Hurricane Dorian: Testing Public Response to Emergency?

Renée Parsons

ATLANTIC OCEAN – SEPTEMBER 1 (Photo by NOAA via Getty Images)

As Hurricane Dorian approached the Bahamas, the mainstream media  scared the hell out of thousands of Floridians as they trembled with the forecast of a calamitous weather scenario about to ravage the entire east coast.


Intimidated by the power of the storm and their own lack of hurricane smarts, their trepidation was understandable since the MSM can take credit for assorted faulty disasters like WMD’s in Iraq, Russian collusion influencing the 2016 election and the complexity of 911 was accomplished by unemployed Saudi Arabian wanna-be pilots armed with box cutters.

In other words, since only 6% of the American public have confidence in the MSM to provide  objective factual reporting, can we realistically expect the media to report on whether an extreme weather disturbance is geo-engineered  by pulsing microwave transmissions or a true phenomena of Mother Nature and how would the public know the difference?

Before the next potential weather cataclysm is upon us, it would behoove citizens to do their own due diligence to determine for themselves if a hurricane’s path is a real threat, the result of media hoopla or one meant to frighten the public into fear and submission.

With their storm shutters firmly screwed on, thousands of Florida’s east coast residents lived in a cave for the first few days of September before they realized that Hurricane Dorian’s category 5 storm was not going to materialize as the Weather Channel and MSM meteorologists predicted. 

Dorian’s assault on the Bahamas notwithstanding, the Greatest Hurricane Ever was down graded to a category 3 and then to a tropical storm avoiding landfall along the Florida coast.

As it turned out, there was no need to suffer through the ad nauseam media hubris and bluster as stressed out residents could have tuned into the National Hurricane Center (NHC) maps or the Hurricane.Terrapin.com (HT) storm track plot. 

Both sites provided accurate detailed information  clarifying some of the MSM’s problematic predictions and demonstrated that Dorian’s ‘Eye’; that is the Eye wall, potentially the most damaging part of any hurricane, was never directly threatening the Florida coast.  

Barring a last minute shift in direction, the Eye wall was not going to make landfall and instead would take its treacherous low pressure area out to sea.  

The Saffir-Simpson Hurricane Wind Scale identifies an ‘absolute devastation” event as “in the path of the Eye of a landfall Category 5 In the case of Dorian, Category 5 was not traveling the same path as the Eye as the NHC and HT clearly demonstrated.

However, little, if any, of that crucial information was conveyed to millions of anxious Floridians who were left with the belief that an ominous Category 5 was imminently about to destroy their homes along with the entire coastline. 

It is true that hurricanes, like the weather and climate in general, may be notoriously unpredictable, always shifting and changing but both of the aforementioned websites offered alternative factual basis for the storm’s evolution into a less threatening tropical storm.

Nor was any mainstream explanation offered that as Category 5 is identified as one band of weather, it naturally follows that there will be a downgrade to Cat 4 and so on down the line as both NHC and NT provided estimates of how and when those downgrades were expected to occur.

When the storm stalled, just after passing through the Bahamas, the media continued to report on the stall as “dangerous” while weather professionals confirmed that Dorian’s stall was indicative of an imminent northward shift which is exactly what happened; thus changing the entire forecast for the coasts of Florida, Georgia and South Carolina. 

None of that made it into the mainstream news until it was embarrassingly obvious that Dorian was not cooperating in fulfilling its earlier pessimistic predictions.

In the future, would-be meteorologists might be interested in tracking a storm’s direction by monitoring its longitude and latitude comparing Dorian in the Bahamas to those potentially threatened communities.  For instance, if Dorian had stayed on a westward track after the Bahamas, it would have come in at the Jupiter Inlet but it stalled out in preparation for its northward shift, just as the HT’s track plot had always predicted.

Here are two examples of ‘fake news’ broadcast on live tv by the mainstream media hyperventilating on a storm’s local impacts:

  • In 2011 NBC’s Matt Lauer was interviewing a reporter about Hurricane Irene’s ‘severe flooding’ along the Passaic River in NJ as she was paddling a canoe when two men wearing waders nonchalantly ambled through the interview scene with the alleged flooded river barely up to their ankles.
  • In 2018 during Hurricane Florence, the Weather Channel’s Mike Seidel was allegedly braving   furious winds and struggling to stay upright  as he proclaimed “this is about as nasty as it’s been” when two men in bermuda shorts casually strolled into view behind Seidel.

