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Trump buys Lithuania, EU cannot stop it

Adomas Abromaitis

Stock photo: C-17 transport plane at an airfield in Lithuania

The US President Donald Trump is no doubt a successful businessman who rules his country as if it is a huge enterprise. And this kind of management, to his mind, should lead to success. And very often it really works. As a wise leader he uses different tools to reach his goals. Thus, the most cunning one, which the US exploits in Europe – is indirect influence on the EU countries to gain the desired aim. The EU just becomes a tool in “capable hands” of the US.

Let us give the simple example. Last week the Ministry of National Defence of Lithuania announced that the Lithuanian Air Force Base in Šiauliai would get de-icing equipment for the aircraft. It would be acquired according to an agreement signed by the Ministry of National Defence and the AF Security Assistance and Cooperation Directorate (AFSACD) on behalf of the Government of the United States of America.

It is known that the new equipment is capable of removing ice from aircraft at the necessary height which allows the Šiauliai Air Base to support bigger aircraft of the Alliance, such as C-17 – one of the largest transport aircraft capable of moving a large number of soldiers and large amounts of cargo.

It is said that “the procurement for the Lithuanian Air Force Base will fill a critical capability gap and allow the Base personnel to carry out cold weather operations, as well as support the NATO Air Policing Mission. The equipment will also be used for providing servicing for the aircraft of the NATO enhanced Forward Presence Battalion Battle Group-contributing countries and other NATO allies at the Air Base.”

But according to data from Flight Global, only three C-17s belongs to NATO. The US, in its turn, has 222 C-17s in service as of Jan. 2018. Among EU member states the only country that has C-17A ERs is the United Kingdom with 8 C-17A ERs in use. But The United Kingdom is in the process of leaving the organization. So, it is logical to assume that the most interested country in deploying C-17 in Lithuania is the US, not the EU or even NATO. And of course Lithuania cannot even dream of having such planes.

The second issue which is even more important is the fact that the agreement of approximate value of USD 1.03 million is financed from the European Security Assistance Fund (ESAF). Lithuania is not able to share the burden.

So, nothing depends on Lithuania in this issue. It only gives permission.

In the recent years Lithuania’s procurement from the US has grown significantly. The ministry of National Defence is currently in negotiations with the US department of Defence for procuring JLTV all-terrain vehicles.

Unfortunately, being a member of the EU, Lithuania so hardly depends on the US in military and security spheres that it often mixes up its real needs, responsibilities to the EU with the US interests in the region. Such approach could seriously complicate the relations with neighbouring Russia and Belarus which Lithuania borders. These two countries are interested in Lithuania as an economic partner. But if Lithuania will pose military threat to them, deploying US military equipment, these states could terminate any economic cooperation.
Is it a cooperation or manipulation and who will benefit?


  1. FobosDeimos says

    The UK is not leaving NATO any time soon. They are supposed to leave the EU in March (I doubt it), but there are NATO countries which are not members of the EU, such as Norway and Turkey.

  2. Fair dinkum says

    Nationalism, patriotism and jingoism.
    They can bring out the animal in us.

  3. Jonas says

    This article is complete shit.
    It is not true. Lithuania was independent for a long time nad it was a rich country. It was bright and educated until Russians and Germans took it apart in 177*, afterwards normal people were made slaves, until after WW1, when we we freed and again, a lot of progress was made and people were getting rich and educated. We have old universities..
    After WW2, half of the countries educated people were killed by Russians. Only in 1990 we were freed again. And afterwards – life in this country is improving at a alarming rate. We are free to speak, to move abroad, get educacion, make money, travel.
    We loose some young people, but a lot are coming back after we get rich.
    We have best climate, 4 seasons, nice people and culture.

    We would never ever want to be in Russia again. It sucks. I was travelling in Belarus and Russia, a lot of corruption, bribes with police, doctors.. No business culture, a lot of gangsters..

    Its like 1991 in Lithuania. Russia stayed, Lithuania moved forwards for 20 years. Now we have 20 years of difference.

    Of course Swiss or Norwegians live better. But our climate.. Our average pay is similar to other European countries. We have the best medicine system, competent doctors move to treat halft of Scandinavian and UK people..

    • Frankly Speaking says

      There’s a massive amount of anti Russian propaganda in the past 5-10 years and outright lies, However, i fully recognise and agree what you say about many Russians, particularly in Soviet times.

      Other European countries were let down at Yalta by Roosevelt and Churchill and left to Stalin to subjugate them.

      Rightly or not, that’s the reason why so many Eastern European fear even hate Russia and the Neoconservatives are exploiting these fears.

