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Guardian getting behind Beto O’Rourke?

Headlines are important, sometimes they’re the only part of any story people will read. They scan over the words, assume they got the gist of the article, and move on. It’s why they’re almost always the most dishonest part of any story in the mainstream news.

Case in point:

Beto O’Rourke, one of a crowded field of democratic hopefuls for the 2020 Presidential bid, raised 6.1 million dollars for his campaign, in 24 hours. This “stunning sum” apparently “smashes” Bernie Sanders’ record.

If you read the article you’ll find, near the bottom, that Bernie raised 5.9 million in 24 hours. How 6.1 million “smashes” this record I’m not sure. I don’t have the dictionary definition of “smashed” memorized, but I’m fairly positive it isn’t “increase by slightly over three percent”.

This sort of language is an indicator that O’Rourke is going to be the Guardianista pick. Well meaning liberals will rejoice in his ability to sound good whilst saying absolutely nothing of any value. His nice smile, his youth, and the fact he is as fake as the day is long.

This amount, this fund-raising, whether real or invented, will be used as evidence of his “grass-roots” appeal. The really important base he appeals to, though, is the corporate base.

He will take no positions except that people should be nice and America is great, and tolerance and stuff. He will have no policies. He will steadfastly steer the path of least resistance, and be praised for it at all times. When he needs to, he will cry a single tragic tear. He will be Obama 2.0.

The neo-liberal choice was always likely to be either him or Kamala Harris – Harris being the early front-runner. Unfortunately, much like Hillary, her political past will stop her appealing to many on the left.

Sanders is barely a rebel, but is still too much of a rebel to ever be allowed to be President. The same goes for Warren. Tulsi Gabbard is an actual rebel. She has a snowball’s chance in hell of even getting the nomination, let alone being president. Biden is a veteran politician, a man more than capable of saying whatever needs to be said, but he’s also just too damn creepy.

Don’t rule out a Harris-O’Rourke joint ticket. They are clearly the establishment candidates.


  1. Frandiasco says

    I don’t like O’Rourke. O’Rourke, probably isn’t a Manchurian Candicate, but is certainly the Cabal Candidate.

  2. Bootlyboob says

    This website provides you with all you need to know regarding this impressive man. Very informative and detailed explanations on his policies and a clear vision of what his future America will look like. C’mon, read through it (it might take a few days to really analyse and process all the technical, political jargon) and tell me this man is not THE MAN.

  3. Grafter says

    I think that the Mattel multinational toy manufacturer has the ideal candidate for America’s next president in the shape of Kenneth Sean Carson. Since the 60’s he has appeared many times on American TV ads, with his strikingly handsome features and a cool line in fashion accessories. Best of all though his wife Barbie is even more famous than Ken. She like Ken can dress up in a fantastic range of costumes and again like Ken can be anything you want them to be. So my American friends it just has to be Ken and Barbie in your White House next time around. Ken will of course need to marry Barbie to complete the happily married couple image.

    • mark says

      I just hope shoppers show suitable respect for President Ken and First Lady Barbie.
      In the past, some people used to swap the voice recordings in Barbie and GI Joe.
      So Barbie would say, “Eat lead, sucker,” and, “Vengeance is mine,” when activated.
      GI Joe would say, “Let’s go shopping,” and, “Will I ever have enough clothes?”

    • Haltonbrat says

      And what is the name of his APE controller?

  4. zach says

    Having seen this substanceless corporate stooge dissected in the two articles below I was staggered to hear he is attracting more small donations than Bernie Sanders. You would think that after 8 years of Obama the public would be ultra alert to policy-shy smiling charlatans. Depressing to realize they aren’t and that we might be forced to rehearse the whole smily-face neoliberalism procedure again that ultimately produced Trump. (aka the Guardian Nirvana sequence.) Although I would definitely expect Trump to be well capable of beating this vacuous nothingburger.

    • mark says

      Thanks for the links, Z.
      Just another big bag of smarmy hot air, like Obongo.
      “Vote for me because I’ve got a nice smile and a nice dog and I’m an all round jolly good egg and I can mouth some meaningless, smarmy feelgood platitudes that my PR people have given me. That’s more important than all those side issues like taxation, inequality, regulation, healthcare, immigration, crime, education, housing, bombing other countries, and foreign policy.”
      At least the Orange Baboon had a few policies, whether you agree with them or not.”