[Cursory googling was able to indentify at least 2 further instances of this happening, here and here. – Ed.]

If the mainstream media will deceive the American public on weather forecasting, why should they be trusted to truthfully report on issues of greater magnitude?

So how did the establishment media get the forecast so consistently askew when they had access to the same information that any inquisitive Floridian had access to? 

You already know the answer: a bevy of television personalities (aka meteorologists) were scripted to present a version of extreme weather events in order to enhance audience ratings and thereby assure an increase in advertising revenue, as well as exhibit how easily an emergency can be used to control the population.

It is not a stretch that long time Floridians who have experienced multiple hurricane threats over the years may exhibit  PTSD symptoms with an irrational anxiety or an overwhelming sense of panic as living through a real robust hurricane is not a normal life experience – all of which makes it easier to negatively influence those vulnerable citizens.

It is interesting to note that the Weather Channel television network (formerly owned by Bain Capitol, Comcast et al) was sold recently to Entertainment Studios which focuses on lifestyle programming such as pets, recipes and cars rather than science. 

That sale says something about the commitment to provide scientifically authenticated weather forecasts.   Inexplicably the Weather Channel’s digital assets, its app and website, were not included in the Entertainment Studios $300 million purchase as they were acquired by IBM in 2016.  Separate corporate ownership using the same Weather Channel name leaves open the question as how each entity serves the greater public good as they compete for headlines, ratings and advertising revenue.

In case you had not noticed, there is a concerted effort to dominate an unsuspecting and unquestioning American public with a very specific reality that requires a consistent unanimity of thought.  That reality is necessary to continue the wars and global military dominance, to create severe economic disturbance and disparities; a reality that relies on disinformation and hypocrisy while stirring citizens into a frenzied level of confusion, worry and anxiety about the future.  A distracted population living on the edge is more easily stage managed to accept a further loss of civil liberties than a politically informed, diligent population of infinite consciousness.

Renee Parsons has been a member of the ACLU’s Florida State Board of Directors and president of the ACLU Treasure Coast Chapter. She has been an elected public official in Colorado, an environmental lobbyist with Friends of the Earth and staff member of the US House of Representatives in Washington DC. She can be found on Twitter.

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Renee Parsons has been a member of the ACLU’s Florida State Board of Directors and president of the ACLU Treasure Coast Chapter. She has been an elected public official in Colorado, an environmental lobbyist with Friends of the Earth and staff member of the US House of Representatives in Washington DC. She can be found on Twitter.

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“Cursory googling was able to indentify at least 2 further instances of this happening, here and here. – Ed.”

This is mountain out of molehill stuff. Why? Because it’s happening with news and documentary crews all over the world, all the time. These poor schmucks are sent out to get a story, so they do. It’s their job. It’s what they do and if they don’t do it then it’s someone else’s job. Sure, it has some ethical aspects that get exercised publicly from time to time (where did that black guy in the lineup of white worthies go, in everything from news video on Paris streets to corporate PR shots at air terminals)? And if it doesn’t get into the shot on the spot, it gets into it in the script department or the cutting room or the production office. A Walt Disney crew shooting one of his wild life epics was having real trouble getting the storyboarded shot of Mummy Bear suckling Baby Bear, so they called Big Walt. “Just shoot it,” he instructed. So they did. Then they stuck the live Baby Bear on the dead Mummy Bear’s tit and rolled the camera. It’s not going to go away in any of its many forms, not just image media. It’s in the tens of thousands of fake stories filed every day in every way, from cheap jobsworthing at everyday news outlets to serious doctorate theses at expensive universites and chiselled clinical reports at big pharma labs. Because rotten apples are the old, old, old normal, from the days even before they carved megalomaniac Pharoic hieroglyphs onwards. See that tiny little lone hunter and the great big herd of mastodons on the cave wall? It was really the other way round: a worn-out, sick old mastodon looking for a peaceful spot to die and a tribal swarm of determined hunters with wives and kids to feed and clothe back home. The artist? Well, the artist was hoping for a few paltry scraps and a pair of mastodon skin ear muffs.

As it always has been, it’s up to the beholder to sort out the important from the trite, the meaningful messages from the facile chatter of rumours and gossip and the jobsworth hacks and motivated shills from the honest bearers of real news and valuable information. Tough shit.

