Anti-Semitism Pandemic!

CJ Hopkins

Get the kids into the house! Lock your doors! Board up the windows! Break out the gas masks and hazmat suits! According to the corporate media, we are now officially deep in the throes of a deadly anti-Semitism pandemic! And just as the threat of mind-controlling Russian influencers was finally waning! It seems the fabric of Western democracy just can’t catch a break these days.

The origins of this pernicious, panic-inducing pestilence remain shrouded in mystery, but epidemiologists now believe that it began in the Spring of 2015, shortly after the resignation of Ed Milliband as UK Labour Party leader, and went global in the Summer of 2016, right around the time of the Brexit referendum and the nomination of Donald Trump. (Although the circumstantial evidence is overwhelming, to date, there exists no conclusive proof that Russian bio-weapons designers cooked up the virus in a hotel in Salisbury and sprayed it onto anyone’s doorknob.)

Virologists are working around the clock to map the genome of this scurrilous scourge, about which very little is known, other than that it has a sudden onset, and attacks the language center of the brain, causing the sufferer to express opinions about “Zionism,” “globalism,” “the Israel lobby,” “banks,” and other code words for “Jews.” Patients appear to be unaware that they are spouting these anti-Semitic code words until they are told they are by the corporate media, or their colleagues, or some random account on Twitter, at which point their symptoms alter dramatically, and they suffer a series of petit mal seizures, causing them to repeatedly apologize for unintentionally advocating the extermination of the entire Jewish people and the establishment of a worldwide Nazi Reich.

At the moment, Britain is taking the brunt of it. Despite the best efforts of the ruling classes and the media to contain its spread, several new cases of anti-Semitism have been reported throughout the Kingdom, or at least among the Labour Party, which, at this point, has been so thoroughly infected that it resembles a neo-Nazi death cult.

Jeremy Corbyn, who contracted the virus more or less the moment he assumed the leadership, is now exhibiting symptoms of late-stage disease. Reliable sources close to the party, reached for comment at a brunch in Qatar with Tony Blair and a bunch of Saudis, report that Corbyn is running around Momentum HQ in full Nazi regalia, alternately heiling Hitler and looking for journalists to apologize to.

Another Labour MP, Chris Williamson, had to be summarily quarantined after publicly apologizing for not apologizing for inciting a gathering of Labour members to stop apologizing for refusing to apologize for being disgusting anti-Semites … or something basically along those lines. Owen Jones is fiercely denying denying that the party is a hive of Nazis, and that he ever denied that denying the fact that there is zero actual evidence of that fact is essential to preserving what is left of the party, once it has been cured of anti-Semitism, or disbanded and reconstituted from scratch.

Emergency measures are now in effect. A full-scale Labour Party lockdown is imminent. Anyone not already infected is being advised to flee the party, denounce anyone who hasn’t done so as “a Hitler-loving Corbyn-sympathizer,” and prophylactically apologize for any critical statements they might have made about Israel, or “elites,” or “global capitalism,” or “bankers,” or anything else that anyone can construe as anti-Semitism (preferably in the pages of The Guardian).

Nor has the Continent been spared! What at first appeared to be a series of spontaneous protests against Emmanuel Macron, economic austerity, and global capitalism by the so-called “Yellow Vests” in France has now been officially diagnosed as a nationwide anti-Semitism outbreak. In a heroic attempt to contain the outbreak, Macron has dispatched his security forces to shoot the eyes out of unarmed women, pepper spray paraplegics in wheelchairs, and just generally beat bloody hell out of everyone.

Strangely, none of these tactics have worked, so France has decided to join the USA, the UK, Germany, and the rest of the empire in defining anti-Zionism as form of anti-Semitism, such that anyone implying that Israel is in any way inherently racist, or a quasi-fascist Apartheid state, or making jokes about “elites” or “bankers,” can be detained and prosecuted for committing a “hate-crime.”

Meanwhile, in the United States (where Donald Trump, “U.S. patient zero,” had already single-handedly infected the vast majority of the American populace, and transformed the nation into an unrecognizable, genocidal Nazi Reich), the anti-Semitism virus has now spread to Congress, where Representative Ilhan Omar (reputed to be a hardcore member of the infamous “Axis of Anti-Semitism“) has apparently totally lost her mind and started talking about the Israel lobby, and the billions of dollars the U.S. government provides to Israel on an annual basis, and other Israel-related subjects one simply does not talk about (unless one writes for The New York Times and isn’t a hijab-wearing Muslim, in which case it’s completely fine to characterize support for Israel as being “bought and paid for by the Israel lobby“).

Now, this is where things get really confusing. Trump (who, let’s remember, is Literally Hitler, or was until he green-lit the attempted U.S. coup in Venezuela) and the Republicans have now united with the Democrats to denounce Ilhan Omar as a filthy anti-Semite, and possibly a full-fledged Islamic terrorist (or to condemn the existence of “hate,” or something). The corporate media, Facebook, and Twitter have been overtaken by hordes of angry anti-Semites accusing other anti-Semites of anti-Semitism. Congress is on the verge of convening a House Un-Israeli Activities Committee to investigate anyone who might have ever trafficked in “anti-Semitic tropes.” Meghan McCain was so thoroughly horrified by the hateful, anti-Semitic things that Ilhan Omar never said that she broke down blubbering on national television and begged Joy Behar to call in a Rabbi to convert her to Judaism on the spot … which some viewers found a bit unseemly.

OK, I know, you’re probably questioning the fact that this anti-Semitism pandemic just sprang up out of the ether one day, more or less in perfect synch with the Russian plot to destroy democracy that Vladimir Putin set in motion the moment the Global War on Terror seemed to be running out of steam. If you are, you need to close this essay, pull up either MSNBC or The Guardian website on your phone, and inoculate yourself against such thoughts. That conspiratorial type of thinking is one of the early warning signs that you have been infected with anti-Semitism! Unless you act now to protect yourself, before you know it, you’ll be raving about “the ruling classes,” “globalist elites,” “austerity,” “neoliberalism,” “the Israel lobby,” or even “Palestinians.”

So just put all that stuff out of your mind! This sudden anti-Semitism outbreak has nothing to do with the War on Populism that the global capitalist ruling classes have been waging for the last two years. It’s not like the establishment would stoop so low as to use anti-Semitism (and even the Holocaust!) as a cynical propaganda ploy to delegitimize their myriad opponents and critics. No, it’s much more believable that an idiopathic, worldwide anti-Semitism pandemic erupted, for no apparent reason, precisely as the capitalist ruling classes were beginning to suspect that they had a widespread “populist” insurgency on their hands.

Plus, even if our democratic leaders, and the professional journalists in the corporate media, were, in fact, a bunch of soulless, conniving, sociopathic scumbags, what purpose would it possibly serve for them to whip the public up into a series of fits of mass hysteria over anti-Semitism, or “populism,” or imaginary Russian hackers (or imminent lone-wolf terrorist attacks, possibly with homemade nuclear devices)? That wouldn’t make any sense, now would it? People would be so consumed with fear and hatred that they could hardly think. They might not even notice how they were being cynically manipulated, and were contributing to actual anti-Semitism by rendering the term devoid of any meaning.

No, the sudden anti-Semitism pandemic theory makes a lot more sense. So get out those vintage plague doctor masks, lock your critical thinking up in your anti-anti-Semitism safe room, and pull up Schindler’s List on Netflix … oh, and don’t forget to scour the Internet for any criticism of the capitalist ruling classes, or the corporate media, or neoliberalism, or any other anti-Semitic tropes!

CJ Hopkins is an award-winning American playwright, novelist and satirist based in Berlin. His plays are published by Bloomsbury Publishing (UK) and Broadway Play Publishing (USA). His debut novel, ZONE 23, is published by Snoggsworthy, Swaine & Cormorant. He can be reached at cjhopkins.com or consentfactory.org

Feel free to come find him in Berlin and buy him a beer. He’s been known to frequent an assortment of extremely suspicious RUSSIAN establishments in Kreuzberg.

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CJ Hopkins is an award-winning American playwright, novelist and satirist based in Berlin. His plays are published by Bloomsbury Publishing (UK) and Broadway Play Publishing (USA). His debut novel, ZONE 23, is published by Snoggsworthy, Swaine & Cormorant. He can be reached at cjhopkins.com or consentfactory.org Feel free to come find him in Berlin and buy him a beer. He’s been known to frequent an assortment of extremely suspicious RUSSIAN establishments in Kreuzberg.

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Anti-Semitism = “ANTI-ARABISM”!
And Anti-Semitism has been this since at least 150 years!
The founding of the Anti-Semitic Ideology by Count Gobineau was exclusively directed against ARABS! And for the next 150 years “Anti-Semitism” has remained to be “ANTI-ARABISM”! See at this list of only recently destroyed Arab Countries;

Why is everyone so cowardly allowing that the term “Anti-Semitism” has got REBRANDED to now no more relate to the Arabs, but only to those who disgustingly racialist call themselves “Jews”. Yes, “disgustingly” because “Jew” is a religious term (like “Christian”). “Jews” are never a race!

1) Why doesn’t everyone who is scolded to be “Anti-Semitic” answer: “No, I can’t be, because I am all for the Palestinians, which are “Semites” – and because I am against this racial Israeli Regime in Tel Aviv, who (Israelis) are no “Semites” at all!
Also add that you have always objected against the destruction of the Arab countries listed above!

2) Why doesn’t everyone call the MSM to be “Anti-Semitic” for the war-mongering against the Arab states listed above?
Why doesn’t everyone call Trump to be “Anti-Semitic” for the war-mongering against the Arab states listed above?

3) The “Evangelists” – or “Judaic-Christians” – believe that the Hebrews are “Gods chosen People” by race – even if they broke away from their old religion. But only the Palestinians are the descendents of the old Hebrews.
So why doesn’t everyone call these “Evangelists” to be Arch-Enemies of “Gods chosen People”?

Dear readers here: Please don’t just whimper about how ‘unjust this being called Anti-Semite is’. DO SOMETHING! Turn against this rebranding (and fake-“Framing”) of the term “Anti-Semitism”! Please write a readers comment to “The Guardian” and protest against the Guardians Anti-Semitism (“Have you at the Guardian learned nothing?“)
(For more see my comment from some days ago: https://off-guardian.org/2019/03/05/anti-capitalism-is-not-anti-semitism//#comment-148816 )


Good info. Everything they do has a layer of Orwellian style language embedded, doublethink – “they hate us for our freedom”, “the IDF is the most moral army in the world”, the continual theme that the Palestinians, who are often armed with nothing but rocks, are somehow the aggressors against Israel, a nuclear power! etc.
Any excuse to wheel this one out – Panorama – The War Party. This is like “Meet the Neocons”. Probably the last piece of honest journalism in the BBC archives, showing how the Neocons do very much speak in an Orwellian, NLP sort of way loaded with doublethink.


Meet the Neocons – The War Party – Panorama – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=G_ISayqQ5mw


Also, many people comment here because they are either banned from the Guardian or they know that there is no point in even trying to post anything remotely truthful in the comments section, as it all gets deleted. That said, we should fight fire with fire and try to turn this antisemitism agenda on its head, using truth, because that is what they hate the most


The truth is fine, but don’t limit yourself to it.
They don’t, so why should we?
They lie, cheat, steal, smear, threaten, blackmail and intimidate and use every dirty trick in the book.
So should we.
And use a few more that aren’t in the book yet.
These people murder and starve millions.
So anything goes.
They don’t recognise any limits whatsoever.
Neither should we.


So should we.

That sounds like a really bad idea.

