Iran’s Hero Has Fallen, Leaving the World a More Dangerous Place

Andre Vltchek

They say he came from a humble background, and worked himself up the ranks, becoming, as many believe, the second most powerful man in Iran. They say he had the chance to become the next Supreme Leader of the country.

Whenever I visit Iran, I am told how much he is loved by his people. He became the symbol of resistance against the West; the symbol of the strength and dignity of the nation which was attacked, colonized and starved by several Western capitals.

And now, Iran’s Quds Force commander Qasem Soleimani is no more. And the U.S. Commander-in-Chief, Donald Trump, is proudly claiming responsibility for his demise.

The statement from the Pentagon came promptly, and it was clear:

At the direction of the president, the US military has taken decisive defensive action to protect US personnel abroad by killing Qasem Soleimani… This strike was aimed at deterring future Iranian attack plans. The United States will continue to take all necessary action to protect our people and interests wherever they are around the world.”

Defensive action…

Almost immediately, RT and others asked me to analyze.

I could not help but to define what was done at the airport outside Baghdad, Iraq, as a vulgar and brutal extra-judicial killing.


For the last two months, I have been flying all over the world, writing about (and filming) all those horrors that the Empire unleashed against the people with different cultures, living in various parts of the world.

The Middle East, China, Latin America.

It appears that all boundaries have been crossed. Washington and its NATO allies have lost all restraint, shame and decency. They actually never had much of those, but now they have almost none.

Everything appears to be primitive, as in a badly directed mafia film. If the rulers of the West do not like some country? In that case they simply attack it, starve and destroy it. As brutal as that. No U.N. Security Council mediations, no arguments, and no pretending that there should be some legal process.

It has been happening to Hong Kong, To Bolivia, Venezuela and West Papua. It has also been happening to Iran, as well as China and Russia, although those countries have proven to be much tougher to eliminate, than Washington’s planners originally thought.

The same applies to individuals: people get murdered without second thought, some quickly, some very slowly and painfully. Julian Assange is one of them, being slowly tortured to death, in front of the entire world, despite legal and medical experts protesting and demanding his release.

The killing of Qasem Soleimani and others in Baghdad, was quick and totally unexpected.

The facial expressions of U.S. officials were absolutely shocking: as if mafia bosses were caught in a corner of some filthy den by a bunch of amateur journalists.

Unapologetically, they grinned at the lenses, suggesting: “So what? What are you going to do now? Challenge us? Us? We’ll break your legs, or something…”

And nobody, absolutely nobody really dares to challenge them! Not yet. Not at this moment.

It is one tested, bulletproof game. You destroy an entire country, or you kill a person, and then you show your piece; your well-maintained revolver, or two. You expose your guns and ugly row of teeth. You say, or you suggest without pronouncing it: “You have a wife, and two daughters back home, don’t you? You don’t want anything to happen to them, right?”

It is on that level, now. It is not any better than that, don’t you see?

If you defend yourself – you die; your family dies. Or your family members get violated. Or both.

You like it? You don’t like it? You absolutely detested it? Who cares! The Empire has guns. It is all it has.

The ability to kill and to rape. It has become dumb, degenerate. It produces hardly anything of value. But it has millions of weapons, as well as a monstrous propaganda machine.


Now, seriously: what can Iran do? What can a nation with thousands of years of culture do?

Can it defend itself? Honestly, if you think it can, then say it: how?

If it retaliates, it could be erased from the face of the earth. If it doesn’t do anything, it will lose face, self-respect, as well as the purpose to continue with its struggle for true independence and its unique form of socialism.

For years and decades, Iran has been a thorn in the eye of the West. Its allies have fought against Western-injected terrorism in Iraq, Syria and Lebanon.

Iranian ally in Lebanon, Hezbollah, has been defending the country against Israeli invasions, while providing social support to poor and needy citizens. Iran has been giving jobs and temporary shelter to many Afghan citizens, particularly those from Herat, people who have absolutely nothing left after the horrendous U.S./NATO occupation of the country.