Martin Usher
Martin Usher

Judging by what that storm did to Bermuda if it had gone across Florida rather than skirting the coast there would now be a lot of vacant real estate in that state. Yes, the media tends to hype things up somewhat but this storm was serious and should serve as a warning to people who live in the area.


In the UK what has become the Meteorological Office was set up by the Royal Navy. Geophysical warfare, in many forms, has been studied and developed for decades. A Royal Australian Navy officer had demonstrated a tsunami weapon by 1944, for instance.


    Be afraid ! Be terribly afraid !! Here in the UK my local paper in glaringly bold headlines declares that the “Beast from the East” is due to visit us once more this winter and that the Council should now be investing in more snow clearing technology with additional life saving manpower. The “Beast from the East” is about to wreak havoc and destruction on our oh so safe lifestyles ! What to do ?? We all know of course who this “Beast from the East” is and exactly who will unleash its mayhem against us. Yep it’s those dastardly vodka drinking Russians who intend to piss on us from a great height. We really need to sort those bastards out and start letting off a few trident missiles in their direction !! Problem solved !


    In the UK the Meteorological Office was set up by the military. Geophysical warfare has been studied and developed for decades. His Majesty’s Armed Forces had perfected a tsunami weapon by 1944, for instance.


    Double entry. Apologies.


      Oooh, Matron!


      Greta fistbumping Obama made me irate.
      This morning I read Naomi Klein tweet her ‘incredible news’ that tech sector employees are walking out in solidarity with tomorrow’s climate strikes. (Does she wonder why that enclave of Ayn Rand obsessives might want to PROTEST in support of a green new deal that will implement a techno ‘response’ to the climate crisis?)
      Monbiot finally supports a ban on fossil fuel advertising in the media….in 2019…..radical man that he is (not).
      What a fucking embarrassment the Green movement has become.


      I agree. There is a negative correlation between money and environmemt, so why should we believe that money can save the environment? It makes no sense.

      What would make sense is when there is a stop on
      – commuting to bullshit jobs (but keep the wages)
      – buying stuff one really does not need (but fund sustainable or second hand purchases)
      – war
      – poverty (so that people do not need to have a large family in order to pay for their expenses when they get old)

      But this new green deal is only pressing us to buy sustainable stuff from companies who do not care about sustainability. Green energy from Shell? – Only sold to make you feel less guilty when you use fossil fuel (which is the core business of Shell). Solar panels from Ikea? Only sold to make you feel less guilty about buying their plastic furniture (which is the core business of Ikea). Etcetera, etcetera

      Greta Thunberg’s ‘House is on Fire’ is a statement that robbers use to steal your money, i.e., no different than saying: ‘Your money, or your life!’ What is so great about that? – I find it a quite insulting statement, even though people, including the Media Lens editors, think she is courageous. But how can you criticize a 16 year old girl? – You can’t really, which is the reason why she gets the stage at Davos and UN meetings. She is the perfect poster child for the green new dealers: they exploit her youth, and they are simultaneously going to save the planet? – Where is the sense in that?

      We live in a satire from Swift who explained in his voyage to the Island La Puta that he met a society that was able to let the Island float a couple of inches above the ground, in order to crush other countries (money interests), but for doing that had to live in absolute poverty, minus a few of the priviliged (the elites) who were only able to talk to each other through mind disturbing ‘flappers’ (our media), and where the scientists lived were respected, although their inventions were absolutely terrible for human kind (90% of our inventions) and where everybody was afraid that the world would soon end due to climate change (I may have dreamed up that part, although I think this is somewehere mentioned in Gulliver’s travels)

      That story, was a satire in the 18th century. And that story is still used today by the New Green dealers. But instead of the contemporary audience who read Swift, the new green dealers are not joking. Instead, they are serious! Like the Duke and the King were serious when they robbed their victims in that other great novel Huck Finn.

      If anything has changed in these last 250 years, it is that some humans have lost their sense of humour. Although I am quite sure that a great satire could be written about these sincere looking Green Dealers too, who have only one goal, or two actually: 1 become an icon for the industry, and 2 collect as much money as possible for yourself and that industry. What a joke.


      I really fail to understand why this site continues to publish Parsons’ War Party corpra-tosh.

