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Gimme Some Truth

Philip Farruggio

I’m sick and tired of hearing things from
Uptight short sided narrow minded hypocritics
All I want is the truth, just give me some truth
I’ve had enough of reading things
By neurotic psychotic pigheaded politicians
All I want is the truth, just give me some truth

No short-haired, yellow-bellied
Son of tricky dicky’s
Gonna mother hubbard soft soap me
With just a pocket full of hopes
Money for dope, money for rope
John Lennon

John Lennon wrote that song in 1971, and its value as message resonates even better today. His lyrics refer to some as ‘uptight, short sided (he meant “‘sighted”?) narrow minded hypo critics (he may have even meant those in the media who ‘critique’ the news)’. How sad that almost 50 years have passed and our A) Mainstream Media B) Politicians and C) The Corporate Consumer machine are still at it. They are equal opportunity bullshit artists, undertaking the task of distorting the truth about what is affecting our society.

Of course, behind the OZ curtain stand the wizards who control how we working stiffs should think, vote and shop. There was a cogent scene from Robert DeNiro’s 2006 film The Good Sheperd. In the film Matt Damon plays a CIA official who visits a Mafia leader (played by Joe Pesci), asking for some covert help. At the end of their visit, Pesci says (I am paraphrasing) ‘Let me ask you a question. Every group has something that they are known for. You know, the Niggers have their music, we Italians have the family… what do your people have?’ Damon looks at him and answers ‘We have America, and you’re all just visitors.’

The brainwashing has been going on for so long that it’s tough for minds to be deprogrammed through basic human discourse. Case in point: This writer has written consistently about my idea for a 50% Flat Surtax on any income over and above $ 1,000,000 a year. The first one million would be taxed at the regular rate of around 37% (before deductions) and would have no bearing on the surtax. When I discuss the plan with many working stiffs out there, the overwhelming majority of them tell me ‘Oh that’s too much! Why not start at $5 million?’

There you have it. The American Dream is alive and well in the psyche of our fellows. A good analogy to remember regarding the mainstream news outlets, electronic and print, is this: You will know when you hear of a good, viable idea when the mainstream news rarely or hardly ever covers it. Ditto for our sacred elected officials. As far as our great Military Industrial Empire, stop believing the lies that are filtered out by both the Pentagon and of course the corporate world. Commercials as to our brave military that keeps us ‘FREE’, or commercials about how the ‘for profit’ health care industry cares about your wellbeing…. mute that boob tube! Folks, there is no ‘truth in advertising’!

March 19th will be the 16th anniversary of one of the most heinous acts by our government… right up there, most assuredly, with 9/11. In both cases, elements within the inner circles of the Bush/Cheney Cabal must have skewed all that they could to arrive at what transpired. The sacrifice of tens of thousands (in NYC and environs, what with the after effects of the towers being destroyed) and perhaps millions of Iraqi civilians, along with the destruction of one of the most modern countries in the Middle East, should give any decent person the desire, NO the drive, for truth.

Those two actions by covert actors is why there is such a refugee crisis in Europe. It is also why there even is an ISIL or whatever our government calls those religious fanatics we actually “weaponised” as a global tool of imperial chaos. If not for US imperialist ( a word not used enough nowadays ) actions in the Middle East, there would be maybe just a few thousand fanatics in all those nations.

John Lennon was spot on in 1971. Without the mass of working stiffs demanding just that, TRUTH, our nation will continue to go down that rabbit hole.

Philip A Farruggio is a son and grandson of Brooklyn , NYC longshoremen. He has been a free lance columnist since 2001, with over 400 of his works posted on sites like Global Research, Greanville Post, OffGuardian, Consortium News, Information Clearing House, Nation of Change, World News Trust, Op Ed News, Dissident Voice, , Activist Post, Sleuth Journal, Truthout and many others. His blog can be read in full on World News Trust, whereupon he writes a great deal on the need to cut military spending drastically and send the savings back to save our cities. Philip has an internet interview show, 'It's the Empire... Stupid' with producer Chuck Gregory.


  1. summitflyer says

    In a few words, those words by Philip A Farruggio say it so very well . Too bad there are still so many that don’t want to admit to the truth of it.