They have all the money, all the guns, all the propaganda, and all the power.

All we have is truth. Surely we shouldn’t abandon that.


They lie because they need to lie. We don’t have to. The truth is so horrific, any sane, decent person aware of it could not help but be completely disgusted by it (genocide and child rape for example). When it comes down to it, their whole system of power is based on “trickery”. They trick people into having belief systems based on complete lies. If people were aware of this, they would not stand for it and the whole thing would come crashing down pretty quickly. People do not WANT to look into this kind of thing though, which is a huge barrier. Weapons of mass distraction like football (and sport), celebrity culture, the television, false flag terrorism, the promotion of bogus “conspiracy theories” and the whole range of systems they use to control people like education, dumbing down, the rigged money system and fear, are some of the main factors which ensure that this remains the case


““Jew” is a religious term (like “Christian”). “Jews” are never a race!”

Ironically, many who self-identify as “Jews” are happy to state that they do not believe a word of the Jewish religion. Indeed they seem to be proud of being non-believers. (Rachel Riley, Stephen Fry, David Baddiel). So what do these people mean by the self-identification? Do they assume they are a different race? Or do they refer to a religion they are happy to publicly reject?


Accusing oneself in the Other.
In scream for vengeance.
Is the signature of the lie.
And the father of it.

Baseless accusations
cover a lack of substance
behind a raised fist

The emperor
as naked power
of destruction.

under which the fig-leaved mind
gives worshipful sacrifice
for favour and appeasement.

Self specialness.
False gods.
False self.

Recognising oneself in the other.
must give and receive as one.

It takes one to know one.
A right to exist is in giving as we would receive.
Claiming right to deny existence is the word by which to be denied.
The cleverest minds
are most adept in hiding
toxic debt
in forms of rigged currency.

Our currency of Ideas set the very basis for illumining what is – as it is – in a way we can release the false investment of an ignorance.
The intent to define, divide and rule the mind is always a form of double think.

“The world can ONLY ask a double question, with MANY answers, none of which will do. It does not ask a question to BE answered, but only to restate its point of view. All questions asked within this world are but a way of LOOKING, NOT a question asked. A question asked in hate cannot be answered, because it IS an answer in itself. A double question asks and answers, both attesting the same thing, in different form.

The world asks but one question. It is this: “Of these illusions, which of them are true? Which ones establish peace and offer joy? And which can bring escape from all the pain of which this world is made?” Whatever form the question takes, its purpose is the same. It asks but to ESTABLISH sin is real, and answers in the form of preference.

“Which sin do you prefer?” That is the one that you should choose. The OTHERS are not true. What can the body get that you would want the most of all? It is your servant and your friend. But tell it what you want, and it will serve you lovingly and well. And this is NOT a question, for it TELLS you WHAT you want, and WHERE to go to ask for it. It leaves no room to question its beliefs, except that what it states takes question’s FORM.

A pseudo-question has no answer. It DICTATES the answer, even as it asks. Thus is all questioning within the world a form of propaganda for itself. Just as the body’s witnesses are but the senses from WITHIN itself, so are the answers to the questions of the world contained within the questions. Where answers represent the QUESTIONS they add nothing new, and nothing has been learned. An HONEST question is a learning tool which asks for something that you do NOT know. It does NOT set conditions for response, but merely asks what the RESPONSE should be. And no-one in a conflict state is free to ASK this question, for he does not WANT an honest answer, where the conflict ENDS”. (ACIM)


It’s an anti-Sem pandem™!

Tim Jenkins
Tim Jenkins

(Chuckle), in Tandem with political PANDEMonium ™!

Tip:- it wasn’t our Nora’s
batty opening of Pandora’s
box of seeds for Flora 🙂


We’re all in the bathtub, Tim, careering down the hill…


Tim Jenkins
Tim Jenkins


“Pass the soap”
“Nett-an’-YAHOO ”
🙂 Off-G we go
it’ll all come out in the wash 😉

(Bloody redneck cowboys & reverse cowgirls)

Francis Lee
Francis Lee

FAO Margaret Hodge: Here are some REAL anti-semites for you. In the Baltics of course. 2016. Our glorious allies. Funny how you missed them. Jeremy Corbyn doesn’t appear to be among them.

Honoring Waffen-SS

In spite of Latvia Prime Minister’s Maris Kučinskis disapproval, Riga authorized the March 16 2016 march to honor Latvia’s Waffen-SS Volunteer Legion established on that date in 1943. International protests have failed to prevent the march, just as they failed earlier. During WW2, some 150 thousand Latvians served on the side of the III Reich. They served in the so-called Volunteer Legion of the SS consisting of the 15th and 19th Grenadier Divisions of the Waffen-SS (or 1st and 2nd Latvian Divisions), the Latvian Luftwaffe Legion, German divisions and police battalions. They are responsible for many war crimes. One of them took place in Podgaje on February 2, 1945. During the breakthrough of the Pomeranian Wall, SS-men of Battle Group Elster which was part of the 15th Waffen SS Grenadier Division murdered 32 Polish POWs from the 3rd Infantry Regiment of the 1rst Infantry Division of the Polish People’s Army. They were bound by barbed wire and burned alive in a barn.

Marches honoring Latvian SS-men have been a regular event in Riga since 1990. In 1998, the Latvian government made that date a national holiday, though international protests forced it to be reduced in 2000 to a national day of memory.

It is no different in neighboring Estonia. It celebrates August 28, which is when Waffen-SS began to recruit, in 1942, volunteer for its Estonian Legion which became the 20th Waffen-SS Grenadier Division. It fought at Narva and in Lower Silesia and Bohemia. Estonian SS-men also participated in counter-partisan operations in the rear areas of the Eastern Front, committing mass atrocities on the civilian population. It was commanded by SS-Obergruppenführer Erich von dem Bach-Zelewski, the future butcher of Warsaw. Apart from the 30 thousand Estonians in the Waffen-SS, thousands more served in SS border guard units, security police, and the Wehrmacht.

Lithuania maintains the cult of the so-called Plekhavicius Legion, the Lithuanian Local Corps, or LVR, a criminal collaborationist organization serving the III Reich, and Ukraine worships the 14th Volunteer Grenadier Division of the Waffen-SS Galizien, whose formation’s anniversary (April 27, 1943), is loudly celebrated in Lvov and other cities of western Ukraine. Glorifying the SS-Galizien alongside the OUN-UPA became the foundation on which the post-Maidan Ukraine’s national identity is being built.

Croatia honors the Ustasha and the SS-men of the 7th Waffen-SS Volunteer Mountain Division Prinz Eugen, while Bosnia-Herzegovina likewise honors the SS-men of the 13th Waffen-SS Bosnia-Herzegovina Mountain Division Handschar. Hungary and Romania often stage historic reconstructions and other events commemorating these countries participation in World War II on Hitler’s side on the Eastern Front.

Finally the Baltic States are fostering a cult of the so-called “forest brothers”, or anti-commmunist guerrillas of 1944-1953 consisting of many former SS-men and Nazi collaborators


Interesting. Thanks. It has been an illusion that the anti Semetic policies of European fascism were dead and buried in 1945. As is becoming clearer and clearer rught across Europe extreme right wing Nationalism is once again acceptable and inevitably that includes anti Semetics. . The main error was when the EU recognised the new Kiev government that included old Nazis. They’ve gone from strength to strength. It’s ironic that in Britain where fascism never really took off (who needed them when you had the Tories?) and who led the anti fascist war it’s luducriously maintained that the Opposition Leader is pro Nazi and a fucking anti-Semite!


Shitty little Nazi countries one and all.
No wonder so many of their population have voted with their feet and left.


I find it astonishing that with all the weeping and wailing and gnashing of teeth over “anti-semitism”, it never occurs to people to wonder why such ideas became so prevalent, historically. I suppose it’s yet another triumph of identity politics that questions such as this are now completely unmentionable — that would be “blaming the victim”. An evil, anti-semitic conspiracy theorist might wonder if this is part of the reason that identity politics was invented in the first place, after marxism-stalinism had served its purpose and been discarded.

The Philosemitism is the New Antisemitism article, above, tells part of the truth, while engaging in the usual apologetics, such as the absurd Chomsky idea that Israel merely carries out US orders, having no agency of its own.

A more realistic assessment would be that people who never seem to learn from their mistakes, over the course of centuries, are actually following a more-or-less conscious policy, and don’t believe that it is a mistake.

Nicholas Lysson — Holocaust and Holodomor


tail wags dog, or, Chosen People versus Sabbat Goyim:

Badger Down
Badger Down

A blast of semitism and denial from Freedland in Guardian Review 9 March. He points out that MH-17 was downed by “a Russian missile”, David Irving was “not a historian”, and pooh-poohs the idea that “Hans Almeyer” [sic] confessed under duress. Freedland is advertising his fiction book about truth, or something.


Makes a change from the fiction he writes in the Guardian. So long as it keeps the shekels rolling in, that’s the main thing.


A blast of semitism

I’m pleased to see people using the word “semitism”, which I believe I originated, as a concise term for Jewish ethnic supremacism. If, as we are constantly told, “anti-zionism is the same thing as anti-semitism”, then the logical corollary is that “semitism” must be …




It is significant, and should at least be noted when looking at the MH-17 downing, that Malaysia is a country which has strongly stood up for Palestine and taken a definite anti-war stance in the world, which could make them a target for this kind of attack. This proves nothing, but it is relevant
As an example https://electronicintifada.net/blogs/tamara-nassar/malaysia-willingly-pays-price-support-palestinian-rights


“David Irving is not a historian.”
That’s okay, Freedland isn’t a journalist.


What we really need is a small. portable “anti Semitism” detector, something like a Geiger counter, that can be mass produced and issued to the general public by the million. Instead of being measured in Rontgens, it would be calibrated in “Corbyns.” Under 10 Corbyns would denote only residual trace “anti Semitism.” 10-20 Corbyns would automatically generate “anti Semitism” klaxons, which would continue until the level fell below 10 Corbyns and the all clear was sounded. 20-30 Corbyns would require non stop warning broadcasts on the media by Hodge, Berger, Ellman, Austin, Ryan, Gapes, the Board of Deputies, Shai Masot, and the Mossad Office, and the despatch of roving patrols of the Jewish Labour Movement. For readings above 30, £1 billion cash and £1 billion in free weapons would be donated to Israel for every additional Corbyn above 30. Need to get cracking on this straight away. No time to lose!


This is gold, lol. No-one will be allowed in to the Labour Party Conference until they have been given the up and down wand treatment at the entrance by specially trained IDF soldiers, fully tooled up with the lastest Corbyn Detectors


I used Geiger counters many years ago. I don’t see why we can’t have something similar for this epidemic of anti Semitism. If we don’t do something soon, there’ll be a gas chamber on every street corner. Doesn’t bear thinking about.


Mark – thanks for that very funny comment. Taking the piss in order to show our contempt for this ludicrous situation is by far the best response.

I’d like to point you in the direction of Norman Finkelstein’s website. Rereading his reaction to the Margaret Hodge fiasco has just made me burst out laughing (again).


Tim Jenkins
Tim Jenkins

@mark – Classic m8,

worthy of a trade mark for checkm8™ ! ?

T-heresa M-ay object, but who cares ?