      • bevin says

        “Other European countries were let down at Yalta by Roosevelt and Churchill and left to Stalin to subjugate them.”
        This is ludicrously unhistorical: Lithuania, a major base for the siege of Leningrad, in which more people died than the in the US Armed Forces, around the world in the entire World War was occupied by the Red Army in order to prevent it from being used to renew hostilities on the USSR.
        That this was entirely logical is demonstrated by the way in which it now uses every opportunity to initiate hostilities with Russia.
        As this article point out it is now preparing itself to serve as a base for the heaviest troop carrying planes in the US Air Force. What other purpose can there be for that than to facilitate an invasion of Russia?
        That the post Nazi fantasies being pursued by the grandchildren of Hitler’s most enthusiastic executioners alarm sensible people is something that Lithuanians wishing to live and prosper in peace would do well to consider. Lithuanian politics has been dominated since 1991 by expatriates with dual citizenship and loyalties to a distant continent. No doubt any dissent is made extremely difficult, which perhaps, rather than economics, is the reason why so many people are fleeing the place.

    • FobosDeimos says

      Sorry but Lithuania just lost 12% of its population in the last decade. It doesn’t look like paradise. Neoliberal politics seem to be the main culprit, and perhaps the extreme eagerness of the Lithuanian rulers to please American interests and to stand first in line when it comes to agitate against the Russian ghost have also played a part in creating this future-less environment. It is a pity because you do have a long and rich history, dating back to at least the 1250s.

    • Mantas says

      Having just left Lithuania to live and work in UK, I can’t say that I agree with your post. As a Lithuanian I honestly think we are still as bad as Russia. Yes, we are ahead of them, but only by 5-8 years. I earn £32,000 more doing same, albeit less stressful job in UK (Lead programmer)

      • Frankly Speaking says

        Don’t worry, there’s a lot of ideological zealots posting comments here, looking at the world from their Soviet Politburo eyes.

        The amusing part is that they never had to live in Russia at that time and queue up for essential goods or wait ten years for the Lada car they bought to be delivered.

        The same ideologues support the economic disaster of Maduro in Venezuela (but US interference is not the answer).

        Thankfully Russia is a much better place today but sadly the Yanks want to grab its $100 trillion of natural resources, so i do support Russia to defend themselves against NATO’s aggression and expansion.

    • Apparently, you are from Lithuania?
      Well, I must say you have a very peculiar vision of both history and the current situation of Lithuania (its “successes”).

      1) You start with what you say to the author of the article: “It is not true”.
      But… What is not true? You don’t argue your objection in any way, but begin to tell your vision of the history of Lithuania.
      But why the history?
      The article merely states that the United States has carried out certain military deals in/with Lithuania. Are you saying that it is not so?

      2) Then you claim that Russia and Germany “took Lithuania apart in 177*”.

      They did it just like that? Mean, they had nothing to do, and they suddenly decided that it was time to take Lithuania apart? You must be kiddin’.

      Maybe it’s better to not dissemble and spread dubious propaganda, but tell the truth?

      Firstly, why are you modestly silent about the Poles? As far as I know, Lithuania became part of the Polish–Lithuanian Commonwealth in the XVI century, during the Livonian War. For some reason you don’t say that the “Poles took Lithuania apart”. What’s wrong?

      Regarding the events of the XVIII century… Just to remind that at that time no “independent Lithuania” existed for a long time – the country was part of the Polish–Lithuanian Commonwealth.
      Lithuania (in the form in which it existed in the XVIII century) departed to the Russian Empire in 1795 following the results of the division of the Polish–Lithuanian Commonwealth between Austria, Prussia and the Russian Empire.
      By the way, there were reasons for the division of the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth – Russia did not “just like that” agree to participate in this on a par with Austria and Prussia.

      3) You say that after the “partition of Lithuania” (although, I repeat, there was no Lithuanian then) by Russians and Germans, “normal people were made slaves”.

      This is a direct lie. At least in relation to Russia (I don’t know what about Germany).
      Apparently, you don’t know that slavery never existed in Russia.
      There was serfdom in Russia (not even in the whole country), yes, but that was a different thing.
      By the way, should i remind that serfdom appeared in Lithuania itself much earlier than in medieval Russia?

      After joining the Russian Empire (as a result of the division of the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth in 1795), Lithuania became not some distant colony, but a full-fledged part of the empire, the Lithuanian nobility was endowed with the same rights and privileges as the Russian nobility. In the Russian Empire, the population of the Baltic provinces (including Lithuania) has never been subjected to any kind of discrimination. By the way, serfdom was abolished much earlier in the Baltic provinces (including Lithuania) than in the rest of the Russian Empire.