  2. frank says

    John Lennon was also a fan of Aleister Crowley.
    Turns out he’s been speaking with a double tongue all along.

  3. JohnG says

    Why the tax thing? You’re just picking a fight that doesn’t need to be had.
    The left keeps shooting itself in the foot by playing the neoliberal game.

  4. Bootlyboob says

    There’s Lennon. And then there is this guy:

  5. Michael McNulty says

    If Al Capone was alive today he wouldn’t bother with organised crime and bribe public officials, he’d go into Wall Street and own them. Today organised crime earns chump change; organised politics is where the real money is. The Bush and Clinton clans are so rich because they’re as thieving and scheming and murderous as the Borgias ever were, and as ruthless as any Mafia, and tho’ the remnants of democracy stopped Clinton from becoming President they’re working hard to bring an end to all that.

    After forty years of neo-liberalism we’re at the gangster stage of capitalism. The political gangster stage.

  6. Ray Raven says

    I trust the second row of Lennon’s prose “Uptight short sided narrow minded hypocritics” has been incorrectly transcribed.
    What does the term “short sided” mean, especially in the conext of that phrase.
    Surely the term “short sighted” makes infinitely better sense.

    • John A says

      He might be referring to a short hair cut, known in Britain as ‘short back and sides’. In the 1970s, long hair was the fashion except in the military.

    • Norcal says

      Thank you emariaenterprises. I had seen that enterviev before years ago one it is even more valuable now. All the people mentioned are truthful and immensely interesting…

  7. Godfree Roberts says

    The American Dream owes its longevity to two factors:

    1. The country’s founding by religious zealots and their legacy of love for hopeful bullshit.

    2. A relentless media campaign.

    As Chomsky observed, “Propaganda is to a democracy what the bludgeon is to a totalitarian state.”

  8. R.J.H. Jerphanion says

    John Lennon was spot on. Truth is such a rare commodity in the endless sea of bullshit that has become the norm, that I wonder if we can even recognise truth when we happen upon it.

  9. BigB says

    I wrote this yesterday< and posted it on the "What If" forum. It seems more relevant today. Especially when Phillip says:

    “The brainwashing has been going on for so long that it’s tough for minds to be deprogrammed through basic human discourse.”

    The uncritical acceptance of the basic parameters of ordinary language is the entire problem of humanity. It is framed wrongly, and so can only ever frame wrongly, ad infinitum. There is no duality in reality. Logic and language are binary: their twin descriptive power as a self-representational language can only proliferate more and more subjectified self-representaions. Language represents language to language – reality is a priori excluded.

    Language/the mind – which are metonymic and co-evolved – is the root cause. There is no other cause: because we cannot experience anything outside of our conscious experience. (This is not a denial of the noumenal – the ‘Ding an sich’ thing-in-itself – merely the obvious but overlooked fact that we cannot experience it extra-consciously).

    In the standard Yogacaran mind process model: there is the reflexive self-awareness of the sensate actuality – the non-spatialised, atemporal, self-caused, self-generating, self-organised life continuum. The five senses constitute the core consciousness – which is pre-ontological (sometimes called the ‘protoself’). This ‘level’ (the mind is stratified only in pedagogical and heuristic terms) is open and pre-linguistic. Open to images, paralinguistics, biosemiotics, and potentially (it cannot be ruled out) other forms of (paranormal) communication. This is the potentiality of a plane of pure experiential gnosis.

    [Though if there are special psychic powers – siddhis – these are an ego-distraction. Life – in all its incandescent beauty – is prize enough, to be actualised via the normal sensitivity].

    ‘Above’ this: taking the root consciousness as its object – emerges the psycho-linguistic ontological level …the so-called ‘Higher Mind’. In the Western onto-theological tradition: this is the God …or false absolutised idol, as I prefer. Time, space (dimensionality, distance, and measurement), causality; etc unfold in ontological intellection. They are embodied and have no a priori significance. Space-time and causality are dependent originations of Being. Being is time. Being is spatialised. Being is caused and causal (Being is intentional). From this root causal ontological intellection – all tautological, correlative, self-referential, oppositional dualities are derived. These describe the world as we know it. Not only describe: cause it. Being is our root causality. Being appears in language. Our world is fully intentional. Programmed and re-programmed from false propositional parameters.