Gonna’ see if i can condense or squeeze yer’ irony onto


(maybe with a few posts, Trumpstyle) 😉
(SIXTH publishing attempt !
This was addressed 5 times already, re. mark’s concept for an >>>
Anti-Sem-Pandem™ detector, measured in ‘Corbyns’, >>>
including publishing independently ! ? ! ? ! ?)

harry stotle
harry stotle

‘What we really need is a small. portable “anti Semitism” detector, something like a Geiger counter, that can be mass produced and issued to the general public by the million. Instead of being measured in Rontgens, it would be calibrated in “Corbyns.” Under 10 Corbyns would denote only residual trace “anti Semitism.” 10-20 Corbyns would automatically generate “anti Semitism” klaxons, which would continue until the level fell below 10 Corbyns and the all clear was sounded. 20-30 Corbyns would require non stop warning broadcasts on the media by Hodge, Berger, Ellman, Austin, Ryan, Gapes, the Board of Deputies, Shai Masot, and the Mossad Office, and the despatch of roving patrols of the Jewish Labour Movement. For readings above 30, £1 billion cash and £1 billion in free weapons would be donated to Israel for every additional Corbyn above 30. Need to get cracking on this straight away. No time to lose!’ – genius, sorry I can only give you 1 uptick, Mark


The first rule of Anti-Semitism Club is: you do not talk about Anti-Semitism Club.

Coz…it’s anti-Semitic, innit.

Tim Jenkins
Tim Jenkins

wot’ club ? 😉

i’ll get my coat & more soap 🙂 @theA.A.&A.
AshkeNazi Anonymous Accolades


The first rule of Jewish Power is, you do not talk about Jewish Power.

Because, through magical Talmudic technology, that would be simultaneously both pro-semitic and anti-semitic.
comment image


Milosevic – stop talking about Jewish Power, you f**king anti-Semite! Who do you think you are – Jeremy Corbyn?!?

Lots of love,

Dame Margaret Hodge.


nothing ambiguous….just exploiting a change of perception.

Jerry Alatalo

Run for your lives!!! … The long prophesied AntiSemitism Pandemic is flooding the Earth!!!

George Cornell
George Cornell

It is hard to employ a “reductio ad absurdum” tactic when the target is already irreducibly “absurdum”. Good article.

George Cornell
George Cornell

Well at least you managed a post without screaming “Nazi” or “fascist”. There are words in the language which are less emotive, indeed are more accurate in describing those who dislike the very unlikeable Israel and its anti-Corbyn campaign.

Rather worry about a few thousand dollars spent by Russians on the presidential campaign, worry about the billions sent to Israel, the nuclear arming of Israel, and the relentless abuse of America’s UN veto to protect Israel from the rest of the world’s opinion to name a few. These are much more of a danger to the world than Jeremy Corbyn, who probably is no danger at all, and has the courage to stand up to the real fascists who are really sabotaging the democratic process.

As for the Muslim import project you claim, I imagine you see this as a threat too. I guess you would like to ban all Muslim immigration. Is that it? How lovely. Well maybe if people you are connected to stopped behaving so abominably, there would be less threat.

George Cornell
George Cornell

My ancient iPad is foundering on several levels. The above is a reply to antonym below.


1. Anti-semitism has been used, if not promoted, in the interests of Zionism for more than a century.

2. Although a state of Israel exists, the agenda of Zionism (territorial, at the very least) has not been completed.

3. Ergo, anti-semitism is a tool of Zionism and must be created where it does not exist.
There is no contradiction in Zionists and Ukrainian Nazis working together.

4. There are more than 100 historical references to 6 million victims that pre-date WW2. The figure took on a life of its own as a shorthand for a what today we would call a Pearl Harbor incident.

Anti-Semitism was a reality in the early 1900s but Zionists’ use of the 6 million figure before the 1930s owed more to narrative than reality.



There are Talmudic references to 4 BILLION Jewish victims of the Roman Empire “Holocaust.” Sort of makes old Adolf look a bit pathetic, doesn’t it.


There are more than 100 historical references to 6 million victims that pre-date WW2.

Wherever and whenever Jews are suffering, and whoever the anti-semitic oppressor is, there are exactly six million of them. Not one more or less. Six million.



As much as I enjoy and admire CJ’s writing, the satire and sarcasm don’t make me laugh so much in this instance.
For one, the ‘polarity’ of the smear attack has been reversed. Russiagate alleged that all who fell under it’s roving eye of paranoic suspicion were essentially traitors to a foreign nation that the populace have been brainwashed into thinking hostile and dangerous. The fake allegation of AS against Omar (and now the Democrats) and Labour, imply that the accused are the conspiracy theorists- i.e. the ones who see traitors in our political system with loyalty to a foreign nation (or a small ethnic group).

Secondly, whereas the accusations that ”X’ is Putin’s puppet’ could be ignored or rebutted easily, the prominent Left voices in the media as well as the Labour Party have joined in the attack on anyone who asserts that this AS is all straight forward fabrication. To do so is necessarily to confront the influece of pro-Israeli organisations as well as powerful individuals who quietly pull strings in our power system. This opens up a real can of worms, one that I say, undermines the Left’s own model of Israel’s functional relationship with the West.

Thirdly, as a consequence of the first two points, this smear campaign is working. Left activists were not suspended for refuting the allegations that ‘Seamus Milne works with Putin’. But they are being silenced by this. The unfolding coup in Labour is clearly connected to some degree to zionist circles of power, which is something simply unsayable in most forums of debate.

Meanwhile those in Labour who do see what is happening repeat with ever weakening voices, the same refrain week in, week out ; “If Corbyn doesn’t fight back, this will be the end of him”.
No shit.

Corbyn has helped us see the dark machinations at the core of his party, and the way in which it is puppeteered by Tel Aviv and its local British stooges



Is G Atzmon a ‘holocaust denier’ ?
I have read nothing which substantiates that accusation.
Recalling a photo I saw yesterday of Owen Jones in a group hug with JLM/ Israel Embassy staff, I note his tweet (with accompanying flyer – ‘Say No To Nazi Apologist Jazz’) trying to blacklist this musician and political writer :
Protest against Holocaust denier Gilad Atzmon – join @PeoplesMomentum and @jewdas this Friday. Spread the word!


Tell me this is all just about trying to stop Jeremy Corbyn from becoming prime minister because he is ‘a socialist’.


Atzmon has been called a “holocaust denier” because he refuses to simply stand in awe before the reporting on the holocaust. He has said that, as with any historical event, the holocaust should be open to investigation and critique – not to deny it but to examine the roots, the circumstances that led to it. To maintain a phoney “respectful” silence in which any investigative comment is treated as blasphemy is to turn the holocaust into a religion.


For the Few: not the Many …sounds like me.

“It is through Corbyn and his to date colossal failure that we understand that a fresh form of opposition is crucial for our survival as ethical and dignified people.”

As soon as we want to convene and at least discuss how we carry the fight from the opressed to the opressors …that have long included the Labour Party. The longer society kotows into involuntary servitude, the more impossible socialism becomes. Something I said nearly forty years ago …but it’s not all about me. Society chooses itself blindly, unaware it is choosing …and even more unaware that it has the choice. Society is coercivelly controlled to become anti-social, and so becomes even less aware of its own Unconscious Unchoosing.

We need to become alive in the process of choosing, and not so lightly choose to give away our personal sovereign autonomous power of choice to charlatans and traitors who betray us. Socialism is the direct democratic exercise of participatory choice …not letting the like of the EU choose for us. That’s fascism. Some people still seem to confuse the two.


What I don’t get CJ is why our MSM, Twitty, Faceblock, anti-sanitary, Integrity mongers found a haven in Ukraine where the anti-Semite Nazi collaborative virus apparently took hold years ago, but they diagnosed it as an outbreak of freedom and democracy!

So it seems that the current virus has degenerated along the lines of socialist populism rather than out and out in your face fascism where the strain was originally quite benign…!

Altered Reality
Altered Reality

“.. in Ukraine where the anti-Semite Nazi collaborative virus apparently took hold years ago, but they diagnosed it as an outbreak of freedom and democracy!”

Well put, tutisicecream!
It seems the descent into darkness is now well established, and could be irreversible.


Hey, CJ – don’t you know critical thinking is already in the box. Haven’t you heard: the critical theorists – aka the cultural Marxists – were all Jewish. They met in Frankfurt to plan the overthrow and takeover of traditional Western civilisation. It’s all part of the Jewish Boshevik commie plot to take over the world. Marx was a Jew. The Bolshevik’s were Jews. They were funded by Wall St Jews. Can’t you see the connection between the Holodomor and mediaeval blood libel? It’s in the ‘Protocols’. It’s obvious!

Look, look, they control the media. It’s prophesied in the Talmud. Here’s the list, here’s the text, see?

Anti-semitism pandemic is the Jewish-owned media’s way of covering the fact that the Jew’s really are intent on taking over the world. Capitalism really is run by a cabal of Jewish bankers. Even James Bond wrote about it, he got it!

Now, if we could just repress time and critical consciousness a few hundred years: and get back to some nice nuclear family orientated traditional capitalist Enlightenment values, just like the CIA wants us to …everything will be fine.

Anti-capitalism is anti-semitism, don’t you see? Meghan McCain said so. She is a self-identified Jew, so she should know.


Trying to figure out that comment BigB….?

If, perchance, you reject the ‘Culture of Critique’ argument to the point of ridicule, then don’t worry, because Amazon are leading the way in de-listing MacDonald’s work and its surely already a red flag on Facebook algorithms (and by extension, Whatsap, Instagram ….).



No, my target was the equally execrable pseudo-scientifically justified personal bigotry of Ron Unz, and his openly racist sewer of a site. Any site that attracts, and does not dispel, hyper-racist commenters and Holocaust deniers (at least one that refer to blacks as ‘s**tskins’) deserves to be banished to Hell ….from whence it came. It offers a contaminated breeding ground for toxic mind-viruses like anti-semitism and the sub-intelligence of Blacks and other minorities (a la the bullshit ‘Bell Curve’).

My secondary target is the cross-posting that is infecting this site with personal racist bigotry masquerading as barely concealed personal racist bigotry. At least one other poster has mentioned Popper’s Paradox in reference to the open comment policy. An open comment policy that will be abused by the intolerant to further their personal bigotry. Pretty soon there will be comments about ‘****skins’ …and that would be a criminal waste. The tolerance of intolerance breeds intolerance.

[My comment was written after reviewing some of the comments posted on the recent thread “Anti-Capitalism is NOT Anti-semitism”]

But as you reminded me: Old MacDonald’s farm sewage evolutionary psychologism about a ‘Judaic cultural imperium’ should be washed away like the toxic sludge it is. Both he and Unz use outdated pseudo-psychological bio-genetic models (E O Wilson’s Sociobiology (human behaviour is reducible to the behaviour of ants) and ‘evolutionary psychology’ (linking infanticide and promiscuity to biology and genetic adaptive response)) – used largely as pseudo-cultural anchors for their own projected crypto-fascist beliefs. They pretend that it is anti-Zionist to maintain an air of respectability. In fact, they are anchoring current anti-semitism on pseudo-science, regurgitated mediaeval tropes, and overt historiography (the Holodomor was a cyclic famine: not a genocide. Even if it was a genocide: it was not perpetrated solely by Jews out of self-interest and ‘resource competition’ in furtherance of the ethnocentric exceptionalism of Jews. That is sick interpretation of history.). As for some of the BTL comment’s Unz attracts.

Anti-semitism is a pernicious pandemic that needs to be confronted and excised from normative culture. Giving it a place, or places to breed, is like going back to mediaeval open sewage systems – emptying cultural ‘night soil’ daily into the streets – in the name of freedom of opinion and uncensored free speech. Giving these pathogenic beliefs soil, light, and oxygen – in the form of projected, pseudo-scientific, proto-racist, ‘genetically biased’ ethnocentric exceptionalism – is like providing a rancid medium as fertiliser for growth and proliferation. Anti-semitism proliferates anti-semitism – just as hate proliferates hate; and oppression proliferates oppression. Only love, compassion and understanding of the processes that proliferate the hate and oppression can end all oppressions. For which we are all responsible for creating. As Hadjo Meyer dedicated his life to: Never Again.