      So don’t tell me about “people who were made slaves”.

      4) “…until after WW1, when we we freed…”.

      Excuse me, freed? But… By whom you were freed?

      In 1918, German troops occupying part of Russia (which included Lithuania) were forced to abandon their positions. But when leaving, the Germans allowed the local authorities to issue an “act of independence” (the Germans agreed to this, hoping soon to regain this territory). This is how independent Lithuania appeared 100 years ago. She was not “freed” by anyone.

      “…until after WW1, when we we freed and again, a lot of progress was made and people were getting rich and educated”.

      Hmm, in your opinion after WW1 “a lot of progress was made and people were getting rich and educated” in Lithuania?
      A lot of progress… Well, of course you have the right to think so. I only remind you about how Lithuania annexed Memel Territory in 1923, and also about 1926, when the fascist government of the “Union of Lithuanian Nationalists” came to power under the leadership of Augustinas Voldemaras (the creator of the Lithuanian fascist party “Iron Wolf”). Some progress.

      5) “After WW2, half of the countries educated people were killed by Russians”.

      Oh, I adore this cheap primitive trick! You write “Russians”. For some reason you don’t write “Soviets”. Although at that time there were no Russians, there were Soviets – just because the country was not Russia, it was the USSR.

      Maybe you don’t want to write “Soviets”, because Soviets means very many – Russians, Lithuanians, Latvians, Georgians, Ukrainians, Caucasians, and many others? And in this case, it may turn out that the Lithuanians could have been killed, for example, by the Lithuanians themselves, or by the Ukrainians, or by someone else.

      You write that “Russians” allegedly killed half of educated people. May I ask what is the basis of this strange statement? What are these murders you are talking about? And why exactly half, not 30%, or 45%, or 27% etc? Do you have some special statistics where it is said that 50% (not 41%, not 54% etc) of educated people “were killed by Russians”?

      You are talking about the post-war period (you said ‘After WW2’). Excuse me, but something makes me think that speaking of “educated Lithuanians killed by Russians”, you mean the struggle of the Soviet army against Lithuanian nationalist partisans (often terrorists), including Hitler’s collaborators. The so-called “forest brothers”. Just to remind that during ~15 years (1944−1958) more than 25 thousand people died in Lithuania at the hands of the “forest brothers”, of whom about 23 thousand were Lithuanians.

      I don’t know about any other “educated people killed by Russians” (After WW2) you can talk about.
      But tell me if i’m wrong.

      6) “Only in 1990 we were freed again”.

      May I ask by whom you were freed (again)?
      Did some “liberator” come to snatch you from the totalitarian hands of Russians? I doubt.
      In 1990, the USSR recognized the independence of Lithuania. Mean, you didn’t fight for your independence in arms. Nobody “freed” you.
      Don’t get me wrong. I don’t seek to diminish the value of your independence.
      But it is strange for me to hear that someone freed you, while the independence of Lithuania was essentially the result of a political decision of the USSR leadership.
      I mean, look at Donbass. These people have been fighting for their independence for 5 years. Better say self-dependence. They shed their blood. They suffer hardship, blockades and constant shelling from Ukrainian fascists. But they don’t give up. And they will win. This is a real example of the struggle for independence (self-dependence).

      7) “We would never ever want to be in Russia again. It sucks.”

      OK, man, i got it. Maybe it’ll be a discover for you, maybe not, but I just tell you that Russia thinks the same about Lithuania (as well as about Latvia and Estonia) – Russia would never want to have any business with you guys again. As you said, It sucks. We see who you are, what you do (discrimination of Russian speakers is very revealing), and who your heroes are. We want nothing to do with this.

      8) “Its like 1991 in Lithuania. Russia stayed, Lithuania moved forwards for 20 years. Now we have 20 years of difference.”

      Damn, I just cann’t take seriously such statements. I want to laugh.
      I really don’t want to humiliate or insult you. But it’s impossible not to laugh at your words. I think you are in very strange illusions.

      Lithuania is ahead of Russia for 20 years?
      In what, buddy?

      Maybe in the economy?
      As of 2017, the Russian economy ranks 6th in the world (in terms of GDP (PPP)). Lithuanian economy at the 86th place.