    It is important to note the inversion of the ‘higher’ conceptual plane over the root consciousness of the lived experience. The ‘higher consciousness – psycholinguistically mediated by language – takes precedence over the lived experience. The higher consciousness of ontological intellection (of Beingness) is fully conceptualised. ‘The experiential is demoted as an unsafe an unsound basis for ‘reality’, The objective, scientific, conceptual abstractions are ‘real’: the experiential is treated as suspect, at least – deemed ‘unscintific’ and unworthy of scientific inquiry.

    The Western onto-theological description is compounded and further subjectivised by the a priori plane of Pure Forms, home to the Natural Laws, that live with the magic unicorns, in the imaginary Platonic heaven. This is the home of scientific objectivity. Mmmmmm.

    It is important to rebut the charge of solipsism, and the lesser charge of idealism. Interior/exterior are a dualised pair that have no basis in reality. They are conventional nominalisations that create a false dichotomy. Experience is not happening ‘in here’ or ‘out there’. In here and out there are co-dependent originations. There is no duality in reality. Duality arises in our descriptions of reality. Solipsism and idealism can only arise with the false spatialisation an internalisation of reality. This cannot occur if subject and object are never differentiated.

    I would propose and defend the proposition that the dualised world-as-it-presents cannot be any other way: being that it is a function of the Foundation and Essential core axiomatic separateness – the infamous Cartesian Split. I would further propose that this is ongoing, contemperiorised, a perpetuated not from a ‘First Cause’ false dichotomy occurring in deep ontological time. Rather, it is a function of the moment. The world is compounded from the subjectification of choice: which becomes the basis (in the moment) of the intentional projection of the next set of subjectivised choice. We chose the world – a blind, unaware, Unconscious Unchoosing – and we choose the world. Only, we do not know we are doing it.

    The Juggernaut has no Master Mariner and no rudder. We are our own Demiurge – blindly creating, shut off from the light of our mother – Sophia, our own inner light and innate wisdom. We are the victims of arguably our greatest evolutionary innovation – we are lost in our own language. We are being programmed and re-programmed by our discursive descriptions of reality. Which are foundationless, abstracted and highly subjectivised from the start.

    If we want to change humanity, we have to re-programme it. That requires placing the pre-ontological experiential above the subjectivised conceptual. Our conceptions and conventions are valuable adjuncts – but they are not primary. The experiential is. Life has been described away by language. Using language to critique language will never alter the false misplaced concrete propositions of language.

    • milosevic says

      In other words, everybody is responsible for creating their own reality. Class society and its various pathologies only exist to the extent that you believe in them. Politics is not only irrelevant, but unintelligible and meaningless.

      Be the change that you want. Tune in, turn on, drop out. Become one with the universe. Levitate the Pentagon. Crystals and faeries. A New Age is dawning.

      • BigB says

        If you have ever read anything I have written over the last few years, you would be aware that I have relentlessly critiqued capitalism on Marxist and neo-Marxist principles. So your charge of irrelevance is irrelevant. Politics matters: but so do the terms and principles on which we do politics. You can view what I said as a meta-critique of politics. As I just wrote on another forum: politics without life is life without politics. If the principals of politics are wrong: can it be any wonder that the result is enslavement, ultra-exploitation, and alienation?

        The Enlightenment Protocols are objective Protocols of continued enslavement, imperialism, militaristic occupation, and domestic tyranny. That cannot be any other way: the Enlightenment encoded life without life …as I have attempted to show on other occasions. Is it not worth even considering how and why? Or do we just accept our acculturated Protocols uncritically: and look for the Other to blame …accelerating the decohesion of culture and civilisation? And the collapse or annihilation that entails?

        Taking personal responsibility in no way prohibits interactive enaction. Radical responsibility is choosing holism and Universal Humanity. Critical consciousness in no way inhibits politics. In fact, it can cure the inadequacies of politics and create a radical politics of life. For that, we have to understand what the actual lived experience entails: making it primary and inclusive. This current capitalised consensus reality is completely devoid of life, and all but completely removed from reality. For instance, the misconception of a negentropic perpetual-motion economy: infinitely expandable with only capital and labour inputs – that has no interaction with the eternal standing resources and infinitely accommodating waste sinks of the objectively immortal environment is beyond insane.