My comment was written after reviewing some of the comments posted on the recent thread “Anti-Capitalism is NOT Anti-semitism”

Since I’m doubtless one of the principal offenders therein, I won’t compound my crime by responding to the tired anti-anti-semitic verbiage above. It’s not like we haven’t heard it all before, countless times, and it’s now quite clear where it all leads, if it wasn’t already, long ago.

I can’t quite manage to restrain myself from commenting that your antiquated Stalinist denialism regarding the Ukrainian “famine” (“Even if it was a genocide …”) becomes only more repulsive in the context of the routine, ritualistic, and compulsive hand-wringing over “Holocaust denial”. Apparently some victims are more equal than others; does your denialism extend as far as the Katyn Forest massacre, or has neo-stalinism decided to cut its losses and abandon that position?

Since Corbyn was chosen to lead the Labour party this old political institution has revealed its true tyrannical nature, engaged in a constant purge of the best of its members. Any criticism of Israel or its intrusive Lobby leads to immediate suspension and even expulsion. Since Corbyn was elected to save us from the Tories, the Labour party has adopted an Orwellian Big Brother attitude. The party has been spying on its members and digs into their social media accounts, even evicting members for comments they made years before they joined the party.

Indeed, Corbyn has helped us see the dark machinations at the core of his party, and the way in which it is puppeteered by Tel Aviv and its local British stooges.

Most devastating is that through Corbyn it has been revealed that the Left has most likely finished its historical political role. Corbyn promised to ‘care for the many not the few,’ a pledge that initially sounded promising but has been largely contradicted by the reality on the ground. The Labour party and its leader ignore the many as they follow the orders of the very few. The British working class aren’t impressed by the closest ally they have ever had at the helm of the Labour Party. It is through Corbyn and his to date colossal failure that we understand that a fresh form of opposition is crucial for our survival as ethical and dignified people.

Gilad Atzmon — Why is Corbyn so Important?

If you believe that Unz’s articles on the “Jewish Question” are so offensively wrong, why don’t you attempt to factually refute them? When people attempt to substitute slurs and insults for rational argument, it’s often because they don’t have one. If that goes on for long enough, eventually other people will start to notice, and draw the appropriate conclusions. For me, that point came quite some time ago, but there are other people here who presumably can still be saved from this pernicious pandemic, by expert interventions from left-wing sages such as yourself. You might even succeed in excising people like me from normative culture, thus depriving these pathogenic beliefs of the rancid medium needed as fertiliser for growth and proliferation.

If “anti-semitism” is so irrational, why can’t it be rationally refuted? It’s almost like slurs and insults is all you’ve got.

It’s quite possible to conclude that MacDonald’s account of Jewish ethnic supremacism is largely factual, while rejecting the idea that it’s a “genetic”, rather than cultural, phenomenon.

Israel Shahak — Jewish History, Jewish Religion: The Weight of Three Thousand Years

(LOL at “ethnocentric exceptionalism” — a more concise description of Jewish identity could not be produced. I’m going to remember that.)


Milosevic, this is a reply to my friend BigB but I am putting it here to affirm my agreement with your indignation. Cut’n’Pasted from SyrPer where the CJ Hopkins article is also posted, Anti-Republican defends Ron Unz (who is himself Jewish) from the charge of running what BigB calls “a sewer of racism”.

anti_republocratOnline #288768 posts in reply to Daniel Green [a Jew?] who approves CJ Hopkins article debunking “Anti-anti-Semitism”:

Thanks, Daniel. The C.J. Hopkins parody that Mark Green [another Jew?] was commenting on was quite funny as well. I shared it on FB with this comment:

This could not possibly be published anywhere but on The Unz Review (my understanding is that Ron Unz is himself Jewish). My own view is that true hatred of all Jews is about as prevalent in the US as hatred of Limeys, Frogs, Huns, Sqare-heads, Macs, Micks and Polacks, and less prevalent than hatred for Atheists and Unitarians. Yes, Jews were once excluded from country clubs and there were quotas for medical and law schools, but those days ended about the time anti-Catholic bias did [nearly a century ago!]. An Israeli student was deported to Israel a year or two ago for perpetrating false flag “anti-Semitic” vandalism. Time to get over it and work to end _all_ supremacist cults and nepotism.



The core ersatz-idea that a particular group, any group, is at the root of the crisis of humanity is racist, pure and simple. To hang perniciously contrived bigotry on science and quasi-academic ‘historic’ research is racist. ATL proto-racism breeds BTL virulent and open racist hatred. The inclusion of certain, not all articles, encourages and amplifies this. Shit attracts flies that love and breed in the shit. I presume you already read the comments. If you think that some of the open and virulent pathological race hate that can be found BTL there is normal and justifiable, then, cognitively, we are about as far apart as can be.

Instead of calling out Unz, MacDonald, Lysson, etc – you attempt to justify their varying degrees of delusion. Why not refute them pseudo-fact by pseudo-fact? I can’t, mainly because I do not have a lifetime to waste calling out bigotry. Facts do not matter. No one will ever change the justification of their belief system when encountering inconvenient fact. They will simply find an alternative fact that allows their beliefs to manifest uncontested. Virtual historiographical facts Lysson specialises in listing, in a non sequitur hate-compendium, ‘spaffed’ across the pages of history.

[Sorry, couldn’t resist it. But Johnson’s repugnant addition to the dictionary adequately conveys my contempt of Lysson’s deluded contemporisation of history.]

A case in point: we tried this remember? I posted research that showed the Holodomor to be the result of cyclical famine. I doubt you even read it. Instead, you rather abstractly and risibly call me a Stalinist. So much for fact.

So, no, fact cannot be isolated from the concepts that form the architecture of belief. Which MacDonald in particular, but Unz as well, relate to biology. Competitive biology. There is no basis in behavioural psycho-biology and ideological geneticism for race – let alone the the misappropriation of cognitive attributes on a racial basis. It is all a pseudo-psychological fallacy. And bigoted projection.

We share a common bio-geographical ancestry; with our skill-set of attributes equally distributed across our common ancestral heritage. To say otherwise is ideological, not biological. FFS: MacDonald even admits his own racism, albeit it in an indirect coded way:

“I started to realize that my interests are quite different from prototypical Jewish interests.”

This is pure scapegoating and Other-ing – as a bigoted psychological shadow-projectionism. And what is he protecting?

More importantly, because of the deep-seated Jewish hostility toward traditional Western culture, the Judaization of the West means that the peoples who created the culture and traditions of the West have been made to feel deeply ashamed of their own history — surely the prelude to their demise as a culture and as a people.

And that culture is:

…the tradition of critical and scientific individualism that had formed the Western tradition since the Enlightenment.

In other words: his own tradition of ethnocentric exceptionalism – the death cult and world religion known as Americanism. In common with many of the commenters attracted by Unz: ATL and BTL. As you threw the slippery slope fallacy at me – here it is: comin’ right back at ya. When two hegemonic ethnocentric exceptionalist ersatz-immortality cults face off – we know where that leads, Which is why I repudiate the Unz sewer as proto-fascist.

It is the whole paradigm of sectarian divisiveness, projected scapegoating, and Othering I find “offensively wrong”. Especially in the employment of tribalistic pseudo-science. If we purge the ‘Triple F’ (fighting, fitness, and fucking) bio-ideological sectarianism: what do we have left? The scientific basis of a Universal Humanity with a shared attribute commonality (intelligence, for instance, is equally distributed bio-geographically); dignified cooperative inclusive cognition (the recognition of diversity within unity: bio-universalism); and bio-ethical egality. Isn’t that the sort of paradigm we should be building for the 21st century – instead of proliferating racist bio-ideology, bigoted evo-psychologism, and contemporising mediaeval libels as a “Culture of Critique”?


Surprised at the tone and content of your reply there. I am reminded of the opening paragraph from an article from 2007 (one that stuck in my memory) :
There is a virus sweeping the world. It infects opponents of the Bush government, sucks their brains out through their eyes and turns them into gibbering idiots. First cultivated in a laboratory in the United States, the strain reached these shores a few months ago. In the past fortnight it has become an epidemic. Scarcely a day now passes without someone possessed by this sickness, eyes rolling, lips flecked with foam, trying to infect me. The disease is called Loose Change.
[George Monbiot , Short Changed Guardian 12-02-07]

The metaphors you have chosen read to me like a kind of mirror of the racism that they rightly (but clumsily) object to. Human discourse is a messy and unsanitary affair, and the determination to ‘clean things up’ worries me (on both sides of that ‘mirror’), especially in the current atmosphere – NB Asa Winstanley’s suspension is another example. In the world of real pathogens, light, oxygen and air seem to be ameliorating, balancing influences, and the real nasties seem to breed in the dark, airless places.
Saying that, I’m not going to defend blatant, gratuitous racism, and do have concern that this society is collapsing in an irrevocable way such that people will be looking for someone to blame – with all the horrific scapegoating inevitably tied to such blaming. I do therefore want to understand racism on a level deeper than knee jerk denunciations of ‘irrationality’.
I also want to understand antisemitism, yet increasingly I read things like, ‘Anti-semitism is a pernicious pandemic that needs to be confronted and excised from normative culture.’ and a reactive railing against such blanket disinfecting proclamations, which often reads just as badly. They feed off each other.
The Popperian paradox is only half the story. If we are honest, we need to consider his contemporary, Strauss, and the effect of his ideas on tolerance, intolerance and the paradox of trying to balance the two. If a group have an ethical system that sees no wrong in deception via the promoting universalist tolerance in one sphere, yet an excpetionalist intolerance in another sphere (or time), all for self promotion of their own in-group, then that throws a spanner in the works somewhat. That the Left always seem to assume good faith in their opponents, and that the Right seem to retreat into a war of racial attrition, leaves genuine thinkers ‘politically homeless’ and us all in a mess.
One thing that draws me to Atzmon as a writer is his work in music. I think that Jazz is the pre-eminent artistic contribution of the American experiment, and one that is rooted in a genuine universalism. The restrictive, structuring stream of human consciousness (the one that, to extreme, might want to sanitise and eliminate potentially dangerous elements of human debate, for example) is an essential part of Jazz – you’ve got to learn the scales !
Yet so is the expansive, freedom yearning stream within human consciousness essential to Jazz (the one that, to extreme, might want to assert my interests or our interests over those of others). Jazz solos have to ‘leave the rules behind’ and take risks.
I don’t know if the Bell Curve stuff has any factual basis or not. I wonder if the whole IQ argument is starting from a loaded premise anyway – testing just one trait of human ability as a marker of ‘human worth’ (and one that seems to be of central importance to the absurd bureaucratic society that we have built around ourselves). Perhaps even accepting the validity of the concept ‘testability’ is skewed (?).
One thing I am sure of is that the many black musicians who have inspired me in my life express through their improvisations, the epitome of what I regard as, in the fullest sense, ‘intelligence’.
As with Monbiot on 9-11, or in the ‘debate’ around Skripalgate, ‘Saving Syria’s Children’, Manchester Arena 2017 or a hundred other examples, I read a lot of the same pattern of argument repeated again and again. That is, condemnation of one side with no factual refutation even offered. This is the ‘Jerusalem thinking’ (authoritative ‘law’ over reasoned argument) of Atzmon’s analysis, and I don’t think it is helping matters.