I worked in Afghanistan, and I saw tremendous lines in front of the Iranian consulate in Herat. Iran has even been deeply involved in Latin America, helping, building social housing in Venezuela, Evo’s Bolivia, and elsewhere.

And now, recently, it began moving closer and closer to two of Washington’s arch enemies: China and Russia.

Therefore, it has been decided in the annals of Washington and the Pentagon: Iran has to be stopped; destroyed. At any price. Meaning, any price which would have to be paid by the Iranian citizens.


I am convinced that this madness has to be stopped.

For Iran’s sake.

But also, because, if Iran is ruined, destroyed like Iraq, Libya or Afghanistan, someone will be next. First, most likely, Venezuela, and then Cuba. But then, perhaps, most likely, Russia or China, or both.

The Empire will not stop by itself.

If not opposed, it will get more and more emboldened.

It is a tremendous mistake to let it literally ‘get away with a murder’.

A brave Iranian General has been murdered. Washington is smiling provocatively, cynically. It is sending vibes to all corners of the world: “Stay on your couches in front of television sets. Be petrified. Do nothing. Or else!”

Yes, the world is scared. There are reasons to be scared. But the world simply has to act.

These brutal, cowardly acts of degeneracy and fundamentalism/fanaticism committed by the Empire have to be stopped, sooner or later, in the name of our human race. Otherwise, soon, there will be no humanity left!

First published by NEO – New Eastern Outlook

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Spaffer was up in parliament earlier on spouting of a stack of lies regarding the murder of Solemaini. I think he falls under the Accessories and Abettors act 0f 1861.


What a coincidence? I’m guessing this didn’t have anything to do with the urgent need to get a regime change into action?

TEHRAN, Iran — Iran has discovered a new oil field in the country’s south with over 50 billion barrels of crude, its president said Sunday, a find that could boost the country’s proven reserves by a third as it struggles to sell energy abroad over U.S. sanctions.
The announcement by Hassan Rouhani comes as Iran faces crushing American sanctions after the U.S. pulled out of its nuclear deal with world powers last year.
Rouhani made the announcement in a speech in the desert city of Yazd. He said the field was located in Iran’s southern Khuzestan province, home to its crucial oil industry.
Some 53 billion barrels would be added to Iran’s proven reserves of roughly 150 billion, he said.
“I am telling the White House that in the days when you sanctioned the sale of Iranian oil and pressured our nation, the country’s dear workers and engineers were able to discover 53 billion barrels of oil in a big field,” Rouhani said.
Oil reserves refer to crude that’s economically feasible to extract. Figures can vary wildly by country due to differing standards, though it remains a yardstick of comparison among oil-producing nations.

Iran currently has the world’s fourth-largest proven deposits of crude oil and the world’s second-largest deposits of natural gas. It shares a massive offshore field in the Persian Gulf with Qatar.
The new oil field could become Iran’s second-largest field after one containing 65 billion barrels in Ahvaz. The field is 2,400 square kilometers (925 square miles), with the deposit some 80 meters (260 feet) deep, Rouhani said.


And just to keep the pressure on… Another Lockerbie?

The MO never changes????

Petra Liverani

I’ve seen it said that Trump has backchannels in Iran and the assassination may have been conducted with Rouhani’s collaboration cos Soleimani’s popularity was a threat. What do others think of this idea?

Wherever it exists one must cast one’s eye over the visual evidence. The visual evidence for the Ukraine air crash is simply comical. We are shown images of all kinds of debris, all with different backgrounds. I cannot believe that people believe in this air crash. It is beyond ridiculous.

Caption: People stand near the wreckage after a Ukraine International Airlines plane crashed in Iran on Wednesday.

Why is the seeming body green in this image when all the images we are seen of the intact plane show it to be white? I have serious doubts about the object shown being a plane at all.


“I cannot believe that people believe in this air crash. It is beyond ridiculous.”

I suggest you do not tell the victim’s relations that. The plane was full of fuel and crashed in a huge fireball, there wouldn’t be any paint left on it.