      Back before the orange idjit was inaugurated I tried to explain to dumbo types that the oblamblam healthcare plan was 100% safe from the other half of the war party, that that half would whine, bitch and moan about the so-called Universal Healthcare program while they were outta office, but would back off once their team of liars ‘won’ the WH. Not because they cared about the citizens, cos I’m unaware of any Fed pol who has cared about the citizens in the 250 years amerikans have been played like the patsies they are. No, the rethugs would keep oblamblamCare going for the same reason the dems created it, it tips billions of dollars into the pockets of the greedies who hold shares in health insurance.

      Sure enough I was correct and that is exactly what happened.

      This annual Hurricane nonsense is exactly the same. Somewhat smaller scale, but nevertheless a top little earner for the corporations who have been contracted to state and fed agencies since the shrub lost 10 points over Hurricane Katrina.

      These emergencies are pushed out every year with the willing assistance of pols in both halves of the War Party because even a non-event Hurricane like Dorian gets those agencies to put the parasites on stand-by guaranteeing that even if there is no major damage they will still cop enough of an earn to keep the shareholders in the manner they prefer.
      Of course things aren’t so good for the poor unwhite fuckers who live in the Bahamas or Puerto Rico, they have no pull in DC so no big contracts were let for Puerto Rico – US citizens denied the right to vote – of the Bahamas vaguely englander citizens given a weird sort of ‘independence’ by the english in the 1960’s, they have remained hostage to the IMF and have no chance of being able to rebuild their nation for a very long time. But you get that, can’t be wasting taxes on anything other than corporations.

      different frank
      different frank

      Very much off topic, but the Attica documentary is now on youtube.
      It has been invisible for a long time.
      Please watch.


      Thanks, Different
      I watched. Everyone should. If my blood wasn’t boiling before, it sure as hell is now. This is on topic for the main problem underlying nearly every Off Guardian article. This is important. Thanks for posting this.


      Want some facts instead of a tinfoil hat conspiracy?

      Storms can be extremely unpredictable and change direction and intensity. Atmospheric physics are not fully understood yet. Better to let people prepare for a bad scenario than have them take no action and die as a consequence.

      There, fixed it for you Renée, you’re welcome.


      The downvotes are very predictable, OffG has changed over the 3 years I’ve been reading it.

      This year it’s drawn in the “everything is a conspiracy” types, probably a Deep State Psychops to discredit a site that was establishing a reputation for standing up against MSM propaganda.

      I’m genuinely sad about it’s trajectory. I used to financially support OffG, but haven’t this year at all. Oh well, sigh…


      So in your world, it is totally inconceivable and downright barmy to suggest that the multi trillion dollar military industrial complex would invest one red cent into manipulating the weather as a weapon of war? As far as you are concerned, there is zero evidence for this, they’ve never done, they never will, and that’s it. Please can you confirm whether or not this is what you believe?


      I didn’t say that in my comment above at all. Of course governments with far too much of our cash will try all sorts of experiments to surpress the masses, but you give them way more credit to influence planetary physics than the devious bastards actually deserve. The vast energy of a hurricane is not something they can influence directly let alone create on demand, if that’s what your suggesting.

      Mark Gobell


      They have been able to make rain for decades. For example :

      Rain-making was used in the Vietnam war to bog down the North Vietnamese – see Operation Popeye.

      The 1952 Lynmouth / North Devon floods are suspected by some to have been caused by our own RAF’s rain-making – see Operation Cumulus.

      The US Air Force in 1996 published details of their own wet-dream of using :
      Weather As A Force Multiplier : Owning The Weather In 2025

      There are numerous other citations available.

      My own research, shows the incriminating kabbalism in the relationship between the 2004 Asian Tsunami and the birth of Saint Al Gore’s mentor, Roger “plate tectonics” Revelle :


      Everything is weaponised. Including the weather.


      Frank Speaker
      Frank Speaker

      Thanks for the info.
      I’m aware of clouds being seeded to encourage further the condensation leading to rain, this is done across the globe primarily for agricultural reasons.
      Everything else, it’s a wet dream of the military, because it requires vast power. If they set off a few nuclear bombs, then yes, that could be like to impact the weather!

      Mark Gobell

      You are welcome.

      Project Stormfury
      Project STORMFURY was an ambitious experimental program of research on hurricane modification carried out between 1962 and 1983.

      See also : https://www.geoengineeringwatch.org


      Rhys Jaggar
      Rhys Jaggar

      Time for a consumer owned cooperative which serves its readers/watchers, rather than faceless shareholders?

      MSM will not change. What can change is the public investing in their own news organisation and tasking it to actually report facts.


