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Regime Change is Urgently Needed…in Washington

Andre Vltchek

I am surprised that no one else is saying it, writing it, shouting it at each and every corner: It is not Venezuela, Cuba, Nicaragua, and Iran that are in dire and crucial need of ‘regime change’. It is the United States of America, it is the entire European Union; in fact, the entire West.

And the situation is urgent.

The West has gone mad; it has gone so to speak, bananas; mental. And people there are too scared to even say it, to write about it.

One country after another is falling, being destroyed, antagonized, humiliated, impoverished. Entire continents are treated as if they were inhabited by irresponsible toddlers, who are being chased and disciplined by sadistic adults, with rulers and belts in their hands yelling with maniacal expressions on their faces: “Behave, do as we say, or else!”

It all would be truly comical, if it weren’t so depressing. But… nobody is laughing. People are shaking, sweating, crying, begging, puking, but they are not chuckling.

I see it everywhere where I work: in Asia, Latin America, Africa and the Middle East.

But why?

It is because North American and European countries are actually seriously delivering their ultimatum: you either obey us, and prostrate yourself in front of us, or we will break you, violate you, and if everything else fails, we will kill your leaders and all of those who are standing in our way.

This is not really funny, is it? Especially considering that it is being done to almost all the countries in what is called Latin America, to many African and Middle Eastern nations, and to various states on the Asian continent.

And it is all done ‘professionally’, with great sadistic craftsmanship and rituals. No one has yet withstood ‘regime change’ tactics, not even the once mighty Soviet Union, nor tremendous China, or proud and determined Afghanistan.

Cuba, Venezuela, DPRK and Syria may be the only countries that are still standing. They resisted and mobilized all their resources in order to survive; and they have survived, but at a tremendous price.


The victims keep crying. A few independent countries keep expressing their outrage. But so far, there is no grand coalition, which would be ready to fight and defend each other: “one for all, all for one”.

Until the recent ‘rebellion’ at the UN, no one has been openly and seriously suggesting that international law should apply to all nations of the world, equally.

People talk about ‘peace’. Many are begging the brigands to ‘to stop’, to ‘have mercy’, to show some compassion. But, neither Europe nor North America has ever shown any compassion, for long, terrible centuries. Look at the map of the beginning of the 20th century, for instance: the entire world was colonized, plundered and subjugated.

Now it is all moving in the same direction. If the West is not stopped, our planet may not survive at all. And let us be realistic: begging, logical arguments and goodwill will not stop Washington, Paris or London from plundering and enslaving.

Anyone who has at least some basic knowledge of world history knows that.

So why is the world still not forging some true resistance?


Is Venezuela going to be the last straw? And if not Venezuela, that is if Venezuela is allowed to fall, is it going to be Nicaragua, Cuba or Iran next? Is anything going to propel people into action?

Are we all just going to look passively how, the socialist Venezuela, a country which has already given so much to the world, Venezuela which managed to create beautiful visions and concepts for our humanity, is going to be burned to ashes, and then robbed of all of its dreams, its resources and of its freedom?

Are we all such cowards? Is this what we – human beings – have actually become; been reduced to? Cowards and cattle, selfish and submissive beings; slaves?

All this, simply because people are too scared to confront the empire? Because they prefer to hide and to pretend that what is so obvious, is actually not taking place?

Therefore, let me pronounce it, so at least my readers do not have that ‘luxury’ of claiming that they were not told:

This world is being brutalized and controlled by the fascist clique of Western nations. There is no ‘democracy’ left in this world, as there is near zero respect for international law in North American and European capitals. Colonialism has returned in full force. Western imperialism is now almost fully controlling the world.

And begging, trust me – begging and talking of peace is not going to help.

During WWII, fascism had to be stopped. If not, it was going to devour the entire planet. In the past, tens of millions have already died fighting for freedom and for our mankind. Yes, some nations tried to compromise and negotiate with Nazi Germany, but we all know where it all ended.

Now, the situation is the same. Or worse, perhaps much worse, because the West has nukes and a tremendous propaganda apparatus: it controls human brains all over the world with ‘mass media’, and ‘education’.

And because the citizens of the West are now much more brainwashed than the Germans and Italians were in the late 1930’s and early 1940’s; more brainwashed, more scared, submissive and more ‘disciplined’.


Look, seriously: are the people who are now writing those “peace essays”, in which they argue with the Western regime about who is right and who is wrong, seriously thinking that they are going to move people like Donald Trump, or Pompeo, or Abrams, or Rubio?

Do they believe that Washington is going to stop murdering millions of people all over the world? Or that the neo-colonialist plunder would stop, after the US Congress and Senate suddenly understands that it has been at the wrong side of history?

This is not some rhetorical question. I am serious: I demand answers!

Does ‘peace movement’ thinks that by amassing arguments it could stop Western expansionism? Yes or no?

Do they believe that Pompeo or Trump will suddenly hit their foreheads and exclaim: “You people are correct! We did not see this!” And call their troops, their thugs and mercenaries back?

If not, if this is not what peace movements believe would be done by North American and European leaders, then why all those thousands of wasted pages?

Would you go near a crocodile that is ready to devour an innocent child, and try to reason with it? Would you, seriously? Do you think it would stop, drop a few tears, wag its tail and leave?


Sometimes I tend to believe that ‘peace movements’ in the West are making things worse. They create false hopes, and they behave as if the empire is some entity that has a soul, and understands logic. They grossly underestimate the threat; the danger.

And they tend to analyze the Western threat from a Western perspective, using Western logic.

It somehow gets lost in interpretation that fascism, terror, and bestiality have to be confronted and fought.

One cannot negotiate with a group of countries which are already bathed in the blood of some 80% of the planet. If it was to happen, it would just be a mockery and it would simply humiliate everyone that is sincerely trying to stop the assassins.


Right now, Venezuela needs solidarity. It requires direct help, actions; not words. And so do many other countries.

Instead, it gets an endless avalanche of best wishes, as well as premature obituaries.

The Bolivarian Revolution has gotten plenty of colorful words. But what it urgently needs is volunteers, money, and internationalist brigades!

I know that billions of people all over the world are now cheering from their armchairs; in fact, doing absolutely nothing, while also spending zero. Their love for Venezuela is ‘platonic’.

I have just left Syria, where I was covering the Idlib war zone. There was not one single foreigner near me, during those days. Eva Bartlett and Vanessa Beeley usually work all over the toughest areas in Syria, but how many others do? And most of the time we work with near zero backing, just because we feel that it is our moral obligation to inform humanity.

I am wondering, how many foreigners are fighting for Venezuela, right now?

Who is going to face the Western spooks implanted into the Caracas and the Venezuelan borders with Colombia and Brazil? A few RT and TeleSur reporters, those true heroes, yes, but who else?

Only direct action can save Venezuela, and the world.

This is no time for debates.

This is worse, much worse than the late 1930’s.

The proverbial crocodile is here; its enormous ugly mouth open, ready to devour yet one more brilliant, proud country.

It is time to stick a big metal rod into its mouth. Now, immediately; before it gets too late.

Let us shout LONG LIVE VENEZUELA! But with our hands, muscles and purses, not just with our mouths.

And let us not be scared to declare: if anywhere, it is Washington where regime change is truly and urgently needed!

Andre Vltchek is a philosopher, novelist, filmmaker and investigative journalist. He has covered wars and conflicts in dozens of countries. Three of his latest books are Revolutionary Optimism, Western Nihilism, a revolutionary novel “Aurora” and a bestselling work of political non-fiction: “Exposing Lies Of The Empire”. View his other books here. Watch Rwanda Gambit, his groundbreaking documentary about Rwanda and DRCongo and his film/dialogue with Noam Chomsky “On Western Terrorism”. Vltchek presently resides in East Asia and the Middle East, and continues to work around the world. He can be reached through his website and his Twitter.


  1. Trump is “Regime Change” and for millions of us gun owning Conservatives who have finally had enough of Democrat corruption and RINO carpetbaggers looking out for themselves – there will be no amount of anti-Constitutional change coming without blood. If you’re a Progressive Liberal Democrat who supports Globalism, Open Borders, Identity Politics and Social Justice … you best ask yourself if you’re willing to take a bullet to defend that shit.

    So, either continue drinking your estrogen enriched soy products or find your fucking balls and get on the right side of history because there is no place for Progressive Liberalism in America.

    • Joshua Lizarrd says

      Dude. You’ve been conned. When Trump went bankrupt in the 90’s it was Rothschild Incorporated that bailed him out. and if he wasn’t still their puppet today,, why would he have appointed a cabinet full of bankers and swamp monsters? Wilbur Ross is the very same Rothschild agent who negotiated his bail out. Ivanika used to date Nat Rothschild before she married Jarred. Besides, Besides, Hillary was one of the worst presidential candidates ever. Anyone who honestly believes the entire New World Order and all of their deep state operatives would put all their eggs in a basket that rotten is in serious need of a wake up call.
      And here is what the author i=of this article is missing too… regime change is exactly what the have planned, right after they invalidate both sides of the political system.
      So what’s gonna happen when US “humanitarian aid” makes it’s way to the opposition in Venezuela and Trump imposes martial law upon the American people due to millions of refugees flooding our borders. Duh… everyone on the left will blame Trump for causing the crisis, Everyone on the right will blame Pelosi for blocking the wall, and the martial law will never end, which is exactly what the globalist puppet masters who control both parties wanted all along… a totalitarian fascist US police state. . Then will come the war which will serve as a perfect scape goat for the Federal Reserve engineered catastrophic collapse of the entire international monetary system whereby even the central banks of the world have to declare themselves insolvent. Finally the IMF will come riding in to the rescue to enslave the whole world under a single centralized supranational monetary authority with their new digital world currency. From there having complete control over every penny that anyone is permitted to spend will just be the beginning of the totalitarian control measures they plan to implement.
      A conflict with China would even have the benefit of creating a narrative that blames the conflict on insane nationalist leaders when keeping the world peace and economic stability is a job for global minded planners.

      • vexarb says

        Joshua, you are certainly well informed; O by Gosh you are. I never knew that Ivanka dated Nat Rotshchild. Nor that Rotschild Inc bailed out Daddy’s bankruptcy. Neither heard of Wilbur Ross. If all this is true, then what the sticky end you predict for the Western World is on the cards.

