Tony Kevin Speaks Out on Assange

Tony Kevin

These are the speaking notes Tony Kevin delivered at a a street rally at the UK High Commission, Commonwealth Avenue, Canberra, at 12 noon Friday 26 April, for Julian Assange.

My thanks to Christine Assange, Julian’s mother in Australia, to Lorese Vera, and to their colleagues, for inspiring and calling this public meeting.

We live in dangerous times. US imperial power is flailing around in its death throes , making trouble for people and nations all over the world. Blocking real action on climate change, trying to foment regime change in Venezuela and Iran, troublemaking in the South China Sea, illegally maintaining military presences in Syria. The US governing elite remains obsessively Russophobic. The nuclear arms race is slipping out of control under dangerous American illusions of global military supremacy. We are living through the most perilous moment since the Cuban missile crisis; more perilous even, since in the craziness of Russiagate, the US government is not currently even speaking to Russia.

And here in Australia we have a crucially important election underway, whose outcome will be vital to our young people and other disadvantaged communities.

So why bother about this person called Julian Assange? This one weird early middle-aged guy who seems to have a knack for getting up the noses of so many powerful people and governments? Aren’t there bigger things we need to think about than the fate of this one particularly troublesome person? Should we not just think of him as ‘collateral damage’ of the past 20 years, and move on to more important and current debates and causes?

The fact that some of us are here today for this demonstration, in a city not big on demonstrations, shows we do not accept that argument. We recognise that Julian is pivotal to so much that is happening around us.

In these dangerous times, we need to gather round him to protect him from his bitter enemies. Not just because it is the decent thing to do — and it is — but because our country needs him, his idealism and energy and political insights. People like Julian are rare and we need to give them our love and respect and loyalty and protection.

There is nothing I say here today that you won’t recognise and know already. Ideas and arguments flow freely round the internet, it is easy to find likeminded people on Facebook and Twitter, to read and commend and encourage one another’s work. We all know Julian’s importance — that is why we are here.

We could all be at home reading and writing on our IPads, but we are here, in the public square, in front of the UK High Commission, the embassy of America’s most important lackey state, in the capital city of America’s second most important lackey state, Australia.

We are gathered together just down the hill from our Parliament House where Australian national security policy is debated and determined. The fact that we have come together in this place today, in an act of real physical politics, sends an important message to our power elites. We want to make them uncomfortable, we want to be the burrs in their saddles. If we do that, we are achieving something here today.

Julian is now in great danger. He faces extradition from Britain to the heartland of the American Empire. They want to silence him, to bury him in a US prison for the rest of his life as they wanted to bury Chelsea Manning for 35 years, a sentence only commuted by Obama in an act of decency as he left office, to nine years. As now Manning is indefinitely back in jail again — a truly heroic person.

The current US effort to extradite Julian, now exposed after years of denial, is an act of pure vengeance and spite, and intended to intimidate others who might be tempted to follow Julian’s and Chelsea’s noble examples.

It is what apartheid South Africa did to Nelson Mandela. They failed to suppress his thought and nobility, and these people will fail too. Around the world, people are rising up in protest at the cruel political persecutions now being inflicted on Julian and Chelsea.

The US and UK secret states are throwing everything they can at Julian now. The full resources of Anglo-American information warfare , of the most malevolent PSYOPS – psychological operations in warfare – have been deployed against this one man.

Caitlin Johnstone, whose website I urge you all to follow if you do not do so already, recently brilliantly listed and analysed 27 [sic] — twenty-seven — Big Lies that are being spread about Julian, in their efforts to discredit him and limit the reach of his voice. Caitlin convincingly rebutted each of those 27 [29] lies. After today’s event, please go back and read her piece.

It all boils down to a simple either-or proposition: either Julian is crazy and dangerous and must be locked up for life, or those out to get him are committing evil acts . There can be no sitting on the fence on this one, no careful balancing of pros and cons on each side.

We are talking about an innocent man’s life and about the attempt by malign state forces to silence this great man’s voice.

Assange started with the idea that raw state power can and must be fought and exposed with truth and public opinion: that we must demand our governments behave decently, especially when they go to war . This is the same ideal that inspired Dan Ellsberg to leak the Pentagon papers during the Vietnam War, Woodward and Bernstein to expose Nixon’s Watergate crimes, Ed Snowden to expose illegal US Government intelligence-gathering on its own citizens, and Julian Assange to expose, especially, American war crimes in Iraq and Afghanistan.

Nothing better shows the crucial importance of what Assange and Manning did than the release by Wikileaks of the 18-minute film Collateral Murder, the full video and audio record of a mass murder of civilians carried out by a US military helicopter over Baghdad. Not only did they murder a large group of unarmed innocent civilians in the street, a few minutes later they blew up an ambulance team in a bus that came to collect the bodies and a few people still alive, a bus that even contained children. And they enjoyed themselves, they congratulated themselves on their marksmanship, they gloried in these cruel murders.

None of these war criminals were ever bought to justice , nor ever will be. The video was suppressed until Manning somehow got it out to Wikileaks. This was whistleblowing in the public interest of the highest order. If Wikileaks had done nothing else, this film proved its vital importance.