        There is your levitation, crystals, and faeries: in the mind of every delusional capitalist that ever lived.

        These concepts were not foisted on us by an external supranatural agency: they emerged in language during the deep ontological history of thought. From the disembodied and disenchanted minds: such as those of Smith, Hobbes, Locke, Hume, Ricardo, Friedman. People uncritically conceived of these ideas based on self-serving dualism: and others uncritically agreed …based on the same mind/language conceived fictions. The communication and enaction of these fictional ideals was contracted through language. From deep ontological thoughts and piratical praxis: these thoughts emerged as uncritically acceptable Protocols for the entire world to do business on. That is monstrously and egregiously fucking insane.

        If we want to seriously challenge these omnicidal self-serving elite materialist solipsisms: we need to understand where they came from. They did not just appear, There was a transaction of dualistic conception that produced them. I have attempted to track that to source. You are welcome to take the piss: but what is your alternative vision?

        If we want another outcome, other than our own planned and pre-programmed demise: we need to look at the Protocols governing our omnicidal extinction programme …instead of meekly accepting them like good little capitalist interpellated automatic subjects.

        BTW: I don’t suppose you know – but we do create our own reality. It is a recent discovery of cognitive neuroscience …something which Zen knew all along. We can radically choose how we enframe our reality. Or we can choose to accede to capitalism’s own false definitions of consciousness – and blame a scapegoated outgroup: militantly enacting the sectarianism capitalism thrives on. The choice is ours. Choose life.

        • BigB says

          Errata: ‘politics without life is life without life’ would read better. I told you it is all in the language.

        • milosevic says

          That makes a lot more sense than your first post.

          Except for the part about people creating their own reality. It is politically reactionary to assert that people under the Empire’s bombs, or at the point of its death squads, are responsible for creating their own reality. I don’t share your enthusiasm for Buddhism; it appears that it was hijacked millenia ago, exactly to promote ruling-class-friendly obscurantism of this sort. Which is probably why the CIA reinvented it in the 1960s and sold it as “New Age” mysticism, which has been successful beyond their wildest expectations, and is only now being de-emphasized and replaced by Identity Politics.

          • BigB says

            Question: who creates reality then? What is reality beyond our consciousness of reality? What is consciousness beyond its object in reality?

            These are not trick questions. They are fundamental to realigning politics with reality, and making politics responsible for the suffering it creates. And, the potential omnicidal annihilation of reality that we face. It is precisely because of the false dichotomies created in raising the questions above that cause our enforced immiseration and war zones.

            Why do we go to war? Is it not to sustain a pernicious and profligate lifestyle choice in the imperialist heartlands. A lifestyle that we have no right to impose and export as suffering and death on to others. If we take ownership of our lifestyle choices at the group level: can we not end war? Or at least try? Our lives are forfeit under the current regime of power anyway.

            On reality creation: we do not represent an external reality – as the capitalist political mindset coercively controls our perception to believe. The regime of power is built on control of atomised individuals. Lord help them if we ever realised that we were all in a united community: with a common enemy in capitalism. Better to let us create anti-Muslim ‘Gates of Vienna’; anti-Semitic; ultra-nationalist; alt-right; white supremacist; etc factions and all fight each other. That only benefits the furtherance of violence and oppression: as they crack down on us. When are we going to take ownership of our own destiny and say no to violence, hatred and emnity. Maybe when we realise we have more in common than we have apart. Our apartheid definitions are being imposed on us. We are being played by our own ignorance and lack of contact with reality. Which means more real, genuine, authentic contact with the Other …who is in fact our own root discrimination.

            Your paranoic obsession with the CIA betrays you. They control nothing: unless you want them to. No oner can control your experience of reality. Not even you. The illusion of control is one of our core self-deceptions. We are not in control; no one is. But we can be in harmony with reality. Currently, we are very far from reality.