Petra Liverani

Andy, the power elite mercilessly exploit taboos around death and people’s emotional investment in their stories about others’ deaths. To be an effective analyst of how they control us, objective assessment of the evidence is essential. Respect for the evidence is priority not respect for the taboos around death.

The power elite certainly have no respect for the taboos around death nor for our abilities to work out the truth – and in the latter case I wonder if we can blame them? When you examine the images of the plane crash it is a complete and utter joke in how they are obviously of different scenes.


Your comment is true, except that it does not apply to this plane crash and that you certainly can blame ‘them’ for bamboozling us. We can work out the truth, but only if we know the facts. In the case of this plane crash the facts are pretty clear.


For this madness to stop, the people of the US have to stop electing psychopaths into the highest offices – Trump, Bolton, Pompeo, Pence, Rumsfeld, Cheney, Rove, Wolfowitz, the list goes on and on.


“stop electing psychopaths”
But all candidates are psychopaths, and behind the scenes, they are controlled by the same dangerous forces. From themindunleashed.com:

Elections are meaningless. Changes to government are never achieved through voting. It’s time for people to finally accept this fact and start implementing other measures.


Not sure why this issue does not have a permanent discussion segment. Because there is too much unraveling right now.

Just this:

The fucktard in the official insane asylum proclaims:

US troops won’t leave Iraq unless it pays for ‘money we put in’ country“.

Now have you ever seen or heard such a mental fuckery?

How about:

“We are keeping your troops as a security for the money you owe our Nation by illegally assaulting and invading our Nation based on lies, killing millions of innocent of our citizens in the process, wounding and disabling an even larger number, polluting our soil for thousands of years to come.”

Whoever, or whatever is nopw speaking for and acting on behalf of the so called ‘United States of America’:

Motherfucker it is time you pay up. You and your Nazi corporations. You and Your Nazi billionaires. It is time you are sued out of existence. An international class action lawsuit against your terroristic nation. 7 Billion people suing your asses our of history for emotional damages with accompanying loss of hope, joy and security.

Each of the crimes you perpetrated on myself is no less than $100K. 7 Billion humans will also claim that their lives have been destroyed through your reckless actions and preparation for the real nuclear war you want to emerge as the ‘United States of Earth’.

You are unfit for a federation of human beings that is based on its humanity, its empathy, its love and care for all life on Earth.

And people though Chernobyl and Fukushima to be a problem.
It’s time to build an airtight sarcophagus above Washington D.C. and suck the air out.

Western NATO-Nazis must also pay up for Libya, Afghanistan, Yemen, Lebanon, Iran, Palestine, Somalia, Sudan, Pakistan, Ukraine, Bolivia, Venezuela, Nicaragua, Honduras, Haiti, Puerto Rico and a number of other Nations that suffered physically and emotionally from your delusions of grandeur.

Shut up and pay for your crimes, Mr. Asshole.


Slightly off topic… Iran admitted to accidentily have shot down the Ukrainian plane

See https://www.moonofalabama.org/2020/01/iranian-armed-forces-say-they-inadvertently-shot-down-the-ukrainian-plane.html#more

A commenter reports

‘The only way to validate your world view is to make predictions and then see if they come true.

Those who predicted that that the Trump assassination of Soleimani would lead to WWIII were clearly wrong and need to re-evaluate their world view.

Those who thought that the Ukraine 737 wasn’t shot down by Iran need to re-evaluate their world view as well.

It’s OK to be wrong. It’s not OK, or at least not scientific to continue to rationalize your world view when it had been proven incorrect.’

I agree. It may be too early to say if the Trump assassination of Soleimani caused WWIII, but shouldn’t we be more skeptical towards ourselves?

All this guess work, from experts in the mainstream and alternative media and from those BTL shows that we actually know nothing about issues that might cause WWIII. That is far more problematic than acknowledging in whether you were right in making your risky prediction.