Wikileaks has opened the gates to a whole new way of challenging the imperial state and its false propaganda. There is a healthy public scepticism out there now. Lies are being and will be challenged and exposed. Julian and his team showed the way to the heroism of our own Witness K and Bernard Collaery in this city, over the Australian Government’s illegal spying during an important negotiation with the East Timor government, a case with which you will all be familiar.

Mainstream media are more and more being forced to account for themselves, to look critically at their own role in normalising and explaining away state misconduct. People like us, however angry we might make people like Chris Uhlmann and Michael Rowland — and I like and respect them both as good mainstream journalists — have an essential role to play in holding a blowtorch to the feet of power , and to those who surround and protect and normalise power.

Finally, what message can we send today to help Julian? We wish he were here, in this little piece of British territory across the road called the UK High Commission. We wish we could go in there and bring him out to freedom, as British police brutally dragged him out of another Embassy to a different kind of jail, a British prison in London.

But we can send a powerful message. We need to demand of the British government — and I hope people are listening to us in there — these things (and I have sent them a copy of these words).

First: Fair and decent conditions of imprisonment in Belworth Prison as Julian awaits legal proceedings and during these proceedings: proper accommodation, access to fresh air and sunlight and exercise, proper medical care, adequate visiting rights by his family, friends and legal team, and regular and reported consular visits from Australian High Commission consular staff.

All these things are basic human rights due to any Australian citizen imprisoned in a foreign country. Our government needs to demand these things, as it did for James Ricketson in Cambodia, for Peter Greste in Egypt, for our footballer in Thailand — but did not do for David Hicks and Mamdouh Habib in the US, and until recent days was not doing for Julian. We need to challenge the complacent assumption of our government, Labor opposition and the mainstream media, that bad stuff cannot be done to Australian citizens by the governments of our great and powerful friends Britain and the US . It can be, and it is.

Secondly, and crucially, we need to demand of our political elites — in this case, foreign minister Marise Payne and her Shadow Penny Wong, and behind them the major party leaders Scott Morrison and Bill Shorten — that they strenuously and forcefully demand of the British Government that it not allow Julian to be extradited to US. We all know what will happen to him there. We see what is done to political prisoners of conscience Chelsea Manning and Maria Butina. We cannot allow this to happen to Julian, to become a lifetime political prisoner of conscience in a US jail.

We need to demand of Marise Payne and Penny Wong that they publicly and jointly or separately commit to making the strongest representations to the British Government to bring Julian safely home to Australia after his bail issue is legally concluded in the UK. His extradition to US must be firmly denied, because it is entirely vindictive and political exemplary punishment. We cannot trust American justice in this matter. We must protect Julian now, so that he can return to safety and resumed public interest work in his home country, Australia.

We are proud of our fellow Australian and we must now stand by him in his hour of greatest need.  Thank you.

Tony Kevin, former Australian ambassador and an independent author, can be reached via www.tonykevin.com.au

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Cripes, I nearly forgot how I nearly hyperventilated over the news that 70MP’s showed their support in getting Julian Assange extradited to face rape charges.

How strange that they, Parliament in general and MSM forgot to make sure that those Swedish Laws were implemented over here. Seven years, and nada, nowt, zero, zilch. Doesn’t strike me as a group showing empathy with women.

Oh,……look over there………Brexit!

George Cornell
George Cornell

The odious compulsive name dropper Hadley Freakman of the Fraudian wrote a column decrying Assange’s untidiness at the Ecuadorean embassy. Next she will tell us about Eisenhower’s dandruff, the food on Bill Gates’s jumper, and the worn soles of Bob Dylan’s shoes, What a grotesquely unattractive subhuman primate!


The most laudable part of Julian Assange’s heroic work has always been that everything Wikileaks publishes is replete with evidence. Everything he and Wikileaks has ever published hasstood up to rigorous evidential scrutiny whereas the pitiable, chip on their shoulder types who try to denigrate Julian Assange, have nothing other than mindless unsupported verbiage, total slander which always reduces to unsubstantiated attacks on Mr Assange’s character i.e. shooting the messenger, rather than any attempt to do the impossible, that is throw shade on any Wikileaks release.

It is the same as many of the other alleged happenstances the same types promote, moving any debate to the point past boredom into that region of pain one feels for another human, albeit a jerk who has repeatedly humiliated him/herself. Normal people squirm at the awfulness and tone deaf ignorance of another human needlessly showing him/herself up to be an idiot and a tosser, yet somehow the person still seems to be ignorant of the cake he/she is making of themself. Makes you wonder if any of these types ever amount to anything more than a bot with a mass produced email addy.

I will take any yarn seriously be it a conspiracy or no, as long as the person making the allegation, aka the alligator, supplies checkable evidence along with peer-reviewed scientific or engineering evidence by correctly qualified knowledgeable types that support what they say. e.g. Some fella with a marine engineers’ ticket is not qualified to dispute meteorological data by another fella with meteorological qualifications even if they are both ‘engineers’.
This is all obvious a mathematician may have sufficient to dispute the methodology used to derive an economic algorithm but not able to question the decisions made to select particular economic variable – another economist is required for that. Now I’m getting off tyrack and digging a hole for meself here by mentioning economists; but as we all know, when some Ayn Randian proto-conservative wannabe Milton Friedman spouts off some elite-favouring nonsense there are usually any number of well qualified economists able and willing to quash the conservative tosh in doing so boosting the credibility of all who stand against exploitation.