            I have to grant you that Buddhism as an organised religion has had an uneasy relationship facilitating power. Particularly in the Tibetan theocracy and Japan in WW2. The Dalai Lama (and his No2 – Matthieu Ricard) have been known to hang out at Davos. And endorse Bush. Which is why I long rejected organised religion as an instrument of the state ideological apparatuses. But I do take from Thich Nhat Hanh’s engaged buddhism and certain elements of secular buddhism.

            And you are just blowing hot air if you think anything I have said is apologist or obscurantist of either the state …or the mediaeval death cult known as capitalism. Or friendly toward its elite: that’s BS.

            Take it or leave it: but our sectarian and conflicted world can only arise out of misconceptions based in language. Our experience and dialogue with the real is untainted, common, and universal …a perfect basis for a Universal Humanity. Only thinking makes it otherwise. There is no need to overcomplicate things. Our fate is simply a natural consequence of a bunch of people making bad decisions. Tune in to Davos or the WEF and smell the fear. They are done when we stop being their kotowed empowerers.

            • milosevic says

              Your paranoic obsession with the CIA betrays you.

              Try telling people in Chile, or El Salvador, or Korea, that the CIA is a figment of their paranoid imagination, and see what kind of reaction you get.

              you are just blowing hot air if you think anything I have said is apologist or obscurantist of either the state or the mediaeval death cult known as capitalism.

              sure, telling Syrians and Iraqis that the CIA has no control over their experience of reality, isn’t obscurantist at all. DAESH will cease to exist just as soon as they stop believing in it, just like the drone war in Somalia, Yemen, and Pakistan.

              • BigB says

                More emotive BS and deliberate recontextualisation. These are exactly the points about language I was trying to make, but you do not want to address that. Statements and propositions are fully contextual and limited in relevance. If you take a statement, any statement, and reframe it within a different context, it decoheres in meaning. This is true for EVERY statement. All views are wrong views when you try to universalise them. Any fixed, reified, substantiated POV is ultimately logically flawed and does not reference anything outside language.

                This point is lost on you I’m sure. Nearly all of what we say is metaphoric. Again, this cognitive neuroscience has passed you by. The ‘Correspondence Theory of Truth’ is compromised by this: particularly if you read George Lakoff, Mark Johnson, or any of the cognitive linguistics. Language is more poetic than objective. It is never concretely real unless it is reified. Then it is totally fallacious as the ‘misplaced concretisation’ of metaphoric propositions. Read up on the literature before you accuse me of saying that language cannot convey sense. Of course it can, but it is more ‘poetic objective’ or ’embodied realism’ than cold hard fact.

                If you take this point on board, you are part way to getting what I am saying. Suffering is real. People die every day. The reasons for this are highly abstract, misplaced concrete, not embedded in reality, and frankly insane. And that wetiko insanity arises purely in the psycho-linguistic interpretation of what even to you, must seem to be a false reality. What is ‘exceptionalism’? What is the ‘Monroe Doctrine’? What is the ‘Domino Theory’. Millions of people were maimed, murdered, and ‘Pheonixed’ by the CIA, death squads, and regular GI Grunts. Why? Before you kill someone you have to completely dehumanise them. What gives anyone the right to do that to ‘Gooks’ and ‘sand n###ers’? How do they do that? By thinking outside their language?

                All these behaviours arise from a conceptual mind that is not grounded in reality. It cannot be, because we are all co-equal in the real world. The supervening world that demonises, maims, and murders for no real reason outside language is the one I am addressing. It arises in conceptual metaphors that frame experience as the ‘cognitive unconscious’; is confirmed, communicated and mediated by language; all based on faulty parameters, and utterly devoid of the truly lived experiential.

                I am trying to provide the corrective for that. There is no cheapening of suffering in the real. You are just emotivating language to defend language, not engaging into a deeper relationship with the lived experience. As it stands, culture has been coopted to explain away the dialogue with the real …commodifying it, packaging it up, advertising it, and selling it back to us in symbolic and unequal exchange for our stolen labour. The wholesale appreciation of this might cause people to take notice that this process is insane. It can only occur among broken and fragmented people. Its dialectic is increased breaking and fragmentation. That is why people have to die: for lack and in absence of the real. The symbolic exchange and substitution of general purpose valueless money for consciousness is ultimately futile. Especially when it requires exchanging the priceless bio-physical substrates of Life for accumulating waste, death, and dissatisfaction. This is wetiko materialism: the substitution of the symbolic for the real …that costs the earth and its citizens everything. In exchange for what we already have in negentropic abundance.