People assume. Sometimes for reasons of propaganda. Nobody complain about the fact that the U.S. assassinated General Soleimani. Anybody interested in finding out who is to blame? It is certainly not the Iranians – but their hard core hater enemies in Warshington and Hell-aviv.

People need to keep looking at all aspects of any story – always. And then make the most out of the available information that is highly likely manipulated in one way or another.


Bang on.
Astonishing you get a down vote – because Iran owned up to it? that some people got it wrong?
Video evidence of the aircraft being struck by a missile left Iran with no option.
I believe Andrew Korybko more and more by the day about alt media “dogma”
Here Willem have an upvote regardless of what some here “want” to think.


JAN 5, 2020 Tens of Thousands Rally Against War With Iran in Over 70 Cities Across US

The people of the United States say NO to war with Iran.



This is absolute nonsense…


It’s like the Borg are going completely psycho.

This is because they have absolutely nothing to offer to the people they rule over.


This is because they have absolutely nothing to offer to the people they rule over

, but misery, suffering and pain.

George Mc
George Mc

“The facial expressions of U.S. officials were absolutely shocking: as if mafia bosses were caught in a corner of some filthy den by a bunch of amateur journalists.

Unapologetically, they grinned at the lenses, suggesting: “So what? What are you going to do now? Challenge us? Us? We’ll break your legs, or something…””

On American arrogance, Gore Vidal’s essay “The Last Empire” is good – especially in its account of the decay of American/Soviet relations after WW2:

“The trouble appeared to be over Germany, which, on February 11, 1945, had been split at the Yalta summit meeting into four ones: American, Soviet, British, and French. As the Russians had done the most fighting and suffered the greatest losses, it was agreed that they should have an early crack at the reparations from Germany to the extent of $20 billion. At a later Potsdam meeting the new president Truman, with Stalin and Churchill, reconfirmed Yalta and opted of the unification of Germany under the four victorious powers. But something had happened between the euphoria of Yalta and the edginess of Potsdam. As the meeting progressed, the atom bomb was tried out successfully in a New Mexico desert. We were now able to incinerate Japan-or the Soviet, for that matter, and so we no longer needed Russian help to defeat Japan. We started to renege on our agreements with Stalin, particularly reparations from Germany. We also quietly shelved the notion, agreed upon at Yalta, of a united Germany under four-power control. Our aim now was to unite the three Western zones of Germany and integrate them into our Western Europe, restoring, in the process, the German economy-hence, fewer reparations. Then, as of May 1946, we began to re-arm Germany. Stalin went ape at this betrayal. The Cold War was on.”

Shortened version: the Americans had the atom bomb and were now in a position to tell the whole world to fuck off – which they promptly did and have been doing ever since.


This is from PressTV (which is a mouthpiece of the Iranian government) but nevertheless I find it quite interesting…


richard le sarc
richard le sarc

Trump has been insane since childhood. In the moronic inferno of the USA, that is an advantage.


I agree with you that Trump is totally insane.

Nevertheless his base still seem to be supporting him during this present crisis.

This makes me think that the Iranians’ next move will be a big hit on American bodies in the Middle East (because their avowed aim is to get America out of the Middle East).

The Iranians hold all the cards, because of course they can easily stop the transit of oil tankers, if they chose to do so.

Such a move will tank the world economy, which is about to tank, anyway.


It’s Game Over now. There will be no serious war…just a gradual wind down from complete insanity, back to a state of normalcy, so that we can travel all over the world like we normally do. They can’t shutdown Iranian Air Space. It is one of the most important traffic air-routes in the World.

The Americans and The Israelis are completely shocked…

But us British, who have worked with Iranians, are not the slightest bit surprised, that they know how to shoot and hit the target….even going round bends.

So It is Peace, all the rest is crap, bullshit, propaganda and hot air.



For what it’s worth and backing what you may have been thinking already:

US officials connected to Israel lobby pushed Trump to order Soleimani’s assassination: Analyst

These types need to be hanged for treason on the American people. Increasing the dangers to all Americans traveling abroad for whatever reason. American soil is now also on the table for a large number of Middle Easterners – the faked 9/11 will get its real version delivered free shipping.

