Guardian Deletes Open Letter Defending Chris Williamson

Document signed by noteworthy Jewish artists and intellectuals removed “pending investigation”

Yesterday the Guardian published an Open Letter from over 100 prominent Jewish academics, artists and members of the Labour party. As of now, the letter is gone. It was removed “pending investigation”:

There has been (as yet) no explanation of what that means, or what could be being “investigated”. We read The Guardian all the time (Not for fun, it would be hard to run the website without doing so), and have never seen this happen before.

One could assume this is a response to some external force. If not a direct request, then certainly perhaps some gentle pressure. Whether that might come from senior members of the Labour party (such as Tom Watson, named in the letter), a civil servant (or other Deep State voice), or some other unknown person is impossible to know.

UPDATE: The Board of Deputies of British Jews apparently formally complained to the Guardian regarding their “mishandling” of the letter. It was covered in the Jewish Chronicle and the Huffington Post.

Either way, the letter is gone.

Of course, it’s peculiar that this particular open letter had to sent in to them anyway, since The Graun usually like to advertise the views of Noam Chomsky. At least, as long as he’s criticising the government of Venezuela, or critiqueing the BDS movement.

When he’s deploring the US-backed coup in Venezuela, or dismissing the Russiagate accusations as “a bad joke”, he tends to get less publicity.

Funny that.

Perhaps more important than the presence of Chomsky’s name, or that of Norman Finkelstein, is the sheer number of CLP’s represented by the other signatories.

Well over a hundred Jewish Labour members, representing dozens of CLPs, all completely at odds with the Parliamentary Labour Party on this issue. For years this rift – between the MPs and their members – has been obvious. It seems to get wider all the time.

You see Tom Watson et al. accusing Labour members of “bullying” MPs by calling for de-selection. None of the MPs who defected to the absurd Change UK (or whatever their current name is) faced a by-election – which means several CLPs, and thousands of loyal Labour voters, have had their votes and MPs stolen from them. The Blairite wing of the PLP, spearheaded by Watson and his cabal of climbers, have not said a word about this.

When a general election comes, this will be an issue to watch.

It is an encouraging sign for those of us who try hard to spread the truth, at least. Because it means the totally created “antisemitism crisis” is being seen for what it is by a good portion of Labour members. Just another example of ordinary people, in the real world, clashing with the media bubble.

Returning to the letter, it’s actually hard to see why they would bother censoring it, yes it is counter to the establishment narrative, but it is hardly extreme. You could almost call deleting it a desperate thing to do. A move which shows the insecurity of their position.

Whatever the eventually announced excuse reason is for removing the letter, it is certainly the wrong thing to do, and not just ethically. The Streisand effect exists. Removing the letter simply calls attention to it, far smarter to just let it rot on the back pages of the internet.

For posterity, here is a link to the archived version of the letter, and screengrab for thoroughness’ sake (an in case they manage to wipe the archive):

We have also reproduced the entire article here.

Because publishing things The Guardian wants censored is what we do.

    Questions raised:

  • What could be being “investigated” with regards to this letter? Its authenticity? It’s spelling and grammar?
  • Who has the power/influence to have this letter removed?
  • Are we about to see Chomsky and Finkelstein dismissed as “the wrong kind of jew”?
  • How long can the Labour continue with the CLP and PLP at war?
  • What poor Guardian intern is going to get fired for publishing this letter in the first place?


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