                So, unsuccessfully, I was trying to point out this entire completely fucked up madness and omnicidal suicide pact arises in our false descriptions of reality. Better descriptions could at least ameliorate that. But no, we’ll blame the CIA or the Jews, anything but engage with the process of redefining the very unreal, unstable, collectively insane reality with something a bit more, you know …real.

                • BigB says

                  I should point out that I am using two different parameters. Reporting on events, using the norms and conventions of language is one thing. Language is entirely competent for this as it is. Searching for deeper meaning, exposing the lies that cause the suffering, requires exposing how they arise in language. And they do, there is no question of that. Whether this is conventionally recognisable is another matter. Once again, if anyone wants to get to the bottom of why capitalism is killing us – the answers lie in the root of the linguistic symbolic conceptualised culture. As soon as you have self, you have Other. Repeat otherisations over deep ontological time result in alienation, destruction and death. That’s it. The rest is whistles and bells, levitation, crystals and faeries.

        • Joe Aslam says

          Hello BigB

          I find your posts fascinating but am struggling to understand how to put your concepts into practice? Any suggestions?

  10. harry stotle says

    Political and economic gangsters will keep getting away with it because they are never held to account – ever.

    On the other hand those who report their crimes (Assange, Manning, Snowden) – well, just look at how they have been treated.

    Why aren’t more people angry about this?

    • Francis Lee says

      There are many more angry people around than you think – think Brexit, the Yellow Vests, Salvini – all are the tip of politically deep volcanic rumbles – it is just that their views do not get a hearing since the air space is taken up by MSM – but nothing is going to stop the eventual explosions. Closing the valve on the social pressure cooker isn’t going to stop it, in fact the explosions when they come will only be bigger and more comprehensive. I would prefer ‘People of the World’ but the following will do.

      ”We hear men speaking for us of new laws strong and sweet,
      Yet is there no man speaketh as we speak in the street.
      It may be we shall rise the last as Frenchmen rose the first,
      Our wrath come after Russia’s wrath and our wrath be the worst.
      It may be we are meant to mark with our riot and our rest
      God’s scorn for all men governing. It may be beer is best.
      But we are the people of England; and we have not spoken yet.
      Smile at us, pay us, pass us. But do not quite forget.”


      • Hugh O'Neill says

        Or as JFK said: “Those who make peaceful revolution impossible, make violent revolution inevitable.”

      • milosevic says

        Fire, chaos, shadows.

        Events trickling from a thin line of flame
        On into cries and combustions never expected
        The people have the element of surprise
        Where are the kings today?

        What has become of their solid and fastened thrones?

        Who are the temporary puppets holding sway while anything,
        “‘God only knows what,” waits around a corner, sits in the shadows
        and holds an ax, waiting for the appointed hour?

        “The czar has eight million men with guns and bayonets
        Nothing can happen to the czar
        The czar is the voice of God and shall live forever
        Turn and look at the forest of steel and cannon
        Where the czar is guarded by eight million soldiers
        Nothing can happen to the czar”

        They said that for years and m the summer of 1914
        In the Year of Our Lord Nineteen Hundred and Fourteen
        As a portent and an assurance they said with owl faces
        ”Nothing can happen to the czar ”

        Yet the czar and his bodyguard of eight million vanished
        And the czar stood in a cellar before a little firing squad
        And the command of fire was given
        And the czar stepped into regions of mist and ice
        The czar travelled into an ethereal uncharted Siberia
        While two kaisers also vanished from thrones
        Ancient and established in blood and iron —

        Two kaisers backed by ten million bayonets
        Had their crowns in a gutter, their palaces mobbed

        In fire, chaos, shadows,

        In hurricanes beyond foretelling of probabilities,

        In the shove and whirl of unforeseen combustions

        The people, yes, the people,

        Move eternally in the elements of surprise,
        Changing from hammer to bayonet and back to hammer,
        The hallelujah chorus forever shifting its star soloists.