What else comes to mind, besides treason and reckless endangerment of the American people? War crimes? Crimes against any law of the lands in existence. Crimes against humanity. Promoting, financing and maintaining terror organizations in order to achieve global hegemony/dominance.

Unfortunately, there will be no court and judge in the U.S. that will indict these criminally insane religious psychopaths.

Oh, and yes. Islam versus Christojudeo fascism:

142 : 0


Actually these two clowns wrecked the US financially / economically and thus Rambo more dangerous:

1) B. Clinton repealed the Glass- Steel law in 1999 that destroyed Western savings banks. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Gramm%E2%80%93Leach%E2%80%93Bliley_Act
2) G. W, Bush letting China into the WTO in December 2001, after which it destroyed Western industry through under-pricing. Hong Kong was already in in 1995.

Result: even more dependence on Arab oil collateral.

richard le sarc
richard le sarc

Funny how Zionists are such rabid Sinophobes, but, of course, the Chinese are incurably ‘antisemitic’ ie they treat Jews as fellow human beings, nothing more, nothing less. That impertinence is unforgivable.


Don’t forget Obama.

Just before the Christmas weekend 2016, President Obama signed the National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA) 2017 into law. The NDAA 2017 contained a little surprise: the ‘Countering Disinformation and Propaganda Act’, which gives the legal authority to close down web sites that promote ‘fake news’. Obama also signed an executive order which allows the National Security Agency to freely share mass surveillance data with the fifteen other intelligence agencies (incidentally, many of these intelligence agencies were unknown until the Snowden revelations). President Obama had a habit of burying bad laws in the Christmas holidays. The NDAA 2013 overturned the Smith Mundt Act, thus legalising the use of government propaganda on the American public, and of course the NDAA 2012 allows for the indefinite detention of American citizens without trial.

America is now a police state (and so is Britain).

If you don’t believe that statement, try to stand up against the psychopaths who now rule us; the psychopaths who have just recently tried to get World War Three up and running.


What can be said at the moment as the shit hits the fan?

‘I told you’ is a bit churlish. So not that.
What are the facts? Lets stick with that.

The plane was delayed.
There was a revenge attack necessary with real death – to respond to the generals assassination. 1 General is worth a hundred at least.
The planners of the assassination know they are in the frame for revenge – a fatwah on them means their days of freedom are over.

A real surrender and withdrawal of deep cover belligerents is offered and their deaths as payback.

A ‘harmless’ missile strike – NOT defended – is the cover for this capitulation.

The Iranians claimed 80 casualties. It was poopooed. It turns out it was more.

Is war avoided?
Is revenge satisfied?
Will the arseholes in the deepstate finally be hung by their own petard?

Tune in a few hours for the next episode of this soap.

Sleep tight and may your god go with you.



And this one IS worth reading. We kick when they deserve it, not when they do the right thing?


norman wisdom
norman wisdom

is it a d notice thing

norman wisdom
norman wisdom

of course yes indeed indeed as i said yes indeed.
butt of course you do understand that the plane crash was cover major distraction.

yes yes.

you can smell the zio fear on london radio hours of chat about megan amd harry abdick cating whatever
in the papers today 17 pages of ab dickating royals 17 pages

in the london standard yesterday tiny box anout iran missiles
yes yes

days of dis traction

weird chabad run world init


Someone commented on the Saker to the effect that the targets of the missile strike were CIA, MOSSAD, M16 Agents or contractors not US soldiers. The dead/injured were flown to Tel Aviv. Also the Ukrainian plane leaving Tehran was carrying intel types of unknown origin . British (M16), Canadians (Canadian nationals have been shown to be CIA/Mossad agents , which would explain why it was brought down. It would also explain why this is being played down No pictures of grieving relatives unlike the plane downed over Ukraine. I don’t believe a civilian plane would have been allowed to have taken off so soon after the barrage of missiles were fired, surely the airport could have been a target. No one appears to be asking why it was allowed to fly, perhaps this is the reason.

richard le sarc
richard le sarc

It was allowed to fly so that Freedland’s front-man, Trudeau, could make an appearance to blame Iran, based on ‘intelligence’.

norman wisdom
norman wisdom

trudeau sure looks like fidel castros daughter yes indeed

and the black face thing he does is always super funny
every time he does black face i shat myselfs often already

justonion truedolt is so manly and musky is he not

richard le sarc
richard le sarc

Freeland not Freedland.