      Maybe in the military field?
      Over the past 20 years, Russia has created dozens of new types of unique technology that has no analogues in the world – air defense systems, electronic warfare equipment, tanks, submarines, armored cars, high-precision “Kalibr” missiles and much more.
      I’m not even talking about the latest developments announced by Putin in March 2018 – the “Avangard” complex, hypersonic weapons, the “Poseidon” underwater vehicle, military lasers, etc.
      As you understand, the development and creation of such weapons implies an appropriate level of scientific research, staff qualifications, funding, and other things.
      In addition, Russia clearly demonstrated the effectiveness of its army in Syria.
      What about Lithuania? Are any unique samples of Lithuanian military equipment known to the world? What do we know about the achievements of the Lithuanian army?

      Maybe the level of investment?
      In 2017, Russia ranked 17th in the world in terms of foreign direct investment. Lithuania was in this ranking in 81st place.

      It is unlikely that countries would invest their money in the economy of a country where everything is as bad as you described (bribes, gangsters, “no business culture” etc). For some reason they prefer to invest more in Russia than in Lithuania (who, as you said, ahead of Russia by 20 years). Strange, isn’t it? Apparently, these countries are just crazy.

      I don’t know when and where exactly you were in Russia (and in Belarus), but what you described is more reminiscent of the wild 90s. This has nothing to do with the present time.

      • bevin says

        Thank you for this full and eloquent reply. ‘Frankly Speaking’ ‘s answer is eagerly awaited.

      • mark says

        In 1991, the Soviet Union “gave away” 2 million square miles of territory and nearly 50% of its population, to create 14 new countries, including crappy Lithuania. These areas were a drain on the Russian Federation and Russia was glad to get rid of them.

        Doesn’t sound to me like a dangerous expansionist power trying to grab territory. Though the US dual national neocon clowns in the Baltics have such a high opinion of their shitty little Nazi countries that they have convinced themselves Putin is constantly scheming to invade and seize the beautiful Lithuanian peat bogs and the famous Estonian lap dancing bars.

        Many people of Russian heritage were born in these areas and have lived there all their lives. They were part of Russia for hundreds of years. But they are not allowed to vote, obtain a passport, or work in any government job. But of course these are “Unpeople” you won’t hear anything about it from the MSM or the human rights brigade.

        These shitty little Nazi countries, when they aren’t holding really nice big Nazi rallies, are constantly thinking up new provocations to spit in the Bear’s Eye, like desecrating Russian war graves and war memorials. Crappy little countries do this when they think they can get away with it and run and hide behind Uncle Sam. Like the obnoxious brat in the school playground who spits in somebody’s face then runs and hides behind his big brother. Another prime example of this is Zionist Israel of course. These countries think they have free rein to behave as irresponsibly as they want and then get bailed out by their neocon buddies.

        One day the people running these crappy little countries, Lithuania, Israel, Montenegro, “Northern Macedonia”, whatever, will drag us into a disastrous major war, like Serbia in 1914.

        • Jovan says

          @ Mark : Good comment apart from the disappointing last couple of words. Check out these two links for the right direction:



          For an in-depth, meticulously referenced book that will change your perceptions on the subject of WW1, read: “Folly and Malice: The Hapsburg Empire, the Balkans, and the Start of World War One” by John Zametica; Shepheard-Walwyn, London, 2017.

          • mark says

            Yes, you’re right, there’s plenty of blame to go round for the start of the war. Austria, Germany, France, Russia as well. But this was state sponsored terrorism by Serbia. Austria was more justified in invading Serbia than the US was in invading Afghanistan. If it had just been left to those two countries, Serbia would have routed the Austrian invasion, followed by some kind of messy uneasy peace. But it would have been localised and not a global war.

            Bismarck predicted this. He thought a general war would break out “because of some damn foolish business in the Balkans”, and the whole of the Balkan countries “were not worth the bones of one German soldier.” If he had been around he wouldn’t have let it happen.

      • Jen says

        A Laff Creator, you forgot to mention that during Lithuania’s Golden Age of Independence after WW1 ended in 1918 up until 1940, the Poles nicked Vilnius in April 1919 and tried to destabilise Lithuania in August of the same year. The Soviets returned Vilnius to Lithuania in 1920, in less than glorious circumstances to themselves. Polish forces later detached Vilnius from the rest of Lithuania by declaring a “republic”, paving the way for Warsaw to annex Vilnius and the surrounding region in 1923.

        Vilnius didn’t return to Lithuania until after the Soviets occupied the country and returned the city again.


