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Bombed for Our Own Good

Vice President of Montenegro’s 28 June Movement Milo Dubak Addresses United Nations Human Rights Council

by Milo Dubak, 20 March, 2019, Novosti.rs via Global Research

Milo Dubak, Vice President of the humanitarian organization 28 June, delivered a blistering speech at the United Nations in Geneva today [March 20, 2019] strongly condemning the illegal NATO bombing of Yugoslavia one week before the 20th anniversary of the tragedy.

At the 40th Session of the Human Rights Council dealing with racism, racial discrimination and xenophobia, Mr. Dubak’s speech drew gasps and shocked stares as he highlighted the absurdity of Montenegro’s NATO membership stating “I have the distinction of being the only speaker here who hails from a country which bombed itself”. He went on to denounce the use of depleted uranium and “decades of subsequent suffering” inflicted by the bombing.

He concluded by stating that 28. Jun would use its Special Consultative Status with the United Nations to undertake an ambitious project which will focus on three key principles to ensure a unified path forward; Truth, Reconciliation and Prevention. The multi-ethnic and interfaith project is to span several months and will examine the consequences of the bombing and their effect on the region today. The endeavour seeks the support of the international community and will culminate with special sessions at the United Nations in New York and Geneva to be chaired by 28. Jun.

Full text of the speech is below.

Mr. President,

It is an honour to be with you all as a representative of 28. Jun to share our analysis on how to best combat the many faces of religious discrimination in the Western Balkans.

First and foremost, the region must come to terms with its past before boldly stepping into a shared future. This Sunday, March 24th, will mark the passing of 20 years since the illegal NATO bombing of Yugoslavia — the day is vividly etched in my memory. I was in the 4th grade when cruise missiles laced with depleted uranium slammed into my hometown of Berane, Montenegro. The sirens wailed as my classmates and I hid, waiting for our parents to take us home.

Today Montenegro is a member of NATO and I have the distinction of being the only speaker here who hails from a country which bombed itself. NATO Secretary General Stoltenberg recently told us we were bombed for our own good and that joining the very same alliance which tested new weapon systems on our beloved country was in our interest.

Whatever the case, in order for the Western Balkans to move forward the international community must champion multi-ethnic solutions.

My organization intends to undertake an ambitious project, in which we will utilize our Consultative Status to focus on three key principles which will ensure a unified path forward; Truth, Reconciliation and Prevention. We sincerely hope the international community will back us in this endeavour.

In closing I will again reminisce to my childhood. The F-16 which bombed my country can reach altitudes of 15,000 m, an impressive feat, impersonal to the killing and decades of subsequent suffering it was to inflict below. However — Orthodox, Catholic and Muslim alike will all agree on one thing; even at its peak, the plane still flew well below God and far short of justice. Now, 20 years removed from the tragedy, we must do better.

Thank you.

Copyright © Milo Dubak, Novosti.rs, 2019


  1. axisofoil says

    “It is yet another Civilized Power, with its banner of the Prince of Peace in one hand and its loot-basket and its butcher-knife in the other. Is there no salvation for us but to adopt Civilization and lift ourselves down to its level?”
    – Mark Twain

  2. Archie1954 says

    What a terrific speech! Speaking truth to power has a way of clarifying things so even the complicit can understand!

  3. In a Western world ruled by war criminals – war crimes are the only possible expected outcome. The complete absurdity of “random Guaido” (appointed by the U.S.), calling for the U.S. to invade his own nation Venezuela, so as to officially “install him” as “the U.S. appointed president” – thus meeting the “criteria for democracy” in the West – is apparently lost on those war criminals sauntering about in the halls of Western power. As in Yugoslavia previously, this would be yet again another invasion and bombing – “for their own good.” Sort of like how during the openly colonial era we in the West would enslave you or murder you – “for your own good” – since we were generously “bringing Christianity” and “bringing civilization” – all to brighten your day.

  4. Helmut Taylor says

    You was bombed because it is for the greater good; nationalism is fascism and we shall all be grateful for small mercies.

    • Cascadian says

      Might I suggest a sarcasm101 course?

      On they other, presuming that you weren’t trying to be sarcastic, crawl back into your hole, don’t hesitate, do it now.

    • axisofoil says

      Seems to me, some on this site have no concept about sarcasm at all. Didn’t we all go through sarcasm 101 a long time ago and should recognize it by now? Having to qualify one’s statements with disclaimers indicating intent somewhat nullifies the nature of sarcasm and confines you to ‘correct’ speech. Isn’t ‘correctness’ what so much of the dialog on this site is addressing? Woops!! Did I miss speak? Shame on me.

  5. Michael McNulty says

    Blair started bombing Yugoslavia beside Clinton before many of us had even heard of Baby Bush, and it’s for that reason I often describe Blair as the biggest killer alive.

    • Gezzah Potts says

      Michael…. And this evil war criminal still walks around scot free raking in ££££ from all his ‘consultancy work’ and ‘lectures’. Just seen a photo of Blair with Hashim Thaci holding up the declaration of independence of Kosovo. Sickening. And he’s still a practising Catholic? If Orwell was alive today….

      • mark says

        They say he’s worth £80 million now but that’s probably well short of the true figure. He’s got a huge property empire including 7 mansions ( he can sleep in a different one each night of the week.)

        • Gezzah Potts says

          Mark: but wasn’t Blair in the Labour Party? you know, working class and all that….And his disciples remain there, only wanting what’s best for people in the UK. And Israel….

          • mark says

            Yes, of course, he’s just a simple socialist, a horny handed son of toil.

          • grandstand says

            Blair working class? Anthony Charles Lynton Blair? Education: Chorister School in Durham followed by boarding at Fettes College and then, having failed to become a rock star, St John’s College, Cambridge. His parents, indeed, had working class origins but his father became a law academic (those who can do, those who can’t …). Though I admit he had me fooled for a while.

            • Gezzah Potts says

              Grandstand: um, as I’ve never been anywhere near Durham, or even to the UK for that matter, I have no idea what Chorister School or Fettes College are, tho the names do sound a bit, er, posh….

          • wardropper says

            Blair was the malignant cancer cell in the Labour Party which metastasized into the colossal anti-Corbyn tumour of today. He never belonged to anything remotely recognizable as “Labour”. His mental homeland is Washington or Virginia.

        • axisofoil says

          Wonder if his house keepers are documented.

      • George Cornell says

        Practising Catholic in the way Cardinal Fell was, known to his altar boys as -atio.

    • Jams O'Donnell says

      Hypocrisy and immunity do, though.


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