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Goebbels is alive and well…in Amerika

Philip A. Farruggio

Peter Longerich’s 2015 biography Goebbels instructs well how history can and does repeat itself. Like many of the NeoCon ex “Lefties” who loaded up the Bush Sr. and Jr. administrations, Goebbels was at first a true socialist, perhaps even a Marxist sympathizer. [He had also seriously considered the Catholic priesthood.]

As a young novelist and later journalist, he had a real dislike for the Fat Cat capitalists who he and others from both the political left and right blamed for Germany’s fall from grace. When he “found” Adolf Hitler, despite his many disappointments about Hitler from his diary entries ( including the fact that he fervently believed that Hitler was in love with Goebbels’ fiancé Magda … and perhaps vice versa), Goebbels joined the new Fuehrer Cult.

As with many others in economically and culturally depressed Germany, Goebbels was enamored with the man he referred to as ‘The boss’. The need for a messianic leader, actually a dictator, was very prevalent among many in the NASDAP (Nazi party). So much so that nothing else mattered as to actual policy vs. actual power. As Long as Hitler hammered home pride in the “Fatherland”, Volk family values and rejection of the Versailles Diktat, Goebbels forgave Hitler’s indecision on other issues.

Of course, Goebbels’s bitter hatred toward all things Jewish kept him on a course that Hitler himself had steered for so long. Matter of fact, in the biography we learn how even Hitler had to slow Goebbels down at times, and show more patience… and wait for the opportune moments to strike hard against the Jews.

Joseph Goebbels was a master in the use of propaganda. He knew what Edward Bernays accomplished in our nation through his introduction of propaganda into commercial and then political advertising.

Without Bernays’s skills, the United States may never have even entered into WW1. Goebbels could have gotten lots of his ideas right out of Bernays’ 1928 book aptly entitled Propaganda. Jingoistically, one cannot view any films showing the Nazi regime at work without noticing the abundance of flags and banners everywhere. Additionally, Goebbels’ use of pomp and circumstance with the trumpets and horns and of course the drum beats combined with the marches and uniforms was very effective.


Well, during troubled times all that is needed to indoctrinate the populace are repetitive sound bites and slogans used over and over and over again. Did not Mr. Trump use such populist propaganda on a great segment of the populace fed up with their economic plight and the absence of good jobs? Of course all successful propaganda must have scapegoats ready in the wings to blame most of this on…with a savior standing by to lead them out of the abyss. Nazi Germany had the Jews and European banking system, and Trump’s Amerika has the Muslims and illegal Latino aliens as they are referred to.

Another interesting fact mentioned in the biography is that the Nazis did not need to play the “God card” in order to get the masses to follow. Hitler and his cronies, Goebbels included, had a deep revulsion towards any form of Christianity. They despised it because their goal was to make the Fuehrer the new ‘Christ’ , or messiah, for Germany’s resurrection as a European power once again.

Christianity also was a faith (that at least formally) preached peace and forgiveness, seen as “weak” values by the militarist Nazis. This anomaly was not what we here in this Amerikan empire have ever experienced. The great and insightful American author Sinclair Lewis said it best 79 years ago with:

When fascism comes to America it will be wrapped in a flag and carrying a cross.”

Sadly, we are on our way to seeing it happen here soon.

The Neocon propaganda has worked so well for the ‘ The Right Wing’. They have hijacked our wonderful flag and made it into a symbol of their perversions. They have hijacked the great avatar, Jesus of Nazareth, and made him the symbol of this ‘ born again empire’, as if he would ever bless our illegal and immoral invasions and occupations… along with our merciless drone missiles. Their (so called) adversaries, the Democratic Party, which great propaganda has labeled as ‘ Left wing ‘ or “Liberal” or even “Socialist/ Marxist”, are just more “kinder and gentler” servants of that same empire. They too kneel at the altars of Big Business and the Pentagon.

Yes, dear friends, fascism, with its corporate police state, has arrived and most of us do NOT even realize it! Of course, our newest “Emperor with no clothes”, Mr. Trump, overtly does the bidding of the Deep State that he claims is “Out to get me!”

He, along with his predecessors, will assure the Super Rich that the rest of us, the 99+ % , will become the drones that they need to service their beehive. Goebbels, if he is looking UP from his lowest point in the cosmos, must be so proud of what his profession has accomplished here in Amerika.