The western intelligence agencies wouldn’t hesitate to murder hundreds of innocent people on a civillian airliner; they do it all the time (and in particular, Malaysian airlines, because of the political history).

These psychos have murdered countless millions in the Middle East.

You are perhaps naive to think that this is Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs.


I found this to be a good piece by Andre (and I often criticise him!).

The Orange One made a major back down yesterday, which is why this UK royals nonsense was immediately rolled out, to distract the masses.

But as far as the Iranians go, this is not the end of it:

Hajizadeh added that expelling American troops from the Middle East would be “appropriate revenge” for the death of IRGC Major General Qassem Soleimani, who the US assassinated in a drone strike at Baghdad airport on Friday.

He said that the attack would be the start of a series of similar strikes across the region.

Earlier in the day IRGC commander Abdollah Araghi also said that Iran would take “harsher revenge soon,” without elaborating further.

Iran’s President Hassan Rouhani and Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei both stated that the Islamic Republic’s ultimate goal is the removal of US troops from the Middle East.


I’m still of the opinion that the US military took a big hit in the early hours of Wednesday morning.

But I’m now much more worried about how Harry and Meghan are going to survive on just 34 million quid a year.

It’s a funny old world.


What website can I follow the France revolution from that is translated into English and reasonably well balanced geopolitically, RobG? Aside from Off-G where should people from North America get their UK info & politics from?

Nothing about the France demonstrations makes it to MSM in Canada. We barely get the news on the Oz fires. MSM in Canada is all about the D.C. narcissist-in-chief.



MOU, most of the English language bloggers in France have now been arrested and imprisoned (likewise, a large number of native French language bloggers have been arrested and imprisoned).

This site, from a French person and written in English, was active until last August…


The above link gives a very accurate view of the first nine months of the gilets jaunes/yellow vests movement.

As much as I hate Twitter, it still remains a very good source of information.



Just about all of it is French language; yet pictures speak louder than words. If you click on that Twitter link today, Thursday 9th January, you’ll get some idea of the absolute mayhem that is happening in France today, and that includes the police violence.

Nurses and lawyers are amongst many who have joined the general strike this week, which now approaching its 7th week is the longest general strike in French history.



In my view Andre is one of the greats.

He spreads himself to all corners of the world so you can always find fault if you try. Allowances need to be made. In my book he is the Ian Botham (all rounder) of independent media. He has intellect, passion and connects with audiences in what he writes. Above all he goes to the places he writes about.

What specific issues do you have?

richard le sarc
richard le sarc

Garry Sobers, surely.


Loverat, I agree with what you say about Andre.

My problem with Andre is that he ropes in China with the anti-western / anti-imperialist nations.

This is just not true.

China is one of the worst offenders when it comes to capitalist exploitation, etc.

richard le sarc
richard le sarc

Garbage. China has raised more people out of poverty than the rest of the world combined, mostly in China but elsewhere as well.


It all depends on what you mean by workers being “raised out of poverty”.

Suicidal workers jumping off factory roofs in China is documented fact (and it’s an uncomfortable fact that doesn’t suit the Western agenda).

richard le sarc
richard le sarc

Suicidal workers self-harm everywhere. China and its people have worked hard for generations to repair centuries of damage from Western and pseudo-Western, ie Japanese, aggression, and have raised the country and its people up, while the populations of the West have stagnated as poverty, record inequality and elite viciousness have grown and grown. In the process, in a country of 1.4 billion, there are bound to have been human tragedies, some great, most singular and individual, but the use by Western Sinophobes of those tragedies to pedal hatred of China and its incomparably materially successful system, impresses me not one whit.