  4. Steve says

    He lost me at Trump being successful businessman and great leader

  5. Steve says

    He lost me at Trump being ‘successful businessman’ and great leader

  6. Baron says

    The Baltic (not in the same territorial arrangements the three Republics occupy today) was a part of Imperial Russia, the Bolsheviks let it free in 1919, all three States turned dictatorships before WW2. The USSR took them over after the war, the populace suffered as much as that of Russia, the only positive was that the Kremlin communist thugs located the USSR manufacture of ‘advanced electronic gear’ (if the Soviet radios, fridges and stuff could be labelled ‘advanced’) in the Baltic. Most of that capacity (almost all) was shipped back to mainland Russia after 1990, or it closed down, it was the main source of employment (except for agriculture).

    Today, the countries are empty of the young, only those who cannot leave remain, or the Russians who live mainly in the cities, they are either Russian passport holders or stateless (that goes roughly for all the Baltic Republics), the Russians have no desire to go back to the mainland, are not keen on Russia to take over the region either (if Putin wanted to incorporate the region he missed it, it’s unlikely he ever wanted to do it, what would suit Russia more is to have the countries as a part of a corridor separating Russia from the West).

    The people are mild mannered, friendly, to accuse them of atrocities in the recent past is rather unfair, virtually every ethic group in the vertical belt from the Baltic down south to Ukraine and more to the Balkans behaved sickeningly, some more others less. Digging up that past cannot help to maintain peace in that region today.

    Before the stationing of the token NATO troops in the Baltic, the important steam of income was the Russian tourists, they came because they had friends there, or because of nostalgia, and the bucolic tranquility of some parts of the regions, also the beaches are beautiful, the food wholesome, prices low (even today when the Euro rules).

    It’s the meddling of the Americans who ‘have occupied’ the region in their effort to encircle Russia. Whether that strategy yields results remains to be seen, it’s a pity though that the unnecessary and largely unjustified Russopfobic attitudes exists, it certainly doesn’t help the remnants of the population there.

    Btw, there’s a large number of almost exclusively young people from the Baltic region here in the UK, many employed in the network of mainly Polish retail shops. If you ask them (as Baron never fails to) if they or their relatives fear Putin’s invasion, or the Russians in general the answer is never in the affirmative. You don’t it, you ask them yourselves.

    And lastly, have a look at some pictures from Ukraine countryside only marginally over 100 yers ago. Yes, it’s Ukraine, but the above mentioned vertical belt wasn’t much different, these were indeed very impoverished lands, it mattered not whether the ruler were the Russians, the Poles or whoever.


    • eddie says

      Way off topic, but thanks for the link. Fine, solid houses, well-fed and clothed people, who thrive without outside interference.
      Interesting to see Dykanka included; the village which gave us Gogol, and who based his best early stories from the village of the same name.

      • Baron says

        Baron cannot but tip his hat to you, eddie, not many know about it, the short stories in Gogol’s ‘Evenings on a Farm Near Dikanka’ are a delight mixing the humorous with the macabre.

      • Another thing, eddie:

        The pictures are indeed charming, but they show neither the hard slog, nor the poverty of the place, they were intended for the tourists and travellers, one wouldn’t expect them to buy if they showed the other side of life. One of Baron’s ancestor’s served in the military in that part of today’s Ukraine that was under the governance of the pre-WW2 Czechoslovakia. “Awful’ was his verdict.

        If you’re familiar with Gogol’s ‘The Overcoat’, the plight of the low ranking state employee who’s laughed at because of his old coat, buys a new one, gets mugged …. you would figure that others who were not on a guaranteed income were worse off than him.

        Baron’s favourite are the stories by a Czech satirical writer J Hasek who travelled the region. Unfortunately, these are not available in English.

        • Jen says

          Kind sir, I beg to differ, I have read Jaroslav Hasek’s stories under the title “The Good Soldier Svejk” in print in English translation and some of them are available online as well.

        • Jen says

          They are available in English, have been so for a long time. I read them nearly 20 years ago. They were published in print under the title “The Good Soldier Svejk”. Some are available in PDF online.

          • Baron says

            Good Soldier Svejk is a full novel, Hasek wrote a lot more, it’s his stories from old Hungary, Eastern Ukraine, Russia Baron’s talking about. Priceless. Are these available in English?

    • LMAO says

      Lmao haven’t read such bs in a while. The majority of youth that is going to UK or any nordic country are the most uneducated retards there are. Most of them get employed at some fish factory etc. Because they can’t work anyother job with that 10year of school knowledge.

      • Firbolg says

        Huge problem with them in Ireland. Look at any Irish newspaper and see how many Lithuanians are involved in horrific, violent crimes – especially against their own countryfolk.