Philip A Farruggio is a son and grandson of Brooklyn , NYC longshoremen. He has been a free lance columnist since 2001, with over 400 of his works posted on sites like Global Research, Greanville Post, OffGuardian, Consortium News, Information Clearing House, Nation of Change, World News Trust, Op Ed News, Dissident Voice, , Activist Post, Sleuth Journal, Truthout and many others. His blog can be read in full on World News Trust, whereupon he writes a great deal on the need to cut military spending drastically and send the savings back to save our cities. Philip has an internet interview show, 'It's the Empire... Stupid' with producer Chuck Gregory.


  1. Could have mentioned how mutable Goebbelsian propaganda was. By 1945 it claimed Germany was fighting to preserve “Western civilisation” from the Soviet hordes of Untermenschen from the East. That would be the same “western civilisation” Germany had been at war will since 1939.

  2. harry stotle says

    Talking of propaganda I see the smarmy billionaire who likes to sue the NHS has arranged a funky backbeat while right-militia provoke pro-government forces in Venezuela, sorry I meant deliver humanitarian aid to communities Sir Richard is desperately worried about.

    It came as a shock to discover there was poverty in Latin America although the bearded mogul has now received careful guidance from Elliot Abrams about the best way to promote peace and justice in oil rich socialist states.

    • harry stotle says

      The chest of the old Reich Minister of Propaganda would have swollen with pride if he was around to see how fevernetly his techniques have been embraced across neocon news platforms.
      The Guardian when not telling us Labour are the new Nazis or that Syria should be a fitting home for ‘good rebels’ continue to produce all too predictable pro-US, anti-Maduro reports that are drenched in bias and almost devoid of any form geopolitical context.

      To recap: the US precipitated an economic crises in Venezuela and is now pretending to deliver humanitarian aid in order to kid the politically illiterate consumers of their Goebbalesque newsfeed that they are not up to their usual cryptofascist tricks.

      To help them Sir Richard has staged a regime change concert busing in various groups sympathetic to the idea of another US bloodbath that will leave Venezuela much worse off and America much richer.
      Branson will no doubt be informed by his minions while holidaying on Mustique that ordinary Venezuelans are enterally grateful to him for providing so many job opportunities for the newly reformed death squads.

      Of course consumers of Goebbalsnews will quickly forget this is exactly the same US that is guilty of human rights abuses on their own southern border while its security advisers have the cheek to object when Venezuela feels nervous about paramillitaries being bused in from neighbouring states already in hoc to the corrupt US financial system.

      At some level regular contributors to the Guardian must recognise they are complict with violence that inevitably flows from corporate fascism – I suppose its one of the reasons they produce endless articles screaming hysterically about a light entertainer who might have said something vaguely controversial, or non-PC – in other words its all just a form of distraction therpay to deflect from their guilt, or the fact they are almost always on the side of the oppressor rather than the oppressed.

  3. DunGroanin says

    ‘An interesting and successful example of this audience reaction modelling can be seen in the mainstream media coverage of the Salisbury incident, which gave rise to large-scale hysteria in Western countries about Russian spies.

    Considering that US defense officials openly admit that the Pentagon, as well as other institutions, are going to develop their influencing tools and irregular warfare capabilities further, it should be expected that the intensity and sophistication of disinformation campaigns waged around the globe will continue to increase.’

  4. vexarb says

    And in France. From today’s Saker Vineyard report on Les Gilets Jaunes, Act 14:

    “This one is a must see because it shows a Yellow vest, which is trying to push other mates to throw stones, arrested by the police. He then says, “No, no, guys, I’m with you”. Of course the police don’t believe him and keep pulling him. An officer arrives, says a few words to them and, then, they simply release the guy. This video shows that the police are blending in with the Yellow vests and trying to stir up violence.”

    The French Minister of Culture Françoise Goebbels said that a rapid response judicial procedure would be established to stop the dissemination of fake news.


    • mark says

      Time for Russia and China and all other countries who wish to preserve their sovereignty to ban state controlled media mouthpieces like France 24, Deutsche Welle, BBC, PBS.

  5. paul metcalf says

    Mark,i wondered what george galloway was doing in bradford.