Harry Stotle
Harry Stotle

‘But as far as the Iranians go, this is not the end of it’ – that’s how I see it.

The assassination was not just about neutralising an important military asset but humiliating Iran into the bargain.

In some ways the action was redolent of the kind of psych-op that goes hand in hand with grissly decapitation videos that appear on the internet – just like beheadings illegal drone killings are cowardly and fly in the face of war conventions.

Needless to say only one group need fear any sort of legal consequence for behaving in this dispicable away.

What sort of political leader uses the violent behaviour of Mexican drug cartels as a blue print for diplomacy.

Harry Stotle
Harry Stotle

What gets me is that the likes of the Guardian still buy into the infantile good guy / bad guy narrative (see their discussion of Assad, Putin, or indeed Qasem Soleimani) but as Mark Curtis points out;

“UK governments (Tory & Labour) have been colluding for decades with two sets of Islamist actors which have strong connections with each other. In the first group are the major state sponsors of Islamist terrorism, the two most important of which are key British allies with whom London has long-standing strategic partnerships – Saudi Arabia and Pakistan. The second group includes extremist private movements and organisations whom Britain has worked alongside and sometimes trained and financed, in order to promote specific foreign policy objectives. The roots of this lie in divide and rule policies under colonialism but collusion of this type took off in Afghanistan in the 1980s, when Britain, along with the US, Saudi Arabia and Pakistan, covertly supported the resistance to defeat the Soviet occupation of the country. After the jihad in Afghanistan, Britain had private dealings of one kind or another with militants in various organisations, including Pakistan’s Harkat ul-Ansar, the Libyan Islamic Fighting Group and the Kosovo Liberation Army (KLA), all of which had strong links to Bin Laden’s al-Qaida.”

I also made the stupid mistake of watching ‘Question Time’ – it consisted of the usual pseudo-analysis during which well-paid pundits tiptoed past the west’s real motives for extra-judicial mass murder without a single one of them brave enough to acknowledge that just like America Britain is not only a key terror state, but a country that has no qualms about doing business with all sorts of violent extremists, so long as those groups benefit the economic and geopolitical systems that keeps money rolling westward.


Which I call the Anglo Arab oil dollar protection racket. The gold less dollar now floats on Arab oil & gas only. One consequence is that Sunni Islam is not allowed to be criticized in the West (Islamophobia etc). Israel-Zion took on the role of punch ball for criticism instead of KSA or Pakistan while getting US hardware in return.
The MSM are of course on track but why are bloggers here falling for that crap?

richard le sarc
richard le sarc

Your inversion of reality is so pathological that it must be a real text-book case. Islam is viciously slandered daily throughout the West, often by Judeofascists and Zionists directly, and otherwise by goy Islamophobes supported by Judeofascist gelt. To argue otherwise is utterly deranged. Meanwhile it is now illegal, in some places on risk of gaol, in many Western countries to criticise Israel or Zionism in any way, even by supporting the Palestinians in their unending torment. How odd, and another example of perverted transference that the Big Lie that you peddle so assiduously, was recommended as a tactic by none other than A. Hitler.

Francis Lee
Francis Lee

It is inevitable that oppositionist websites such as this are going to attract the attention of the global propaganda agencies of the PTB – from both government and the external media outlets. They are not too difficult to spot. Their troll offerings are so tedious and thread-bare that they hardly worth reading.

But really only one salient fact needs to be borne in mind, namely: Which country or group of countries poses the greatest danger to world peace? This question was asked in a global survey carried out by the Pew agency in 2013. The answer was of course wholly predictable, but had to and continues to be buried under a mountain of propaganda bullshit. Pew’s services have not been engaged since. The cat must not be let out of the bag. To any sane person it should be glaringly obvious that the AZ empire’s strategic objective is the construction of a global slave empire

Anyone one of group of persons who refuses to acknowledge this fact is either in bad faith, such as politicians and journalists, or is suffering from a type of ideological schizophrenia, or both.

