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2020 Ready or Not…

Renee Parsons

Although the country is nowhere close to the next presidential election, twenty months away to be exact, yet my first Agita attack of the 2020 campaign season is expected at any time. I can feel it coming on.

To date, there are fifteen announced candidates with that many in the wings deciding whether to give it a Go. It is fair to say many of those contenders would settle for being a Vice Presidential candidate. The Dems are attracting that number of candidates in the belief that PT Barnum will be easy to knock off and under normal circumstances, that would be a correct assessment. But Quantity of candidates does not translate into Quality; hence, an Empty Suit Club (ESC) needs to be established to sort the cattle from the herd.

According to Real Clear Politics, Bernie is polling at 24% with less support than he garnered in 2016 with former veep Joe Biden at 29%. Does Bernie seriously expect those same people who defrauded him in 2016 to sit by as he takes the prize or even give him a fair shake? It’s not going to happen. Whether Bernie has schmoozed sufficiently with Perez or Wasserman-Schultz or the PTB (powers that be) to be acceptably docile remains a question.

It may be that some of the party’s stalwart professionals, now that Russiagate has not delivered as intended, will resume blaming Bernie for Hillary’s loss. Some would almost rather lose again than let Bernie have the last word. In any case, it is difficult to believe that the Dems, the DNC, the MSM or whoever makes that final call will allow Bernie to win the nomination.

A recent entry into the ranks of the ESC is former Colorado Governor John Hickenlooper, a friend of the oil and gas industry who is polling at 1%. Hickenlooper opposes Medicare for All and may best be described as a right-centrist. Attendees at the 2018 Bilderberg conference had an opportunity to check him out (although his name was later scrubbed from the attendee list) and he must have impressed someone as he raised $1 M immediately after his announcement.

The latest ES candidate to announce with 8% support in the RCP poll is Beto O’Rourke, a rich kid who married another rich kid, who supports Medicare for America rather than Medicare for All and raised $6.1 M on his first day as a candidate. As a Congressman from one of the most Democratic districts in the country, O’Rourke is known to have frequently joined Republican votes on economic and environmental issues and has most recently joined AOC in scaring the hell out of ten year olds that the world will end in twelve years as the Green New Deal suggests.

Rounding out the Club with a noticeable lack of socio-eco-political achievement to benefit the public or in pursuit of peace are Sens. Booker, Gillibrand and Klobuchar with Harris promising to not attend AIPAC as she did in 2018 and Sen. Warren, who may be a marginal ESC member since, every once in a while, she has an innovative thought like breaking up the Big Tech companies.

Andrew Yang is a graduate of Philips Exeter, Brown University and Columbia Law School and supports a $1000 monthly basic income to offset the permanent loss of American jobs to artificial intelligence and advanced technology. In March, 2019, he qualified to participate in the June and July Democratic Presidential primary debates by fulfilling DNC requirement (which is meant to eliminate the riff-raff) by receiving 65,000 donations in at least twenty states. The DNC reserves the right to limit debate participation to twenty candidates.

South Bend Indiana Mayor Pete Buttigieg who is the only gay candidate among this politically correct field and has yet to formally announce although he has already qualified to participate in the upcoming primary debates with 76,000 donors. Will the DNC allow a non candidate who has met the donor threshold to participate in their first primary debate?

Where is #Metoo? Even though he is leader of a barely distinguished pack, it is puzzling that former veep Joe Biden is seriously considering a run in 2020. He must be living in a simulated reality to be unaware of the video clips on line displaying Joe’s affection for young girls, some of them in front of smiling parents who are assiduously avoiding his lecherous moves on their daughters. A Biden candidacy could be beneficial to opening a national discussion related to pedophilia by the country’s elite and give the priests a rest.

While Rep. Tulsi Gabbard (D-Hi), a practicing Hindu, an Army Major and veteran of two tours in Iraq and a yoga practitioner, is polling at 1%, the MSM has done its best to diminish and belittle her non interventionist candidacy. To her credit, she continues to appear on Morning Joe Show, the View or Stephen Colbert where the agenda is to entrap her as a supporter of Bashar al-Assad of Syria.