      Thank goodness we have an alternative to the vast Corporation Newspeak bilge, with the likes of repressive government owned news channels such as RT, Press TV and CCTV to set the record straight and overturn the MSM fake news.

      In other words, there’s very little other than propaganda out there, no matter the source. Even OffG has got caught up in the propaganda war as evidenced by some of the contributing writers …sigh…


      ….and deletion of comments BLT, just like the MSM Guardian…sigh…


      the manufacture of consent (Lippmann)…..”the news and the truth are not synonymous” – social control etc etc…..so, they need folk to feel dependant , addicted to that pampered feeling, “we’re looking out for you”…..Tranquilized – building nations of peurile lap dogs squirming for that next feed from the tit of elation by sending them a steady drip of slops dressed in the à la mode – then sit back and watch the decay, as they regurgitate the contaminated, empowering the malevolent devilry as they transmit it with gusto among one another…. .


      Two recent Pacific storms (four years or so ago), Cyclone Pam and Typhoon Haiyan, were category 5 storms; off the scale (go look it up if you don’t believe me): there’s never been storms this violent in all recorded history (incidentally, these are all cyclones. The terms ‘typhoon’ and ‘hurricane’ are regional names for these storms). If such a storm hit a heavily populated area the death and destruction would be akin to a nuclear bomb going off. Luckily these storms hit very sparsely populated areas of the Pacific (although not so lucky for those who lived in these areas).

      Cyclones are all about energy, incredible energy, which in nature is created by weather and ocean interaction. Cyclones can also be caused by manmade stuff: one single manmade becquerel equates to enough energy to flip over a grain of sand. It doesn’t sound much, but imagine what trillions of such becquerels will do, and imagine where they might come from in the Pacific Ocean.

      I won’t be packing my bags for the Tokyo 2020 (ha!) Olympics.


      Your common sense and facts are sadly wasted on many here.

      Los Alamos Lodge
      Los Alamos Lodge

      The reports of imminent disaster are even more anomalous when compared to the lack of preparation in NYC for Hurricane Erin (the one in 2001 before they reused the name). If they could predict that Erin would die out and make a 90deg turn in direction on 9/11 they obviously have excellent modelling capability now.
      Clearly any form of weather modification is ridiculous. Apart from cloud seeding, hail cannons, Harvard trying to block out the sun and what exactly is an Ionospheric Heater anyway? I’m still using a 2 bar electric fire. Who needs a 1.2 million Watts patio heater and more importantly is it carbon neutral?
      comment image


      The hurricane on 9/11 (which is proven fact) is just one of many weird events on that day which might perhaps get many believers of the official narrative scratching their head.

      Building 7, the Pentagon ‘plane’ and the anthrax attacks are maybe a much easier way into understanding one of the biggest criminal acts in history.

      Los Alamos Lodge
      Los Alamos Lodge

      If I see an article on Anthrax I’ll be sure to mention the mail attacks.

      I see Hurricanes, I think Erin turning, I think Magnetometer disturbance all lining up with the impacts/collapses. What am I gonna do? Assume all the meteorologists are in Operation Mockingbird Weather-vein?


      Los Alamos Lodge, here’s perhaps a good start with regard to the anthrax attacks:


      If you don’t want to buy the book you can no doubt find many interviews with Graham MacQueen about this on the likes of YouTube.

      Los Alamos Lodge
      Los Alamos Lodge

      I’m aware of the Anthrax, the Patriot act and “a new Pearl Harbour” etc. I recommend Robbie Martin’s film on the mail attacks ‘American Anthrax’. Difficult to defend any suggestion it could have been opportunistic reaction to 9/11 though, so I won’t spend any more time on it. It could be a valuable separate legal avenue so I won’t criticise those who want to investigate.

      I’m concentrating on what happened that day in N.Y. as we have the most evidence available compared to the Pentagon and Shanksville. Hoping I might be able to inform other people about the conspicuous correlation between Erin’s path, Magnetosphere disturbance and steel that turning to dust, glowing for weeks, described as molten but strangely not seizing up the digger mechanisms pulling it out. No sign of solidified metal in the debris despite reports of “pools of molten metal”, only meteors where paper fused with metal and concrete but didn’t burn despite high temps being the alleged cause.