Otherwise never ending talking/writing/ posting about this stuff is pointless and self defeating, at best boring and at worst self defeating. It just more tendentious opinionizing by disordered compulsive humans for whom objectivity is an anathema.
Normally I just scroll past this brand of desperately degenerate wittering unless the attack is against someone who isn’t in a position to defend themself. eg. Julian Assange. The current baseless, 100% evidence free attacks on Mr Assange are the epitome of cowardice since the slanderers know he cannot respond to defend himself. These acts are the acts of a life so low the possessor of it is capable of sleazing under the belly of a Woma python whilst wearing a top hat and whining about the weather ‘down here’.
Buggered if I’m just gonna scroll past rank cowardice disguised as ‘facts’ when they are such nonsense.


The most laudable part of Julian Assange’s heroic work has always been that everything Wikileaks publishes is replete with evidence.

So Urekismet what significance do you make of the words in the voiceover part of the interview between Juju Chang and Chelsea:
“Turns out some of the low-level army battlefield reports were found in Osama Bin Laden’s compound after his death.”

No doubt these reports are “verified” in that they emanate from the government and show government stamps (or equivalent) that they were found in Osama Bin Laden’s compound after his death but – gosh! – do you think the government itself might fake documents and the location they were found in in order to dupe an opposition group such as Wikileaks? I believe that Julian is completely genuine but we all here are genuine, aren’t we? And haven’t we ourselves been massively duped? Unfortunately, while I have no problem at all in being duped I see that other people feel a great sense of shame over it which is an obstacle to recognition. No shame in being duped at all, only shame in refusing to recognise it.

harry stotle
harry stotle

The nature of the attacks are revealling in themselves, especially when it comes to the moral equivalence of the liberal media.
For outlets like the Guardian the most explosive outrage is triggered by transgression of an identity politics shibboleth – so if we take allegations of sexual misconduct, for example, the coverage devoted to this contested element in the Assange narrative far outweighs the amount of column inches that should have been generated after what was revealed by Wikileaks (‘Collateral Murder’ being a prime example).

Not that there was any doubt about the sinister motives driving the Iraq invasion (made all the more suspicious following the non-enquiry into the death of David kelly) but Wiki produced prima facie evidence that our government had not only lied but was complicit with war crimes, crimes which subsequently mushroomed and carry on to this very day.

Given this sort of deadly ammunition one would have supposed those who love to set themselves up as moral arbiters (in outlets like the Guardian) would have been busting a gut to tear into Blair and his NuLabour apparatchiks, especially given the role he played in lending legitimacy to US imperialism, or simply because of the fact British service men and women were being maimed or killed in order to protect US corporate interests.
But no, Blair still gets his monthly column in the Guardian while Labour MPs like Jess Phillips prefer to rant about gender issues rather than the harms her party have inflicted even though her own mother cancelled her Labour Party membership in protest at the Iraq war.

The sad reality is that the liberal media would rather protect the interests of pro-war MPs like Margaret Hodge rather than accept that Britain is one of the main culprits when it comes to disregarding international norms, or participating in war, rendition and torture.
I”m pretty sure the endless references to minor sexual indisgressions (at worst) is a way of diverting attention from the fact both our media and a substantial proportion of our MPs are morally bankrupt.

According to Nesrine Malik ‘the left is blinkered’ to claims about Assange, and sexual assault.
Well now British intelligence finally have their man but at the time of writing there is still no sign of the Swedish authorities who according to Malik are desperate to charge him.

Why is that Nesrine, after all the EAW was ratified by a British court and the Swedes have had almost a decade to prepare their case – the short answer, known to anyone who has studied this episode, is that sex allegations are little more than smoke and mirrors; a ruse to turn public opinion against one of the few people who have not only been right all along but had the courage to expose wrong doing while so-called journalists at the Guardian have been busy santising the crimes of Blair and his friends in Washington, or inflating allegations about sexual offences that are at odds with the known facts.


I didn’t realise that all publishing in the world has to be designed for minds so simple they cannot indulge even a skerrick of critical thinking. Wikileaks always publishes verifiable dox in the sense that the source of the dox is entirely substantiated. Only a dingbat would lap up every word of the US alphabet agencies as gospel. That isn’t the purpose of publishing them, their purpose is in revealing to us, the humans who populate this rock, exactly what nonsense these arseholes are expounding. Some in the lower levels of ‘intelligence’ such as the anti-Assange astroturfers probably lap it up, why not? 5 bucks a post means long hours spamming with little time for reflection, but the rest of us are more than capable of sorting the wheat from the chaff and hugely appreciative of the opportunity to do so.