        • vexarb says

          PS Josh Lezard: ” Ivanika used to date Nat Rothschild before she married Jarred. Besides, Hillary was one of the worst presidential candidates ever. Anyone who honestly believes the New World Order operatives would put all their eggs in a basket that rotten [ie, betting on Hilary without laying some eggs on Trump as well] is in serious need of a wake up call.”

          That makes sense. The Clintons are only connected to branch offices: Goldman Sachs and the Oval Office; but the Trumps are wired in direct to Rothschild’s front office: Jerusalem.

      • Brutus says

        Patriot bot is right about the problems and your right Josh about the “real deep issues”. That’s why it’s so difficult to get lay people to understand what’s happening. Hegelian dialectic. These globalist kleptocrats play high stakes chess on a global scale. They are 10-20 years ahead of the general public that can barely play connect 4 with geo-politcs, world finance and national politricks.
        They have done a great job drugging us, mass media raping us and turning us against each other to make a paper fiat dollar…
        I’m just a young working class white guy that grew up in the peaceful country and now live in the shitty.
        From the time I was 16 to now 32, my my how things have gone from getting bad to a dumpster fire. Look at the the broken homes every where and addiction + over medication of people. The cancer explosion–>poisioning of the food and water systems. Mass media teaches us to chase pussy, paper and a buzz. No wonder when, especially as young men, if we can’t attain those modern mass “ideals” or as we go out and try to attain them . It breeds random senseless violence, addictive behaviors, sexual offenses, burdensome debts, depression and suicide.
        There is no sense of community any more at least around where I live, unless there is a tragedy.
        God, family and community has become an afterthought imho, all because of these globalist central planners that won ww2 .they stole the wealth of the nation before the war, Consolidated it and built up the Nazi war machine. They created the problem and then used our blood n treasure to wipe it out, to create this new world order which is actually quite old as far as the real power brokers go.
        That was then, if you can’t see this playing out again today, your blind. They are tearing this country down to force us into the next phase of technological control where everything is monitored in real-time by sadistic satanists that hate mankind. I can’t help, but think the mass immigration into the western world by the 3rd world has been done to replace us that will dissent when they crash the economy and start the wars .
        I support the Venezuelan people not Maduro, not guiado (us groomed puppet that will let the western elites rape Venezuela).
        I am against the corporate u.s. empire, but so so so pro-america and pro small town USA.
        We need a Renaissance and spiritual revival.
        Or we will be torn limb from limb and scattered to the winds. Those that survive this next phase will only be subjugated or servants for the Globalist planners….the only people I know who are truly happy today are those leading simple self sufficient lives, small family business folks and those making buku bucks that are blind to the suffering around them .

        • eddisonflame says

          A spiritual revival is underway. It will be more like a mass awakening. Though it is likely the case that the world needs to be shaken awake by some major event, (like a major financial/economic collapse or a global war or both).

          Please see my recent article on this subject, The Final Times.

          • eddisonflame says

            Note that while I am trying my best to get this message out, I really need help. In the current editorial environment, even among the more “awakened” sectors of the media spectrum (like this one), editors are hesitant to even mention anything about what I discuss in this article.

            Though they happily publish my secular work, they never touch anything of mine about God or Religion. I have written an open letter about this issue, To the Leaders of the Resistance, which I forwarded to the editors of this and many other alternative media organizations. I am still waiting for a response from any of them.

        • mark says

          The Rothschilds have been telling anyone who will listen they are as poor as church mice for the past 50 years, while sitting atop a mountain of gold higher than Mount Everest. Their wealth is measured in the tens of trillions. They own countries and governments.

            • milosevic says

              from the BBC article:

              A cube made of 171,300 tonnes would be about 20.7m (68ft) on each side. Or to put it another way, it would reach to 9.8m above ground level if exactly covering Wimbledon Centre Court.

              But not everyone agrees with the GFMS figures.

              Estimates range from 155,244 tonnes, marginally less than the GFMS figure, to about 16 times that amount – 2.5 million tonnes.

              That bigger figure would make a cube of sides 50m (166ft) long, or a column of gold towering 143m above Wimbledon centre court.

              Maybe the 20m cube is just the 1/16 of the world gold supply that the Rothschilds DON’T own.

              A spider under a magnifying glass looks like a monster.

              What do the Rothschilds look like, under a magnifying glass?

            • mark says

              Their wealth is measured in the tens of trillions.
              Gates, Buffett, Bezos are a joke by comparison.
              The Rothschilds would use them to shine their shoes for them.

        • milosevic says

          the Forbes list of world billionaires. Jews are a minority there too.

          Yes, they’re only 1/5 of the richest people on the planet. Imagine what they could accomplish, if they weren’t so horribly oppressed, always and everywhere.

          10 Jews in Forbes top 50 billionaires

          • mark says

            That’s why Jezza hates them so much. He’s building a gas chamber on his allotment for Berger and Austin.

      • You have no idea what you’re talking about. Corporate bankruptcy rules provide for protections of personal assets, this Trump went broke nonsense is a line being used by those who favor disinformation over truth. There were four COMPANIES that went belly up under the Trump brand. NONE of them impacted personal wealth. You’re just another liar or you’re a fool.

    • Betrayed planet says

      You sound unwell. Or deluded.

    • different frank says

      and they say that satire is dead

  2. notheonly1 says

    Vindication is a tree that grows very slowly, bearing lots of fruits. But its fruits are tasting bitter – considering the consequences of what one is vindicated for/about.

    In my case, it is the awakening to the present gigantic Fascist clusterfuck of epic proportions. For three decades I have tirelessly written about the ‘progress’ towards a global authoritarian system, that resembles nothing short of the Borg. How ironic, that the one person who created modern ‘Space-Adventure’ by the ways of a strong crew – later including an Android with vastly superior intellectual capabilities compared to a Vulkan – predicted our present predicament so exquisitely fitting. If not in a deeply disturbing way.

    Before I chime in on the main aspect, allow me to cast a larger net. The one that incorporates the ‘collective Human Consciousness’. Ask Yourself that one question: “Do You believe humans are mostly conscious about their lives and what happens in those, or are they mostly unconscious – savor for some bright moments in which they become somewhat aware of themselves?” There is a lot in the answer to this. Because the mostly conscious person will be somewhat capable of laying out the game pieces of the Puzzle called Life in a coherent fashion – drawing meaning from the image that appears with more and more pieces in place.

    The mostly un-conscious is not there, yet. Neither does this person recognize a game piece if it is presented to it, nor can it see the forming picture. Too many missing stones, too many blank spaces. While I am of the opinion that every mind has a lock to reach the deeper parts of consciousness, and that these areas an be unlocked – I am somewhat convinced that the majority does not see any reason to do so. The question can then not be whether the main issue is ‘paddling’, or ‘not paddling’ with the flow – the current of Life – but, how much one becomes aware of by ceasing to paddle and starting to observe. All rivers flow to the ocean, correct?

    Here comes the crux, or at least the ‘crux-like’ part of an equation that has the potential to set Humanity/Huwomanity free. This crux is that

    The Truth Goes in Circles

    The Truth is not linear. It defies the linear tendencies of an under-developed mind. Thus, it makes it difficult for this mind at the ‘perceived end’ of the stick called Life to deduct, or to comprehend what role the Truth really plays in our existence. And how there could be something like a ‘lie’, if the Truth is actually the underlying fabric of the entirety of existence. Have You ever witnessed someone standing before a geological formation proclaiming “Now, that’s a lie!” Semantics aside, there are ample examples of the Truth just always being there. There is no existence without Truth. Even the worst lies contain the Truth. It can be photo-shopped, fitted with distraction – the Truth is always there, and here comes the caveat – for those willing to see.

    Yesterday’s lies have becomes today’s ‘truth’ in a world free of truthful and critical thinking. Once more, it must be emphasized that the old misanthrope and Nazi Edward Bernays – the father of organized Fascism and propaganda – dedicated his findings, knowledge and methods to influence the masses of human Minds, to the creation of a ‘Supra-Authoritarian society that tolerates no differing views, or opinions. Its goal is one global authoritarian system structured like a pyramid. With the authorities of the pyramidal layers progressing on the way down to the bottom. Lowest level = ‘shut the fuck up, or die complaining’. Highest level = “Do as i/we say”.

    When I say that the truth goes in circles, I mean that in the truest meaning of the word. The truth circles around any lie, and if one were not too callous, or gullible about it, it would hit one in the eye. For whatever concocted propaganda is supposed to manipulate the masses to act against their own best interest, the truth circles around it and is reminiscent of vultures that can tell a carcass before the carcass knows for itself. Equally, the truth is always around the stench lies carry with them. It is a natural process and while the truth will remain forever the truth, the lie and the liar will be forgotten in no time.

    Applied to the present situation, it becomes obvious that someone that is not capable of speaking the truth, and even less to demand it, is yet not an exception to an entire hemisphere, but rather the norm – one will find out, that the truth is not only elusive to the silent majority, it is indeed not even demanded but by a rather small minority, that feels absolutely overwhelmed in the face of urgently necessary solutions to an ever more challenging time on Earth – both via anthropogenic malfeasance and as an observing species ‘enjoying’ the ride. In the words of one of the greatest political stand-up comedians ever, Bill Hicks, “Life is just a ride” and apparently a large number of people agrees – for all the wrong reasons.

    If Life is just a ride, there is no need to get concerned about whatever happens on the ride, since it is just a ride. All the Nations that were assaulted by the West over the last 74 years – it was just a ride. All the institutionalized segregation, discrimination and exploitation – just symptoms of a ride. Fear, hopelessness, shortness of breath, disease, suffering, pain and inevitably death, are all – but just the symptoms of the ride. While that seems to be overly simplified, it does boil down to it. Because one ‘the ride’ is not like any other ‘the ride’. Your ride differs from mine or anybody else’s. As a matter of fact, Your ride and my ride and the ride of the majority are different from those who create ‘our rides’. The “Do as I say” crowd designs our rides. Their own rides are much more comfortable and secure than any of ours. They can even discuss our rides without ever declaring to be determined to make our rides a bit less exhausting, less absorbing, less dramatic and more like theirs. It will not happen.