        — Carl Sandburg, The People, Yes

  11. Denis O'hAichir says

    “Sometime in New York city” got Lennon the bullet, a protest album if ever I heard one.

    • George Cornell says

      There do seem to be some parallels among JFK, RFK, and Lennon in terms of m.o. You aren’t hinting at that are you? Nothing seems far fetched anymore.

      • Makropulos says

        My sentiments exactly. I no longer laugh at “mad conspiracy theories”. Lennon was one of the few remaining popular figures who could summon up mass audiences, who was regarded as an oppositional voice and who had not lost the most dangerous attribute of all: naivety.

      • milosevic says

        After the patsy malfunction depicted below, the deep state resolved that future operations must preclude the possibility of such embarrassing incidents. For this reason, the use of MK-ULTRA patsies was decided upon. The function of MK-ULTRA patsies is to be observed at the scene, firing a handgun loaded with blanks, while the target is eliminated by professional assassins. Subsequently, the MK-ULTRA patsy can be paraded around as the paradigmatic “lone nut”, their obvious mental incompetence diverting any consideration of the possibility of a political assassination. The RFK and Lennon events are prominent examples of this pattern. The Reagan/Hinckley event may have been another, which failed because the professional sniper’s aim was slightly off.

  12. Wilmers31 says

    I hope that Brexit will wipe the tax havens for the EU countries, at least partly. That means for EU earnings, no tax haven sweeteners from British territory will apply. If we look for taxes (= public demands for funds) only in the direction of individual taxpayers the show will collapse. The companies who benefit from the military conquests need to pay more. Stop the militarization, that should heal some of the budget and stop the appetite for violence/wars.

  13. Hugh O'Neill says

    I never heard that Lennon song. I did however see that ghastly film “The Good Shepherd”; it was unmitigated crap on so many levels that it could only have been conceived, written, produced (and acted?) by the CIA themselves. What was it all about? I had to sit through it a second time! My take: the black girlfriend/fiancee of the son of the Matt Damon character, had pillow-talked from Jr. the Date Time and Place of the Bay of Pigs Invasion i.e. she was a spy for the Communists, and her info was the reason why the coup failed. She had to die, so gets thrown out of an aeroplane. (Stay with me, folks. You couldn’t make this stuff up – not sober anyway).
    So some 46 years after the BOP, the CIA was still trying to peddle why they lost. This is extreme disinformation because it is more than likely that the CIA themselves leaked the DTP of BOP because they wanted it to fail, so that they could then bully JFK into sending in the US Marines. When he refused, they were stuffed and have been searching around ever since to try and explain their treachery. This was the event which provoked JFK to swear he would “splinter the CIA into a thousand pieces” etc.
    Disinfo & False Flags are the bread & butter of the CIA: their deployment of the Patsy Assassin LHO (who had ‘defected ‘ to Russia and yet got allowed back home and was not lynched as a Snowden, Assange or Manning would be) whose ‘narratives’ offered the chance to frame either Russia or Cuba for said assassination because the JCS/Pentagon/CIA/MIC all wanted WWIII because they had more nukes than Russia and would win…
    Sorry Philip, I sort of went off on a tangent. But John Lennon’s lyrics are still blown’ in the wind…(duet with Bob Dylan?).

    • Hugh O'Neill says

      Note to self: the other creepy thing about the film “The Good Shepherd” is the utter corruption of that title, originally denoting Jesus Christ, not James Jesus Angleton. (Maybe he had a twin called Judas Angleton?).

  14. We’re well into an era when people pick and choose what they want to believe, and call the rest “fake news.”

    • Yarkob says

      if they were given enough truth in the msm to make informed opinions about what was, and wasn’t, “fake” they wouldn’t need to be reading excellent sites like off-g, moa, craig murray etc etc.

      nearly all “news” in mainstream outlets IS fake, or editorialised to the point of uselessness, so not sure what your point is?