    • George Cornell says

      Loved the Current Affairs satire where the author puffs himself. Lol. Thanks. In the same issue the David Frum expose should not be missed.

  5. The establishment candidate is Wall Street agent and zionist puppet Donald John Trump. Stop deluding yourselves. Trump is a hundred percent certain to be arranged to be given an easily beatable candidate in 2020, just like George W Bush and Barack Hussein Obama before him.

    • mark says

      The powers that be, the Deep State, the MSM, the MIC, the Spooks, the Dirty Cops, Hollywood, Wall Street, the Democrats, most of the Republicans, have been busting a gut to vilify and destroy the Orange Baboon for the past 3 years, since the moment he was elected. Through lies, smears, political street violence, and corrupt, fabricated, treasonous, politicised criminal investigations.

      It doesn’t matter that he’s an establishment candidate. It doesn’t matter that he’s a Zionist puppet. He’s the WRONG establishment candidate. He’s the WRONG Zionist puppet. It was Buggins’ turn, and he muscled in when the music stopped in the game of musical chairs.

      And that was unforgiveable. So he doesn’t just need to be removed from power. He has to be broken and made an example of. Impeached and preferably jailed. His business empire broken up and his money confiscated. His friends and children jailed. To show any other presumptuous outsiders, billionaires or not, that they have to keep to the script.
      It doesn’t matter that he has broken all records in grovelling and pandering to corporate and Zionist interests. That’s completely unimportant.

      • If they wanted him tarred, feathered, and out, the Mueller investigation would have miraculously come up with “evidence of Russian collusion”. It was a threat to make him fall into line. He has fallen into line. The last thing that matters to Wall Street is *which* particular flunky is in the White House. All that matters is the flunkiness of said flunky in the White House.

        • mark says

          No, R.
          “We don’t need no stinking evidence!”
          They have followed the same process of evidence free smears and ludicrous narratives, endlessly repeated in the servile MSM echo chamber for the past 3 years, that we saw with Iraq, Skripal, Litvinenko, 9/11, Syrian Gas Hoaxes, David Kelly, MH17, Russian Sports Doping, the list is endless. Nothing other than obviously fabricated “evidence” is ever produced. Whatever reality is desired is created out of thin air and becomes an article of faith that everybody is required to sign up to. Anyone who asks for some evidence (like Corbyn with Skripal) is vilified and demonised for their trouble. “Everybody knows” that Putin is a crude thug who had Skripal murdered purely for the fun of it. “Everybody knows” that Assad is an evil dictator who gasses his own people purely for the fun of it. Because that’s what crude thugs and evil dictators do. No “evidence” is ever forthcoming. Because none is required. Fact free assertions will suffice. “Everybody knows” that Trump is a Kremlin agent in Putin’s pocket. Because the BBC endlessly repeats all those things as established facts, Because Trump is a racist and a misogynist and a pussy grabber, so he must be guilty.
          I think you underestimate the rabid, demented hatred of Trump’s opponents. Muller’s “investigation” is a pile of transparent garbage from beginning to end. But they will persist with it nonetheless. and try to use it as a basis for impeachment, even when it obviously produces nothing.
          They are not going to stop. If they run out of road with that, they will institute further corrupt, politically motivated judicial fishing expeditions against him, going through his business dealings and tax affairs, and those of his family and friends, over the past 30 years.
          You could take any one of 300 million Americans and subject them to a similar process and convict them of tax evasion, financial crimes, obstruction of justice, whatever, They did it with Manafort – tax offences dating back 15 years. They did it with Flynn. His replies to FBI questioning contained minor inaccuracies of detail that were trivial and meaningless, but led to convictions for “lying to the FBI.” Plead guilty, or rot in jail for a couple of years till we put you on trial, and face bankruptcy.
          They are not going to give up. They could easily fabricate sex charges against him like they did with Assange. Paying off ex porn stars can generate spurious financial charges. They will pursue him, and probably the children, till the end of time. Facts don’t matter. “Evidence” doesn’t matter.
          That’s just the way things are. Corbyn’s career is being destroyed by lies. Trump’s administration is currently trying to destroy Venezuela and Iran with similar lies – so I wouldn’t shed too many tears for him.