I’m afraid my choice of metaphors was largely reactive, based on my repugnance of much of the comment BTL at Unz. If I now differentiate that the media-defined confection of AS – as directed at the Labour party and Corbyn in particular – is fake-AS. The AS I see forming in dialectical reaction to that is real: based on the conflation of Judaism and Zionism: hung on pseudo-science and quasi-academic research. The real AS feeds the fake AS: strengthening and proliferating it in a negative spin cycle. It becomes rather difficult, at this point, to differentiate the real from the fake – they are both so completely fucked up and inter-penetratively aligned. Like you, I want to find a way out of the perpetuation of centuries of oppression and hate. The last thing I want to do is be drawn into cycles of reciprocal hatred. Hatred proliferates only hatred: which is born functionally deaf and blind to injunctions of tolerance and understanding.

Which is why I reject the entire paradigm of discrimination and dualisation: from the ground up. Both real AS and fake AS – if they can ideed be differentiated – are pernicious fallacies. The paradigms they are constructed from are therefore fallacious. Facts and beliefs do not matter. It is the architecture of belief – that which is the portent of sectarian divisiveness – which needs to be looked at.

Where to start: well, that might as well be the beginning. The root of the root discrimination – between self and other – is a fallacy. All dualised beliefs based on a fallacy will become increasingly subjectivised, extremised, and hyper-fallacious. Whitehead referred to this as the fallacy of misplaced concreteness. The whole belief system we inhabit (that is not so much metaphorical: we really do inhabit our cognitive belief system) is made of beliefs substantiated by beliefs in infinite recursion. Outside the world in all its presentational immediacy – there is nothing but the subjectification of belief. To find a new way of framing reality: we need a new basis of belief …one informed by the presentationally immediacy in all its incandescent nonduality.

All our major concepts are based on “critical and scientific individualism” – which outside of the substantiation of unsubstantiated belief – does not exist. A fallacy based on a concretised fallacy is a fallacy. Who will be the first to tell Mr Unz, Mr MacDonald, or the charming Mr Lysson – that the entire paradigm they are momentarily reconstructing and constructing from is a desecration of reality?

I get frustrated: it is the 21st century and we are retrieving tropes from the 1530s in order to recreate the 1930s. In a direct comparison: the cultural and moral relativism between a MacDonald and a Kagan or a Netanyahu is zero. They are all drawing racist ‘enthnocentic exceptionalist’ tropes from the same wellspring of sectarian duality. But it is just an extremised version of the cultural wellspring we are all forced to drink from. Capitalist culture is totalising, extremising, and omnicidally poisoning. Right from its root dualisation dichotomising self from Other.

To try and frame the universal miscognition of humanity on one set of deceptive constructed ‘ingroup’ propositions: projected onto a fallaciously Otherised ‘outgroup’ is a core racism. Particularly in a core nonduality in which race itself is a cultural constructivism. Not only that, and perhaps worse – such shadow projection as Otherisation is an abnegation of our individual responsibility for our beliefs. As we split ourselves in bifurcated cognitive Otherisation – so we split humanity. Self + Other = ‘Jazz’ …or non-discriminative peace. The scales are non-dualising concepts of the parametric nondual paradigm.

First rule of non-Fight Club – there is not Other, unless we make one.


All you have really done there is re-state your commitment to a universal ethic, sprouting from a root belief that we are all one, or ‘there is no other’.
The wisdom of prophets through the ages, no doubt, but despite your absolute idealism we seem to live in a relative world. To be totally consistent with such a position would mean the abandonment of all political discussion altogether.

You have not (to my mind) answered the key question : we can state a commitment to ‘non fight club rules’, but what do we do when someone thinks and acts according to their own, very determined sense of separateness? Even more so, what do we do when they might publicly profess the same values as you (- e.g. that there is no ultimate division between self and ‘other’) all the while privately holding fast to a religious conviction which puts them very much in opposition to ‘other’, and them first and others second ?
I don’t buy into any philosophy of genetic determinism, but MacDonald does put forward the data, even if he interprets it in a way I might not agree with.
Is the over representation of Jewish intellectuals in 20th century thought actually a fact? Is it of any significance at all? If so, is it worth understanding how or why it was the case?
In this instance, we have a fascism (zionisim, neoconservatism) that increasingly cannot be criticised (or even discussed) because to do so is considered ‘fascist’. Do you not see a problem in that ? Do you see any value in trying to understand how we arrived at such a place?
Judaism is not the same as zionism. But should our consideration of any relationship stop there? Two does not equal four, but they are related in several ways. German nationalism is not nazism but to consider one without considering the relationship between them further would be ridiculous.



A very good set of interrogative questions, most of which I will struggle to answer. But here goes…

The reason I have to go back to the start, is that the very start is the transfinalisation key. We do not live in a relative world. We never have. We have invented a relative conceptual epistemology in order to describe reality: a discursive dualisation of a reality which is profoundly nondual. Reality remains forever untouched by our dualised descriptions of it. Relativity appears in intellection. Intellection is relative, not reality. Therein lies the crux of the problem. Everything is ethically universalised as equal and value neutral until we describe it.

Our very description of reality created the segmented, sectarian divides. We have mistaken our divisive conventions as accurate proxies for the actualised lived experience. That is the whole of the problem.

We cannot decode anthropogenic relativity with anthropogenic relativity. We simply make it more relativised. Relativity is subjectivity: masquerading as an objectively empirical paradigm. It is this universalised paradigm of false definitions itself that is out of control: not Judaism. The assertive reification that the paradigm has become ‘Judaised’ into a ‘Judaic cultural imperium’ is racist. Clearly MacDonald has no problem with pre-Judaised Western Culture – which is another ethnocentric exceptionalist racist construct – the cult of “critical and scientific individualism”. So he invents a racism to defend a racism. That makes a subjectivised nonsense of reality. And humanity.

Debunking that is impossible: especially with those who buy into the paradigm of “scientific individualism”. The paradox that Americanism can be described with the same parameters, the almost identical way (debarring the pseudo-facts). This should be auto-negational of the whole set of parameters – of pseudo-scientific individualism – that provide such faulty and violently discursive sectarian descriptions. Of all reality; not just a specific delimited sub-set.

Evolutionary psychology, sociobiology, Boasian anthropology, and as you rightly say, genetic determinism, are all logically flawed misconceptual constructs …that can only add to man’s misconception and mismeasure of man. And add: they clearly do. Violently.

There is no need to get particularly Zen though, Better biology will do. Starting with Lewontin’s “Biology as Ideology” – which refutes sociobiology. Or Jay Gould’s “The Mismeasure of Man” that pre-debunked “The Bell Curve” by fifteen years. The modern bio-genetic synthesis has moved on from the strictly mechanistic, competitive, ‘Triple F’s’ paradigm – but culture has not. And will not, because it would have to drop the racist constructs that justify imperialism. You can’t so easily demonise your co-evolutionary co-equal – can you? Or scapegoat them?

So culture is being retarded, and time and intellect suppressed by the hegemonic capitalist culture. The information, research, and science are there to debunk racist constructs. Yet individuals choose racist constructs. Why: now there you have got me? Out of a ” very determined sense of separateness” …or self-preservation perhaps?

As for over-representation: that is not the issue. The issue is the false assertion that anyone of Jewish descent is not capable of acting egalitarianly – they act only from Judaised ethnocentric self-interest. That’s racist.

Here’s a question: I wonder if certain posters know any Jews? Perhaps they should get out more? They may realise all Jews are not ‘Judaised’. The ones I know are as equally appalled as I am by the vicious assertions contained in MacDonald and Lysson’s vituperative vitriol. Meeting people face to face is the best remedy for all this. Racism does not survive genuine encounter.

Capitalism itself is the enemy. It has its own decentralised ‘ethnocentrism’; selective class breeding and education programme – the intellectual cognitive elite; monopolised competition for scarce resources; etc …but it is not a bio-genetically determined race. It is a globalised pandemic that affects all ‘races’. It is the anti-human dehumanised condition. Which all goes back to our descriptions of who we are not – “scientifically individual”.

Judaism is not Zionism: yet that is the cardinal error employed. The cognitive traits that produce Zionist exceptionalism are not exceptional. Extremised: but not exceptional. Those very traits are present pan-globally: not in the genes …but in the very Otherising parameters of culture. They are not specific to any one group: it is the inhuman human condition based on duality. That the intellectual cognitive elite self-identify with Zionism is hard to deny. But they are not all Jews, and they not necessarily ‘Judaised’. We have a hierarchy of power, wealth, and status that promotes pathogens pan-globally – from all cultures. If we ever want to get out of this mess, we need to look at the pernicious ‘I am’ conceit at the root of the root of all cultures simultaneously – and not single the perennial one out to scapegoat.

The root cognition of all sectarian discrimination is within. When we stop looking for the Other to blame, we might get somewhere. Reading some of the comments here, on Unz, Lysson’s lies, and MacDonald’s pseudo-scientific racism …I’m inclined to believe it will be another self-projected; shadow reality; blame the “Jewish century” of oppression. And we are supposed to be the Woke?

There are no races. There are no identifiable and quantifiable attributes of races. There are no individuals. There are no selves. There is no differentiation. All these things arise in descriptions. Which are verified by descriptions. Without these criminal, violent descriptions nothing changes. There is only peace and humanity, but for the interminable descriptions of peace and humanity.

Isn’t that the irony?


I am going to leave things there, as this doesn’t seem to be going anywhere.
I am fundamentally coming from the same philosophical departure point as you BigB, I agree that race is ultimately a false concept and that genuine progress for humanity (- and for life in a general sense), is contingent upon an acceptance/ realisation of the indivisibility of ‘self’ and ‘other’.
I am also interested in the movement of ideas through society, such as the opposing idea that people exist in ‘groups’ or ‘races’ or ‘nations’, or that ‘our group god is the unifying singular world god’. I wonder how/ if that history of ideas has interacted with (or have suppresssed) the ideas which I have sympathy for- ones that go back many centuries.
I think that all ideologies should be open to scrutiny and criticism. In my experience, in my lifetime, Judaic ideas have been largely off limits from any ‘acceptable’ scrutiny, as anyone pursuing that line of inquiry is a priori accused of racism or sympathy with racist ideologies. Although I can understand the very human reasons why this might be the case, I also think that there is a fundamental contradiction and inconsistency there- one that is unhelpful to the cause of universalism, especially at this particular moment in time.
Boiled down, what I am reading from you is a confirmation of this conflation of any critique of Judaic ideas with anti-Jewish racism.

[…in answer to your question, yes I have several Jewish friends, and one former partner].


The question wasn’t aimed at you, at all. I wasn’t questioning your attitudes in the slightest, which for the most seem to be closely aligned with mine. It was aimed at others who seem to be harbouring stereotypical anti-semitic views – blaming the Jews for their own persecution:

A more realistic assessment would be that people who never seem to learn from their mistakes, over the course of centuries, are actually following a more-or-less conscious policy, and don’t believe that it is a mistake.

Nicholas Lysson — Holocaust and Holodomor

FWIW: I’ve already confronted Lysson’s racist list on previous occasions. The Holodomor was not a genocide… etc. These views are Stalinist.

Lysson links blood libel with modern “kidney buyers” – like there is any possible causal link outside of a racist mind?

I’ve said all this in conventional ways, but I do not have time to rebut the creeping anti-semitic posts. As I said, it can’t be done historically. Facts do not matter. Even when I linked to research into cyclical crop failures, it is just dismissed.

