WATCH: The Afghanistan Papers Are Establishment Whitewash BS

The Afghanistan Papers! The Afghanistan Papers! Everyone is talking about the Afghanistan Papers! These “incredible” documents must be full of “explosive revelations” about the US-led NATO invasion and 18-year presence in Afghanistan, right? That’s what everyone is saying. But what if I were to tell you that this “bombshell” report from The Washington Post isn’t just a Nothingburger, but is actually an establishment whitewash? You better brace yourself, because that’s exactly what I’m going to tell you on this week’s edition of The Corbett Report podcast.

James Corbett’s most recent video is a must-watch for anyone interested in Afghanistan [and not just because of his praise of our Kit’s work – ed.]. In his examination of the recent “leak” Corbett goes back to the beginning of the war and deconstructs the “legal justification”, as well as what Western interests have gained as a result of the conflict.

To download the video, for an audio only version and links/sources click here.

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willyjeff bertram
willyjeff bertram

Seems like another purpose is served by the Afghanistan Papers: by claiming these “explosive secrets” have been uncovered by “legal methods” through the FOIA, the idea that Assange did something illegal is reinforced in the MSM.

Steve Hayes

What legal justification? Afghanistan had not attacked the US nor had the UN Security Council authorised the invasion. The war on Afghanistan was (and continues to be) a blatant war crime, a war of aggression.

Tallis Marsh
Tallis Marsh

As his extensive history of activism and his voting record on policies show, Corbyn’s Labour Party in power would never bring ‘democracy-bombs’ to countries like Afghanistan, Iraq, Yemen, Syria… Blairites, on the other hand?

Looks like we have Chicken-coup #3 in the works now… Another coup to fail again of course because the general public are fully behind Jerremy Corbyn as leader of the LP.

Emily Thornberry : “My article for tomorrow’s @DailyMirror, urging every candidate to match my pledge: if you give it your best shot as leader, but the polls and your colleagues say you can’t win, you have a duty to the party and the country to stand down for someone who can”



Yep, they’ve destroyed Corbyn, now it’s time to engineer New Labour 2. Boris and the Tories are about to unleash their Brexit, get rid of all the legislation which prevents them from acting out their criminal fantasies, with nothing and no-one to prevent them from doing so, violently rape the country as much as they possibly can, to the point where everyone hates them, and then New Labour 2 will be hailed as the solution, in the very publications that have been trashing Corbyn since he took over, and then Blair 2 will take power and the people will be none the wiser and the real controllers will have won again and the whole charade will continue as usual while the ignorant people scratch their heads wondering why everything remains so shit. Business as usual, basically.

richard le sarc
richard le sarc

At least the ‘Chief Rabbi’ (of the fundamentalist Talmudics)will be happy. His little mate BoJo triumphant, and BDS about to be banned.

Harry Stotle
Harry Stotle

My guess, and it’s only a guess, is that most US citizens will not have a clue where Afghanistan is, or why their country men and women have been killing Afghans for nearly 2 decades.
They will certainly not understand why or how a false flag was orchestrated in order to rationalise yet another US invasion (i.e. 9/11)

Basically they can’t tell the difference between what A-list actors do in war films and geopolitics (or the shit Fox news lay on them every hour of every day)

George Cornell
George Cornell

Harry, they know it is somewhere near Eyerack, where their boys covered themselves with so much glory that political candidates crow about their having been Eyerack vets. Vide Buttigieg.
Things are really changing I do believe. See the replay of the WaPo article done by the NYT. especially the comment section. Yes, those who comment are highly selected, but they can be compared to their own comments over the past few years. They are now openly contemptuous of their military.I am hopeful, although the “not until they have done everything else” rings in my ears.

Petra Liverani

Harry, the term false flag is a propaganda weapon. The term is understood to denote an act committed by a group who blames it on another group or individual, however, it seems this phenomenon never or rarely occurs. There was no act committed in the Gulf of Tonkin, rather a lie was told that an act had been committed that wasn’t. In the case of the 1980 Bologna bombing we were first told it was the Red Brigades who committed it then the neo-fascists but while the neo-fascists may have been responsible for the bombing, evidence shows that the bombing was of an evacuated area without death or injury occurring. https://occamsrazorterrorevents.weebly.com/bologna-1980-and-mogadishu-2017.html.

What the evidence shows …

9/11 wasn’t:
— The work of 19 terrorists armed with boxcutters
— A false flag where 3,000 people died and 6,000 were injured

9/11 was:
— A massive Full-Scale Exercise comprising multiple drills pushed out as a real event similar in principle to (but much more massive in scale) than many other events.

