planned gas chamber genocide and the murder of six million? Particularly when the number of “Auschwitz victims” has fallen over the years from “3.5 million” to the current “1.1 million.” Nobody has ever provided an explanation for these wildly fluctuating figures. If anybody has one, I would be interested to hear it.

I’m not interested in whitewashing anybody. There is some evidence that Hitler envisaged an actual genocide in the East similar to the Red Indians after a victorious conclusion of the war in Russia. If so, there was scope for a genocide of 200 million.

Supposing the true figure was established, and it was not 6 million, but “only one million.” Would anybody seriously argue, “Hitler was a really nice bloke, he only murdered one million people.” It just doesn’t make sense. But people have a right to know the truth. If we are dealing with lies and propaganda here, or in Syria, or in Iraq, or in Libya, or anywhere else, then they should be exposed.

“You shall know the truth, and the truth shall set you free.” John 8,32.

Martin Usher
Martin Usher

The active murder campaign happened because the original solution to the Jewish question — relocation to labor camps — was denied to the Germans by the advancing Red Army. Jewish people were not the only untermensch to cop it, though — the Slavs were going to get reduced to serf status. The plan for conquest of Russia was to drive to the Urals, eliminating two thirds of the population and any vestige of Russian culture (cities like Leningrad were to be razed), leaving the remainder to be serfs, slaves for the conquering master race. (This, incidentally, explains Russian sensitivities about European expansion into their traditional heartland.)(This also explains what happened when the Red Army got into Germany at the end of the war — it wasn’t the front line troops that raped and pillaged but all the liberated slave labourers, grossly maltreated PoWs and other displaced persons, all with nowhere in particular to go and all with an ax to grind.)

So, let’s not quibble too much about the exact number of casualties. It was ‘lots’. Its a period best consigned to history (and one I’m pretty sure that’s never going to be repeated, at least by the Germans). What does irritate me somewhat is the way that its still being used to extort money from governments (because you just know that money’s going to wind up financing settlements — “Plus ca change plus c’est la meme chose” (something you’re *definitely* not allowed to even hint at when writing on CiF!).

(Incidentally, organizations like the United Nations took some trouble to accurately document this period because they just knew that with the passage of time things were likely to be ‘reinterpreted’. There was a narrow window of opportunity immediately after the war when humanity seemed to be all pulling in the right direction and its this window we should thank.)


Yes, Bevin, casualty figures of deaths under communist governments are other examples that need to be treated with considerable scepticism. You are quite right. But I couldn’t include everything. There are too may examples. I’ve always been sceptical about the one million figure for the Rwanda genocide – if only because I find round numbers suspicious. It sounds to me like a case of someone saying, “I haven’t got a clue, I’ll make something up.” Then it’s repeated ad infinitum till it becomes holy writ.

In the 1300s, the Papacy produced a report saying that 42 million people had died in the Black Death. An exact figure was given, something like 42,374,119, or whatever it was. Nobody has ever taken that figure very seriously, either then or since. All it means is “a lot of people died.” People then and now tend to just pluck figures out of thin air, to support whatever agenda they are pushing, or to give themselves an undeserved authority, to impress the simple minded.


This probably won’t be available for very long due to the censorship currently being implemented. It shows how the narrative about THAT number may have developed. 8 minutes long. https://youtu.be/YqACgRA6XuI


Thanks for that, ZZW. This highly improbable 6 million figure seems to have a long provenance, not just as a political talking point from WW1 if not earlier, but in Talmudic religious passages. It occurs there as a fantastical casualty figure in historical Biblical events. I think the Romans were accused of killing 4 billion Jews. Billion with a B.

Fair dinkum
Fair dinkum

A hipster at the helm?
They breed in a bottomless cesspool of narcissism, ambition and greed.
The world is flucked.

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Gezzah Potts

Bloody hipsters everywhere Fair Dinkum! Especially in the part of Melbourne I’m in. Every direction you look….. Hipsters. Its like being on the set of a zombie movie!And some of them even think they’re ‘socialists’. Go figure….

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Fair dinkum

Brunswick Gezzah.
It must be the epicentre for self-centredness.

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Gezzah Potts

Fair Dinkum: nope, not Brunswick, but not far from there. The whole inner suburbs are hipster central anyways. Don’t want to bang on about hipsters (ugh) as want to comment on Kit’s article once I get home.