I get your point and perhaps regardless of the fact that Chelsea Manning is an intelligence asset and even if Collateral Murder is faked (we know they kill civilians regardless of how exactly) perhaps it’s not important to know that Chelsea is not who she is purported to be and the video is faked … except that Julian is in prison, no? And if the fact that she is an intelligence asset is recognised and that the video is faked (assuming it is – I would not pronounce it faked at this stage but I think it certainly shows signs of it) and that makes a difference to Julian being in prison or not then these facts are extremely important. They may well not make a difference in which case I’d say they’re still important as they’re simply the truth and it’s always good to know, isn’t it? It’s always good to know too how they always like to control the information. That’s what they’re always, always doing. Controlling the information – and to control the information they’re prepared to push out an awful lot of truth (or a distorted version of it) – I mean, I’m sure it’s truth that is probably tangible from some other source anyway but nevertheless it does surprise me how incriminating some of the truth they push out is. That’s because they have no shame. Not a skerrick. All they’re focused on is keeping us where they want us and they’ll do anything to that end.

Chris Williams
Chris Williams

The long list of ‘arguments’ that Caitlin Johnstone supposedly refutes are, taken together, nothing more than a smokescreen for her abject failure to adequately address the very clear evidence that Assange is a Mossad/CIA operative which is buried in the bowels of her ridiculous list, which has been padded out with absurd accusations such as the claim that the obviously pro-Israeli Assange is anti-Semitic! Like a limited hangout operative herself she doesn’t actually address the evidence of Assange’s clear biases in favour of Israel and against 9/11 truth exposes of Mossad involvement, instead she asks her readers to believe at face value the official Assange story and says that sceptics are incoherent “conspiracy types” – which anyone who doesn’t have their head up their arse will immediately recognise as the tactic employed by the Deep State trolls and its media lackeys to denigrate real truth seekers.

For anyone moderately interested in challenging their assumptions, the place to start is the always insightful Webster Tarpley, who identified the phoniness of Assange along with that of Snowden and Ellsberg lon ago. A 2013 radio broadcast of his has been usefully transcribed in a recent article in Veterans Today at:

So is Caitline Johnstone another deep state troll or is she just the useful idiot she appears to be?


I’d tend to have some doubts myself about Webster Tarpley – he was the one that identified the massive number of drills that occurred on 9/11 … but failed to identify the “live” drills involved in evacuating ALL rather than only SOME of those in the buildings – this can be inferred to be a kind of distraction propaganda. We can know that death and injury were staged on 9/11 by looking at the evidence (as well as it being the only thing that makes sense – imagine the loved ones of 3,000 people marching on the Capitol not to mention the 6,000 injured themselves when controlled demolition is so obvious). https://occamsrazorterrorevents.weebly.com/3000-dead-and-6000-injured-a-lie.html

Beware anyone calling out anyone else as limited hangout – it’s a bit like Russian dolls or something.

If he didn’t call out Chelsea Manning then he’s completely suspect cos Chelsea is so very, very obviously an intelligence agent. The power elite always tell us through over-the-top ridiculousness, things that don’t add up, smiling grievers, Masonic numbers and symbology, etc and they do not disappoint with the clarity of these signs in Chelsea’s Wikipedia entry and her interview with ABC Nightline’s Juju Chang (active member of the Council on Foreign Relations). I’ve done an analysis in a comment elsewhere of the interview but please watch it yourself and if you think it fits “genuine leaker” better than it fits “intelligence agent” please put in comments why.

Compare the perkiness and top-shelf gender-transition appearance of Chelsea after her 7 years of incarceration (including 22 hours a day of solitary confinement for some of it) to the way Julian looked when hauled from the embassy after 7 years. Note Chelsea 22 and Adrian 22 at time of leaking, 22 hours per day of solitary and note that, according to Wikipedia, Adrian was 37 when he died of undeterminable circumstances last year, an age that does not remotely add up with being 22 in 2010.


Also, while Israel was, of course, heavily involved in 9/11, there’s masses and masses of distraction propaganda focusing us on its involvement when it was all under the auspices of rogue US government and state officials, including, obviously, Cheney, Rumsfeld, Bush, PNAC members and a number of others and these are the people that need to be focused on first.


Webster was a Fulbright Scholar (these scholars being notoriously recruited by the CIA) at the University of Turin (in the 60’s/70’s presumably). How ’bout that? According to his bio: a decades-long expert on international terrorism, his 1978 study commissioned by an Italian government minister and entitled “Chi ha ucciso Aldo Moro?” (Who Killed Aldo Moro?) broke open the ownership of the Red Brigades by NATO’s clandestine networks. Commissioned by minister? Broke open the ownership? Really? In all that time and with all his research he’s never figured out the 1980 Bologna station bombing was staged (bombing real but in evacuated area), nor that Pearl Harbour was also staged (bombing real but in evacuated area), nor that 9/11 was staged (bombing real but in evacuated area). Never figured it out – admittedly most other people haven’t but somehow you’d think he might have.


And just one more thing. It is most unfortunate that, for reasons best known to himself, Julian does not recognise 9/11 as an inside conspiracy as it makes him a perfect target for the limited hangerouters to accuse him of being a limited hangerouter. It reminds me of a reply I got from Architects & Engineers for 9/11 Truth (who are obviously a state organisation or infiltrated by state agents) when I questioned them about not coming out on the plane crashes being faked. They replied saying they followed the video, 9/11: The Absurdity of the No-Planes-in-New York Theory, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gV4rvTxcMSY by Anthony Lawson. Anthony made the excellent video, WTC-7 This is an orange, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Zv7BImVvEyk, however, his critiquing of September Clues’ video showing how the planes were faked is nonsense, albeit I’m sure made with genuine belief. I could somehow feel the delight they got from pushing out the video to try to snow me that the plane crashes weren’t faked with this obviously invalid critique even although made with perfectly genuine intentions. As if I’d be snowed by that. Try harder!