    It might be fair to say, that Homo Sapiens already suffers from collective brain damage. Especially in the so called ‘West’, which was deemed to be ‘the best’ by a lot of people for a long time and actually still by a number of affluent folks enjoying their ride, the ‘hook, line, sinker’ principle worked very well. For decades the West was told to be ‘special’, ‘exceptional’, ‘the real deal’. Crowned by ‘the American Dream’ – the one were the world ‘outside’ is bad, if not for its resources, where those resources were sometimes mistakenly (to evangelicals, god makes mistakes that only they and their Zionist friends can fix) given to people that are not white and not offspring by Jesus himself and therefore simply rendered disposable – the population of the West could not but at one point belief that everything else on Earth is only there to serve them.

    Living this ‘La La Land’ dream required to accept all that it comes with. The incompetent leaders, the corrupt leaders, the criminal leaders, the psychopathic leaders – having a ‘leader’ was more important than having ‘the best leader’. ‘The best leader’ being someone who knows how to lead due to having been through all stages of following orders towards becoming a leader who knows what he is demanding of those who follow his/her orders. A good leader will not practice “Do as I say…”. This is also the reason that out of over eight billion humans, no decent leaders can be found, correct? Looking at ‘the best leaders in the West’, one is reminded of a large shop of horrors. It is clear that humanity cannot soar like an Eagle, if it is led by Turkeys (not to insult Turkeys – however, soaring is not their thing).

    So, why has humanity allowed for the present leaders to get adhered to the chairs they should vacate as soon as possible in the first place? That casts a bad light on Democracy, doesn’t it? In the so called ‘democratic value West’, the worst person for any legislative job is the first person to get it. Is it, because the masses can’t stand anybody to be of higher moral grounds than themselves? Does it need to be a crook in order to be voted for? Sure looks like it. On a more plausible level, the masses seem to love them some contrast. They need to be shown that they are not so bad after all – considering all the crooks, liars and psychopathic kleptomaniacs, who are writing the script for everybody else’s ride.

    And this has to be the question of the day, of the century: what are people like those presently in critical political positions, doing in those, while they are most obviously misplaced – to be polite – or more fitting, being the psychopathic pricks with the key to the water reservoir, the scared to shit or succumbed to delusions of grandeur possessors of the nukes codes? The protectors of the environment with a favor of loosening restrictions and checks on the petro-chemical industry having to be returned for the yacht, the mansion, the Wabenzi?

    With people like Trump, Pompeo, Bolton, Pence et al, who needs mass murdering psychopaths? Incapable parasites in the fur of tax payers the world over. May et al, Macron et al, Merkel et al – that’s more M&M’s than anybody can handle – why are they occupying positions that turn them into the greatest danger humanity could face? Why is the collective consciousness so collectively unable to kick them out of their jobs? Not enough damage done. yet?

    Is it all but the answer evolution has to the problems Homo Sapiens has created for Earth and all its Life on and in it? Could You imagine a giant Hell, full with all the people who live at this moment – after they all croaked at the same time? Asking why they all ended up in hell together?

    With God responding:

    “Well, I did not tell You to ‘Do as I say – not as I do’. You wanted all these crooks, liars, thieves and murderers to lead you. Now you got to be where they were leading you to from the beginning.”

    • BigB says


      You make some good points.

      Consciousness is over-rated. Around 97% of what we do is unconscious. It is a simple survival mechanism that cuts down processing time, hence speeding reaction time; and limits the size of the brain we need; which limits the number of calories we need to consume.

      Unconscious action/reflexive behavioural reaction becomes and remains normative, if and when we do not examine our conceptual architecture that we acquired and are recursively acculturated to. The hegemonic normative behaviour is to accept what we learn or are told (from our ‘expert’ teachers – including parents …so malice is not necessarily entailed). But throughout, we retain a certain autonomy of choice and veto authority. Some call this ‘free will’. On account of the potentially conscious veto – I call it ‘free won’t’.

      The unconscious is not locked – even though it is not directly accessible. The thoughts and beliefs that percolate into consciousness (samskara) can be examined to infer the acculturated ‘cognitive unconscious’ conceptual belief system. Thoughts, desires, projects, beliefs, etc can be modified by critically conscious contemplation – which in time, will alter the conceptual contents of the unconscious. This is the briefest description of karma (action; enaction) I can give. We can change the way we see (which is our primary sense, but includes all other intentional sensory perception – including thought) …and we can change what we believe (which in turn, alters the cognitive cycle – opening it).

      Truth, such as it is called truth, is indeed circular. In fact it is a closed loop feedback cycle. Our cognitive unconscious (which is indeed at least partially shared and collective – through culture and language for instance) determines the way we approach the world. Some call this cognitive bias. This colours or clouds our perception. We see the world as we are, conceptually. Husserl used the term ‘intentional arc’. Consciousness is intentionally directed toward certain foregrounded objects, ignoring the backgrounded totality. The objects we see become reified as self-indicators, lakshana or signs – that extend our selfhood into the exteriorised material realm. We see and experience ourselves through fetishised objects: consuming commodities, ideologies, lifestyles, and ultimately – self itself. This is called double intention or double grasping – grasping after the self-reified material object, and after the self-reified immaterial subject – selfhood itself. In other words: grasping after grasping.

      This cycle is self-reflexive, recursive, and self-reinforcing. Everything that passes through the conceptually built-up, historically habituated self-concept (worldview or belief system) confirms the self-concept. This is samsara: the cyclic wheel of becoming – which is momentarily refreshed, rechosen, and perpetuated unconsciously.

      Here’s what you won’t hear in a Buddhist meditation class. The closed loop ‘truth and untruth’ cycle is not limited to or by the personal level. Even in our atomised conflict states of community (or perhaps because of it) the same process is near universal and pan-global (ethnic, religious and cultural differentiation are all built on the same core process). Due largely to the hierarchical nature of societies: the collective psychological process acts as an intensifier and extremiser of personal belief and responsibility. Society at large is the result of such closed loop cognition. The hegemonic worldview is the result of the totality of unconscious unchoosing (which contains the quality of being chosen) …in ignorance of the fact that we have a choice, and in deference to the fact that we have given that choice away. The collective karmic choice is that it has to be this way.

      This system is based on only two core choices: the Foundational and the Essential. Both diadically arise fro a single discriminative cognitive choice: the atma/dharma differentiation. The Foundational belief is in a mind-independent pre-existing objective reality. The Essential belief is of an independent mind, informed by, but not necessarily limited to, objective perceptual reality. These are the ‘extensa’ and ‘cogitans’ of Being. From which all other aspects of Beingness gain their defining attributes: that essentialise their form, function, and identity as separate phenomena. Being is discriminative separateness. This is duality.

      It does not matter whether the individual conforms to this hegemonic worldview: it remains the Foundation and Essence of society, justice, democracy, peace, community, etc. It should come as little surprise that under the scientific truth regime of dualistic material and mechanistic reductionism – the world is atomised and all our definitions are inverted. Yet it remains a surprise, such is the truth regime inculcation of sectarian separatism.

      When the world is viewed through the acculturated cosmogony of power and its scientific truth regime – that is, duality: the individuated atomised automatic subject is pre-defeated. Even if we organise: they have the guns and the state monopoly of violence. They have the head: the state ideological regime of truth. And they have us by the short and curlies: the state repressive regime of power. But we have the heart. Call it love, or compassion, or empathy, or even God – I do not care. But without such spirituality: the cultural regimes of truth and power will probably annihilate themselves or the very fabric of life. Which is bad for everyone.

      We (the all inclusive we) are only as apart as we allow ourselves to be told: by internalising, to an extent, the regimes of truth and power. As soon as we bifurcate our cognition into self and other: we are already entering a contract of defeat …accepting (interpellating) as our own the hegemonic regime of truth: consenting to our own minimised autonomy and vestigial sovereignty. Fuck that.

      There is at least one Zen Terrorist who has eliminated the propagandic hold of the regimes of truth and power. There are bound to be many, many others. Everyone is free to look deeply into existential reality. They may control and propagandise ideologically – but consciousness is not controlled or limited to that. To the degree that we are able, we can choose to re-frame reality as an interbeingness. Their worldview is their Achilles Heel. Its Foundation and Essence are inexistent in the terms that we are acculturated and propagandised to believe. But culture is who we are and what we do. We have the heart of culture and can begin to reshape it as we intend. I’m not saying it will be easy. But we could at least stop giving our collective intelligence and power of choice away to those who will not cherish it. The world as we see it is the result of such collective unchoosing. Enough said.

      • notheonly1 says

        Thank You very much for Your all-encompassing response. Due to the limitations in posting here – I don’t want to ‘hijack’ the board with a personal conversation – however, what You, or I, or others are writing about the present situation as described by Andre Vitchek in his article, or compilation of the dark parts of Yin and Yang, is of utmost importance. The dialogue, the conscious conversation – or as Krishnamurti had put it: Thinking Together – is what really cranks evolution. There is no space to agree to all of what You have written. Therefore I will only point to the last remaining barrier for Humanity to break through to get done with its present delusional path.

        Since years I have been working on the book “So, Be It!”. What I call a “Seeker’s Guide Through The Non-Physical” is the focus on two essential questions that have been answered to some degree before, but whose explanations did not ring true and through to the masses. For some thousands of years these interpretations of existence are given to those who really seek. They are 1) “WHO Am I?” and 2) “WHAT Am I?”. Depending on whatever belief one is clinging to, these questions do either not arise – as they are already answered in the Bible et al. – or they are truly limited to the personal observation of the individual trying to find the answers.

        In quintessence, there is a dramatic difference between believing that one is born into this world, or being born out of IT. It is symptomatic for a world view that is fully externalized. I am born into this world, but am not really connected to IT.” In its depth and scope, there is the greatest difference between “walking, talking, sleeping, eating and doing in the Universe” and “walking, talking, sleeping, eating and doing – Being The Universe, walking, talking, sleeping, eating and doing as the person one believes to be. That includes those of course, that give reason to second guess the merits of for-profit-war, aka ‘making a living by killing other people. The present squatters in the regimes of the West are an example. They might be called names for their psychopathy, but in all truth, if they are really psychopathic in their actions, it is us (as collective electorate) who are responsible for these characters to fill offices that dish out tremendous suffering and pain to others.

        It is therefore obvious, that those who do the dishing out are but the personified Myopic World View. It doesn’t get any more myopic in a world that is controlled by beliefs that are contradicted by the very Nature we (collectively) refuse to accept as the Gold Standard of Life.