But in no way am I saying that there can be no critique of Israel, Zionism. or Judaism. Read my other comments. We agree on so much. There is critique, and there is the Culture of Critique. (BTW: Lysson cross-references Macdonald’s CofC to bolster his anti-semitism. In fact, they all cross-reference each other to build a seemingly concretised case. But if you realise that the Holodomor was not an ethnically motivated revenge genocide: then the whole Judaised infiltration of the Left has a huge hole punched in it. A hole that the whole pseudo-construct falls into. If the Left’s idealism is Judaised and corrupted: what is left? Left collectivism is a Jew-Commie ‘Cultural Marxist’ plot to destroy religious republican Americanism. Or is it an projected shadow self-defence mechanism? You will find very similar Enlightenment Project protectionism arguments coming from Stephen Hicks, Jordan Peterson, Pinker, etc).

Any rational deconstruction (aaagh: deconstruction! Derrida was a Jew and a left-leaning intellectual who invented PoMo. He must have been working for International Jewry to destroy Western Culture. Surely you can see how asinine this is? And how perverted? If you can, the whole Lysson, MacDonald. Unz worldview begins to collapse as the non sequitur pseudo-construct it is).

Critique is fine, in fact increasingly necessary. Question everything: I do. But the CofC is counterfeit: mendaciously and racistly so. It is way past the line of acceptable and necessary critique. If we can expose what it is perniciously protecting – scientific Enlightenment Americanism – then we are part of the way toward deconstructing the false principles of normative culture. The possibility of a new culture arises: one that heals ALL oppressions. This is in line with Gilad’s recent comment, towards:

“… a fresh form of opposition is crucial for our survival as ethical and dignified people.”

Culture is broken, beyond the repair of its current form. It needs total re-imagination: something I was trying to address.

But absolutely not directed at you, my friend, I am wasting my time here. I’m way off the ranch, out in the prairie. Deconstructing culture to its roots turns out to be a singular venture. Dreaming the end of oppression requires an uncommon critique – such as questioning time, causality, and space (they are necessary pseudo-constructs too – but ones that are rapidly being weaponised into oppressions).

I get it that people can’t be bothered with all that. Increasingly, it seems some would rather regurgitate old oppressions: preferably to scapegoat someone else. 🙁


no comment on the Katyn Forest thing, then. or Israel Shahak, for that matter.

This has about as much relevance to the real world as discussing the politics of Star Trek, or Narnia. If you prefer to dwell in some mystical fantasy universe, you can of course arrange it so as to support whatever conclusions you prefer. In the real world that Palestinians and many others are constrained to live in, questions like these suggest themselves to those who want to understand, rather than mystify, what’s actually happening:

— among people who self-identify as “Jewish”, what are the relative proportions of zionists and anti-zionists?

— how did that situation come to be? how long has it existed? is there any real prospect of it changing significantly?

— what implications does this have for effective left-wing politics, relative to Palestine, or anything else?

Of course, you won’t provide any meaningful answer to such questions, just repetitions of the standard goodthink verbiage above. Leftist anti-anti-semites never do, they’re too well trained to be able to even understand such crimethink, much less sensibly respond to it. All you’ve got is increasingly hysterical cries of racist! nazi! anti-semite! — just like the zionists. Funny how that works.

The left was colonized a long time ago, and made selectively blind to all issues of ethnocentric exceptionalism, or at least one variety of it. Long before the State of Israel, actually — it’s not just about Palestine. It’s only after escaping from this intellectual prison that you begin to notice all the things that were previously invisible, and the ideological contradictions that you doublethinked away, like mist in the wind.

I’m out, along with Atzmon, Shamir, and others. Let the shrieks of racist! nazi! anti-semite! now begin.


Tony Greenstein : ‘Atzmon is an antisemite politically but he is not personally…’.
Work that one out if you can.
Most Left thinking on this matter is just one spurious self-contradiction piled on top of another.

harry stotle
harry stotle

The ersatz media version of antisemitism has at least flushed out the moral bankruptcy that infested the dark heart of Blair’s Labour.

Surely I’m not the only one who feels rage when Tom Watson purrs about conducting a one-man witchunt to crush anyone who refuses to submit to an all encompassing definition of antisemistism, one that cannot be questioned and which has already threatened the careers of distinguished anti-racists like Marc Wadsworth and Jackie Walker.

All this despite the fact Watson, Hodge and of course Mr WMD himself lost any right to take the moral highground for the obvious reason they are all deeply complicit with a catastrophic war – the legacy of which is still playing out to this very day.

In contrast the media works overtime constructing a counter reality; a reality where anti-socialists are seen as the saviour of Labour’s soul, while those increasingly disturbed by the rightward lurch of the Overton window are castigated as traitors or antisemities.

We should have sniffed a rat from the outset, when Labour MPs started dressing like lawyers in order to convince those sick of Thatcherism that Blair offered a genunine alternative. Yet even if we had smelt a rat how many would have guessed how deep and how far the rot would eventually go – the antisemitism charade is a manifestation of this process in my opinion.

Finally we have learned that Blair, Mandelson, Campbell et al were harbingers of a political age where truth or integrity simply became post-modern constructs given over to shape-shifters who had no problem casting the likes of Hodge and Berger as injured parties while Williamson, Livingstone and more recently Asa Winstanley morphed into sinister racists.



You’re funny.

I’ve already pre-answered all your questions, to be dismissed as ‘Stalinist’ or ‘verbiage’ ….compared to your oh so sane, liberated ‘out’ assertions such as the Jews are to blame for their own oppression (pre-quoted above, anchored to Lysson’s anti-semitic lies).

Re: facts – we started this way. The Holodomor was not an ethnic revenge genocide: perpetrated by Jews, for the sole benefit of Jews. That is racist historiography. If you want to prove that, you will have to show it was not a cyclical famine. Instead, you ignore this point and move the goalposts. Address this one point: and we can have a factual conversation. It is crucial to the whole racist construct you espouse. If it was a cyclical famine, and it was: the whole Lysson, MacDonald, Unz pseudo-construct is exposed as the contrived fiction it is.

“With its extensive use and intensive examination of archival and published sources on high-level policy discussion and decisions in this crisis, including the formerly secret records of the Politburo (the special files or osobie papki) and the now published correspondence of Stalin with some of his top lieutenants like Kaganovich and Molotov, this study decisively refutes intentionalist explanations of the 1931-1933 famine. None of these sources contain any evidence indicating that Stalin or his officials intended or wanted to create a genocidal famine to suppress Ukrainian nationalism or any other such objective.”


[FWIW: the link to Tauger’s own voluminous research has been taken down since I posted it in December. As you are so ‘out’, insistence that Stalin created an intentional genocide hands an own-goal to UkroNazis and Americanist revisionist Russophobia – and all the consequences that entails].

Your fantasy ship is holed below the waterline. No Holodomor; no ethnic Jewish revenge genocide; no Jewish-Bolshevik-commie infiltration of Leftism; no mediaeval cult working through history to destroy European culture. Go tell your buddies at Unz that the counterfeit construct is not watertight.

Before you go: on the larger issue of racist constructivism – do you think it is rational to take circa fifteen million people; objectify and dehumanise them; reduce them to the simplistic label of ‘Judaism’; characterise them as a monolithic singularity; attribute tropes randomly assigned from history; pseudo-scientifically classify in toto group ‘ethnocentric’ characteristics; blame them for their own ‘more-or-less’ consciously chosen oppresion; etc. Because I find that racist from the outset. The only thing that can link blood libel to kidney buying is a racist mind.

There are not fifteen million ‘ethnocentrically exceptionalist’ Jews conditioned to be that way by Judaism. There are fifteen million universally human people – some of which ARE ethnocentrically exceptionalist. But other ‘races’ have ethnocentrically exceptionalist elites. And a lot of the ARE Zionists …but not all. As soon as you commit to absolutist reductionism, you enter racist discrimination. You cannot reduce people to objective labels which entail inherent attributes – whether or not these are definable pseudo-genetically or not. It’s racist.


so, still no comment on Katyn or Israel Shahak, then.

and as I predicted, still no serious answer to this question: “among people who self-identify as ‘Jewish’, what are the relative proportions of zionists and anti-zionists?” This issue must always remain clouded in mystery, because any serious estimate would explode the “not all jews…” deflection. Meanwhile, the Gaza genocide continues, as goodthinkers like yourself pontificate that any attempt to identify the people who encourage and facilitate it would be “racist”.

I’m not sure why you were so offended by my comment about how people who never learn from their mistakes, don’t perceive them as such. Do you have an alternate explanation? Are they just stupid? Or perhaps you subscribe to the ethnocentric exceptionalist “woe is me / oy gevalt” school of historiography, wherein history always begins at the point that the Exceptional People begin receiving some blowback. Whatever happened before that is an inscrutable mystery, and in any case, there could be no possible connection to the Exceptional People’s previous activities. You could refer to Shahak’s account of the Chmielnitski Rebellion for a paradigmatic example (but surely there could be no possible connection to what happened in Ukraine three centuries later?), if the endemic selective blindness of the left didn’t preclude such considerations.

With its extensive use and intensive examination of archival and published sources on high-level policy discussion and decisions in this crisis, including the formerly secret records of the Politburo and the now published correspondence of Stalin with some of his top lieutenants like Kaganovich and Molotov, this study decisively refutes intentionalist explanations of the 1931-1933 famine. None of these sources contain any evidence indicating that Stalin or his officials intended or wanted to create a genocidal famine to suppress Ukrainian nationalism or any other such objective.

I’m sure the irony will be lost on you, but this is word for word the argument used by the dreaded “Holocaust deniers” to discredit that event. No one has ever found any written “gas the jews” order from Hitler, therefore it didn’t happen. I’d be curious to hear your explanation of why this argument is valid in one case but invalid in the other, but I’m sure the standard ethnocentric exceptionalist exemption will Talmudically magic it away, as always.

here’s a hint: when you load hundreds of thousands of people into cattle wagons and transport them to slave labour camps, what subsequently transpires therein is not an accident. Similarly, when government officials confiscate the peasants’ food at gunpoint, the starvation that follows is not a natural disaster. But doubtless Kaganovich and his underlings were “just following orders”.

here’s what the Manchester Guardian reported about the situation in Ukraine, in March 1933:


due to the unreasonably low limit of two hyperlinks per post, other articles will have to follow in another.

note the anti-semitic source:

Sever Plocker — Stalin’s Jews

Lenin, Stalin, and their successors could not have carried out their deeds without wide-scale cooperation of disciplined “terror officials,” cruel interrogators, snitches, executioners, guards, judges, perverts, and many bleeding hearts who were members of the progressive Western Left and were deceived by the Soviet regime of horror and even provided it with a kosher certificate.

All these things are well-known to some extent or another, even though the former Soviet Union’s archives have not yet been fully opened to the public. But who knows about this? Within Russia itself, very few people have been brought to justice for their crimes in the NKVD’s and KGB’s service. The Russian public discourse today completely ignores the question of “How could it have happened to us?” As opposed to Eastern European nations, the Russians did not settle the score with their Stalinist past.

And us, the Jews? An Israeli student finishes high school without ever hearing the name “Genrikh Yagoda,” the greatest Jewish murderer of the 20th Century, the GPU’s deputy commander and the founder and commander of the NKVD. Yagoda diligently implemented Stalin’s collectivization orders and is responsible for the deaths of at least 10 million people. His Jewish deputies established and managed the Gulag system. After Stalin no longer viewed him favorably, Yagoda was demoted and executed, and was replaced as chief hangman in 1936 by Yezhov, the “bloodthirsty dwarf.”