9/11 was a Trauma-based Mind Control Psychological Operation involving a very significant number of personnel in media, response agencies, corporations, government, intelligence, demolition and other areas. They would not have all these people collaborate in such an horrific mass murder nor would they expose themselves to the wrath of the loved ones of all those dead and the injured themselves descending on the Capitol when controlled demolition is so obvious. It makes no sense and there was absolutely no need to whatsoever. All they had to do was conduct a complete evacuation of the twin towers (as they did for WTC-7) rather than partially evacuate and we can infer that of the massive number of drills conducted on 9/11 a couple were implemented to reduce the number of people in the buildings in the first place, eg, subway drills, not to mention that a number of floors were unoccupied. When we consider the evidence presented to support the 3,000 dead / 6,000 injured part of the massive 9/11 story it is of a minimal nature, not to mention completely unconvincing. If you know how to psyop people into believing that Newton’s Laws of Motion were broken spectacularly on 9/11 well what’s stopping you psyopping them into believing in real death and injury when there is none.

The only major physical realities of 9/11 were the destruction of and damage to buildings. The four plane crashes were faked and death and injury were staged.

If you have a skerrick of evidence supporting the death and injury part of the 9/11 story – my goodness what a story, the dancing Israelis, the Office of Naval Intelligence auditors targeted in the new West Wing of the Pentagon, etc, etc, etc – please let me know what it is.


False Flag was originally a naval term meaning a ship flying another nations colors as a means of deceiving their enemies or in some cases even their allies. Not a “psyop”.

The key word here is “deception” and what is called 9/11 was an act of deception. Now the phrase “9/11” is definitely a “psyop”. One that literally connects the emergency number used here with the event which is very insidious in so many ways.

Thus it seems your comment has actually missed the forest for the trees.

Petra Liverani

Whatever its origins, the current understanding of a false flag, generally, is that it is a crime committed by a group that is blamed on another group or individual. When we look at what are known as false flags, however, they don’t actually conform strictly to that meaning and we find it is a misleading term. The term false flag tends to make us think that in opposition to 9/11 being the murder of 3,000 US citizens committed by 19 terrorists armed with boxcutters it was a murder committed by the US government. However, what we need to do is push aside entirely the 19-terrorists-armed-with-boxcutters story, including planes, buildings and death and injury and closely examine the evidence … which shows convincingly, that the only major physical realities of the day were destruction of and damage to buildings. The four plane crashes were faked and death and injury were staged.

A false flag is a deceptive act – isn’t that a psyop? – but what happened on 9/11 was a psyop but not of the false flag type because the crime of 3,000 people being killed did not happen; the evidence shows (and reason and logic would also imply) that what happened was a massive Full-Scale Anti-Terrorist Exercise comprising multiple exercises and drills pushed out as a real terrorist attack. (The greatest number of exercises and drills on US soil ever occurred on 9/11 (please correct me if I’m wrong). Not a coincidence surely?) The alleged crime had absolutely zero to do with what actually happened, apart from building destruction and damage. For this reason I think it is best to drop the misleading term of false flag and simply stick with psyop.

All 9/11 stories have been massively controlled by the perps. What we need to do is examine the evidence carefully and make our own story from the evidence ourselves, thereby wresting control of the various 9/11 stories from the perps.

Those who do not have power over the story that dominates their lives, the power to retell it, rethink it, deconstruct it, joke about it, and change it as times change, truly are powerless, because they cannot think new thoughts.

Salman Rushdie


“However, what we need to do is push aside entirely the 19-terrorists-armed-with-boxcutters story, including planes, …

I was with you so far until you lost me when you went on to say

“buildings and death and injury and closely examine the evidence … which shows convincingly, that the only major physical realities of the day were destruction of and damage to buildings. The four plane crashes were faked and death and injury were staged.”

People did die that day. This wasn’t “staged”. Many of them leaped to their deaths while others were incinerated or even vaporized by the intense levels of heat generated not by jet fuel or even thermite but from a thermonuclear event. Also many up to 22,000 in the immediate vicinity so far have since died or are dying from the effects of radiation.


“9/11 explosive evidence”


Petra Liverani

… leaped to their deaths …

People leap to their deaths in Hollywood movies, don’t they?

Death and injury show signs of fakery.