        Could it be that all the mayhem is entirely created to prevent a revolution of consciousness via the very mayhem those at the top of the pyramid try so hard to create? They cannot know that they ARE The Universe – it would mean that nothing would ever not be accounted for in an existence that is ripe with proof for the number one law: Karma. Lest it is understood as the principle that created this Universe, it cannot be comprehended to keep ALL in IT. Residing far above human perceptions of Karma being some sort, or form of punishment, retribution, or any other penalty dished out by the Universe.

        Karma simply IS. Like the Universe. Incomprehensible as to how it came about and what all this is about. It is when Homo Sapiens climbs down the tree, of which he is sawing the branch he is sitting on off, that the world as it knows it will transform into a world much more inclusive and substantial than ever before. The key is ‘to be IT’. Everything else will follow. Including those who cannot be made ceasing to destroy our world.

        Next step might be to create a web page that enables minds to explore these views. So far, I have not found one that focuses on this topic.

        Té pasar muy bien!

  3. Frankly Speaking says

    There’s another way of looking at all this. For aeons life has been miserable even shit for most people. We’ve always had death, disease, war and destruction. People now generally live much longer and have more food to eat, more toys to play with, more pastimes, so it’s generally less miserable than it used to be. Of course we all want better.

    • mark says

      You can’t say that, it’s all relative.
      In the 1800s, there was a proposal to close the US Patent Office, because everything had already been invented that could possibly be invented.
      The people who built the Pyramids and Stonehenge were very sophisticated people. They thought they were pretty well top s*it. They didn’t spend their time moping around because they hadn’t got ipads and computers.
      A few years ago people didn’t have these things either, and life didn’t seem empty or meaningless without them.
      In 100 years time, if people are still around then, what we have now will seem unbelievably primitive to them.

      In some ways people were probably less miserable than people today – they had spiritual beliefs and spiritual certainties that have largely been lost.

    • vexarb says

      @Frankly: “For aeons life has been miserable even shit for most people. We’ve always had death, disease, war and destruction.”

      But paradoxically, things seem to be getting better for more and more people.

      “For aeons, while the Earth has been spinning around, from the Laws of Nature, from death, disease, famine, war, and destruction have evolved beings most wonderful”. — Charles Darwin, Origin of the Species, Harvard Edition, valedictory paragraph.

      Yes, mysteriously, things appear to be getting better as time goes on.

      “Some call it Evolution, and others call it God”.

    • Francis Lee says

      frankly. I take it that you are aware of the huge and increasing income/wealth gaps now besetting our planet at every level: global, regional, national and local. Take just a couple of examples, one near to home – London and the global share in wealth/income.

      ”Measured by per capita inex, the gap between the best performing and the worst performing regions of the UK is the widest of any of the 27 Euro states. … in Inner London GDP per capita was 328% of the EU average whilst in West Wales it was 70% of the average …

      At the global scale the development gap is stunningly wide (and getting wider). The developed countries are clearly the winners. They continue to contain a disproportionate share of the world’s wealth, trade, investment, and access to modern technologies (especially information technologies). The 20% of the world population living in the highest income countries have over 80% of the world’s income, trade, investment and communication technologies. The 20% of the world’s population living in the poorest countries have about 1%.

      (Global Shift – Peter Dicken)

      Doesn’t sound much like global economic convergence to me, sounds more like divergence, the EU being a test case.

      You see it is not enough to make a series of assertions of what you think is the case or what you would like to be the case. It makes you sound, not to put to fine a point on it, ignorant. Until you learn to test your beliefs against empirical evidence, such beliefs are so much hot air.

  4. Actually, people (in the US) have been talking and writing about this every day for the past two years. We just seem powerless to do anything about it.There is no viable opposition party to keep restraints on the Republican fascists. People can’t risk losing their jobs by “rising up,” knowing there’s nothing to fall back on today. We can’t organize to push back because years of work went into successfully pitting us against each other by class, race, etc. And people have been pointing this out for the past quarter-century.

    • Some Random Passer-by says

      People can’t risk losing their jobs by “rising up,” knowing there’s nothing to fall back on today.

      And that’s exactly why we must.

      The problem is really that we’re all selfish shits

    • mark says

      That’s a bit of a joke. The Orange Baboon in the White House has been completely emasculated by the Spooks, the Deep State, the MSM, the MIC, the Dirty Cops, the City, the Zionist Elite, and the Clinton Sore Losers. (Just like Jezza in a way.) They manufactured a crude seditious smear campaign against him to hamstring every aspect of government policy. He has no real control over foreign or domestic policy. What counts as the administration is The Swamp run riot. If Trump fails, he will be destroyed by The Swamp to make an example of him for jumping the queue. It was Clinton’s turn, Buggins’ turn, and that is unforgiveable to them. He may well be impeached, everyone around him, including his family will be jailed, his business empire will be broken up and his money confiscated. That is the reality of it. This “Brave Resistance” IS the Deep State.

      Don’t get me wrong – I’m no fan of his, if only because of Iran/ Venezuela/ DPRK/ Palestine. He deserves everything he gets. Those “Resistance Heroes” who are “rising up” are just serving the agenda of Clinton and The Swamp. The Rachel Madcows on $30 million a year. Vanderbilt Anderson Cooper. The Comeys, the Clappers, the Rosenfelds. Repulsive $100 million blob Michael Moore. Madonna and the Hollywood Che Guevaras. Get real.

    • rich says

      REPLUBLUCAN Fascists? Haha for two years there’s been an ongoing coup attempt because the Butcher of Libya failed to become president.

    • vexarb says

      Joerg, many thanks for that Link, well worth reading in full. Here is a clip:

      “In 2019 we celebrate the 250th birthday of the scientist and geographer Alexander von Humboldt, the true “discoverer” of America according to Simon Bolívar, who knew him personally. Between 1799 and 1804, Alexander von Humboldt, accompanied by the French botanist Aimé Bonpland, traveled through the colonies of Spanish America, exploring regions that today belong to Venezuela, Ecuador, Colombia, Peru and Cuba. …
      While writing about the wonders of the tropical nature of America and the cultural wealth of its original peoples, Humboldt denounced — like no other before him — the horrors of slavery, the oppression of Indigenous peoples, and the injustices of the colonial system. Its importance for our time is due precisely to his ability to see the interrelations between the environment, society, politics and the economy.

      He was the first modern Western thinker to scientifically describe the planet as a living organism where humans, plants, animals, soils and climate interact and influence each other. The novelty of this vision at his time, when a mechanistic view of nature still prevailed, was revolutionary. For Humboldt, poetry and science were two complementary and necessary ways of understanding the world. His influence on poets, writers, and scientists was enormous. Goethe loved spending hours talking to his younger friend Humboldt. Both “Faust” and his studies of plants might not have existed as we know them today had it not been for Humboldt’s influence.

      Charles Darwin took several of Humboldt’s books with him on his Beagle voyage, with which he was in constant dialogue. Without Humboldt, Darwin would hardly have written the Origin of Species, nor would Thoreau hardly have written Walden.”

      Also the excellent German educational system, described by Einstein (who was a “lazy dog” student) as the highest hurdle race ever, was set up by Humboldt; same system used in Russian schools today.

  5. mark says

    There is not going to be any Leftist, Socialist, Faux Leftist Saviour, no “Hope and Change” Barack Obongo, no Sanders, no slick PR constructs, no blacks, women, gays or trannies to save us and put things right.
    Nor any Orange Baboons, other charismatic leaders, imbecilic con men, or anybody else.
    At best they are just a new head to stick on top of the same old totem pole.
    The same applies to supposed popular mass movements, Occupy, BLM and the like. Most of these are bogus Soros controlled fronts from the outset. It’s unwise to expect very much from things like the Gilets Jaunes either. Or the supposedly right radical alternatives, Le Pen, AFD and the like.
    None of these really matter or will make any difference.
    Events just have to be allowed to run their course.
    Don’t wait for it to happen, don’t even want it to happen. Just watch and see what does happen. It will all happen in time.

    The first thing to realise is the continuity of behaviour over the centuries.
    The slaughters, massacres, genocides, slavery, exploitation and barbarism have remained remarkably consistent over the past five centuries. New labels have been found to stick on the same butchery, that is the only difference.
    Spreading Western Civilisation and Christianity to the benighted natives, slaughtering 100 million native Americans and 10 million central Africans and 30 million slave trade victims.
    Now we have equally noble aims as we slaughter and immiserate tens and hundreds of millions across the planet, spreading Freedom and Democracy, fighting for women’s rights, humanitarian bombing.
    The looting will continue unabated till things have run their course. Maybe some novel excuses will be found before then.

    This will only stop with the kinetic or non kinetic collapse of the Empire and its satellites under their own weight.
    Non kinetic financial, economic, political, social, cultural and racial collapse.
    This can come unexpectedly at any time with bewildering rapidity, like the collapse of the Eastern European Regimes 30 years ago, and is by far the preferred alternative.
    But the kinetic alternative of Armageddon is unfortunately far more likely, and it too can come at any time.
    War on a scale never before experienced in human history.
    That is what is going to happen and it cannot be avoided.
    It’s only a question of when, and how.
    When it does, the only surprise will be that it took so long.
    Sorry, folks, but that’s the way it is.
    The grass roots movements of a Chris Hedges aren’t going to make much difference, as he himself seems to recognise.

    There may be a (very small) silver lining. The destruction and suffering would be on such an unimaginable scale that the people who have supported or acquiesced in this mayhem for so long, would have to ask themselves some pretty searching questions. Assuming they survived. Like the Germans starving and freezing in the rubble of their ruined cities in 1945. And that’s about as optimistic as it gets.

    • @Mark. So you are just going to give up? There have been many times when I have felt beaten, but I hope like me, you stop relinquishing to a worst case scenario and do what little you can to reverse the current trend. I know it looks like we are all heading over the precipice like Lemmings, but the lemmings are numerous enough and still here to either repeat their pointless suicide or take another path in their evolution.

      • Mikalina says

        Lemmings jumping off cliffs was a Disney creation – they don’t actually do this, apparently. Guess we question what we know and where we know it from – then carry on walking, one foot in front of the other……

      • mark says

        I genuinely don’t think it can be reversed. That’s the tragedy of it. 500 years of slaughter and barbarism coming to a head in one final colossal supernova. You can be aware of what’s happening, you can try to understand it, but you can’t change it. It’s like watching a slow motion train wreck.