    • Tim Jenkins says

      Actually, some of us would nail that shameful mainstream ‘news’ sham, a tad more precisely >>>

      d’Faked’h Fabian Society of disinformation, or

      Ashkenazi Corporatist Weltanschauungskrieg 😉

      Subliminally aligning perceptions, faked & false . . . traumatised young minds.

      Go figure 🙂 dhFab.fakin’innit ! ?

      Personally, i think mark’s suggestion for an Anti-Sem-Pandem™news detector, calibrated in Corbyn’s could be a hit >>> a bit like, (just imagine the notion, one moment)

      IF We were “… well into an era when people pick and choose what they want to believe”

      Imagine that dhfab, just firkin’ fabulous , imagine feeding them the Fabian Society.

      May i ask if you consider Tony Blair in any way culpable or criminal
      for his declaration of War against Iraq, with George Bush ?

      Obviously you don’t believe the official ‘fable’ re. WTC 7, do you ?

    • Tim Jenkins says

      Actually, some of us would nail that shameful mainstream ‘news’ al-sham, a tad more precisely >>>

      d’Faked’h Fabian Society of disinformation, or FFS for short 🙂

      Ashkenazi Corporatist Weltanschauungskrieg 😉 ACW’s Battle of Stalingrad Suggestions B.O.S.S.

      Subliminally aligning perceptions, faked & false . . . traumatised young minds.

      Go figure 🙂 dhFab.fakin’innit ! ?

      Personally, i think mark’s suggestion for an Anti-Sem-Pandem™ news detector, calibrated in Corbyn’s could be a big-seller >>> a bit like, (just imagine the delightful notion, just for a moment)

      IF We were “… well into an era when people pick and choose what they want to believe”

      Imagine that dhfab, just firkin’ fabulous , imagine feeding them the Fabian Society ?

      May i ask if you consider Tony Blair in any way culpable or criminal
      for his illegal declaration of War against Iraq, with George Bush ?

      Obviously you don’t believe the official ‘fable’ re. WTC 7, do you ?

      At least accept that all the world is a stage & staged, therefore conspiracy is most real, definitely not theory as evidence abounds, and most is faked or feigned , dhfabian: did you not even suss this much out yet ? One could be forgiven for thinking you are very slow on the uptake of the true definitions of >>>

      FAKE & FALSE 😉

    • Tim Jenkins says


      The Fabian Society has foundational elements &
      exceedingly strong consistent historic links to the LSE.

      May i ask your reason for choice of name dhfabian@OffG &
      any loyalties you may have felt you disguised ? (chuckle)

      i’m sure i can speak for @Admin when i say, Yer’ quite welcome to comment, as we are collectively neither for censorship nor hidden agendas here@OffG, it would seem, unlike most today: when trying to face problems, we tend to find the collective ‘truth’ as we know it, shared, speeds the evolution of constructive thought processes, speeding clarifications,
      especially if someone’s paid to comment or just plain observe, periodically interjecting . . . ! ?

      Rather than the more pro-active role of the 77th Brigade Mi6@theGuardian, herding d’Sheeple 🙂

      The people could only know what to believe ,
      if they were in possession of the full facts, in real time,
      otherwise, decision making remains surreal n’ sublime . . .

      “My friend, the truth is always implausible, did you know that? To make the truth more plausible, it’s absolutely necessary to mix a bit of falsehood with it. People have always done so.”
      ― Fyodor Dostoyevsky, Demons

      We could get DJT & TM & Xi & Abe & Putin & Mac.Co. to wear a body-cam, in future,
      when conducting government business: i mean, after that Hillary & BLiar affairs, who to trust ? 🙂

      Sounds like a real Fab idea,
      profiling politicians photogenically plotting prosperous paths 4popular pollsters.

      Armchair, popcorn > please, this article could get amusing, lol, make my day @dhFabian ? 🙂

      ‘Gimme some truth’

      “I got entangled in my own data, and my conclusion directly contradicts the original idea from which I start. Starting from unlimited freedom, I conclude with unlimited despotism. I will add, however, that apart from my solution of the social formula, there can be no other.”
      ― Fyodor Dostoyevsky, Demons

    • George Cornell says

      Yes, it is all the fault of the reader. Is that it?

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