    • mark says

      Probably looking for some Jews to gas. He’s anti semitic you know. Like Corbyn. He’s building a gas chamber on his allotment.

  6. George cornell says

    The most watched public events on American telly are sporting matches. And it is here where fascism is on display. So at American football and baseball games it is routine for fighter jets to fly overhead, for effusive praise to heaped on military shoulders, solemnly revered for their bravery, and for military individuals to be present so they can be announced and given standing O’s. No matter that they have invaded sovereign nations to slake their greed, bloodlust, and to test out their new military toys. This requires a very elaborate fantasy world where imagined threats are relentless and the military is all that keeps the American gentlefolk from being slaughtered by the evil Russkies. You can’t make it up, but they can and do.

    • mark says

      Hitler and his friend Hanfstangl based the Nuremberg Rallies on the format of American football matches.

    • Gezzah Potts says

      George Cornell: sort of a bit like George Orwell then? Its surreal the effect prolonged propaganda has on people with almost no genuine alternative to counter that. Really sad.

      • If our experience of ‘world’ is revealed as a construct of an unwatched mind, is it because we became so engaged, invested and identified in our own reflected image, as to protect it from undoing to change as if life was IN the images and forms and not in the meaning given and received?

        An unwatched mind knows not the meanings it gives, presuming them to be reality, while thinking its own meaning is determined and defined or given by its world, experience or result of unwatched thought of previously acquired and accepted meanings.

        The mind can be a magician becoming trapped in its own spin, or powerless to that which it makes as an attempt to become powerful. Spellbound to its own word in fear of loss of power of possession whose seeming, has dispossessed.

        It is something to recognize the power of the mind to create illusion instead of sharing in the true. Freedom is also responsibility, and no thought given acceptance is without consequence at some level.

        The power of illusion is the mind of the experience of its thought, and the illusion of power is the en-trancement of the creator within a private or personal sense of power.

        A monkey trap (I have read of) is a gourd fixed to something like a tree or the ground, with a hole into which the monkey can reach a fruit placed inside. But while it maintains it grasp, it cannot retrieve either hand or fruit and (for the most part) cannot re-evaluate its situation – and so is trapped by its own inflexibility of response.

        It is my sense that to en-trance the world that is not merely born into but learned, adapted to and developed as the consciousness of, is the opportunity to contrast the power of illusion with the illusion of power, and so open a choice where a co-fused mind previously had none, being locked into self reinforcing limitation.

        In this scenario, ‘Job’ is given the freedom of a true self-awareness, from the willingness to not reinforce a mind of induced or insinuated guilt and fear through pains of persecution, loss, abandonment and temptations to deny the Life that lives him – in sacrifice to ‘Satan’s deliverance’.

        If this is read as within consciousness rather than in the world, it offers recognitions the world cannot give – for it was made to hide them, being as it were – ‘delivered unto evils’ under the guise of being saved from them – which is indeed like George Orwell.

        Hates and fears, guilt, shame, impotence and etc are Room 101. Big Brother is the systemic mind of their redistribution into both a captive and neutered mind – and a world made to keep it so – as the management and protection of guilt and fear Inc in the imaged and formed meanings upon which the mind ‘thinks’ it thinks, and in which its experience is framed.

        Life can only be covered over and not destroyed, because we do not create life – but see in image and form as if to grasp it for our ‘self’. Beneath all storms or stagnation of thought and feeling is a timeless spark of life awaiting recognition.

        What we appreciate, appreciates.
        Gratitude for the capacity to recognize and release the false.
        Vigilance against the temptation to give it negative fixation – as if thereby being delivered by hidden hate running self-righteously.
        No one sees what they are as yet unwilling to accept – and so must (choose to) see something ELSE – that ‘works for them’ in the currently defined sense of need. Temporary expedient delivers us to repetitive conditioning while piling up the evasions of the past as the necessary curriculum of a future that can only truly restore to true presence in the willingness for healing – as both a receiving and a giving, in place of the getting that became a ‘forgetting’.

        Is it really a choice? Or is this the recognition of the undoing of a false choice to a true creation? While we believe in choice, we have to align our choosing. But the spontaneity or synchronicity of life as relational wholeness is outside ‘manual control’ excepting through inhibiting and self-limiting conflicts of self-consciousness. Where we give attention and awareness is where we accept value and share it. But only love truly shares. All else is a masking substitution of passing off as if ‘seems’, is. Willingness for love’s awareness might rise from recognising we don’t know or own what it is (haven’t a grasp after all) – but are willing to learn anew.