    • In the US, it was hard not to notice how liberal media so quickly redefined Yellow Vest into a “movement” to protect the status quo of the bourgeoisie — the middle class heroes of US liberals.

    • Betrayed planet says

      Hi Mark, I agree with you, I have been watching the hell unfold since that little piece of shit George Bush was illegally elected. We are all pawns in a vicious fascist takedown of the West, we are facing war in the not too distant future. I hope the likes of the filthy Guardian and it’s purveyor of liars gets what they deserve.

  6. Gary Weglarz says

    A rather old quote from Hannah Arendt taken from this article at GlobalResearch nicely sums up our current media situation: https://www.globalresearch.ca/democratic-assault-alternative-facts/5669879

    “The ideal subject of totalitarian rule is not the convinced Nazi or the convinced Communist, but people for whom the distinction between fact and fiction (i.e., the reality of experience) and the distinction between true and false (i.e., the standards of thought) no longer exist.’ So to defend our democracy we need to analyse the assault on our shared reality by those who would seek to create a world of ‘alternative facts.”

    PS – Twitter has “revised” it’s internal research findings that identified several hundred “Russian bot” accounts back in 2017 – Twitter’s findings now better fit the “new narrative” and the new “alternative facts” world unfolding. Yes, you guessed it, Twitter now says those “Russian accounts were actually from “Venezuela.” LOL! Along with this announcement the Twitter spokesperson explained that from now on “up is down,” “backward is forward,” and that “we were always at war with Venezuela, and never at war with Libya.” – Just in case anyone was wondering.


    • milosevic says

      on the one hand, how stupid do they think people are???

      but on the other hand, is there any evidence that they are wrong???

      (about the stupidity, not Venezuela)

      how soon can we expect to see this new reality expounded by Rachel Maddow?

      (not even joking about that)

  7. The evil Zionists brought down my computer when I try to post this article:( With the blessing from Almighty God I finally posted it with great patient an I share it.

    On the Showdown in Venezuela EU has save the day by sending a Commissioner for Dialogue?presidentxiandpresidentputinwillsavetheworld.com/on-the-showdown-in-venezuela-eu-has-save-the-day-by-sending-a-commissioner-for-dialogue/

  8. Baron says

    “This world is being brutalised and controlled by the fascist clique of Western nations…….”

    Nope, you’re wrong here, Mr. Vitchek, it’s not the Western nations that do the brutalising, it’s the Western nations’ elites, the scented layers of the nations, more accurately it’s the American ruling elites who’re in charge ordering it, the vassals of Europe and the Far East obey. The smelly layers i.e the great unwashed, have FA to do with it, are impotent to engineer a change, just look how Brexit is being subverted.

    • Sort of like the long-condemned “Good Germans.” who did nothing to stop Hitler.

  9. Betrayed planet says

    We ( humanity) have been co-opted world wide by a rapacious elite, a group of shockingly psychopathic human animals who without care or conscience are systematically destroying every facet of life. That Venezuela is next for the chopping block is unsurprising, Maduro will be destroyed, taken down, murdered by a chemical slipped into his morning coffee.
    I was listening to LBC whilst working this AM. An idiot called James O Brian was discussing in his infantile deeply arrogant and supercilious way, the major issue of anti Semitism in the Labour Party, an anti Semitism that is vanishing small at 0.1%. James is so sure of facts that he is shockingly rude to anyone who disputes his words. It is complete morons like this who will perhaps unwittingly on a drip drip basis help the Corporate State and it’s utterly corrupted politicians to hold sway over what is now an existential crisis that will eventually destroy us all.
    There are days that I have acceptance and calm over the demise of humans and other days I feel a burning anger at people’s ignorance and gullibility, their inability to see the truth, their greedy complacency because they are still ok. Well your days are numbered folks because that stick that is currently being used to wipe out the working classes is coming for you.
    I watched a Utube video of a French lawyer discussing the Gilets Jaunes ( Utube The Houndog) of which she is a member. Her emotional video was yet another example of the violence and dark agenda of the current European rulers who will resort to any extreme violence to enact their globalist agenda of world domination. Even with proof of criminality and corruption the idiot masses still cannot see the obvious. I am on at the point of becoming a complete recluse, smoke cannabis all day and fuck the world.

  10. harry stotle says

    The message to anyone who dissents – ‘we can get you’

    Jackie Walker: a case study in how public figures can expect to be treated if they challenge the neocon axis – needless to say the trashing of reputations emenates, and is reinforced by the usual propaganda channels in the MSM (The Guardian, etc).

    If we want to change the world then we have to win these local battles first, because they are always at the root of asymmetrical violence.

    • milosevic says

      As is now becoming quite clear, the only effective response to the “anti-semitism” hysteria is to heavily promote the idea that “Jewish” is, above all else, a political category. A “Jew” is a person who engages in Jewish politics. What Jewish politics is, is on display every day in Palestine. It’s a nasty ethnic-supremacist cult, left over from the European Middle Ages. Given the prominent Jewish role in the international slave trade, in both mediaeval Europe and Middle East (compare “Slav” — those who are fit to be slaves), and early-modern trans-Atlantic capitalism, Jewism may even be the original form of racism.

      The Jews and Slavery

      Once people come to understand what Semitism really is, they will see that we actually need much more anti-Semitism, not less of it.

      Everything that has a beginning, has an end as well. Before the French Revolution, the Jewish people supported despotism against aristocracy, and the Magna Carta was signed by King John despite their opposition. After Napoleon, the Jewish people had had a long alliance with the Left. It was long, but not forever. This alliance has been severed in the aftermath of failed 1968 revolution. After that time, the Jewish people built a new alliance, with Globalisation forces. One saw the new alliance in action when it supported victory of Margaret Thatcher, right-wing shift of Labour under Lord Levy’s promoted Tony Blair, and in the US, the programme of Globalisation and World War Three (“clash of civilisations”).

      Give it a thought: if Daughter of Zion could ally herself with the Left, why could not she change her partners? Should she be considered a permanently beneficial force, next to God Almighty? Jewish leadership benefited from the union with the Left as long as it was an aspiring force, struggling with traditional upper classes. After their aspirations were satisfied, they had no more interest in such an ally.

      For thirty years, this major and obvious fact of the Jewish people’s re-alliance was not sufficiently discussed in the Left. Like a ditched boyfriend, the Left hoped to re-forge the union of old. One of the reasons was a sentimental belief expressed by Mr Milne: “The left’s appeal to social justice and universal rights created a natural bond with a people long persecuted and excluded by the Christian European establishment”.

      Why should one describe this relationship with the rich Jewish bankers and newspaper owners, who had supported the Left, as a “natural bond” rather than a marriage of convenience? It was quite unnatural bond, formed against obvious class interests of the involved sides, and its collapse was inevitable. The Left accepted help of rich Jews, disregarding their motives. It paid a heavy price – alienation from working classes who had a long and painful history of Jew-Gentile relations, alienation from the church, uncompromising hostility of the upper classes. The Jews used the energy of the Left until it run out, and then, ditched it.

      Mr. Milne objects to Jews calling the Left “anti-Semitic”. He thinks the Left does not deserve it. But it is mainly a point of definition. In the eyes of Mr. Milne, “anti-Semitism is an anti-Jewish racism”, and its use, “a slur”. In the Jewish eyes, “anti-Semitism” is a policy counteracting the policy of the Jewish people. Thus, until 1968, the Right was “anti-Semitic” by definition, as “the fates of the Jewish people and the left have been closely intertwined”. After 1968, as time goes by, the anti-globalist Left (and Right), or environmentalist groups had become “anti-Semitic” by definition. In 1953, McCarthy’s Committee for anti-American activities was “anti-Semitic”, but in 2002, “anti-American” means “anti-Semitic”, according to the Commentary, the main ideological Jewish American magazine.

      In Russia of 1990s, which I covered for Haaretz daily, any movement against “the market forces”, for socialism and preservation of the Soviet Union was considered “anti-Semitic”. Anti-globalisation is “anti-Semitic” as well as objection to the Zionist policies. Thus, anti-Semitic labelling is not a slur, but a definition of every policy at deviance with the present ideas of the Jewish people.

      If you are NOT called an anti-Semite, you should immediately reconsider your writing, Mr Milne. But if you ARE called an anti-Semite, it does not mean too much: even Wolfowitz, the Jewish Zionist bigot hawk and supporter of Sharon, was booed as anti-Semite by even more fervent American Jews. Even Ariel Sharon, the mass murderer of Sabra and Shatila, of Qibya and Jenin, was relegated into “anti-Semite lefties” by the bloody-minded supporters of Benjamin Netanyahu.

      That is why there is no reason to incessantly apologise for offending sensibilities. The Left can accept the offered definition and to reply with a shrug while being called “anti-Semitic”, as it would certainly respond to accusations of “anti-British” or “anti-aristocratic” behaviour. The Jews are not Les Misérables any more; after 1960s, they occupy (in the US and Europe) a position similar to that of Brahmins in India. The Left should try to undo their supremacy, while preserving and using their talents and abilities.

      Even more important, it should overcome its rejected lover syndrome and reassess its positions vis-à-vis the Jews in the light of Marxist teaching. Karl Marx (certainly not a biological Jew-hater) rejected his ties with the Jews, and called for emancipation of the world from Jews. Later, the Left chose to forget these words of Marx, but they could be brought back.

      Mr Milne writes, “Jews remain disproportionately active in progressive political movements – including Palestinian solidarity groups – throughout the world”. There is a big difference between Marx and many politically active Jews. Marx and Trotsky were descendents of Jews who embraced the cause of the working people and rejected that of the Jews. Certainly there are descendents of Jews who emulate their behaviour, for instance in the al-Awdah movement. But there are other Jews who act as Jewish emissaries “in the progressive political movements – including Palestinian solidarity groups”. Their contribution is but damage limitation control. The war in Palestine caused these emissaries to reveal their hidden agenda and gave the Left a chance to reassert its cause.

      The Left free from its emotional entanglement with the Jewish people should offer the Jews the same deal it offered after the French Revolution, namely, equality everywhere, including Palestine. Equality, not privilege. The Left fought aristocracy and other traditional ruling classes not for benefit of the Jewish privilege.