OK so this is final. If you bear in mind that death and injury were staged on 9/11 the nature of its criminality is quite different, no? If ever the truth should grace the alternative/MSM media in any shape or form the perpetrators (and obviously a large number of people had to be involved) can simply cry, “It was a Full-Scale Exercise pushed out as real. That’s all. No one died or was injured – we left the real killing for Afghanistan and Iraq. No real harm done. We had to do that mega-scenario as realistically as possible just in case a real terror event like that ever occurs and we’ve kept it a secret ever since.” As the faking of death and injury at Pearl Harbour 80 years on has never been recognised I doubt this will ever happen. Do your best to propagate it, won’t you, unless you have reason to believe that both events involved real death and injury.

Badger Down
Badger Down

“we left the real killing for Afghanistan and Iraq. No real harm done.”
I disagree completely. Killing Asians is harmful.


I’m being sardonic, Badger Down, but perhaps you are as well? I really have no idea in the comments on this site anymore.


It’s me yet again. I wonder if the reason Julian hasn’t recognised 9/11 as an inside conspiracy has anything to do with some of the 700,000 documents leaked to him by Chelsea? In her voiceover (intercut with interview with Chelsea) Juju informs us:

“Turns out some of the low-level army battlefield reports were found in Osama Bin Laden’s compound after his death.”

Doncha love it?

Rhisiart Gwilym
Rhisiart Gwilym

Can we at least have a quota system here for the number of posts – especially consecutive posts – that flaxgirl gets to have on any particular topic? Saves all those long jump-over scroll-downs that readers such as me have to do when s/he/they are putting up their obsessive – or is it smoke-screening? – verbiage. Though, having said that, I must enter a caveat for free speech. Let her/him/them continue to post, obviously. The cure for crappy -and quite possibly psyoppy – free speech isn’t censorship, but more free speech of sounder provenance. Here’s an example of what I mean:-

The master key to outing the 11/9 false flag is the three – quite unmistakable – controlled demolitions at the WTC. They – *on their own* – conclusively demolish the official Western-propaganda-created ’19 jihadis sent by OBL’ cospithirry; comprehensively. No need to get lost in endless angels’n’pinheads arguments about abstruse – and fundamentally unprovable – talking points, quite a few of which have been floated pretty obviously by defenders of the official cospithirry, precisely to absorb the energies of the truth-seeking community on pointless wildgoosechases, and to keep the goose-waters permanently muddied.

Once we face up to the conclusively-demonstrated FACT of the demolitions, and the further key fact that such operations *absolutely require* privileged and repeated access to the buildings by expert loading teams, with multiple pallet-loads of hitech gear, over a substantial period beforehand; further acknowledging that such operations simply *can’t* be carried out by a few foreign, technically-incompetent amateur guerrillas sneaking into the buildings without permission with a few rucksacks (not remotely possible as a credible way to rig the buildings, especially when you consider the outstanding *professional* skilfulness with which the demolitions were done); once we take all this soberly on board, then we’re forced, by sheer reality, to conclude that the loading team had the connivance of powerful people who could arrange privileged access; powerful people who had to be members of the US ‘elite’, and their colleagues amongst the zionistani ‘elite’ in Palestine, plus quite a few of those weird creatures who pretend to be USAmericans, but who in reality hover dually between the two categories. When it comes to the business of arranging repeated, privileged, fully-cover-storied access to the buildings, the name ‘Silverstein’ keeps springing to mind for some reason; Yahoo’s close personal friend over many years; Yahoo who, with his characteristic crass chutzpah, blurted out “It’s very good!” when asked by an interviewer on the day of the atrocities how the attacks would affect zionistan. Oh what a giveawey, Bibi…! All those years of mossady plotting finally brought to its great, war-starting orgasm! No wonder you were too jubilant to keep your fool mouth governed.

And look! This is a thread about the persecution of the great Oz journalist JA by the USuk/zionistani ‘elites’ and their moral-midget underlings in other parts of the empire. Yet here we are again, off on another wildgoosechase about fundamentally unprovable canards surrounding 11/9. Classic smoke-blowing!


Rhisiart, like Robbobbobin, you make assertions about me unbacked by evidence. Any accusations against me by commenters on this site will generally have no credibility as I have put up my $5,000 challenge to which no one, including you, of course, has responded. My unresponded to challenge proves my case. A total QED. No verbiage just a very logical, scientific Occam’s Razor challenge.

Controlled demolition is so yesterday – we need to move on from CD for goodness sake.


Why do we need to move on from the heart of the matter?
Controlled demolition will never be something to dismiss from decent investigation into that horrible day.


Controlled demolition is the open heart.