Please go to the second link on my first comment for:
— explanation of the truther-targeted propaganda campaign to indoctrinate truthers with the the lie of real death and injury
— evidence for staged death and injury
— the twin tower magic dust

richard le sarc
richard le sarc

Why would you complicate things massively by faking the civilian deaths? They were expendable, and laid their lives down to the greater glory of Zion.

richard le sarc
richard le sarc

The USA has been killing Afghans since the 70s, first through vicious, Wahhabist, proxies, than directly.

johny conspiranoid
johny conspiranoid

Afghanistan is thr perfect base for a Central Asian destablization campaign involving ISIS AQ etc. airlifted from Syria. This will help bring down Russia and China (they hope). And then there’s the income from the opium trade to fund all those ‘Think Tanks’ and other propaganda. You don’t need all of Afghanistan for those puposes.


Dragging the North Atlantic Treaty Organization into a war in central Asia – land locked Afghanistan was a total US misuse.
Without investigating seriously how 9/11 could happen under the noses of the CIA, NSA and FBI they needed a distraction. The Global Policeman myth needed a new enemy after the Warsaw pact collapsed in 1991, plus they needed to stay friendly with their Arab oil-dollar junior partners. Persian or Mexican Gulf: both mean only oil Profit$.



Seems you , Corbett and possibly Mint Press are the only ones in the “alt” media who haven’t bought into this steaming pile of male bovine excrement .

Many of these interviews that have been released through the Mockingbird Post remind me of Captain Renault in Casablanca:

“I’m shocked, shocked to find that gambling is going on in here!”

All this killing of innocent women, dogs and children reminds me of Cutser’s 7th Cavalry.

One would have thought the imperialistic neoliberal regime would have learned its lesson after Little Big Horn…nope. The Philippines … double no, Korea….say what? Cuba…are you kidding!?

Seems Vietnam was the only thing that caused a “syndrome” that was “rehabilitated” by that glorious victory in Grenada followed by “Just (Be) Cause” then of course GW I which according to Papa Bush was “cured” cause “we” “kicked it’s butt” etc and according to Maudlin Not So Bright who thought killing a half a million innocent Iraqi children was “worth it”.

Now Afghanistan which has a big sign over it saying “Boneyard of Empires”. Maybe it’s a profitable “success” in the beginning but there is no way that even the American Empire can escape history.

Keep writing guys. We need the truth now more than ever.

By the way Merry Xmas.


Super job well done JC


I can’t even be bothered.

Did anyone mention the opium trade?


It’s an especially good documentary. And I really like that James Corbett highlighted the very well written article from Kit Knightly:)

George Cornell
George Cornell

Another way of assessing these reports is to examine the posts in the comments section of WaPo and NYT. These are almost uniformly critical of the military, even given the obvious routine patrolling and trolling by the military of any articles potentially threatening to their grotesque, gluttonous, amoral, unaccountably malicious budgets.

This illustrates a sea change in the American public, although it has been gradual. I suggest readers check it out. Much more important than anything said by Corbett or any other pundit including OffG editors, in my opinion as much as I admire and respect them. These are the choir listening to the sermon.

But calling the Armed Farces cheats, liars and frauds in an establishment military mouthpiece like the NYT should not be dismissed. Keep in mind the NYT censors its comment sections routinely, so what you read is notwithstanding this. Yet halftime at pro sporting events remains choked with abject homage to otherwise unemployable Iraq vets, as if there was anything there to be remotely proud of.

George Cornell
George Cornell

PS the newest and 6th branch of the US Armed Farces just established and jumpstarted with several hundred employees (why not hundreds of thousands) needs a motto. Space Cowboys has been used. How about “Trolling and Patrolling”? The military infestation of websites should not go unsung.

norman wisdom
norman wisdom

my cousin elmer
my cousin told me he cried the day george bush jr said usa usa was going to mars.
perhaps know with these new space cadets soldiers of freedumps
perhaps now will finally get to mars
with a strong tailwind maybe er could even even
crash buy uranus.
you know space is the place it is real for sure.
nasa is not a trillion dollar tax raising masonick scam.

the space folks are real you can take that to the bank.
we need to put pressure on trumped to allow the idf onto those billion dollar spaced
farce ships
only the idf can defend the earth from anti semites in other galaxies


Unit 8200 in Israel has been doing this for years. They’ve even farmed out this activity to Sayim here in the US. Most of these are Hasbera clowns that leap out when anyone questions the “right for Israel to exist” supposedly by committing genocide against the Palestinians is immediately attacked by them.

NSA and GCHQ run similar ops that are just as pathetic as part of PRISM going back to usenet. I remember running into these morons on Alt. Conspiracy when we questioned the Government’s fairytales about 9/11.

They are just Government paid trolls who’d be flipping burgers at Micky Dees if they were forced to get a real job.