      Israel Shamir

      • @ Milosevic. That is one polarised and air brushing piece you posted. All Christians are responsible for the cruelties their Christian sovereign imposed? All Muslims are born bad? All Jews are Zionist extremists and have bben playing the rest of the world since their inception in 589 BC? Most of those who became followers of Jesus were Jews who despised the wealthy entitled elitist Temple Priests so they were plotting against humankind all along?
        If you are going to do a broad brush stroke attack against the Jewish people and if Shamir, doesn’t rethink his logic, then we are defeated before we have even begun to heal the world. Logic demands a conclusion, this argument Shamir puts forward doesn’t bear scrutiny because it is based on a faulty premise and downright racist.

          • @ Milosevic. I can’t agree with your statement regarding the Jewish faith. The Torah gave them the commandments and the Talmud, the means to share and explore the way in which they might live. People who identify themselves as Jewish (or Joos if you prefer) do not want their religion politicised any more than I would want Christians to allow Christ’s teachings to be politicised, hence the condemnation for the Spanish Inquisition and the Crusades. When Menachem Begin allied his Irgun terrorists with the Hagannah, Stern and Levi gangs, he was hijacking the Jewish Faith without any moral or ethical recourse and it was he and his kind who politicised a faith he did not himself identify with and used the word Jew to represent a unity among peoples which clearly was not party to his vile terrorist activities and the only unity true Jews have, is their acknowledgement of the Torah and Talmudic teachings and their Judaism. There are of course lapsed rabbinical Jews but that can be said of Christians – I haven’t talked to God in Twenty five years, but I’m still a Christian in accordance with what I learned before I chose my own path.
            If you want to vilify the Zionist extremist terrorists of Israel, I’m with you, but not “Jewish” pre-eminence only Zionist pre-eminence.

            • milosevic says

              my standard question for “not all jews…” theorists, such as yourself:

              Among people who self-identify as “Jewish” (surely the only relevant criterion), what are the relative proportions of zionists and anti-zionists?

              Those who decline to answer such questions, or provide estimates far outside of the plausible range, thereby reveal themselves as either ethnic activists, or sabbat goyim.

              See the references given above, for discussion of the significance of what is known to everybody who has seriously considered these issues.

            • milosevic says

              Israel Shamir — It Is Not Only About Palestine

              Joachim Martillo wrote an important paper called Judonia Rising: The Israel Lobby and American Society, purporting to explain, “What the Israel Lobby Really Is”. He spoke with Stephen Walt, of Walt and Mearsheimer fame, he followed the discussions of Philip Weiss, he corresponded with Noam Chomsky and Joseph Massad, he had read Israel Shamir’s Pardes and James Petras, he knows MacDonald. An American scholar Martlllo has some Polish background, and he reads Yiddish and Polish, as well as some Hebrew. In his view, understanding the Israel Lobby can be based only on a thorough hardnosed (“non-exceptionalist”) analysis of Eastern European Jewish history. This is a heretical view, very close to ours.

              It is heretical, because the very far away border of permitted antizionist discourse still remains short of discussion: whether Jews did similar things before Zionism, or do we have a temporary aberration connected with the state of Israel. The moment one integrates modern Jewish behaviour with the pre-modern Jewish behaviour, the moment one notices continuity of pre-Zionist and Zionist Jewish politics, the moment one leaves the safe ground of condemning occupation, – one crosses into totally forbidden “antisemite” territory. Martillo dared and ventured there, and came with strong and startling conclusions: the real issue is not Palestine. Unless they are neutralized, Israel lobbying groups, Israel advocates, Zionists, Neoconservatives, and Friedmanites will steal America and effectively abolish the Constitution in all but name to create a society of servitude for all Americans except for those belonging to the hyper-wealthy transnational Zionist political elite.

              see also:

              Nicholas Lysson — Holocaust and Holodomor

            • mark says

              Zionist Terror and genocide have their roots in the Talmud.
              “The gentiles are outside the protection of the law and God has exposed their money to Israel.” Rosh Hashanah, 17a.
              “When a Jew murders a gentile, there will be no death penalty. What a Jew steals from a gentile, he may keep.” Sanhedrin, 57a.
              “Jesus was sexually immoral and worshipped a brick.” Sanhedrin, 107b.
              “The goyim are not humans. They are beasts.” Baba Mezia, 114b.
              “If you eat with a goy, it is the same as eating with a dog.” Jebamoth, 94b.
              “Even the best of the goyim should be killed.” Soferim, 15.
              “Sexual intercourse between the goyim is like intercourse between animals.” Sanhedrin, 74b.
              “All children of the goyim are animals.” Yebamoth, 98a.
              “All gentile women without exception are menstrual filth, slaves, heathens and whores.” Sanhedrin, 81b.

              Charming folk, these Chosen People.

      • Betrayed planet says

        The existential issues we have will not be solved by Anti Semitism. The problems facing us are a direct result of powerful forces that have nothing to do with ordinary Jews, Muslims, Christians etc. With propaganda it is all too easy to blame your neighbour, a religion, anything other than the real perpetrators who are Western governments hell bent on world domination even if it means a nuclear war.
        In the U.K. the propaganda has reached new zeniths as the MSM ignorant to their core continue to support the treachery and violence of this government.

        • milosevic says

          The problems facing us are a direct result of powerful forces that have nothing to do with ordinary Jews

          As I said above, please provide your estimate of what proportion of “ordinary Jews” are supporters of the fascist terror state of Israel and its genocidal policies.

          If you feel some reluctance to address this question, consider what “powerful forces” might have brought about that result. Consider whether you may have been involuntarily recruited as a sabbat goy, which is a traditional ethnic expression for “useful idiot”.

          (There’s no great shame in that; the entire Western “left” is mired in sabbat goyism. It’s been coopted by a parasite, to serve the parasite’s purposes, which is largely why it’s so hopelessly ineffective at pursuing what used to be considered left-wing purposes. Where did Identity Politics come from, and whose interests does it serve?)


          With propaganda it is all too easy to blame your neighbour, a religion, anything other than the real perpetrators who are Western governments hell bent on world domination even if it means a nuclear war.

          Who controls the Western governments? Who controls the media which disseminate the propaganda?

          What kind of “world domination” would be necessary to bring about results like this?

        • JohnG says

          Indeed. The ruling class plays divide and conquer, race being a favourite divide.

          The Milosevics of this world walk right in.

          Time and energy wasted.

          The ruling class continues on its bloody path untroubled.

  11. BigB says

    If we want to regime change the West: it starts Here! We have to be the regime change. I’m not saying we are not: but the kernel of a new peace paradigm is us. No one that I know of has reviewed the theory of karma in a hierarchical world. We are all responsible for our choices: but who makes the telling choices …about regime change, for instance?

    We’ve handed our responsibility to someone else, who hands it to someone else, then someone else …someone we cannot necessarily name or see. There is no point doing this again and again – with new nominal faces …the results will always be the same. We need a paradigm shift in governance toward direct self-governance – autonomous and diversified unity – and all the re-education and empiric information flows that will entail. Hierarchy is a major symptom of the problem. No part of the new system can be privileged, supreme, or entitled – all values are equalised so that every least part is priceless and valued.

    This entails a move away from globalisation to geolocalisation; from faceless bereaucracy to face to face invested community; from corporatocracy to commons; etc …pretty much an inversion, repoliticisation, and tranversalisation of the existing totalising autocracy.

    Peace is not an object, a state, or an absence (of war). Peace is a process, an embodiment, and a praxis of pure cognition and action. It is performative and enactivated in minor acts of speech, thought, and deed. In other words, a peaceful society is a bottom up creation of peaceful, sovereign, and autonomous people. There will never be a top down world peace: only its inversion. It might be worth repeating that. There will never be a top down world peace: only its inversion.

    It might be worth repeating that…

    We are the world and its future. Our acts of intention are the world as we experience it. It might be worth repeating that too. Over and over until we get it. Only, through no fault of anyone, and since long before we were even born: that co-evolutionary power of collective intelligence and critical consciousness has been taken away. If it was given back overnight, I agree – it would be carnage considering the current low-cognitive state of false consciousness depreciation. But hat can can changed – a la the ‘Pedagogy of the Oppressed’ – Paulo Friere’s classic do-it-yourself humanisation manual.

    We cannot ever expect anyone to do it for us. The citizens of the society must be the society: embodying its norms, values and communalisation. I could go further: we do not actually exist as individual entities. Our entire meaning arises in community. It is about time we acted in that way.

    No one can think it will be easy: but to paraphrase MLK …what shall we tell the children: that it was too hard, so we gave in? Or that we tried, even if we fail?

    • vexarb says

      From a modern fairy tale:)

      The island settled down into its age old rhythm, and prepared for its next ten thousand years. There was no more big news. The biggest news was that the king had given up smoking his trademark cheroot because he did not wish to set a bad example to children. The king was growing old, so the Guardians gradually chose a successor. The people did not have to bother with democratic elections: thousands of years of experience had taught them to recognize an honest, competent, fun loving person when they met one among their neighbours or in council. The same way that thousands of years of singing and dancing had taught them to recognize a good tune. Thousands of years of singing by mother to child in the cradle, singing and dancing by children at play and by grown ups at work, singing and dancing by the whole community at worship of the Great Mother of Gods: all this had given them a tradition for spotting a good tune, a good dancer – or a good ruler.
      The islanders were not specially clever, neither did they have a deep political philosophy nor any special religious revelation. Choosing a good leader came natural through being a small community with a good tradition. They could thank their lucky stars that their wise king and their own courage had fought off a threat to replace their island tradition with Dumbo Democracy; because it takes only two generations destroy a good tradition: one to forget, and one to forget that there was anything to forget. If the islanders had submitted to Enduring Freedom they would rapidly have forgotten their own tradition; then they would have had no alternative but to join the vast billions of people who voted once every four years for a choice between a few distant crooks controlled by a multitude of even more distant financiers.

      • Mikalina says

        Then the money men moved in, with their shiny pieces of silver………..

      • Andy says

        Chagos islands before they were thrown off ?

  12. different frank says

    Time to build a wall around the US of Terrorism.