      An interesting link between magnetic fields within steel and the WTC:

      Clearly aimed at bolstering the official fire induced collapse story I nether less found it informative as to the nature of materials, matter and possible field effects. Coupled with a little scepticism due to the source 🙂 No doubt it will be labelled a distraction from the watertight legal strategy of ‘bombs in the building’ based on people hearing things go bang, iron micro-spheres and chips of aluminium and rust. Forgive me if I want to look further even if some of it may prove to be irrelevant.


      ps. it’s a difficult one to find on YouTube, but here’s MacQueen being interviewed on the Mind Renewed podcast (I can personally vouch for Julian, who runs this podcast)…


      It’s well worth a listen.

      Brian Steere

      Yes there’s the whole issue of distorted or fake reporting – including forecasting – and that is coopted as part of Climate fear’s bandwagon effect. But a view of Tony Heller’s archive searches reveals that the tendency to hype a trend to disaster is part of selling ‘news’ to an already fearful population.

      There is also weather technology that can influence the paths of such systems that is part of weather weapons only being made partially public under Climate salvation tech Inc. Though many decades ago, international agreement was made not to use them in war…

      Linking to the last point – there is also insider knowledge of the electrical underpinnings of weather that is outside the blinders and dictate demands of a dark model in which the true nature of our physical (physics) is hidden in math modelling technologism fronted by a wizard of Oz – much like the banking sector – such that mathematical models are constructed to find the desired result but never truly brought to account because the next event is already. The profits of doom are simply reiterated or re-enacted over and over again.

      Narrative control as a global intent – from a plethora of ‘global’ fronting organisations that effectively set a narrative and incentivise its uptake, is a way of denying voice or indeed thought to the ‘screamers’ who are sacrificed to the goals of those who would be as gods over humankind – not least by insinuating fear and hatred via any and every way to demoralise of degrade their ‘enemy’.

      Life cannot be allowed to get in the way of the Plan to improve and replace it.
      Extreme weather is nothing new see Heller’s news clippings or indeed look again at the geologic and mythic record. We have been under an amnesial anaesthesia of uniform gradualism – as if the present ‘bubble’ of experience can be extended back millions of years of essentially gradual change causing both geology and evolution – without intervention of a god or sustenance of the Creative.

      But Earth is not separate from so called ‘space’ and the full implications of the electrical underpinnings of ‘self-organising’ plasma – (that makes up 97% ish of all physical matter and operates by completely different physics to Bang and Smash) – are not allowed to bring a more coherent narrative appreciation – in place of the fronting out of an arrogant ignorance – for the priesthood of narrative control, deem themselves ‘too big to fail’ for this would bring down the wheat with the tares both.

      The end of the ‘Model’ is not the end of the world – but the revealing of false foundations to a new perspective. ‘Thank you!’ to the past for it has brought us here – but ‘no thanks!’ to repeating its stamp on the face of a presence that is never allowed to rise and share is true nature.

      Emotional manipulation depends on taking the bait. Emotional reaction – unwatched and un-owned – is taking the bait. Getting the ‘people’ to take the toxic consequence of the destructive intent of a greed-driven few is the nature of a mind given to deceit.

      Part of the globalist dream is systemic control – such that shock testing is part of refining the system.
      Donating our body to science is meant to be consensual and after our death – but technologism given funding is called ‘progress’.

      Storms are integral to clearing and balancing our atmosphere – as a part of a much greater complex of self-organising balanced disequilibrium. Earth’s atmosphere is an electrical capacitance or dielectric within a Solar capacitance (within a Galactic … etc). Science is not being allowed to happen – excepting for marketising and weaponising Corp-Gov agenda.


      There’s money in that there climate emergency agenda – ask Kath Viners. In a internal memo she outlined the words which had to be used to increase the perception of the catastrophe which is on us. It is very much an agenda to make the public feel responsible for the trashing of the planet. Not the exploitative oligarchic class and their unbelievably wealthy and extractive multinational corporation businesses and other operations.

      While their yachts continue to float in the current economic crisis, the rest the 99% if not already underwater can see the financial deluge coming which will sink their livelihoods and families.

      Still why not jump aboard a millionaires eco-friendly yacht to deliver the doomsday message to the poor across the pond. Speaking to the the rich, who could seriously change all this if they were made to, seems like a good idea. Except they are already driving the agenda as their next level of extractive exploitation.


      “It is very much an agenda to make the public feel responsible for the trashing of the planet. Not the exploitative oligarchic class and their unbelievably wealthy and extractive multinational corporation businesses and other operations.”