          • Nobody needs to shed a year for Trump, but the fact is that almost all American presidents after Harding have been re elected (the exact number eludes me now, but the only two I can think of who were defeated in their re election bids were Jimmy Carter and George HW Bush). That was though plenty, like George W Bush, were assumed to be stupid, disliked, and unelectable. But they did the two things that they needed to do – appease Wall Street, and, since the late 60s, the zionist lobby. And in every case they were handed opponents during their re election bids whom they could easily defeat, people so hopeless that they could literally never win. Exactly the same thing will happen with Trump in 2020. All the “hate” thrown at him is on inconsequential things, like his non-existent “wall” and his Twitterrohoea. His real crimes are either openly or tacitly supported, or, as when he bombed Syria, the liberal media claimed his sin was that he was not bombing *enough*. What does that tell you?

            • mark says

              I can’t agree with that. I think Trump will have his work cut out next year, no matter which bag of bugg*r all he has to take on. He only won in 2016 by a small margin of a few thousand votes in 3 key states, and lost the popular vote by 3 million against the most corrupt, mendacious and loathed political candidate in US history. If the Democrats had done no more than put up a bland cardboard cut out nonentity against him, they would have won.

              He is in the process of losing the base he built up by putting forward a number of key policies.
              None of these promises have been kept.
              If he loses these people, if they just stay at home, he is finished. He needs to energise this base or he might as well forget it. The opposition will be energised by rabid hatred of him. The women, the liberals, the MSM, the minorities, the Deep State, they want him dead.
              The Wall may be inconsequential to you, but it is a touchstone issue for that base. I would go so far as to say he has lost if he fails to deliver something substantial on this alone before the next election.
              He promised to drain The Swamp. Instead, he has just filled his administration with the worst of the Swamp Creatures – Bolton, Abrams, Goldman Sachs Clones.
              He promised to jail Crooked Hilary.
              He promised to withdraw from the endless, ruinously expensive and unproductive foreign wars. These have all continued business as usual. With further wars threatened against Iran, DPRK, and Venezuela.

              If I was putting a bet on, it would be on him as a one term president.

  6. Seamus Padraig says

    Who wrote this? Kit? Kat? I don’t see an author’s name anywhere.

    • Ray Raven says

      Perhaps it’s a collaboration by Kit-Kat.

  7. Winston Orwell says

    I agree that to say raising $6.1m in the first 24 hours was “smashing Bernie Sanders record” of $5.9m says more about the prejudices of the author of the article than what Beto had actually achieved. The key information that would be useful is who the donors were, many individuals or otherwise.

  8. Burko apparently pursued a solid anti-Union line when in local government, and the guy is clearly a moron – more Daft Hartley than Taft-Hartley. I am sure there are much better people in El Paso than this latest product of the Random-Guy, Macron generation. Back home to the armadillo, Jerry-Jeff!!

    • Yeah, and what’s with the manic hands? Even Nelly spotted that. I thought there was lithium in the El P. water. He needs to drink more of it.

  9. Jen says

    Beto O’Rourke raised $6.1 million in the first 24 hours of his presidential campaign? Works out at just over $254K an hour.

    He knows how to snuffle for truffles but he’s obviously not ploughing hard enough or deep enough. Maybe he needs to grow a longer nose, like Pinocchio. (Oops better not start mixing the metaphors!)

    How much did the Klintonator get in the first 24 hours of her presidential campaign in 2016? She must have had over $6.1 million in the first 24 seconds.

  10. Gezzah Potts says

    Please refer to the previous story: ‘Why Calling The United States A Democracy Is Both False & Dangerous’. Answers there. Why waste time on who is going to run. It Dosn’t matter Who runs for the nomination of either party. Nothing of substance changes. The United States will still be an Oligarchy. Even Princeton University found that to be the case (Gilens & Page). And along with its subservient vassal states, it will still be rampaging round the Globe causing much death and destruction. Its all smoke and mirrors; a cruel charade to fool people they have a say in what happens in the United States.