  7. Robertas Povilavicius says

    Absolutely useless article, the result of sick mind, of writer. You where grow up on cheap Porn movies and never seen Lithuania at all. And you imagine it as part of post sovietic Russia with dancing Bear and drunk russian guys around singing soviet pop songs.

    “First of all”, as you british m***********r like to say, it is not post sovietic country anymore. This is country with such a deepest history, one of or maybe, or just the oldest language in Europe. Yes, apart of english language, it is a lot of other languages around you, just you are too lazy to find this out. So economicly and defence industry Lithuania depend of NATO and EU, but this is in theory, everybody, know, what if any military conflict would be, NATO would pretend they didn’t hear anf didn’t see anything. So it is not important at all, US give us few used airplain or not, this not change situation at all. And Trump not buying Lithuania, like you said, because nobody can buy the country who’s 75% of population live abroad, and the rest 25% who stay in the country, are mix of nation. So nobody care.

    To say: “Trump buying Lithuania”, because he based few used airplain in Lithuania, it is the same if would i say: ” UK it is our Lithuanian country now, because we f**k british girls and drink IPA In the Pub”.

    Lithuania is the most beautiful country in Europe, with oldest old town, with beautiful nature places, Baltic seaside the most beautiful human bodies, the tasty beer, and real organic food. This is the place with clear water lakes, where you can swim, fishing, and boating, not like in UK. This the place where the most beautiful woman, act as woman, not geting drunk, not screeming and peesing on the street, not act as drunk cow. This is the place, where everybody would like to live, if open they deep closed eyes , and would discover it bit beter..

    • mark says

      Lithuania was part of Russia for hundreds of years, ever since the Swedes invaded the area and got their butts kicked by Peter the Great.

      It was created as an artificial new country in 1919 for geopolitical reasons.

      This was rectified in 1939. German Memel went back to Germany. Russia reclaimed its lost territory from the western powers who had robbed it when it was weak and defenceless after 1917.

      I’m not surprised there’s plenty of room to walk in the countryside. There’s nobody there. Nobody wants to live there. A million have voted with their feet and left since 1991. In a few years time the only people left will be a few rabid Neocon US dual nationals desperately trying to stir up trouble in the area.

      Why would Putin invade it? He doesn’t want it, not even if you offered him free wine glasses to take it. Even the Lithuanians don’t want it, so why would he?

      • Jen says

        Actually Lithuania was part of the joint Polish-Lithuanian kingdom from 1386 onwards until the dismemberment of the kingdom (by then a commonwealth under an elected monarch, after the Jogaila / Jagiellonian dynasty died out in the 1500s) in the 1795.

    • vexarb says

      @Robertas: “Lithuania is the most beautiful country in Europe, with oldest old town, with beautiful nature places, Baltic seaside the most beautiful human bodies, the tasty beer, and real organic food. This is the place with clear water lakes, where you can swim, fishing, and boating, not like in UK. This the place where the most beautiful woman, act as woman, not geting drunk, not screaming and peeing on the street, not act as drunk cow. This is the place, where everybody would like to live, if only to open their deep closed eyes …”

      Thank you, Robertas, for your confirmation of what I myself was thinking when I looked at Baron’s postcards (above). I was thinking, what a beautiful countryside, what neat well built houses, what sturdy people, I would like to live there — except I might have to work hard and miss my creature comforts.

    • padre says

      I strongly disagree with you in one point!The most beautiful country in Europe is (put a name of your country instead of bracketed text)!

    • John2o2o says

      “First of all”, as you british m***********r like to say, it is not post sovietic country anymore.

      WTF are you talking about? What is “m***********r” and why are you attacking my country? Trump is an American and we are leaving the EU.

      (And why has this m***n been given so many “likes” for this gibberish?)

      • Frankly Speaking says

        England has sadly become the obedient poodle of the US neoliberals and neocons. Brexit is their project, pushed through their right wing media in Britain.

        Post Brexit, English politicians will be licking US arses even more, just look at the revolting Williamson and Fox for starters. Johnson is a dual British US national too.

        The Brexiteers appalling behaviour and comments is rightly pissing off normally placid people elsewhere, hence the comments you complain about.

    • Ricsi says

      Yes its so good there,but then you yourself just said 75% öf the people left !!

  8. Aivaras says

    Wow, what a piece of shit is this article. It’s so misleading and inaccurate. How fucked your mind has to be to write this.