      This statement is so true. You watch any news report on climate change, any nature programme touching on the subject of climate change, or read any current text on the subject of climate change, and the same message is always regurgitated – we, joe public, are responsible, never the true culprits as mentioned in the paragraph above.


      Dane Wiggington doesn’t seem to have a very clear grasp of science or of how scientific arguments are made.
      Surprised to see the link.

      Tim Jenkins
      Tim Jenkins

      Crank: a simple question, do you think I could alter you, your metabolism, your mind, even the frequency of your physical utterances, with the use of Phased Micro-Radio-Wave Tech. & Magnetism or the internet and in many varying ways and wavelengths, that I could get you to do or say or submit to many demands or commands,
      either consciously or subconsciously … ? ? ?
      Without touching you. ?

      A simple example of simple amplification would be a sonic high frequency weapon or laser, that, dependent on your proximity and your specific tolerances, I could actually drive you ‘bonkers’/ Nuts/ Crazy with and make you very angry indeed, just by boosting the volume & intensity … Do you remember Capt. Paul Watson & Sea Shepherd and his actions against Japanese Whaling ships and their defence systems ?

      Scientifically speaking it appears, I could cook you like a micro-wave does, or train you like one of pavlov’s dogs with bells, with varying micro-radio-wave formulations & frequencies and maybe first a good ole’ physical tasering would help you believe in the science of conditioning, that is usually not so visible or audible to humans, under most circumstances, these days >>> I suggest you put some quality Hi-Fi speakers in front some thin mesh / net curtains, then add a kettle, boiling, and watch the patterns of steam & moisture converting into various patterns of matter, energised & that energy bellowing the drapes, simultaneously … Bellowing with laughter, coz’ clearly you understand less of science than Dane Wiggington or I, and that was why you, Crank, were not head hunted by B.P.’s CEO to research & analyse, the media (that silences scientists): but I was, & precisely when they were buying HAARP & ARCO Oil & Gas in their entirety, after a deal with the US D.o.D. to share all HAARP Tech. developments & experiments. Next you’ll be telling us you understand how HAARP works, but, that it never existed, since the 80’s and how could Dane & I KNOW, FIRST HAND >>> ffs, search and read up on Bernard Eastlund, even if yer’ not into Plasma Physics, read his warnings, and how WE CAN WARP the shape of our Magnetosphere with Ionospheric Heaters and phased micro-radio-wave transmissions & amplifications, that can radically affect the patterns of Jet Stream Currents and steer weather, your brain wave patterns, to boot … and much more >>> Eastlund designed HAARP.
      are you really so clueless, Crank ?
      You don’t seem to have a very clear grasp on HAARP & its’ far reaching potential . . . & it appears that i’ll have to speak for Dane’s credibility, above yours. Whilst yer’ at it, having a go @Dane, would you like to explain what you see in the link above, better than Dane, please. And, accept that, if you respond, I have indeed already altered your mind’s focus, in some way or another …
      Fact 🙂 with positive transmissions in mind, (lol, unlike many others). 🙂

      Fair dinkum
      Fair dinkum

      You can fool most of the sheeple most of the time, but _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

      Steve Hayes

      The more they lie, the more they discredit themselves, and fewer and fewer people taking anything they say as trustworthy.


      Yet nobody is taking the next logical step:
      To remove their licence to operate.
      Even the most trivial example of this catastrophe seems to be beyond the wit of man to deal with: The existence of noisy, garish advertisements which NOBODY wants.


      A fusion between the Nike slogan and an apt advise in regards to MSM would be:

      Just Don’t Do It.

      Just don’t watch this for-profit crap.

      For those who are interested in weather facts, there is always


      (Mind, that the link provides a view at Humberto and may only show a map after Humberto has left the area)

      Since Geoengineering.org is not a one person operation, but an organization of people from all over the globe, the reference to its spoke person “not being a scientist” tells you everything you need to know. The same kind of people that have ridiculed those who doubted the official story about the Manhattan conspiracy, the harmlessness of glyphosate and GMO, the benevolent intentions behind vaccinating children with 36 vaccinations before they reach six years of age, that Fukushima has no effect on the environment and that the melting of above sea level ice has no impact on the global ocean level. And yes, the Great Ocean Conveyor is also a phantasy.

      And I was wondering who gives down votes for the truth. One case solved.