  7. wardropper says

    Come to think of it, we undoubtedly DO have our own Goebbels; it’s just that ours prefers not to advertise himself too much. I reckon he’s pretty busy right now, along with his legions of empty-souled and barely human drones.
    You can see them in any bank, in any advertising company and in any military organization.
    Few of those have the future evolution of mankind at heart.

  8. Dr Farr says

    Good articles. While we don’t have a Goebbels, in persona, in the US, we have a more effective propaganda tool to enable white nationalism: the mainstream capitalist media, which limits its criticism of Trump to pot-shotting his contradictory statements while refusing to show the horrible consequences of his actions and policies

    • If vigilance against deceit is also vigilance against psyops, then seeing Trump as a psyop also shows how effective it is.
      The ‘psyop’ is like a movie in that the props and framework are provided for an experience created by the ‘viewer’ or if you prefer, projected into the props by the vicarious experiencer.

      In this sense we have another sense of prop-aganda.

      Manipulating perceptions becomes identified in the mask AS IF behind or above it.

      I’m watching ‘The Wire’ at the moment – in which a hollow and deprived and therefore negatively conditioned life operates beneath the masking of a network of institutions operating as higher ground in a sinking and drowning world – as a result of selling out or betraying their humanity for private privilege, as The Way Things Work – regardless that the cost of such a way is a world in which “Everything is BACKWARDS; everything is upside down! Doctors destroy health, Lawyers destroy justice, Universities destroy knowledge, Governments destroy freedom, Major media destroys information, And religions destroy spirituality”. (Michael Ellner).

      The Fall – as I see it is in the wish to use truth as a weapon – which is impossible excepting in image or symbol.
      Image and symbol operate the archetypes of human consciousness AS a sense of separation to be maintained at all costs.

      But there is a way of reading everything towards an undoing of a ‘separative divide and rule’ mind, to the rising in awareness of the already true but previously discarded.

      The last Trump is a revealing of a ‘special hate’ symbol beneath the mask of accomplished oratory presentations.
      Special hate objects serve as a dumping place for denied and ‘escaped’ self-hate. But notice, when we we triggered to hate (whoever) who is it that is actually suffering? Trump for the most part thrives on attention and while he has support behind him, is assured not to worry about it – but rather instructed in ways to use it.

      The always thing to note about attention is that it is specific. So that generating drama operates diversion from what is thus operating unseen. The development of the ‘dark arts’ is itself a trojan ploy or devil’s pact – because the temptation to power is the replacement of the true will, by a false.

      The Nazi psyop from a globalist perspective included a mass dump of sin, guilt and evil to ONE facet of a contrived conflict as the establishing of an un-revisable regulatory-protected and effectively mandatory ‘history’ that is not all made up – but nor is it the whole truth. But is used to induce guilt, fear, hate and division. Until such a purpose is seen as meaningless.

      The nature of identity in righteousness is rooted in its hatred of evil. But the judgement of evil is the loss of the discernment of true from false. What we fear to be true distorts no less than what we wish to be true and the intensity of the investment in the latter -sets up the self-inflation that is wide open to the ‘humiliation’ of violation and betrayal. or the ‘pride before the fall.

      The intent to unperson fellow beings, as a claim or assertion of moral superiority, takes different forms in different people according a a wide range of variables – but is the SAME recognisable pattern.
      We make choices and can learn from our experience. But when we demonize choices, we generate a negative worship – that then compartmentalises our mind and defends against exposure of the ‘demonic’ or hated and feared – TO OUR conscious awareness. Hacking into this ‘defence’ is the ‘protection racket’ – for which we pay in death and taxes – so as to ‘survive’ in the only terms of life we have consciously known (since the loss of spontaneity to our social masking or adaptation and development).

      I see that lies given belief and identity cost a truly shared appreciation of life. Because I feel the movement of life IS sharing, I can only desire that others find or are found by life – instead of running under self-illusions made to cover or hide a hated or feared life. Because we do not experience self-illusion so much as look out from its predicate, we only ‘see’ what lies beneath in its leaking into or violations of our world.