  13. Gezzah Potts says

    Andre nails it, and the other commenters on this thread nail it. Yeah, there are times I struggle to comprehend what has happened in the last 20 years. All the people who marched against the Iraq invasion in 2003, all the anti war movements, CND in the UK, all the protests against French nuclear testing at Mururoa, all the environmental protests – millions of people involved. What happened? Where have all these people gone? Is part of the reason the failure of those massive protests to stop the destruction of Iraq? People became demoralised? Is it due to the constant onslaught of propaganda? Is it also due to the rise of Identity Politics – divide and conquer as numerous commenters have said at OffG. I.D creates disunity – Not unity. I also believe it’s due to the selfishness of many in the West: ‘Im all good, I got mine, fuck you’ seems to be the mantra in this brave new world of Neoliberalism. Its a sad, atomised, dystopic World we live in. And Capitalism indeed does eat its own tail – it cannibilises itself.

    • BigB says

      We’re still here: just a lot older and and a little more arthritic. Splenetic, I can still do! 😀

      • Gezzah Potts says

        BigB: yes mate, we’re still here – we know the truth, and yeah my arthritis gives me gip as well. I struggle to comprehend what’s happened, there are days I struggle with despair and hopelessness, there are days I struggle with pure anger, there are days I am struck dumb at the wilful blindness of so many in the West; like here in Australia, there are days I want to sever all ties with some of my friends who fully support Capitalism and western liberal democracy, but hey, WE’RE still here, aye. We have a conscience, we refuse to look away, we call out these psychopathic bastards for what they are – the Bolton’s, the Abrams, the Pompeo’s of our Planet. We speak truth to power, like John Pilger does, like Eva Bartlett, like Cory Morningstar, and the others who refuse to look the other way.

        • BigB says


          Older, greyer, hopefully wiser, unbroken and unbowed. Apart from that crick in my back from weeding the garden! Maybe a little bowed, but not in spirit.

          Hopefully there are also some days when you are struck dumb by the indescribable beauty of it all too? I hope today is one of those.

          • @ BigB.
            It’s that beauty being destroyed and disfigured that is probably the most injurious as you get older, but I still marvel at it, even as I laament it’s fragile existence.

          • Gezzah Potts says

            BigB: thank you, appreciate – the clouds, trees, a flower, a park, a stream, beautiful people you may by chance, focus on the beauty….

        • Robyn says

          Gezzah Potts – you write, ‘here in Australia, there are days I want to sever all ties with some of my friends who fully support Capitalism and western liberal democracy’. Well I’m in Australia too and it’s time to down-size and move to smaller house and garden. One of the prime factors in where to go is friends whose only ‘news’ source is Murdoch, who blindly vote Coalition but couldn’t tell you one policy on either side they agree or disagree with, who think Israel can do no wrong, and think that unemployed people should get off their backsides and find a job or start a their own small business. After more than half my lifetime, we no longer have anything in common but I can’t bring myself to tell them their company is now an ordeal of listening to ignorance and biting my tongue. The best way out seems to be moving to a town 50 miles away – they’ll never drive that far to visit.

        • notheonly1 says

          Arthritis remedy number one: Curcumin. My late Love used it for arthritis with great results – without any side effects.

  14. Narrative says

    “Regime Change is Urgently Needed…in Washington”

    So OBVIOUS .. and yet we have been conditioned in such a way that our mind is barred from seeing and discussing the obvious!

    Thank you Andre Vltchek!

  15. I just posted this on the Magic Socialist thread but it fits perfectly here: America’s self proclaimed role of world’s policeman which led it into world domination also made the economy reliant on war and weapons production, especially hi-tech weapons. I believe Russia’s S-400 system is the first one to displace American dominance and they don’t like it. However, they will spend their way back to dominance. There is no going back, it’s all or nothing and who happens to be president doesn’t matter. No one will dominate America militarily, we’ve got to wait till they implode economically…..and that will take the west with them.

    • Francis Lee says

      America as the world’s self-proclaimed policeman. Yeah right. America is simply the world’s mafia capo, a thug enforcer; part of a mafia state which rules over a blood-soaked mafia empire. Anyone who falls out of line gets whacked (to use the vernacular). And of course they are quite open about it. When Queen Bitch Madeleine Albright says it was okay to starve to death (although the sanitised term is called ‘sanctions) 500,000 Iraqi kids between the 2 gulf wars and nonchalantly informs us that it ‘was worth it’ you get a measure of what the world is up against.

      Meanwhile the western populations have become zombified by technologies, technological gizmos, manufcatured issues, and spectacles which diverts their attention to what is really going on in the world. As Morris Berman writes:

      ”It doesn’t take an Emerson or an Einstein to recognise that the system has lost its moorings, and, like ancient Rome, is drifting into an incresingly dysfunctional situation … Still we both have ways … of hiding this from ourselves. There are so many adonynes around – such as the outpouring of new technological toys. And the media is brilliantly adept
      at drowning the country at all types of spectacles that keep our minds focused on the trivial and sensational.” ‘
      ”The Twilight of American Culture.’

      When I walk through a crowd or travel on public transport I am always simultaneously intrigued and depressed at sight of the people staring fixedly into their little mobile toys (for that’s all they are) withdrawn from any contact with the real world. They seem engrossed in their little electronic world oblivious to what is going on in the real world. They are like the Elois in H.G.Wells short novella, ‘The Time Machine’ A species of human being who have been bred and scientifically engineered to resemble cattle.

      The whole spectacle of mass society, mass communication and social control, was brilliantly captured in Sidney Lumet’s film ‘Network’ in 1976.

      Here is Howard Beale in full rant mode.

      So, you listen to me. Listen to me: Television is not the truth! Television is a God-damned amusement park! Television is a circus, a carnival, a traveling troupe of acrobats, storytellers, dancers, singers, jugglers, side-show freaks, lion tamers, and football players. We’re in the boredom-killing business! So if you want the truth… Go to God! Go to your gurus! Go to yourselves! Because that’s the only place you’re ever going to find any real truth …

      … But man, you’re never going to get any truth from us. We’ll tell you anything you want to hear; we lie like hell. We’ll tell you that, uh, Kojak always gets the killer, or that nobody ever gets cancer at Archie Bunker’s house, and no matter how much trouble the hero is in, don’t worry, just look at your watch; at the end of the hour he’s going to win. We’ll tell you any shit you want to hear. We deal in *illusions*, man! None of it is true! But you people sit there, day after day, night after night, all ages, colors, creeds… We’re all you know. You’re beginning to believe the illusions we’re spinning here. You’re beginning to think that the tube is reality, and that your own lives are unreal. You do whatever the tube tells you! You dress like the tube, you eat like the tube, you raise your children like the tube, you even *think* like the tube! This is mass madness, you maniacs! In God’s name, you people are the real thing! *WE* are the illusion! So turn off your television sets. Turn them off now. Turn them off right now. Turn them off and leave them off! Turn them off right in the middle of the sentence I’m speaking to you now! TURN THEM OFF… ”

      Orwell did leave us clinging with one weak straw to cling on to

      ”If there is any hope it lies in the proles.”

      Well that’s the best I can do!

    • @ Lundial
      The US would destroy this planet rather than lose it’s pole position, but it seems too many hearing such words believe me to be alarmist. I might be, but it does not detract from the most likely scenario.

  16. alex says

    Are we all such cowards? Is this what we – human beings – have actually become; been reduced to? Cowards and cattle, selfish and submissive beings; slaves?

    You fit that accusation perfectly. No where do you mention zionists let alone Jews driving the foreign policy of USA UK which is responsible for the death and destruction you mention


    • Haltonbrat says

      I noticed that, but he does mention the Nazis. Another article which of his was a vitriolic attack on Christianity. He later refused to answer four questions put to him by email by VT author Richard Edmondson, One question was:

      “I agree with you that the West has unleashed a horrendous amount of destruction in the Middle East, but are you sure Christianity is the main driving force behind that? Are you aware of the extent to which the pro-Israel lobby shapes US foreign policy? I ask the question because you don’t seem to mention either AIPAC or Israel in your article.”

  17. davemass says

    Where are the Russians and Chinese? Why aren’t they sending ‘humanitarian’ aid in ships, or planes?
    They sit on the sidelines waiting for the bloodshed to start, and then what? Tut-Tut at the UN Sec council?!
    Up the ante, get some Russian/Chinese ships into Venezuela harbours!!

    • chaize says

      They are sending aid – probably with no strings attached.

    • @ davemass
      Venezuela is recieving aid, through government corridors from it’s friends, the MSM is just refusing to acknowledge the weekly deliveries, but they are being flown in by the tonnage.

  18. Denis O'hAichir says

    Love of money, ensuing avarice and fear of death, are powerful tools.

  19. vexarb says

    Andre Vltchek: “The Bolivarian Revolution has gotten plenty of colorful words. But what it urgently needs is volunteers, money, and internationalist brigades!”

    Internationalist brigades did not save Republican Spain because Britain and France put an embargo on supplying weapons to them while at the same time encouraging fascist Germany and Italy to send their airforces to bomb the Republic. And the RAF flew in Franco from exile to rally the Falangist forces.

    Internationalist brigades could not have saved Syria against our 500,000 well armed Jihadi mercenaries supported by the RAF, the USAF, the French Air Force, the 5-Eyes Air Force and the rest of NATZO. It took professional Allies to help Syria save itself: Iran, Hezb and Russia with China in the background.

    Thanks be to both the Armed Forces and the intelligent Leadership of Syria, Iran, Lebanon, Russia and China.

    Meanwhile, let us laugh at “the West” even if only to stop weeping; ridicule is a potent weapon against puppet Emperors:


    • vexarb says

      PS Forgot to add, Venezuela is able to take care of itself — Loyal Armed Forces and a little help from its friends Russia, China and the (Latin) American Left. The Anglo American Left seems to have been almost completely exterminated by remorseless waves of Cultural Genocide which started as soon as Truman, the Nuclear Lunatic in a Business Suit, took over from FDR.

      • Jen says

        Veneuzela also has militia forces at national, regional and local government levels, and I believe the total number of people in the Bolivarian militias number about 1.6 to 2 million.

        While a US or Canadian-led attack might overthrow Maduro’s government, the full conquest of Venezuela will have to be hard hand-to-hand fighting, taking one community, one town, one city at a time – and the militias will make sure that foreign forces coming into the country will suffer enormously.