Moreover, the internal state of affairs and practices in non-hegemonic states does not or should not be a casus belli. The world is not composed of ‘good’ countries and ‘bad’ countries, but, if I may quote Lord Palmerston only of states pursing their vital interests. Liberal interventionism is simply aggressive war by other means.

The ideological perspectives peddled by the PTB is not really for grown-ups. It is childlike and silly. It is the manufacturing of consent and the manipulation of the thought processes.

” … the technique of successful advertising is particularly instructive here. There is indeed always some appeal to reason, but mere assertion, often repeated, counts more than rational argument and so does the direct attack on the sub-conscious which takes for form of the attempts to evoke and crystallise pleasant associations of an entirely extra-rational form … Thus the typical citizen drops down to a lower level of mental performance as soon as he enters the political field. He argues and analyses in a way which he would readily recognises as infantile within the sphere of his real interests. He becomes a primitive again. His thinking becomes associative and affective … what we are confronted in the analysis of political processes is largely not a genuine but a manufactured will.” (J.A.Schumpeter, Capitalism, Socialism and Democracy).

richard le sarc
richard le sarc

It’s the behaviour of Israel, the greatest State assassin of all, hence its potency as an example in the USA.


Just another interpretation of the term, “proxies”. The national militaries, siding with the Benighted States in its various atrocities are proxies, of course, but supposed leaders like Trudeau, BoJo, Bliar, Merkel… these are also proxies for the stupid Trumps and Bushes, the evil Obombers and Clintons…, as of course, are the sell-outs who called themselves journalists and pseudo-historians of the past century.
There is no democracy without an objectively informed electorate…. there is no democracy.


One cannot pin Canada’s Prime Minister Trudeau to the proxy nation tag leader until he actually commits to WW3 via being compelled to do so via NATO & Five-Eyes contractual obligations with partners that also signed on the dotted line.

Trudeau is a compassionate person aside from being a NATO leader tied to the other NATO leaders. Canadians keep Trudeau in check.


Steve Abbott
Steve Abbott

Well, take a look at Canada’s response (or even invention) of the lies told about Venezuela by members of the “Lima Group”. Mind you Chrystia Freeland, a ring leader of that group, has been the most vociferous about the claim that placement of the malign idiot, Guaido, as president, corresponds to Venezuela’s constitution Article 233. It is a simple matter to look up Article 233, and it is very plain that it would totally invalidate Guaido’s claim. Freeland and her department have grossly misinformed both Trudeau and the Governor General in this regard, but there is ample notice out there to inspire any responsible politician to check the source. From this, are we to assume that Trudeau and the GG were just too stupid to read the 4 simple paragraphs of Article 233, before actively joining the effort to overthrow yet another government, or are they, too, malign? Frankly I do not think that Freeland could have been that stupid, so you see what I think of her. The proxy analogy applies regardless.

richard le sarc
richard le sarc

In Australia, the arse-end of the Earth, where Gaia is making an early example of us, the local political psychopaths love to observe that ‘The electorate always gets it r(R)ight’. It is, in my opinion, the most ludicrous and hilarious idiocy ever uttered by malignant imbeciles, anywhere.


With all the progress in science, technology and psychology .. Still, countries like Asutralia are governed by religious extremists/elitists/ignorant arrogants/racist/dangerous supremacists/genocidals/fanatics/imbeciles.

richard le sarc
richard le sarc

It’s the inevitable triumph of ‘democracy’, where every vicious, cretinous, pig ignorant, religiously poisonous swine has the same vote as their polar opposites, who number less and less as time goes by and the brainwashing system, entirely controlled by the villainous Right, takes its toll of any vestigial humane characteristics. Australian politics is replete with creatures who would have been enthusiastic Nazis, but at very low levels of responsibility.


Every word you wrote hits a nail on the head! It is high time for decent people to raise a sign above the parliament house in Australia saying:

The Sty of the Religiously Poisonous Swine

There is aneed to spread the word.