      • vexarb says

        @Binra: “Because I feel the movement of life IS sharing”.

        “Only connect.” — EM Forster

  9. If power is the pre-requisite to changing perceived evils or bring forth conceived ‘Good’, then the a-tempt of power becomes the basis for ‘saving a world’ or ‘making it anew’.

    The wish and belief to be ‘right’, and ‘good’ as a self-defended assertion – needs the wrong and the evil to be ‘out there’ – in the world, in the ‘other’, in order to maintain dissociation as the sense of order over chaos – framed by projected, escaped, dumped or displaced guilt or dissonance, as a ruling out of relational awareness in demand for the preservation of a self-specialness as a personal sense of private agenda as power over wholeness – at other’s expense.

    Who has not a ‘narrative’ identity? or personality construct? or masking of self to self and others?

    The polarising ‘dynamic’ of power to undermine and deny others or to feed self inflations – is the boom and bust of a negative economy, or negatively polarised identity.

    The self-sense in lack of power and deprivation or denial of good, is a negative basis for the drive to GET it. It also runs as hostage to seeming to have it – and as the hollow wretched isolation of being used and used up by giving life to it.

    The idea of having a true Father in spiritual terms, is of having a true cause – rather than of being dressed in the masks and appearances of a fear of a lack of true substance.

  10. mark says

    Goebbels and Hitler were both intriguing figures.
    Hitler himself was partly Jewish, with a Jewish grandfather.
    Goebbels was very left wing, along with other Nazis like Strasser and Bormann. For them the socialist element of national socialist was very important.
    Goebbels was also widely believed to be Jewish, his popular nickname in Berlin was “The Rabbi.”
    He was clearly a man of some ability.
    Before 1933, Berlin was solidly left wing, with 250,000 communists. Hitler sent Goebbels to Berlin on what was widely regarded as a suicide mission, with only 200 Brownshirts to back him up.
    Hitler and Goebbels, ironically, were the only Nazis who were ideologically anti semitic, though even Hitler had very close and friendly relationships with Jews throughout his life. Many leading Nazis were married to Jews. Himmler had Jewish relatives and was engaged to a Jewish woman at one time. Goering had close and friendly relations with Jewish business people..
    Bormann defected to the Soviets after the invasion of Russia in 1941. He wanted communism to survive and supplied detailed information to them throughout the war. Without this betrayal by Bormann, it is quite likely Hitler would have won the war.

    Nazi misdeeds pale into insignificance compared to those of America, if only because they were of limited duration, unlike those of the US which have continued for decades and generations without respite. The US is like Nazi Germany on steroids. They have slaughtered, butchered, starved and immiserated hundreds of millions over many decades. 40% of humanity is currently subject to US economic strangulation. “If they want their people to eat, they have to do as they are told.” No country in the history of the planet, no tyrant or dictator, no Hitler, Pol Pot, Genghis Khan or Stalin, can match the record of massacre and tyranny of this bloodthirsty, genocidal, terrorist regime, floating on a torrent of blood, oppression and human misery. In one very trivial example, half a million Iraqi children under 5 died from 1991-2003 from US economic strangulation. Their crimes are without number. Similar atrocities are being planned by the ruling criminal Zionist cabal throughout the world. Wars against Iran, Venezuela, Russia and China that will probably lead to human extinction. Compared to the US, the Nazis were a bunch of choirboys.

    There will never be peace in the world until what the US has inflicted upon the world is visited upon ordinary Americans, whatever their level of individual guilt. Until they are starving and freezing in the rubble of their ruined cities, like Germans in 1945. Only then will they recognise the enormity of their crimes. America Delenda Est. For the sake of humanity.

    • chris says

      “Bormann defected to the Soviets after the invasion of Russia in 1941. He wanted communism to survive and supplied detailed information to them throughout the war. Without this betrayal by Bormann, it is quite likely Hitler would have won the war.”

      Bormann in the USSR? You must be joking. He was in Berlin together with Hitler, when he killed himself. In 1972 a corpse was identified in Berlin, Lehrter Bahnhof, as being Bormann’s.