While she is firm in opposition to ‘regime change wars,” she narrowly sidestepped the trap agreeing with the repulsive Meghan McCain that “there is no disputing the fact that Assad is a brutal dictator; there is no disputing the fact that Assad has used chemical weapons against his people. That is not something I’m disputing.”

As Gabbard well knows, the charge that Assad gassed his own people has been refuted by no less an authority than former US Defense Secretary James Mattis who has said there is ‘no evidence.’ Perhaps Gabbard had a bad hair day in flubbing her lines but given the embedded support for war in the Democratic party, it will behoove her to step up her game, take the risk and tell the truth – even when face to face with the likes of McCain or Colbert.

In her recent standing-room-only appearance before enthusiastic students from the University of San Francisco, Gabbard linked domestic issues directly to the ‘cost of wasteful regime change wars’ ending with “I do not need the foreign policy establishment to tell me what to do” and that I am “not intimidated by stars on the shoulders or the military industrial complex.” With veterans in every audience, she recently gave repeat performances to full houses throughout New Hampshire.

With 44,000 donors, as Gabbard digs deep and finds the fortitude and inner grit to say what needs to be said, to be a strong voice for peace with no apology or equivocation, she will easily qualify for the debates.

Renee Parsons has been a member of the ACLU’s Florida State Board of Directors and president of the ACLU Treasure Coast Chapter. She has been an elected public official in Colorado, an environmental lobbyist for Friends of the Earth and staff member of the US House of Representatives in Washington DC. She can be found on Twitter @reneedove31


  1. Tim Jenkins says

    Imagine how sweet, if Trump Tweets & Tulsi Gabs ?

  2. Hugh O'Neill says

    The US Presidency is a poisoned chalice, and has been from the late 19th Century onwards. Any puppet who dares step out of line can swiftly be removed by a convenient “lone-nut” assassin. There is insufficient time or space here to assemble all the proofs, though it might make a good article on its own. No decent sane individual would survive either the process of getting elected, or if by a miracle elected, then the real ordeal would begin. No pacifist has a snowball’s chance in hell. Though I would dearly love for someone of the calibre, courage and integrity of Tulsi Gabbard to succeed, pragmatism suggests she is better out of it.
    What event will change the present trajectory of the US Empire? As Tulsi said…


    …if the Mueller investigation had found any evidence of Trump colluding with Russia (its OK to collude with Israel apparently) then there may have been the risk of Civil War. Since the last US Civil War was fairly messy, we don’t want to go there. Economic warfare may be the least painful e.g. if California withheld all their tax dollars, or if the rest of the World stopped trading in petrodollars…? Discuss.

  3. mark says

    The Democrats seem to be making up with quantity what they lack in quality.
    There could be 15,20,30,40 candidates.
    Personally I think Maxine Waters should stand.
    Almost as bad as the Tory feeding frenzy for Theresa May’s crown.

  4. Most votes come down to economic issues. Dems split their own voting base apart in the 1990s, middle class vs. poor, and the Obama years confirmed that this split is permanent. Their “Russiagate” was just the final nail in the coffin.

    • mark says

      No, they come down to race issues.
      Identity Politics Uber Alles.
      Bernie and Creepy Joe Biden won’t get anywhere because they are just Old White Guys.
      So is “Beto”, (Young White Guy) and he won’t get anywhere by pretending to be Hispanic.
      Nor will Pocahontas Warren, the whitest person in America, by pretending to be a Red Indian.
      Hispanics will vote for Cortes.
      Blacks will probably vote for Kabbala Harris or some other black.
      Maybe they can find gay and trannie candidates for the gays and trannies to vote for.
      The next election will be a policy free zone.
      The winner will be the candidate who grovels most enthusiastically to AIPAC, who gives Israel another few hundred billion, who promises to recognise Zionist sovereignty over Timbuctoo, and makes new born babies take loyalty oaths to Israel.

  5. Gezzah Potts says

    Yawn…. Yawn…. Zzzz zzzz zzzz zzzz. Wake me up when the Punch & Judy Show is over, and the American people have had their ‘democratic say’… Zzzz zzzz zzz.