    • Yarkob says

      Great response. Care to tell us why, or you’re just trolling? No need to suggest any kind of mental instability, either.. it just makes you look like a twat

  9. Pyewacket says

    So, nothing depends on Lithuania in this issue. It only gives permission

    Geography does

  10. Gab says

    The title of this article is so misleading. Another writer trying to grab attention for a sake of reactions….

    • Yarkob says

      what, pray, should the title of this article be, oh sub-editor in the cloud?

  11. Is not Lithuania one of the key hubs for the Institute for Statecraft’s II operations, organising clusters in neighbouring countries? with links to various other US gongos, as well as Brigade 77…

    • Tim Jenkins says

      “. . . Organising cluster flux in neighbouring countries?”

      Maybe sounds even more accurate , David 😉

      Mega MAGA Magma 🙂 Hot lava flows of propaganda, streaming & steaming to de-ice and thaw the cold war , in the ‘Corridor’ , which nobody in NATO ever respected , or intended to . . . >>>

      Not NATO , surely ? ! 🙂

  12. Francis Lee says

    The same demographic time-bomb is also taking place in Estonia and Latvia. In the space of one generation these micro states will cease to exist. Given their nazi past when they joined in with the Nazi SS Einsatzgruppen death squads in an orgy of mass extermination this will be no bad thing. What goes around, comes around. No more SS reunions in Riga, Vilnius and Tallin.

    • Mark says

      Unfortunately that’s what happens when small countries are surrounded by aggressive animal states. Nazis from the west and Communist nazis from the east. War is now over but damage done to lithuanian by nazis and bolshevik scum bags can still be felt. Nazis from the west have been defeted but Russian with all the xenophobia, rasism, homophobia and antisemitism is still out there lead by Adolf Putin. It’s weird how Soviets fought against nazis to become nazi state themselves.

      • mark says

        This is a troll using my name. He does this occasionally. He normally spouts hasbara garbage under the name Antonym. – Mark

        • The Real Mark says

          I’m not an uncritical admirer of Putin, but I would never call him a Nazi. Without him, Russia would have been destroyed by the Jewish oligarchs and western parasitic finance capital. It would be like Ukraine is today, or maybe Iraq or Libya.

        • Antonym says

          Too bad “Mark” that the admins can see our IP addresses and can see who is lying, or who is acting…they can also see from which area we are posting (US, UK or South Asia for example)
          IF not using VPN etc. like state paid trolls.

          • Tim Jenkins says

            @Antonym , once again you make zero sense and blow your cover, as Troll , with a particular vendetta against Mark, it would seem.

            I feel obligated to mention that we are not idiots , (like you , LMAO 🙂 Thanx for the entertainment and confirmation again, that all your comments are effectively worthless, with an agenda, like when you were commenting on Pakistan & Afghanistan last week, when you ridiculously copy/pasted from one article to the next , the identical text full of mistakes, projection & transference (like listing countries, but never ISRAEL, again here above) …

            Son, you are not only firkin’ useless @Trollin’, but a complete AshkeNazi aS-Swipe, direct to next comment, coz’ nobody with a brain would take your contributions seriously. I’m just amazed that your account is not already erased and / or phased with control methodology for yer’ next pathetic future attempts , in another name.

            Curiously , you never respond to my comments: why so ?

            Once again, “. . . get a real job , son !” yer’ laughable , as is your pattern of >>>

            Projection & Transference !

            So to repeat last weeks comments, (you simply ignored), re. Tony BLiAR

            “People should realise – When we are talking about Chemical & Biological Agents, we’re not just talking about , you know , washing powders & detergents . . ” (sic)

            Feel the Contempt ? ! ?

            Antonym ? get a real job, son, one that fulfils your saddened soul.

            Antonym, (the opposite of synonym): a word which is opposite in meaning to another, rather like the Antithesis of clever , in deed , a very striking contrast ! 🙂

            • mark says

              Don’t be too hard on the poor guy. He has to earn his shekel a line or the troll factory manager will be on his back.

      • vexarb says

        Mark, are you Mark.1 or Mark.2? Only asking because noted a change in Avatar from Mark below.

        • mark says

          The fake Mark (Antonym) has a different avatar. You can always tell us apart because the fake Mark is always spouting complete BS.

    • Ricsi says

      Wrong,they all fought to preserve a Christian Europe, when the reds came in 1919 and again in 1939 which ethnic group led the commies to commit massacres against the educated,intellectuals and business classes ?? Just like they did in Katyn with the Polish Officer class.
      The problem today is that these minor nations and Poland still blame todays Russia rather than seeing who really ran the show in communist Soviet Union.
      These are very proud nations sadly exploited by the US now.