The secret hearts are:

— The perpetrators used a truth-mixed-with-lies propaganda campaign where they transformed CD from a truth liability into a propaganda asset. They pushed out CD along with disinfo agents calling “CD” … AND … “my husband / my son / my colleagues died” in addition to other methods such as putting masses of focus on Israel and Israelis – which isn’t to say I don’t think Israel wasn’t heavily involved, OK, I’m as an anti-Zionist as the next anti-Zionist, however, truth (or a distorted version of it) can also be used as propaganda – to wit they pushed out CD … but mixed it with lies.

— Death and injury were staged


And just to add – the purpose was to stagnate the truth at an impasse. Truthers will never get believers of the 19-terrorists-armed-with-boxcutters story to believe it was an inside conspiracy because believers will find the stumbling block of the US govt killing 3,000 people in the buildings too difficult to get over. And the point is, they’re right to stumble on that block! The perps would NEVER kill the people in the buildings like that – totally not their MO at all. 9/11 was a psyop and in a psyop you do for real what you want to do or have to do and fake the rest. What do you think the covert operations section of the CIA is for? Faking death and injury is their bread and butter.

But then, of course, persuading people it was all a hoax is no easy task as you can see by the reaction I get from commenters on this website. They all think I’m a disinfo agent even though I’ve put up my challenge that they cannot respond to and explained the evidence, logic and reason behind my hypotheses clearly and perfectly reasonably.

Can’t convince people that it was a false-flag and can’t convince them it was a false-flag hoax. They’ve got us screwed either way … as they so confidently predicted would happen. What a laugh they’re having.


I forgot! There’s the “open secret” heart too although it’s not “open secret” in the way that’s normally meant. The power elite always give us more than a fighting chance, I mean they really are quite generous in their clues, to work out it’s they who are responsible for their covert operations, not those they accuse … and they always let us know that death and injury were staged. They only kill people for real in covert operations involving assassination or similar. For for real killing the operations are clandestine not covert and I’m not sure they advertise them quite so well – but perhaps they do, I don’t know.

The piece de resistance in letting us know that death and injury were staged must be the Miracle Survivor stories. They had me in hysterics. I wonder who writes this stuff and if they get paid loads for entertaining the power elite. They must have them in hysterics too. And not a scratch on ’em – not a scratch on those miracle survivors. They do not hold back in pushing the envelope in their fakery. Do not hold back one little bit.


I think an insider definition of ‘good tv’ was anything that kept you watching tv.
Is a psyop fundamentally a baiting by which to effect its hidden agenda through being taken in – on any level?
And self-reinforced by investment of identity that then propagates the meme to its targets?

Without the power behind it, lies would be disregarded or laughed at and given no power to obscure the truth. But when power is invested in lies as necessary to its protection against ‘threat’ – it runs like the Terminator – ‘It will not stop’.

So if there is hope to escape from lies as weapons backed up by power to make or break our life in its world – it has to be by recognising where and how we give power away by our allegiance and focus of energy and attention.

Reading them to see what their payload is may have merit. How much of what is sensational is timed to divert attention from what is really being effected?

G W Bush played the fool – but was everyone fooled? Not once or twice but over and again!
Trump – the last Trump? – is also a brand.
Is it not just the way those seeking power have been induced or ‘incentivised’ to believe thats how power works – comply or die.

As the Dream disintegrates it become more and more incoherent, false and forced – everything falls apart – its centre cannot hold. But is it OUT THERE in the world or is its ‘signal distortion working our thought?

I don’t watch tv – – ok – apart from occasional selected online pulled access to content of my interest.
But I don’t tune to the channels or vibrations of crap – without feeling sick – and that’s good as long as I do not normalise sickness as the new standard, adapt to it and become and invested expert on it.

The invention of the media and particularly the moving image has radically transformed minds, societies and politics – which immediately moved to possess and control it as the PR of social engineered minds and society.

One of the Commandments was to make no image of Reality – and then not to worth-ship image instead of Reality as in idol or symbolic substitute for true relation. Imaged reality is a manipulative or private mind. Starts off as a bit on the side – ends in stark insanity.

What I understand from stark insanity is that I don’t want it. This is an ongoing lesson because whenever I notice a triggered reaction – I see another call to choose what I DO want.


There is the idea that deceits can be laid such as to directly appeal to a target’s wishing or hoping such as to blind them into investing in them and make disinvestment seem the undermining of what the have – and so the fear becomes the reality. A voice for true witness is undermined.

Regardless the agencies involved – I look within at the same time as listening or viewing suggestions and communications of appearances that may seem feasible.

For me the motivation is the primary agency of deceit – because if we want something for our self vindication and gratification, we can be bought or controlled – even without being self-aware of the manipulation – because we are still running from the purpose of a private self interest.

Those who are moved to give witness or stand in support of wholeness of being are not defined ‘against evils’ but supported in not complying and conforming by qualities of being that are share by nature. And the loss of these to anyone who knows their truth, can only be felt as a self-betrayal.

Those who are divorced from their love no longer feel it for the loss of true feeling is the defence against intolerable self-conflict – and to such a one looking within’ is meaningless. To the dissociated, there is no ‘within’ – excepting as an attack on self-determination by an evil intent.

The nature and the timing of Assange’s arrest is still framing the idea of free speech.