      • mark says

        This is untrue, Chris.
        Bormann was not killed in Berlin and he did not flee to Paraguay, or Argentina, or wherever.
        After the war he went to live quietly in Russia.
        He was a Soviet agent for years, like Philby and Maclean and the Cambridge spy ring.
        He supplied very detailed information on a daily basis to Moscow, with chapter and verse on Hitler’s daily conferences, plans and objectives, order of battle and military units.
        Without this, it is quite likely Russia would have been defeated by 1942-3. German plans were known well in advance and in great detail. The Russian side was always one step ahead.

        • Roberto says

          Bormann was killed in Berlin in 1945, his remains were discovered in 1972, positively identified forensically and by dental records later confirmed by DNA analysis.
          About your above account, I suggest you study up a little more.

          • mark says

            I’m well aware of these claims, Roberto, but what I say is true.

            It’s a case of disinformation, like all the claims he was alive and well and running a chip shop in Buenos Aires or Bradford. Like the claims that Bin Laden was killed by Seal Team 6. Smoke and mirrors.

        • Once you break out of the narrative you find nothing is what it seemed.

    • Antonym says

      Your conveniently forgot the Prophet of the champions of massacre and tyranny of this bloodthirsty, genocidal, terrorist regimes : Mohamed. Just for the Indian sub continent their gross total killings exceed 80 million. Mo also didn’t like Jews….

  11. Gezzah Potts says

    Bang on the nail Philip. Most in the West are completely, hopelessly oblivious to what is going on, or some; who do know, or been told of the great crimes of the Anglo Zionist Empire have wilfully looked the other way. They have buried their heads in the sand and chosen to enjoy their BMW’s and overseas holidays and nice houses full of expensive furniture. Most tho have been fully indoctrinated to believe the West, led by that great beacon, the United States is civilised and noble and believes in democracy and human rights. As Harold Pinter said, such has been the success of the propaganda, most believe the United States ‘is a force for good’. We know the real truth. We know the death and destruction and immense suffering caused by this Empire. Three words: Yemen, Iraq, Syria. Thats just three. There’s a long list of other countries. Venezuela looks set to be added to that list. Reading your article Philip, am reminded of the frog placed in a pot of cold water, and the heat is slowly turned up so the frog dosn’t even notice. It dosn’t even recognise the danger. Until its too late. We are almost at the boiling point now.

  12. harry stotle says

    Its incredible, isn’t it – a horrible form of cryptofascism that the public are unable to recognise (because in their mind fascism is indelibly linked to Hollywood actors in jackboots talking in a cod German accent).

    As it stands power in the US is concentrated in the hands of a of a few greedy gansgters who control the banks, corporations, intelligence agenices, military and of course the media.
    The public have no influence – influence can only be bought by powerful lobby groups.

    The writing was on the wall ever since senior figures in US collaborated with fleeing Nazis at the end of WWII – Russia was the new enemy and the west needed Nazi know-how to rebulit Germany and fuel western financial, and geopolitical interests.

  13. “When fascism comes to America it will be wrapped in a flag and carrying a cross.”, what a great insight! But it must be added: it´s wrapped into two flags: US and Israel flag!

  14. Fair dinkum says

    And where are all the previous ‘invincible’ empires?
    Funny, that.

    • vexarb says

      Fair Dinkum, your query may have been pondered before:

      ” one and another
      In money and guns may outclass his brother,
      And men in their millions may float and flow
      And seethe with a million hopes as leaven;
      And they win their will; or they miss their will;
      And their hopes are dead or are pined for still;
      But who’ere can know
      As the long days go
      That to live is happy, has found his heaven.”

      — Euripedes (Bacchae?), tr. Gilbert Murray & Bernard Shaw

    • Andy says

      Link ‘currently down for maintenance’ :-/

    • vexarb says

      PS from Vanessa in my Link above:

      “Peter Ford, former UK Ambassador to Syria, gave me his opinion.

      “The UK joined Trump and Macron in illegally bombing Syria largely on the basis of a video clip shown ad nauseam on the BBC, which a BBC Syria producer has now said he has evidence was staged. The BBC in their statement are not denying the claim. The implications are shattering: firstly that the state broadcaster effectively connived at a manipulation of public opinion, and secondly that the British government launched its attack on Syria on a false and fabricated premise. This demands a public enquiry.”

      A public enquiry? Led no doubt by UK Minister for Media, Jeremy Goebbels MP.

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