Yezhov was not Jewish but was blessed with an active Jewish wife. In his Book “Stalin: Court of the Red Star”, Jewish historian Sebag Montefiore writes that during the darkest period of terror, when the Communist killing machine worked in full force, Stalin was surrounded by beautiful, young Jewish women.

Stalin’s close associates and loyalists included member of the Central Committee and Politburo Lazar Kaganovich. Montefiore characterizes him as the “first Stalinist” and adds that those starving to death in Ukraine, an unparalleled tragedy in the history of human kind aside from the Nazi horrors and Mao’s terror in China, did not move Kaganovich.

Many Jews sold their soul to the devil of the Communist revolution and have blood on their hands for eternity. We’ll mention just one more: Leonid Reichman, head of the NKVD’s special department and the organization’s chief interrogator, who was a particularly cruel sadist.

In 1934, according to published statistics, 38.5 percent of those holding the most senior posts in the Soviet security apparatuses were of Jewish origin. They too, of course, were gradually eliminated in the next purges. In a fascinating lecture at a Tel Aviv University convention this week, Dr. Halfin described the waves of soviet terror as a “carnival of mass murder,” “fantasy of purges”, and “essianism of evil.” Turns out that Jews too, when they become captivated by messianic ideology, can become great murderers, among the greatest known by modern history.

insistence that Stalin created an intentional genocide

— still no comment on Katyn, I guess. Maybe their intentions were good, but the Central Plan ran into unforseen difficulties. The nazis digging up the mass graves would qualify for that category.

There are not fifteen million ‘ethnocentrically exceptionalist’ Jews conditioned to be that way by Judaism. There are fifteen million universally human people – some of which ARE ethnocentrically exceptionalist. But other ‘races’ have ethnocentrically exceptionalist elites. And a lot of them ARE Zionists …but not all.

— still no estimate of what proportion constitutes the “some” or “a lot” who ARE ethnocentrically exceptionalist. It’s almost like the goodthinkers cling to the “but not all” pseudo-statistic because the reality of the situation is in fact crimethink, which can never be acknowledged.

As for the “fifteen million universally human people”, how many of them self-identify as “Jewish”, and how many have been unwillingly or unknowingly labelled as such, in the service of somebody else’s agenda? How many are on their way out, but haven’t yet closed the door, for family or social reasons?

When people become disillusioned with ethnocentric exceptionalism, they reject Jewish identity, because it consists of little else, for the non-religious, anyway. There are probably vast quantities of such people, who are in fact “universally human”, but we never hear from them in this context (except those who write books, like Atzmon, or Zand), BECAUSE THEY NO LONGER CONSIDER THEMSELVES TO BE “JEWISH”.

The people who go around chanting “anti-zionism is the same thing as anti-semitism”, and cheering for the Palestinian genocide at every opportunity, may consider themselves to be a “race”, but this is simply an expression of their own racism. What they actually are is a nasty ethnic supremacist cult, left over from the Middle Ages. Fortunately, once you decide you’ve had enough of a cult, you can leave, whereas if you believe that you’re a member of the Chosen People, or the Master Race, you’re kind of stuck with it.


Smoke and mirrors. You try and deflect the copiously researched fact that the Holodomor was not intentional with out of date literature; written before the FSU archive was opened up. Well, the ‘Years of Hunger’ was written after, and included in Wheatcroft’s analysis. Which is confirmed by Professor Tauger’s extensive analysis I posted back in December. So just admit it, you did not and will not read it. Because it destroys Lysson’s mendacious “7m Ukrainians are less important than 6m Jews” counterfactual racist fiction.

You know, when you commit to accusations of “hand wringing” over Holocaust’s; and engaging in Holocaust relativism – dehumanising and trivialising the deaths of millions to make a point …you really should be sure of your facts. As Lysson made his up: it does not matter how many Jews Stalin had at his command – if he did not command them to carry out a genocide. It exposes as purely racist the intention to denigrate all Jews: with the fictive crime of a genocide that did not happen.

Then you really have to commit to some Olympic mental gymnastics – in the face of being shown that Bolshevik-Jews did NOT carry out a revenge genocide in the Ukraine – to then defend a defunct worldview by making emotive points about another genocide. How can you link a cyclical famine as causal of the ongoing Gaza genocide? You cannot: there is no possible link between a non-event – that did not happen outside of Lysson’s deeply racist consciousness – and the very real apartheid oppression in Gaza. The only way to link them is with racism: and deeply distorted distension of fact. So will you continue to make the link anyway, as I first posted this in December – for you to take no notice of?

That is what I mean by facts do not matter. If they did, and epistemic knowledge was a thing to you – you would at least read Tauger’s review – if not buy the book. All else is smoke and mirrors. Refute the fact that it was a famine, not an intentional genocide – or drop the reference to Lysson and admit he got it mendaciously wrong. Can you do that? Or will you cling to cherished opinion? Or commit to demeaning genocide hand-wringing in defence of the indefensible?


I did read the review. I saw little to disagree with.

Let me concede the argument in advance: I’m quite willing to believe that the regime and its functionaries did not “intend” to kill “four to six million” peasants; what they intended to do was to enslave all of them. Millions of deaths was merely a side effect of that policy.

Perhaps you consider this an important political or ethical distinction; if so, I disagree. There’s been a serious academic debate for decades, between “functionalists” and “intentionalists”, about to what degree, if any, the nazis “intended” the genocidal effects of their policies. Few people are inclined to let them off the hook on that basis. But, as always, some victims are more exceptional than others.

In 1931 the leadership projected the largest increase in sowings up to that time, and this plan was mostly fulfilled, but a severe drought in spring and summer reduced or destroyed much of the potential harvest, reflected in steadily declining estimates of the harvest on the part of government statistical personnel and increasing reports of starving villagers. Nonetheless, the regime projected high procurements and attempted to impose them, with the result that more regions of the country were left without food, causing millions of peasants, especially from Ukraine and Kazakhstan, to flee their homes seeking food and work. Similar conditions caused massive labor turnover in factories during this period, which Davies discusses in the preceding volume in the series (Crisis and Progress in the Soviet Economy). Meanwhile the government (exercising the foreign trade monopoly it had instituted in the early 1920s) exported some four million tons of grain to pay for massive imports of machinery, including tractors.

Agricultural planning and work in 1932 took place under much worse conditions than in 1931, with significant shortages and starvation in many regions. The authors narrate the high-level disputes and decision-making that led to emergency distributions of seed and food to shortage areas, the May laws of 1932 that legalized private trade (after three years of uncertain status), and in general a relaxation of policies. Farmers did not fulfill the sowing plans, however, and the harvest decreased even relative to that of 1931 by a complex mix of natural disasters and mismanagement. While official projections of the harvest dropped substantially, however, Soviet leaders refused to believe that another catastrophe like 1931 had occurred, and pressed forward with only a moderately reduced procurement plan. Implementing this plan, however, brought a tremendous struggle between regime and peasants, simultaneous with a disastrous decline in food supplies for the towns, and widespread theft and attempted theft at all stages of distribution. In response, Stalin wrote a law issued on 7 August that imposed death penalties or 10-year exile for theft of “socialist property.” The authors provide valuable detail about the alteration of harshness and moderation at different levels and in different periods in enforcement of this decree.

By the beginning of 1933, the procurement plan had not been fulfilled, and authorities at all levels received continuous reports documenting a massive famine, widespread deaths from starvation, and desperate demands from officials at all levels for food allotments from diminishing reserves. Peasants and workers around the country fled their homes seeking food and survival, and the authorities issued several additional laws attempting to prevent this movement, including the reestablishment of an internal passport system, harsh penalties for workers who left their jobs without authorization, and apprehension and return to their homes of peasants from the southern grain regions, most severely struck by famine.

What do you think “imposed procurement” means in this context? It means men with guns come and take the food, unless you imagine that the peasants happily donated it for the glory of the Socialist Motherland, while their children starved. As a final expression of elite contempt, the regime actively prevented any of their slaves from trying to save their lives by fleeing the area.

This detail of millions of tons of grain being exported while millions of the people who produced it starved to death, was also a feature of the Irish Potato Famine in the 1840s, and the Bengal Famine in 1943. I don’t know if you would care to excuse the British Empire for those episodes, on the grounds that they were “unintended”. Anyway, it would be scandalous to assume that ethnic supremacism had anything to do with it.

no comment on the Guardian’s reporting from the scene of the events, I guess.

nor any on the ever-elusive issue of the degree of overlap between zionism and Jewishness. as predicted.

It would be scandalous (or even “racist”) to assume that current expressions of ethnic supremacism might somehow be related to historical expressions of ethnic supremacism, by the same group of ethnocentric exceptionalists, as discussed by Shahak. no comment on his research, either.

the very far away border of permitted antizionist discourse still remains short of discussion: whether Jews did similar things before Zionism, or do we have a temporary aberration connected with the state of Israel. The moment one integrates modern Jewish behaviour with the pre-modern Jewish behaviour, the moment one notices continuity of pre-Zionist and Zionist Jewish politics, the moment one leaves the safe ground of condemning occupation, – one crosses into totally forbidden “antisemite” territory.

Israel Shamir — It Is Not Only About Palestine

That’s the power of reality control: all the inconvenient hate facts can be banished to the outer darkness, or the memory hole, simply by refusing to see them.



I did not say it was not an enormous bureaucratic clusterfuck (exacerbated by the uncontrollable weather); nor did I say Stalin was anything other than a maniacal egomaniac. I said it was not an intentional genocide. Which is entirely contra Lysson’s contrived intentionality, garnered from random episodes in history (Pasque di Sangue – 100ish incidents in 800 years – hardly any basis for a heritable trait …let alone a link to kidney buying).

You are still looking at the small picture. The Bolshevik FSU was broke, and needed money for rapid industrialisation. Both Lenin and Stalin knew they would not survive without it. And they were right. One can only surmise what the Nazis would have done if they Blitzkreiged through a largely agrarian neo-feudal country just six years later. I’ve read the news reports before. The conditions were brutal and inhumane: but still not intentional. It is a quantum leap from the immiseration in Ukraine to predicate a mendacious intentionality: based solely on Jewish exceptionalism. And an impossible leap of dark-faith to conclude that 7m Ukrainians – murdered solely by Jewish ethnocentric supremacism (a spurious Holocaust dehumanising a very real human tragedy) – somehow matter less than the 6m victims of the real Holocaust. That is noir fiction with the intent to dehumanise and incite race hate. Not historical fact.

It should go without saying: but ALL victims of genocide and Holocaust (yes, there was more than one …even though it is AS to say – as Jackie Walker found out) …all are equal. And therefore the reasons for ALL despotism and mass murder need to be addressed. Therefore we need a universalist, unbiased lens through which to appraise ALL oppression – historic and current. And not Judaise and ethnocentrically scapegoat the tendency to mass murder on one group. Mass murder is pandemic part of the inhumane human condition: not a specific of Judaism. That’s racist.

Which is why I gave up on Shahak. My own heritage is Catholic: just how long do you think it would take to grab some random Catholic texts from the 12th century; include the suppression of human inquiry – deemed heretical and locked in the Index librorum prohibitorum; the Inquisition; the Conquistadors; the illogical hocus pocus metaphysics; etc …to conclude Catholicism is a mediaeval death cult (which, at worse, it can be)? Not long.

So Shahak is making a universally applicable case. All historic cults entail the possibility of evil. There is nothing specific about it. The propensity is in you and me. And yet we do not necessarily manifest it. Why is that? It is the conditions that bring out the worst in us that need addressing.