Regardless the agencies involved, the denial of freedom is the idea of possession and control. (Dispossession and subjection).

In any moment of unmindfulness we may give agency to a loveless or hateful agenda – and persist as if we are right because we now perceive FROM a compromised sense of integrity.

Francis Lee
Francis Lee

It looks to me that the British are trying to pass the Assange parcel to the Swedes who don’t seem too keen to accept it – given that they have as yet made no extradition request. Neither party want to endure the kind of global obloquy which would descend upon them should either be responsible for extraditing Assange directly to the US. So for the time being Julian kicks his heels in the no-man’s-land of Belmarsh with the Brits trying to offload him onto the Swedes whilst they in turn look the other way.

It is perhaps enlightening that the leader of the Labour Party, the Right Honorable Jeremy Corbyn along with Emily Thornberry, having totally capitulated to the zionist lobby over his and the party’s ‘anti-semitism’ is now chiming in with the establishment and again ‘bottled’ this time it over the concocted criminal sexual charges against Assange. This in the full knowledge that sending Assange to Sweden is simply a way for the UK establishment to put the pressure on the Swedes. But our Scandinavian friends don’t seem to want to play. Yep, when I used to watch the Hammers play it was, get the Northern Line from Morden to Charing Cross, change and get the district line to Upton Park.

Question: To be a social-democrat do you need to have a backbone removal operation?


There are grounds for optimism.
The crude thuggery and blatant criminality of the Trump Mafia Regime and its western satraps like May, Macron and Merkel are signs of weakness and desperation, not strength and confidence.
They have taken off the mask and shown their true ugly faces.
They are becoming increasingly turbulent and unstable.
What remains of the authority and credibility of western elites and the systems they represent is dwindling away very rapidly.
They are on their last legs.
The final collapse may come a lot sooner than people realise.


I thought the final collapse would come with G.W. Bush’s deserved impeachment back in 2003, but our beloved mainstream put paid to that.
I fear the final collapse will come far, far too late for anybody even to remember who Julian Assange was.
But one lives in hope…

Andrew Mcguiness
Andrew Mcguiness

“The final collapse may come a lot sooner than people realise.” – It *looks* imminent, but my guess is that the death throes will be ungly and dangerous for us all.


Thank you Tony – right on the mark. But Readers, note it cannot be said that the legal system (it is not a system of justice) in Australia is better than what exists throughout the US and the UK. The legal sysetm in Australia is corrupt to the core. Read the details within OFFICIAL TERROR in Tasmania, Australia (2019; 768pp) which focuses on INNOCENT Martin Bryant (IQ of 66; retarded) who was denied an ethical lawyer and who had NO trial. (incarcerated since 1996 – 23 years) The book includes words about Julian Assange, Chelsea Manning, and Edward Snowden. free pdf copies: BIGWORMBOOKS at gmx.net


One of the positives of this long sorry saga has been the exposure of the much vaunted “Rule Of Law” for the hollow sham that it is.

As someone else pointed out on these pages, watching Assange being dragged out of the embassy by May’s Secret Police Goon Squad was like watching a Jew being dragged off and put on a train to Auschwitz.

The diatribe of Assange’s judge was reminiscent of the rantings of the Nazi judge Roland Freisler.

Corrupt and politicised judicial systems used for political persecution and intimidation.

We see the same with the arrest of the Huawei executive in Canada and the jailing of the Russian woman Butina on trumped up charges in the US. If this is the new normal, the US/UK will get short shrift when they complain of the treatment of the Otto Warmbiers and Ratcliffes in countries like the DPRK and Iran.


Maria Butina is a fabricated story, mark, just like Marie Colvin and Marzieh Hashemi

You’ve always got to remember they are constantly targeting the government skeptics with their propaganda. The term “mass propaganda” is probably a propaganda term in itself. They so often stream propaganda rather than just aim it generally at the “masses”. They profile the population at large, they know how we divide into groups just as they profile opposition groups/people such as Wikileaks and Julian and they target these opposition groups/people with specially groomed intelligence agents who know what buttons to press to inveigle and infiltrate. They spend untolds no doubt on this sort of stuff. It’s all so calculated and they are so very, very experienced in it. It’s probably been going on for millennia one way or another.

Chris Williams
Chris Williams

Keith! Long time no hear! I was afraid you had been dealt with by the forces of darkness. Don’t agree with you about Assange but great to see you are apparently still going strong!