        • summitflyer says

          “and the militias will make sure that foreign forces coming into the country will suffer enormously.”
          As they will if it comes to that.The people of Latin American countries almost all , have been under the boot of American imperialism at one time or another and most have not forgotten the oppression .Some ,like Brazil ,Chili,Argentina and Guatemala have slipped back under the influence of predatory capitalism and are selling their resources from under their feet for pennies on the dollar(see Confessions of an Economic Hitman) ,not to mention their own sovereignty.
          The horrors of the nightmares brought upon them in recent 70s-80s has nevertheless not been forgotten and the benefits of the Bolivarian socialist revolution,especially in Venezuela initiated by Hugo Chavez,will drive the spirit of Venezuelan people to fight furiously for what they have gained and achieved.
          There are no food shortages in Venezuela as visually confirmed by Lee Camp ,Redacted Tonight-RT,and if the American so called government really wanted to help the Venezuelan people,they would remove the sanctions but it is the oil they so deeply covet .So what else is new about that and the American corporate structure.
          A true regime change is needed in the US and most of the Western countries,mine included,which are governed by insane practices of interference in other country’s affairs .

  20. ‘I am surprised no one else is saying it.’…..well I have in tweets and facebook .The US is
    the problem.There is no response.But glad to hear you saying it.We need a very visible socialist/progressive
    presence internationally, that the backward old world of war and domination can recognise as a live force,an unstoppable Universal movement.

    • lynette cracknell chaplin says

      I know it is only one country, but the 5 star movement which is part of the Italian government is working hard at bringing back true democracy, we are also hoping that the EU eletions in May will result in a chance to democratise the EU.

  21. Derrick says

    The reason your coalition of the oppressed isn’t forming is America’s ability to invoke the nuclear option – they have proved their capability to use it twice already.

  22. Loverat says

    This is 100% spot on, explaining the reality.

    Just one of many excellent observations from above about ‘peace movements’, and probably applies to thinking as a whole:

    “And they tend to analyze the Western threat from a Western perspective, using Western logic”.

    Thinking in the West is based on a false or faulty premise – we are the good guys, them bad etc.

    I think it’s too late for us or peace campaigners to change this on our own. Maybe 15 -20 years ago there was a fighting chance with more unified ‘peace movements’. In present times many of the same people who were campaigning against the Iraq war are campaigning for regime change in Syria. ‘Peace movements’ no longer seem to raise much of a joined-up noise and with ‘covert war’ MO (in Syria) rather than ‘open war’ (Iraq) with a more controlled media – the public don’t see what’s happening.

    I would be interested to read some analysis on what happened to the peace movement in the last 25 years. I was thinking about this recently but couldn’t find much in the way of up-to date essays on the subject.

    We have to remain positive though. Keep reading, educating, writing and exposing. It’s our duty and I’m comforted to see a small vocal group making waves against the system.

    I think it will be one or a series of events – either wipe out for all of us – or something which jolts us and wakes us up to the terrible fate we could all face. I think for the latter to happen the mainstream media has to turn and they’ve shown that they are capable of turning to some degree, as over Iraq. But I there there needs to be something serious to happen to trigger this. Great article – if only more people could read it.

  23. Gary Weglarz says

    As a child I used to wonder how – “in the past” – people in Europe and in the U.S. could have engaged in genocide against the Native peoples who’s land they would then steal, or how they could have engaged in the chattel slave trade, or how earlier in Western history Mother Church (I was raised Catholic) could have tortured and burned many thousands alive for thought crimes during the Holy Inquisition demonstrating barbarous intensity and complete lack of compassion. How, I wondered as a child could people accept this? How could people live with themselves as these horrific crimes were carried out decade after decade, and in fact century after century? Were these atrocities carried out by cadres of psychopaths? Surely common everyday people would never participate, never allow such mayhem to be carried out in their name or with their complicity or with their silence.

    Sixty years later, as a citizen of the United States actively opposed to American foreign policy for 35 years, I’ve long since stopped wondering “who” could live with themselves and be complicit with such ongoing atrocity. Simply by paying my taxes I number as one of those who “is complicit” as I help fund the war machine. Against my will, but still I pay my taxes rather than risk jail, or having the government garnish what little I have materially. I have learned to live with it.

    Sure blood thirsty psychopaths have a tendency to rise to positions of power and influence in Western governments, but it is we common people who have carried out the orders, carried out the mayhem and paid the taxes on behalf of the empire decade after decade throughout my lifetime. Brainwashed like lemmings or zombies the majority of the U.S. citizenry blindly follow whatever monster is spouting the latest lies of empire. There is not the slightest flicker of moral questioning, compassion, empathy or even basic respect for law apparent today in the majority of the population here the America I’m inhabiting today. There is instead a growing willingness to project anger and despair onto whatever enemy of the month the oligarchy manufactures through the media. It is almost as if the despair and alienation of the population has been “weaponized” to then be displaced into righteous anger toward some created enemy as elusive as the “heretics” of old. Now we simply rally on command to hate a Saddam, a Gaddafi, a Kim, an Assad, an Ortega, a Putin, a Maduro – displacing through mass State orchestrated violence our own utter hopelessness within this rapidly crumbling nation.

    The next imperialist regime change by the empire won’t be justified by the old rationals. The media won’t tell us that we’re “saving souls” or “bringing christianity and civilization.” In deference to identity politics the media won’t talk about “the white man’s burden,” but if you dare to look closely at who will be killed and who will be doing the killing, you’ll see that “race”and “racism” retain their seats at the imperial table. Instead they will tell us that “this time” we must invade, murder and pillage because we have a “duty to protect,” because this will be a “humanitarian intervention.” Now we kill you – because we love you. But no matter, just as throughout the past back in Europe, and in her colonial outpost here in the U.S., the common folk will rally to the slaughter while telling ourselves comforting lies, that come to sound more and more like truth with constant repetition, and with the necessary drowning out of all dissenting voices. So much of the media, even much of the so called “alternative” media will rally and gleefully rush to burn today’s heretics like our author Andre Vltchek. Heresy is intolerable to power, no matter the era. Yet nothing will change history, and history confirms that we have clearly “met the barbarians” – “and they are us.”

  24. Fair dinkum says

    This world is ruled by the One Per Cent,
    They number few and they are hellbent,
    On taking it all, all for themselves.
    And they don’t give a damn how many live in hell.
    Not much time left as the world goes down the shit chute,
    The irony is, the One Per Cent are going down too.

    • Gezzah Potts says

      Fair Dinkum: and they are so blind and delusional, they don’t even realise it. They havn’t got a clue what’s coming. And it sure as hell will be very ugly. Some, pathologically selfish and equally delusional billionaires are building luxury nuclear shelters in far flung places like my homeland, New Zealand. Are these creatures even human? They are the modern day equivalent of Marie Antoinette. Others, completely brainwashed, still chant their undying love for Capitalism, for ‘The system’.

      • Fair dinkum says

        We shall not cease from EXPLOITATION, and at the end of all our EXPLOITATION will be to arrive where we started and find HELL ON EARTH.
        (Apologies to TS Eliot).

      • Andy says

        Just cockroaches and billionaires left, so just cockroaches really, with apologies to actual cockroaches. :-/

  25. Maduro represents the poor, who are after all the most likely to become socialists and even though they are the majority, they are also the least empowered having no resources on which to draw. Britain is approaching a crossroads by which the middle classes have yet to suffer the inevitable squeeze that the poorest have already endured. Until then, the British regime holds sway over the police force, the army and the MSM and have the means to quash any rebellion by the poor. Only when the regime cannot squeeze any more from the poor and must finance their grotesque greed by taking from the middle class, will there be any united front to fight the corrupt influences.
    When poor white and members of the black communities in the US were the ones dying in Vietnam, there was no real concerted effort to end the war and only when the sons of the middle class were being dragged from universities for draft dodging did that middle class join the ranks of the protesters – when they themselves had to make sacrifices.
    When enough of the world’s peoples have been dragged down to the level of those “beneath” them, will unity be a strong bond. Capitalism is a snake that eventually eats it’s own tail and those running away from the jaws will soon have no place to go. Then we may eventually see a difference. People are selfish and they cling to what they have in order to scramble for the higher ground while those already occupying it beat them back and as their number lessens and they too join the ranks below, they will have a simple choice. They can accept their lowly status or join the greater number at the bottom of the pyramid.
    Until then, demanding that the poorest risk bludgeoning by state controlled police and military, when they have already been battered and mauled by the establishment policies, may sound heroic, but that’s a pretty picture which hides the ugly truths of resistance.

    • The politician lives on evil.

      How can they listen to morality?

      The politician cannot understand this language.

      The politician has a very subtle language, a definite language and morality is certainly not part of it.

      They have their own language, the language of cunning, calculation, hatred, domination, destruction.

      And by any means or methods of deception or immorality, they just have to fulfill their ambition.

      Even if a politician uses morality, he uses it only as a means.

      Sometimes a politician may appear very moral if it fulfills his purpose.

      They can say that ‘Honesty is the best policy’ but remember, it is a policy.

      It serves their purpose.

      Policy means politics.

      And when dishonesty is the best policy, then?

      When it serves the purpose then it is perfectly okay.

      A politician is like a whore.

      They can change any moment.

      They are very opportunistic.

      Whatsoever serves their purpose becomes their ideal and their principle.

      Deep down there is only one principle, and that is their ambition has to be fulfilled.

      The politician is the worst criminal possible.

      The politician is trying to move above everybody’s head, whatsoever the cost, whatever evil means they have to use does not matter.

      All that matters is that they are determined to become somebody significant, they have to leave their name in the pages of history, although nobody reads those names.

      We have to simply destroy these parasites and let the power be with the people.

      In fact, power should be distributed to everybody.

      It should be decentralized, there is not need for power to be centralized.

      Centralized, power is bound to corrupt.

      With power decentralized, everybody is powerful in his own way.

      What is the need of having politicians?

      The animal called politician has to disappear from the earth, this is the hope.

      And only now, is it possible.

      No tyranny has ever been able to remain forever, its days are limited.

      Nobody can destroy the people’s will.

      They can harm, they can kill people, but one day they find that their very effort to keep their empire, and keep people enslaved, has turned the people against them.

      Whether the tyranny is of America, or the tyranny is of China, or the tyranny is of the European Union, it does not matter.

      Tyranny is simply tyranny, it is murderous, it is criminal.


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