      • bevin says

        The Petrograd coup was actually in carried out by Latvian troops. the nonsense that Latvia fought to preserve “Christian Europe” is true only in the sense that the Baltic barons, of German and Swedish origin, fought to preserve the estates accumulated during the long wars against the slavs, whose christianity was of a more antique variety than that of the Westerners. Their position on the Baltic made it possible for their troops, much reinforced by foreigners (including Field Marshal to be Alexander) to resist local attempts to form a socialist republic.
        It should be recalled that these Baltic nations had all been part of the Russian Empire and benefited from the Bolshevik policy-formulated by Stalin- of opening the doors of the Tsarist Prison House of Nations.
        Where the idea came from that “Reds” carried out massacres of educated people and intellectuals (it is good to see that someone recognises the difference) I’m unsure.
        As to the Katyn massacre, ‘discovered’ by the Nazi Occupation in 1943, the truth is far from being established- except in the “west” where the account that Goebbels produced is a key part of the mythology of anti-communism.

  13. UreKismet says

    “” shitty little Nazi country” is a really unnecessary insult” – maybe but sadly it seems to be true.
    I’m old enough to remember the south of this planet being forced to allow a swathe of ‘shitty little Nazis’ in as refugees. They came from Poland, Hungary, Croatia, the Ukraine plus Lithuania & Estonia.
    Much better educated than your average ‘reffo’ who had lost what little they had and who had taken to getting a reasonable go in their new countries like a duck to water; for some reason these types tended to eschew the support groups for emigres set up to assist people from eastern & central european cultures.

    Judging by their current foreign minister, Canada probably copped a chunk as well.
    The other weird thing was that these bourgeois refugees didn’t arrive until a few years after the original ww2 refugees hsd turned up from europe.
    Post teaching USuk how to administer a fascist state most likely, and, post cheerleading the privatisatiion of many state owned enterprises in their ‘new home’ many of the refugees’ children and grandchildren returned to their parents countries of birth and assumed senior positions in the baltic states plus central europe and parts of the Balkans.
    In may not sound tolerant or forgiving, but shitty little nazis does carry the imprimatur of accuracy.

  14. Jen says

    Sad to see Lithuania turning itself into one giant military base for the US. What’s going to happen if and when the US economy finally collapses and the money spigot stops running?

  15. mark says

    Lithuania is just a shitty little Nazi country like the rest of the Baltics. The population has fallen since independence from 3.7 to 2.7 million. Everyone who can has left. The country is run by rabid US dual nationals parachuted in by the State Department. If it just had normal relations with Russia, it could earn a fortune as a transit hub and gas pipeline route. But it has forfeited this as a US satellite. It is just too unreliable. In a few years time there won’t be anybody left. The economy was destroyed by financialisation and speculative bubbles.

    • ” shitty little Nazi country” is a really unnecessary insult.

      That said, Lithuania, or rather its corrupt leaders, signed on to the EU / NATO – which are the “gloves” of Washington – and the country pays the price. It’s gambling that war will never come….or: as long as its misleaders have offshore accounts and hideaways, they don’t care. It hates Russia reflexively and its leaders didn’t have the wisdom or patriotism to be cautious with the uni-power. Thus it allows itself to be transformed into a forward base for US aggression.

      Most of Europe is sorry for these decision, because the Baltic countries plus Poland endanger us all….unlike Finland.

      • vexarb says

        @elenits: “Lithuania, or rather its corrupt leaders, signed on to the EU / NATO – which are the “gloves” of Washington – and the country pays the price. It’s gambling that war will never come….or: as long as its misleaders have offshore accounts and hideaways, they don’t care. It hates Russia reflexively and its leaders didn’t have the wisdom or patriotism to be cautious with the uni-power. Thus it allows itself to be transformed into a forward base for US aggression.”

        Replace “Lithuania” in the above para by England, France, Belgium, Holland, Germany, Denmark, Sweden or Norway — it will still be true. Why single out Lithuania? Trump may have “bought Lithuania” but Rotschild has bought the entire EU. Money is no object; if the US economy crashes, Rothschild banks will simply move cash from some other ledger to pay for their relentless wars against the few independent countries left in this globalist world. ROTHSCHILD RULES, OK?

    • Squire says

      Another opinionated idiot, who has no real insight into politics. Propaganda marrionette.

    • Ricsi says

      Mark,this time you are correct apart from calling them shitty little nazi countries.

      • mark says

        Okay, then, I withdraw little. There’s nothing wrong with being little.

        • Ricsi says

          They are not shitty and never Nazi,just patriotic.But they are little ! 🙂


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