I haven’t studied Port Arthur, Keith, but I’d say the chances are very, very high that it was a staged event where no one died just like Pearl Harbour, 1980 Bologna station bombing, 9/11, Sandy Hook, Westminster car rampage, Manchester bombing, Berlin truck, Bataclan, Christchurch and no doubt the recent Colombo attack (although I haven’t studied it) and many, many, many other events from Norway to Melbourne and from Tunisia to Mumbai. What woke me up to 9/11 et al was the film JFK to 9/11 Everything is a Rich Man’s Trick in which the filmmaker, Francis Richard Conolly, says “All terror is fake”. At the time I thought it was a big call but it wasn’t, it is totally spot on. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=U1Qt6a-vaNM&

Rhisiart Gwilym
Rhisiart Gwilym

As a zionistani character in John LeCarre’s ‘The Little Drummer Girl’ says, flaxperson(s): ‘All terror acts are theatre’. But not faked entirely. The gics (gangsters-in-charge) and their servitors don’t care enough about we common plebs to avoid mass killings, even of ‘their own’ compatriots, in pursuit of their repeated, deliberately pleb-stampeding terror shows. Indeed, as I’m sure you’re aware, there have been a number of immediate, eye-witness reports, aired too soon to be vetted/spun/suppressed by the propaganda machine, early on after some of these atrocities, of obviously professional-killer people – usually tall, black-garbed WASP-types – murdering victims skilfully, before the usual sacrificial patsies were wheeled in to take the rap – and the police/SWAT executioners’ summary bullets.


I’d never argue that the perpetrators don’t kill people because they care. It has nothing to do with that. Faking is their preferred MO for at least three reasons:
1) they love fooling us
2) while people swallow the official story, if reluctantly, under normal circumstances, when a loved one is killed and they suspect government involvement it’s a very different story. The loved ones are much, too much trouble.
3) It seems to be a cinch to fake it. Seemingly, getting collaborators to play perpetrators, victims, loved ones, witnesses etc is all in a day’s work. (I must say that part does puzzle me – at how easy it seems and how often they do it but they obviously do.)

The evidence shows people are not killed and not injured. It’s very, very clear.


The latest attacks in Sri Lanka probably fall into the same category. Maybe the island was targeted because of its part in the new Silk Road and relatively friendly relations with China. The dubious claim of ISIS responsibility two days later was laundered through a very murky Zionist website on the doorstep of Langley, Virginia.


flaxgirl: Will not reply to you about what the chances are of anything in the Port Arthur case. But what I will say is that INNOCENT Martin Bryant, a retarded boy-man with a 66IQ, is now in his third decade of wrongful imprisonment. He had NO ethical lawyer, his “not guilty” plea was ignored, and he had NO trial. And this is in beautful sunny Australia where everyone get’s a fair go……. BULLSHIT! Get on the internet and read Mate. KEITH ALLAN NOBLE

harry stotle
harry stotle

Tickets booked for Wednesday event in support of Julian.

I hope on the night there will be some discussion of the Guardians long running hate campaign.
At any rate now is the time for the likes of Malik, Moore, Freeman, Ball, Hyde et al, to finally put up or shut up (we could add the wretched Jess Phillips to the list of accusers).

The Swedes had 9 years to prepare their ‘double rape’ case, while the British authorities have spent in excess of £10 million to ensure Assange did not evade the European Arrest Warrant the Swedes issued in order to bring him to justice.

Well thanks to the corrupt Morena and Britain’s willingness to disregard political asylum JA is now locked up in Belmarsh (not Belworth as the article mistakenly says) yet so far no sign of sex crime charges that have been at the heart of the media’s campaign to denigrate Assange’s reputation.

Do the Swede’s need more time to prepare?
Do they not know where Belmarsh is?
Has the media hate mob not insisted he should be delivered to Sweden pronto rather than languish yet again in a British prison cell (apparently with very limited access to visitors, including his own defence team) so he can face ‘justice’.

But so far nothing – not even the loud mouth Jess Phillips has been down to Belmarsh insisting that Assange should be transferred to Sweden at the first opportunity.

It’s been over 2 weeks since he was unceremoniously dragged out of the Ecuadorian embassy, so why the delay – why have sex offences charges still not emerged?


Talking of ‘former ambassadors”, Craig Murray has a very good post today on this same subject. “So where is the Swedish warrant? ”

Betrayed planet
Betrayed planet

The current criminal U.K. non-government have zero interest in any form of accountability, human rights, honest governance or politics. Their sole aim is to enrich themselves and their donors and to dismantle the welfare state. Julian is a thorn in their side, a reminder of their now proven, ongoing corruption both here in the U.K. and abroad. Their reputation lies in tatters even with their own voters. Even today the Home Office face further investigations for crimes against foreign students.
Their name in the gutter, crawling in sewers, the U.K. people for the most part utterly disgusted, ashamed and appalled.
Those of us supporting Julian are a drop in the ocean as many people are fighting for survival on minimum wage, the homeless, the hungry, the disenfranchised.
Millions of children go to school hungry, dirty with many girls unable to attend when menstruating as they cannot afford pads, tampons.
The filth ridden Tory Party will pay for this, one hopes in time to save Julian Assange from the equally repulsive Trump administration.


The US is a lost cause. Government doesn’t listen. Period. We have a solid duopoly — two parties, the same agenda, merely marketed differently. Over a quarter-century of work has pitted the people against each other by class and race. Here, we can think of Occupy Wall Street as our last hurrah — and even that was quickly redefined as a “movement of middle class workers” alone. We can still speak out, but only a few are heard.


Quote: “Blocking real action on climate change.”

The attention is where the psyop (false framing) puts it – to the purpose it serves.

Dangerous deceits are those that pass off as true.

Fair dinkum
Fair dinkum

Good luck Tony.
‘American justice’ ?
It went missing after Lincoln was assassinated.
Power to Caitlin Johnston and her partner.