  6. This is a pointless charade. The only purpose of this circus is to choose a guaranteed loser to run against Wall Street and Zionist Lobby candidate Donald Trump in 2020.

    Downvote this comment all you want: it won’t change the fact that like John Kerry in 2004 and Mitt Romney in 2012, the one requirement for nomination to run against the sitting president is a guaranteed ability to lose.

    • mark says

      No, Trump only got elected because of meddling by the evil Vlad. Otherwise the saintly Hillary would have won. Ask the MSM if you don’t believe me.

      • nwwoods says

        The Evil Vlad didn’t act alone though, he secretly colluded with James Comey, Bernie Sanders, Wikileaks, BLM, BDS, the electoral college, the rust belt state labor unions, PETA, Bernie Bros, Huma Abedin’s weinie-wagging, convicted pedophile ex-husband and Satan.

  7. canarian says

    So depressing to hear Gabbard spout the party line re Syria.

    • zach says

      It’s odd how little questioning there was of Tulsi’s recent reinvention as an antiwar empire sceptic. Just a heartbeat ago she was shoulder to shoulder with Dick Cheney on torture and Obama on drones and special ops.

      • Antonym says

        The vilification of Tulsi Gabbard will start from the Left, as shown above. Non-establishment candidates have to be crippled from the start, contract$ are out.

        Gabbard was born on American Samoa island by the way, and grew up on Hawaii.

        • zach says

          You listened to that recounting of her record and current positions on US ‘interventions’ and ‘the war on terror’ and concluded she’s anti-establishment? I can only assume it’s her stauch Islamoohobia that has a reactionary like you defending her.

          • zach says

            Or the awards she’s received for her defense of Israel from anti-Arab racists? Her friendship with Sheldon Adelson? Her support for neo-Nazis in Ukraine?.. That is not the profile of an anti-establishment figure.

      • Watch Video Then I'll Explain Maybe says

        I disagree. Here’s a 35 minute video you should watch to learn why you’re wrong….

        • zach says

          I’m guessing you found the facts in that pod hard to digest.

  8. Grafter says

    The “system” is bigger than all of these talking heads. The “system” is corrupt to the core. All is controlled by the wealthy elite. The “system” runs so called democracy in America whose population are reduced to unthinking spectators. Bread and circuses is their lot.

  9. Rhys Jaggar says

    What is the democratic view on conspiracy theories that the Midwest floods were organised weather terrorism to provide options traders with huge risk-free profits and Big Money the chance to buy out bankrupt farmers for a song?

    • crank says

      Nothing is off the table for me.
      If there was ‘informed trading’ then that should show up somewhere I guess. It did in 2001.

    • George Cornell says

      I am soliciting donations for Debbie Wasserperson Schultz’s undeclared candidacy. Spearheading the defrauding of Bernie Sanders and for spreading the notion that Bernie caused The Evil Harridan to lose the election, the dishonourable representative for Miami Beach has all the values expected of a Democratic candidate. A third party is desperately needed, and a fourth….. She and Jeff Epstein were made for each other.

    • Tim Jenkins says

      Nice one Rhys: like taking candy from kids, innit’ !

      The only question is, will we find the buy-errrr, to be a Bayer or Monsanto derivative arm of investment,
      subsequently as ‘saviour’ ? Might that be a bit brazen ?
      Bankrupt the biggest insurers first, then send the Hedge Fund boys in with cents on the Dollar >>>

      Rather like the Clinton Foundation manoeuvre, now in Puerto Rico after the Holy Hurricane Maria, coz’ Haiti is looking a bit hot & bothered, under the Clinton collar of corporate colonisation. Do you think Ocasio-Cortez’s calculator has put 2 + 2 together yet, re. Puerto-Rico ? CCC & CECCS , see ?

      Corporate Climate Change & Civil Engineering Contracts, Clinton Style 🙂

      AOC’s Green New Deal, looking more absurd, every day 😉

  10. crank says

    Israel will win the 2020 US presidential elections.

  11. Denis O'hAichir says

    Doesn’t matter who they field,Trump 2020


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