Which brings me to “critical and scientific” individualistic Americanism. Now there is perhaps the biggest omnicidal death cult of all. One that is indistinguishable at the political AZC level form the very traits that are projected onto the ‘Judaisation’ of culture – by MacDonald in particular …using pseudo-science as a defence mechanism. I’m not going to labour my point, but quasi-religious, absolutist, imperialist, Americanism and Zionism are identical. Americanism’s particular brand of ethnocentric exceptionalism is encoded in the Enlightenment Protocols. If you want to find the roots of racism; look there. They are not exclusively there, but they are enshrined there too.

If there more than one ethnocentric exceptionalist groups – and there are many – the roots cannot be isolated to one particular group. Unless you subscribe to the Cabbalistic egregore meta-conspiracy – and that really is racist. Otherwise, we are looking at elitism: the supranatural elevation (by its own pathological egocentricity) of a class bloc …above the legitimate concerns of ALL nations – including Israel and Judaism. The Zionist entity is an elite Zionist entity only. It oppresses Jews, Arabs, and Christians.

As you keep asking: I do not know the correlative percentages – but not all Jews are Zionists. And not all Zionists are Jews. That is why it is called Christian Zionism. It is an affiliation of the worst of both worlds – an elitist, imperialist marriage made in hell. The only answer I can give to the correlation of Zionism and Judaism is none I know. In the solidarity group I was affiliated with in the past: there were more Jews than Palestinians and Europeans combined. Which is enough to refute most of what you have posted regarding the monolithic, ethnocentric nature of Judaism. It does not apply. Not to Catholicism (or should that be Judaised Catholicism? It was infiltrated by the Cabal in the early Mediaeval period, don’t you know?). Or even Americanism – the world’s fourth ‘great’ religion.

The root causes are pan-global and bio-geographically localised. They become extremised by hierarchical reward and value systems. Capitalism is the problem and our common cultural heritage the root cause. It is not isolatable to one group, it is a systemic evil. Until we address that: the capitalist tax-farming goes on and omnicidally on.


I do not know the correlative percentages – but not all Jews are Zionists.

yah, you said that several times already. It’s what the post-modernist cool kids call a “trope”.

Everybody knows that “not all Jews are Zionists.” Everybody who is paying attention knows that a very large majority are. Everybody also knows that it’s highly imprudent to say so, unless you’re one of the Chosen People, in which case you may shout “anti-zionism is the same thing as anti-semitism”, all day long.

It’s as if 95% of people who self-identified as ethnic-German were still celebrating the crimes of the nazis. People would find that strange, to say the least, but if “Jews” go around celebrating the Gaza genocide, that’s supposed to be completely normal and unproblematic. Suggestions such as Shamir’s, that certain similarities to Eastern European history may be perceived, are clearly outrageous and “racist”. Whatever the Exceptional People do is right and just, by definition.

Nothing to see here, please move along.


The only answer I can give to the correlation of Zionism and Judaism is none I know.

This is truly laughable, and sufficient to discredit your opinions with anybody who’s paying attention to the issue; I certainly won’t waste any more of my time debating it with you.

You’re well in the running for Sabbat Goy of the Year; the winner gets a free trip to Israel.

In the solidarity group I was affiliated with in the past: there were more Jews than Palestinians and Europeans combined.

Gilad Atzmon has much to say about this widely-observed phenomenon. It seems to be a form of damage control, an attempt to police the discourse to ensure that criticism of Israel and zionism does not exceed the bounds of the permissible, such as denying Israel’s “right to exist”, or even asserting the correlation which you reject, above.

Gilad Atzmon — The Protocols of the Elders Of London

Palestinians and Arabs who disturb the sensitivities of the Exceptional People are regularly cast out and unpersoned as “anti-semites”. This says volumes about who’s really in control, and for what purposes.

Nahida, Exiled Palestinian — Kosher Palestinians!

Anyway, enjoy the mystical fantasy world you’ve constructed for yourself; presumably, the weather is nice, and the water is drinkable, unlike in Gaza.

Hidden in plain sight
Hidden in plain sight

How many Integrity Initiatives are there?

Only one has been uncovered. There must be many hard at work in the background. Even the one Integrity Initiative we met in the last couple of month could have possibly morphed into another club with another name and kept pursuing their deception even further.

You see, money is not a problem for this type of organisations. They seem to have unlimited financial resources.

Gezzah Potts
Gezzah Potts

CJ…. The corporate media ain’t telling me anything coz I don’t pay attention to the bastards. They can scream anti semitic until they’re blue in the face. I don’t fucken care. Its a scam, its about imposing censorship, its about smearing decent, ethical people who support Palestinians, its about silencing critics of Israel’s barbarism. On that, I care greatly. How many UN resolutions has Israel ignored to date? How many Palestinians have died this year? How many Palestinians have been evicted from their homes? How many Palestinian children have been murdered? How much more Palestinian land has been stolen? How’s the blockade of Gaza going? I don’t give a flying rats tinker about this fecken con job these thugs are pushing. They can shove their scam where the sun don’t shine. By the way, boycott Eurovision. Don’t watch this normalisation of Apartheid Israel.

Francis Lee
Francis Lee

Read Norman Finklestein – Gaza – It’s like a brick through the windscreen.


Margaret Hodge, one of the tireless band of anti-Semitism witch-finders, submitted over 200 allegations of anti-Semitism in the Labour Party (ie, words on the Internet, which she disapproved of). Only 20 of these were by members of the Labour Party. This is very similar to the Luciana Berger case. Apparently the Labour Party is institutionally anti-Semitic by proxy.

Francis Lee
Francis Lee

I think that any reasonably intelligent aware person would agree that rise of western civilization was massively underpinned by the Jewish intelligentsia. Let’s do a roll call. Karl Marx, Sigmund Freud, Emile Durkheim, Albert Einstein, Franz Kafka, – my favourite marxist Georgy Lukacs – Hannah Arendt, Rosa Luxemburg, Leon Trotsky, Eduard Bernstein, Noam Chomsky, Norman Finklestein … on and on. Genuine anti-semites would be loathe to concur with this, but they would simply be asserting that the earth is flat in this respect.

However the likes of Netanyahu, and his zionist forbears massively detract rather than enhance the tradition. Nations and races have two distinct currents, a sort of Eros and Thanatos. In the UK we might compare John Stuart Mill (favourably) with arch-imperialist Cecil Rhodes (unfavourably). In Israel – a country which arrogates to itself the right to interfere, bomb and commit terrorist outrages other countries – comparison would be with zionist thugs like Menacham Begin and Abraham Stern responsible for terrorist outrages in Palestine in the late 1940s, The King David hotel bombing by the Irgun and the Deir Yassin massacre.

However loud and often this history is rectified and the present covered up by screams of ‘anti-semite, anti-semite! the truth will seep through. The current apartheid regime in Israel does nothing other than bring shame on its prior noble heritage.

Oh, and BTW if you want to find any genuine anti-semites, try looking in Lviv, Riga, Vilnius and Kiev. You’ll find plenty there. It was an annual display of ex SS veterans who customarily engaged in reunions in the Baltics. I am not sure this happens now since the grim reaper has culled most of the eisensatzgruppen and Waffen SS units. But hey, there are always the neo-nazi celebrations on January 1 in Kiev, the occasion of Stepan Bandera’s birthday. A parade of 20,000 neo-nazis complete with banners glorifying Bandera the Ukrainian Insurgent Army’s trail of death in Galicia and Volhynia 1943-45 where some 100,000 jews, poles and russians were wiped out.

It’s always strange the great search for anti-semites always seems shy in looking in the above places. That because, whisper it softly, these neo-nazis like the middle east jihadis, are our allies.


@Francis Lee: “Oh, and BTW if you want to find any genuine anti-semites, try looking in Lviv, Riga, Vilnius and Kiev. You’ll find plenty there. It was an annual display of ex SS veterans who ” ….

…. who are led by a regime of Jews like Poroshenko who succeeded a regime headed by a dual-citizen Jew called “Yats, that’s our man” who was chosen by a dual-citizen Jew nee Nudelman who paid $5 Billion of U$ taxpayers money for the privilege of destabilizing Ukraine by handing out cookies (and guns) to Banderista terrorists together with her fellow dual-citizen Jew Joe Biden who just happened to be VP of U$A in the Democratic regime of Obomba Obombast who was fostered by prominent Jews in Chicago.

So that’s why our Anglo anti-anti-Semite Ladies like Hodge and Morticia do not like to point to these real old-fashioned murderous SS Antisemites in Ukraine — because they’re Nudelman’s boys and Biden’s boys and Yats’s boys and Poroshenko’s boys — “and besides, my mother told me it’s rude to point”.

Francis Lee
Francis Lee

And of course Victoria – ‘Fuck the EU’ – Nuland was a dyed-in-the-wool neocon, along with her more famous husband Robert Kagan, a leading figure in the Neo-con cabal.


To add to Vexarb’s comment,
The neo-nazis of Ukraine are armed by the self professed ‘Jewish state’.
Not just Nuland, but the entire (Kagan) circle of Neocon power into which she sits is widely known to be dominated by Jewish American individuals with loyalty toward Israel.

These Banderistas are nasty anti-semites, (with their own Jewish only regiment).
Go figure.



Well put! It’s weird how anti Semitism in Labour is currently highlighted by one woman joking that Israel should be part of America; that was deemed a call for genocide as Israel couldn’t be towed across the World without injury. Another highlight was a major figure on the Left being suspended and gagged within hours of saying the attacks on the Party haven’t been resisted. Meanwhile across Europe REAL anti Semites are getting more and more vocal. Torch lit Nazi parades in Kiev as well as Death Squads operating on the new border, street fighting in Germany, a Belgian carnival float that would have gone down well in Germany (or Belgium!) in the 1930’s. In France true anti Semetism is regularly on display. Remember this is the country that enthusiastically rounded up all the French Jews they could find and transported them to Extermination Camps; it wasn’t done secretly, everybody knew, very few complained and many welcomed it. It’s a mistake to underestimate the residue of anti Semitism in Europe; it’s been battered down since the war but that only increases the chances of this new outbreak being even more vicious. Christian Europeans have been anti Semetic for centuries and Britain has been the least involved. Cromwell welcomed Jews back after a period when they were excluded from England and the new industrial capitalism and progressive politics attracted Jewish refugees from Marx on. The horrors of WW2 are not long ago and in many places the same views are held. Nazis ride again but to the British Jewish lobby that is of no consequence when a Labour Government would recognise Palestine as a Nation deserving support. It wasn’t that long ago that most of Europe was ruled by Nazis and their supporters from Poland to France and millions were deliberately killed. There are clearly many groups in Europe that hold the same views that they always had. To equate them with Corbyn or Williamson is just about the craziest thing I’ve ever heard. The Israeli lobby want to cut all relations with Left or Social Democrat movements because they tend to feel sympathy with the Palestinians; given the history of the last 100 years they may be making an enormous error because it was the Left that fought fascism; their new friends on the Right would have allowed Nazism to flourish, that was the Policy of Chamberlain, Eden and the Appeasers (most of the Tory Party, Royalty and the Upper Class).


My only quibble with your post is the reference to “it’s prior noble heritage”. Since the establishment of a Jewish majority state in Palestine ALWAYS required the forced expulsion of the native population-this reality acknowledged by the founders of the Zionist movement- when was this “noble heritage?


Well it’s certainly true that Labour has an anti-symmetric problem and that Corbyn doesn’t realise the danger of anti-Semantics. And until he gets Labour’s anti Cement mixer problem sorted out, the noble pro-Western, pro-imperialist electorate will not vote for him.