  11. Hey – In Beto’s defense Beto got his donations the old fashioned way in American politics, as “six – one million dollar donations” at a time. None of that Bernie Sanders $27 bucks at a time, grass roots, from tens of thousands of common folk nonsense. When you’re owned lock, stock and barrel, why not just revel in it – eh Beto?

  12. Portonchok says

    An unDemocrat from deepest Texas and who miraculously conjours up $6 million of support. We know who’s supporting him!
    More DSO:
    Deep State Operations

  13. mark says

    Just one of a long list of 20 plus 30 shekel whores.
    The list is long and undistinguished.
    If he raised $6.1 million it’s because Adelson (sorry, Saban, he’s “democrat”) signed a cheque for that amount.
    Probably hedging his bets by signing an identical cheque for Kabbala Harris.
    Then it’s a straight contest between who can smile a lot and accuse the others of being “anti semitic.” He’s anti semitic because he’s only going to give a measly $50 billion to Israel. She’s anti semitic because she won’t fight another six wars for Israel. He’s anti semitic because he only gave Nitwityahoo a ten minute standing ovation when he broke wind and scratched his arse.”

      • milosevic says

        Mossad shill, or useful-idiot sabbat goy?

      • mark says

        Truth teller, not being paid the standard hasbara shekel a line.

        • mark says

          What a bag of bugg*r all.
          You might just as well elect a dark suit stuffed with straw, or a pig’s bladder on a stick.
          At last count there were 22 of these pig’s bladders on sticks touting themselves as the next great “democrat president”, but there could be anything up to 40 or even 50 of them if Oprah and Madonna and a few others throw their hats in the ring.
          They had the right idea in Hartlepool when they elected the monkey. Though rumour has it the Friends of Israel were trying to suborn the animal with bunches of bananas immediately afterwards.

          Saban must have got really bored having his ring kissed by all the hopefuls when he interviewed them all. Power Rangers they ain’t. Almost makes you feel sorry for the guy. When you’ve got all those 30 shekel whores in your pocket, it must be difficult keeping track of them all.

          • vwbeetle says

            Your mention of the Hartlepool monkey gave me an idea. If there were two candidates for the US Presidency, one who had policies that would bring substantial and long lasting benefits and security to the American people, and another who was a chimpanzee trained to vote yes to everything Israel wants, AIPAC would give money to the chimpanzee.

            • mark says

              Another contributor suggested recently that Mossad was now using trained parrots as trolls.
              When Trump is impeached, they could just supply a parrot to occupy the Oval Office as a replacement, trained to squawk incessantly, “Nazi! Anti semite!! Give Israel more money!!!”

              It would save all that trouble with elections for the same outcome. And the parrot would probably be more attractive, with greater intelligence, than Beto or Kabbala. And a more pleasant personality.

          • Wilmers31 says

            The first comment of mine that ‘they’ deleted was one where I said in maybe 2012 that you could pay me 3 million $ p.a. and I would still not want to be POTUS. It’s all too dishonest, you have to tow the line, everybody whispering into ear what to do while still keeping up that show in the limelight ‘most powerful person on the Planet’. I am not a good actor.

            The cens0rs are working overtime after the NZ events. Whole sites are blocked. When someone mentions M service that could be a pretext to take this whole site down for tolerating ‘inapproriate and dangerous criticism’. M is above criticism and reproach.

            • mark says

              Probably the reason they staged this in the first place. Bump off a few dozen moslems and it provides another excuse to close down the internet. The Putin skulduggery excuse was wearing a bit thin.

      • Stonky says

        Fascist, or just run-of-the-mill bigot? Haven’t you got more important things to do with your time? Like running around accusing anyone who criticises Israel of being a rascist and a facist and a Nazi’s and a bigot?

        Oh. That’s what you are doing.

  14. George Cornell says

    If the Guardian is behind him it should be the kiss of death, but it says all you need to know about his attitudes toward the Middle East, about invading sovereign nations, and stealing their stuff, about masquerading as a liberal, and systematic lying to the public. Neocon job being in preparation. I can hardly wait.
    Btw, $ 6.1 M is chump change for Goldman, and 3% more than Sanders is not more, if that money was returning a mere 1% over the last quadrennium. Smashed indeed!


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